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While France Preaching To An Elderly General Provisional Arrangements

Author: Mr. Ajahn Chah
Sunanda Pham Khanh and Sumanà Le Thi dew, translation from English to Vietnamese

Now this Tool make up the glass listening to the Dhamma. While the Professor lectures, Particularly attentively listen to the words of Professor just as the Buddha was sitting in front. Please close your eyes and keep your body at ease, listen to a point about security.
To their cult status All Sensory Tools please sepulchre dizzy from the beginnings to for wisdom, truth and the status of Jewels tonality and security to go straight to the heart.

Today's Engineer does not bring up any Specific physical gift presentation, only the Dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha. listen attentively. Tools should be aware that although the Buddha go further--with great virtue treasures that He had been hoarding since immeasurable lives--still the inevitable death of the physical body. When old age comes, he does not cling to stems that let go, put down the burden. Now this Stuff too, also must learn the lesson dissatisfied with how many years have undergone this body depending on the plate. Tools should hear that how much it has enough already.

This tool can compare themselves with the items used in the House that instrument was shopping for a long time--the ones ripped, fork, Bowl, Cup, etc. When buying it clean ball smiles. But so far, after a long time been used it began to deteriorate. A tank, other tangle tangle was misplaced, lost, and the rest of the dishes are gradually disintegrates, it does not have a stable shape permanence, and nature of it is. The body of the Instrument also appears the thing--always turn right from the time of birth into life and through youth and adults, even to this day that stuff already old, it still constantly transform. This instrument must accept. The Buddha taught that the possession of pirated [*], the oil belongs to the physical body, existing due to the condition in the inside create charm, or oil on the outside, due to the external conditions are created, egolessness. Nature is always changing. Let's contemplate this truth until such Instrument clearly visible.

[*] Tangible pirated material, "sankhàra", is composed of the option, or, are the things existing just because what else created. In fact, that is all things in this worldly phenomena. Van France due to coastal sanh.

The butcher block ones are decline in this is the Chief Minister of France (saccadhamma), is the truth. This is the truth of the body, and that is the primary teachings of His Duty any move. The Buddha taught let's look at this body, be consistent and contemplating until the taillight radically its true nature. We must be able to live at peace with itself, it is in this State. The Buddha taught us to ensure that only the physical body was locked in prison, and not to mind also warned labour to life imprisonment with it. Now it's body began to decline and disintegrates with time. Should not resist, but should also not to let the mind also decline with it. Let's separate, keep separate. Let's enhance mind power by general realization of things. The World Religions teach that it is the nature of the body, there cannot be any other way: was born, but have to go to that old age, sickness and death. This is the eternal truths that are experiencing in the present moment. Tools take a look back at themselves with wisdom and awareness of truth.

If the House of Tools being the flood washed away, or being a fire burned down, oil remains the threat of floods or fires threatening, let the House worried. The threat is just related to the House. If there are floods, homage should let it permeate and charismatic Center. If there is a fire, homage should let it burn Center. The House is outside, let it be charismatic currents, or burned into ashes in the fire. Let the mind to let go, do not cling to the House. Time has matured.

Tools lived for a time quite long. Eye Tools have seen many forms and colors, multiple audio, instrument was hearing instrument was how much experience. And all is just that--it's just experience. Instrument was eat a lot of delicious food, and the sweetness Bui is just sweetness Bui. Nothing more. The bitter taste is merely the bitter taste as well. Only the only. If the eye Tool to see the beautiful colors it also just looks beautiful colors. All just that. A physical ugly too. Only physical ugly. Headphone soothing melodies singing about the Cup and it is also just that, nothing more. A sound harsh noise ear also just casual Princess is.

The Buddha taught that it was rich or poor, young or old, man or beast, do not have any on this worldly beings can keep themselves intact in any State for a long time. All must change and become something else. Such is the reality of life that is not how to salvage. However, the Buddha taught that the one thing we can do is order consistent projection to see its general characteristics, to egolessness awareness that both, the body and mind, no one is "We" or "Ours". It's only available temporarily. As well as the home of this, it is only nominal Tool. Tools cannot bring it goes somewhere with the tool. Around the same time, the property body by glamour career, in Particular, all of which is only of nominal, in Particular, do not do not really belong to. It belongs to nature. Truths are not specific to alone. All people are the same fate, to The World of Religion and the Holy Ðệ Him, too. There are other affordable housing was then accepted that it is the nature of things; He found that the natural way of things as such. There is no other way.

