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The life and career of HT. Hua

Chapter IV

Missionary activities to the U.S.
In 1962, to March from Australia, he returned to Hong Kong. With the encouragement of Mr. Lu Friday, the U.S. Embassy Consular Section, in the same month he flew to Hawaii, two weeks rest and then fly to the former Kim Son.
He often taught his disciples: Self-interest, good people. Missionary activities benefit life, the fundamental task of the Buddha. April 1958, two disciples of his students, do not forget the teachings of his teacher, from Hong Kong to the Old City of Gold Mountain in California, established distribution Buddhist Teaching Assembly Street (the main center in Hong Kong). Buddhist lecture is open six days a week. Then, about ten people often go to the temple, and slowly increased to several dozen. Last year, the lecture hall was moved to Tu Thanh Bach. The temple was more extensive, can contain more than hundred people. There, next year celebrate Buddha's birthday, they also invite scholars to lecture U.S. ships and Buddhism. At that time, the good believers to the temple to seek refuge in the Three Jewels are indirectly given his legal name. Later, when the U.S., he celebrated the official refuge for them. You lay Buddhist Teaching of the Old Gold Mountain Road in an area our staff requested him against the U.S. Catholic confusion of beings.
By March 1962, the U.S. He, is the kind of welcome nghinh disciples at the airport. An ethics professor great admiration for so long, has arrived.
On the way to America, his visit to Japan about ten days. He visited the temple of the vessel master, but they were fiercely jealous. Oil and food each day a prayer meeting, he still shared their tea cake does not pretend to differ. He received six or seven pieces and use the bean cakes, making them even more jealous. However, this cake has been soaked in poison. But know, but still excellent omen but his face nor body pulled out of the pie. Oil is not the victim died, but poison the body a head and a foot acne, very painful. (Formerly, The Bodhidharma spit determine the toxicity of the cake thief.) Harm is not successful, one of the vessel master, the Old Gold Mountain to the city before, where he will come to seek defamation . After the establishment of Buddhism in the former auditorium Kim Son, a reputation of compassion and ethical practice of his way on a spread, causing many people to seek refuge The ship because he hated to use all means to destroy his honor that confidentiality are:
- - The only sure only midday, but my eyes saw him in the evening we ate in Japan.
Told this, but they forget to mention the poisoning on the cake. Because the clever way of disparaging them, many people do not pick him out at the airport.
French customs drink any positive wealth levels,
Data being self sacrifice yourself tha
Deep broad measures of all,
I left my being the same person.)
Then also the year of the incident missiles in Cuba. The most stressful time is when Russia started the missile bases in Cuba. President Kennedy sent ultimatum to Russia and Cuba: The United States is ready to fight if the missile base is just set.
For three reasons: because war threat missiles in Cuba, the status of the Hopi tribe, and toxins in people, so he started a hunger strike to merit to the peace of the world. The method according to hunger is the Great Compassion of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. In the first few days, he does not eat anything, then in the days after drinking half a glass of water. Near the end of thirty-five days of his hunger strike, it makes people happy is stunned Russia suddenly canceled automatically setting up missile bases in Cuba. At that time, the freedom movement started emerging democracy that the country pay attention to the condition of the Indians. Last day hunger strike, his agent in person has been discharged, leaving only scar foot mark.
* Jimmy Huang is one of the earliest members of the Buddhist hall before him to America. Studying tai chi there, he heard about his ethical practice should always writing poems to Hong Kong to consult.
* Kim Lee, who was only fourteen, just begged to see him immediately as his disciple. Kim Lee and Jimmy Huang is one of the first disciples of his refuge in the United States. Kim Lee is the French name of a street. France is the name of Jimmy Huang Human Performance. They spend all their energy to help him in the auditorium of Buddhism, such as printing material and Buddhist texts translated teachings. (Currently, Kim Lee is a Technician in the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association). Because the auditorium which is home to Buddhist Monday, they lived close to him and appreciate the amazing wonders. Jimmy Hoang personal witness thirty-five days of his hunger strike. Each day, he not only drank a glass full of water. In the last two weeks, he also does not drink a drop of water through the environment. Jimmy Huang said that if the others will be depressed in the first two weeks, but he continued to work every day during that time.
Then, the Chinese newspaper created: For world peace prayer, a hunger mage: Mage The hunger strike in London had twenty days in the Buddhist hall, No. 731 Sacramento street, the former Kim Son, pray for the purpose of world peace, peaceful people. According to the news said, a law professor about fifty years old The Wheel. This was on a hunger strike Thursday. Him from Hong Kong to the former Kim Son in six months ago. Every day he wakes up at four o'clock in the morning, ca sa robes, then meditate and hunger. The hunger is ever going to be terminated, we do not know.
Formerly, the Bodhidharma remote unmanaged roads bring Buddhism through the vessel. Childhood before he was the vow by the United States to Europe fortunate guys, hope they Prajna boat, reached the shore sense. Being invitation of his disciples, he single malicious code from Hong Kong over the U.S., resident of the Old Gold Mountain. Then the daily activities difficult. He lay people residing in the basement, no windows, no sunlight, very wet as the grave. He therefore called themselves The Rising tomb, which he rose in the grave. He wrote verse Central Mo Increase:
You now have increased in the grave
In the air-date period, under no lights
Bodhi negativity, ice is water
Samsara nirvana, no-matter
Drain off the coast, far from the author
Wild heart stopped, triangular member content
Achieve enlightenment nature, luminous organs
Report this ancient legal body itself.
His residence there, hidden practice patience, waiting for the coast will mature to the teachings of beings. In the summer of 1969, may at the invitation of the University of Berkeley, his lecture topics Introduction to Buddhism. On that occasion, he explained the verse about the Tomb of the Middle Tangnhu follows:
You now have increased in the grave: You, the smart young energetic, high rise grave question is that how do to it? I do not know. How high up this tomb in and out, it does not matter, so you do not have to ask. However, I will tell to you, how grave it.
On Sunday no moon, no lights below: This sentence describes what? That's ignorance. But no names, we must break this ignorance. Not only was I that you should break ignorance. You sure can not enter the tomb, how it is out of ignorance? Well, now, though not yet in, but the future you will be given to the inevitable, because there's still ignorance. But ignorance ie no light. Even Bodhisattva level position sense remains a general ignorance that is not born out unless. So the Bodhisattva's legal world with eight other measures are being legal world should remain ignorant. However, the Buddha told that ignorance disturbing news, news Bodhi negativity. If sophisticated, we can turn sorrow into Bodhi.
Bodhi negativity, the band is: For all who are suffering so everyone has Bodhi. Everyone knows how to start suffering, but you forget to play the Bodhi mind. If you forget the Bodhi mind, we can not use it. Such as ice, it is the capital. Because of the cold temperature of ice. If the weather is hot, ice melts into liquid water. Here's an example of suffering and Bo. Cold climate, that is disturbing. Conversely, solar light pink, that is, for instance, Bodhi mind. How to create a cold climate? As for greed, hatred and delusion. Sun shine warm pink what? That is the favored gender. So we need to be religious about the wisdom, destroy greed, hatred and delusion. Disturbing changes in Bo, which is transferred into ice water. These are just examples, do not be attached that said: Ice water. Affliction is Bodhi.
You can be sure: I want to keep suffering, since suffering is Bodhi. Because capital is water ice, so I keep the ice to see if it can be turned into affordable water!
Can not be! Although everyone can become a Buddha, but it takes practice. How do I practice? Y have to follow that practice Buddhism and to visit the smart label to improve range of knowledge, almost wish they taught us how to use the practice.
Samsara nirvana, no-matter: Everyone will fear life and death. However, if there is no birth and death there is no Nirvana. Nirvana must immediately seek the place of birth and death. Once you have found nirvana then no need to continue looking for more. Do not be fooled looking for trick riding. Currently we have not reached nirvana as birth and death are still tied. If you cut off the flow of birth and death is their nirvana, not to be searched. So sure is not sharp, ie no identity.
Drain off the coast, far from the author: If you wanted to reach the realm of no, not legal, birth and death are nirvana, they must not let go like grace, the same penetrating look through them. If there is attachment attachment can not be let go. If you do leave News called the expected conditions. If prospects can not be separated from grace, meaning grace, can not fully deduct the obstacles want. If you do not know birth or death is no longer unknown attachments.
Wild heart stopped, triangular member Message: Must stop hysterical mind. How? Just stop. I stopped back there, no? When the heart stops hysteria, instant enlightenment all staff capacity measures are very afraid. Therefore, the Buddha said: All living beings have moral wisdom of the Tathagata minister. However, just because delusions attachment can not be realized.
Achieve enlightenment nature, luminous organs: Self-awareness is the organ which luminous insight. If enlightenment is like the body of the report this past judicial body. General visceral clarity of nature, that is visceral nature of the Tathagata. Report karma itself is not life, which is a legal body. Currently we are feeling bad healthy industry, both because of the past has sown evil karma. If it would make good business life underwriting results. If it will create bad karma retribution bad life. Be enlightened future of the new section of their enlightened nature, the luminous organ. By then, will be on? The student became a professor. Prof. become students. Everyone is the same. The Buddhas are beings. Beings are Buddhas. If you understand this process, that is true wisdom. Conversely, there is still ignorance.
Six years later, about thirty students and a professor of Columbia University spoke to a visiting business needs Surangama Player. They are an undergraduate student co-translator. During the retreat learned Player Surangama Alan Nicholson received a prize. He also devoted his carpentry skills to repair the architect Kim Son Pagoda and the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Currently, he and his wife, Ms. Terri Nicholson, and children living in the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
1968, in San Francisco
Through patience, compassion, and skillful means, his teaching guide for young Americans, leading them to enlightenment, depending on the qualifications of each person. First, most of them do not understand Buddhism, but to late summer, there are many people in life and the bodhisattva's precepts. In the figure, after ordination, they wear a black colon health and same-gender specific coordinates.
