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Thirty-Seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment (Commentary)

Source material: Commentary on The Thirty Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva-1995: preaching Holiness, the Dalai Lama, English: Nyima Tsering, edit: Vyvyan Cayley and Mike Gilmore, Switch racks: Ling Wan's Thùy, transliteration: intellectual property rights-22/10/2009
Last thirty-seven Works of Moral Enlightenment Ngulchu Gyalsas Assistant Thogmed Zangpo was one of the most popular treatise of Tibetan Buddhism, the Training system in mind and can also be explained by the traditional path of Progressive Lam Rim Shop. The instructions therein is timeless and the contacts it is universal.
Comment the award of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama Friday, as is common in traditional teaching catechism Forecast period (Kalachakra) at Shume enlightenment, India, particularly by the actual design and penetrating, that's it. Each paragraph shelves of files are interpreted correctly and in a language that is not fully achieved.
Furthermore, the Dalai Lama has given the introduction of teaching courses in every day that therein he has linked to every aspect of our daily life. Learn expression prize we feel that Holiness the Dalai Lama are talking directly to each of us, and it is universal in its application.
When we adopt and practice a sincere, teachings will develop a warm loving compassion. Do the things contained in this work will benefit for the Buddhist scholars and ordinary readers.
We gathered together in Colon Enlightenment to conduct rituals Media Forecast London (Kalachakra). Did you come from many different places by where the credit. On the poor means of transport that you had to endure a hard journey, but did you forget that to gather here.
We will make great ritual opening Media Center. But foremost, there are many people here are only a crush merely beliefs that there is no Security in a really knowledgeable about the Dhamma. They don't have the experience of listening and listening to the Dhamma, and so do not know the true meaning of it. During the opening mind media would not have time for a lengthy explanation. Due to this, if we do this time wasted, nothing good was completed in response to the difficult hard and cost related to the gathering about Shume Enlightened your place here.
The goal of this meeting to listen to the Dhamma and reception ceremonies media mistook it for the purpose of converting your conscious mind. Because of the manner of thinking is the main cause to reach, and condition to maintain a positive spiritual personality. In a few exceptions an innate feature existing poles in consciousness, but this is very rare. Therefore, it may be very beneficial if we spend a little on the first day to explain the general meaning of the Dhamma. We feel that should be sent to (occasionally) at times but short-lived but fascinated so all of us do not feel tired.
Today we will begin this general explanations, in exceptional cases we will include an introduction to Mahayana teachings. We will teach by word of mouth thirty-seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment written by Ngulchu Gyalsas Thogmed Zangpo, is the presentation of the essential guide to the practice of a Bodhisattva.
Vinaya said that when listening to the Dhamma, we should not sit on seats or standing, nor wear boots, hats, or wrap the towel, nor weapons or shields. An exception can be made to a few things this one time event is sickness. Germany World Religions say, in precepts of Dhamma:
If it out in case the patient must sell all the jewelry of the Buddha, comment and classics to exist, then they should do so
To the exception to this was so because Dharma basics on loving compassion. In fact, compassionate love is the root of Dharma. So, does this apply today here. Although we humans have not been sick, but there is a risk that they will fall sick because the Sun as it burned. Therefore, (people) or hats allowed cover though. Similarly, the cleric does not have the cone can be used for part of coat to cover up the top of y.
The improvement of conditions of hygiene to be nice to the appropriate reference number and a Thai team adapted depending on each condition, place and climate. Anyone who has had wins four elements internal to dependence and foreign elements. But because we have not overcome the intrinsic factors we should act according to the intensity of diplomatic capacities.
Before teaching in our tradition, we maintained notion mantra mantra prevent real roots, or spit and also maintained Economic Interest litigation to except barrier Uncivil. This is because we have no experience with force results from the capacity of any charity or from those who have guided others strayed while listening and preaching the Dhamma. Today we will maintain Economic Interest Litigation Uncivil to net culture renders the roadblock and then we want to start the prayer by taking over the ceremonial proceedings seem Hostile Professor Boon Texts, cosy three times; and then we will begin a hostile Lawyer petitioned to His Office.
Ô the most compassionate, with Ray ray from the center of the entire global sense all locations ...
And then we request to port the momentum seems to be nasty and after completing her da la, confused goals combined motivation of the Professor and his disciple, we must proceed to litigation over the refuge prayer three times, and selfless interest arises. Refuge prayer is:
The Buddhist refuge vows, legal protection, and increased protection until reaching enlightenment.
We conduct a y with two lines. Then we usually revert towards the Germans that we earn through his great collection and listening and teaching the Dhamma. The sermon, "The German maintained that the area of training through the teaching ..." and hearing them over, "The Germany we charge via listening to the Dhamma ..." thus change the language depending on the case. We should also include reviving this direction: "with the German Protestants, pray for all those healthy behaviors of three focuses are becoming cause to achieve the ultimate well-being of enlightenment." this is the burgeoning start-up mentality enlightenment (bodhicitta) in the form of voluntary emergency or occasionally.
All you have to set up a press release expressing strong to Shume Enlightenment as the tenets. You don't come here to think about food or drink offered to you, nor because of a large repertoire is considered here, nor because here you will be aromatic, good list. You come here to receive these teachings, including the Security doctrine of Mahayana tantra, tantra yoga, A Legacy of paramount, and Optical Media Holiday Inn Danh Early Rotating around the Sun (Kalachakra) of Germany. Because of this, you have come here because of a nice goal and has put an effort to not each tired receptive teachings Security. If anyone know off from the outside observer this one, they may be argued that all these efforts are in vain hão legends. But when we look at the target and the reasoning underlying it hugely benefits.
Even if you do not renounce worldly life to pursuing Dhamma, please make an effort like this manifest that a constitutional sacrifice was conducted for the benefit of the Dhamma and as a powerful decision markings. What is the goal behind the tireless efforts and a strong decision each look like? Objectives, or benefits, and the basics of finding that Dhamma's all share a sense of "ego" and desire desire happiness and peace, as well as an aspiration shunned grief and khỗ brain.
This type of feeling was experienced even by a tiny insects. In the case of humanity, we can see that whether people from the West, East, Central Plains or border of the country and whether their skin is black, red, yellow or white, all of which find that happiness and shunned grief.
In the Centre we can express a thought, "Please let me have happy," Although we do not understand this feeling of "ego" explicitly. On the basis of the experience of "ego", we used to think such as, "Please give me happy; I don't have problems, please let me live long and do not die; Please let me have a nice life with countless food and clothing. " Thus everything returned back to the ' ego '. Later, we think of oneself with ' I ', of ' I '.
This is the same in every man, and the same is true for all creatures until one little insects. They do not have a broad mind and intelligence, they also don't own a variety of thinkers that we humans have. However, we still have a sense of ' ego ' and they can feel. "Please give me happiness," or "I'm in endangered status, please let me get rid of the dangerous turn," due to this, all sentient beings with the same aspirations, such as the desire for happiness and do not want suffering. The expectation is that our rights, it is reasonable, and they often can be completed. We are based on different methods to pursue these goals, to adapt our capacity to deal with multiple and different levels of suffering to them be except and happy to be reached.
Happiness and suffering can depend on body or mind. Moreover, they can depend on body or mind, short term or long term; not only this but also in lifetimes in lifetimes to come. Until this present life and concerns, we can contrast on those interests strayed from childhood to old age; in the form of the present moment, we can think about the long-term benefits associated with today and tomorrow.
Although the insects had thought about happiness and suffering are similar to humans, the ability to search for happiness and remove their suffering is temporary and spread out in a short period of time. We can't think about the distant future in the form like 5, 10, or 30 years are also not able to recall our childhood. But the people we think the complete happiness and reduced except suffering not only for today, tomorrow and on the other, that through our whole life. We are also looking beyond ourselves to thinking about the welfare of relatives and friends of ours, beyond is us and the whole world.
Due to the search for happiness, and eliminate the suffering related to the existence of the different possibilities in many different modes. Some tremendous things completed and others are inferior. Universal words, compared to human animals we have an extensive range of what kind of happy that we are trying to reach and suffering we try to exclude. From the moment of human formation so far, we've devoted our lives to the pursuit of these trends, though we may not be aware that we have contacts in a pursuit like that from the moment was heart mother. Spent time childhood could we experienced some temporary reception, happy things that later on we find like that. For example, we could have ever lied a small grape, such sweet words to reception or cable presents, and we call ourselves completely in a tiny target such mistaken targets experienced a small happiness and to avoid a suffering baby to-be. Eventually, when we grow up, suffering and happiness we become to grow wider and deeper and harder also run.
The most important methods to find that happiness and to eliminate suffering is to increase knowledge, and thus we make the program through the establishment of the school. And in the schools, many of the subjects taught, including those languages. The language contains many words and carry much significance on many different topics. Consciousness to manage all of this must be very sharp and can think in different ways; We launched an education exactly mistakenly target the development of the brain that is the function of the Museum Center extensive generosity.
Also the suffering of the body that we are trying to avoid. The hospital has been set up to prompt many different diseases. As a result, the objective of eating, drinking, work-whether it is work the factory yard, Ang, breweries or whatever-is also to find that happiness and eliminate suffering. In today's world, we find out the whole scope of the Customs and the system, the situation and monetary policy, standards and viewpoints, but all have the same tendency to search for happiness and eliminating suffering and simple are the ways and methods.
This one, the different perspectives that form the Hanoverian because people started to discover this problem somewhat know deeper. Many different methods of mistaken targets brings happiness and eliminating suffering brain has been set up as a result of the discovery analysis. One cigarette is the formation of the Communist Party ... the Communists said that the main cause of suffering humanity is financial inequality sảncủa areas or class in society. Therefore, the redistribution of assets is the method by which the Communists Act confused aims to bring happiness to the people and eliminate suffering for them. This is just a concept.
