Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

27 - Buddha Nature knoll experience LISTENING TO CHILDREN'S RESIDENTIAL be permanent

White Exalted! The character you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, leaving the generals know dark, bright, dynamic, static, information, bits, bland, salty, where, like ly to mind thoughts of money left but none died itself. So what do people get to practice for Supreme Enlightenment solid as King Diamond, permanent damage is not indestructible like her?

Please shake our great Buddha from the open market place to accept my love!

In the decisive first Buddha taught: "We can only rely students in mind permanent, unchanging, not birth and death place of practice to see the feet of the center, our own Buddha nature." In the decision Monday that the Buddha taught: "Emptiness pure miracle stick where six bases, the need to open a new knot that is enlightenment." In other words you could not take six bases are being attached, the religious delusions of success is very illegal. And finally his passage on the Buddha and Ananda mass should choose one of six bases to local practice as a base root easily eradicated all defilements of ignorance, but that the mind is selected, your Buddha nature . In other words beings simply choose a base easy to access, easy to use that process to break except tu ego, acceptance and gain legal nature, then those who inform his wife while the remaining units are pure .

A Nan has come here he understood that while the effects of more evidence, which was selected as, what is the Bodhi, is Am ma la mode, which is not as rose ... but they all share the nature pure perfection. But he thought that if that money passes away, the earth itself to his mind and killed by. So that the mind and mental self is no longer minister of the self and the state minister of external component things disappear. So what do they get people to practice the basics to enlightenment? OPEN MARKET LISTENING Emptiness is permanent

- A Nan! Now I usually take the short, medium detached his suspicion. Then the Buddha told Rahula he hit a bell, and asked that he Ananda;

- A Nan! Do you hear?
- Having heard. He Nan A public contract and sparse.

Bell called out, no longer known, the Buddha asked that:

- Now he can hear reasonable?

- Do not listen. Revered Bach.

Rahula hitting a bell again, the Buddha asked that:

- He has heard Ananda reasonable?

- Having heard. Revered Bach.

Buddha asked:

- What is he listening? And how shall he not hear?
Mr. A Nan Buddhist transparency and public contracts that:

- Yes, we call bell is heard, off in the long hours, no echo is heard no more.
Buddha told Rahula hit his tone and asked:

- He now has no sound?

- A voice. White Exalted!

In long, bell end on, Buddha asked:

- We now have no voice?

- Not known, revered Bach!


- What he called a language. In what he called silent?
He Nan A public contract and said,

- Having hit the bell, the bell is called a golden hour, second of all long hours, no longer echo the call is not known.

- Nan and Mr A mass that star today he said the crazy mess like that?
democratization and transparency Ananda Buddha:

- Since the Buddha told us where messy and crazy?
Now the new Buddha taught:

- I asked about what he was hearing, the hearing! I asked about the language, the language he is speaking! Only the sound that he heard no certain answer, but not messy What is crazy?

- A Nan! Know, know not the hour or so with no sound. A voice is heard, it does not sound heard is static, not silent, nature is no longer heard. If nature is no longer heard them take what is not known for?

- A Nan! The voice of nature itself is heard life there is death, but not for the life or destroy the nature of the language he heard of the custom options have not. He was a great mistake for a language that I hear, any such discussion often confuses the users, but for a cessation. He should not be mistakenly left the passive, static, dark, light, message, bit, ... is that ... no longer heard. He should understand that Nature does not listen to the "permanent" in the way that it "permanent" even while he was sleeping drunk!

- They are from the cortex, so far, according to the appeal of color, the expectations bar concept that movement, not a reflection nature often pure magic, nature usually takes omission to give up the lines of birth and death. So living in eternal rotation of contamination that must be suffering. If the students know to leave the killing, the feet often to keep clear identity, the mystery-bases green ceiling, green spot of mortal. Because the ceiling is the general structure of delusion and is expected to distinguish the human situation. It leaves two structures, the legal ceiling of his immediate mark in the morning. The perception of time was he aware of the Supreme Chief of variable human perception with the Buddhas of the ten directions, so three generations.

But Ananda had said the confusion is based on Buddha's teachings, but he did not directly receive the confusion this. To explain his suspicions Ananda, now Buddha Rahula false religion reviews ringtones. When asked if you listen to the Buddha, he did not hear a response to Nan also be heard, not heard. By the famous Buddha asked, not English, he also replied Nan A sound, not hours. Ananda himself and the public was confused with the sound heard is not what distinguishes the "base nature" and what is "sense". According to Ananda is not heard when the call is not heard, but if they think the record if it does not hear, how do you know the bell has finished. If nature has destroyed heard, not even when the bell fight, how to be heard? In other words, no language, no hearing is not nature. Or is English, not listening to new-born nature.
Therefore, heard, or heard no sound because the bar ceiling when, after not listening to nature, not because of sound ceiling which is, of no. So listen to know that nature is always whether or not a new language called permanent. In other words they heard the sound, no sound is heard static, not known, the identity is not heard no longer. This is a virtue "often", one of the three properties' regular employees, through "of the atrium base. The proof is in sleep, people can hear the sense of not starting though. In the next chapter, introducing the German Buddha Avalokitesvara atrial based telecoms market to declare that the base of the human ear can hear a nature, permanent, birth and death are not even famous or not famous. If our students can go into the nature of his hearing, all delusions, discrimination, attachment will gradually disappear. From there, select center display appears, showing the Buddha nature.

French Minister of the sound heard is the sound that is born is sound and no sound is the sound away. So is the general birth and death sounds. So if they are born based on appearances, but audio is tu tu as birth and death nature of the generals will never achieve pure feet as a minister because of what birth and death are illusory, deceptive, not true. Hence if the beings in the subtle shifting cultivation is that they will live with the hope charming, magical scene. Kim Cang in doing so, the Buddha has taught:

"If we see the sights with
sound Listen to our
wicked ways He went
not see the Tathagata. "

That is, if students are based on sound Buddhist sights of the religious outlook that is not breaking the attachment, ignorance negativity never see the Buddha mind, Buddha nature is not seen as Lai.

Nose, tongue, body and mind are the same. When the nose smells, the smell that smell, the smell, the smell unclean valve that smell fishy. If you do not smell the nose back to the neutral nature is nature still smell, but no flavor to receive. When is salty, bland, the taste of your tongue, but if you do not have any smell, the tongue returned to its neutral nature, not nature is no longer taste. In short in addition to the distinction loves, happy, upset, right or wrong, than lose, good or bad the nature of the world that hear, smell, taste, touch, know there is still always a regular also in all beings. It is the feet and the nature center resident card, not net as he lost Ananda skeptical.

From the cortex, and people have a habit of running the sound identity is running under a general birth and death that usually miss the character who should spell rotation forever in polluted industrial attachments that create happy to bear the suffering of samsara. Now if that escapist sense, remove the discrimination and promote awareness pin is usually quiet clear delusions, distinguishing love and attachment disappeared permanent nature center is a wise practice to go to local workers permanent direct result of the Buddha. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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