Free delivery conference. For the first time young Americans, witnesses and attend the conference free delivery, on the roof line Buddhist Teaching. After thirty-eight pigeons were released drop, the birds will fly off, leaving only two children. They usually hang around and participate in all activities in the temple. His tears, explaining that these two pigeons are part of His disciples of the Tang Dynasty (750 AD).
He named them as predestined and December Bo That Part. Twelve children predestined very gentle. The Con That Bodhi very impatient, often flapping his wings on him, the users bi location of its teachers.
Or it will fly to fly back and forth, without the agreement at will. He used devious means to teachers of the same animals, all species that achieve the benefits, less negativity. One of the most disturbing is eating. Many practitioners, young Americans admire him because of an unfortunate day to eat a meal, so I try to practice by themselves. He skillfully teaches two pigeons on the lessons of greed by giving them food jars filled with rice the most. First, the ring filled with jars of rice; two birds happy that standing container harvesting rice belt.
Slowly descending the rice in the bottle until the first bird must pass the bottle to eat and often careless loss of balance to harvest rice. His photographs are for the birds eat the rice container 24 is low and teaching calligraphy letters every evening in the ship in 1969. He writes economic and Surangama fusion of learning content, including by writing letters vessel strokes, the way calligraphy, simple explanation of texts, and training helps retention of practitioners.)
After the retreat that summer school, he held an ordination ceremony. Almost all participants were eight life refuge, contingent gender, and gender Bodhisattva (ten gender, gender contempt forty-eight). One student attended the entire course, novice ordination. In 1969, with U.S. distribution center in the direction of family practice, then to Taiwan, ordained in the temple Provincial Keelung Customs Association. In this position the monastic disciples ordained in the U.S. first. What he taught in the monastic disciples before his ordination in Taiwan, is the Earth record.
27 October 1969. He taught:
- I only eat once a day session knowing that many people around the world are starving. Hopefully, they will use the food that I intended. Eating every day a meeting was also the Buddha-invent. When you practice, do not see the faults of others. In contrast, discuss their good points. This is cultivate virtue, virtue is the mouth. Without this virtue, the oil has to say, not everyone believes. If our mind, that all virtue has fully met, others will respect. Look at the words eat voice and gesture actions, others will know you have virtue or not.
The future, I will begin legal practitioner for ten: In the monastic disciples and disciples in home. Business leaders are meeting Surangama, France United, the study of Hua-yen is completed, you will do the legal owner, to the ten directions, the teacher of being a good grace. In the Buddhist world, you will stand alone. Do not worry! Everything was simple.
Day 28, October 1969, he taught:
- No one can show unusual behavior. We live in a community, no one is best or worst. Do not praise or despise others. Do not be accepted into the flirtations or disparaging. To do everything right to prove that Americans can practice guidance. Always pay attention, maintain moral import. Never tell someone else's fault. If someone says the wrong words, go away. Do not let your ears be defiled. Even thinking about other people's bad behavior is not. These points are however small but very important.
Day 29, October, 1969, he taught:
- Do you know reasonable, my work as baked brick mason. Bricks are baked clay for house construction. If the clay to dry, they will crack, so to prevent them burning the reef tank. One year past, you've been cast nun, so this is not the tank cracked bricks and tiles. Baked bricks were molded, tomorrow will be used for the building, ie building Buddhism. Brick and tile will make a solid concrete foundation. Bodhi germ had been sown earlier, so now it's time results. You go about life, ie to support growth to raise the Bodhi tree when he saw anyone want to pick fruit of Bodhi. Others just looked through, this result immediately knew how sweet and sour. Again, the same as brick and tile, without cracks. These words are very difficult issue. Let's vow holders words.
In practice, the most important thing is to be eighty, that is the force, and realization of its nature available. How do I get out? Net capital nature pure wage unstained. When confronting any realm on earth as having your affinity or that resentment, not to mind agitated.
Oil and other people have told her good or bad, do not care about. I have followed many years of practice, you do not feel bound to love.
Can not judge someone completely good or completely bad. Buddha Shakyamuni is widely praised praise, it also destroyed many of his butt. Devadatta but most are bad guys there are many disciples of the Buddha to listen to.
Sometimes, there is the disciple of the Buddha is called a pig or dog. Do not let your mind active. Make the transition, do not move to warn her. If love does not know everything because it is dark magic.
Good and evil do not come from others that comes from my heart. If its good that other people are bad, sure knows his true self. However, if you do wrong that other people told her that or they are ignorant. If its true, others say they are also ignored.
I'm glad you found the monastic ordination center. In the future, you must Xien positive that Buddhism is spreading across the Dhamma. However, no grace or assigned to the edge. I've told you that those who ordained me to observe three great tone just because they are very important. The renunciation must:
Oil cooling die, regardless coast
Early death, no begging
Oil and die poor, not demand side.
Compliance with these three great tone, you just follow my newly ordained. Propagate Buddhism, let go of ego, the new minister actually practice the Dharma. In Buddhism, there is no toil or trouble. Please help others, do not be selfish. Let's move on greed, hatred and delusion, like turning back the hands. Before, my mind often greed, hatred, ignorance, but is now eliminated. It is the mind of the Buddhas To fix this passed on to you. Do you understand reasonable?
Do not have ego. Throw a party to the ngaqua help others. However, do not think: As often help people, so I was a Bodhisattva.
What has worked well for people to forget. The law, our generals are not.
Nothing high-low. Buddhist sutras often reminded of this. Do not seek to go elsewhere, but please look at yourself.
He The Son (the patriarchs of the Zen master threshold), is offered a package of money, but he did not even touch it. Three years later, the credit all money back that package still be there, where the old place. With eighty meditation as the master Son, surely you will achieve success! Listen to this photo, you realized yet?
Year student at the U.S. over Taiwan ordained, he stopped teaching experience to teach the Lotus Sutra, Amitabha. When they finished and returned ordained MY halls Buddhism increasingly busy, go for refuge to the disciples on the rise.
(Seattle newspaper published a large cover, photographed in the renunciation of His disciples on Monday, November tenth, 1969. Here is the abstract:
(Taiwan) In the U.S., including four Washington University students, hoping to become Buddhist monks. Today, they began to retreat at Sea Temple Society, Keelung City, Taiwan. In person, they come to Taiwan on October 31 ... If that schedule, they will be ordained as a monk's butt in December. They studied Buddhism practiced in the U.S. and will return there in December, to get work at the Buddhist hall, former city of Kim Son.)
In the refuge, which was ordained in her Fran Laughton Bob and his (then, both not married), and Ms. Barbara Waugh (later she had a chance to stand out is his own marriage ceremony with Ernie in his Buddhist lecture). Barbara and Fran worked as a nurse at the Ukiah Valley. Along with families, they often go to the temple worship of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Over ten years of marriage, Bob and Fran have not had children. After the examination time, doctors say they can not have children are. Through sincere prayer Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, in the end they have two healthy boys, make your doctor surprise.
The number of disciples who seek refuge, increasing. Buddhist lecture hall still contains all of the person. In those ordained refuge with him, she has a doctorate later renunciation (that is, at present there are literally Hien), often to write articles on teaching Sanskrit monthly Kim Cang Bo Hai, the translator His teachings.
Contemporary, on special occasions, he led his disciples to visit the Tinh Xa (ie, the temple has only one teacher in residence Tau). Time and that, on the truck to his disciples Xaduoc Pure decorated with paint thinner thick mattress, he taught them the courteous manner:
- When entering the temple, take off your shoes, do not look around as if to steal objects, not to pour tea, do not walk alone in the bedroom or where no one saw. If not, the abbot will worry about you taking or destroying the furniture.
That time, the visit of His disciples and the teacher makes the vessels in the gastric relaxation Xachot. Stepped into the door, the teachers were amazed that Tau shocked, because he and the Disciples are not hopvoi environment.
Attitude to life and his compassion for their differentiation. Patience and skillful means, that his disciples came to him like magnets are attracted. He taught his disciples from detergents, amend mistakes. He founded the VTP's completely different from the teacher Xacua Tinh Tau. Buddhist lecture which the VTP is old, only to meet the needs of both our practice at home and family. Very people who often wonder: Why is he attracted many young people, that they want to ordain priests? You ask yourself brooding.
An excerpt from test substance:
Readers beware! There are people claiming to be as good knowledge Lama, meditation, yoga teacher, guru, etc. .. They are both beneficial to the name. In each book, university, regardless of young and old, they often claim ambiguity crafty words lie, teaching koan, or export the first meditation: You are the Buddha. I am a Buddhist. All of us are enlightened! Hear me this. Liberal liberal! ...
They often lure naive and memory of the disciples, those who do not know what is true what is not.
Sometimes, he tells the disciples to meet the U.S. group that Sunguoi. They also do not like very much his disciples. On the occasion of Vesak in the former Kim Son by his disciples held, former city officials praised Kim Son ... Vesak is formally held by the active efforts of the Assembly Sino-American Buddhist. This is Buddha's birthday festival was first held in the Old Gold Mountain ...
Below is a speech by Sam Lewis (Sufi Sam): I'm sorry is not correct statement of the government members ... Buddhism came to this city at the beginning of the century ... In particular, I recall that the official himself had attended the ceremony on Vesak fifty years ago ... After the traveler in a short time back I saw the young people in this country actively practice Buddhism. With eager enthusiasm, today the young Buddhist replace our position to celebrate Buddha's birthday celebration this great.