In all the existing perspective, things don't just stop at the discovery of these methods merely to bring temporary happiness and Liberation suffering short term. Who advocates the perspective beginning with the discovery of causes and conditions of this temporary, the birth of the causes and conditions temporarily and then, in the cause of causes, and the cause of causes, and continues, like the links of a chain. By the profound thinking and survey we come to the viewpoint of the Dhamma.
We can consistently premieres many different aspects of suffering and happiness-how these sufferings to us; how the happiness arises in a broad sense; how and from where does this go to the world that formed the present and depending on the cause; goals and benefits of life in this world (because whether any benefits or not, the world still existing formation on the grounds of its former existence); the future will be nothing, and individuals can do about it, and we think about it. Think of a way to build on the significance of these things that we do not only depend on what we see with our eyes and heard through our ears, that we must progress deeper into the topic.
Some people attributed the existence of the world and humanity is due to God, and saying that this is all made up. There are many other explanations beyond this, there are also some based on arguments some is not. Because of this, some argue the philosophy with the statement that "this is a reasonable thing that is not reasonable," while others do not have such a profound thoughts but spent all their life has been for a living, based on the temporary happiness and shunned temporarily suffering. In two categories, one is kind of in a philosophy and stuff to kind of not thinking of a hypothetical. Among those who take take philosophy into two types, those who carry the doctrine of foreign (non-Buddhist) and intrinsic perspective (Buddhism).
When faced with this problem deeply, how to achieve happiness and brain, in the criteria except line contact body we can see that this is the focus on the need of food and clothing, with those aspects next door, the bed, and the use of other material. But it soon became clear that not enough can only figure out how to satisfy the food. When we discover the line the brain and the happiness of the body more deeply, we find that although they are powerful experiences, compare with talking about happiness and suffering of the conscious mind is much more powerful intensity. Someone here may have a body healthy and abundant food and drink, but if someone's having a centre of grief, people can become involved and even contemplated suicide. There are people who become rich extremely but always stress; they usually say highschool and respiratory function in Thai unsatisfactory and not kindly.
On the contrary, we can contemplate suicide who always maintain stillness and peace even if their deprivation of food and drinks. If we have a spirit of peace and serenity, then they absolutely can endure the sufferings of the body. However, if the Centre we are overwhelmed, when receiving an instant what would we want a more immediate and thus does not know a phõng guess may have to contact like the next. When what's it out somewhat erroneous, we can't tolerate it. A centre like, do not have a strong stamina, will always be unhappy even if the person is living in a very nice. Due to this, we can see that consciousness is key important thing, and that we can eliminate suffering brain spirit and find peace and happiness through origin provide our thinking.
That's why people facing similar circumstances in the different modes. For example, we can see two patients in a hospital, a person who receiving the Dhamma and have faith in the law of cause and effect, and the other with no thought about the newspaper and to become inspired, trying to eliminate the current state of suffering at the time. Tibet has the motto, "toạt mouth, toét nose" – means this misfortune it out for both-but one they feel totally frustrated and unable to endure suffering, which cries in pain pain. The other also being tormented with the same fears suffering, rarely manifest it, maintaining an attitude of stillness and boldly.
We can look at those Tibetans: at this point in the history of my hometown snowy we robbed d. non public garbage everywhere and to the world, and obviously there's a grief about this in our community. Have the top of this we have become refugees and have to rely on others. However, even though we face the difficulties of this Centre we are quiet and seemed very happy. Has nearly 15 years since we became refugees and now, in other words, there are it the problem it out. Many Tibetans have gathered about this because of course preaching teachings seem thoãi roofs, and the vast majority of Tibetans who came from Bhutan, India and Sikkim attended next comments yesterday very showy costumes, although as the refugees that we do not own a place of our own (but we) know is our Palm size I.
The fact that despite living in the disadvantaged and the tension, we have lived through the thoãi zone is a portion of the intellectual property information and the spirit of excellent cunning.
But in an another dimension it depending on our blessings, both larger and more mismanagement. Depending on our blessings we don't fall into a State could not fend off and things took off in a relatively quiet. Let's look at a wider perspective, this time in the history of Tibet not at not fend off (whether or not the title or no one place Myrtle unaided). Say rather, in our case, as the Tibetans, are entering a period of temporary overcast. We haven't used all the blessings of our faith; It is suffering from problems like Rahu La capture the Sun and the moon. This it out very very unexpected, but not it terminates all and there is hope a growth our blessings. Thus, all of us must arise a extraordinary courage, completed all the work that we can, and concentration Phuoc Germany plate generosity. Collect Phuoc Germany as important and extremely powerful.
Likewise, I had a strong determination because young lives for many years. All of us should have a powerful Center like to live for a long time and our attitude should be an attitude arises courage as I'm doing. The monks in the late rulers should not be boring or nãn falls, even though we're older, we add white hair or baldness. Generally, German or the blessing of you will manifest support.
This is the theme of all aspects, and our main point is this: even though we face many problem and paradoxical, but still has hope and tranquility in the heart of us. There is a net while facing difficulties are all the benefits. It does not mean that in practice the Dhamma, we will immediately eliminate hunger and thirst or increase the total volume of food needed by the food and drinks. But by thinking about the Dhamma we experienced static static and the Chair of the President's going to give us a niểm hỉ. This is worthy, isn't it?
Consequently, ignored there life after death or not, there is cause and effect or not, there are three pearls you or not, undergoes both our lives and in our constant life we should keep our inner stillness and do difficult for friends of ours. It's good to maintain a playful attitude, bringing benefits to satirical to others and take life in this goal. Also, when we wake up early in the morning, we should wake about possible that what's unfortunately can it out for us today. And then if there's something really unfortunate it out, Center we have prepared well and we will be able to maintain the balance of the State of consciousness. Before going to bed at night we should be reflecting on the preparation of good that we have done over thinking the thought so in the morning. On the contrary, if we anticipated peace fun every day and just think about the positive aspects, as we will be with you when something does not feel it out or we meet someone with them we do not feel thoãi the roof, and we have a restless night at the end of a day.
We must have the courage to endure any of the difficult circumstances which could boot up. If someone else reduced a damages on us and we retaliate, can we finally had to go to court; If we let those of you yourself contact us in case there would be problems with cost and ownership. There is no objective do cause for too many difficult issues, on the contrary will have benefits in patient with a problem. Most people are not able to practice in this way and the benevolent (compassionate) people, express love to others and help others. If we can grow this attitude in society, then there will be true and sincere hopes for peace in this world.
It is a mistake to pursue those goals for the happiness and shunned suffering by the deluded and lose the others. We must strive to eliminate suffering and happiness by benevolent of compassion and behave well. It's not good to hear about those seeking these goals by indecent behaviour and cheating deceive, by assassination and through war. But in the world today is manifest by the action of greed and deceit, and actually using such a method to search for happiness.
We're seeing tremendous physical progress of the world, but the country continues to disappoint the small country and a lot of it dying out as a result. Although one can trust they will find happiness and eliminating suffering in this way, really there will be many struggles, many of starvation, many lies, so much stress, and generally those who oppressed endured much suffering in the 20th century.
This is not it out because of deprivation of food or favorable conditions. Schools and hospitals are being developed and homes and transport has improved, food drinks are on the rise. But in truth and charity had been lost payroll in society and that is why there is less happy at peace. Those with wealth and power can do anything they want, as opposed to a true and honest but have no power and Phu QUY will not be successful.
Examples are often found in today's society, is very sad, and the values common mistakes like also is cause for the misfortune poured down Tibet. these days people are talking about peace and truth from China and India to the Western countries. But in fact, those miseries arrived who oppressed because of the misguided concepts behind providing the way our society functions.
Hence, we return to what is called Protected. Dhamma should not be practiced exclusively for those in outlying regions, or who are narrow-minded concept clownish. On the contrary it should be practiced by those with judicial open and spacious hearts. But there's nothing magic about the architecture of the temples or monasteries, nor about the prostrate, interference, or nasty looks. Actually, not sure about the part that is truly the Dhamma or not. If in the consciousness we have positive energy (friendly) the voila is Dhamma. If there is a negative energy (real good) then that is not the Dhamma.
The Dhamma must be in our hearts. If the consciousness we tame, quiet, and simple, we are practicing the Dhamma. If anybody would wear y Austria and talk about but has no Security tripiṭaka mind domesticated, there isn't a person practicing the Dhamma. Anyone have the Dhamma is very open, a message center, modesty, quietness and generosity in a natural way; but those who cheat and despised others and lie is not being able to enter the practice of Dhamma. Attitude is truly practicing Dhamma remains at the curb for deceit and does not change the truth, not belittle and ridicule others, expressing humility and receiving a position of humility, there is a kindness, help others and to sacrifice ego.
Even those somehow did not accept the theory of rebirth, etc. can analyze to see we have need of Dhamma in life or not and then they will know. We want peace and happiness for ourselves, and we want the organisations we have fun. But, although we can have food drinks abundantly present, to have a State of worry in mind, and we have to live with this feeling. We start with our friends, deceived and bullied and humiliated them. In short, we can achieve the goal of material wealth and owned by the way, and can wear on clothes was money, bringing a beautiful watch, eat delicious food, and drink a rare formula. But we wouldn't be happy if all the riches and the owner has come from the bullying, deposed, and mislead others.
