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Compassion & the spirit of Nonviolence

According To Mahayana Buddhist Tradition

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From past to present, the world is continuously going on violent war, terrorism, racism, violence between religions, the tectonic background of peace for the world is very important. But still haven't found a satisfactory method, unless the countries across the globe, the need to change the way politics, culture and apply the spirit of nonviolence in social life.

All religions are the ideal point for different purposes are guiding ethical human perfection and build nice, asking society staple each religion need to break the contradictions, conflicts occur together oriented General-purpose interest in peace.

Buddhism Mahayana developed and widespread influence in the Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. throughout thousands of years, using ideal compassion and wisdom, setting up the system values mirror for man, stay away from the violence, in particular traditional vegetarian.

Buddhism has always emphasized dissemination compassion for sentient beings are expressed in precepts (vinaya)

Publishing: Bhikkhu without pretentious 250 world [1], Bhikkhu without pretentious ni 341 world [2], Sa di Sa di ni 10 world [3].

In her Favor, Favor: she wills: 5 world [4] [5], The friendly world

First banned in the world, and the third world in the Bhikkhu without pretentious and Bhikkhu without pretentious ni world. And Mahayana bodhisattva world in breaking arc include;

11 world, [6]

and 48 world contempt [7]

The purpose of Buddha limitations is to prevent direct problem killing lives, and the other to prevent evil from the fuselage, and export industry and the industry does not arise. If Bhikkhu without pretentious or without pretentious ni violated Three Bhikkhu-la-di (pārājikā) expelled from the Union, if it Rises Three-thread shall be inaugurated-penitence.

In the world of the Bodhisattva's include; world, world, world literature, heist, hoping to sell the wine world, world, world said mistake four demerit points, about Saint Lucia merit its participation, try harder, introducing libel angrily jewels, divided in three career as follows:

Body: gender, sex and pornography world heist, selling wine world

Password: World expectations, said his fourth error, world merit, demerit points

About defamation jewels

Italy: San Marino participated in the world, try angry hờn

Divided according to type of negativity:

Joined: about heist, San Marino participated in world literature, world

Stadium: world, world, world says error four angry hờn

Si: about libel jewels, selling alcohol and expected language [8]

About non [9] is very important in every Buddhist tradition, the purpose of preventing direct problem killing lives and turned people away from violence war causing suffering for humanity. For example, the Buddha prohibited from observing any form whatsoever, Bo-slaps have to well kept the balloon world, such as doesn't take weapons, not trade these instruments observed being, or the murder weapon, to not take our brokerage makes war between the countries broke out. [10]

The contempt that prevents any friendly France from arise, preventing non-felony offense for Three-la-di, from the standpoint of Buddhism, these crimes stem from three toxins in mind, each person, which is involved, and si. Thus Mahayana Buddhism has always emphasized the ideal practice compassion and wisdom of Bo-slapped to metabolize the conscious mind, compassionate unresolved anger, wisdom destroy mind and si.[11]

Compassion of the Bodhisattva-slapped the drug to transform suffering of humanity, the spirit of nonviolence of Buddhism based on the principle of the ethics of human activity on good behavior are bad, right and wrong. Moral precepts as rules for Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu without pretentious ni without pretentious, so the concept of nonviolence and compassion in Buddhism are the precepts of the different schools of Buddhism, especially the Portuguese-slaps-world. [12]

Mahayana Buddhism with whole doctrine is based on compassion's first request, because compassion is prevented or transgress completely problem killing sentient beings

The Buddhists killed the creature violated principles of ethics, the spirit of Nonviolence (ahisā) and opposed his Buddhist teachings.

As to avoid killing the creature, the Mahayana Buddhists traditionally cultural practice was widely influential vegan in the country of Buddhism in China, Japan, Vietnam, considered by many the classic practice response and precepts of Mahayana, this problem is described in the Manual--(首楞嚴經) says that; "If the Center parameter does not destroy, the sentient beings born from pregnancy, placenta, and low birth will convert each other using the power killing each other for food, this comes primarily from the mind involved killing lives. So, if someone killed a sheep or other animals to eat meat, sheep will regenerate back to man, and man's after death reborn as sheep to repay old , "[13]

All tenets of Buddha entirely fact is very important for humanity that people on Earth don't have any sin greater than killing lives, nor had any German sources accumulated over it is to protect lives of sentient beings. We try to rescue the lives of our students are experiencing dangerous circumstances as far as we are a step in the practice of compassion, rescued the suffering of sentient beings is mind happy taking advantage of Portugal's excuse-slapped [14]

Because of the compassion that is shared suffering along with humanity and the nature of compassion is to contemplate the suffering of all sentient beings.