Mr. Sam Lewis (Sufi Sam), founder of Tantric sex in America, often led his disciples to the Buddhist hall. However, after the sudden death, did he accept that he is the true dharma transmission. He returned, reported dreams for the disciples, urging them not to take refuge in him, and told that it is time to live to regret, not to practice Buddhism with him.
Add a group Sunguoi MY statement: Everyone is a Buddha, which means that he is Buddha.
Prof. Epstein commented: Of time, there are many Buddhist associations strange. While claiming to be Buddhists, but actually is not. Again, there are some who would love to do The Master AMERICA. They want him to act as the team sealed first Sunguoi AMERICA. Among them, said Joe Miller is perhaps the most cunning intelligence. He is chairman of the capital of Theology in San Francisco. He was also a disciple. Maybe I met him with his wife in the winter of 1967-1968, when the meditation at the Buddhist hall. Then, every night, he has held a mass meditation for seven hours to eight hours maximum. As I understand it, Joe Miller's predestined to him very complicated. He often told that although he tried to teach us how life, but could not succeed. I remember him as Joe Miller that he had raised him in trouble from the Tang or Song Dynasty. He and his wife also attended a summer retreat for a time until it was publicly scolded for his behavior right. He left the temple and since then, rarely in touch with him.
Have one more that I do not remember the name; he was the disciple known as the teacher and go mountain climbing on the fire. The monthly periodical Kim Bo Hai Cang first usually refers indirectly to these people in the military for close military ma mava goods for baseball. When you see the release of the monthly periodical, they are angry to realize that the words that directly pointed to the oil not to mention his name one.
Pure willpower, good direction in mind, give rise to more diligent and make results even from Qingdao. Same level throughout the homotopy sense ashore; same lowercase good people, living a happy place; the Bodhisattvas any rotten, do you ever travel.
This is the purpose of the book In God Dear Luc Thuy (water that is shining, the sky turning destiny). As for the argument is easy to talk about, but for the general practice is very difficult. Why? When teaching the good work of being, oil is only taught verbally abused screaming three years, they remain the same temperament. However, if they meet the charming evil evil concept growth and self-communication easy. Parents turn on the little sense.
For example, the moon is bright on the water, flowers, inspiration in the example, we assume capital is the image, it can not. Hopefully in the not hope. Trying to achieve what can not be achieved. So this book is called Water in natural green glass.
Nien said the passing away each year to
* 1970 His sermon Hundred Mahayana teachings. He founded Kim Son Pagoda, in the Old Gold Mountain. From November fifteenth to the twentieth day of February next year, he celebrated a hundred days lost in meditation. Then, story high-rise and spoke to the monthly periodical Buddhist dharma, ie Kim Cang Bo Hai.
* 1971 His sermon Mahayana volumes economic Chiem evil Karma Police, Sister Self Huayan, number of stars Flower Adornment Sutra.
* Ten in 1972 spoke about law, not out of a mind, economic Dai Quang Phuong Hoa Nghiem Buddhist, Buddha British Isles. On September twenty, public TV Tam Thien Buddhism General Forum About the first held at the Kim Son Pagoda.
* Hospital in 1973 he founded the International Translation Classics. At Kim Son Pagoda, he established schools Duc Luong. Two disciples ordained, and Hang Do Hang particular, give rise to a three-step practice bow, from Old Gold Mountain City, California to Seattle, Washington because of global peace. For the first time in the history of the International Buddhist, is the renunciation of three steps a bow.
1970, San Francisco
Central America Buddhist Association (later to become the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association), held on the first Vesak. More than six hundred and credit them to the Buddha bathing ceremony at United Square Park. The monks guides believers into the church hall at Justice. He sat in the Hall of the Catholic church, and view of young disciples who led the Buddha bathing ceremony, symbolizing the purity of body and mind.
Teaching Buddhism Street, San Francisco
There was, he told the students in grade writing Tau: The children can develop their own sophisticated all the time. The child may not feel it. But for me, while writing the letter Tau, always control his breathing. Indeed, the children can learn many things in everyday life.
His American Disciples are taught how to walk around noise, just chant. When a circle is lost sense of place people go ahead and go after the same person. The go ahead into the final. People going into the final go ahead. Everyone who goes into the final, and everyone turned their predecessors. Indeed, of the circle is no before and after. He used this example to teach about the struggle of ambition, taking the name for profit status.
Trai Road (restaurant), Kim Son Pagoda
Timber to repair the temple Kim Son have been due to the induction of the Bodhisattva Guanyin. One day, my husband the same fruit, old Don, his disciples, that a commercial establishment in the former Kim Son is constructive, it must remove the old wood. Everyone can be obtained at no cost. Lao Rural wife reported this to the temple. Then a group of young disciples were sent to collect firewood to bring the temple. The wood is the main material to repair the Kim Son Pagoda. The small remaining piece of wood furniture is made to the restaurant. He taught the disciples Westerners, do not waste things. These materials are used to use back in the repair of Kim Son Pagoda.
Early in 1970, in San Francisco
Kim Son Zen Monastery, Rite transmission along. He guides ritual transmission along the first time. Then, a bhikkhu disciples to French owners. From the beginning, he trained his disciples by placing them in leadership positions, but always keeps himself humble attitude; only instance when the word training necessary.
About Tri galaxies trace very pure,
Intellectual great natural variable optical projection
Morality is not spotless purity,
Wisdom of natural lighting throughout the university
1973, San Francisco
Opening Ceremony International Institute of Translation. This is where the texts published in English, translated the first, was completed. Liang Primary School Education was established here in 1976.
1973, International Institute of Business Services, San Francisco
He cleared the mark holy Bodhisattva Guanyin statue, forty-two the label, so stately and upholding the International Institute of Business Services. He teaches the letter: a cell tower, cell tower out. Frequency momentum, the band has made. Momentum feet, legs momentum. They believe, they believe, ie the beginning, Wednesday, in comments Surangama. He wrote the shelf, explain: a cell tower, cell tower, is:
Buddha told reporters everywhere light
Screening of the legal world, no organ damage
Indicate knowledge into district
Unsurpassed Bodhi, great king sense.
1973, San Francisco
Mass hair down, ordained at Kim Son Pagoda in November.
1 / Each Phuoc, which is the pilot's Tang Teaching Buddhism in Hong Kong.
2 / additives, while not ordained, was it, he came to interview him. Master Hand holding paper, including a hammer, but his disciples did not know as much. When he asked out, they said they are in paper with a hammer.
3 / Hang Tran, the translation of his The Integration Hua, and Amitabha Sutra commentary out of him in Spanish.
4 / air, he had been fasting for seventy-two days, shall pay Surangama eight hours a day for a period of time, every time meditating in the lotus posture about twelve hours.
5 / Hang Loc, single son of a merchant in San Francisco.
6 / Hundreds, a woman from South Africa.
Kim Son Zen Monastery, San Francisco
Professor Edward Conze was a renowned Buddhist scholar. While teaching at the University of Washington, Seattle, one of his students was Ronald Epstein (now a university professor at San Francisco State University) write a thesis for his translation of verse commentaries Center His economic Hua. One of his students, after attending a business conference Player Surangama faculty in summer 1968, immediately give rise to renunciation, the legal name of the commodities. Professor Lewis Lancaster, dean of the faculty of Buddhist studies at the University of Berkeley, as well as see all the members of his doctoral thesis Ronald Epstein (Professor Ronald Epstein ie, current) on translation of seven for Q Center Ananda. It's very strange, in photographs, is a good sign, a pledge the next three eight corners, white.
Redwood City, California
Professor Lewis Lancaster invited him to lecture college students University of Berkeley where the practice in Redwood City. There, he explained to young students about the origins of the word Buddha. The word Buddha is translated in Chinese as the Buddha Da. Later referred to as the Buddha. He told that if you live in the translated word Buddha, he would suggest to translate words in Chinese Buddha is the Real Great, that is not great. Because Buddhism is not large, not small, not to not go.
San Francisco
After the sudden death of the Son Mo (Sufi Sam), several members of Illusory Mong Ly Ca, Mo is the Son of dreams, three times a night. Son Mo said: Nay clearly understood that I was not qualified to teach you, because I do not actually realized. Now I am very sorry to see him though is that Hua did not learn anything. The position should go to the temple, his refuge Hua. Hua He is qualified to teach you. He really is you've realized.
Next day, after discussion about dreams, Ca Ly Mong Illusory group, call the Kim Son Pagoda, ask when there is refuge ordination tam Refuge is complete, they often went to Kim Son Pagoda to practice, study Buddhism. After primary school Duc Luong was founded in 1976, they sent their children to school.
* In 1974 he founded the center in Seattle Bodhidharma. His teaching experience Forty Two Chapters, Sa Amenities Act Di explanations. Disciples are offering legal protection area of ​​nearly five hundred acres of land in northern California. From the twentieth day of November until January of next December, his guide the practitioner through the missionary activities in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. ..
* In 1975 he founded the temple in Los Angeles Kim London. His teaching program Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva Buddhist mindfulness Telecommunications.
* In 1976, thirty days in August, at Ten Thousand Buddhas He celebrated Buddhist period Thien Tam Communications Forum General About the second time. He founded the school by German men and women and Dharma Realm Buddhist University.
1974, Berkeley
Day chickened The Dao Yin Bodhisattva, he presided over the conference reporter born in Berkeley Marina, in 1974. Liberating life meaning: If we respect the rights of freedom, the birth of every human being exists, and is often liberating life of oppression, war, and killing can take but that does not use force. Moving Center hatred, jealousy, aggression, into compassion, peace. Reporters are being born with bad luck, we can liberate ourselves and the world beyond the killing business.