Odd that it would tear our consciousness that the actions we can take us to court. Because we are people with wealth and power right now, the friends we can use the language of respect in front of us. They can talk about the good qualities we like present even greater than The Sun does know German. Behind us they will curse rũa us and say things like, "pray for death is a tragedy for her killer," and we can be very difficult to find anyone like us. Due to this, if we have to live in this way, although we might have overwhelmed things to eat and drink, we find her happy place? In the depths of the mind as we would not be an OK.
Whether we are being controlled by others or not, when we are dying, we feel that we have lived his life in a way the nefarious, then we would be very is grief. The property that we actively by TA network cannot bring ourselves to be. We can have a very large building, but had to leave behind his back. We can have savings accounts really does know the Bank with proof, but at the time of clinical common we can't use anything with the money. We must leave to relatives, parents, and others, who take care of us backstage. The worst of this is that we must leave our own body.
As a result, any money has been accumulated by the TA network in this life will not bring any benefit in General at forestry and might even bring trouble, as worries about who will take care of the property of us after we die. Or we can become worry while we're on his deathbed, fearing that the Navy benevolent relatives of ours will eventually be fighting with each other by mistake the goal rớ hands on property. There are worse if we have to end his life in this way?
However, if we wage, with a nature kind and a generosity, calmness and relaxation, benefits to others always see ourselves as low collision than them, we can succumb to the deprivation of food drinks are temporary and can often make you good with people, and they become like the ones of us. And then when we are faced with the difficulty it is true that there are those who know will help us.
We who are Buddhists believe that there is life after death, and it can be proved by reasoning. Due to this, we should analyze a judicial openness, thinking deeply about our experience. Certainly there is life after death. Because this event, the newspaper of files (y) our students brought up the results the plight of the world we (report) in General, and individual career result led to the condition that we are enjoying. If there is no life after death, we have to say that the world was formed and retained without a cause-no possible explanation other than.
We will also experience happiness in the next life if we live in a manner considerate and compassionate now, so that we can feel comfortable about thoãi. But on the other hand, will be suffering like we're going to have to endure in this and past to if we are passionate about the unethical? So this is another reason to participate in the practice of Dhamma. In a nutshell, who expressed kind and polite brings happiness; guys rude expression is cause for much damaging it.
Today there are people in the world do not trust the Dhamma and critique it. Due to its ingenious explanation we depend on the good Dhamma and and then there will be no basis for the comments. The good example set by some practitioners to practice Dhamma, who act with a good heart and compassion for sentient beings and society in General, can be seen and accepted by everyone, whether they believe there is life after death or not. From the perspective of this life, there is merely a good heart and do benefit for others is the proper attitude for everyone, whether they are people who practice the Dhamma.
As a result, the core of Dhamma is arising a good heart, and explained fully how to run a generosity which is declared in the Mahayana teachings. This Buddhist teachings appear in a period of a thousand Buddha in the Buddha has to present, the Fourth World Religions Like Ca, Germany, commonly known as the conflict in Nigeria in the world so far. On land you respect and at the right place India, ĐạoTràng enlightenment, Buddha Like Ca enlightenment 2,500 years ago. He was the first Falun in the Monastery garden and theory more teachings Security until entering Nirvana. He sheds light on many different aspects of Dhamma in human and divine celestial world, as well as on the ground, on the ground and above ground, from the disciples, to the small group of people hearing them extraordinary, to hearing them strange, extraordinary secrets. He has proclaimed the teachings of different, robust Security, deep water in this way.
If the facts, they form two vehicles, which advanced Hinayana Mahayana deeper in the field of thinking's mind and in the direction of six full-friendly (green three la confidential), and the results of the practice is three (French relatives, kin, and incarnation). Mahayana teachings is transcendental over the aspect direction of diversity. In the Mahayana sutras have a classical tantra, displays and tantra appearing therein after classics. Thus, a combination of teachings of the Scriptures and the density is extremely precious. This is the category of Dhamma bloom in India and is transmitted to Tibet, non nuoc Resort son.
Teachings of Buddhism also spread north to Mongolia and much of the land until recently we know is a part of Russia, and Eastern China, South Korea, Japan and etc.To the West, the Dhamma to A Phu Hản and some other places. The Buddha had prophesied that Mahayana teachings will spread northward ', ' this is from India into Tibet and Tibetans from the North into Mongolia.
Buddhism began in India during Buddha Like Ca, he turned left at the first Falun that primary tenets is the basis for Buddhism. He has taught catechism Mahayana to some diem, although it seems that these teachings are not popular or not well known in Buddhism in the world. That is why in the past as well as some have argued that Mahayana doctrine is not the Declaration of the Buddha.
After the Buddha entered Nirvana, Mahayana doctrines degenerate until only the title and status of this influence took place in a long time. As predicted by the Buddha, Long Life and Asanga was laying the Foundation for resurrection of Mahayana and Mahayana teachings have flourished bloom centuries later. Then, both the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings gradually helpless chalky on Sanctuary India until seemingly teachings have been disappeared completely.
In the Meanwhile, in Tibet, there are many ups and downs since the Dhamma were introduced until 1959, but Dharma never died to no longer a trace on our country. Dhamma has degraded in a time of Langdarma, and that period lasts approximately 80 years. However it does read it out in U-Tsang, central parts of Tibet, and the Dhamma dynamic retention problems in the region around the Center. Then there's a couple of the grandeur and degradation in the spread of the Dhamma, but a combination of classic tenets of Islam and a typical show tantra has been maintained to preserve in Tibet over a thousand years.
The development order time progress in Tibetan Nyingma sects from the old to the new sect Sarma. In the new faction Sarma had cardboard Sakya, Kagyud, Kadam, Jonang, and the Gelugpa. Through this, there are many sectarian title and skills development, as well as more sophisticated methods of expanding the teachings of the Scriptures and the density and the ways to preserve the guidance of the leaders of the sectarian division of reverence. There are small differences trongsự approach (or process), but all the same in the coordinate display and tenets of tantra, which became extreme development in Tibet. Because of this, the vicinity of Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh, Mon (Arunachal Pradesh), and Mongolia became the student of Tibetan religion and culture. today the Tibetan teachers were the refugees while the disciples continued to maintain stability in a way comfortable; But today the same master games and gathering together here.
Teachings of the Buddha we are practicing, including coordination of the classics and the density is extremely pure and interests. Consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) and a heart virtue of Holiness, be interpreted in the classic view is the main platform. A typical tantra will become the language merely infertility if we do not mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and also nothing particularly profound or results achieved in learning it. Similarly, both the Hinayana and Mahayana are diến Award from my legacy (or Classic view). If that's not penetrating perspective is presented in a way friendly-cunning in Mahayana teachings, Tantras became absence – does not work and cannot đơm the United result in any actual evidence.
As has been interpreted in the classics, the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) Sun you cherished others close than yourself have compassion and love as the root of it. And views on sex, but it means that all phenomena do not have an inherent existence and purity from right at the beginning, has also been explained therein. If we lack knowledge and experience with a combination of these two things, enlightened and do not, then we cannot reach the results from the practice of Dhamma penetration of a classical tantra.
Due to this, we must preserve the remote cups, Enlightenment (bodhicitta) and proper perspective (not) as the Foundation, as has been interpreted in the classics. From the perspective of Tantra Yoga is Paramount, we must base it on the floor trigger and complete hierarchy on this platform. If we do this, the results of intensive and broad will it out, as has been explained in a classical tantra and the conclusion of their respective solutions.
Not beneficial in these tutorials as profound without the Foundation 's, although there may be levels trigger and finishing business, engineering, and nuts, etc. We have to be turned into a friendly cunning really receptive to the teachings, like we can catch received a powerful drugs given to us and cannot have a condition too frail to endure it. Due to this, we must know the three aspects of the path of enlightenment-far divorced, enlightenment and dissident (about zero)-mistake goal to practice Dhamma tantra, and then thinking and rectify our conscious mind. And then the practice of tantra would rở into a combination of classics and classical tantra teacher shows.
The capacity of any way, whether it is educational or display classic classical tantra, density is at the heart of enlightenment (bodhicitta) religious quarter. So it is vitally important.
Now we start given transmitter and explanation about thirty-seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment (or thirty-seven to the Practice of a Bodhisattva), was composed by Tibetan scholar Ngulchu Gyalsas Thogmed Zangpo. Don't have time to learn detailed biography of him now, but he's contemporaries and is highly revered and believed by Buton Thamchad Khyenpa (Buton Rinpoche). Story is told that once there is an anguish Buton Rinpoche on his hand and he petitioned the author, saying, "his enlightened mind in his heart, thus hảy households for the hands." There are many disciples find learn the teachings of both Buton Rinpoche and Thogmed Zangpo.
Any opinion he pursued, merely look at the comment of him we can know that Thogmed Zangpo is the embodiment of enlightened mind, and thus the direction this incredibly useful. The bodhisattva can be known by the natural signs of him, like invisible flame can conclude through smoke and water can be predicted through the herons. Through reading this we understand the discussion appropriate titles for the Bodhisattva Thogmed Zangpo.
Thogmed Zangpo had a Fox that he usually bring on him, like like a dog breeds. Because Thogmed Zangpo and from extreme tranquility, Fox also become benevolent. It doesn't hurt anyone and also don't eat meat. Mind hồnThogmed Zangpo very sensitive so he always cried when issued teachings. Some disciples said that they are always fun to laugh at any Full teaching and improving Rinpoche Buton whenever Thogmed Zangpo teach them always to tears.
Thogmed Zangpo became a scholar grew due to the learning research range widely on early life and his writings on the theory of the commentary award. He has put the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) as its main object in the practice of him at the end of his life, and he became a great scholar and practitioners through the focused only on the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta).
