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Bhumisastra LIKE

  Previous work:          Bo-Tat-Win-Max E
  Han Translation:      France-Tibet-Master Tam Huyen-Trang
Vietnamese translation:    Thich Tam Chau-

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To-From-Quang Dinh
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Bhumisastra LIKE[1]
Prior action: Up-Bo-Tat Thang Tu[2]
Sino-translation: French-Tam-organ Huyen-Trang Du[3]
Vietnam-translation: Like-mind-European
Homage to Dai-Giac-Thien Nhan Ton,[4]
Phuc morality and wisdom are tri-fulfillment.
Supreme, office-meant leg-magic method,
Thu, politics Hien Thanh them.
Radio Thang Dinh Le Dai Tu-market,
Expect the overall benefit beings.
REC key states in the economic sense,
Brief says yoga into five parts.
Regulation par save on magic-legally,
Arises by virtue of Public-Radio-ago.
The Infinite Sea Wins the Noble,
French dark orange-road extreme.
Self fully enjoy the fine music,
The realms of the earth the same benefit.
Rain flower flush text extremely well,
Blot the cool tree-Ni as comments of Staff.
Revenge win this argument as the lotus,
As difficult to protect, as the sea.
Expressed broadly enough in the Thua,
Text did not clearly flawed.
In the great review of this yoga,
Depending on strength, I liked this little section.
The main causes are not fully legal,
Interests around content-peace formula.
Now this paper says.
Why say this review?
Speaking of this review because there are two coastal: One is, because he wanted supreme teachings of As-Lai was the head long on the earth. secondly, because the benefits, an-touch and equality of all beings.
There are two charming, this review should say: Firstly, because the holy teachings of the As-Lai such as orange juice have been hidden a highway, now remember thinking, collect and make it more open. Dharma does not have hide-a, using the question and answer choices and decisions, making legal education-that is more prosperous. Second, because all sentient beings-living in the world: The type is strain-calculation (the seed of understanding), each type are on the order of their health, improvement of legal practice, to be direct results of three redundant[5], From the birth-death cycle. No vaccine-type properties, on human health, natural surplus from the good earth, the direct cause-effect nature, escape from the Beast.
There are two charming, this review should say: One is, or has many people talking about "No", but not that business touches. As they say on the quality, cling to dismiss all law is "no." They all hate and fight against "organic-education", making them, according to the minister compounded corn, give thought "no" to  explain the idea of ​​economic security. Second, the more people talk about "Friends", but not that business touches. As they say on the quality, cling "Friends" are all tired and afraid of "non-teacher", making them, depending on the legal treatment of sexually transmitted formless, clear thinking "organic", to address like that of economic security.
There are two charming, to say this argument: First, because like the animal species-specific complementarity-old-la[6] of the Bodhisattva, shifting the Mahayana teachings, covering all documents, ie, the fruits of the surplus generated good Star-location facilities, end all of all obstacles, legal practitioners and all the good, witness Bo -theme of Buddhism, even though the ultimate future life, to benefit yourself, good people, have never stopped out. Second, because he wanted to achieve given the excess Er[7] and no strain-specific complementarity-la-old, also rely on the Mahayana teachings, which makes the text, ie, administration, results in a surplus of his birth-place Star good way, mind-brain-off distention, obscured everything up, buyers purchase required, from the bad ones where you, the director of Thua where their results, and out the beast in the three worlds.[8]
There are two charming, this review should say: One is, or who have set air[9] born from a previous life so senseless, hesitant, crazy, attachment to paganism, pagan, small narrow mind, do not trust, do not understand the Mahayana. Now they want to leave crazy decision to turn the legal distinction familiar general Mahayana, making their award students credit center. Secondly, there are people listening experience, but hard to understand the depth of experience that fun, they love attention disorders, birth derision, disbelief. Nay to benefit them, so cleverly open market, making their award students credit center.
There are two charming, this review should say: Firstly, because people want to practice hard benefits, the legal means to collect vital, popular in business and differentiate, discuss solutions in a brief . Second, because they want to lecture people on the benefit, need extensive discussion, each a legal, open market place infinite meaningless difference.
There are two charming, this review should say: One is for the Minister to open the show[10] door of the law, should have the questions and answers and decided to set up the options review. secondly, because he wanted to kill all hope accepted, so there is questioning the selection, containing false comments.
There are two charming, this review should say: Firstly, because I want to clearly state on there, not of the variable of Design Department approval[11]; Reason is, love is not of the Y Tha Run[12] Members and True[13], Causing him to relinquish the attachment to rise, utility costs, reduced. Second, because he wanted to explain the moral difference in the world, proving that winning is the practice, making the spiritual insights of the Second Empire[14] not crazy.
There are two charming, to say this argument: First, because management wants to Xien two subjects are moving and realistic option, make people aware of the sensitive legal education organs, organ tam[15] Left not against each other. Secondly, because management wants to Xien four subjects are predestined, the only way[16], As formless and legs, making the practice of customs administration said there is a difference.
There are two charming, this review should say: Firstly, the market is the realm of difference, make people know the difference in calculated and Minister of the state and legal throne. Second, marketing is the practice that difference, make people know the direct effect means, the basic difference of eight redundant.
All in all kinds of grace to do, is presented as above, fully aware that the allergic type of economic theory, logic in all directions, as do all of this review.
Now talking about "office workers" of this review.
From beginningless time until now, the living beings in general to do all the legal origin, are not known, suspected, crazy, natural attachment and initiation of the mind-brain, producing the contraband property industry, with reincarnation in animal[17], Under three great suffering[18]. As German-born Lai, depending on where appropriate, the means used to talk about the Minister in the magical land law, which makes all beings are like that all the legal market, as the market is not so Non-organic; As marketing, such as property market, should non not. Understand all the legal charges not, non-organic. It leaves doubt, crazy, natural attachment, depending on the strain, even at that, arising out of practice. Full practice gradually, depending on the application site, would destroy all obstacles, the eight Bodhi[19] and wellbeing of the passed away.
After the Buddha entered nirvana, which the initiated to by, the parties dispute insurgency, and most useful attachment to opinions. Long-Strong Bodhisattva who has seen the Hy Main Pole[20], Collected "formless not teachers" of the Mahayana, Trung Quan made the comments, statistics and studies to clarify the true meaning primarily, to rid property of the persons attached. The great commentator as Scripture so that she[21] Reviews of Bach created to expand the righteous.