Berkeley, launched the conference was born in Berkeley Marina
Over the years he has to America, most of them are Westerners credit, including races, different cultures. For traditional Buddhist rites, no one knows the whole. Therefore, he must repeatedly explain and guide on how to make holidays, activities etc. .., until the group of devout disciples, understand, assimilate knowledge and awareness. In the figure, He guides his disciples to set the box-shaped wood Buddha, born before the launch ceremony.
Because of the growing group of family, he needs to find a match the VTP. He also spent part of time, effort, sweat, fatigue match the VTP looking to build a monastery, the main hall, hospital business services, schools, training centers, nursing homes, residential houses artist etc. .. In those days looking for where he was the first to climb mountains, and who goes last.
1974, Seattle.
He chaired the conference Peace. Over five hundred people engaged in that day with sincere heart, a prayer world peace.
Peace conference coincided with two teachers on constant supplies and completed voluntarily by happy go three steps, a bowing ceremony, from the city of San Francisco to the city of Marblemount, Washington. Two other monks, he shops and airlines, also attended the conference which is fast on the seventy-two days.
Two monks, and Hang Do Hang Specifically, because the world needs peace, the prayer of Our Three Step One, from San Francisco to the city of Marblemount, Washington. The journey began in October 1973 and completed in August 1974. This is a special journey period in the history of the Buddhist world.
He restaurants and airlines hunger strike for seventy-two days, no more eating, just drinking a glass of cold water every day. Images taken with his two restaurants and airlines master (stood), and Fruit In (also fasting for thirty-five days).
Kim Son Zen Monastery, San Francisco
Hang In particular he showed that pie, he congratulated completed Step One O Three voluntary behavior from the city of San Francisco to the city of Marblemount, Washington. The story occurs as follows:
Every teacher when you see lay people also, learning to eat one day a meeting, but very difficult. One day, on the way home from work, he bought a box of pie, then coat pocket. While economic theory of law lectures in the evening, he did not remember thinking about anything except the pie box. So he eagerly, expect an early conclusion of the lecture economic pie to be eaten.
Lecture business is done, not saying a word to anyone, he quietly climbed the stairs to climb up the chimney on the roof. He began to walk around, then open the box to eat pie; bite a piece of cake to minister. While going around the chimney on the roof, he suddenly saw him, had just climbed up the stairs. He began nipper back round and facing him. At that time, he is sucking mouth a piece of pie to minister, should not be able to speak more. Worship him only his head and keep going around in circles. As such, they go back and face each other in all three rounds. Last Tuesday, he asked him: How do you feel?.
Then he walked down the stairs.
October 1974, Saigon, Vietnam
The Fruits of Enlightenment, his disciples, who often travel around the world. She and her husband live in Saigon. Here, they have a lot of facilities and land. Before changing political situation in Saigon, he suddenly telephoned her husband. Meanwhile, both spouses are at home. The Fruits of Enlightenment She was surprised about that phone call, so fast that there is another to ask him something important. Be answered is not something most important, yet in conversation, he encouraged the couple as if nothing special should arrange for doing neat, to the U.S. soon. Nevertheless, they did not hear his advice that the U.S. soon. The result, after the political situation changed, they lost more than half a fortune.
1975, Oregon
His four disciples instructions to practice at a forest in Oregon. There, he celebrated the conference recite Amitabha outdoors. He also explained about the Pure Land teachings, ie always recite Amitabha. Are at explaining the method recited Buddha everyday life, light oil suddenly slipped on a clear land sites glory shine around his head covering.
In the figure, he was presiding at the ceremony being launched off the coast of Oregon, at the very point of any Buddha at Buddha Root Furniture Land, ie land of the Buddha nature is based. He used many skillful means to lead young Americans, the Buddha walked through the door. After the Buddha's loss ended, he moved the entire colon from the meeting in the forest out to the beach. As the sun just down, everyone towards the west, the vow for rebirth realms of Western Land of Ultimate Bliss, and the merit good practice for all beings.
In the figure, and his shaman Hue Sanh, the ordained disciples, teaching for university students. There are five, he often went to the education center, teaching economic theory to law, such as the University of California at Berkeley and Davis; the University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Stanford University; the University of Wisconsin; the University of Minnesota; Humboldt State University; the University of Oregon; the University of Washington; the University of Hawaii; the University of British Columbia.
1976, Santa Clara
At Central Park, he preached to young Americans about this item: Spirit of Peace. In this figure clearly demonstrates that he has many causes and conditions for young Americans. Go anywhere, young Americans have always been attracted by the warm compassion, righteous words, beyond the obstacles of language and culture, through the magic power of his future.
Do practice virtue, he touched the young Americans, that they slowly get rid of bohemian life in mind and personal freedom, and time was studied, study Buddhism, as Buddha Amitabha charge of St. Da. Photographs of American youth, to noise and recite the Buddha by monks.
1976, San Francisco
He presided over the ceremony ordained shaving. During the year, four more young men and women, give rise to martyrdom, joined the Sangha, as he Hang It, Hang Thuan of former nuns, monks and Asians (it is ordained disciples Asians first since his the U.S.).
The 70, at Gold Mountain Monastery
Practitioners are listening to his preaching of the Flower Adornment Sutra Flower Adornment Sutra Sao Self, The Star Flower Adornment Sutra.
In the lecture experience, he often encouraged his disciples to prepare, practice teaching experience. The disciples often never know that he will name someone to practice the sermon.
Practitioners often use the player to listen to Chinese, while English is being translated. Also, there are the disciples, just listen to just typing in Chinese and translated into English experience in soundproof rooms.
He is depending on your affinity for which chemical beings. Do any of skillful means nothing, he aimed at teachers of all beings. For example, things that he allowed his disciples to make, not least because of the will.
For example, while teaching experience, practitioners often prefer to bring water for his use. Later, one of the disciples, because lo prepare water for him, chanting sessions should give way. He did not like it, but do not say more. Later, he began to complain that the country is split disciple brought him water, very dirty. The complaint does not result, so finally, he used a different method. Evening and that, he nearly runs out of water in drinking cups, and began deliberately stared into separate countries. Soon everyone noticed the water stared at his cup. Then, while considering splitting water, he called him up commodities trading where the pulpit, and declared that there was a match in the cup of water. So he told him to look at commodities cup and told the public what he saw. He looked into the cup of commodities and said:
- What you see is only in countries with a crane.
He said:
- Not a crane, which is the same. Take this cup of water lines for everyone to see.
Master Hang Tinh follow his teachings. The disciples look look clear, it only shows a crane inside the bottom layer of water separated. Pass around the auditorium is complete, the last cup of water was brought and placed on the desk of his teaching experience.
He continued teaching United strictly business. But when the disciples of the translation into English words to explain, He will raise up cups of water and stared at it. Finally, he again called him up on the podium commodities, said:
- Take a look at it, then tell me what I have heard that.
He looked into the cup of commodities, then horrified reaction:
- How strange it! A worm is evident in cups of water.
- Go around in circles.
This time the student actually seen a true center, excellent in body color, not like the worms in the world. That night, everyone can see what they have never seen, but he offered his country up for a lesson well learned.
After this, he taught:
- He does not want a person that makes you have to miss the afternoon session chanting. He did not have enough merit, should not want to take responsibility for this cause and effect.
August, 1976, Ten Thousand Buddhas.
First at Ten Thousand Buddhas Tam Forum General About the organization. Then, Dac About Him as the Master. In particular, in the traditional world, there's proof II monk who is a monk Vietnam Niem Duc Thien Thanh monk and tried.)
Ten Thousand Buddhas
Because of his moves feel virtuous, more and more credit good men and women, play down the hair care practitioner, joined the Sangha.
Bless turtles
After being released into the water, the turtle in the picture, not expand away from their benefactors, the turn around to look, before being released strange reason. The rotating head to look at, represents the feeling of grace, that he nhoen smile, tilt your hand to silently bless them.
1977, Ten Thousand Buddhas
When the religious delegation to visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas, he told the cardinal Vu Binh:
He is among Buddhist Catholic, but I would be Christians among Buddhists.
Cardinal Vu Binh agreed.
1977, at the park for Kinmen.
Credits are on the way to the park for Kinmen, to attend the conference bridge rain, hoping to eliminate the two-year drought has caused the California, became arid.
1977, at the park for Kinmen.
Everyone alternately recite the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and Rain Bridge Notes. Plus, there are the teachings, lectures on the basis of causation: Why it does not rain? Just because we are selfish, greedy, wasteful domestic spending. If that self-identify mistakes that sincerely repent, they will be induced.
Participants in the conference bridge rain, time was increased. Mass has initiated proceedings, just worship. While people chanting Rain Bridge is the subject began to show up in the sky the white clouds, and wind is blowing to.
There is no rain? Yes, there was rain. The next morning, in the district of Mendocino, north of Old City Kim Son (Ten Thousand Buddhas in this district), the press had published the rain. By 11:30 noon the same day, rain down around the Old City of Gold Mountain. The reporter, Max Meadow back where they came and written information about the conference bridge rain the day before, to narrate the work, right here. She correspondent reports: Here, an altar set up by the Buddhists to pray for rain. Scattered moderate rain down upon by their prayers. Today, a large pool of stagnant water where the altar was set up.
His stay in the temple, not to attend the conference bridge at the park for Rain Kinmen, but direct the entire conference.
Spring in 1978, Ten Thousand Buddhas
Seminar on the subject of mortality and death. Part of the two trees Ai Kiet, was the subject of a seminar on mortality and death.