We accept the word of mouth thirty-seven to the Practice of a Bodhisattva and the Khunu Lama Tenzin teaching from Gyaltsen Rinpoche. He received it from a practitioners far extreme, a clutch of Nyingma Dzogchen monastery in eastern Tibet.
We began with the ritual opening of the Forum model, followed by the main part of the treatise, and finally the conclusion. The content template to those nasty seemingly enlightened divided glass celebration and prayer before doing author comment:
South Describes His Restaurant In
Children always revered across three prostrate (1) to
Directed by Professor paramount and Who guard Bars himself in, people always see
All these phenomena are not going there to
Most interested in the effort to do benefit to sentient beings
By identifying, "male model himself at the Holy One," the author is apparently to act and The cosy lifeguards Avalokiteśvara. Buddha and the bodhisattva of universal not mentioned here, but the referring specifically to the ethical and Avalokiteśvara, this proves that this argument expression of the bodhisattva practices.
Because the root of consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) is compassion and compassion is the root of the generated a tendency towards firmly based on compassion, by which the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) will be born. Avalokiteśvara is eco-municipality of compassion and of all those enlightened, or schools of Buddhism, and because the author appears to have been particularly nasty to him. As a result, the authors also do so to Director Professor paramount because in the language of the Division A to Sa, "all the great qualities and secondary being incurred by the trust directing Attorney." This means that all those qualities benefit strength in General, specifically the qualities of Mahayana, manifested through have trust in.
The root of Mahayana is love and most characteristic of the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) based on compassion. All the methods of practice about enlightenment (bodhicitta) appears in the theory of religion assuming Shantideva (Shantideva), such as France and France Exchange yourself with others is the practice of the bodhisattva to the conscious mind is extremely powerful and developed by the trust Director. This is the reason why these particular reverence was expressed to the Director.
If a person wonder about the qualities that a Scout Master and Avalokiteshvara are for, the answer is that he is all in the abandonment of defilements and in evidence. It also requires evidence of the two truths simultaneously. If we can't spit roots and abandon the negativity and the major obstacle to enlightenment, we can't perceive the two truths in a way East. And then not be helpful to perform a full Center radio head, based on the vibrations and understood fully all phenomena as empty. Due to this, we offer glass prostrate to the ethics counsel like and Avalokiteśvara, these are for these qualities and the manifestation of the Buddha, perfect in the waiver (impurity) and evidence.
As was stated in the original thesis scatter your holiday shelves of one comment is:
Although seeing all phenomena is not gone and not coming ...
All these phenomena pratītyasamutpāda is the birth and during such natural properties, which means a fundamental way they left eight different aspects of pratītyasamutpāda as b.-removal, past-future, etc.
Condition of the mind is no oscillation even for a moment from the countless spiritual balance in things that distinguish the subject and probably not two, and in that there is even a roadblock was the smallest since mind bu'er subtle, can be compared like pouring water into the water. With a State of mind, we emit different types to be in the hundreds or thousands of locations around the world, all variables and UE various degrees of earthly.
If human beings, graceful convergence in the behavior of the Enlightenment would be useful to them in a way that does not change. Due to this, we should take refuge to the most enlightened Avalokiteśvara and do so not only when those circumstances do not heal it out. The author says that he always rules network from three industry, export, Italy with reverence from that date onwards.
Next to his treatise: pre-operative Covenant prayer
The perfect Buddha, root of all the benefits and peace
B. departing from the practice of Dhamma Holiness
When completed this also depends on the comprehension of the practice of it
I'll explain the practice of the bodhisattva.
The newspaper is our primary source that thereafter all the suffering or happiness, happy birthday charity career and suffering from real friendly. Because the cause of suffering is the failure of the conscious mind, these mistakes must be excluded; While the causes of peace, such as good moral attitudes, and these good qualities should be growth. If we analyze in depth, we see that the method to increase the good qualities and thus reap peace is involved (the practice) Dhamma, as descended of all interests and peace is the teachings of the Buddha.
Due to the world, as declared in the Modern interpretation of A Redundant of Shizong Guests three:
The main source of benefit and peace of all sentient beings wandering (in the realms of samsara)
Including schools, only the teachings of the Buddha. by trust in this
Preserving the Teachings of Holiness with a fierce strength and
Resolute, even in the price of both the lives of children.
We can become enlightened completely, for all the good qualities in a way completely and get rid of all the evil karma if we practice the Dhamma. And then an automatic overrun of the acts of virtue will it out to take the mystical dance presentation to expose these aspects vary according to the temperament and beliefs of each type of beings we can do for the other guys benefit simultaneously without effort. The like condition of paramount's enlightenment from practice student run, and in this way the Dhamma can be seen as the source of all the benefits and peace.
By the practice of Dhamma, the Buddha of the past become freed all those faults and added the behaviourism pretty complete their goals and fulfill those goals for others simultaneously and an effortless way. Recalling the goal to reach enlightenment, the morals and interests of the Dhamma, we should put it into practice and not restrict ourselves to pure intelligence knowledge through listening to it.
Know a word of the Dhamma and set to on in the practice brings the results of profound and exceptional; on the contrary, these guys can reset from memory a hundred thousand comment text but did not practice the Dhamma will not have the experience to be all benefit as much as that. Therefore, referring especially to make goal setting for the practice right now.
Therefore, we should put the Dhamma in the practice right now if we're looking for happiness and aspires to alienate suffering, if we desire to be rid of mistakes and to improve all these positive morals. The author also explains how to practice consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) respect you to love others more than yourself, the thing called the practice of enlightened mind (bodhicitta).
To continue to the actual theory, it seemed that we split according to the the practice of those of three different possibilities, it begins with an explanation of those limitations in a range:
Now, as the expression of the idle message and circumstances useful is found,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva obey,
Consistent and meditation training day and night to freed
Themselves and others from the ocean of saṃsāra mortal
Service shelves:
1. Glass Jin persistence
Relatives who Hemingway left NHA Nhan-
Ship your very hard games-rare
We now a hearing defect, DAC
Practice night was not moved
Crossed line freed samsara
For example, our own cover the full
Listening, thinking and Lu-meditation
To practice the Dhamma, we need to know about it. To know about it, we need to hear it. Because this is the time we reach relatives who, if we hear (writer) and released (consultants) the Dhamma, we come to know them. We should practice (tu) if we can do so, because if we are not careful now that we have achieved close people, then we can do when we are not in a State of man? So far we are teaching and listening to the Dhamma. But if we were born like the dogs, the status of the body we will Rob go Olympics, good to hear and practice the Dhamma and won't have the opportunity to guide us to the Dhamma Center. We are powerless.
But we were born as men, and not just in all the people, that we were born where the Dhamma from bloom. Also, we can see with our eyes and hear with our ears along with Center we know a little about what worth left and what should be receiving. So this is the moment that we must practice the Dhamma by listening, thinking, and meditating. Now, some people are illiterate, even can't read the word meaning of Dhamma. Nevertheless, they reached the men, and thus can conduct an effort to learn about the Dhamma through talking to others, and they probably know what qualities depending on their abilities.
On becoming older, our capacity to perceive becomes apparent, the senses we become blurred and us up bruising over teeth we-however, we have achieved close and can conduct most efforts so that we may understand the Dhamma. It is too good to carry a single person rather than the body of a dog or horse. At a minimum, we can maintain project ma ni bát di litigation ' red '. Thus this very precious herself.
Nevertheless, there is something magic in reaching relatives who merely. There are over four billion people in this world, but if we count the number of people who were born in places that Dhamma bloom, figures he will be very little. Then, among those who then, not many people believed the Dhamma and have an opportunity to practice by the listening, thinking, and illusion on the combination of classics and classical tantra teacher shows. Therefore, we should put every effort in their practice without becoming depressed and we must be careful to not use mistakes the students (as) this nice. Because if we waste our time and predictions for future tasting through taking advantage of LOC, which is not very smart.
It's very difficult to get a favorable circumstances and relaxation. Why is that?
Because we must have a perfect cause to achieve such a circumstance and a regenerated as could not have been if the cause's absence. Cause for rebirth as a person? This is the area of our collective moral. Nevertheless, good career the past will be popping expansion and need to be refreshed by the happy act in the present action. For example, a person who once had the money but now it's not, who is not able to go shopping. Similarly, although we have ever previously focuses upon, but it is not useful for us if we don't have healthy businesses in the present.
It's difficult to know the capabilities of the actions that we accumulate at first have remained with us in the present without being degenerate or not? Some of these moral behavior we've each area of focus in the past will rise from the pure practice since its inception, the practice and the practice of decisions, and some from the practice of pure. The thought of not as robust as angry Act happy, devastating the exercises in the book. Anger is the destruction of the very strong moral action and violence was born run regularly, based on the tremendous condition and dimmed.
We can't rely on the energy-friendly career the past because we are not sure if it has a positive influence with our current life. Therefore, if we try to rely on it, at the time acting in common we can be brought to rebirth in the human world is extremely difficult. But if we claim ethical powerful energy tonic in the present we can believe in it.
When we discover the continuation of us correctly, we can see that we've had an encounter to practice the work ethic that we can trust; Choose one of the two, we could have ever acted the work done in the past but we see that they are incompetent to believe. If you experience this case, we should act with a pillow, it's even bothered. We should not to mind us favors and predicted a good future, because this means that we are deluded themselves and exist in a vacuum. Instead, it's important for us to behave in a positive way of life with the relaxation and self.
One might wonder that practicing the Dhamma means necessary to abandon social lives and homes along our community? Of course, we should practice in a manner determined in this way if it is necessary to do so. But there are other methods that we can practice the Dhamma. We can try to have turned to be a considerate and kind hearts don't attend to the indecent behavior (Hooch bad), such as lies and heist, in our daily life; Instead, we should be honest and have good benefits Hooch do for others, the lust of the pincers and satisfied with ourselves. Those who are not able to practice much can still be occasionally maintained secret languages six sound ' litigation project ma ni bát di pink ' of German obligations respect compassion Avalokiteśvara, as this is also the Dhamma.
