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About meditation

Tprocession of all, let's try to answer the question: "what is Meditation?" One question though simple, but perhaps there will be many ways different answers.
According to the language, meditation is the saying of the word "meditation-na"the phonetic Pinyin Jhana's Sanskrit Dhyana in Sanskrit, or. Meditation-na, typical riskon business cards, use to indicate the level of security to particularly when training the mind.
Meditation is dleft his Brøndby teammates for to translate the word Bhàvana and Samadhi. Bhàvana can be understood as là a progression, spiritual development, the tu, training the mind. English Mental developmentis often translated as. Samadhi often translated là , meditation, Mind to. English is usually translated Concentration, Meditation is.
Right in the Thai language, they also no one from the expertise to translate. Normally,refer to an elaborate sit h, they used the word meditation "Sunshine Samadhi" ("sunshine" is sitting), or "Sunshine Bhavana". Occasionally, they used the word "Sun Sep-present" means "sit and go look on the inside".
According to the illusion, can translate "bhàvana" letters are: meditation Center, training center, tu, filtering, Nursing Center. Also "samadhi" font, depending on the context. If is dhis Brøndby teammates for the primary to " " (samma samadhi), one of the eight main parts of the Leader,Bowl Chief letters are concerned their to the meditation-na, và often referred to as cwith his Brøndby teammates for "samatha-bhàvana", translated as An only, or Meditation Meditation. dOnly If his Brøndby teammates for the World Championship pirated learning principles To intellectual propertythì means, consisting of three genera: Chief Justice effort, Mindfulness, Chief of the bowl of Legitimacy.
According to Dr. Muller, a scholar in North Tong, author of autobiography Dictionary term for Buddhist studies in East Asia (Dictionary of East Asian Buddhist Terms) To l, à, transplant , from Sanskrit là "meditation" (from "meditation-na") and simplified as "", meaning là back look inside, with stillness.
Measuringàn Chinese residents who Remain in North Tong, a scholar, in Buddhist studies From , said that meditation là from "meditation-na", transcribed from Sanskrit "Dhyana" Jhana,. " Format" dhis Brøndby teammates for Meditation to translate the word "Samadhi", transcribedis Tam-ma-, suramgamasamadhi. Thereà l when translating "uncertain", i.e. making an static to judgment (lucky).
In Order a classic Buddhist Hui-Kuan, Jhàna Dhyàna or, in addition, the transliteration is Meditation-na is non-, also within the eà-sound is played, Over-a-na; translation is Still uncertain, thinking practice, that is, thinking in the calm.
Because Meditation relevant to the path of eight Chief brought to enlightenment freed, here, we also non the review of the genus part 8 lyrics Buddha road. child
Future Falcon, episode 5, noted as follows:
"Indo Bhikkhu-khưu, how is the Chief Architect's Office? Which là the comprehension of line, the comprehension of the cause of suffering, the comprehension of the kill line, and the comprehension of the road kill line.
How is the Chief thinking? Which là thinking about the divorce, thinking about thinking about the Championship, harmless.
How is works? Which là abandons lying, waive two tongues, from say cruel, renouncing comes word of phù crap.
How works? Which là waiver officer being, abandoned taken by not giving, renouncing acts tà.
How is the primary network? Which là paragraph except tà network, foster lives with Chief Justice network.
How is the Chief effort? Which là glass Jin ngeating injuries not for being the friendly France not contentious, effort except kill the real friendly France eã sanh, effort trigger the friendly France not being, and maintaining good legal effort eã sanh.
What is mindfulness? Which là living relatives on a consistent, zealous, feeling, to serve all take priority trwithin the lifetime; one tho pp livedon tho, zealous, feeling, to serve all take priority trwithin ; tr Center-one lifewithin the mind, zealous, feeling, to serve all take priority trwithin life; living French trwithin the legalenthusiasm, the senses, to serve all take priority trwithin .
How is the Chief ? That là cups, glasses, and take refuge in France any meditation-na, a State of being, loving sex by glass range, there are four; and for the first quarter, and only games and in the second meditation-na, a State of loving so to being, no games, no quarter, static, mind; and then divorced Hy resident discharge, mindfulness, the body feels the touch feeling, expectancy mà the Saint called the celebration of the tribe, and discharge in the third meditation-na; discharge line, then discharge, eã wedding favor genocide thanks expectancy ahead, and stay on Meditation-na Wednesday, no line, no celebration of the first bar, discharge. "
Through the economic trwithin two it is important to acknowledge:
To l1) the Chief Justice is the practice to bring to mind an resident vcarrying 4 Meditation-na, after piece except the exercise, the friendly French-here usually là the minus 5 slopes: join, anger, hoài, married love, and trạo exchange deposits; and replace it with the genus: games, four 5 meditation, Hy, Lac, best interest. After which in turn discharge up 4: games, four more meditation, Hy, Lac, only cand not to retain a pro status, net bar, and awakening in Zen-na Wednesday.