This tree is found in the temple during the workshop, and was brought to him. He explained that this tree is a couple. In a previous life partner, their vows together forever and ever that will not leave each other forever. Because of industrial life, they become two trees, permanently encase hugged each other. He said: love which is the root of the birth and death.
His teachings in meditation period furniture in the winter. Each year, Ten Thousand Buddhas are always held in the winter meditation furniture. Zen Furniture accounts for about a few weeks. Each day, students sitting three am to twelve pm. Between each sitting, students have twenty minutes to rest. In the afternoon, was off about an hour. Under the tutelage of his patient, the practitioner gradually learning ways to meditate. Then, everyone stopped all work every day to participate in this rare period furniture meditation.
Sub-hall (small cafeteria) at Ten Thousand Buddhas. Initially, at Ten Thousand Buddhas, all things are simple. His disciples often with monks, monks and nuns life son. Home heating fuel wood is the main fuel for heating the mass during a meal.
Unknown Language Division.
He shows eighty Du Xi, while teaching the mantra Prime Lang Speech Radio Laboratory. Each mantra, he will do a verse, included the profound meaning of Buddhism.
Nucleophilic any fixed period of human body
Mass penalty meet the feet of glass
Reflection signature requirements
Cool touch-god religion
Business people who did not close, let's look back at his mercy.
Mass people, who did not respond, please respect its not true.
Turn the light back into yourself, find answers from within.
Direct communication touch, do not be so mental confusion.)
* In 1977, thin seven-January, two disciples of the American, and millions of genuine, because world peace prayer, the vow of a three-step bow, from the temple Kim London, Los Angeles, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Holy City, northern California. November, Mr Vu Binh, Catholic cardinal, guiding the religious delegation to visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Waters to the west, the United States.
Two teachers and millions of genuine give rise to a three-step journey well taken. During this time, he set up in cardboard only: No war, no greed, no needs, not selfish, not self interest. Later, in Vancouver, he added with a tone is not just another lie.)
* In 1978, thirty days from July to September twenty-seven days, according to the invitation of Buddhist societies of Southeast Asia, he guides the mission missionary activities in Asia, the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association , Dharma Realm Buddhist University through Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong. In twelve days missionary activities in Malaysia, more than six thousand people take refuge in the Three Jewels ordained. From the tenth to the seventeenth day December, CTTB commemoration and celebration of requiem for seven consecutive days for the cardinals Vu Binh, former mayor George Moscone Kim Son, and many souls perished in the legal world. At that time, his teaching experience layer.
Malaysia 1978.
When his missionary activities through Southeast Asia, on the way stopped by Malaysia, Korea and novice teachers Hang Dong fruits were sick, so the healing in a room. Because the disease situation is very serious Millions teacher, so he said to him day and night look genuine. Afternoon of it, every word is at the Great Compassion, novice through Dong suddenly fall asleep, you suddenly see very often cold to ride. This will both feel the other teachers. Sick body lean, high hat, you very often stated that the time was come, overcrowding should follow it. Boundary between life and death, overcrowding trembling, hurried away mantras Great Compassion. Once there, he is half love half Millions province. Although busy tired all day long sermon, but he still visited compassion, lifting up arms Millions him, making him slowly opened his eyes, alert the surrounding circumstances. Millions Pluto wants him dead. So he began to write a comment for publication Pluto. He said that this disciple, is the center director serves. Therefore, in any circumstances, nor did he allow Pluto was taken away. Then Pluto is persuasive and he slowly recovered Millions again. Since then, both he and millions and overcurrent unit is to start experiencing more dangerous delusion, should cultivate the soil of the heart, mind inevitable impurities. Once healed, he told him compassion Millions:
He take Pluto to persuade children to continue living. Religious merit accumulated after so many years, now all full. But do not worry, I still have faith volume of training, because that Buddhism efforts of practice.
Walking is sitting
Do not leave this material.
Away from organisms
It is a mistake.
Unknown Language Room, Ten Thousand Buddhas.
He explained to the disciples of Buddha Religion Picture book. Each group, he wrote eight verse. In class, he used the theme motivated subjective intellectual development, as teaching methods. The disciples, as directed, alternately, on board, explain this verse in English and in Chinese. After the lecture the student internship is completed, he began to explain that the verse. These classes like this, which lasted about four years of English, including a variety of topics. His education served as the basis of which the disciples to remember.
He taught school very early (around six hours or six hours and half), for several reasons:
1 / Those who worry about cooking classes can attend to the kitchen before work.
2 / Teachers and students can attend pre-school education.
3 / He can go to Kim Son Former city soon.
Occasionally, both from the city at Kim Son Former CTTB return, he immediately teaching, not rest at all.)
* In 1979, Duc Luong Primary School was moved to Ten Thousand Buddhas. Fourteenth day of March, in conversation with Quentin Kopp, commissioner of the General Management Group City Old Gold Mountain, he predicted that Communism would collapse within ten years. October, twenty days in August, public television Tam Forum General About the third time at the Ten Thousand Buddhas is perfection. Nail four in November:
1 / The opening ceremony of the ore into the Thousand-eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.
2 / Khai open Dharma Realm Buddhist University.
3 / He completed the entire business faculty Huayan for nine years.
4 / Disciple of the American, and millions of genuine goods, completing a journey of three bows.
Extension Development Office spoke Bodhichitta, book commentary on the notes Thu Lang Nghiem, economic heresy.
* From 1980 to 1986, he established the Center for Refugee Relief in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia).
* In 1981, in December, he attended the conference International Buddhism Sangha was in Taiwan Tuesday. Twenty-nine days from November to December twenty-ninth day, He guides the Asian delegation missionary activities of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Dharma Realm Buddhist University, the second time to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia. He lectures at universities like Berkeley, Davis, Oregon, San Francisco State. His teaching behavioral products. Twenty-four days in October, public television in Tam Forum General About CTTB fourth fullness. November, CTTB organization of the inauguration of three subjects painted gate, Protection Power of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the Five Pub Street. Thousands of domestic and overseas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. .. to attend the ceremony. He opened training monks and laymen.
1979, Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Tam Forum Great About a third time. This was ordained, with the participation of the vessel master the world, the Vietnamese (German monk Niem), Ceylonese, American. It is a symbol of unity between national unity of Buddhism, and especially the two traditions of Theravada and Mahayana.
November, in the main hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, he made the opening ceremony of the ore into the Quan Yin Bodhisattva, thousand hands and thousand eyes. Surrounding him is the young student monks and Asian Americans. From left to right: find dozens, millions, Hang Vo, Hang It, Hang Cong, and too many novices.
The disciples of the Karmapa Lama to call Kim Son Pagoda lot of times to look forward to talking with him, but he did not recognize. Then they came to see itself, but He is not welcome. Finally, their message is being Karmapa Lama serious cancer. Once he knows this, Karmapa Lama calm down somewhat. Later, self Karmapa Lama to visit him at the Ten Thousand Buddhas. Although not stated, but these visits are expressed sympathy for the grace of the Karmapa Lama to him. Anyone getting anywhere Karmapa Lama, the disciples were told garnish the colon. So visits CTTB not beyond exceptional. So, a truck full of disciples of the Karmapa Lama to go an hour early, so that they can come CTTB ago, most would prepare the flag down, Tibetan horns, etc. .. One expected to be their car breaks down between the lines. More than an hour after the last run. They are anxious, worried, knowing that it is impossible to Ten Thousand Buddhas before the Karmapa Lama. So CTTB very calm when the Karmapa Lama. At that time, his son the same age they are life. Karmapa Lama, along with attendant to find his own food at home. He invited them to sit on the seat beside the boy until life is complete. After the boys life, he went to the Karmapa Lama the staff room. Just to the living room, a disciple of Karmapa Lama immediately experienced a very beautiful piece of silk and decorated other valuables. Karmapa Lama stop them, said: No! No! Not this place. Let's all go flat!
Then Karmapa Lama pull a chair, sitting beside him. The two intimate conversation. Meanwhile, he encouraged Karmapa Lama to renounce all formal renunciation increased hair down. His Italian is recommended Karmapa Lama should renounce all their reputations, good support, the new life-long. If you keep doing the empowerment, all essential wasting precious resources, there is no way to preserve the life. Karmapa Lama could no advice of his life, so after that visit, soon died.)
* 1983, thin two in January, Kim Gong temple celebration cleared. Jade Buddha corona discharge, radiating good omen.
His teaching experience Pharmaceuticals Division, Nirvana, The Analects. CTTB started a tradition of worship and Grade Ten Thousand Buddhas Privacy years before Buddha's birthday celebration.
From November to January next year, he sent the disciples of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, first to India, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indian Ocean , Germany, Australia, France, and England missionary activities.
* In 1984, he founded the temple in Seattle Kim Phong, Kim Buddhist Temple in Vancouver, Canada. On May twenty-seven, Dharma Realm Buddhist University celebrated the first graduation ceremony. His teaching program Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva Buddhist mindfulness Telecommunications.
* In 1985, spoke of the great teachers Certificate Ca Dao Huyen Sense, Mercury Glass In God Luc Van Extension Development Bodhichitta.
December 1985.
When the U.S. Lighthouse shamans visit him and go with the senior government official. They shoot a film about martial arts magician Lighthouse. Shamans are also traditional subjects Hai Dang Cong Dong Tu basis for his disciples on the condition that can not pass this out meticulously. He also guest lectures Lighthouse economic wizards Surangama common elements pure intelligence exchange (the Buddha's teachings about the four types of pure). Praise him praise shaman Lighthouse and said that only those who keep the world peaceful and the new justice center temperament mighty explaining the texts of this period. To show a reverence for shamans Lighthouse, his disciples together with the lecture economic knees.