Everyday life of ours will become full meaning when we carefully. People often behave in a manner worse-such as cherished the lazy, says energy clownish, bullying others, lie, cruel purpose and divide between those with each other, the same actions damaging to others-must try to minimize their involvement in acts lụy genre from today onwards. Those who are in the mission should do every effort to authentically in dealing with others and self-restraint with lies and greed too. It is also the Dhamma.
There are those who say: "I am the Sin and therefore I cannot practice the Dhamma." They think the Dhamma must be practiced in the remote, secluded in the conditions of extreme hardship for them. But if someone is the embodiment of sin, people still don't want underwent sufferings, such as hunger, thirst, and cold, and people's desire to find happiness, so it's pointless to be barriers to practice.
Say a general way, it's rare to find out who here isn't that the sin. By this we would like to say that when we use the word ' Sin ' it does not necessarily mean ' murder '. Take the example of the US, we have been carrying medicine, but the thought of any good negative perceptions still born startup in various judicial, such as jealousy with those in higher status, feeling concurrence with the equality the same feeling outgrow and teased disturbed people. The thought of negativity will manifest in the way of talking and manifest on the face if we are to stick with them in mind and they will be cause for negative things, especially if we incurred the negative thought such an attitude of pride. Because we developed the voluntary development of enlightened mind (bodhicitta) and entrust yourself to the press expressing the tantric practice, such behaviour will arise more serious negative.
Therefore, we should not shy by think yourself as a sin, on the contrary should strive to become better. Now we are about 40 or 50 years old and we want to control his mind every day, confused goals to conduct a sincere effort to improve themselves in the remaining months of his own. As we reflected on the past, it seems some progress already manifest. As its motto of Dr. Buddhist studies (geshe) Kadampa lineage: "how the improvement could it out? Because the phenomenon of ever-changing natural, therefore make sure that one day this improvement will it out. " How to ensure that there will be an improvement, although not easy to arouse the far glass mortal samsara and enlightenment (bodhicitta).
There are different ways to look at the practice of Dhamma. If we look at what's on the one hand, the understanding of those worldly and Sacred Law is the opposite of each other, as has been said: "the Holy Heart and often were extremely far apart." But from a different perspective, if we practice the Dhamma, the Holy Church will be very close to us. We do not need to be left far from their homes and go to a place it distant but can practice in daily life, do not use wrong time we even one day. This is a full sense of the practice.
For example, we shouldn't bring an attitude while we go to the noise that we just walked, nor should participate in the ceremony of prayer does not mean such as demanding that we have not been made by sickness and sorrow that the riches and longevity we can increase. Even better, we should pray in a healthy way and we should have compassion or benevolent as she could during turbulence during one or two hours. We should be thinking on the ramp with a message from "Guide method of Bodhisattva in the life": pray for my son is always needs kind Nguon ần diversity in life for immeasurable sentient, as Earth and sky. "it is said that there are many benefits from the prayer like this while away interference. We should also take photos of The greatness and the compassion of the Religious Conflict in Nigeria Thích Ca understanding; Recalling his considerate virtues, we should pray in a manner essential need to him that by saying: "pray for children was followed the footsteps of the Buddha and internal force fullness arise to become like him." Nasty looks the prayer fervently like bring immense advantage Club.
We need to listen to, screening, and meditation exercise according to Dhamma mistakenly targeted action for a condition of perfect as the mind of the Buddha. when listening, slideshow, and meditation on Mahayana teachings in a way that we should have a comprehensive continuity like water basketball, day and night, do not use wrong time even in a moment.
First we should learn the way that they do not know anything at all. When there was little knowledge about this we should analyze and analyze once again, to find out the depth and significance of them. Once we become confident sense of them, we should try to reach the knowledge based on our experience in mind, we, based on a combination of meditation training analysis and layout (and only). Consumers these days and nights in the way how is known as the practice of a bodhisattva.
Abandon the old hamlet of flavor is the practice of the bodhisattva
There is the desire for such as water, vibrations in the glamorous;
Angry like fire, Trai extended to enemies; and si renders, creates a
The haze situation in mind, so forget what practitioners should receive and remove.
Service shelves:
2. the leaves being consistent
Head long buried's birth, infection
Friendly like waves slamming a mighty forever.
The flame of wrath harder guys harass, bother,
Burning the old covered lives gentle German.
The dark eyes look superficial,
Not bad, or easily confused.
Only be left his private variable
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
Obstacles, hatred, and si renders increase in each person, when we stay forever in our father. We formed the concerns not only attractive and friends but also to our ancestors. This initiates the obstacles in a way that inappropriately as hatred and anger. Even if we pray Testament practice and keeping litigation some mantra, our time is occupied with the care to relatives and friends against the purpose of the enemy. We manifest a fresh face and bowed to those rights placed higher, US bullying those who suffer oppression and deceive those who have the same status as wealthy as ours. All these actions in the departing from the living forever in a place where it has a variety of objects to concerns and anger.
If we have a small house contained a little proprietary material, we don't need the object to the idea of assisting with in the US, nor feel afraid because the enemies of the US Navy. But we can still have concerns that it comes from the thought, "this is my house". Similarly, we may become preoccupied worrying with those tiny physical objects, so thinking them how benefits for us when owning them. The foliage of this disorder do cause we used the dates of our waste.
A user can only have one box and a church along one or two concepts of Holiness of the body, mouth, and Italy in her house. However, if the clergy had become too involved in the layout of the object this person many times rains will scrambling by acts like it is better to use the same time to maintain litigation mantra and reflecting the Dhamma. Due to the abandonment of one's father is known as the practice of a bodhisattva.
The root of the confusion, hatred, and delusion is the Center closed, and renders the roadblock we can say that confusion and hatred like those of delusion. About these two things, hatred like a fierce General can school conquerors enemies, while entangled even as Treasurer or treasure. When all is expressed and action, obstacles, hatred and delusion brought us bigotry into the powerless and the difficulty of the other guys.
Stay in secluded distant is the practice of the bodhisattva is the place
Defilements gradually dispel due to abandoned places disturbed,
There is also the place where the entire action of growth in a natural way by not distract people, and
Where the conscious mind in creative letting students start awareness in Dhamma.
Service shelves:
3. Avoid there
Distance from every incentive,
Soul staggered will gradually tranquility.
Net culture notion spread chaos and let go of the lung,
Mind rules of virtue will gradually increase.
Intellectual property, in focus,
Confidence France steadily added.
Living alone recluse where-
This way of bodhisattva vows action schools
As this saying, simply abandon the father or the country of ours is not a answer. For example, we are refugees and pushed to have to abandon the country, but if we maintain the preoccupied with worldly acts we do not learn from the experience. The main objective of the abandoned his father's we have little opportunity for the students of obstacles, hatred, and delusion. In the stillness of this shelf was elucidated. There is no object in a venous distracted doing where mịch like goddesses homes, contact the family and the accumulating consumers the same material. Like, no one is around we talked about things taking wrecked and hatred. We can rest in a place where fresh water, pure air, we have simple clothes and no stress in the soul from anxiety to our widgets. From waking up in the morning with no what do distracted us in the practice of Dhamma, therefore we should focus on the Dhamma in a place as that.
Many precious religious holy ranks has reached the extreme intoxication evidence out of the way practice by taking turns to static mịch the title. Due to this, if we get the opportunity to reside in an am fall before an animal leaves, as in nature, voilà is a marvelous opportunity.
Especially because the monks were we not to family responsibility, we try you are turning up and followed the mirror of the Buddha and his disciples, reduce object of food, clothing, reputation and challenges the negativity. We do not reach anything magic just by changing clothes and worn bearing the symbol. Insignia of a cleric is when he suddenly stood up from the seat of the time, there is nothing you will need to collect from that place. If a few people to help locate her lost & found carrying their belongings after she left from one place to another place, then we don't think that's good for life representative clergy.
Abandon this life is the practice of the bodhisattva,
Relatives and friends for a long time to separation, the riches and material
Accumulated with the effort extremely right behind and body,
As a guest house, abandoned by its guests to the conscious mind.
Service shelves:
4. were with life
Living long time only,
Friend also charming in the embryo.
The pickup's money working spleen,
Remote remotely after his iron off.
Guest accommodation in the Centre, is close, home,
On the other must move away.
Discharge current-life concept don't worry
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action way
We are those who practice the Dhamma authentically if we find a static mịch and could alienate this worldly life. To alienate this worldly life, we should look on life on the River, such as doesn't matter, the essential reasons for a perspective like existence is impermanence and death. We all have to die sooner or later. If we are practicing the Dhamma and the development of a benevolent compassion or, when the moment of death to the plight of the future looks very promising. On the contrary, even if all those people around the world are friends and relatives of us no benefit whatsoever in those times like that, because we must go alone, leaving all they leave behind. For example, a person who is very wealthy, the owner of a backpack left all the breweries factory to factory left behind when he died.
Since we were born from the womb until now we have to love the body as possible is very enthusiastic with the saying ' my body ', but the body does not benefit anything for us at the end because we have left the body is left behind. Even until viewed as Dalai Lama when on death of the Dalai Lama then of course you also have left the body of Tenzin Gyatso. There is no way to this body and mind together. A common way, deprive the gold ' if y for gos South jar ' (2), Tenzin Gyatso will undergoes a breakdown (spirit), but at the moment of death he left the position to be freed this Holy medicine left behind without any problem at all.