Sentient beings have the attachment to "no comments". Bodhisattva Infinite-First[22] who has seen the French Quang Dinh, took up the throne of the Land, the great spiritual powers, virtues serve Ton Dai Tu Di-Lac, he said that the appeal of this review. This Commentary, which is not of the same lens, which is not the most transparent, no text is not explained, does not mean that the table is not clear, no doubt is not put away, no attachment is no clean break, no action is no practice, no fruit is not realized. Because of the Bodhisattva, leaving the scene, the fruit of the Thua are exquisitely good, hard tu great virtues, great Bodhi evidence, because all sex, say those words no crazy. And he again because other factors, making them rely on the judiciary, where they practice the part of, and securities are direct results of their place in Thua.
So as said by the "office staff" of this review.
Nay said the Du Gia Bhumisastra.
Nominal How's it? The legal ownership of all Thua, Landscape, Action, Results, are known as yoga. Because all of them have corresponding meaning, means good cute.
Canh Du-Aging are all non-crazy scene, with no resistance left together, but it features a custom or agreement, the tendency to end, along with teaching the true reason. It corresponds to the action and results.
The name Du-Aging and yoga scene, But smooth all, but in the texts, as the suspect, according to minister, so there are many different theories. Or say four things about the morality of measures, known as yoga, that is work, reflection, and treat them like objects. It is of photography all true morality. Or twenty-four people said "any relevant issue"[23] Yoga is, as we have cause and effect respectively, not against each other left. Two theories are considered as part of the blame, many seats were widely hypothesized. Or someone says, contamination, purification, cloning is yoga. As it left the way out, the pros do at winning, as General Pham Van Khe Kinh said. The monks in sex yoga for, not what some measures can make life and can cause death. Nor can a person have little wish to attain consistency and to be present. Means to "practice" in all legal contamination, clonal yoga, reflection, does not have some method of birth and can cause can cause death. And, for "practice" in all legal pure clonal yoga contemplation, not a little can a person wants to attain consistent and to be present. Or say the end is pure truth as yoga, because they correspond to all the merit in truth very dark, as in economic Enter Lankavatara said. If consistency means foot, put away regardless, leave stains, no player has no power of capital, no whistles, no obligation, when he will see in yoga, but do not worry , doubtful. In economic Dai Nghia said, from a legal measures up to one hundred, are known as yoga, but because its own teachings, but that is not contrary to each other. In economic Quang Nghia said, aggregates, origin, gender, dependent origination, sole[24] are known as yoga, because it all the photographic facilities, landscape pros.
Thus, in these texts are saying all the yoga scene, brief as it recorded the four properties[25] agreement with the four measures.[26]
OF of yoga is all the generals are upon each other, the main reason, upon the teacher, go to the fruit known as yoga. "Acts" of this yoga but with other "action" another song in the economic, theoretical, depending on the law of the minister should have many different theories. As in the economic area Yoga Teacher, the religious practices, yoga is, as it recorded all the general photography respectively. During menstruation-is saying, thirty-seven religious legal division Bodhi[27] is yoga, because in this for all the results and act upon each other are, to a maximum win. Economic Discrimination in the Great Land Desk Clerk, the road transport of Sa-ma-tha, Pi-bowl-amnesty-na[28] equality is yoga, because only such shop is the owner of all the generals. In Business Intelligence Hai said, tam-ma-address[29] is yoga, because of mental universe emit very strong. Show Reviews Duong said, the four measures: credit, education, local-convenient, fine-progress is yoga; the intentions or the-means position said. Four different solutions that inform all the students out. The Main Office Department is divided into nine directors[30] called yoga, for reasons other than or Assembly, the enemy wins individual results. In this world or the world of practice do not try to interrupt the path of liberation, progress in winning position needs fine. From the Department of the Holy Land, the path for short recordings in the practice of yoga is, for it speaks of weak strategies, an overview of the practice. There is room to talk about the relationship with the local photography are subject to numerous crazy yoga position called, as in the general contact with the law of the place, no place is crazy revenge win. There is room to say, the cute-friendly facilities, or just-add method is called yoga, because the intentions and position arises out of that all, or only for the dark treatment was found more documents. In The German economic Frankly speaking, the consistency of dependent origination is yoga, because the consistent position of dependent origination, for the deficit of birth and death is crucial. In business the Hanh said, eight spent as political director of St. etc. .. is yoga, because they reach into Nirvana, this is more than happy. Pi-Nai-Gia Kinh said, tu gender, etc. .. is yoga, because sex, to, school property is the enemy wins. Dai Nghia said in economic, religious, well all the difference parts of the world, and of the world, is yoga, because of the unfortunate period of the agreement with each other. And, so are generally about the practice of Thanh-Van-called yoga, as in the general practice of Tam realized surplus is more. The economic wisdom says Ngan islands, no bar, volition is yoga, because the great deeds arise, it is more. As in other business can say, with great Bodhisattva Yoga is "no, volition". Bodhisattva failure, volition was not fired down Thanh Van Giac locations and exclusive place, to, can reach the pure state space of the Buddhas. In other business said on Prajna Paramita majority, called "Victory yoga" because it directs the practice of Mahayana, and this is revenge victory. As said other economic and legal ownership of the Bodhisattva in yoga, yoga of knowledge is paramount, I win. In business more broadly, there are "invisible college class"[31] Why? So knowing that, Bat-Ba-la-confidential elegant multi-yoga is supreme law. Another said, for the photography of the property, regardless of wealth known as yoga, because it can arise out all the enemies to win merit.
Another said, the Bodhisattva is a compassionate wisdom wins and equal transportation, known as yoga, because it is very head of great Nirvana. The theory is the theory as "any public act"[32], Referred to as yoga, because it is direct evidence of the Buddha's Bodhi. Thus, in these texts say about everything, "the", are known as yoga. (As mentioned above four means complete).
Talking about RESULTS of Du-Aging: That is all the other fruits are convenient, the main reason, upon the teacher, the human value, are said to yoga. The fruit of this yoga but through the results, but in the texts, depending on the method of the Minister, said that many different theories. Discrimination Kinh Nghia said the fearless force, any community called Dharma Yoga, because it is meaningful or goods for the ma, allergic dominate all other factors discussed and win. Thang said in the scriptures, places of Buddhist enlightenment is on the head called Nirvana Yoga, because it meant the time, even to the ends of the future life, it would remain office space. In economic Dai Nghia said local Tathagata very distinguished position, offering great compassion heart of sentient beings is yoga, because it means self-interest is a good neighbor does not end. Measures in the economic theory of history and geography Già Du said local Buddhist merit, are known as yoga, because it means that the legal world, never cease to end. Economic Discrimination in Thua Cong Duc said Tam, Tam Thua virtue fruit called yoga, because it means that along with the application process. In Buddha pros say, three bodies, three merit[33] are yoga, because it means that all of Germany, they are not separated from each other. Episode Reviews That said, the results of photography, compounded, very vi, of Germany, is yoga, because it means that the results from the College Press[34] the cure-all in harmony together.
