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To become a Buddhist.

Buddha taught the monks who are responsible for maintaining the Dharma, while the Buddhists have an obligation to upholding the Dharma, the Dharma is to make people see through the lives of individuals and families Buddhist moral leap. It is our responsibility to fulfill the Buddhist people to direct and contribute to life is Truth and Goodness in the spirit of Buddhism.

K said hi to a temple, Buddhist, Buddha, chanting, monks Penitential sermon listening means that people have confirmed themselves as Buddhists, but from a Buddhist to become a Buddhist to to have more positive elements of both aspects of and reason: The performance is to temple rituals, worship, chanting, worship, repentance by his religious teacher that, through images, pictures , of the implementation of the teachings in the life application. make teaching into a reality that there are benefits to individuals and families. That is contributing to a flourishing Buddhist.
A. Create Buddhism does not require a Buddhist to practice hard, but must reflect the spirit of the Buddha through life, like how the body should prostrate, mouth chanting, Buddha, Buddha proclaimed effective canopy, shopping exchange, mindful attention to the center. Tam industry body, speech, mind always calm, how to personal ethics is good sublimation. That is one method that Buddhist practice and practice to on the way to liberation.
A memory of the Buddha taught monks who are responsible for maintaining the Dharma, while the Buddhists have an obligation to upholding the Dharma, the Dharma is to make people see through the lives of individuals and families imbued with Buddhist morality. It is our responsibility to fulfill the Buddhist people to direct and contribute to life is Truth and Goodness in the spirit of Buddhism.

I. Buddhist WHY?
1) The origin & meaning
a / Origin

K hi Buddha's lifetime and after Buddha's passing, to show respect for moral teacher, graphic drawing Buddhists to worship Buddha. Story legend of the Buddha to supply air to the sermon and Performance Where the mother of three consecutive months. King Dharma Vu Dien admired most often to Buddhist monasteries, far far away feel Buddha should have remembered the wrong artist portraits to admire him. After the Buddha returned to the King has brought transparency to the Buddha that he smiled and began following the worship Buddha portrait disciples followed Him from generation to generation until today.

b / The meaning of the Buddhist

Q ua legend story begins with the portrait, is merely a brand in mind of a disciple of Buddha, and then gradually ⮠ become admired, respected, appreciated. We see children in society to worship ancestors, parents express filial piety. People make the temple of national hero express our admiration for mirror self-sacrifice for the people. This represents " water source tree has roots, fruit trees planted to remember who "is replicated in the moral sense to people. So Buddhists more than anyone apart from choosing a religious teacher to find refuge in the path of truth must also demonstrate all three aspects: gratitude, admiration and respect.
o T contingency with gratitude Buddhism: Buddhists in addition to creating objects, bell, building temples offering alms deeds, and be aware of the Buddha as a religious teacher has the qualities we need machung learning to follow so that the user himself goes to the rescue as his enlightenment. Through Buddhist images off the source of our mind, making it shine with virtues of compassion and equality.
o T contingency admiration for Buddhism : Buddhists respect the Buddha does not mean worship, praise, worship as a divine blessing, the breakdown of which we admired him through the qualities: Bi, Tri and Dung ( very afraid compassion, infinite wisdom and extraordinary heroes .) Three main virtues of this particular performance has helped build a Buddhist man has mercy, a happy family and social context of conversion. Admire the Buddha is that we set up charges for myself on the way he went.
o T contingency Buddha with reverence: venerated Buddhist does not mean we are gods of the Buddha that we honor him with a belief that a supreme human virtue, shown the way for us to grow progress on the spiritual path. On that Buddhists who follow the Buddhist path to enlightenment, so that the revered Buddhist religion for purposes we also show the good behavior to follow the Buddha has shown that, in life.

2 / should worship the Buddha or Bodhisattva does?