The moment we don't know for sure. Formation of the expected deserves to quit if we can believe in changes in life expectancy, but we can't trust the limit of our lives because we don't know when we will die. All of us together here today during a sermon, but some of us may die tonight. We can't be sure that all of us will meet again in the program tomorrow. For example, we cannot guarantee 100% that we are not dead tonight.
Therefore, if we continue to cling to this life even a day that we used our time wrong, and finally in this way we can waste every month, every year. Because we don't know when our lives will end, so we have to live in the province and is well prepared. And then, even we die tonight, we will do so without regret. If we were to die tonight, target preparation good established wall was born; If we are not dead tonight, then no harm whatsoever in getting well prepared, because it is still beneficial for us.
The behavior of the body in the lifetimes can be seen and experienced the same things there is a method of operating to manifest in a given time. For example, we have experience with a great deal more serious about a State of anxiety and frustration at the beginning when escaping from Tibet and India, asking that we how to survive. In this process of sense from a country of humanity to a country's humanity, we find that things gradually evolve a good way.
But when we left the world of humanity, we also do so without a guard or support and all the responsibility totally poured into ourselves. We only have the understanding of intellectual property rights of yourself to the title at the time, so we must expand our own effort to protect ourselves. As Buddha said, "it was just for you the way to liberation; Please know that our liberation is depending on you. " We must actively effort in reaching himself in the transition from the lower world to liberation from samsara, from the mortal self in existing secular Empire glass to rescue the President.
It's difficult to let God protect us aviation schools when we move to the next life, so we should caution and also prepare the best right now as we can. We should put emphasis on the life of the future than just cling to this life, so, we can sacrifice and abandon this life. This is starting to set up the air of life.
The body is compared as a guest house, is it just a place to stay for a short time and casual. As already presented guests are staying in the consciousness of the body, such as guest houses and rented a place to stay when the date and time to the conscious mind, and then left the House of the body must be left behind. Existing non-stick stuck to the body, friends, giảu sang and owned is the practice of the bodhisattva.
Shunned the friends not ethics is the practice of the bodhisattva
Who when socializing with them will cause increase in infected cells, three things
The behavior of listening, and meditation exercises to reduce,
And love and compassion become no longer available.
Service shelves:
5. Sparkling evil possession
Encountering bad putting, entrance
Anger, greed, Jackass.
Time slightly longer practice,
Forgotten France; a meditation.
Heart of compassion for all beings
Dominated, disconnected, forgotten.
Let's cut the next intersection you evil-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action, for example.
There is a difference between the qualities we seek in a Division Director and close friend of virtue, and the things that we found in a master not spirituality and bad friends. The Division leaders frequented with virtue and a very dear friend, on the contrary interests such as beneficial to keep relationships with spiritual teachers do not and you are bad. Because even if we desire to become good, by the gradual reception in the Centre we provide any of those bad we can bring those unethical habits. This point was said to be extremely important.
Those of you in this kind of bad or not your spirituality that we must abandon the people in a relationship with them an increase in the three types of negativity about obstacles, hatred, and delusion. Naturally, we are not able to practice the Dhamma through listening, thinking, and meditating when connecting with people you like.
While engaged in the practice of Mahayana, such contacts will diminish the value of the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta), where there is love and compassion. We have to alienate them as we stay away from the disease.
The pursuit of excellence is the practice of the bodhisattva
The spirituality even close over their own bodies,
When we called those of you following the spiritual elite, faults will be minimized and
These qualities are good growth like the embellished (polishing) of the moon.
Service shelves:
6. Weight Division Director
When surrender in direct lions,
True to request instructions from
Order via training, pure, classic
Raised as a new round.
Dangerous virtual resolves any difficulty, delete the corrupted,
If the full trust level footing,
Must respect you more than myself again-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that way.
This is a way of saying that we should title the Princess of us act as spiritual friends, which Geshe Potawa also claimed that: "there's nothing better than to go to a Division Director mistakenly seek freed altogether. Quality of life can be learned by the consistent projection. However, it is even possible that there may need to a master. How we contrive a Division Director without when we suddenly transition from a lower to a world where we have never been to before. "
Convert the defects of the mind into a State of pure will not be carried it out without much effort, and to make an effort so we have to know how to direct and guide it skills to use. If we do not know and could not be guided by a person experiences, the effort will not have results as desired.
Who is experience? A Protestant leaders, who through his own experience can show students the way and guide methods for reducing except barrier. Like a patient seeking the help of a lawyer to get prompt medical treatment of infectious diseases, because of that, we should seek the help of a Director to freed us from three karma. Directed by Professor whom disciples following titles from the depths of the heart.
Directed by Professor or master truthful isn't anyone. As Sakya Pandita was told by Dharmaraja: "before starting a small service for buying and selling jewellery and horses, one must examine a way deeply and seek help from others. Similarly, it would be wrong if in search of the teachings in anyone without analysis tested spiritual masters before, because the Dhamma is the only method for reaching the ultimate goal. " We must examine a heart in this way to see the Director Professor's deserved or not. We have tested this characteristics of Director Professor carefully: the relationship of the Vinaya and organ with the same owner of the qualities of a leader Professor Diamond, as explained in a classical tantra.
Once you have been convinced that there is a direct adaptation Division, we should then turns in a title on a supply properly, please refer to the knowledge of the situation is such as to and from the heart of the Buddha was then even more than the Buddha. we must have trust in the quality of her and respect her position by recalling from the mind of the does. Preserve the reverence and compassion considerate of her in ourselves, we should practice the instructions associated with the trust for the relief. We should put the sincere efforts and it looks to us by the Director of the practice of Dhamma.
The cozy atmosphere seems to be the most high God we can offer to know Director is Professor of the practice. If there is an adequate Division Director, authentically you will please more than ever with the nasty looks by practicing rather than with the seemingly cozy atmosphere that we can bring you. Marpa Lotsawa who require Milarepa stillness stay the practice of asceticism before finally allowing French customs Danh Festival received its Milarepa. In the meantime, Milarepa doesn't have any physical nothing worthwhile to appear. A disciple of Marpa Lotsawa, who is Ngok the Ngok Lotsawa rich and offer cozy atmosphere all for his master, even not chừa leave a lame goat legs. Marpa sang a song expressing the outcome that he does not differentiate between people who have nothing to appear and the cozy atmosphere seems to be all that you have. This reveals that he is a Professor of morals in whole.
Those who are looking for useful material is not worthy of the Mahayana, as claimed, quoting from Sharawa Path Progressive Retailers organization Shizong Guests Lamrim. Following the title with a relief in a manner appropriately described here is the practice of the bodhisattva.
(1) user, password, Italy.
(2) ' for gos ' is the y gold above all increase, also known as ' la gos ', ' char ' are the y male gold above only for increased tool life, ' thang gos ' residence was the y bottom used for raised.
All three things existing coastal b. impermanent as the clouds of autumn;
Living and dying mobile presence as being conducted a dances;
The life of sentient beings passed quickly as lightning in the sky;
And life moves with the speed of a waterfall from atop the mountain.
This excerpt from my shelf piece Gyacher, Rolpa, describe all these phenomena, including sentient beings and the environment was born around combined personal charm. Due to that they change from moment to moment across and has a naturally can be ruined forever transformation ever. There is a phenomenon which will maintain the invariant.
We see that our lives as those sentient beings is not sustainable in a special way. Make sure that after the birth we must die; However, this never thought in the mind as we start living that death will come to us when internal conditions and in particular against the ominous pre-bubble dimensions together, often not warned in advance. Death it up with a surprise to us and we passed a lifetimes, and only the name of our existence in this world. Such a moment will come. Even before the history of the world began to be recorded back several thousand years before passing, so that we cannot indicate a single person does not die. Not to mention the wealth, ability, courage, or how smart we can, none of us could mean the end of death.
Likewise, all those parts of the body is temporary and subject to constant change, by calculation of impermanence, unsustainable, and degenerative nature. Early in life, our eyes are sharp; later when they become opaque dark we must wear glasses, and then gradually even glass are also unable to support because the degeneration of the sense of possibility. Like young, at the time, we can hear clearly the sound thinh with our ears, but this gradually negatives thinh helpless until we are deaf and can't hear anything correctly.
If anybody know fascinated as a young man so others like provide them; the charismatic can become a source of pride in the body. But gradually, with age, youthful and attractive body she becomes ill and back also. The right main body and even the owner of it was also felt it against. Indeed, one might say a way surprised that anyone would be too old and khòm back which is still alive, and even the descendants of the people can be impossible to close without a shoelace tip. Her sorrow or tortured by the agony of old age and disability and brain disease, and feel effortless sense when thinking about ego. Some old people feel like choosing death better than life. But only by saying, "I love death," death will not come.
When we are young and attractive with wealth, power, owning, and strength, we are subject to the respect of others. Whatever we say what it viewed as critical as the sayings of the Buddha, but once we each pillow backs bent and is no longer working anymore, does anyone still listen to the words of us anymore. We become the subject of the insult and turned face.
Also, during the early years we think we will overcome our enemies, close support and while we do this to the other to improve the standard life assurance as well as our reputation. Preoccupied with thoughts like, we use his life does not meet all those contemplated his own true way. And in a way that cannot be avoided, every failure it out exactly as we wanted and we cannot absolutely everything we've planned, this will cause ... do we regret and make friends we disappointed. In this way, we come to the conclusion of our life and is no longer any time to make plans for new or improve ourselves.
As an example, we can pursue programs of a person in the modern world. Who's to school during his childhood, and want to reap knowledge, who is proud with the test successfully. This concurrence consciousness creates a strong decision to improve the spiritual and intelligent person. Her body is the culmination of physical condition at the moment and the possibility of him being refined.