According to Mahayana Buddhist tradition is highly ideal bodhisattva practice six three-la (dāna, delay, effort, patience humiliation, meditation and wisdom) to step into fruition In classic Bowl-Buddha., then the intellectual property rights (uncivil three la confidential) is considered the most important factor, it embraces with five three-la-a rest.

If practitioners do not lack intellectual austerities complete fruition, any other such as the blind are a nomad, sky will encounter many barriers, gai and not about the destination

So the bodhisattva Shāntideva said; "the weakness of a Portuguese-slapped a disservice because once the mistake, Bo-slaps will do joint lụy to liberation of the multitude of sentient beings"

In addition to the altitude and the Four immeasurable mind, Bo-slapped was maintained Four photographers to photographer turned people, four photographers includes:

Dāna (Dāna) is the rescues to help sentient beings on facilities as well as spiritual, needs no self-interest, dāna materially helped people escape poverty line in this life time. Dāna France is helping sentient life spiritual austerities freed mortal

AI language (piyavācā) was true, amiable beneficial for everyone to avoid causing conflict, hatred

Loi (atthacariyā) because of compassion as a benefit for everyone, and building social footprint friendly America

Companion (samānattatā) is supportive to everyone and all circumstances to escape suffering sentient beings salvation

Bo-slaps used intellectual insight throughout the suffering beings, Bo-slapped because compassion nobility use all their capabilities to the rescue of our misery, Mahayana called myriad uses almond (anābhoga) as compassion and wisdom help bodhisattva reached ridiculous distinction Center.

As DT. Suzuki cited works; "Bodhi" for his Long-Life (Nāgārjuna): "the nature and lack of bodhisattva is at the heartfrom bi (Mahākaruācittaṇ) and all sentient beings are objects of love love of Bodhisattva." [15]

So in conclusion Du Lion place said that elderly; If the meditators Bhikkhu-slaps raised the seed outrage, anger, thereupon charm trigger out mouth say the words vulgar, because of the outrage she handles the executioner, trượng, harm or disturb the brain to sentient beings, practitioners in the Portuguese-slapped, ruin the German austerities. [16]

In the Sutra debate a very important in Buddhism say; a bodhisattva must not use any weapons of any kind, not hatred and not be killed, even in thought, the spirit of Nonviolence (ahi) is the highest morals of Bo-slapped to transgress harm to sentient beings. [17]

Nonviolent is the power of the spirit, the psychologist said the spirit of nonviolence can be described in the spirit of compassion, people practicing ahi sā then most are the ones who loves his life and doesn't want to hurt or kill harmful to others, the feel of the loves are transmitted from the ideas of others. So, compassion is to protect the living has been a lot of people and practice

There are a few exceptions of murder because of compassion, as in the media-friendly cunning has recorded that the predecessor of the Buddha as a Bodhisattva-slaps killed bandits to rescue 500 the merchant [18]

In this case we analyze many aspects:

If the Bo-slapped that notify the merchant knew that robbery, then surely those traders will violence killed robbers in order to protect their lives, then those traders pay result report after this to hell on the crime of murder.

If the Bo-slapped to remain silent, the bandits will kill 500 merchant, then evil career as deep, heavy, after dead Bandit pay result would fall into hell.

Bo-slaps think while robbers not to kill the evil creator, kill him then will neutralize newspaper printing resentment between causation and 500 merchant name, and also help to bandits and 500 merchant not sinners, do not fall into hell.

In this case is the ideal great compassion of the Bodhisattva-slapped in meaning treacherous murder of a media friendly rescue 500 people. Bo-slaps himself suffer in violation of the world. But the engine killed not hatred, greed, self-interest which is derived from the engine, from the heart of compassion, altruism has always thought of neighboring introspection of sentient suffering, Bo-slapped the brunt of suffering humanity about yourself

Compassion in Mahayana Buddhism has always been associated with wisdom, bodhisattva always intellectual development (uncivil ba-la-a) to ensure the proper conduct of compassion and efficiency, not secretly self-interest, and wisdom is built based on the ideals of Tanh (Śūnyatā).

"Sun doesn't swallow-wing fly over

The ball in the bottom water removed are lost once

Swallow not to mark as read

Countries do not keep the ball because of the countless "

(Teacher: Hai)

As in the writings of Sir Śāntideva Bodhi-caryāvatāra "noticed that all sentient beings are equal in the desire for happiness and to avoid further suffering, so protect others as well as protection for themselves" [18]

Transcendental wisdom of Bo-slaps always aware that the worldly, human suffering is because if they take huyễn do dummy do truth, chon, the origin of suffering is caused by craving, ignorance. Therefore practitioners of spiritual practice need leaders Portugal-slapped practical meditation to show intellectual property present end except sensory experiences, cloud break 11 major presence. Bo-slaps always use his uncivil wisdom sees the new capital of impermanence, suffering, no, egolessness, and compassion to neutralize all hatred

