Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

    Each year, in Lent, To Dinh Tu Quang (Montréal, Canada) has organized courses for Housing Studies An Tu quarter we gathered around the research classic range, practice Buddhism, radio writers, the bodhisattva world, the living Buddha, tie up boys, preparing boys think giving, offering, for Buddha meditating, chanting prophecy.

    Traditional building materials are from the Buddha, to benefit all sentient beings in many ways. After wandering through the director in May, depending on the circumstances, the lifestyle and daily activities of every individual, not how to avoid disturbing moments are dominant, let the sparkling center.
    Again, insects typically thrive in the rainy season, so to end the mind-dues, compassionate nursing head, trampled avoid insect life, monks should still set a place for pure tu .

    Later this quarter we practitioners, Lent becomes very important to cultivate, promote the two-fold: compassion and wisdom. This is the opportunities they are teachers of religion and the sufficiency level, prompted to apply his teachings in daily life practice.

    Through the ups and downs, from the domestic to overseas, the German head Venerable Quang Dinh From the happy demeanor, dignified appearance, speech, gentle, compassionate heart, is a beacon projector am.
    The supreme spiritual leader of the Church, the Buddhist World's Vietnam. Age cranes but high virtue and his wisdom is always the example to follow from them.

    Every year, in Lent, To Dinh Tu Quang (Montréal, Canada) has organized courses for Housing Studies An Tu quarter we gathered around the classic range of research, practice Buddhism, radio writers, the bodhisattva world, the living Buddha, son tie up, prepare boys think giving, offering, for Buddha meditating, chanting prophecy.

    Like every year, this year was blessed enough grace, we attended a study of religious organizations to settle in Quang Dinh Tu, feel the benefit immensely, by the grace of merit triem Venerable Head of the German text Religious faith, as well as the distribution center to contribute, the result, offering material resources, financial resources and strength of four of them gathered there.
    Please record honestly happy to share and pray with people fortunate in attending next year to further the interests on the way of practice.

    2-week time course study of extremely short-settled practice with self-discipline, such as not talking much, keep a calm mind, the course on time, gave them four boundless joy, feeling cultivation practice is somewhat more advanced than ever before.
    People are living in true freedom of the cultivators, the constraints, obstacles, suffering, the sorrow, from inner to external, not long ago let go, as the release date.
    In the world today, there is so much material support, people almost satisfy the needs and ambitions. But few people see what freedom really?

    Human mind is always tied to the world, harassed and driven by lust and selfishness. Only the path is the path to freedom, helping people overcome all sorrow and suffering.

    The main living areas of religious studies courses settled in the chief temple Tu Quang power, very beautifully designed, soft light in a cool, high ceilings lit, spacious, serene, quiet heroes and mighty seriously.

    Statues of Buddha in meditation posture, eyes closed, smile serene smile, the most obvious symbol of enlightenment and liberation, is secure the most solemn place. The two sides are statues of Bodhisattva Guanyin Bodhisattva Earth Store Bodhisattva and simple and dignified.

    Every morning we wake up very early, light footsteps on the hall quietly, sitting in his seat, standing feet and meditate in silence. 30 minutes of meditation before each letter morning sophisticated locking Surangama Player, allowing practitioners to return to the pure mind, avoid these moments of stress, noise, annoyance, feel the comfort, happiness interior.

    Text To teach:
    Provincial Court of autism too.
    Nhan talks regardless of cost.

    Sit quietly to reflect, recognize our mistakes. At idle the wrong discussion, the unloading of the people. The province is located or meditation helps to achieve spiritual bliss infinite happiness, courage, seeing the rough off, wrong themselves and develop their inner strength.
    Effort to overcome the treatment solution, increasing confidence in life, see the legal world is transient, impermanent, changing in every moment, every moment, every breath in and out.

    The key word for word the Prime Surangama and lock the Lotus Sutra or the prophecy, giving utterance, as well as people listened to settle pleased to acquire the precious teachings of Lord Buddha and brought immediately applied in everyday life , especially the research on religious practice in the key group to settle at home from Quang.
    Pure air of solemn chanting sessions more confident prophecy of the Buddha's middle path where the Buddhas were only present, text and text to lead the Organization Religious faith money monks in daily practice religious life. There are no settled religious studies course like this, make the teaching process does not begin until today.
    Life practice in a group of people, rather Religious faith and fellow practitioners often remind people, the mind is always alert, always vigilant, not to the mental outlook outlook karmic concept has arisen in the minds and all must reside in the present.
    To obtain such kindness, compassion, emotional joy, equanimity to silver around the place, everywhere throughout their course of study settled cultivation, the mind is not anger, not bigotry, no more losing, no non-market, not looking at human error, not petty jealousy envy, do not lose the positive value of the practice.
    Buddha is a natural step master multiplication, rank omniscient perfection of virtue, has achieved certification through, just to teach the path to enlightenment and liberation from them evenly and equally.
    Behooves us how to live, practice how to preserve the teaching how to achieve the end goal of Buddhism, for Buddha's children deserve, whether at home or renunciation.

    Sunset in human birth and death, life is so short, all this life after life born again, depending on each person's karma. People do not like to see that truth, to forget the truth, to be living in a dream, get happy illusion of life comfort, find legal documents word for word easy, easy on the other realms of pleasure, to continue to enjoy!
    So, whether spiritual or monastic home, people often forget that he is the author, must watch, must take steps, which go on automatically to light the torch, lit torches right measures, to enlighten the path of the path, not to fall into the wrong direction due to the tail of yourself!