In the late eighties.
Oil and him go to any place, being in all respects about nine measures of respect. The god who opened my eyes (natural label) can sometimes see them, even those who normally can not see. But only the eye of meat, but for those who have convinced the mind can perceive. With lofty virtue, his sense of being the tangible and intangible.
Time and that, when visiting a branch in the VTP Canada, with a dragon, in this place, he waited more than two thousand years, to take refuge in him ordained.)
* In 1986, Kim Son Pagoda moved to new locations in the former Chinatown of Gold Mountain. He established trade associations in the Dharma Realm Buddhist in Taiwan.
From the buttocks four to deep foundations in July, Ten Thousand Buddhas celebrate ten year anniversary of the establishment.
Deep foundations in July, graduation training monks and laymen was first celebrated.
Hoa Nghiem temple he founded in Calgary, Canada.
* In 1987, twenty-nine days in January, Kim Son Pagoda celebrate cleared three statues Tathagata.
On March twenty-two, on the occasion of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra chickened out. Kim Phong Pagoda celebrate St. clearing the Bodhisattvas Samantabhadra, Manjushri, Ja Da, Gia Lam.
* 1987, May tenth, on the occasion of chickened Manjushri, Kim Son Pagoda celebrate the sacred clearing Manjusri and Samantabhadra.
July, and he attended lectures at conferences in New York, Texas, the western bank of the United States.
From eighteen to twenty-four days in July, he presided over the ceremony hydraulic, sometimes nearly a hundred monks from the Chinese mainland through. For the first time in the history of Chinese Buddhism, there are many ships from domestic and overseas to attend the ceremony.
August, he opened the conference Connect The World's Religions. He invited unions representing Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism to discuss the serious problems existing in society as moral, family, science, engineering, religion, education, etc. ..
Also in August, he was invited to attend the University of Berkeley interreligious meeting between the Buddhist and Catholic Family, and lectured on the subject: Meditation and prayer.
1987, Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Responding to his invitation, delegates Buddhist monks from mainland China by the magician Minh Duong (vice president of Buddhism throughout China), Chan Meditation shaman, shaman good, guide, visit visit and hydraulic ceremony at Ten Thousand Buddhas.
During the meeting hydraulic method, the entire increase them in the internal forum, other forums (each colony divided into six small now), chanting the same day, Buddha, holiday shopping. At night, the ceremony Points Compassion for all sentient beings super invisible are suffering. All legal merit in any of these associations dedicated to all beings on the ground, water or air.)
* In 1988, deep foundations in April, California Secretary of State, Head Ms. Yue Jiang, to visit the Kim Son Pagoda. He came to the University of British Columbia in Canada, lectured on the subject: The Essence Foundation, Confucianism, need four people do, how to promote German Chinese American media in contemporary society, Online Games Wisdom and Harmony.
On August twenty-eight, he presided over the meeting of religious, moral, scientific, educational, philosophical, academic, and lecture topics: Truth definition of the potential to deepen the wisdom of mankind.
September tenth, CTTB celebrate the holy festival cleared along the Earth Store Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Earth Store Bodhisattva Legal Affairs. December, he guides the mission of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, Dharma Realm Buddhist University to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong's third missionary activities, according to the invitation of the directing large intestine in those places. He asked them to celebrate the National Legal Text Tai tribulation preaching and other activities. He also founded the Dharma Buddhist Academy in Taiwan.
* In 1989, he lectured on the subject: The big change in China during the last century quatai universities in the United States and abroad.
In January, he was your former college president Bush in his inauguration President of the United States. He is the eastern representative of the only National prayers.
March, he lectured at the center of Quaker meeting in Philadelphia on the subject: Renaissance ethics, practical ethics, and the similarities between Buddhism, Christianity Gia, Confucianism. He also lectures for Buddhist Affairs in Washington, DC area.
April expecting a priest John Rogers, professor of religion at Humboldt State University, guiding students to a few dozen men and women to visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas. His lecture topics: The view of Buddhist wisdom, at the University of Oregon. He came to the University of British Columbia, Canada, lectured on the subject: basic human responsibility. Buddhism and moral. Filial piety is the root of being human. Only the weak network. How to build a happy family.
July, he preached on the subject: How to transforming education. The historic changes in China over the past century. Chinese moral consistency, at the University of Hawaii.
From fifteen days in July, August year-to-rump, Dharma Realm Buddhist University chaired the workshop and practice morality.
August tenth, his conversation with a professor at Humboldt State University on the subject: Dialogues between Buddhism and Christianity Gia.
Nail two in September, public television was Tam Forum Great About Thursday fullness. Nine nails September, he lectured at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on the subject: How to improve current education. The changes in China over the past century. From the tenth to the eleventh day in September, he lectured at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) on the subject: The fundamental problem between Buddhism and human. The relationship among religions in the world.
From seventeen to nineteen days in September, he to the University of British Columbia, Canada lecturing on the subject: our responsibility to society, nation and world. Basic science. Buddhist perspective on human destiny conversion. Purpose and development primarily for young people present. Comment on causality in Buddhism.
From the buttocks to-rump September October November three, He guides the mission missionary activities of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Dharma Realm Buddhist University to lead Taiwan Dai Bi Quan Yin Legal Affairs, National Household Removal Tai Tieu victims. Then, in the city of Old Gold Mountain, United States, large earthquake occurs, he declared that if the city was in former days Kim Son, He does not allow for a quake will occur again . Nail four in November, CTTB celebrate the sacred clearing Tai Dien Tho Target Pharmacy Master Tathagata. From the buttocks nine to eleven days in November, he preached on the subject: What is Basic Education, and chaired the meeting with Buddhist Studies How autonomous.
From thirty-three-to-rump November December, he lectured at the University of Austin, Texas. He established Dharma Realm Monastery in Kaohsiung Taiwan.
1989, Taiwan.
He guides team to Taiwan missionary activities, to appoint executive Tai Household Text Assembly Compassion International. Because they were born in Taiwan, his hunger for thirty days. While this conference held in Taiwan, then in the Old Gold Mountain, United States, occurred a great earthquake. Therefore, he immediately returned to rescue U.S., then fly back to Taiwan, hosted a conference lecture in the classic northern, central, south of Taiwan (after the earthquake in the former Kim Son, He declared that if even one day in that place, He never lets an earthquake again.)
* In 1990, thin two in February, he lectured at the University of Berkeley on the subject: between Buddhism and ethical people.
Mong Saturday February, he chaired the International Congress of Buddhism, with the theme: Buddhism in the twenty-first century, the Assembly held in Thailand Dhammakaya.
Nineteen days in February, he lectured at the University of California at Los Angeles on the subject: How to clear pain, achieve peace and meditation workshop chair.
March, reported Kim Cang Bo Hai was released in Taiwan first. From twenty to twenty-third day in April, he lectured in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.
May, in the American disciples of the TV world at Longhua Temple, Shanghai, China. Former President Bush telegram to CTTB congratulate him with his disciples. May eighth, his official inauguration ceremony of The Sun Giaotruoc Former city police chief Kim Son, said Frank jōdan.
From twenty-six to twenty-seven days in May, he lectured at the University of Washington in Seattle.
On June sixteenth, former city police chief Kim Son, said Frank jōdan, to visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas and exchanged views with him on the society to education. From twenty to twenty-seven days in June, his sermon at the Washington area.
From July-to-rump thirteen four in August, Ten Thousand Buddhas, chaired a workshop on: Buddhism and the tai.Trong people in that time, his theory of Mencius.
From August to thirty-one twenty-one days in September, according to our invitation of Taiwan's credit, he guides the mission missionary activities of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, Dharma Realm Buddhist University to Taiwan , hosted a conference celebrating the 150th birthday of the great old monk Van Damage, with great ceremony to bless all the people recite the Buddha, standard ear affliction, the building celebrates the Middle District, Taipei. There are tens of thousands of participants. Out of nowhere, the thousands of lights, signs bode well.
In October, according to the invitation of Buddhist groups in Britain, France, Belgium, and Poland, he guides the mission of the international missionary activities Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Europe through the sermon. Topic: Buddha's teachings transcends time and space. True wisdom is eternal immutable, which emphasizes topics: Buddhism and world peace prospects. Education in Buddhism and application methods. Fusion of traditional Theravada and Mahayana in Buddhism, and the population of the world's religions.
Saturday October Mong, Ten Thousand Buddhas Head Thanh organized the Foundation, in two weeks, with the theme: Activity of practice of the elderly. Since then, the Ten Thousand Buddhas usually organized this program for the elderly.
Deep foundations in November, he sent his disciples to Beijing also visiting Long Tang (University Tripitaka) of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the symbol of the relationship between Sino-American Buddhism on the rise and spread to Western Buddhism . Chua Kim Luan moved to new locations.
Delegation leaders to missionary activities Britain visit Sangha Theravada, 1990
DC characteristics but salons,
The most successful rule
Nam Bac Ha distribution
Temporary allergic finished products,
Basing the character waiver
East-West opening comments.
But other DC salons,
An instant success
Sao Nam North division
Finished goods other temporary,
Apartments are the same nature
Do a review of East-West.
He is God our customers at the International Conference on the topic: Buddhism entered in 2000, by the General Assembly in Thailand Dharmakaya organization.
1990, England.
Ajahn Sumedho Shamans were devoted, respectful and trusting Him. Shamans often to Ten Thousand Buddhas and the VTP branches to close, close to life and his teachings. )
* In 1991, the International Institute of Translation and Business Administration Center of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association was moved to the city Burlingame, California.
From the twenty eighth of January, invited by the Japanese of their Lord, Kiet Lam Province, China Testament, He sent the disciples which visits and seminars on Buddhism.
