Saturday, 15 October 2011

Measure of the tu

Like The Super Location

Many longtime common temples, monasteries, vegetarianism, meditation, Buddhist mantras, as result, attending catechism with widely famous, but far enough to prove who is right and this pretty, tu tu led to liberation or not? There are people who just like to make the amendment, or pagoda like Temple, big statues created. There are people like many of the temple, his disciple. There are people like learning taken many qualifications. There are people like famous, etc. The ones that have to be tu?
The following are the minimum standards and the basis for an amendment to correct or comment?

also keen property, interests and identity of sex or not?
easier floating airport or not? When having story left Italy, angry, upset.
also her haughty crumpled or not? Likes to boast, others. Likes to be praised, flattering.
also accepted on the master or disciplines are better off? Judicial narrow-minded, divisive, unpopular factions.

If the 4 things on, although tu 30, 40 years, sitting meditation in to 6, 7, a full range of disciplines, meditation, Meditation, A full range of business, LAU LAU, has thousands of disciples, written hundreds of books, who has yet to correct Buddhist monasteries.
In addition an Abbey should have at least the following:

known as the phước, dāna. There are those who study (read) many Scriptures, understanding doctrine, said Director's nice, but don't know how blessed, dāna, glue, bỏn sẻn, bo bo clinging tightly to his property, money.
say AI language. There are perennial leaders learner without keeping the gun industry, its discharge of mealy, decry, criticism, slander, fabrications, libel others.
words, bi, Hy, discharge. Missing 4 this virtues is not austerities;
humble bow and ceremony. As tu then fell to fade and know other guys respect glass palace, is the head of the Senate.

If you do not have the virtues of this unknown tu or tu is also not enough to modify mind Tanh.

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