In these texts speak of any faith are fruits yoga, meaning he made it clear above. Thus, Scripture is also a yoga teacher. Because it is commensurate with the reasonable, agreement with the behavior, leading to the result. It means "the capital, consistent operating surplus tam" (understand the true meaning of meditation and practice of Tam excess) is yoga. Always on religious, rational and act upon, of the month. Status and results of this review it with all flexible. Word of the saint as the vast sea, how can he be said enough! Yoga Teacher dials difficult sales charge, so new to say the practitioners of religious progress depends.
The meditators (the subject you practice yoga) in Tam excess, depending on from where the text (listening), private (thinking), and in turn to practice, practice yoga teachings, are each part, or is full, move the development of beings called the Yoga Teacher. Or the Tathagata fully the practice of yoga, as the inductive site of the listener, bringing the practice of this yoga thing for the Saints of the disciples, that they turn in the unfortunate practice, known as Du -tutor.
DIA only realm, where y is any, for practice, it means that photography of the country. As a practical realm of Yoga Master, known as the "Main". As the land of the long code, they just go in that area and not beyond it. Or, yoga grilling this place, to increase the transparency measures (purity law), so-called "sites", such as where rice. Alternatively, where Du-photography tutor belongs wisdom to rely on this place, current refuge in this place to grow, so-called "local", as the storm location. Or, Master Yoga practice in this place, try to be the transparency measures, the so-called "local", as ox king place. Alternatively, the Tathagata is called Du-tutor, because he is in yoga, using intellectual equality, equality in practice throughout the realm there is no hope review, nor head Nirvana . The photography of his realm where he should be called "local". Alternatively, of seventeen local[35] Du-photography of the tutor, such as the King site, the so-called yoga history and geography.
FAQ for the selection of the general legal and so-called Falun. As to the practitioner of yoga history and geography is to say that this review. Therefore, the new name for this argument, as for methodology. Again, this argument does not argue about the meaning crazy yoga history and geography, should be named after him, as saying on cross trading addresses. Again, this argument points to the location y that, it takes them to be effective, like flowers grown on the land due to the water. Therefore, this review is named Bhumisastra yoga.
Discuss this THEÅ of this review, a summary of five parts: One is the native parts: this, just briefly, just wide, divided into seventeen locations. Second, the property of photography: photographic recording and the selected profile that potentially profound weakness in seventeenth place. Third, like the photographic: photographic recording of the suspect briefly explain the business rules. Fourth, the subjects allergic photography: photographic recording of the nominal outline of the legal gap in the business. Fifth, the part of photography: photographic recording of the profile that the weakness in the Tripitaka.
This review is in part like this, why only named Main Yoga Teacher?
From a beginning of a name, make sure that no mistake. Again, all these measures, not measures that yoga is not a history and geography. Because yoga history and geography to use all legal y just charming. This is only preliminary. Speaking of numbers or seventeen seventeenth place is full photographic recording of all documents that make a strategy. Four sections are explained in the text that the weak field seventeen, we do not depart from yoga history and geography. Therefore, this paper uses seventeen address as key tones. But it all proved both Thua, Landscape, Action, Results. However, the questions and answers, and to choose the minister said in a review of all these measures, that is, because of the Bodhisattva said, making all good stars, the Buddhahood, benefit immensely. So this review of the Reviews of Tibetan Bodhisattva, is due to the Bodhisattva-place win!
Reviews written: Why Yoga Teacher Main said seventeen locations?[36]
Explanation: The first question, why yoga said 17 local history and geography, is the general question of the weak tone of this review.
The question, first heard about the economic yoga history and geography, not fully understood the meaning, so this new question. Ban on yoga history and geography that is often said in business practice yoga history and geography. During menstruation Dang said, practice yoga history and geography. Thus, many places say, like to have a say where. On the other hand was empty then! Or, people make comments, first summarized the plea recorded, can be inferred in the review, written fully in mind. Want to learn this because the map resolution to distinguish the hypothesis, should ask, said the cause arises, you have these questions, why yoga said 17 local history and geography? Otherwise, first there is no "brief presentation", how to ask questions "why"How easily?
Again, the question must be roughly in the cause: One is, do not understand the new questions. Second, ask new question. Third, new experimental questions. Fourth, new questions contact contempt. In fact, since the new beings to benefit questions. In this case the cause of the Thursday, because the benefit to the new beings should make this argument. Talking about seventeen locations, they are referring primarily to acquire concrete yoga history and geography, age seventeen local strategy is. If put to more widespread, the status and fate are immeasurable difference in each area, its significance is immense. Thus, a transfer problem, there is a general problem and the overall response.
Reviews written: What is the address of seventeen?
Wen NAM[37] : Self-presentation and save that poem:
"In the corresponding way, attention,
There are eight, four, ... three locations.
Three sites are non-ma,
Friendship Center, heartless place.
Literature, and death is made,
Thus all three Thua.
Y and y property wealth,
This is the seventeenth place. "
Explanation: Do what the causal question: What is the address of seventeen? The total number of listen, but do not know the name of each region, should have to ask again. "Wen NAM", that is, first, summarize their own action to address all content recite verses, but a simplified set of local names, save for the scholars, the so-called " Wen men ". The sentence "year of the corresponding"Ie" Five of the corresponding local body. " Signature YÙ is "that place". The sentence "can range from ... three locations", Ie the range holding from local organic, very local level and not reach the quarterfinals only neutral site. Games and three four separate geographical accounting. The sentence "Three sites that are", Which means that local tam tam by E are called multiple locations. The word "Africa"Is not. Tam Is not that place, and nor by E Tam MD. This is a general, but particular places, the theory can not exaggerate. This was the second such name which means they have a narrow width so. Tam is the state that address both the information and uncertainty and its own head at heart. Three states that E has a center position through both organic and heartless and it's the only term in the regulations. (This issue will address the following extra wide). The sentence "how all three excess", Which means the documents, private, religious sites like, or on such sites, all three are fully redundant. In "surplus property and not public health medicine"Each specific names will be explained in the following broad.
Post CommentOne is, five relatives of the corresponding field. Second, that location. Third, organic gifts organic local level. Fourth, very local level maintenance. Fifth, numerous innocent local level. Sixth, that E has eight locations. Seventh, that E has non-place tam. Eight is, local property interest. Nine is, heartless place. Ten is, the text of the address. Eleven is, from the local office. Twelve is, the local religious establishments. Thirteen is, Thanh Van locations. Fourteen are toxic sites Enlightenment. Fifteen is, Bodhisattva site. Sixteen is, property address public health. Seventeen is, numerous public health field, known as yoga history and geography.