2) if the view To in school-To-intellectual property là consists of three genera of the Leader,Bowl Chief ì Mindfulness and Chief To need to take hin together, based on the Primary Effort.
Meditation, meditate mind l, is a sophisticated practice critical to develop intellectual property freed, và usually is recorded in many bby your trading Assistant of Buddha. in August the Chief Road eã is Buddha's thoughclaims on the right in early tilecture on the after its Leaderài business Move, b Falun. In the last days also in the world, His summary of the legal practice through 37 part Portuguese , of which, "" mentioned in the Group: five based, hard-line, sensory Loss, và Bowl Chief Justice such as eã recorded in College Bowl Nirvana Bàn School Ministry.
In addition, by Thich Minh Chau, in the book "Meditation", there are four benefits or four nantenna of meditation:
1) Meditation can nantenna segments except the exercise through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body.
2) Meditation capable directors fear h
ãi, help practitioners can practice in any circumstances whatsoever.
3) Meditation bring loving foras an author.
4 to th) Meditation as an intellectual achievement, brought to enlightenment moksha, Nirvana bexplains.
In the Dhammapada, shelves, 282, Buddha taught:
Meditation, wisdom being,
Remove meditation, wisdom.
In 372, he advised: shelves
Not intellectual, not meditation,
No meditation, not wisdom.
Who were meditation, there are intellectual property,
Most to near Nirvana Bexplains.
In the Falcon, episode 5, he teaches that Sabbath day Orthodox là Chief Quadriga paramount, is France, to victory taking--si:
This Ananda, need to understand like this: "Quadriga chariot invisible enemy WINS, France is the French admit-upper-conquered in battle anti-Corporation, si. Quadriga — is the Road Eight Chief ".
Then Germany th World Religions teachsmoothly that widgets to create the chariot that là precepts, meditation is the axis of the wheel and Recite the struck the vehicle. person
In the Central 24, "Station", his teaching on campus, Sariputta 7 station, referring to the 7-stage the first bar of a monastery for Buddhist: World Net bar, net bar Center, net bar Opinion, The net bar etiquette, Dao Africa net bar, Director's Office is expected Dao thanh tịnh, tri comments and Voters expected net bar. In that:
1) "net payment" is seriously observe eã students about life.
2) "mind sword net" is a photography service nin the slopes, take heart an resident vcarrying the meditation-na.
3) "Knowledge Net bar" is the nickname-SAC, the correct list và shows such e, a saw being an established trã within the Mexican eã, due to crossed illusions about ego.
4) "The net bar etiquette "là clearly process of psychological and physical self pitch true pratītyasamutpāda, the existence and the dissolution of the life, the idea, no longer doubt anymore.
5) "Dao thanh tịnh runway tri comments "là knows the life are lhỉ, Lac à obstacle for the development of vast intellectual, sensory, and emotional initiation mainland life. Practitioners Dak know the r position wassome accented characters directed by vsomething is what is Karma à (or non).Now, practitioners themselves know for sure that now it's really happy.
6) "Dao thanh tịnh ": see tri comments rsome accented characters process practice, practice; clearly the phenomenon of body and mind processes, see nothing existing anymore; the object of attention are tan rã. Simulator visible three French Edition: line, impermanence, egolessness.
7) "Tri thanh tịnh architecture" is the first completely sound mind by seeing and range. The nin shrines, go vpractitioners carrying the Holy (Project Save, Director – Most hybrid, hybrid, và-la-Han), after the achievements of five cate, Slept, Failing sight read và . Bowl District
Seven stages net bar sections are to be deployed in the Visuddhimagga comment of ngài Buddhaghosa (Buddhaghosa), in , there are three parts: Introduction, Definition, và intellectual property. Part Start là practice on gender, to bring to the net TVis World Net baron. Next to l à part practice, no mention of elitism meditation-na. Practice to put to net bar Center. From , làm Platform to practice intellectual property rights, in the third part of the comment, in order to bring it to the next NET bar là: net bar Opinion, The net bar etiquette, Dao Africa net bar, Director's Office is expected Dao thanh tịnh tri comments and Voters expected net bar.
