Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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(The Khanh Hoa)

A thousand years ago to this day, Buddhists all over five continents have received the light of the Buddha's enlightenment with respect and sincere thanks for infinite. As Prince Siddhartha, born find old patient death scene, bring human suffering, he determined to seek guidance for enlightened beings liberated. Over time more direct route to work, to endure six years of asceticism, the Buddha is rid of all attachment, and smuggled or ignorance, attained the status of supreme supreme Buddha became Buddha favorite Shakyamuni Buddha. Once enlightened, the Buddha's message sent various messages: "All beings are equal in the Buddha nature, irrespective of caste or lower means noble. I became a Buddhist, all beings have potential to become Buddha. " That is no class distinction in the Buddha nature, the delusion that they are born, when will the enlightenment of Buddha. Everyone has the same Buddha nature and can practice to break cycle of birth and death. That is the "source of Equal Emptiness" an absolute truth.
equality in Human Time:
Formerly, society living under the rule of the wealthy class and the powerful. Therefore, creating more injustice and inequality of material benefits and status. Human space agony misery, struggle, hatred, death always occurs. Because of the oppression suffered injustice, suffering, poverty, and separation, people often pray, begging to be much peace as you desire. They are looking for the wizard and ascetics, specializing example induction or unsuspecting believers, those who blindly trust divine fantasy legend, full of universal, can bless the breakdown of the begging pleas. Based on the vague illusion that is not usually like that, man is sunk in misery and hate, war broke out everywhere. Today, the law posed by people, respect for human rights in society but has made ​​progress, equality be improved in some areas necessary for life, are highly moral, but it is relatively equal in this world only.
In family life, between spouses, children, the equality is put into place for each member. Conduct between the couple is to have the respect, love, help each other. Parents are responsible for the maturity of the child. Do you also have integrity division round piety to parents. Thus in the family, the relative equality brings peace and happiness. Ethics improved social life, less conflict, discrimination, right and wrong, than lose, be lost, people sleep relatively peacefully. Dhammapada is taught:
The more plaintive than the
losers did not sleep alone
are losing more than renounce
the peaceful sleep.

wellspring Equal Causation in Nature:
The truth of cause and effect governing the evil from the past, present and future, in many lives many lives. These evil acts are equal in cause and effect, there is no special exception. Who is entitled to make the good results of peace, the leaders who sow evil people suffering the consequences. Man if that stops the bad karma, bad deeds from before, now know to create more wholesome karma merit; to the karma, karma comes, also known as retribution, people have to pay compensation , but thanks to the temple blessings should pay more gently. That is the "source TanhTrong Equal Causation." Dhammapada has taught
hatred Hatred killed
on life can not have
compassion move hatred
Hatred will kill.

As to the peace and happiness, people must know who to let go of resentment, vengeance taking gifts , resentment will dissipate industry. Persons wishing to make merit, not the temple to pay a heavy retribution by former industrial workers, first self-purification for perfect body and mind, self-greed, hatred and ignorance of themselves, prisoners merit, help help people in need. That allows the best professional practice.
"wellspring Equal Causation In The Emptiness", is itself a people are born in this world is different about the situation, blessings, ability, physical and intellectual mode. Understanding these differences is the righteous thoughts, the Noble Eightfold Path is called right thought. Since then, we will live for people, that is not against that, no more losing, no jealousy and envy hatred with no reason.
We feel the happiness of the people, sharing the suffering of unhappiness, to know how to treat each other with sincerity of heart equally altruistic. If human life is always virtuous, humble heart essence of equality, tolerance and equality for the less blessed than me, is to bring back the good results of peace. Through life no one wants to insult or property seized, or lost my life. These actions may well help, comfort fail, people will respect the honor again.
* Respect for human dignity and dignity of persons as their
property * Respect the property of yourself.
* Respect for human life as his life.