C basil know that the Buddha has the virtue of perfection, an example that we can rely to his place of practice. Buddhist refuge where virtue is that, not because he favors Christmas blessing, but according to the wish of every person felt the Buddha that we feel like. For outside the church Buddhism Mahayana Buddha, Maitreya, Amida, with the ... besides Buddhists often worship as Guanyin Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra, Earth Store Bodhisattva .... also this makes Buddhists do not determine the consistency of the Buddha or Bodhisattva worship. Also from cognitive distortions Buddhist spiritual make-born Buddhists worship Buddha, bodhisattvas are no longer a simple way to become " polytheistic "worshiping Buddha, Bodhisattva flashes flicker, loss all seemed solemn. Our era is the era of science should be as simple as possible, because simplicity is dignified. We should be unique worship Buddha as her religious teacher Ta plane, because his image close to the doctrine that we are doing, he is also the Temple both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism are religions church. Concept must worship a Buddha is the worship of all Buddhas.

3) Buddhist Church where appropriate?
V IEC Buddhist shrine for Buddhists is essential because in addition to determine the confidence expressed jewels, and a sense reminds us every day. So the worship of Buddha must be in place solemn, dignified by no means solemn images of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that solemn ta.Vi themselves to Buddhist teaching, " is dignified self-dignified Buddha mode ". Indeed, the scene solemn Buddhist places of worship for Buddhists is to create an optimistic belief joy when Buddha, chanting. Thus, Buddhist should not be cumbersome, but churches that have aesthetic, because it creates the aesthetic beauty of an elegant fit with the spirit of simplicity, freedom of Buddhism.
N knees that Buddhists can hang Buddha images where the living room, reading rooms, classrooms ... where we work every day, helping us to remember the happy Buddha with the healing that she needs to follow, whenever the negative conditions that against our left, the Buddha as a teacher next to remind them every moment of it.

II. T BOOTS BUSINESS, Ceremony & nembutsu
1 / origin meaning the chanting, Buddha & Buddha Recitation
a) Why chant?

K hi Buddha passed away about three months, the disciples of the Buddha realized the importance of the Buddha in the world and aware of the length of his teaching should have gathered in Rajgir read the teachings of the Buddha. Religion is the author Ananda Buddha attendant logistics mass should be said to suggest the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism called the Kinh, Ba Ly Pros reread the rules called the Vinaya and later discuss more things related to the teachings of the Buddha called Abhidharmic. We can say this was the first set to codify the teachings of Buddha, about 200 years from the date of Buddha's passing away, has repeatedly said that they read the Buddha is known as " aggregation classic "but until about the year 83 BC in writing the new record and the median first cause this is read or recite the Buddha's teachings until nay.Viec to Buddhist chanting is not consistent over the household, a thriving " make food "that prayer in order to realize the mystery of economic sense to apply the practice in life.

b) Why the Buddha?

L Australia Buddha's lifetime with the Indian customs at that time, O is a tribute to the Masters every time to hear the Buddha preach. Therefore, as well as Buddhist monks have knelt neatly folded hands bowed three bows, two feet end up Buddha and put his forehead on his feet, then walked around the Buddha three times called " Buddhist influences " , then sat down. This is the Buddha implicitly accepted as a disciple of revered masters, rather than a dogma is mandatory. After the passing away of Buddha's disciples still refer to him as also in the forms of ritual and reverence that remained of his disciples in today.
o L e 3 bowing before the Buddha read his words to remember when listening to the ancient are bowed so preaching. Three bow is symbolic of jewels in the world, while bowing to his knees, hands out like the horse is raising his legs and bent back the Buddha achieved his forehead on both palms. O in doing so-called " mind-respectful ceremony . " In Buddhism the Buddha also bowed out, clearly comprehend the multitude of problems, this is the Buddhist concept of the Buddhist Buddha, reciting over economic life and meditation. If you do not realize this Buddhist prone accept: as the Bac Ly, understand the reason they forget, this is the patient need to know to modify the house came into the Dharma.

V e are two ways of bowing
Pride festival : Lord Buddha's mind has failed, but the mind does not bow to outside of glass, bowing to get there, head to the ground without standing up bent over a sloppy way.

The name of the holiday : O let others know that you are bowing, in order to compliment her, but when no one is lazy, not to worship great prize.