After a period of time know this boy becomes an adult. Who's looking for a career, love and then into the furniture according to the customs of the time. The life of a juvenile started heavy burden, who had become with the responsibilities and time freedom, fun, comfort of her young age is gone. Even if he's satisfied with his life, he worried about the spouse, and children together with their relatives. Then he fell into the envious with their friends who are more successful than him; she competed with those by themselves and arrogance those who lower themselves. So, who's spent enough stuff floating line of body and spirit based on jobs, wages and his reputation.
At the beginning, when she got a little food and clothing, she just wanted a career. But when people have jobs, people's desire for a better career. He becomes happy just got a lowly salary and are not satisfied with his position. When the way was higher, people started to expect his lowly than himself, and eventually she became his melodramatic pride, think themselves superior to others. In this form, years passed until the lifetimes of who's coming to an end.
Think about life in the monastery in Tibet, the monastery was born even in teens but tend to learn the classics with a direct interface to the understanding of accountancy experience and reached liberation, there is something truly marvelous. But there are others learn merely collect ad knowledge than those of his uncle, by the French brigade, they might create difficulty for possession of them during the debate.
The Lama and geshe (Ph.d. in Buddhist studies) veteran, there are those who completely to Center with the Dhamma and abandon worldly acts as they are just the wave on the ocean. But some of Dr. Buddhist studies of female Impersonation (Gelugpa) can fall into one of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem with the list become entangled, even self-infertility "Geshe" silently think, "pray for me to be a Geshe Lharampa" (in order from low to high by geshe: Dorampa, Lingtse, Tsorampa and Lharampa, Lharampa is the highest), and other thoughts like that. Those who are looking for a good position, such as the Abbot of a monastery ' school ' for a geshe veteran or Abbots a monastery locally for a new graduate, geshe is extremely difficult for them to psychotherapy in Dhamma. Because they have spent time living in a deluded, action-oriented road in the impact of eight French worldly (Bowl style). They start with some guidelines and form a combined transaction (or Association). Eventually they obtained title of titular Abbots and many thanks to them. It is also cozy atmosphere appears, until their material affluence gradually up to point both hands they aren't enough to hold all hug and they appointed a Secretary of the Treasury. With a degree in archival studies, have four arms to stored property, and when the four hands not hold off, they appointed a Secretary of the Treasury, is now tri has six arms. They may also appoint other people to have an extra eight hands, and because it is for ascending up this way.
If we cannot tame his inner and then entangled in these faults in the practice of Dhamma, as donkeys Staten and frustration of others, it is not appropriate. Even if anyone here feels that they are practicing the Dhamma, and with a mind to let go of communes is not agitated, if people think carefully, just as the French are contributing for eight worldly (Bowl style), and would be very difficult to unify the practice with the practice of Dhamma.
If the life she passed in this way and then matures nua and back also, the plight of people like described by Je Gunghang Rinpoche: "twenty years is that don't remember to practice Law, twenty-five are used to saying," I'm going to practice, "and said that more than ten yearsThis did not, ' it out, it didn't it out. ' this is the story of a man who was taking his life in a way how the empty tuếch. "
We experienced this exactly as described here. Before reaching the age of 20, we learn acumen and a vulnerable mõng belief in the concept of sex and enlightenment (bodhicitta). When consciousness matured, we are motivated to think about the problems caused by having to work with the problems facing the Communists. learn in difficult times, the time elapsed and we are up to 25 years old. Then competition when Tibetans we dehydrated and scattered throughout the world. Later, we learn a little, thinking, and practice in a few levels and how did I step into the age of 35 or 36.
And then we start to put more energy than for practicing, thinking that if a person is not conscious mind peace accords with the practice of Dhamma really, who can recite oral proceedings and ending hours which is not the expression of Dhamma practice. Currently we're thinking that if her conscious mind cannot be domesticated, Dhamma cannot reveal. Even with emphasis on judicial attitude and made aggressive to put yourself in a true Dhamma practice, it looks like it is still the same time is approaching when we spend 10 years to say, "it didn't it out, it didn't it out."
Due to this, whether looked at superficially we have polite, kind, together with the framework or not, if we are unable to test his consciousness completely appropriate everything will become very difficult. We should guess yourself in two main criteria are cause for confidence don't like her or the regretful or not. If we are to the date of his passing a sloppy and wasteful, hesitation, this is a tremendous loss. Life does not wait: whether we use their life full of meaning or not, still moment was worn every moment. World so we must practice the Dhamma, as if we are to the time elapsed, saying, "I will do this and this ..." and then, as is said here:
Before tomorrow comes to practice Dhamma,
There is a threat of death are coming today,
So don't self deluded mind yourself,
If you want to practice Dhamma, be conducted today.
For example, we are deceiving ourselves if we would say that for conscientious practice of Dhamma when I came to 50 or 60 years old. Currently we are at 30 and we cannot place sole effort into the Dhamma. We also have other things to think about, especially great responsibility carrying the title The Holy Dalai Lama (His Holiness the Dalai Lama). But if we continue to pour the excess like we're self deluded themselves. Even for a day or an hour, if we cannot put ourselves in their practice without hesitation the voila is our own faults.
Of course, we can't practice 84 thousand disciplines right at a time. Master of the Long tho and Holy Angels Aśvaghoṣa, brother of Asanga and natural Body, her 80 great Achievements (Mahasiddha), etc. are not able to practice the Dhamma in a way entirely from the first day. He must start cultivation seed in their conscious mind and new to the practice of Dhamma. He gradually increased the practice and practice like the ability for the practice also grew up, so that, in the end he became a member of the scholars and practitioners do not know each tired.
He was not born to be associated with the UE structure, nor been given all of these qualities do not know what is effortless. He is like us, as was stated in the guide the lifestyle of Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara), therefore, we should develop the motivation to practice and do not feel weak. Even the ants and honey also owns the Buddha, so if they can arise capacity enthusiastic patience we will also be able to reach enlightenment.
Therefore, because we were born as a human being and if we can arise enthusiastic capacity then what there patience hampering us reach the ultimate state of enlightenment? We will reach the firm believer if we understood correctly, He calculated as explained in ' secret ' Three dollars. Have the opportunity to reach the ultimate state of enlightenment when we have the right coast. It depends on each individual we have chosen to use the charm is a way through the intellectual property rights or not; If we do the right thing, we will reach the ultimate state of enlightenment is a sure way. Here's how to arise trust steadfastness.
If we can bring change in our consciousness, we can convert a mass does know of the behaviors that we ever wrong right from the three career, password, into actions. Anything that is normally viewed as non ethical or in public schools may convert into ethical behavior, and became the cause of the accumulation of Germany extensively, by the power of inner strength. The neutral expression by ordinary people can also be transformed into the ethical behavior should be conducted by a person of average capacity. Due to the gradual change, and to improve our conscious mind and the practice of Dhamma will trỉu and is the cause of the exercise.
Speaking broadly, Dharma has two stock car, known as chariot Hinayana and Mahayana. Both Display and Your Business Succeed in Excess to the specificity of Tantra Mahayana and the Dhamma from blooms in Tibet is a combination of classics and classical tantra teacher shows. To this kind of Dhamma practice we have understood it. To understand it we have to listen. As a result, today we will continue with the mouth thirty-seven to the practice of Bodhisattva, and you should listen to this doctrine of Bodhisattva Thogmed Zangpo with the attitude of a guide of all sentient beings to enlightenment level that there is freedom of paramount with suffering and its causesLet's think: "there is no other way to support others by having reached enlightenment paramount. Pray for children reaches the ultimate level of enlightenment through the practice of the path of the bodhisattva, the completely take kill all renders the roadblock and adapt all the qualities of Holiness.
Now we continue with the explanation about how the title with Myrtle. The General should have these qualities: the must have morals and knowledge, the nature of compassion with an enormous talent for teaching students, and owns a judicial empathy. A master psychic ngưởi guide us to a fundamental aim must be the transcendental qualities with these things, such as the ability to bestow others the instructions properly and is a shining example for students.
As was said in the Bible: "teachers Alankara spirituality should be a center of domestication, stillness, and peace, a special knowledge and enthusiasm; the rich in the transmission of her with an understood completely as they really are; a gifted marksman should have an explanation of Dhamma, as compassionate nature and spotlights list disclaimer. Look for the globe (a teachers morals like that). "
We request a master psychic happy, Director for ten qualities, and we should be relying a Masters title like over nine attitude3)(spirit. Above all, we should create a warrant to the Director of her Division, forming a close between us and the judicial. We should listen to a focusing to what you say, and if there's a moral Division products-almond deserve the same will take us to the peace and the Road temporarily would be useful for us in the future. You will not put us in a direction opposite, as the cause for us to collapse the current and future. Look like, we will receive useful depending on the close contact with the US consciousness of themselves as Director.
As has been said that this vitally important for the leader and disciple of mutual analysis. Teachers know test candles is a doctrine appropriate to the disciples, especially the French, and has the appropriate number Danh to talk about a classic tantra or not. As disciples, we shouldn't judge the ethics counsel by public opinion, such a high position or a position prominent names or not, is an incarnation or Abbots. Rather, we should test the time is appropriate to the leader of we are not and niểm of us have arisen in the same or not.
Whether teachers had a title Lama, khenpo or geshe, tulku incarnations or a long string of previous incarnations — or even a labelled the Dalai Lama-we shouldn't put his beliefs on the is just for this reason. There is talk about the content of the Dhamma, not public opinion on the status of the individual.