wellspring Equal Emptiness in Buddhism:
the Buddha as a shining example, his piety and social transformation is full of divisive, unfair, or the moral life. Buddha's teachings as "Nature Springs Equal Power" absolute justice, has brought people in society to sit close together. Buddhism teaches, among people with contempt of a look, a gesture should not be laughing.
Today, people come together in the temple, his hands often greet each other a respectful way, which is expressed appreciation Buddha Nature equal importance to the availability of each person, regardless of home or family, or generals rich, poor, high or low status. When greeted each other like that, the human mind becomes humble innocence, the spirit of equality in Buddhism emptiness is felt in worship and celebration regardless of the recipient. Necessarily organic beings the Buddha-nature stage. That picture is beautiful and noble people very respectful of "the eQuality Buddhist Emptiness."
The essence of Buddhism is wisdom itself just pure mind, cultivate the spiritual emptiness comments equality with the Buddha mind, Buddha nature. People want to kill tu greed, hatred, ignorance and selfish pride, back to "the Equal source Emptiness" true nobility by his teachings. The dignity of all people, from all actions by the body and mind from the pure heart that out. Buddhism encourages human nature religious care center, open mind, good root growth, create more good fortune, peace and happiness everywhere. Dhammapada, Buddha
Mind all legal
and artifacts Own
Words or actions
with interest from the pure
happiness will follow me
As the ball did not move.

the right of Equal Power Stream Nature:
When the sublime nature of human beings who have not seen anyone more poor, no longer arrogant conceit nature, people living in the enlightened Buddha nature of "Nature Springs Equal Power," that is always alive with heart-like Buddhas . The truth of peace whose mind is equally well affect ones life around, as well as lucid examples enlightened tha benefit immensely effective. The enlightened man love not the same, but the Buddha-nature are equal. People know how to practice, regardless of home or family, have been humble nature and equity, will reap many benefits to this life. Want to have merit and merit, used boats to pass from suffering infinite suffering from several life life, we try to do 10 things:
mind to direct, passionate effort
sense of shame, terrible sin
Rare Non-toxic, harmful hatred of
no jealousy, pure virtue
not four sen, from the general interest
not despise people, lifestyle and moral
virtue Tu, cultivate the Dharma,
do charity, help life at the
sacrifice, because people forget themselves.
Acts of the direct, discerning wisdom.

Buddha attained enlightenment just one realm of her birth and teachings for 45 years until passing away, leaving many teachings gold pearl precious pearl in the realm of all life. Mind as his great compassion healing children, all practitioners must rely on the teachings of the Buddha was enlightened transmissions, which follow the path wisely, do not go the wrong way on the pagan. The Buddha taught three courses "About Recurring Property" basis, meaning that practitioners have to practice the Buddha's light the torch on the go, to know that sugar cultivation, but the director said.
- About the rules keep children People do not create bad karma.
- Concentration is the practice to practice most radical right to the heart is no longer chaos.
- Knowledge is enlightenment wisdom to liberation of birth and death, the total extinction of ignorance.
In short, Buddhism is director of enlightenment and liberation, the Buddha of compassion and wisdom rank paramount. Enlightened wisdom that life is impermanent, constantly being killed, people change from birth, old age, to illness, death, and understand the multitude of equality regardless of Buddhahood.
loving kindness to put people release karmic afflictions life for generations. The head of nursing practice that compassion, that the precepts, practice meditation, the mind, from freeing itself will be liberated from suffering and birth and death. This is the path of direct results that supreme Buddha Buddha went and taught with great compassion heart sublime.
In the Lotus Sutra, Bodhisattva usually contempt enlightened Buddha nature is equally noble, He also met anyone say: "I did not dare look down to him, because he will become Buddha." Nature is an equal source of enlightenment and liberation of the Buddha mind, Buddha nature which every human being itself. Himself is a lamp to yourself, using the Dhamma as refuge places. Buddha's Dharma is always happy path to goodness full attention to spiritual and moral life brings nobility, to no longer have the pain and sorrow again. Ultimate truth above all is the "source of Equal Emptiness" an absolute selflessness. []
Namo Guru Shakyamuni Buddhist

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