V e of a 4 allows bow

Development of pure celebration: A Buddhist bows comprehend the realm of Buddhas, Lord Buddha is a Buddhist bowing all, my bow is a bow to both understand the French legal world as Buddha have information content.
France's entry ceremony variables : When people recognize customary bow to the Buddha's mind itself is not the legal world apart.
Chief customary ceremony : Lord Buddha was taken from his own mind, because all beings are equal visual identity " in the flesh is not holy rising down "as this idea. So Buddha is not outside the coast outside the dominant, so forget the Buddha inside, the ancients used to say " of course that district feet "(slash where the author to find out the truth)
It's equality minister ceremonies : the Lord Buddha mind " celebration features holiday emptiness of citizenship "(the ceremony and the ceremony will be empty), also known as the holy flesh is not whether or not the other.
Four reasons for taking it on the profound, if not the ultimate reflection of nature is hard to understand a legitimate reason to be.

c) Why do we have to recite the Buddha?
Mindfulness is the Buddha nature concept or thought in mind of his own senses, this method enables the practitioner to reach a state of mind, not up from the negativity. The same seed was sown in the realm of Bliss, after passing close to the public network will be born.
N iem Buddhism is derived from a story: "A Soap World is the Qin Emperor and Empress Ba Sa La Vi to Hy, as heard instigated by Devadatta, his throne in captivity in the dungeons, not for food to be starving. Queen goes to Hy know that so please visit, she sneak up on people food, to bring the jail to the king to eat. A Snake know immediately ordered the detention Queen, in it was extremely painful, Queen tribute to Buddha. Buddha also felt the mind of the Queen appeared to be preaching about the practice to recite the Buddha Amitabha Buddha in the West and her teaching methods Contemplation of life. Thanks to cultivate the practice after the death of Queen is reborn. "

N iem in the spirit of Buddha's Pure Land are many, here refers to several methods:
Tri Buddha-Name concept: professional practitioner of Buddha Amitabha in mind every day when you wake up in four postures (walking, lying, sitting) to sleep for the thoughts are not interrupted.
Join nembutsu-saving: It can be said to take a phone question of Zen, as the Buddhist concept always observe, question: Mindfulness Buddha is?, Buddhist concept come from?, come and go on Where? ...

-Quan Buddhist memorial: yogi sitting in front of Buddha observe the general good of the Buddha, through focused observations that permeate the mind long practitioner of any disorder of mind.
-Quan Buddhist monument: the yogi visualizes the image of Amitabha Buddha, walking uninterrupted, always will see the front of the Buddhist practitioner.
It nembutsu-General: Executive nembutsu reach the author may choose not mind being killed, as motionless, no longer functions and departments ( the idea and concept question ) here is the Buddhist concept of the " reasons " to 4 methods on drugs, " the "" idea to the very new concept is to select the concept . "
In the above method, the practitioner of Buddhist concepts, the Buddhist concept selection " shall recite the Buddha's name "as easy to implement. Also idea that the Buddha Amitabha Buddhists also recite the Buddha Shakyamuni, Avalokiteshvara ...

d) Meaning of the benefits of chanting, Buddha & Buddhist concepts:

- A reading chanting to experience the Buddha's teachings and blessings that I did not have the grace to hear the Buddha speak French from the metal gate and through prayer we contemplate the thought of his teachings from which to practice religious file. The purpose of chanting is to understand the profound sense of prayer, so that business can do well over the long economic life of the Buddha and is consistent with the level of awareness of oneself. The important point is the utterance of business is to understand the economic reasons for trying to do, live with texts, not only for more or less recite this prayer or other high or low economic, business industry has blessed this objective, other economic business pour.
- L e is the celebration of Buddha's noble virtues of the Buddha, Lord helps us to reduce our arrogant pride, high drain. Oh he is looking forward to emulate the virtues of compassion and joy of the Buddha Bodhisattva discharge, in addition to, not because the purpose would the Buddha, Bodhisattvas grace the household. Buddha was a spiritual manifestation of the Buddhist direction upstream of the enlightened we are heading to practice academic freedom.

- About Personal : When chanting, the Buddha mind set on writing business practitioners and tuongPha they pay homage to six faculties ( eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind) should place itself a photographic memory, speech and mind let not create negative karma lung.
- About the family : the family if anyone knows chanting, Buddhist ceremony, the family has a moral lifestyle and net wages due through prayer, hours open, and that enlightened holidays. If the family heard the chanting, that other people do not like the Buddha but also reduce the noise, there is a crush, family harmony so that feel good.
- On those around us : In those hours chanting Buddha incense mingles with the sound on rhythm Mo mixed bell bank can make the people around wake of love back to reality, when looking find a good worship experience and sound into ears, the mind suggests to him a gesture towards the upper.
A. To conclude this section we check the word silver in Hu Lu course of Tran Thai Tong to see clearly the true meaning of chanting, meditation, recite the Buddha and the Buddha:
Buddha Buddha fake glasses more virtuous,
Buddhism Buddhist Mindfulness sensations more grace,
Buddhist morality of spending the author,
Buddha Auditorium economic costs of false intelligence,
Situated Buddhist meditators achieve more scenes,
Join Buddhist meditators spend half the heart,
Lecture false complacency that Buddha spent.
Translation :