    In fact, people are living longer, it is also living longer suffering, but anxious, worried. Let's look at reality by awakening the mind, not the attachment, what it is over, let the past is always, not attached, people would be to remove as many as late troubles, the suffering!
    In the context of the key research pure tu settled, then people will find the appropriate discipline method for inborn level of their own circumstances, do not waste precious time!

    He says:
    "Nhon body obtained nan
    Noble to lead nan ".

    Body is difficult. Dharma is difficult to meet. This life is a human body, to meet fellow practitioners, met the Dharma in the course of this research to settle religious, religious people are determined to advance, not waiting any longer, except to clean the polluted heart envy envy , greed, hatred, ignorance.

    After the elaborate lock light, people can enjoy the flavor tea or hot coffee. There are business people around the Buddhist concept Bodhisattva Guanyin statue cast in the yard strike from Quang Organization.
    Some people attend exercise classes or qigong class. Meanwhile, many people have the responsibility to develop and street boys prepare breakfast served to the public. Committee composed worry boys prepare things ready the night before.
    morning, the boys and women in the developed real wake up early, around 4 am, while people still slept, flung it to cook the elbow large vo ceiling shaped cakes at the smart, interesting moves fast ball was rolled to elaborate, to serve the public hundreds of people attending religious studies can settle the frugal meals, health to be good practice!

    Referring to the boys and women in the preparation, one must tilt his admiration, praise diligent effort and heart the religion, because the broadcast nature practitioners, not managing the heavy day to light, an always smiling contact with the pan fried to a large map, the soup giant, towering boxes of vegetables, clothes sometimes blur the white flour, cooking oil, and especially elderly women always have a hard fight pain thick belt back, hidden beneath a kitchen apron! ...
    There she said instrument, I was in the hospital on, sounding a settled religious studies course, linked to the temple, if there is something slightly lighter to help, support arms that leg, but came here to see work too superficial chaos , forgot the disease, thanks to the Bodhisattva blessing, as always a few days and then, very healthy!

    Every drop of sweat on his face stretched in May, more than 70 age, many elderly women do not even Bodhisattva's life, but clearly the Bodhisattva, dedicated effort to take public service attended religious studies settled, as one does not plead fatigue, heart of the old woman as precious gems, To teach the words practice words: Serving them as offerings to the Buddhas born!

    So everyone, no one told anyone, all precious things in mind the old woman because you made the effort ingenious, meticulous hard day and night, no waste, no praise mode!
    Prior to real life, people are interested to quiet thoughts and senses.

    Tam subject:

    ** A prayer is not the evil,
    ** Two is willing to do good works hard,
    ** Third pray all sentient beings.

    Five place:

    ** One is thinking very hard effort of owners such as the food offerings,
    ** Two is considered a virtue worthy of the character to life,
    ** Three greed is preventing eating habits and mode of praise,
    ** Four is considered as food animal medicine food poverty,
    ** In the temporary use real animals to good health practices.

    Three problems and word senses as a means to fill the spiritual center for photography, before and during the animal life make donations to the growth of compassion and wisdom.
    The meeting rooms offering boys, boys rising very stately calm, four are dedicated practitioners chant for owners such families and for all beings in the world ever to meet the legal right to perform legal practice until enlightenment and liberation.
    Four continents are legal practitioners in harmony, despite differences in origin, inside or outside the church, but all distinguish any option, treat equality, purity and harmony, from physical to mental , please accept peace work, the way, helping each other to talk big about small, the heavy or light work, all knowing and loving each other in a direction of the food for meditation place during religious studies course settle To Dinh Tu in Quang. That practice is actually true.
    Ton Duc Venerable Master Chief though age 90, still regularly look after the work, presided over the grand concert, teaching business law to review our quartet, the concert proved the presentation of the artist in the Hoang Housing The family's legal Tu Quang. The economic lectures, sermons, speeches were attended by numerous local sincerely and practitioners in the quarter we settled religious studies course.
    Ton Duc Venerable Master Chief as an ancient forest in meditation place, provide security training are the words teaching, composing himself in the texts of Buddhism in general, type, and explain thoroughly the wall to take each sentence, each word of the Lord Buddha for the quarter are clearly understood, is more beneficial over an application to practice.

    In the one or th full moon day, as well as on net growth, slapping ceremony also announced the interest of the German Head of Venerable Master Sun, utterance of duty world, reveals repent, remind them of mind to let go four lung in daily life, to know you and repent when Tam mistakes, no one no mistake, it is important to find and repair that.
    Keeping practitioner's obligation is complete virtue, majesty economic behavior, self-help, for practitioners of behavior from them, reduce suffering depression faith, growing inner happiness.

    He says:
    "Mind the law. Italian artifacts all evil. "
    Four practitioners so they need to maintain peaceful courteous words, avoid actions upset others, unfair treatment options regardless of whether front or back.
    In short, the religious order of teaching business ethics law review, they are four questions about the practice, reminding each other of violating behavior, photography pure mind, exchange experiences and practices, cultivation, growing direct relationship status , the passionate direction, leading to the relations of friendship with high educational value, it's blessing from them, so the Buddha Lent is appreciated.

    He says: In fact all the qualities of life are crucial in the quarterfinals of friendship between those who prefer the good, the love of brotherhood, and aspiration. A bhikkhu good friends with, who you socialize promising practices and fullness of the Path, you release the same as him for himself.

    Over the years, throughout the quarter we were kind of reformatory triem merit of the German head of the same text Venerable Religious faith, blessings of life that made the body, to be met and that Dharma practice, we First issue bowed, respectful and grateful prayer threshold Jewels lobe from grace and blessing to witness the German head of the same text Venerable Religious faith can look down security measures, of being allergic, property registration is often shown, Dharma chu member, soon to Buddhahood.


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