Beginning on February sixteenth, elaborately late at Ten Thousand Buddhas is associated in two tones of traditional Northern and Southern tone. Lang strictly business every word and Pali. (Note: in 1992, is amended by changing each day chanting in English and in Chinese.)
Mong three in May, Venerable Ajahn Amaro, representing the Sangha at the Buddhist center Amaravatti, y bowl offerings to the Sangha Theravada CTTB. This is the symbol of integration between Theravada and Mahayana, flip new chapter in the history of Buddhism.
From June to the twenty six day of July, a law professor at Ajahn Sumedho Amaravati Buddhist centers, furniture guides meditation Theravada tradition at Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Fourteenth day of July, public TV General Forum About Tam Friday was held at the Ten Thousand Buddhas.
On September twenty eight, ten-year anniversary of the establishment of the International Newspaper, he was invited to lecture on the subject: Free vision, seeing the world.
From the buttocks four to fifteen in October, he sent his disciples on missionary activities delegation to Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto to lecture topics: Buddhism is a religion is on strong growth in the region North America. Then there are other topics such as: Do not kill. Mental wellbeing of people affected world peace. Vegetarians, the choice of compassion and reason. Buddhist perspective on the merits of a particular country and industry of each person. Important element of education, morality.
He established the temple of Amitabha in Hualien, Taiwan.
Great Mind About in 1991.
The three Sun Certification Teacher: Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Venerable Trung Quan, Master Sumedho.)
* In 1992, he presided over the ceremony of repentance for four monks (Hang Truong, millions, dozens, Hang Thuan).
Saturday in February from the buttocks to-rump three in April, according to the invitation of the mass Buddhist Southeast Asia, he sent the disciples of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and Dharma Realm Buddhist University, union missionary activities Asia, via Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indian Ocean, Singapore, Malaysia, was Thursday. Mission missionary activities of Ten Thousand Buddhas Security ceremony presided over Sam in three consecutive weeks in Malaysia.
On March sixteenth, University Humboldt State University invite you shaman at the ceremony CTTB cleared Congress exhibition Asian art and culture in schools.
On April twentieth, according to the invitation of former President Bush, His instructions are eighteen members of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association President to attend the dinner by former entertainment president.
THPGPG (General Assembly Dharma Realm Buddhist) White-building visit: THPGPG Eighteen members of the invitation of former President Bush, to attend the banquet in the evening by the former president set preferences on April 20 in 1992 in the capital Washington. Invitation to a party of former president his gratitude to have been welcomed former president in a square in the city of Portsmouth Square in the Old Gold Mountain four years ago, when he was vice president of the Reagan administration and the presidential election. Then, on September 14, 1988, Mass in the square before Portsmouth Square, which is the leader and spokesman of the ship community, he said: Living in America, we must select a the most intelligent president, have the wisdom wise, public-mindedness, impartiality. The president must be exemplary, not war, no greed, no needs, not selfish, not self-interest, no lie. Compliance with these standards, the new president deserves.
Former President Bush to miss that meeting, he should be invited to attend the banquet at the White-building. He accepted the invitation and guide participants THPGPG members, including monks, nuns, lay people from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Canada and members from the Old City Kim Son, interpreters International Classics, and the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
When asked why many Buddhist monks participate in the Republican Party, members of the team answered: Firstly, because our response to your invitation. Monday, Buddhists we are interested in the welfare of the national act. A peaceful country for religious support. In particular, we care about education reform, to promote the fine tradition of good morals in youth center. Furthermore, Buddhism is the official religion. When a strong government, the new religion flourished. Government must always be for the welfare of the people that serve. We feel a responsibility to support stable government, most people expect the same benefit.
There are at the presidential palace said: I do not doubt that you Buddhists by Republicans.
Answer: We are not partisan at all, but just want to contribute to bring benefits to all parties as Republican, Democrat, Independent, and people have to remember to drink water source. To enjoy free institutions, we must endeavor to serve the United States. Using the political right view, the Buddhist dedication we strive for national effort and the world. The banquet attended this conference, demonstrating the involvement of us, but not limited to the main part and work for a political party at all. We want to use democratic freedoms, promotes new ways to solve problems in society, to make the national peace and prosperity of peace.
Morning of April 28, 1992, members of THPGPG attended many special events program at the presidential palace. Bicameral congressional leaders led by Mr Robert Dole of Kansas, visit the member, multi-party leader, Robert Michel council members together, invite the public dining room breakfast at parliament. Professor Ronald Epstein and Dr. Randy Lum representative
THPGPG attended the breakfast. Join Dole council members have held banquets in the old library Join the union. He lay Hang Lai and Hao Ho The same group of about thirty international leader board conversations, and take photos with the council members involved. Hang Your Sister, laywomen Thai Hoang Kha, Hoang Minh Luc doctors and laymen and women Rosalie attended the lunch with grandparents former vice president Dan Quayle and Marilyn at the vice president, on the sea observatory military. Master Hang It, lay midwives through walls, lay men are overweight, and Prince Forest Fruits White-building visits.
On May nineteenth, teaching his students at Lowell High School Kim Son Pagoda.
Nail four in July, Mr Lam Duong Port Ty Abbot Court, ROC, and his wife visited Ten Thousand Buddhas, and discuss education issues with Chinese-American college president Dharma Realm Buddhist . They also visited Institute of International Translation Classics, worship Him comments and conversations about the future of China, the U.S. situation, and the motto of the country, etc. ..
On July twenty-nine, Luong Thuc Nhung Taiwan presidential adviser, and former Legislative Director of the Institute, to see him bow. Twenty-eight days in August, Mr. Trinh Van Tran consulate embassy in Mainland China The former Kim Son to his audience. He told him that in the future wish to make a bridge to unify China. August, Legal Affairs hydraulic word wizards by Taiwan and Mainland cooperation chair. Sixteen days in September, Tam Ky Media General Forums About Saturday was held at the Ten Thousand Buddhas.
On October twenty-third, Mr. Edwin Derwiski, vice president of the council to support President Bush re-election, to see him bow. In a press conference, he suggested that if former President Bush did not receive wages, an example of the leaders after the U.S. this will certainly be re-elected.
Over the year to spread Buddhism in the West, though not officially a U.S. citizen, but the anxiety and concerns about his country and the American people never diminished. He found that the actions and gestures of the leaders of countries with public health impact is great. Have a saying: Whatever people on employment, who are under stress followed.
This is the reason that he expects and encourages all leaders to have dignity and morals, and true leaders set the example for the people. In this way, the direction of evil corrupt society can be transformed, and the people enjoy peace, happiness, prosperity.
When former President Bush as candidates for president a second term in 1992, on the occasion of an office staff assistant public contact at the White House to court to see him in the heart of International Translation Classics in Burlingame, he said: If President Bush does not get paid, I can guarantee that he will win the presidency.
Later, he also wrote a letter, addressed to former President Bush repeated his offer:
Tho report shows the Bush presidency:
I. I wrote this poem sent to him, when America was transformed by a new chapter: Natural disasters such as floods tribulation earthquakes, and the painting of the same violence as AIDS, is happening all across the country. I sincerely propose to discuss together with the time he ran for president this year. Again, I hope that he would be willing to sacrifice and effort trying to serve the people, as each has done in the past.
Dear Mr. President! Only a new virtue qualified to lead the United States. Election by the people, all domestic and foreign issues are provided on the responsibility for president. During this time, for him, the re-elected to require extraordinary courage, that is not in a great sacrifice for a new approach. I have a method that will make people understand his leadership. I am not afraid that he will blame for these words true. I suggest he do the things that the president of the bias is difficult, that is to be president without receiving wages or gifts, only voluntary national service.
If He informed the American people know that he would not receive salaries, only to bring talent and virtue voluntary national service, then I can guarantee is certain he will be re-elected president in the upcoming four-year term to. Also, refuse to accept pay, he will be bidding for his people without personal reward. That is the spirit of the ethics of Thomas Jefferson, the father of democracy, ethnic leaders to overcome the difficulties in the early nation. Neutral winds will spread his interests around the world. Leaders worldwide will flat except greed and follow the example of ethics and courage of Mr..
A politician in the presidential election because he wanted to accept responsibility for the nation the spirit of selfless devotion to the people forever. A president does not receive wages as an example obviously fearless for the other members of the bicameral parliament, with all levels of government units. The World is only beneficial when there are leaders like heroes. Therefore, I dare suggest that he worried about personal obstacles in the presidency four years. Thanks to the very heart of self-interest of Mr., the American people will be touched and will definitely re-election as president he. Foot care attitude of mind, for the sake of the people, for that district, and for which he shall be entitled to lifetime benefits.
II. In this letter, I would like to stress the important role of education in a democratic country. Xin He take care of this key. Students and schools are sources of national welfare. Investment or provision of adequate education and training leading to the nation. A national investment in knowledge of the people trained people will get reasonable decision and the situation of human nature. The government's investment in education will be rewarded with the support of the public about the rule of law democracy and peace in every day. National thoroughly educated, they will clearly distinguish what is right and wrong, and make the country peaceful. Here's how to best protect national security. If so, then the weapons and elite infantry force was not necessary. Conversely, if children are not educated properly, always unruly mind, not realizing the value of love of the leaders, they will not see the importance of freedom of democracy remain the same constitutional protection. Rocket largest or fastest flying it will be useless, because the most dangerous enemies are our children, who are poor and lack the knowledge of wisdom.