Buddha is the Buddhist virtues of glass,
Buddhist concept of the Buddha's kindness is felt,
Precepts of Buddhism is the unfortunate,
View business is the reason for the Buddha,
Meditation is to reach the scene of the Buddha,
Meditation to the mind of the Buddha,
Lecture to the full will of the Buddha.

III.VAN To Vegetarianism

V set diet in people's lives is one of the indispensable requirements, so that the folk often say: " eat a piece of shabby pieces, losing a piece of liver on the first fight . " Indeed people live in society joust with each other but also because eating out. Buddhism is not negative in the food business, so the Buddha also said " the body that survive by eating, by eating that development , "the main reason that so many people make is just as close to business for myself, at the time a Prince once he lamented, " life, living by the dead . " Thereby we see that Buddhists are not vegetarian because of " solid food "or food dedoi for delicious dishes that the practice is important that people make are the benefits for themselves for the family community and society.

1) Mo opinions & interests of fasting cuaviec

T rong Buddhist vegetarian tradition is derived on the net? Period of the Buddha in the vegetarian or eat meat (?) There are questions of many Buddhists to hear or see in Buddhism why so many views and expressions of eating the same?. The contents of this article we only refer to the stance of vegetarianism as a method of practice is indispensable for the Buddhists. On the point we are not criticizing the guide contains two classic Buddhist ideology, to prepare for the Buddhist view on the right than most vegetarian reaffirmed their practice and whether this is opportunity for the Buddha's compassion and care to avoid karmic cause and effect in the present and future, based on the teachings of the Buddha over two main schools are Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism as the evidence theory Buddhist vegetarian.

a / The view of Theravada
P particles Theravada teachings that the Buddha is not questioned are vegetarian is the top criteria for the liberation not of fasting that is; eat healthy is to get to practice their religion is thus conceived Vegetarianism is not present in early Buddhism.
T Yi both Theravada Buddhist monks in many countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos ... some countries practice the Theravada Buddhist monks and some practice the Theravada PG Vietnam retains this tradition. The concept of Theravada that they themselves do not kill, do not encourage others to kill, do not rejoice because the killing and did not transgress the killing. There was Devadatta had asked the Buddha promulgated to prohibit the Bhikkhu not eat meat, the Buddha did not accept him saying: "The fish can eat as clean with three cases ( eight net flesh ) eaters do not see, hear, no doubt pleased that the animal was killed for his own. " In a paragraph Amagandha Buddha told Jivaka " bad qualities of people do sin in many ways, worse than a lot of carnivorous fish . "
T rong Hinayana Buddhist thought has led a review of Kimura Taiken a paragraph from a function: "I want to live, do not want to die, want to be happy does not want suffering. If he who has claimed the life of me, I have fun?. If I'm not happy, then others are not happy when I rob them of life and was happy. Besides his ordinary something do not like the others did not like. .. "
Q ua those cited above we see that Theravada Buddhists that the impurity of the people not the food, but it is greed, hatred, ignorance, cunning, pride, Jealousy .... create negative karma. Because the concept of such so am fasting or saline is not required, because the Buddha and his disciples have traditionally lived on the alms " eat to live, not live to eat . "

b / Point of Mahayana Buddhism

Contrary to the concept of Mahayana Buddhism that all Buddhists are not nurturing compassion for some reason that does not make sense of compassion in the life of Buddha.