So Buddha is self consistent and meticulously examined this body from the soles up to the top, and from the top down back to the soles. Try to look at. Tools see what? With the genus itself is pure? Whole body are steadily reaching to disintegrate, and the Buddha we see that it does not belong to ours. Of course, this body must be so, because all these phenomena are useful ways to transfer pirated Tanh, changes. We can do other than be? Right truth, the nature of the body is so then there is nothing wrong. Not itself make us miserable. After looking at what must be a mistake to confuse the course Tools.

As well as water in rivers, natural fluency parity, never from the low flow rate of climb. Such is the special nature of it. result If the other standing on the banks of the River to see water flowing from above down to foolish desires that water must be flowing back up the steep high, of course, who could be disappointed, suffering. Oil he had to do, the way reflecting his mistake also not let mind he was peaceful, peace and tranquillity. He satisfied because his mistake, and he thought upstream. If there are comments, he would see that the legs are primary natural water must flow from on high to low, and press until clear perception and acceptance of this reality, who's still in disarray and sadness.

The waters of the River to smoothly from the steep high down low, just like the body of the instrument. Thread a is youthful. Tools become elderly nua, and is currently winding toward death. Homage should wish it to be like any other. That is not what that Tool has the ability or power saving. The Buddha taught us so discerning noticed the way of things and then let go of discharge, not clinging to it. Tools should be inspired by thought let go of her title as Princess.

Please continue meditating, oil in particular inspired listening fatigue and exhaustion. Let an interest based on breath. Breathing for a few slightly longer then the column holding the mind into it. When you breathe, meditate silently, "Bud", breathing out, recite silently, "Dho" [*]. Let's tap has a habit of such practices. The more specific sense to try to force the masterpiece as subtle, more attention could meet that mindedness developing distress situation. When start listening fatigue Tools stop all thought and built up a solid understanding of the breath of mind. Always recite silently "Bud-Dho, Bud-Dho", while track breath.

[*] It used the two words "Bud-Dho" (pen-crude), meaning, or Sense, such as an uncle (mantra), a medium for columns on breath

Please let drift, ignoring everything outside. Do not try sticking to the thought about the children or relatives. Don't cling to anything, any comment whatsoever. Please let go of. Let the mind to focus on a single point and use the mind an Office's follow-up to breath. Just know breath. Breath is the only object of the mind. In addition to breathing unaware of anything else. Focused thought so until becoming increasingly subtle, feeling increasingly insignificant, and as long as she Tools would see sense the inner becomes and incredibly in the mornings. As long as he, when feeling distressed arises, it will gradually vanish. The final Instrument would look like breath who visit.

When her son out on, we put out the door to design legs and look under the until then, walking or driving under the new format, and then we go back into the House. We also track the same breath. If hind breath, we know that it's rough. If it is a subtle, one knows that it is subtle. When it became increasingly subtle yet, we keep track of, always feeling Department. Sees a breath as lost, and all that's left is just feeling awakening. Such called met Buddha. we have the know clearly in a State Department official called "Buddho" or know who senses the, who clearly enlightened. Such is the meet and stay with the Buddha, with wisdom and enlightenment. Because the only Buddhist history in An elevation of Nibbana (Parinibbàna), the Buddha by meat with the skin. While the true Buddha, the Buddhist full sensory full tri, now still can experience and reach, and at the time only had one.

So, let's let go, put down all, all ... except for the unknown. Do not get fooled if no picture or sound onset while meditating. Take down all. Shouldn't hold anything. Only an residence in serious awakening state. Shalt not so anxious for the past or the future, just stays motionless and tools will be reached where no longer advancing, not left to rot, and no longer stop, where there is no longer anything to accept the procedure or to stick with. Why? Because no ego, no longer "I" or "my". All were abandoned, lost. The Buddha teaches one should, by the way, make yourself become empty no, nothing at all, don't bring anything. Please know, and know, let's let go of.

Certified masters of Dhamma (Dhamma), out of the ring road freed after death, is the work that all we have to do alone, each for their own. Such Tools try to let go and the full the teachings of the Buddha Duty counsel, truly take force contemplation. Shouldn't bother anxiety for families. In the present descendants stuff like how they are so, and in the future they will as well as instruments. Around the time that no one can avoid this fate. The Buddha taught Let's put down all that does not contain substantive. If set to all, will see the truth. If not, will not see. It is so, and it is the same for everyone. Thus, the Specific manner so anxious or cling to anything.

