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Biography of Nagarjuna - Alexander Berzin - fluent knowledge of languages

​​along with Nagarjuna Asanga, is two orders of the great exploration of the Mahayana tradition. Nagarjuna and serial transmission of the teachings of the profound emptiness of magic from Manjushri, while Asanga (along with the angels) inherited the vast teachings of the practice of Maitreya Bodhisattva .

Long Life - Nagajuna born in a brahmin family sure about the first or early second century in the South West Indian history, the kingdom of Vidarbha, today is the Maharashatra and Andhra Pradesh. He had been predicted in many other classics, such as Kinh Lankavatara. At birth, a prophet predicted he would only live for seven days, but if his parents offered him a hundred monk, he can live up to seven years. Fearing for his life, at seven years old, Long Tho-Nagajuna parents brought him to the University of Nalanda Monastery in northern India, where he met the Saraha Buddhist teachers. Saraha told him that if he became a home and recite the mantra of Amitabha, he will live long. Nagarjuna-Nagajuna do so and then joined the monastery, received a name "Shrimanta."

At Nalanda, Nagarjuna-Nagajuna classics exoteric and tantra tantras with Ratnamati - an emanation of Manjushri Su Loi - and, with Saraha, especially Tantra Secrets. In addition, he studied alchemy with a Brahman, and reached the ability to turn iron into gold. Using this ability, he can nourish the monks of Nalanda in the famine. Finally, Nagarjuna-Nagajuna became Director of Nalanda. There, he expelled eight thousand monks, who do not have moral properly ordained. He also beat five hundred non-Buddhists in debate.

Two young men, as the reincarnation of the dragon king's son, to Nalanda. They have in them the natural aroma of incense. Nagarjuna-Nagajuna ask how they like to admit to him they are. Nagarjuna-Nagajuna then frankincense essential oil requirements for female statue of the Bodhisattva Tara, and the help of the dragon lineage to build temples. They returned to the world of dragons and they asked him, and he said he can only help if Nagarjuna-Nagajuna to their world under the sea to teach them. Nagarjuna-Nagajuna went, conducted many offerings, and teaches dragon.

Long Life-Nagajuna knew that dragons are the Kinh One Hundred Thousand Verses of Prajna Paramita majority and asked for a . When the Buddha preached the Kinh majority Prajna Paramita, the perfection of wisdom, or distinguishing a deep awareness, brought about long dragon provision for preserving a different deities, and the lord of the deleted a more prosperous. Nagarjuna-Nagajuna brought about a hundred thousand verses, even though long they keep the last two chapters to ensure that he will return to teach them further. After this, the last two chapters were added to the final two chapters of the Business One Hundred Thousand Verses of Prajna Paramita majority. This is why the final two chapters review the two documents are identical. Life-Long also brought back Nagajuna clay dragon and built many temples and shrines with its tower.

One time, when Long Tho-Nagajuna teaches Prajna Paramita majority, six dragons come and make a sure the top of his head to hide her from the sun. Because of this, he called Long-Naga. And from the fact that his skillful ability in the teaching of Buddhism goes straight to the key issues, like the arrows of the famous archer Arjuna (a hero name of ancient India in the Indian business Bhagavad Gita teachings), he is called Arjuna. So, he became known as "Nagarjuna" or Long Life.

Afterwards Nagarjuna went up North Island (North Mainland) to teach. On the way, he met some children were playing on the road. He prophesied that a child in them, known as Jataka, will become a king. When Nagarjuna back from the North Sea island, in fact he has matured and become king of a vast kingdom in South India. Nagarjuna stayed with the king for three years, taught him, and then spent his last years in other places in the kingdom that, at Shri Parvata, the sacred mountain overlooking what is now Nagarjunakonda [1] . -Nagarjuna Nagarjuna King wrote a work Hoa Trang Precious - Warranty King The Reviews (Ratnavati). This is also the king that Nagarjuna wrote the work Letter to a Friend (Suhrllekha), king named Udayibhadra.

A number of Western scholars determined to King Gautamiputra Shatakarni Udayibhadra King (reigned 106 to 130 after the Western calendar) Shatavahana dynasty (230 BC to 199 after the Western calendar), now Andhra Pradesh. Some affirm that he was the next king Vashishtiputra Pulumayi (130 to 158 after the Western calendar). It's difficult to determine the king correctly. The dynasty king who sponsored Shatavahana stupa at Amaravati, where Buddha tantra London time (Kalachakra Tantra) and its first close Shri Parata.