Thus in the Mahayana sutras and all ideology of Buddhism based on compassion, the Buddha is portrayed through the couplet: "you must help others" (the entire catechism Mahayana). "If not done already, you should not cause harm to others" (the entire catechism Hīnayāna and Theravāda)

Doctrine of the two traditions are based on the ideals of compassion, a fellow Buddhists if you do not have the ability to help others, at least you shouldn't harm to others [19]

Bodhisattva is an net bar in each residence mindfulness in the foot steps of salvation sentient, only taking intellectual property as a career. In an eight-Character-Sense talk about University-career of Bo-slapped "always know enough, consider life to keep, only taking intellectual property as a career" [20]

Intellectual property as a guideline for practitioners always aware that desire people never knew enough and stopped, "infinite greed bottom" because of the greed of this human desire triggers include crimes of robbery, murder, adultery, etc.Because of this desire led to the violent mind taking in life makes losing balance, and peace in the world. Sentient beings as crime then the compassionate heart of Bo-slapped as pain quằn twist for mercy.

Love of Bo-slapped for sentient beings unlike normal emotional things in the flesh, because the mind of compassion Avalokiteshvara always be altruistic, selfless and discharge (from, bi, Hy, discharge) of Buddhism he Is Avalokiteshvara (Avalokiteśvara ( ) are logos for self consciousness of compassionhis attorney, Manjusri -Loi (zh.文殊師利 , sa. Mañjuśrī) symbolizes wisdom, uncivil and represent your overall bi la Mahayana ideals, to the Portuguese- student slapped in life

Bo-slapped for not boundless compassion towards the Buddhist leader, he did not want the accomplishments of his own ideal dzogchen, Bo-slapped the voluntary spirit entered development care happiness peace for sentient beings like Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva "hell was not unsuccessful, they are enthusiastic, certified Bodhi" means "hell not inaneI swear not a Buddha; beings of new evidence, I expiry and Bodhi ". When the Buddha asked him Baihe Buddha Ksitigarbha was that: "in the realms of being, eternal bad evil yet still feel at peace as being an residence in scenic World Nirvana."

In the spirit of the bodhisattva of worldly goods which according to the human tendency to Chi Thien, known to stay away from any friendly businesses, selfish, slab look. A proud Englishman had written out the lines of poetry that was very beautiful and has many meanings: penetration

"I looked at him through the microscope of the" criticism "

and I said. "I am indeed rude!"

He looked through the telescope of the "disdain"

and I said. "I am indeed little vile"

And then I look at "the mirror of truth"

And I said, "I'm exactly like me."

"In the best also have their shortcomings, which in the worst human being also has the good points. Why do we only see the wicked sins without attention to the good of the people? If everyone look good portion of each other, humanity has found a source of happiness abundantly "[21]

People know instead of each drop of blood vengeance in your heart by blood drops and then from there compassion to human know of loving, sticking, knew San Marino rips for different their joy, suffering ...

HT Thich Nhat Hanh said: "the nature of compassion as a is a website that, when we developed the aspects pertaining to Bodhi mind, compassionate action when we practice active participation with suffering throughout the world, meet the demands for sentient beings in whatever context we are capable of."[22]

Each self-awareness know lived happy peace to myself, no longer hatred guillotine kill each other, thus creating evil karma, i.e. already know building existence worth cloning human moral norm for mankind.

"Throughout the month on himself at the peripatetic

Depending on the mineral realms Tran who coast reporter

Rinse free ceiling filled with unclean

Genus sá bother where life "

In the history of great Asoka (Ashoka) to century III tr CN. [23] after the conquest of their bloody, great Asoka feel AWE and remorse, the doctrine of the Buddha has transformed the life of King Asoka with the military victory, arms replaced by winning ethical spirituality. Then King Asoka made spiritual nonviolent practice over the years, under the rule of King Asoka completely changed the policies that govern calmly meekness, renouncing its torture, non-violent, they were sheltered that even animals well protected, Asoka banned huntingthe King also transgress carnivores encouraging public fasting, in addition the King also do a lot of the benefits for society to take home for travel Inns, building hospitals, residential security, medicinal treatment nursing for the prisoners.[24]

Current trends with the politicians they always have negative view, politics is to use tricks intrigue, used weapons of war as a target for peace. So they are equipped with nuclear weapons, and the weapons lab making facilities that protect peace. But the real war going on ordnance will cause death, spiritual crisis, illness, etc. for mankind.

So world peace issues become a concern of how soul kindness every day, always pray peace, wars don't happen. Actual situation at present several powers fighting for peace by cutting off billions of DOLLARS to equip weapons lab in order to protect the country, during which more than half the population of the world suffered poverty hunger and suffering. Thus the isomerization mechanism of wealth and poverty, the economy, is sow create social unrest, war, etc.