Whether Instruments found himself thinking is good so long as well reflecting light. Should take no thought foolish. If the Tool think remember progeny, keep in mind with wisdom. Should not think to remember a crazed. Any comment that mind towards, so thought and understanding it with wisdom, illuminating cognitive nature of it. If Specific knowledge with wisdom ắt tools will let go and will not suffer, clearly discerning, Hy and peace, without being disturbed, being dispersed. In Particular at this, things can look to Myrtle thanks for assistance and support is the breath of the instrument.

Such is the work of the main tools, not by anyone else. Let others do their work. Tools have duties and responsibilities and could not be embracing the work of anyone else in the family. Don't take someone else's work, which let go. The let go of this will make the mind Tools become calm. The only task of the current Tool is picked up again and put it in a State of calm stay safe. Everything else, let someone else worry. Images, sounds, smells, taste-let others worry. Let's put it all behind and do his job. Any comment that arises in the mind, it's the fear, the fear of death, aches and pains fret worry for people or anything else, please tell it: "I do not have stirred hoppers! The person is no longer my job any more. " Tools for telling such with the tools, when the French (dhammas) 's onset.

The noun "dhamma", France, catalytic function mean? All of France. There is one genus is not France, dhamma. And "worldly"? The Earth is exactly the mentality are making Specific agitated in the present. "People are going to do?" When one dies, nobody will care to look through them? They will be arranged like? All of these things is just "worldly". Oil alone the arising of an idea of fear of death, or fear of aches and pains, as well as the Earth. Discard the time go! The Earth is. If the tool to give it the onset in the mind and gradually invaded the subconscious, mind tools will become obscured and not self finds itself. Thus, any conclusion what discovered in mind, in particular for an ink says: "this is not my job. It's impermanent, suffering, and anatta. "

Think the Stuff you want to continue living more long term, will make Particular suffering. But think Stuff like died immediately, or soon to die for, is also not true. It also makes Specific pain, hasn't it, dear instruments? Tangible pirated material not owned by us. It should evolve in accordance with the laws of nature. About the way in which this body must how Tools can not do anything. Tools can make it more beautiful than a somewhat, or make the shape, its appearance was somewhat attractive and clean than in awhile, as the teenager score page, plentiful pollen DAB, to long fingernails, but when old age comes, everyone is the same board a boat, a fate. This is so close. Tools can not do anything else. But that stuff can be improved, made more beautiful, the mind of the instrument.

Anyone can build a House, wooden or brick, but the Buddha teaches that kind of home is not truly ours, which is just ours. It is the home of the time, and it must follow the way of the time. "Our real home" is an internal static state. A the material in the scene can be beautiful, but it's not an static. It is the cause created anxiety this anxiety, disturbed it to lucky this guilty lamenting. Therefore it is said that it is not our true home. It is outside, and soon what then we must also be abandoned. It is not the place that one can live permanently in that, because it does not really belong to him which is part of the time. The body of ours, too. We accept the ego, the "We" and "Ours", but the reality is not so. It is a House of the time. Friendly Stuff has turned westward progress nature of it from the time of birth birth today, elderly and sick, and tools could not be banned from it changes because of it's way. Want to give it another go too crazy to want to duck breed chickens. When the realization that we cannot be, ducks are ducks, chickens are chickens, and user assistance to elderly nua and dies, tools will recover health and capacity. Oil Instruments have fervently wishing for this body continued to exist as to how long it will not do so. The Buddha teaches:

"Anicca vata sankhàra
Uppajjitvà nirujjhanti
Tesam vùpasamo sukho. "

"The material is impermanent
To birth and removal,
Thread start being effective damage removal--
Stop it is happiness. "

The noun "sankhàra", translated here as the characters to be made, or compounded smuggled--imply that this body and mind--all impermanence, unsustainable, instability, newly constitutes genocide, birth and mainland vanish. Though so, everyone wants it permanence. Such is foolhardy. Take a look at breathing. Move into and come out, that's the nature of it, it must be so. Breathing in and breathing out should be alternated each followed, breathing in and breathing out, breathing in breathing out and then, there must be change. The material was composed, sankhàras, existing due to the change, can't prevent these. Should only be thought as follows: can any breathing in breathing out without reasonable? If breathing out without breathing in, have a listen to pleasant? Or how just breathing in without breathing out? " We wish that things must usually longer, but it could not exist long. Can not be. Once the breath goes in, it must come out, when it comes out it right on the back, and it is natural. There must not, dear instruments? Thread was born, we must find a nua, sickness, old age and death. You are completely natural and common sense. That is because the creation itself did. Also because of the breathing in and breathing out has alternated successive intervals such that the species who survive to this day.