In my experience of 107 in central the Buddha preaching to the Bà-la-Moggallàna, summarizes the Ganaka subjects the practice, as follows:
-preserving the happier,
-households over the ceat,
-weather, diet
-attention vigilance,
as an innovations in mindfulness,
-find out where to a bar in absentia, meditation
-exclusion of 5 slopes,
-an residence on 4 floors of meditation-na.
And the steps for this practice applies to ranks property-i.e. the Project Save, Most hybrid, hybrid-and the invisible, i.e. the Saints A-la-Han freed.
Added which, in experiences Six Bar Central-112, Net, after an in 4 stages of meditation-na Buddha khuy, within the Bhikkhu-khưu property must be continued, developed the intellectual property rights and toward liberation:
After the peace of Meditation, with residence in Four to static, NET NET, no structure, no disturb não, nhuyến, easy to use, sturdy, so relaxing, he to lead, take direction TAM pirated. Theis know as fact: "this is the line", known as fact: "this is the cause of suffering", know as fact: "this is the line", known as fact: "this is the road to the line", known as fact: "this is the pirated or", known as fact: "this is the cause of pirated or", known as the truth: " This is the amount of the smuggled or was the exception", know as fact: "this is the road to pirated or eradicate".
The same thanks to know so, thanks to find such a thing, the heart of the escape, get rid of useful fitness smuggled illegally escaping ignorance pirated. For eã themselves with freed so, then start up understanding: eã "We freed". The time of birth ee, Great happiness, ã eã to-do; This status is no longer back anymore ".
Also please noted in here, right in the first chapter of tiwithin the comment , ngNet Bar ài Buddhaghosa quoted Buddha in Falcon, volume 1:
The resident had a position
Cultivation of mind and intellectual property
Fervent and cautiously
Bhikkhu-khưu's drain the slopes.
Sir Buddhaghosa explains, "the resident had a" net bar has world, there is clear understanding based on null reference, the courtyard, si. "Practice here l" in France only to meditate an à, "intellectual property" refers to the practice meditate minh Quan, "practice of mind and intellectual property rights" means to meditate, or just-Just-One song. "Fervent and cautiously" means more energy, effort and sensory perception. "Bhikkhu-khưu"- bhikkhu -in offers a broad sense, not to just hàng to indicate clergyman, which sees the miserable mortal samsara. "Exit the slopes" l à exited bondage of samsara mortal. As a result, through the shelves, Buddha taught us to be an resident in the world, practice meditation, developed intellectual property, to enlightenment freed.
Sometimes, in Tibetan, the Buddha had mentioned two approaches: (1) an index or meditating meditation only (samatha-bhavana), and (2) consistently intelligent meditation (vipassana-bhavana) or the meditation. Two French only-Consistent manner should be developed evenly, complement each other.
In the Tantenna Spend, chapter two, the Buddha teaches:
There are two French, where the Bhikkhu-khưu, in the component. How are these two? Just and Consistent. Only is practice, will benefit from gì? Mind is practice. Mind practice,ì g benefits will be? Taking was something belongs to take passages. Quan was practice,ì g benefits will be? Intellectual property be practice. Wisdom is practice,ì g benefits will be? Something in ignorance was the take. UEby taking l, this àm Bhikkhu-khưu, could not be freed. Or ignorance do UE, intellectual property rights not be practice. Vì, fault reference, is freed. Due the ignorance, là wisdom freed.
In Contrast, The Falcon, Kimsuka Six peoples, he has for example French tu Quan-only as two Empiren the same Angel reports to a server located in the border state of security, protection reforms ofprevention force. that is primarily into the consciousness of reformsus, and in had offeredy ch force are pirated or negativity. Door holder is, and the sixădoor six c like n. to , we use the notion of custodyăn, six c and thanks to One person only-thatăwe can ng white n and arec prevention impurity due then or pirated.
Tóm back to l, Meditation is a practice disciplines needed by children. Meditation to help create a sustainable capacity for life charity, charity, và dzogchen is friendly. Meditation viewed lcan a process order volume of à thanks expectancy, foster the good life like Hy, Lac, discharge, và renouncing the life is not good nice incentive here, such as line, là a passage in educational psychology, the psychology of not nice as years including ones which derived from the si field parametersà, v replaced by good nice lpsychological à nin meditating, is là not, not, and not si. Meditation to là une followed the cultivate World Germany, và is to step vplatform carrying successive là stage development.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).SYDNEY.

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