Thus the leaders peace always urged countries take to resolve the dispute by diplomatic negotiating methods together to create good relationship for both sides, avoiding armed conflict and war. The spirit of Nonviolence is mentioned in the words of Buddha has initiated: "victory born of hatred, failure chuốc suffering." Or in the Dhammapada: the Buddha taught

"Better Self WINS

More than winning others.

The ingenious thing costumes,

Often natural tame ".

"Oil at the battlefield,

Win thousands of thousands of enemy

His better self WINS

It's the ultimate victory ".

(Dhammapada 104-103)

If a politician practice according to the Buddha taught to set up a powerful, flourishing societies, no war violence, according to seven following principles:

(1) living democracy,

(2) ethnic solidarity,

(3) the principle of rule of law,

(4) the generation,

(5) respect for women,

(6) respect all faiths,

(7) incentives the wisdom. [25]

According to Germany the Dalai Lama said that; "with the notion of good, honest, politics can be good tools to serve society, having been driven by selfish heart, by hatred, anger and jealousy, politics becomes a dirty" [26]

He Long (Nāgārjuna) outlined the guiding rule the country based on the four following principles:

The conversion of mind and social innovation can't be separated from each other

The ultimate role of individuals in the journey to enlightenment is the crux of ethical politics

Spreading the Chief French opportunities people tu student achievement enlightenment is important requirements of leaders

Leaders must find ways to satisfy the economic needs of the people so they have time and take over the Chief monasteries of France, he also outlined a programme of specific and detailed socio-economic wellbeing, health and education are cloned and progress [26]

In addition to his Long Life and come up with 10 good moral qualities for the King to rule the country: King must practice the spirit of nonviolence, prohibiting killing lives (ahisā), forbidding adultery, heist, prohibiting surveillance of his speech, avoiding slander, thoroughly abandon the greedEntertainment, pitch, and avoid things wrong, transgress drunk, etc. resulting in a truthful, he encouraged the King to practice these ethical qualities above then the King will be the belief of the people, goes against the rules then lose confidence of the population.[28]

In the 21st century world HT Thich Nhat Hanh is viewed as a spiritual leader, he always nonviolent urges, encourage people to participate in peaceful activities, by the way, prepare to develop awareness and Mindfulness practice for peace in all behave calmlySmart in any nonviolent methods, including the practice of Nonviolence is the prerequisite for those who do the work to build peace and education. [29]

Zen master Nhat Hanh was honored as the world campaigning for the peaceful resolution of the Vietnam war, and after 11 September 2001 events have petitioned the United States to use diplomacy instead of weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq

When human beings on this earth know spiritual awareness, altruistic, and respect for the living know Word Buddha within each sentient beings have Buddha Tanh, capable of the Buddha, bodhisattva images Often Real Contempt in the u.s. always remind us that respect for others, everyone's equal in the red blood line, tears and salty, who also desires were afraid to die, rub up the lives of others that is wrong in principle work ethic.

"Killing our lives worth living is the Act of disgrace and misleading because it does harm compassion, so when do we practice spiritually nonviolent new felt love and achieve happiness through fiction. Therefore, "anywhere there is compassion in the hearts, it will manifest out of the spirit of nonviolence." [30]

Buddha's enlightened Wisdom ranks specified we see that the three toxins: join, pitch, si is the source of crime, and causes violence, suffering also from three toxins [31].

Therefore Buddhism always take wisdom made her career as a real explosive sword to destroy enemies "ignorance." Every lady was ignorance qualities obscures light intellectual, psychological sickness, weakness, they feel immersed running of the conscious mind of worldly looking for fitness club body, forget about the problems of the modern mortal. Bodhisattva Shantideva said that: "… in order to satisfy the sexual humiliation, participant of the self to sell themselves to bridge education Club but never consciously because it always almost down other guys, there are people living around the military battle despite Tanh network dangers, they want the glory but suffered imprisonment scene, the slave to craving often fall into the same poor sightIf satisfied, nor over what Buffalo pulled plows was awarded the couple the grass "[32]

But to get intellectual eradicate ignorance, Bo-slaps have cultivated the seed Bodhi mind on land legs, thanks to the material, compassion, and the almond Chapel will popping seeds, buds and sprouts will produce fruit of wisdom.

In a nutshell, Buddhism spread into every country with a temperate attitude, nonviolent compassionate spirit, intellect, throughout more than 25 centuries, Buddhism has never opened the holy war, have never had a drop of blood spilled down to cultivate the flourishing of Buddhism. Buddhism is only open for our path towards charity, help for people living in accordance with the ethical rules, and build healthy societies and civilizations contribute to the problem of world peace.


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