Interpretation: This extensive presentation of places in response to earlier questions. The sentence "corresponding body of local staff", That is, base year: Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body; years of: Eye consciousness, ear-consciousness, olfactory consciousness, practical, friendly way. We do not rely upon a place together, like the eyes ..., not be the only alternative medicine. They are "family medicine" (medical only on close objects). Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and implant benefit, Food with bright and dim. They also "and y". They are the same and there, not as base ... Therefore, years of used base year show if our own name, as well as wheat germ, such as drums, etc. .. have separate, so-called year of. Do refuge where they are based. Proceeding with the general hesitation. But, we can not leave the decision to rely on our site is close. Body must be take so-called "friendly". Special, Y in the sense of THEÅ which said record of the body (the body that rely on knowledge of 6), green from the body (the body that rely on reflection of 6). Y into the army of relatives, founded this disc, the so-called "corresponding". As the law says, the king's table corresponding to the words of King, respectively enemy with comments from the enemy. Y to the king, y the enemy that inspired the words to discuss. This is also like that.
But in this disc a lot of legal discrimination, but years of ownership, should in particular. Five of the corresponding body care products, called "corresponding". In the disk, though many methods have made it clear, but, bring the excess of the mind, which distinguishes mental. "Corresponding"Means of photography. Because of this disc, talking about photography of the five measures of itself, that is where medical and grace of the self. Helping you make sense of business as the "corresponding". Depending on the period of application (depending on the place of our application). Also significant is smooth. It only says only briefly!
Nay said the Italian site: Record of, loss of bowl form, and y in Italy RESIDENCE. The elimination "of the body corresponding to" go, just say the word "Italy". In the eight subjects that way, but, in only six subjects depending on the form. Food Friday, Saturday, eighth with photography on the sixth. The name stands on its site clinic is non-identity. If we do not need "friendly", the "mind" have been suffering, should not mention the "family" anymore. "Corresponding" as mentioned above. Sixth, seventh, eighth, but have the same meaning as the heart, mind, consciousness, but, of mind, that country, depending on the photographic sense. Song, that the word  "Italy", just say "Y", because it thought the measure, so it's photography of the "base". The eighth is the preservation of seeds, it means "heart" of it's more about the powerful. Friday form, the realm of the special touches throughout, it means 'knowledge' of it's more about the powerful. So do not tell local interest, local knowledge, and the corresponding body. It said only strategy only. This means the "Main" above.
Thuc Duyen what the year to form a disk?
Speaking at the file, the official but different, but still made one. Speaking Monday, in consciousness with no mention of grace and distinction of our business, because they are at work, should be incorporated into a Main. Speaking at the file, where that place is the notion of interpretation was common for years, so a separate Main. Speaking Monday, in the same health consciousness in the physical sense and the coastal edge, so the back up into one. Y to the otherwise formless, the uncertainty of grace, the isolated one. Nature or y are respectively the charming coastal or international crude, should have said that the first, said later.
Again, the year in the photography of the "out of context", so the back up into one. Speaking at the file, such other consciousness of, or photography of the "out of" or "rate of" or "non-quality"[38], So we made a difference. Speaking Monday, the two natures Main so, their health and conditions such as help you make career, the making and photography on all measures.
We should know, in this, not all legal vacuum. Y in which consciousness arises. Knowledge as possible. Food is up wins. Before y in the mind, founded the two discs. Thus, the mind, self, health, grace, help you make this career after wide solution.
Question: "There range from ... three locations"Means" range "is to reach," four "is the scrutiny. Either the "private mental" or "mental skill" for warning track generated ideas sought. The "raw" is the range. This is, two born to the scene to seek ideas, scrutiny. The "fact" is four. Not a moment, two methods were equivalent to each other, since they are a kind of virtue which: crude fact, before the next can vary a bit. Now the two solutions y (range, and quad), the ants formed three locations make sense. Three discs, standing on two measures, before the other which corresponds founded. Boundaries in Education, is the liquidity of the Profile meditation, consciousness, mental states before the next sequence should have a range, which corresponds to the same quarter, the so-called "organic gifts organic local level." While liquidity, gross interest, previous mental sequence, no concentration range, it corresponds to the quarterfinals, so-called "wealth range from address only". During the second liquidity, through the disc on, the mind, mental state, prior to the following sequence, corresponding to the decision not to reach the quarterfinals, so-called "very local level impartiality". If the boundaries in Education, at primary liquidity of meditation, during which time she liquidity, international attention, mental states do not correspond to reach the quarterfinals, and does not correspond with the physical, and four did not correspond to the multitude of measures, are also called "very neutral range  location ". So, on the back of the review it says: "Four Friends range of local ownership, wealth range from address only"A dimension of" Today's address. " Swedish free heartless, absolutely heartless later, the mindless, mindless life, take away the very public health and gender are nirvana means "indifferent place." Three field stands on the two sections that legal education founded. That is, in sexual boundaries and the liquidity profile of meditation, the author nowhere law, to reach the quarterfinals and education should not leave out called "organic gifts organic local level." While liquidity, the author nowhere legal, education center left, four have been separated from education, so-called "wealth range from address only". During the second liquidity, via the address above, and assume legal damage, for the range and four were separated from education, so-called "very disinterested local level." If at the lower field, were separated from education, also known as "indifferent indifferent." Therefore, the review said the following, separated by sex in the extremities of the range, so-called "very disinterested local level." Not by the direction the current should not arise. Why? As instructed by the guide or the intention of the difference was not left wanting in the PE world, in a certain time range is also very very idea of ​​the current quarter. As people file out of meditation. As real sense, these three geographical boundaries that stand on founded. That is, at the Education World site and the liquidity profile of meditation, compounded illegal, very illegal, in the center of gravity, can be called the First place. During the second liquidity, via the address above, compounded illegal, very illegal, there is no range in only four, known as site II. During the second liquidity, via the address above, compounded illegal, very illegal, in the center of gravity, are not called third-party sites. So after the review section said: "At the World Education and the liquidity profile of the meditation, if you are in or are born in the realms of meditation file, called" organic gifts organic local level. " While liquidity is in the realm or is already living up flimsy, so-called "Four very unique geographical range". Time Still more confusion Monday sphere, invisible world, totally called "very disinterested local level." Radio illegally compounded, the liquidity profile is also called "organic gifts organic local level." Y into the Games, the quartet, the coast on foot as do legal entry into the then, not by the current distinction. In the other method as mentioned above.