Just when the sire is ta die. The birth and the death of us just one. As well as a large tree roots, stems, when there is a leaf. No browsing context roots. This instrument could not have one without the other. Europe is also incredible! The life of anybody melancholy and profound disappointment, sorrow and weeping carpet set before the death of a loved one, and who are also incredibly delight, joyful welcome a baby was born on born. Such is virtual. Never has anyone clearly visible. Engineers think that if we really want to cry, then better be crying at anyone was born. Because in reality, death is death, birth, baby roots is spike leaves, stem leaves are roots. If you have to cry than, let's cry at the roots, cry at birth. Please Stuff looked back to take the wall: without birth ắt No. Tools can comprehend so?

Please do so busy thinking tool. Should just think, "this is the way of things. The nature of things is so ". Such is the work, is the Mission of the instrument. Right now no one can help stuff, nothing that family and career Tools can make tools. All that can help Tool in the present is the only State in the form, or unclear, foot works. Such Instruments do not hesitated. Please let go of discharge, dispose of all.

Whether the Tool does not let go, and then it all off Tool came out, far left. Tools can be aware of what's reasonable? All the various components in the body was gradually detached from the Instruments and wood fixed inlet cones look hair stuff. At early black hair and bushy, now sparsely loss. It had left. The eye Tool previously elucidated, clearly and see far, now has weak, only see blind blurred. When these parts of the body thanks to tired then it comes out. This is not the House itself. While still young, strong and healthy teeth Tool, now has, and not as Instruments to swing brought dentures. Eyes, ears, nose. tongue, all of which eventually came out, because this is not home. Tools are unable to use the creation (sankhàra) to make permanent residence for themselves. Tools can only temporarily in it a short time and then must go. Just like the renting tenants look with tiny eyes increasingly eclipsed. Hard teeth no longer as good as the old, no longer coated event, all of which came out, leaving the tool.

So, no need to bother worrying what to this physical body, because it is not true that only houses shelter. Being on the thread, should contemplate the nature of the time. All things are about to vanish. Take a look at themselves. There are more which still keeps intact its preliminary form? The skin of the Instrument had also as corny? Longer hair Stuff, too, is no longer the same as before, hasn't it? All come about? Such is the nature, the great wall is. When the time comes, be made quietly go way out of it. In this world that one can no more Princess title. Just a loop around endlessly with filled with distractions and disorder, sad and miserable. There is no peaceful peace.

Without a true home, we called the Lake as the travellers wandering the uncertainty on the road, towards the entrance are at a time and then turned to fall, stopped shortly, and take steps up the road. To return to his true home, oil can do, we hear always less comfortable, like the left neighbor of his native village to embark on a journey to the distant. Home back to when he might get to hear the pleasant and comfortable.

No where else in the space that one can find true peace. Impoverished people are not peaceful, wealthy, too. Adults are not peaceful, and childish nor peaceful. Native of the ignorant are not peaceful, and learners widely known nor peaceful.

Nowhere peaceful peace. Such is the nature of the time. People less miserable career property, money, silver forest swimming also suffer. Children, adults, senior citizens, people are suffering. Patients suffer ill, suffering Taunton, suffering as wealth and misery due to consider South Korea--all just misery.

When the instrument was consistent and contemplating things under this dimension tools will see impermanence (anicca), and satisfied (dukkha). Why things are impermanent and satisfied? --Because things are anatta (anattà).

Both of the body lying here--Specifically, sickness and pain, and the mind or know the status of sickness and pain 's--are called the dhammas, France. No image color components, such as the thought, life, emotions and perception are known as nàma dhamma, nomenclature. Also what is shrewdly and pain pain shoes are called slanted rùpa dhamma, France. The material is France, dhamma. The spirit is also the French, dhamma. So, we live in dhammas, ours is dhamma. In fact, any argument where there is no ego. Only the non-stop birth. Nature of it is. In every moment of our birth and very subtle. Such is the way of things.

Every time we commemorate Our World Religion, remembered the teachings of Him exactly how true, we are extremely appreciate Outlook that he indeed deserves to be nasty looks, most notably Festival Bai claimants and bowel symptoms seem grave. Every time we see the truth of what we see teachings, though never we practice the Dhamma. However, if we have knowledge of the teachings of The Religion, and there but never see the truth of things, then we still are not buildings.