- V IEC vegetarian after Buddha Buddhism entered Niet development to the north and thrive at 274-232 (13th century BC) era Asoka (Asoka King), an emperor Buddhist vegetarian and encouraging people to vegetarianism, the King also banned any act of killing an animal to the divine sacrifice, the hunting in the woods, the river is prohibited. He built several stone inscribed the precepts and teachings of the Buddha, a stone marked " Do not take life culture of life. By the straw, if any insects in it, should not puzzle t ".
- K hi Buddhism was introduced in the country of China under the Liang dynasty (502-594 BC), the court has banned all meat and fish food at the banquet held in the palace and ask people to vegetarianism, the king is also forbidden to kill animals in the divine sacrifice Daoism (Taoism), forbidden to use animals such as geckos, snakes, tigers ... medicine. By the Tang Dynasty of vegetarianism has been encouraging the court, until the Ming Dynasty there Hoa Thuong Van World - Chau Hoang (1565-1615) was the positive Xien fasting dramatically, not only recommend that vegetarians also encourage people to release birth.

About Business Mahayana

T rong sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, more sporadic the Buddha said to the prohibition of eating meat:
- The old Lang (Lankavatara ) "There may be some followers of confusion when I was passing away I do not know the teachings and the teachings of the patch we can conclude that mistake; I allow them to eat meat and the I also eat meat. It would be wrong. how people are residing in the compassion, ascetic practice and try to follow the Mahayana path, it can protect others eat animals ?. After I had made ​​the rules about eating, not eating meat regulations on the ...".
- Surangama Sutra " N guoi amendment reinforced the ceiling out of employees, if such interest except murder, then could not escape, although many current cash position, which surely should not kill off the leading spirits crackers. .. The other species also spirits which they each claim to have had a supreme enlightenment, after passing it, in life degenerate, this kind of lively spirits on earth, say to yourself eat well to achieve Bodhi ....".
- The Nirvana: " Hey Ca Houttuynia, starting from today onwards, the Tathagata does not allow meat eating customer documents, if the forum offered to bring Vietnam to see her as carcass meat ban all minh.Nhu Lai disciples not to eat any meat do. "
- In another passage, a clear day Ananda Buddha:
- "Sir, why before the Buddha to his disciples to eat" three pure humiliation "but now he was forbidden to eat meat?.
- Buddha said : " Because of his proficiency in the dawn is poor, the territory can not ... until now he has a high degree of absolute prohibition should we eat meat. "

c / vegetarian perspective of the Western
H iện world now have two diets: a diet of foods with vegetables, whole grains, but the East that it is vegetarian, but a different mode is the fish meat and food processing prepared from fish, animals. Science has made ​​the study suggests that diseases such as myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke, some cancers are caused by eating animal flesh, butter substances, edit. Comparing the two above mentioned diet is a diet food vegetables, beans have more health, less disease than eating fish. This has proven to us that victims of mad cow meat in England in 1998 and chicken in Hong Kong in 1999, created the crisis lasts to this day remains an obsession for many countries world, the import of this meat. Ms. Linda Gilbert president of the company's director Heath Focus (Counselling and marketing) in the U.S., said: "It seems that vegetarians are all filled with food stalls and heath is on the way into the mainstream American life "and she concluded:" Trends to reduce or stop eating meat will continue. " In today's world ecological problems and the Association to protect wildlife tend to be more and more, showing respect for the living spirit of the West tends to develop; Dr. Albert Schweitzer , Nobel Laureate for Peace, said: "k hip kill creatures including insects, do not eat anything that had previously no life "

2) L burp the utility of fasting
Fasting is a significant addition to the practice of it was affected in terms of life, below is a comparison of Dr. Le Van Cam - Chief Justice Center ( France) we extract from the book " The concept of vegetarianism Buddhism "by eight compiled to help you compare Buddhists on the basis of science:

Comparison of 100 grams AS FOOD
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Chicken eggs duck eggs
Fish fried or grilled
Roast chicken
Brown rice
White rice
Roasted peanuts
White sugar
Fresh Spinach
Large white bean seeds
Sweet potatoes west
I baked sweet potatoes
Fresh Tomatoes