Dear Mr. President! Representing the American people, I wrote a letter at the time of fiercely presidential election, with the hope that he would maintain a status of righteousness of the national rowing boat. I never worried that he will propose this word or words not in fact so bluntly. However, if approved this idea should certainly be re-elected Mr. President. I do not want to benefit from the name or the words of this petition. I just want the election of a president for talent and virtue this country. If he accepts the recommendations of the words the American people will be benefited immensely. If he does not accept, I also completed their responsibilities.
Beings in the world of delusion
Finance, identity, fame, eat, sleep surrounded
The discharge location is in food education
Overcoming more people, army holy cards.
In this letter, his strange recommendations: The President does not receive wages, and encourage former President Bush led the country by virtue.
In 1988, when Mr. Bush the presidential candidate for the first time, he had encouraged him to make a president should not say, no greed, no bridges, no self-interest, not selfish, do not lie. In 1992, former President Bush at the presidential re-election, the U.S. economy stalled, and the president's credibility is going down. In this context, if according to the recommendations of his new Bush expressed strong determination to serve the people in mind.
At the time, because the peace and welfare of the United States and the world, he issued a statement to the four disciples in the temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas along the branch temple, every day, every word of the Great Compassion Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara , the Buddha, prophecy. According to the teaching, four of his disciples recite the Great Compassion notes every night from September 30 to-rump November 4, 1992, ie after the general election.
On October 23, 1992, Mr. Edwin Derwinsky, vice president of the council election of President Bush, is Professor Tsu, chairman of the board Asian American elections, the comments directed to him and open the conference center Interpreting International Classics. During the conference, he reiterated that if President Bush does not receive compensation, he should certainly be re-elected. However, since then, former President Bush has not decided yet, so the re-elected it is a difficult problem. He also told that despite any case, the Buddhists have also prayed for actual welfare of the people and for world peace. Unfortunately, former President Bush and his staff finally decided to ignore his recommendations. So, as he had predicted, former President Bush lost election.
Contemporary American encounter many problems. Besides natural disasters tribulation, such issues as drug ke soy spread throughout the country. Robbery and violent theft increased. Unemployment is also high. These symptoms indicate merit of the great powers are diminishing.
Mr. AC BudHarrison, former mayor of Burlingame had visited him several times. According to his observation, which many Asians are good citizens in the four countries, but when the U.S. changed temperament.
He also stressed on the system of social security benefits are not evenly distributed, and only encourages more lazy people; in view of Him, by the people who can hold guns, making the treatment police in society difficult. Again, public sex is taught in elementary school. At the secondary level, students know smoking opium, to kill people, burning homes. In college, much as students sleep and bathe together. If so, how they become good citizens? Again, the laws in this country was very liberal liberal. Therefore, education in America should really degenerated.
As he found, bad things happen in the country comes from corruption education: Today, at an early age that students are not subject to the rules, the future they will not care about the law. This is very dangerous. Children who kill people, do not follow rules, etc. .. actually not bad kids, just because they do not teach properly. It is the fault of adults.
In January 1992, when invited to the white building to attend the banquet, his conversation with the minister of education on the current state of serious decline in U.S. education, and emphasis on moral education ethics. In the U.S., just propagate Buddhism, has devoted his energy to education. His goal is to foster the spirit of the younger generation is not selfish, not self interest, attempts to rescue the country's culture.
In teaching post, he often encouraged his disciples let's try to solve the problem in the present in America. For example, soy ke drugs is a serious problem in the current. Drugs not only wasting money, it also damaged the body of the human mind, and is the main cause of crime. So, in the legal teaching festival experience, he often reminds audiences believers, back at home, calling relatives to children do not smoke dope, but to encourage them to support and serve the peace the welfare of the country, humanity. This is the shared responsibility of everyone.
A major problem in American society is growing homosexuality. There the parade annually homosexuality in order to influence legislation, to be all in social recognition. Not watched it go against the natural phenomenon of nature address growing widely in sermons, he often reminded his disciples to realize the seriousness of this problem. Each time was the chief guest to the U.S. government for advice, he often stressed that sound alone can not be born. Positive growth alone can not support. Homosexuality makes genocide, deaths nationwide. So to encourage behavioral modification, do not tolerate.
For ordained, since Buddhist Circuit under the bridge save sentient beings, should cultivate noble acts to bring happiness to mankind. Homosexuality is not intended to seek spiritual purification that only deep down sexual morality, which arise more serious problem. But know homosexuality is increasingly widespread, but because his conscience still have a reputation in this regard, most of them would soon awaken the Buddha nature conservation respect, no business can continue to generate violence.
In many years of missionary activities in the U.S., where he went to college also found six positive tone just wide. But people only recognize the tones are very precious, but because American society in which materialism runs so hard to practice. He used to tell that to the difficult issue of what, to what hard ring ring.
To do what can not be done. Be like a candle flame stand the wind and rain storm. Must like burning gold bear trui forged.
The Social Phuoc Loi Cu Si Buddhist Institute and the Convalescent Home in Shanghai in China praised him: The most high rise globally.
He denied that praise.
November eighth, according to the invitation of the University of California at Los Angeles, to which he preached on the topic: Buddhism today. Ethical and moral education.
On November fifteenth, to save education declined, he announced that twenty-seven days in November is congratulated on Aging.
On December twenty ceremony congratulated on Aging is celebrating seventy years in Los Angeles first. Phuoc Hue Temple in Taiwan at U.S. Concentration is offered to him. He established Dharma Realm Assembly Basic Education Culture in Taiwan.
* In 1993, from the buttocks three to eighteen months of January, according to our invitation of Taiwan's credit, he chaired the conference which is strictly Mausoleum, the Great Compassion and communication tam refuge, five precepts for lay people. Then, there are thirty-eight people develop mental renunciation. A Master from mainland China through meditation chair furniture, dining room converted in a meeting one day, fill up y of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Meditation furniture finishes, in back rooms to be restored.
Fourteenth day of March, a candidate for California state senator and four others visited him at the Ten Thousand Buddhas and exchange views with political education.
Nail four in April, Luong Hoang Bao holiday is celebrated on the occasion Sam cleared the temple hall Dyke School, Long Beach in Los Angeles. Practitioners as well as celebration of his life. His teaching experience of Zen Master Chi causality. Thirty days in April, Mr. Hao Thon Bach, former Executive Director of the Institute of Taiwan, visited him.
Sixteen days in May, a delegation of Ten Thousand Buddhas to attend Vesak ceremony was held at the University of Berkeley. June Mong nine, he BudHarrison, Burlingame mayor visited him and exchange views with political education.
From the buttocks of six to sixteen days in November, he guides the mission missionary activities across the northeastern U.S., lecture in New York, Rochester, and elsewhere. Thirty days in November, he BudHarrison, mayor of Burlingame with her to visit his wife a second time. On that occasion, he said that the eight virtues of man: to understand, easy, medium, credit, holidays, meaning, integrity, sila doses of psychotropic drugs to save the world. Seventeen days in December, Ms. Edith Chen, international female pianist to visit him. In Sacramento, he founded the Holy City Dharma Realm. Telecommunications Vihara in East Chi, Taiwan is offered for him.
* In 1994, twenty-sixth day of January, he invited him to Phu Tran Lap, Taiwan presidential adviser, to make presentations at the Ten Thousand Buddhas. In January, the leading members of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association celebrated the Aged was congratulated Monday. He indicated that the first Sunday in November each year would be congratulated on Aging. February, high school students won the competition by Germany on Institutions of American Politics in the district of California. On February twenty-seven, he presided over the ceremony of Optical Assembly in San Jose Bodhi.
Foundation in March, he lectured for Youth Affairs Chinese Buddhism at Berkeley University of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Twenty-seven days in March, the mayor of Burlingame and management board chairman attended Mendocino town chickened Bodhisattva Guanyin. He preached about the title: Support to help the world one morning.
Nail nine in April, invited by the joint Assembly Buddhist University at Los Angeles, University of California at Irvine, California Polytechnic Institute, he lectured on the subject: Buddhism and Psychology.
On April twentieth, may at the invitation of the University of Berkeley, he continued to attend nghinh Dalai Lama. From seventeen to twenty-third day in April, France About St. The celebration of Sam Luong Hoang Bao. In the twenty-fourth day, the celebrated disciple congratulated him.
On May twenty-eight offices Dharma Realm Buddhist Association and the Institute of International Translation Classics clearing celebration. Twenty-nine days in May, France About St. The celebration cleared.
May and June, the leading members of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association was first celebrated Children.
October twenty-third day, worship of trees 1989 years old with at Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang province in China claim refuge in him. He founded The Institute for Academic Studies of World Religions in the University of Berkeley. At Long Beach, he founded Phuoc Loc Tho. Kim Phong Pagoda in Seattle moved to new address.
* In 1995, the tenth of January, Mr. Hang It represents him, he accepted the invitation of Pete Wilson, former California governor, attended the re-election of governor. For the first time in American history, Buddhist monks were invited, read the inaugural opening of the governor. At San Jose, he founded the temple Kim St.
Saturday June Mong, he passed away in Los Angeles, USA. The lights were off in the world. Y according to di teaching His disciples in the four leading members of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association to celebrate the legal chanting General Assembly Quang Phuong Hoa Nghiem Buddhist, and Buddhist concepts within forty-nine days. Twelve days in June, the ceremony was celebrated at the Temple School of De,
Long Beach. On June sixteenth, needles are sometimes concerned about the Ten Thousand Buddhas. From twenty-six to twenty eight days in July, Ten Thousand Buddhas grand celebration of India and tea company Access Venerable Hsuan Hua.
Suddenly Wisdom Sa Sun; The Human Dong grief.
He teaches mass:
Everyone has come to go on, do not so sad
hard, keep your mind as usual. Let's play
the public interest practice.

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