Udayibhadra King has a son, Kumara Shaktiman, who want to become king. His mother tells him that he would never be able to the throne until the death of Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna as King Udayibhadra and have the same longevity. His mother said let's ask for the grant of the Nagarjuna as he and Nagarjuna was very compassionate, no doubt he will agree to give him. Nagarjuna actually agreed, but Kumara can not cut his head with a sword. Nagarjuna said in a previous life, he had an ant killed while cutting grass. As a result of karma, his head can only cut the leaves of the grass kusha. Kumara do die, and Long Tho. Blood from the severed head into the correct level and said, "We will now go to the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, but we will enter this body again." Kumara taken away from the physical level, but as be recalled that the level and the body is approaching a year together. When they reassembled, Nagarjuna will come back and teach again. In general, Nagarjuna had lived six hundred years.

In many works on classical themes that Nagarjuna wrote that

- gathers Reasoning, Collections of Reasoning - Enter The Discussion,
- Gather all attackers, Collections of Praises.
- Gather explains Pham, Collections of Explanations.

Six Sets of reason or Enter The Discussion is:

- The Essential Chinese Verses Pub Reviews, Mindful Discrimination
- Discriminating Awareness - Prajna- nama-mulamadhyamaka-karika.

- Hoa Trang Precious - Precious Galand - Ratnavati.
- debate favorite - Rebuttal Against For - Vigrahavyavarti.
- Cross That KhongTinh Reviews - Seventy verse Emptiness - Sunyatasaptati.
- Distance Bankruptcy Business Name - Vaidalya nama sutra.
- Luc accompanied As Italy Reviews - Yuktishashtika.

Praising shelf Includes set are:

- About New France - stava Dharmadhatu.
- Stand canopy - Paramartha stava.
- supramundane canopy - Lokatita stava.

Including didactic favorite is Episode:

- Heart Enlightened Reviews - Bodhicittavana.
- Episode Kinh Luan - Sutrasamuccaya.
- Letter to a Friend - Suhrllekha.

It is said that Nagarjuna's commentary on several Secret Tantra tantras, including including:

- Means of Simplified Food - Pindikrta sadhana.

- Meditation on the First Floor level of Dzogchen tantra secret collaboration with the text of it - Shri-Guhyasamaja-mahayogatantra-utpattikrama-sadhana-sutra- melapaka

- In floor levels (floor grade completed) - Pancakrama.

's most famous disciple of Nagarjuna is holy (Aryadeva) author of four hundred verse treatise on the behavior of the Bodhisattva Yogacara and some commentary Secrets of Tantra.

[1] Nagarjunakonda (SKT): Buddhist sites in South India. Professor Bapat in two thousand five hundred years Buddhism, people do not know what the big towers or hills Nagarjunakonda Nagarjunakonda until this tower was discovered in 1934. Tower is located on the south side of the river Krishna in Guntur district. This is another great storage tower because of the relics of the Buddha, and probably built during the reign of King Asoka. Tower renovation and construction is complemented by Santisiri with the other ladies of the royal family. These people are considered to have made ​​contributions to the development of Buddhism in Andhra in the 3rd century. This tower was in ruins today though, but looks even more massive tower at Amaravati. Hundreds of sculptures made ​​Amaravati style have been found here. Through the inscriptions on the head Ayaga tree, it is clear that Nagarjunakonda, the ancient city of Vijayapuri, have enormous importance of a Buddhist center has an international reputation. Many monasteries were built in this place to shelter the monks of other sects come from many countries like Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Gandhara, Chinese, and so on. Andhra people to trade with both domestic and foreign, they have a deep contact with Roman society at that time. This is proved by the discovery of the inscriptions and sculpture depicts a young soldier mustache wearing tunics, trousers, and many other objects of Roman origin. In Andhra, the Guntapali places like, the railway station about 28 miles Ellore, and Sankaram, Anakapalli a mile to the east, is the place famous for the architectural works in stone. Other locations in the vicinity are also considered important in the era of Buddhism, this is confirmed by the presence of the tower along the ancient ruins here. The most notable site of this is Goli, Chezarta, Gummatia, Bezwada, Garikapadu, Uraiyur, Kuvain, Chinve and Vidyadharpur. (Dictionary of Buddhism Thien Phuc)

Nagarjuna Biography of
Alexander Berzin
February 2006
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