95 dv


In the fourth column of this table top is only about Gram. The number in the "iron" refers to milligrams. Number of columns on vitamins only international units
- often have more protein in soybeans, peanuts, meat, fish ...
- Tend to have more fat in the oil, grease, butter (beurre Le) ...
- Fresh ingredients often found in sugar cane, the ripening of fruit, pastries or sweets, jam or ice cream ...
Furthermore, we found the calcium, iron and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F. .. and water.
So, we eat every day to choose how to have full nutrition to feed the body, usually the human body, weighing about 55 to 75 kg, there must be 2,000 to 3,000 new fully heat quantity (calories). For example, a person weighing 60 kg, they must need 60 grammes of protein, 360 grammes and 60 grammes sweetener fat. Because scientists have proven that being fat is a Gramme 9 units of heat. Therefore, we used the food mentioned above, there are units of heat are as follows:
60 gr. protein x 4 = 240
360 gr. sweeteners x 4 = 1440
60 gr. fat x 9 = 540
Combined = 2,220
By comparing the above-vegetarian will have the following benefits:
-Avoid the disease by eating animals brought through that arise, as the ancient people used to say:
" U.S. export parts, medical parts of importation "( painting by mouth that out, but the mouth disease ) is a healthy body.
- Fostering the spirit of compassion in every human being, thanks to a vegetarian diet that does not arise evil spirit measures are gently clean.

1) The concept of repentance

A memory of the Buddha is often praised " In life there are two categories of people worthy of praise: the first class was not at fault, the second is at fault but that repentance . " He said forthrightly: " whatsoever is down to the three realms, rolling in six lines, not a species entirely from the book, no one without a sin . " All beings in daily life no one is without mistake by accidentally or deliberately created. Buddhists who dare to boldly recognize the wrongs they have committed. Repentance in Buddhism is not " baptized "or absolved as a conception of other religions, but this is a bold action to recognize mistakes and then themselves amended.
Buddhism Never believe in a god that can pardon or allegations that a method Penitential own reflection, to freeze itself for each child on the way prisoners Buddha Buddhist learning. May see this as three career pathway in the process of perfecting the personality of a man from ordinary step-up status of Buddhahood.

2) Penitential What?
a / Definition

Sanskrit is called Samma, Chinese music is translated " repentance ". In the business said: " Sam authors, led pre-shopping, prices, exchange public consequences "(repent before the error, containing the following error).
Thus, the Penitential is repented himself, ashamed of the mistakes previously made, dare not pray modified repeated mistakes that half. In other words Penitential is " repentance leaves out ", this is the heart of the penitent. But if every regular offenders, and often repent, repent the sin again, so no real meaning and not the method of the Buddha's penance.
Can repent as the boldly repent the error of the world, when you make someone angry sorrow, to apologize. In Buddhism, too, by the act itself wrong, words are not smart, wicked mind let go of lung concept, revealed today recognize our mistakes, earnestly regret to not relapse.

b / The legal repentance
We know mistakes are mind-made, so also the mind repentance, for that reason that the patriarchs have selected a method of repentance on both aspects of and reasons. Penitential texts read by Buddhists that most every work of repentance law:

How old karma has created,
Are whispered by countless yard si
From the mouth itself that which is born

All, today I would repent.

Of repentance

-Work repentance law : Making a visiting monks now prove who repent of their errors to present sincere repentance, repentance does not recur in half.
-Prime Minister of repentance : The penitent to the altar to Buddha and Bodhisattva worship center from a day, 7 days to 49 days, whenever the general good of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or shower, the last time.
-Red List of penance : This is a legal repentance by Real Shamans Song Dynasty compiled from 53 Buddha's name in the Five Ten Kinh Tam Buddha and withdraw 35 titles in economic Pub King Pharmaceuticals , Medicine Superior. This is the ritual repentance is the most commonly used Chua Vietnam in the days of penance.

In theory, repentance

- Unknown birth repentance : of repentance for those of the high, so here we only know through this method in two important ways:
Very interested in being: This is drawn from the Kinh Kim Cang " Mind can not be past, present mind can not be and future interest can not be . " Using a consistent method to clear: " Sin is born from the mind away from that center . "
Very consistent delivery method: Look closely at not being killed minister 'in the flesh is not holy rising down "; here just for feet care, wisdom Buddha, Dharma body ... Since receiving the feet of general interest then being killed no.
While there are many different ways of repentance, but Buddhists we have to choose a proper place for them to slash that repentance, as long as we read and understand the sense of making it new real benefits. In contrast, oral reading without meaning is not what is beneficial. This is the currency in Buddhism today.