Therefore, the Tool please comprehend the crux that everyone, all creatures, both coming from life. When we live enough time adapting her they must leave, according to his way. Rich, poor, young, the elderly, all beings are to undergo changes.

When the perception is that tools will feel that worldly inexact considerably boring. When you see there is nothing stable or are essentially turns the title Tools that one can listen to tired and would be deeply disappointed.

Although such disappointment here does not mean sorrow or dislike. Mind Tools has been elucidated and found that it was unable to do anything to rescue remedy this situation. The path of the Earth is the only way. Comprehend how he will be able to let the hand Tool to let people go through and left clinging all the moods calm manner, not funny, not funny, but peaceful peace with France was structural, sankhàra, so thanks to intellectual property, see the essence of van in southeastern France.

Anicca vata sankhàra, all compounded micro are impermanent. To put it simply, impermanence is Buddha, Buddha. If true see clearly an impermanent we will see that it's permanence, often also in a sense, "characteristic variations of it never changes." Such is the State of permanence that the beings are there. Constantly shifts from infancy, through childhood, adolescence to old age. The State of nature to transform is usually longer, di. If you look at things with her mind tools will label are relaxing, comfortable and pleasant. Not only this Instrument must undergo the reality that all beings.

When such things review tools will see boredom, fatigue and disgust of worldly and hear extremely disappointed. Reciprocal delight in humiliation sex five ceiling of tools will vanish. Tools will see that if there is a lot of assets, tools will leave behind a lot. If there are fewer, less Specific would be abandoned. Money is only money, life expectancy is just longevity, nothing special.

What is important to follow the teachings of the Buddha Duty counsel, building houses for ourselves, building houses, according to the method that was taught for the tool. Let's put up House for stuff. Please let go of. Let go until as long as Specific progress status Center reaches tranquillity at peace that is no longer heading toward, not rotten, and no longer stop at rest. Complete peanuts are not ours. Patients suffering not ours. Both--and painful--must ebb and distortion.

The Masters has proven to enlightenment that all has been made (sankhàras) are impermanent. Because he Himself taught, we should not cling to the legal discharge of all his let go. At the end of his life, we no longer have any choice, don't bring anything as yet. So affordable should better put down all before her period comes? It is the only burden, why we do not throw away right now? Why have to entice busy do pull it off around the cycle beginning this pallete head it? Tools please let go, let an thought and let family care tools.

Those who foster pets sick people in friendly and mature ắt virtue. Also the patient, while helping others to be nice opportunities, should not create difficulties for the breeders themselves. If there is pain, shrewdly, or some other unrest, let her know who nursing and always keep the mind pure. The adoptive parents of pain nursing should do his duty with hearts full of love warm and balmy Hien, should not be uncomfortable or frustrating. This is a unique opportunity that his dutiful can give public thanks for being a somewhat raised, cover his debt for parents.

From advanced heart mother came of age, and long long time to mature, always one man turns to where their parents. We are like the point today is because the father and mother have been hard to help him immense suffering altogether. For parents that one must bring in indeed cannot measure.

Today all our Stuff and be captivated, seeing the convergence of these parents themselves become his children. Before you is the son of Tools, today's Tools have become the child. People grow up and increasingly elderly, elderly more, until becomes a child again. Memory has been lost, the eyes no longer see, and ears are no longer heard clearly as before, sometimes speaking ability for sort, is, no, not smooth clear. Homage to the things that make you uncomfortable. Log oxygen feeding the sick person, all you have to know how to let go without stick stuck. It should not be clinging on to things, just let go and let it go its way. A baby not obedient, sometimes parents blindly ignored to be peaceful, and it's fun. Now your parents just as the baby 's. Memory and perception of the instrument was blind. Occasionally mistaken your name, or can also ask at your request separate Instruments brought fork. Status is normal, you do so upset, annoyed.

Let the patient recovers recall attitude from AI's nurturing they subdued the gentleness and patiently endure the painful sensation. Forces trying to make stuff, not to mind the dispersion and perturbed, should not cause the status takes comfort and discomfort for people who care. Tools should let the nurse keep đượm Nhuan virtue and from Ireland, shouldn't make them dissatisfied because things are not as attractive to clean the nose and phlegm or taxonomy wash urine and effects. Tools make the utmost effort. In every family who come lend a hand.