If standing on a "corresponding" and stand on a "glass of education" to set up three field reviews, photography recorded the same measures do not take complex disorders and is also great. The said property from local property level, where only the "useful life". Now stand on a subject, the table through the "field general". In this subject still confusion about the Monday or older, in an infinite range of neutral sites. The mindless, mindless beings, full of anti-called "heartless place." But all the others are called "Today's address." After four subjects, with the establishment of others, would later say. But this by saying that the desire to leave the range, four, called "very disinterested local level", but that's just about the geographical confusion Monday when static only. And, it also decided to have the desire to leave the field of mind, not talk about people who have left the desire of the heart. The subordinate local law is also known as "indifferent indifferent." If so, who do not desire to leave the field of low-range, quad, why? The law also says that the upper field is level, four ..., founded the university as a complex disorder. Therefore, only three sites founded on Education-sex-site upstream of lowering it!
Talking about Tam by E MD (Samahita): This is the local Victory, away from the more severe, trade sent etc. .. It is "equal to lead" to place the initiative led to balance. Or call "leads equality," or call "equality", the place "of the" found out, it means "Main party". It photographic subject to the regulations' own mind. " It leads the equally merit. It is not through with the "heartless".
In verse proceedings on the sentence: "Three questions that address". Tam ma place (samadhi) is the center of legal measures in the Department of Special Landscape Center. Two types of "indifferent", can not lead to equality of merit, so it's not the Democratic field. So why? Speaking of Democratic EP strategy has four categories: 1) liquidity. 2) Liberation. 3) the party-[39]. 4) pointing[40]. Talking about Liquidity are four liquidity[41]. Talking about liberation eight free[42]. Talking about forgetful equality is not over, invisible and formless prayer forgetful forgetfulness. Talking about College Press is in the comments[43] College Press, won eight of origin[44] College Press, sea salt origin[45] equity release, equity release four formless, mindless media class, is pointing away end.
This should not confuse the two types of wealth concentration, the "class leading performance." It just kept the name, but actually it was not the meaning of "college guide". This list through both organic and heartless the center position. Accommodation has to be, if the concentration, leading the merits of equality, and equal basis and lead the university, its separation from marital depression, trade election, and the world that do not repent. Equality means of leads generated by the site, the so-called Democratic. If the concentration is on, but it has no merit can lead the enemy win, but it leads the basis of equality and the great ... is equal to the spot of lead emissions. Also known as "Democratic." So why? In proceedings on a verse saying "Three questions that address". This should not be mistaken. Literature in verse says summary proceedings only. Say "tough questions"(Both with other things), but in fact the party:"non-sentence"(With no quotes), because the said party information with heartlessness. Literally as real, Main has informed party, a local (local term). It is photography of both the organic and indifferent mind, so called "Public". Mindless regulations, take to kill a Can the Democratic Main, Where it won the property address illegal, very illegal, it is not in the interest of Education's approval of so-called "Department”.
Following the talk  on 'liquidity"The Democratic field, as defined under Lust, not specified (one scene the center) in the PE world. Party was directed by the kind of exchange of wealth, joy, peace. Education's not like that. Only heaven only. If during the dedication, it is not a party, because it's the same contact Education. Because of the relative effects of four shots that it distinguishes[46]. Or it with forgetfulness, it would not be a Democratic field. That is, even in the PE world, in the heart throne canopy, it's the same with the three ma place, the mind and mental ... Or is it with the Democratic field, then it did with the absent-minded.
In the throne, tam ma place is possible. Interested and thought of, make the kill, the legal ownership, or they together with the Democratic party-and Main. In the liquidity, defined, along with the throne in Lust own mind and the mind, mental states, except three that address, or assume they are also non. That is, unless the legal owner of the throne above. Again, that place tam, tam ma bowl, tam ma E has, the name of a narrow width. Among the categories of interest, Tam ma local significance is forgetful. A photographic method of all legal information. In Today's throne, the mind is one scene. As it informed both the location and spread. Song, in the texts, stand on its prevail, not just talk about, very willing, very general, called that place tam. Tam ma bowl, For all property information center, indifferent. In the position, it shall be, in the texts, standing on its side is superior, just about in the comments ..., corresponding to the regulations, called the order only. Main party with all the useful information center, indifferent to the merits. So in this Main navigation through all photographic merit. Because it is so general that, should set its own titles, called "E has three local non-ma". Translating the meaning above were easy to understand, no explanation wide. Thus, the two sites, of photography all the legal ownership of the non-locating and positioning.
Talking about Organic Mind, Infinite Mind Main: Great strategy, we have five doors, but the establishment of an other discrepancies: First, subject field theory of achievement: That is, the corresponding body of local staff, that local, organic gifts organic range of local, very local level maintenance. Four sites in this direction "Today's local". In numerous innocent local level, except for the mindless, mindless killing and make life as "heartless place". Stay in this subject, Swedish free heartless, absolutely heartless later also called "Today's", Because it belongs to No. 7, No. 8. Only mindless regulations, etc. .. of any relevant interest, and because of conflicting interest, so-called "heartless place". Second, mental disorder any disorder subjects: That is, the four crazy[47], As the island of psychosis, so-called "heartless place", As it takes nature. Third, any psychological hormoneIf sufficient grace, this interest was born, called "Today's local". If not enough grace, not from the other center is called "heartless place". In in this area, depending on the student center is called "Today's local”.  No other student center called "heartless place". Fourth, the subject department founded: Subtract six, called "Today's local". In the throne as heartless Swedish free, absolutely heartless later, the mindless, mindless beings, full of killing, and numerous public health nirvana, called "heartless place". Fifth, genuine achievements that subjectsIn numerous public health nirvana, the center were killed, called "heartless place". In the others, so do not have the transfer mode, only pretending heartlessness. The eighth is not killing off the so-called "Today's local". Thus, the two sites, due to the difference in each subject, so there is progress, not to quit.
Talking about Van Main Achievements: From listening, producing a written explanation of the meaning. Knowledge and skill corresponding to the mind, mental measures.
Talking about Tu  Department of Main Achievements: From birth to think the explanation of the law minister. Knowledge and skill corresponding to the mind, mental measures.
Talking about From the Department of Main Achievements: From birth to the religious explanation of general law. Knowledge and skill corresponding to the mind, mental measures.
VAN is listening, that is, ear base, ear-consciousness arises, listen to the speech teacher. PRIVATE thinking, ie thinking about the number of law arising out of wisdom. It is thought, the legal options. TU a practice, that is, winning the arising of wisdom. Tu is correct, that is of value. From three were born three property[48] and corresponds to the law, is of three locations. Three broad sense of property, regardless of the above. Thus, the three locations, using three product knowledge with the mood, mental state and place of law as self-attained. So after the review section said, "From the local office is also Friendship balance, Radio y local balance".