3 / Benefits of repentance
If Buddhists know that repentance means amendment, which is a course that progress on the path will be the practical benefit of present and future. Buddha taught in business school A Ham: " Who knows, the error amendment which progress in the teachings of the Tathagata "and he also said:" The fault is not known amended to eliminate place of self-interest , then the error will come close, as the water of the sea, gradually into deep "( glass from Cross chapter II ). Thereby we derive the following benefits:
All actions in life do not deserve a chance to fall into because we have determined that the will to realize our mistakes.
Human dignity is enhanced, the healing is increasingly well-developed, because people do not make bad now.
My mind is always gentle as not anxious melancholy.


B Yi people who live in every society must have the responsibility and duty, depending on the environment and circumstances of individual duties and responsibilities that are expressed differently nhau.Nguoi people have a duty to the nation family, his wife shall have a duty to her husband and vice versa, parents have the duty and responsibility towards their children and vice versa. A real family is happy happy peace can not be responsible for obligations of the members of the family. A country must honor citizens for the country thanks to the contribution of the citizens that love the country performing the responsibilities and obligations in a practical way. A sociologist said: " My we are a part of society, so each of us to do well to help the society's activities . " For the Buddha is an element of family, country, society, the responsibilities and obligations as set for the Buddhists, to the spirit of Buddhism into their life, really useful for life.

1) The duty of Buddhists is what?
a / duty & responsibility to the body

N guoi Buddhist practice is that schooling liberation for himself, so so true Buddhist who is known not repair itself forces the user draws the wrong circumstances and can not wear line life flow, like water hyacinth floating on the morning, afternoon drifting down, as riding a horse without control, then let him go away. We must be responsible for what he did: " People are always facing the front of yourself and try to learn, practice for moving toward perfection, brings balance and liberation . " This is ideal in order to determine the stance of the spirit of the Buddhist practice of life itself in Business Great things Nirvana Buddha taught: "Ye shall be determined to focus on the truth. The people take the torch of truth itself is an island refuge for himself. "
T rong today's social situation, their ability to control the people become so stuck in fragile social and economic implications ... and engagement in life, to escape a life of endless difficulties, but who lack the will, it is difficult to do. Buddhists who must build their own will and a powerful energy, environment and social life, but always cultivate themselves to improve themselves have peace, other than directors who do not understand, "I self-renewal or rather people keep their own innovation in all the time. " It is the duty liability of the Buddhist building itself and create a happy family in the Dhammapada: "All day by day, hour to hour it out there, the goldsmith to the How sophisticated is the new gold filter, the people who want to become his body and mind become clean also trying hard to train like that "

b / duty & responsibility to family
The Buddhists who made ​​the application of spiritual teachings in the Buddhist society, so to create a happy family. We know that family is the cell of society, is the human warmth, it is a good environment to develop feelings of love and understanding. Building a happy family that is we give people a heart to love and responsibility. There are so many families no longer a " nest "which became hell on earth for lack of material responsible duties of love and understanding. Here we rely on the Kinh Thien-Sanh.

The duty of parents to children
In economic analysis the Great Buddha: "It is parents who want to bring benefits to children, so parents do the hard work, or ring the difficult patient." So parents must have 5 obligations to children:
a / To educate children to avoid data-healing, to become a virtue.
b / To recommend that the children away from bad people close to good, so do you be gentle with the intellectuals.
c / To love and understand children and help facilitate the children's study, to share and comfort with the difficult things in life.
d / To the user, the marriage for the children.
e / To children join the family, contribute to the happiness ہ

The duty of children to parents
The Business Location Center Pub Buddha

Non steady-match with the new parent
Marian deep sea is now
Whatever we save in a lifetime
Talk to the hand of all the other difficult.

So do children, for parents to have five things:
a / Do I have to be dutiful to his parents as his father often proverb tells us:
If his fondness for his parents
Then you also have different tastes with,
If you eat at the very thought,
Do not expect the taste to do in vain.
b / filial doing what must consult with parents.
c / filial responsibilities to family, is not opposed to their parents.
d / To know share the difficulties of the parents, meet the dress thanks  parents when he was out of money.
e / When parents make me sick to know the care, treatment of anxiety medicines.