For your children indoors, these two Tools is the sole parents. The tools for your life, the instrument is your teacher, the nurse, doctor, is all for you. The instrument was nursing, teaching, divided sớt property for you and if you are the ones who followed the career of the instrument-the property of the parent. So Buddha happy katannu and katavedi-instruction – understanding debt grace deep thick, and tries to give an in-depth meaning heavy. Two German Tanh this support supplement each other.

If parents stay in circumstances ươn weak sickness, or encounter difficulties, the child must take part trying to serve up the force. Such is katannu-katavedi, virtue is support and preserve the Earth. It prevents any rift and make families exist ecological stability and air conditioning.

Today Lion carrying the Dhamma to make gifts for this Instrument during sickness. Lawyers do not have any physical gifts to donate stuff. Looks like in the House had full material. So, the only French Stuff courtesy gift that stuff never can do with shallow. SOAP receive gifts, Instruments can transfer back to how many other people were also damaged, it will never be worn or disintegrates. Such is the nature of truth.

* * *

Professor taken as acclaimed Hy today can donate gift Stuff, and hope that the Security would help tool much capacity to cope with the pain of old age.


Ajahn Chah was born unto him in a well-off family in the North of the country in Central South. He appeared in the Sa-Di at childhood and life Bhikkhu Khưu in 20 years. Is a young Sir diligence study Bhikkhu khưu basic Buddhist Precepts and Slovenian, and then deep into the jungle meditating under the guidance of the teachers in the region. During the years of school to go there, He practiced the way tu of ethical ascetic living amongst the mountains, only sleeping under the tree at the secluded resort, the caves deserted, or on tha ma. At the time He gets the opportunity to undergo a short but extremely useful to study with him Ajahn Mun, a prominent Teacher has many reputable and respected in Thailand in this century.

After several years of travel and practice, he received occasional supplies safety in a dense forest near his hometown. Where no users are notoriously more solid, Tigger lobster tails and ghost. According to Him, it's the perfect place to reside, enjoyed for a Bhikkhu khưu live in the forest. Not long after, a large monastery was built around that place because people-Bhikkhu khưu, nuns, as well as homeless artist--to hear Him preach and save practice with Him increasingly East. Sees are now more than forty Temple was established in mountainous areas or in deep forests, along all of Thai as well as in England and Australia out of Favor.

When you step foot into the area of Wat Pah Pong guests shifang FAQs monks are pulling water at wells and found there a few decent side plate inscribed the words: "Are you, please keep quiet! We are trying to meditate ". Although each day are two collective meditation, core French is always an lifestyle based in Mindfulness. A tributary Rising do labor as dye or patch y, or caregivers to look after the majority of these necessities and keep in addition to the pure land lost somewhere tidy and clean. The lawyers here were very simple, in accordance with precepts of the Dominicans in real life only once, on the average Bowl. Bourgeois and raiment is very limited. Scattered in the forests there are tents places all over the Cup just enough for an individual monk and an static Zazen. External net loss the walking meditation on small trails cover the shadow tree is empty.

World law extremely seriously help practitioners themselves closed himself into pure and simple lifestyle in a peaceful and harmonic, where it can easily be constituents of virtue, concentration and meditation, intellectual development in a convenient and persistent.

Way of teaching but casual but very profound his Ajahn Chah is especially attractive to Western people who had to learn Quite East ... and practice with him for many years. In 1975 the meditation Institute Wat Pah Nanachat was established next to Wat Pah Pong, take the family organization as practice for Westerners like living life monastery. From that of the disciples had learned much in his monasteries Ajahn Chah start Hong Yang the Dhamma in the West. His Government has also traveled twice in Europe and North America, and established a large branch in Sussex, England.

Intellectual property is a way of life and existence. Sir Ajahn Chah trying to preserve the simple lifestyle of the schools of the Bhikkhu khưu to this day many people can study, learn, and practice of Dhamma.

One simple way teachings of Ajahn Chah miraculously He can make people disappointed. Lam at, only after it had heard Him preach several times in the heart of us suddenly become matured, grasp and comprehend the profound meaning of the teachings. He had very ingenious methods to sort words teaching adapt to the circumstances, the right place, right time, and appropriate to base the understanding and emotions of the election. Indeed great! Occasionally put down black ink white paper we see looks like lecture is not coherent, or more, contradictory to each other! At times like the reader should keep in mind that the teachings that He spoke up expressed honestly an experience of life. Around the same time, if an Assistant of him sometimes appears to differ from the usual exit lecture, one must know that he Ajahn Chah always comes out the words derived from the bottom heart, from the most profound experiences while You meditate.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).SYDNEY.

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