Thanh Van Main: In the sacred teachings of the Buddha "bar" is above all. From where he, you hear the sound of Buddhist teachings, gradually from them, from the world forever. Practice at it they are so small, so-called Thanh Van. Thus, given the Thanh Van is to cultivate the mind of results Generally speaking, all the Main Thanh Van.
Read Main Enlightenment: Popular often calm, not like in that heterogeneous. Tu full of happy family[49], No teacher, you teach, naturally, their own realizations, from the world forever. The middle of this unfortunate practice, evidence of secondary effects on so-called Enlightenment Read. Or contemplate the causes and conditions that treat them as fruit, so-called Pratyekabuddha. Thus, racial enlightenment toxicity, distribution center practice, attainment of performance directors, said overall the exclusive Main Enlightenment.
Talking about Main Bodhisattva: Seek higher enlightenment, compassion beings. Or to the Bodhi, the aspirations of sustainable, long time from them, from the world forever. Observes the great vow, the bodhisattva called Main. Thus, given the bodhisattvas, distribution center practice, attained Generally speaking, a Bodhisattva is Main. Dai Thua means of three, will see the following table.
Talking about Main Huu Du Y: That is nirvana local organic health balance. Y is a place of refuge property illegally. Accommodation refuge strategy has eight said: Firstly, competition for y, Ie, by y the five aggregates (identity, acceptance, perception, knowledge) display set list, race, vanity-author. Second, Veterinary photography, Ie rely on the seventh photography: parents, card, slave spleen, false history, and express, the friends and relatives. Third, Abbot y, That is, rely on four food to live (the real, real contact, real investment, real mode). Fourth, y flow, Ie, based on the 4 way, 12 coastal arise. Fifth, y obstacles, Ie the natural ma. Sixth, y anguish, Ie the negativity in the sexual realm. Seventh, proper approval, That is the joy of meditation. Eighth, y post-border, Ie the A-la-drought, but there are aggregates of continuity, but this totally just took a "final medical record", except the above 6 photography (take a part), and flow obstructions.
In location This 4 of tranquility: First, size of tranquility, Which is suffering the future, ultimately not born again. Second, or tranquility, Ie the afflictions, ultimately not born again. Third, Industry tranquility, That is not the evil artifact, the good practice. Fourth, static discharge status, That is, a political and righteous, should remain on the well discharge for 6 units, 6 ceiling, not happy do not worry. The draft an A-la-head-study-site where numerous enough 4 of tranquility, but little public health, the so-called Property address public health.
Main Second Thua belongs. In the very school itself, compounded illegal, very illegal, short recording is the Tathagata himself. But no true body and mind long enough property y, but there is just as organic evolution pirated y, should stand chemically Minister also called "local organic health balance".
Radio Du Y Main: That is numerous public health nirvana. All property illegally discharging all outstanding health, wealth illegally compounded of Thua II were discharged. As Lai has compounded wealth illegally but, but, not all public property illegally y, also called "numerous local public health". In the disk, only the pure truth as laid out merit appears very deep, separated from all discrimination and thoroughly review all hope, can not talk about aggregates, gender, origin, human, natural, etc. .., as, " News ", as" glass ", as" there ", as" no ", the famous general property, all that is hypothetical only. In this disk the user "cure-foot property as numerous anti vi"To calculate, and retrieve illegally compounded numerous as the virtues of the Tathagata. The merit of the Tathagata is deep, ideally, can not say you are. Do not say it on the contingent of local photography. And, it's reasonable to photography in the sense of its meaning. Friends of the merit of the Tathagata Friends outstanding photography on health, wealth of photographic merit on balance Infinite y. So, following the review it says: "Numerous local public health is part of the five sites, was very center field, the local religious establishment, bar text, toxic vision, local Bodhisattva."
Tu Quang Pagoda translated, Nice,
France, on 14 May 1997 03

[1] Già Du Bhumisastra favorite: A book review of 1580 brought in the Tan Tu Dai Dai Tang Kinh. Older travelers (Yoga), which means "corresponding". 5 corresponding meanings: 1) Corresponding to the scene itself is not contrary to the law. 2) Corresponding issue: the application with both parallel and property. 3) Corresponding to management: an establishment as well as an established non-truth of the continuous substrate and the base. 4) Corresponding results: the results of unsurpassed Bodhi. 5) Corresponding to illness and medication: evidence, directed the full results, with the beneficial effects of birth animal studies, the experience of our birth, depending on the disease to drugs. Older travelers here largely correspond to the legal, ie corresponding to the process.
Yoga Bhumisastra: (Yogacaryabhumi sastra). Commentary includes 100 books by the Bodhisattva Di-Lac Huyen-Trang theory and his words translated into Chinese-United. Three are in excess of practicing yoga, yoga should be called Master. Seventeen-sex scene is place of refuge and practice of the Yoga Teacher called "yoga history and geography".
Yoga Bhumisastra favorite book is a review by the Bodhisattva to April, with the aim of writing a brief explanation on behalf of 17 planes of (address) in Du-Aging
[2] Max-Win-E (Thin Multicast na la: Jinaputra): He was born in the late 6th century AD traveling in India. He is a disciple of his household, France. He is one of 10 great commentator on Duy Thuc. Western Region has written 11 books, "In most countries impose Bat circumference over five thousand miles, inside a great big old house as there are over one hundred monks settled there. The retreat will follow the Mahayana teachings. Bodhisattva Max-Win-Du-Son to Gia Luan favorite books here. "
[3] Master Xuanzang: Him they Tran, to list the Great, the Land Master Yuen, Tang Dynasty. By age 13, he went in place of brother named Zhang Czechoslovakia in Pure Land temple, Luoyang. He hears economic Nirvana scene where his knowledge, which is strictly a review Photographer Mahayana Master. Vu Duc dating to the early years, he with his brother in Chang'an, to learn Photography Discussion Chengdu, billion miles where both he and the Bao Thien Dao, listening to lectures where Chan Master Tri comments. After five years, he's sold sufficient detail, learning about the law. His next European Business, General Asia, Chaozhou, and Chang'an part of a review study. He had to lecture Photography Mahayana ethics review where two great French and boundary layer is usually two famous contemporaries in the capital, but for him, he has not felt the light, he determined to study western direction . Trinh Quan dating to the third year, the Tang Dynasty, he directed the road course in India. Over how many arduous, dangerous, dating Trinh Quan for 7 years, to his country India. As the intelligence, determined to take undergraduate Business, Law, Luan-sufficiency where the religious order around, he reached into the will and was well known in the paper. Trinh Quan fifth year of 19, he on the Road to the capital, carrying 657 of the text books offered Pham court. Emperor Taizong to make the translation Hoang Phuc pagoda, then transferred to Temple from-Publication. Interpreters are 75 ministries, including 1.335 atmosphere. He passed his five years on May 65.