The duty of the husband and wife
The husband is the backbone of the family, husband and wife must learn to love, the love his wife, family dynamics are happy, the agreement under the so hoa.Vi in Business School A Ham Buddha as for husband and wife have five things:
a / When his wife one time or return, the husband must know the shuttle, but to take holidays together.
One psychologist said: "A love petal dress in a polite, of course, would be a harmonious family, fun and permanent. A love only toward sexual gratification in a number to wrapped in the bride of course inevitable burden off half way ...".
b / To live in a good order, not because his wife and children as suffering servant rice to pour the water level rise.
c / To take care that his wife shopping jewelry clothes depending on the circumstances of the family.
d / To reliable transfer of the management of the family for his wife.
e / There is a "satisfied" sorrowful wife makes desolate.

Duty to the wife for husband
The Kinh Tinh Hanh teachings Buddha "offerings to parents worried about her husband (wife), child care license is also called the net well." Here the wife is the "internal minister" in the family, value of the wife in the family and society is not inferior as some concepts, which have important place in building a happy family. Therefore the Buddha mentioned five things that wives duties to perform:
a / The wife must know our beloved husband, caring for her husband to go as well as on.
b / To know how to create happy family with a warm meal for her husband.
c / wife must be soft, keep faithful and chaste, non-skittish.
d / anger at her husband, should not create any disputes, which should know: when extruding Ca dao as straight as they say "husband and wife less angry words, sticky rice wheat, there's no way complicated."

Obligation to kin, relatives
K inh Boundless Life said: "... My brothers, cousins ​​in the outside of the family, the glass should not hate each other ... even normally excellent verbal and gentleness should not oppose each other. . " Because the perception of life is on life is due to the continued non-stop, in anthropological origins. Along the same phylogenetic origin in the interior and exterior home system that we call "family", ie, siblings, uncles, aunts ... for use with each other for guidance as we have shown moral man. In the Kinh Thien Sanh mention 5 things to the right:
a / The family is unpredictability: intestinal bleeding blanket "we must learn compassion. must know to help each other when in need.
b / When you see the kinship with those who do not ethically we have to use to prompt advice.
c / What's the privacy of our customers to know they protect. It is common sense for the honor: "Bad paper is bad, you bad bad sister".
d / her children to relatives on visits back and forth, to create friendship remains humiliation.
e / right to share and help each other when trouble deficiency.

The duty of monks

Increase (Ni) Security is one of three crown is also one of the "four gifts" of children at home and ordained Buddhist, so therefore to become a Buddhist conditions make the first conditions have to help Buddhists understand the direct and others who do not understand this dao.Dieu cacvi The Master often came into the temple to teach " First bow abbot, cult favorite post-ca "(first ceremony to the head over the last bow after Shakyamuni Buddha).

a / When the Temple "to know the weight of glass Buddha Rising", close to the degree Master of intellectual property such as good old word virtue is often taught, "you rely healthy, he shunned evil."
b / To respect the instructions of the teacher, improve intellectual property.
c / To know the applicable law to practice for life peace
d / to the temple is for school, so monks who can help us understand more about what is not Dhamma.
e / To choose a suitable subject with French inborn own level.

In the Buddhist organizations including the quarter they (the four of them): 2 are ordained ( Bhikkhu, Bhikkhu Ni ) and two are at home (Good men and women, also known as Credit Advantage Ms. Code, Ms. Di Pros) . We have a duty ordained dharma practice teaching guide them home. We close our home study the teachings of support from the (clothes, Crouching tools, food, medicine) that they produce in conditions of cultivation. All four of them are Buddhist disciples to follow the path the Buddha. However, due to circumstances and conditions for cultivation of academic freedom in the country fraught with family and social burden. Educational principles of the Buddha is, depending on qualifications, need and circumstances which have different teaching methods that have discrepancies, this was a lay Buddhist village chiefs Asibandhakaputta questions:
"Lord why some people full Buddhist teachings, but for some people, the Buddha Dhamma is not completely full?".
Buddha replied: "For example, three plots good, average, and a bad plot. With three fields that farmers will be better cultivated fields first, then middle and finally to plot new evil plots sown . Also, revered for exported goods in fields as well, for home is the average plot is off and the last with pagan plot is bad. All the above three classes are World Catholic religious order with full of good French, with the full teachings of liberation, since all three rely on World religions such as light, as a shelter, where shelter "(the economic TuongUng Tr.315 IV).
Thereby the Buddhist who know how to live right, live with, live there for everyone to benefit.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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