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THE Enlightened
(Patrul Rinpoche)

for prayer and to recite

Dilgo KHUYENTSE commentaries.
At first I imagined one,
we stick to a self.
Then a self delusion,
we cling to the outside world.
As water wheel water wheel,
we turned round in vain.
The Lord's Prayer,
compassion - started out to all beings. Chandrakirti. OHM MANI PADME HUM

INTRODUCTION Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa By saving classic transmission of unbroken lineage.
Being departure from Shakyamuni Buddha - the teacher of human nature,
good father of four species, please ask me a glass master.
I often said, he only refuge - the Buddha, France, up - to eliminate three new jewels industry - clean out disturbing ignorance.
I also know when ignorance is destroyed, a new deep clear: "All beings in the legal world, even an insect smallest also want to be happy and do not want suffering. " I know only happiness comes from good deeds and bad deeds back pain but only brought in unwittingly, I often turn their backs happy to go against what he escorted. I now realize that: "It is impossible to stop their suffering but still indulge in evil deeds, or you'll never be happy if not through the acts, words and good thoughts. "

Receive any child has a life of action, are also the expression of body, speech, Italy. But only the body and can not sleep, he was born to act, or act of language itself and only happens when the mind (that) decision. From beginningless time until now, I often indulge in the mind arises plenty of bad behavior. So now I wander forever in the birth and death. The birth and death from life after life, so much that a being can have as parents, brothers, wives, children, friends and relatives in the past and are likely to be parents, wife and children, brothers or relatives in the future. They are like a blind man wandering astray no one help the suffering in samsara. However, if only with compassion itself is not enough. They should have a practical help. But, as long as your mind is limited by taking approved, then the material provided or love is just a temporary solution. Something fragile happiness. What you need to do is find a way to free them from suffering ordinary. Through the shelves of the great gurus Patrul Rinpoche. A necessary vibrations coming from the dark realm of the unconscious. Con suddenly realized: "This can only happen if you take the teachings of the Buddha-France - Increase in action."

To go into action, you have to clear huge attitude, perfect Bodhi Tam. Bodhichitta also means "enlightened thought" in two ways.
A is = How to beings with equal compassion regardless of friend or foe. So standing with compassion in mind, I have to do good deeds, even offering a candle or reciting a mantra, are located in the desire to benefit all sentient beings who do not leave a remnant. The However, if only to feel compassion, not enough to really help living beings - it is the inability of the child if the child does not do any practical action to rescue and take them to the happy place. I have understand that the very good fortune to be born into the world was Buddha's birth and teaching methods, was the teaching by opening spiritual teacher, so I have to use the precious life to progress on the path to freedom .

With equal compassion, the desire to liberate all beings from samsara reincarnation. For sure I'll accomplish that noble intentions. So, do not you wish your target user to be directed toward low that the ultimate purpose Bodhichitta.
Second target = Media Wisdom is the realization of emptiness to achieve enlightenment for the sake of others.
With both aspects of this Bodhichitta:
1. Skilful aspect of this Hall.
2. Wisdom aspect of emptiness.
Never separated from each other - family practitioner like a bird and two dimensions are the two wings. We can not be separated, you need to know how to understand that "Nobody can achieve enlightenment by the General Bi or just the realization of Emptiness."
Do Duc Hanh engine trivial, certainly bring some happiness but temporary. The one time it will go away, so I continued the joke lost in samsara. Do all acts of virtue as, say, think is metabolized by bodhicitta. Happiness will never grow continuously depleted. The children have to look inside, testing the main engine mind you , because it decides any behavior good or bad. Doctrine of the Buddha is focused on perfecting the mind to go to Full Truth Thien My, but your mind is simply a thought out and remember a myriad of ideas out. Should you need to complete my mind means: "If the mind is a virtue, ie tame your mind and vice versa." teachings in the law can bring beings to Buddhahood fullness. So when I received these teachings, I must escape from the consequences and implications of the habit of stopping smoothly and clearly. You have to concentrate on teaching mindfulness perfect to complete six application - eliminating three shortcomings, six from infection and in the wrong way:

What is called the perfect six, three defects, six from infection and in the wrong way:
1. Six complete so-called six paramitas, or super Vietnamese actions, the complete guide from birth and death as:
- Generous.
- Tri world.
- Patience.
- Tinh tons.
- Focus.
- Wisdom.
2. Three cons : Also known as the three shortcomings of the container:
- Do not focus on teaching the same as turning.
- Forget teaching as usual with holes.
- Play with the mind full of bad thoughts as dirty pots.
3. After that infected :
- Play with pride that we as teachers. - Listen without faith, trying to find fault where the fault of the teaching and seeing him. - calmly with teachings that are or not is not important. - distracted by around or retreat into hiding to be more severe. - Annoyed, saying that teaching is too long or hostile situations. - Boredom thought impossible to follow the teaching or can not attain enlightenment.

4. In the wrong way:
- Remember that words do not mind. - Remember that not remember. - Me and words but not realize that the ultimate intention. - Remember the word and meaning but confused order. - Remember that wrong.

The teachings that I learned from this lecture is named Duc Hanh in the beginning, middle and end. It is also known as The Practice view, meditation and action, is the Treasures of the Enlightened Mind of the Guru Rinpoche sprul.
All Buddhist teachings, though that is different but the ultimate goal is to lead to liberation. This difference, nothing is likely to reflect the trends and characteristics of each deviation from the author . Actually all the same release. According to tradition, teaching is divided into three sections: INTRODUCTION, the main part and conclusion. Each section focuses on a particular topic.

- Part I refers to the damage and misery of being in an era of darkness.
- Part II talks about the view, meditation (faith) and actions (behavior) of waste and tantric scriptures.
- Part III talks about freedom from worldly concerns.
Son of the Lord's Prayer and the Supreme master threshold level of the infinite universe, Great Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
kindness of all sentient beings covered all errors are not excessive.
Who embodies compassion not separate realms immense Buddhist Center.
Because compassion is central to teaching, the compassion from which all of the vast depth of the bodhisattva path arose.
Heart of Bi enlightened mind itself.
Con bowing his glasses, he is the biological child of all the Buddhas,
it is the foundation from which the birth of the Buddha and all Buddhas as well as in the life Dharmaraja.
The highest grades are known as Tri Hui and Dai Bi completely free birth and death.
Con and provided the feast of the threshold level of Compassion Supreme Equal.
Son of the feast, he who represents all three refuges.
He is all Buddhas, all French, all increase as the teacher, is the way, is a companion guide.
Con homage to the devotion of the shore.
Son of the feast,
the Supreme Master of the Universe infinite and ask for the wisdom inspired by this.

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