[4] This verse consists of 24 questions were regarded as the preface of the review. The first glass Buddha is revered higher sense of human, natural, moral integrity and intellectual well-being round. France has fully document the true meaning, of magic and supreme. Increasing the organic learning of the Sages, very learned a genuine understanding. Next, review the feast of all Di-Lac (Maitreya), the Chinese translation is from Vietnam, named A-Dat-Da (Ajita), Chinese translation is Infinite Energy Victory. He (Maitreya) to be of benefit to sentient beings, should take over the essential meaning in the experience, say in the comments section of yoga. Homage to the Bodhisattva Infinite-First (Asanga), due to the power supply Output heaven, listening to the Bodhisattva Di-Du-Lac faculty review of Aging, brought popularity to the world. Homage to the Noble are all steeped in the methods of the Bodhisattva Infinite-Power-Thang, was overflowing rain Wisdom is paramount to all sentient beings. The rain penetrated the yoga method, is the legal effect itself sounds beautiful, but beneficial to the world. This flux scattered rain sentences, the words of magic, such as flowers emit a scent equally, particularly as penetration cool factor of practice, contraception from a tree that Staff Ni. This means that the three Long Hoa Assembly of Di-Lac virtues, those which are realized in practice the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha Staff Ni. Here, the author praises as a review of this yoga lotus, like treasure, like a great sea in which to present and explain the text of the Thua broadly, not omission. And, the author of his best self, only explain part of the review at yoga is the legal foundation for forever, happily benefit to all sentient beings.
[5] Thua Three: Three vehicles carrying the Buddha's teachings, according to the religious base of the practitioners, ie of the order Thanh Van, Pratyekabuddha and Bodhisattva.
[6] Further-special-old-la (Pudgala): Formerly, the Chinese translation is "Human" (people) or "sentient beings", now translated means "the animal body" ": that is a factor, always received under the effect of birth and death in the realms: natural, human, a-tu-la, hell, hungry ghost, animal.
[7] Second redundant: Thanh-Van and Dependent enlightenment.

[8] The three realms: Education realms, realms and realms arupa Sac.
[9]  Gas Volume: delusions are generated by the set decorations slightly hidden long.
[10] To General: General authentic, unspoilt outlook, did not change, ie nature of things. French properties, such as legs, the minister, different name, but with only nature only. Food Minister also has another title as the most real, most like, most ministers, formless, family law, legal documents, legal status, nirvana, very vi, base, foot, barefoot, to calculate, the empire, in fact, ...
[11] Accept the Department of Design Variables: ordinary objects infer a delusion, as the authors point out, as the night that song is perfect rope snake, etc. ..
[12] Y release from PC: Relying on the causes and conditions that spawned other things. A document referred to-back-part of the first factor, it is because more compel other form. The nature of the rope of hemp fibers is, thanks to other new sophisticated form of rope.
[13] True Member Posts: Only for the true achievements fullness of things, that is able to calculate the compounded-vi. As the calculation of a hemp rope.
[14] Children's Base: The perception of the reality of things for people who are secular and sacred place, which is to stand and base. Laymen recognize the truth of the material is real, so-called "to stand". The holy place is aware of the authenticity of the truth of the material that is not so-called "base".
[15] Second organ: 1) Thanh Van organs: Speaking of education, management, administration, and the results of Thanh Van Pratyekabuddha. 2) Bodhisattva levels: Speaking of education, management, administration, results of the Bodhisattva.
Tipitaka (Tripitaka): The three treasures of Buddhist teachings: The Organ (Tu maximum: Sutrapitaka): The teachings of Buddha. Vinaya (monk complaints Date: Vinayapitaka): solid advice, eliminate errors of three enterprises: Body, speech and mind. Abhidharmic (Abhidharma: Abhidharmapitaka): Have won intellectual contemplation of the truth of the matter. Or, use the award winning hand on the legal position. Business toward the hoc. Law towards academia. Luan toward school property.
[16] The only way (Vijananamatravada): Universal law is only due to the variable. This form is only for 8 of: visual consciousness, auditory consciousness, olfactory consciousness, gustatory consciousness, body-consciousness, awareness, form and mite-na A-to-part formula.
[17] In animals: 5 realm to go to, the human heavy and light effects created: hell, hungry ghost, animal, human and natural.
[18] Three pain: Causes of adverse effects suffered extreme pain in the three realms of hell, hungry ghost, animal. Or obscured by the three directors, damage to goodwill: suffering, karma and retribution.
[19] Tam Bodhi (Sambodhi): Fruits are the visual level.
[20] Manh Long Bodhisattva (Nagarjnna)), the old translation is Nagarjuna, Thang Long, his disciple Venerable Ma Ca La Religion Suppose, as one of the well-known commentator in the Mahayana teachings. the economic Great Ornament eighty, in the past, the Buddhist bodhisattva name is Long Manh Dieu Vuong Van Tu at the Tathagata, and now he is at the throne of the Land is Hoan Hy Hy Main or Main Office.
[21] Sacred Threads Ba (Aryadeva): Discussion Creation of Bach. Re Bodhisattva She is a professor in the university Luan, who honored him as the contemporary saint for her so-called Holy.
[22] Bodhisattva Asanga (A Sangha: Asanga): He was born in Kien Da La, India, after the Buddha's passing away in about a thousand years. His renunciation of sectarianism Di Sa Code, following the Mahayana belief. He is the group of French General Tong. One night, he entered the heaven to supply rate, a review hearing Maitreya yoga theory, composition Ornament, Mahayana review, review China Border Discrimination, and he returned to preach to the masses.
[23] Any equivalent of: Duy Thuc centered education, legal and mental physical, each of the three measures, the response actions are not together, so-called "no corresponding law enforcement." Any relevant law enforcement have 24 things, will clearly see Duy Thuc.
[24] Aggregate, country, world ... : News 5 aggregates, 12 countries, 18 world, 12 of conditions, dependent arising, dependent origination, 4 soles (size, file, kill, director).
[25] The four properties: In the Buddhist bodhisattva can issue the four properties: 1) Self behavioral: the Bodhisattvas, the old virtues still full of Virtue, filial piety, and 10 glasses of good credit. 2) Prayer behavioral: the Bodhisattvas wish to direct development, a Buddha. 3) Thuan behavioral: the Bodhisattvas 6 paramitas upon which to practice. 4) Direct behavioral: Do elaborate spiritual practice, moving into St. flesh.
[26] The four measures: The Dharma has four categories: teaching, legal process, executive and legal effect. In business speak French Sign Mahayana, Bodhisattva has four legal practice: 1) Do not dispose of the Bodhi mind. 2) Do not give good knowledge. 3) Do not give up trying to resist the love, optimism. 4) Do not leave your place of elegant serenity A lan.
[27] 37 The legal Bodhi: four foundations of mindfulness, four primary needs, such as attention-sufficient 4, 5-door, five forces, 7 and 8 sacred Bodhi department director.
[28] Na amnesty Inc. (Samantha): This is only about 2 subject to: Samantha is just, Vipassana is Pub.
[29] Tam ma place (concentration): Concentration,  the receptor.
[30] Nine directors: The Great Buddhism Dictionary, ie only nine directors to nine residence of the living beings:
1) Location of The Sun in Education and gender. 2) residence of the natural break them. 3) residence of the natural aurora. 4) Turn the residence of goodness. 5) the residence of mindless natural. 6) No residence of natural Infinity Land. 7) place of residence of natural consciousness Infinity Land. 8) place of residence of natural Unknown Land Ownership. 9) place of residence of Chiang Phi Phi Phi Natural Xu.
[31] Class wife (Asamasama): Religious direct effect of the Buddha and Buddhism. Buddhist Circuit superior nothing can compare with the so-called "invisible colleges". Only the Buddha to Buddha, that is only the enlightened can compare with the so-called "equality".
[32] Any public administration: The practice of a theory is not the same, but ultimately, the same witness Bodhi same results.
[33] Three relatives of three virtues: Three relatives: family law, family and newspaper applications incarnation. three virtues: family law, prajna and liberation.
[34] Pointing: Name of the. In the, body and mind balance (equality) an air called "equality". Do reach the point of equality is called "media".
[35] 17 site: Du Gia Luan explanation of 17 scenes (the practice) of 17 local restaurant called: a) Five of the corresponding local body. 2) the Italian place. 3) Four Friends range of useful sites. 4) Infinite range of property from the disk. 5) Radio impartial local level. 5) that E has local Tam (Samahita: College Guide: balance of power led to the merits). 7) that E has eight locations Africa. 8) Organic field center. 9) Unknown field center. 10) Office of the field. 11) from the field. 12) from the field. 13) Thanh Van locations. 14) Read geographical sense. 15) Bodhisattva site. 16) Organic local public health. 17) Infinite y geographical balance.
[36] Decimal place: 1) local delights. 2) Ly geographical structure. 3) Clearance of site. 4) Hell IP address. 5) Nan winning site. 6) The local money. 7) Far field action. 8) Real Estate site. 9) Good geographical knowledge. 10) France is still local. This is a collection of Mahayana address. Ten steps are called "local", as they acquired the property of merit and a wealth of self-used, also make sure refuge even for the clergy, and or growth, so-called "local".
[37] Wen south, a place preference was also transcribed na (Udana): Chinese translation is "self-presentation": no one asked, the theory itself.
[38] Only 3 of the mode: a) The amount of: measuring said current scene, as seen in the mirror material. 2) Percentage of: said by the comparison of distinction, such that said smoke there's fire. 3) African Quantity: inversely heart disorders, regardless of things wrong, that is not the amount and percentage amount.
[39] Forgetful (concentration) of the nickname. Center based on a scene and keep the balance.
[40] Pointing (Samapatti): Body care equal (balanced) peaceful, the results lead to equality.
[41] Four liquidity: ie 4 meditation.
[42] August release: 1) The idea of ​​identity itself is involved, consistent foreign matter are impure, to be liberated. 2) In the heart but does not take the idea of ​​identity, but identity is consistent foreign impurities to more permanent escape. 3) Less professional impure general consistency of pure color, be free. 4) District on land not infinite, are liberated. 5) Pub origin of infinite consciousness, is freed. 6) Unknown Pub on land ownership, are liberated. 7) Management of non-ideal non-African origin idea, to be liberated. 8) Removal receptor, thought of, be liberating.
[43] 5 is from: My comments, written comments, wrong views, opinions prime, prime precepts. Add greed, hatred and delusion, chronic, ignorance and suspicion of ten ants.
[44] Eight wins Origin: Generate knowledge to exhaust the enemy win the craving in meditation. 1) Path not grow, start participating in the Concept, less color bar outside. 2) Path gradually mature, the idea of ​​identity, identity outside many shops do not mind. 3) Path gradually winning photo, inside the incredible colors, custom colors outside less. 4) Path won the photo, inside the incredible colors, more colors outside the restaurant, not the problem. 5) Quan blue, now transformed itself, does not initiate affordable. 7) red Quan, order changes in ... 8) Pub whiteness, changes in self ...
[45] Ten variable origin: Synthesis universal property as an object for contemplation. This method has the 10 things as consistent as soil, water, fire, wind, green, yellow, red, white, and not knowledge.
[46] Four single distinction: 1) Friendship Children's Non-no: is that not right. 2) No non-organic baby: not that there must be reasonable. 3) Property herons Diệc not: there is not. 4) Non-organic non-no: is not, not without.
[47] Four crazy: crazy ants expected four things, divided into two categories: 1) In life and death: very often, very optimistic, selfless, as usually happened to observe, touch, falling, net. 2) In nirvana: a common, communication, self, back to the net very often, very optimistic, selfless, very pure.
[48] Three wisdom: That office property, private property, religious property.
[49] Four of the Family: The Cross in the practice of user, may add 4 range from customary practice, as the customary four will see the results of the four friendly units are: egg, top, and the First Ring. 4 range from shops: for the law has 4 categories: name, meaning, self and difference. "Name" the name of identity, acceptance ... of things. "That" y on that name so that the displacement resolution  "May" about identity, consumption ... of things. 'Nature': the self's identity, sales ... "Difference": the difference in types of them. 4 meditator this, turn yourself in your own mind is the law as illusory, fake damage, to seek, to consider them as fake is actually not called "range from 4 shops." Using four measures of this restaurant, which generates a decision on their position. Not only that, as real knowledge about their competitors, the name of grace, ie, calculated and difference of things that turn out false self-interest is not real. And, also know all the features players, features that grace the four measures, as well as fake, do not, it's "as the customary four." Song, 4 and 4 range from shop to shop as the place of the customary law of development. In talking about place of meditation, energy development: 1) the intelligence obtained. 2) increase the intelligence. 3) upon the publication. 4) to very indirect. So in place of merit increase of 4 methods to attain, ie four good base: follicles, peak, and the First Ring.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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