The Dhamma means looking for Nirvana, fully, therefore, means to reach out to this freedom must be chosen freely. Not properly to whom she would go way under a forced. In the path becomes a progressive Organization Shizong Guests Three Lamrim saying, "Let's have a Center as a good son," meaning those disciples should put their minds on the Ethics Counsel following titles A good no insistence that her opinions are correct; who's going to do anything his father asked children do. Like the disciples should act in a manner obedience as are guided by the Director of its Division.
The Dhamma is making valuable by reason, so that, whatever we say should be based on reason which is not on trust blindly and imperative. Because of the Dhamma was spread by the clumsy, means being motivated but was just wrong, like an arrow shot in darkness, and will be unable to survive in the modern world. Dharma based on reason, and have a background steadfastness, is why tia sán flaming rở were spread throughout the world and has not been overshadowed.
So, in summary, before putting their own beliefs to the Ethics Counsel we should analyze carefully; After finding a counsel and Director of the us to trust you then should steadily. It is we should find a spiritual master.
Now we continue the theme say about refuge.
How schools of the angels, they were detained in the prisoner of saṃsāra batoka, labour
Can protect anyone? But is the practice of
The bodhisattva turns to Religious titles, is Trinity
Will never deceive the refuge Jewels.
Service shelves:
7. refuge
This heavenly realms lettered yet lo,
Still have to Samsara, one day.
Encumbered as ta, sao sheltered?
In jail and freed one from?
But Buddha, Dharma, and superlative live Myrtle
Salvation-for example in subsection.
Go to the refuge and Jewels-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action that way.
The question was raised as a medical topic, is needed? We were detained in lao prisons of mortal batoka samsara and the confining of hope ideas industry report. If we look at the God's earthly Kings, a tu la, geographic, or other deities, we will find many stories about the suffering that they were reduced to humans. If they act in a positive way they can do for ourselves a little, but not noticeable if they are the kind of human beings that feel the need to ceremonies by the animals to avoid suffering the infuriating of time, then they are not worthy to the title object.
Angels and evil spirits similar to ours in that they were covered by the newspaper and the other cell infection. Their lack of a body but crude resemblance to us in the interest of others. They are the servant of negativity is like ours, are called obstacles, hatred, and ignorance si renders. Because of this, it's pointless if we are relying on angels, a tu title and the other beings, these guys must be the same as ours.
We search for a refuge full of the things expected of us. The objects of refuge will never make us despair? There are three things: precious Buddhist religious and paramount, Security, and Increase Security. To refuge from the depths of our hearts to Jewels, understood the value of the Jewels as descended through reason, rule y is known as the practice of the bodhisattva.
This is known as the refuge is to make the distinction between the Buddhists and non-Buddhists. We become thảnh Buddhists when we trust in the depths of the soul that Jewels is the source really true to the title; by contrast the lack of a trust in Jewels and do not accept the true Jewels is descended of y is not truly the Buddhists, even if they know many things about the Dharma.
Naturally Jewels-Buddha 's, Security, and increased Security-Security? Buddhas are those who completely freely with all the mistakes, eradicate them. The mistake is not reduced by excluding outside but inside, and spoke widely, we can say that contained in the environment and they kicked up from the capacity of the newspaper. This quote comes from the consciousness industry is not domesticated and negativity. The negativity of this constitutes any kind of thought, but when it boots up harassing the animal consciousness we and disturbed the peace. Due to this, owner of negativity is suffering. The bear took the name as a result of these types of form actions.
Impurity constitutes both met (AI attachment) and aversion (dislike), and was the main law of all of them are ignorance si renders allies with closed minds. Through the power of the newspaper industry, and through the negativity of the power of karma is ripe, suffering so far. Defilements need to be destroyed as obstacles, hatred, and ignorance, as well as any negative thoughts, including barriers hampering us recognise the phenomenon of infringement. The consciousness we become whole global sense all position beyond wins all came. A man is rich innate qualities like of consciousness known as the Buddha in the Sun.
Even the Buddha nor permanence, and also does not exist either. Buddhists also believe that the Buddha enlightenment from primitive, and that we, who have to maintain forever in its current state. The Buddha who embodies enlightened behaviour in Shume entitled Enlightenment is an ordinary person like us initially. He became the Buddha due to abandon mistakes and incurred the qualities of Holiness, step-by-step. As a result, we are also not in the body parts they take forever in the realm of samsara if we emulated his mirror.
There is a belief common in the Earth and in Hinayana teeth Buddha is a bodhisattva in the beginning of His life and reached enlightenment while meditating under the stump Every Bowl is situated in La Shume enlightenment. perspectives of Mahayana is all the Buddha never lay activists from France and the present different chemistry as an ongoing way, a way of gradually or suddenly, in the realms of pure land and UE. In this incarnation The Religious Conflict Ni German Thích Ca is present in the fourth, the world of ours.
He was born as a Prince in a Royal family, was prepared to rule the Kingdom but then had to wrap and become an sa. For six years he practiced asceticism. Later he crossed the devil WINS and reached enlightenment. This is the first time he has enlightened and has a completely all the infected cells of hope idea duality, merely a present.
The Buddha has three natural body: France was interested in observing the two truths East and also endow with two young NET (4). The body is endow itself with France was subtle and only appear to those members of the Holy (Arya). Report, which was for years the steadfastness (5), maintained until lap mortal samsara empty. The incarnation as the Buddha and Buddha Ca Lettuce present Singers from the Gazette.
Dhamma really has two aspects: quality of telecommunications, to the transcendent and religious in the Dhamma encompasses everything from the nhỗ root of any aspect of any mistake of the conscious mind to the truth of cessation (removal) is that eradication absolutely crucial (6) both in mind and then there is a Buddha. quality of the evidence, which means the comprehension doesn't directly, the truth of the path (enlightenment). Those who can arise with the quality of the evidence and remote cups become himself at every single source of fear, and thus the Dhamma can be viewed as a protector.
Increase Security include those for remote knowledge and evidence. Due to the Buddha, and increase The Security Protection, as the topic for the dark Princess the title qui y of Buddhists. As evidenced is the Buddha Museum guard, ranks, and increased Security Protection far is separate from ours and are the subjects for our trust. Like a criminal recourse to his lawyer, we should find that judicial protection where the Trinity religious this quarter by the reception the refuge.
What was in the process looking for protection from the Jewels? Here are the dispel mistakes and develop our good qualities as we can with the suffering and for peace and happiness. To reach this, we must put an end to the collective goodwill and positive real is only the good industrial artifacts only. Mistaken targets for this, we must annihilate consciousness disappointed no tame things hinder us with episode charity and terminating any development charity.
The basis for the dispel all the faults and incurred the fine qualities of consciousness. Consciousness has many aspects which includes five of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and to capture the audience of the SAC, thinh, incense, and exposure. Important point that the capture the audience met the main consciousness, known as conscious or spiritual senses. Senses the spirit's there are various aspects, one aspect's functionality while we. There is a kind of subtle than this is the function passed as sleep and when we vertebral.
At the time of Lam chung, senses the spirit or consciousness crude slowly vanish and we experienced a more subtle consciousness, by its natural features never exposed any negativity. The negativity exists only in the sense of raw only, and are not retained in consciousness is subtle. Consequently, the nature of mind is freedom with the negativity. This is when consciousness conscious living rough or coarse, startups, and obstacles, hatred etc presence from time to another. But this does not affect the nature of mind.
For example, even a little angry argues, the mind will not always full of Hamlet by angry. If the computer is not freedom of the mind with anger, he would spent the anger a continuously until that person's consciousness is still available. Also, if the negativity inseparable consciousness, the conscious mind is unable to rectify or self-training. We are looking for abandoned or discontinued its negativity of consciousness rather than from political consciousness.
The nature of the obstacles to an audience and the status quo pushed back an object are two completely different state of consciousness and cannot exist at the same time. The impurity such as confusion and aversion born kicked through ignorance si is the phenomenon of haunting as there exists a true way. There are also positive aspects of consciousness, in which they operate as a value to this expression of ignorance in consciousness.
Not to mention consciousness experiences powerful or solidly as to how, if we traced it and analyze it in a way friendly tech we see that whatever it embodies for us to be seen on a false and like bubble water suddenly flared up. We believe that the existing phenomenon one way true, but if they really like, we can demonstrate the existence of them when we survey them. Instead, the survey we expose that they do not present a true in our own reality. Once we discovered this, they can not trust the existing true biological phenomenon.
According to this reason, the conscious mind mistakes temporarily unfounded determination because it is found in ignorance, in contrast the si an nice of consciousness may support respectfully. False hope idea consciousness exists in a State of recession and if we do ourselves with those aspects of consciousness are the things that support worthwhile certainly disappointed that consciousness will become increasingly weak. Like hot cold reduction, contrast increase to increase the hot off the cold; or as light dispel darkness increasingly spread along all over when its capacity is increasingly growing.
As a result, when the positive qualities of consciousness developed, these aspects mistakes will lose power and eventually disappear. But if during practice the ability of the mind actively reduced the negative aspects will increase again, some people practising in the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) continuously for several months and found some things to improve but when the thinking on contingency disorient women enlightenment (bodhicitta) at a timewho's going to stop to see any improvement whatsoever. This is because the person does not have the support of intellectual property and respectfully is evidence not intelligence.
The support is becoming steadily more if we practice in combination with the method and intellectual property. Because these qualities depends on consciousness, they grow a limitless when we practice and practice in this thread continuously; in this way we are sure to increase the fine quality and minimize our mistakes. The achievement of the good qualities and minimize damage in the qualities of consciousness known as Buddha. Finally we must arise honesty of roads (enlightenment) in the proximity continuous spirit of ours. This is the Dhamma. As a result, we reached the stop end each individual impurity of mind. And then we will be free from suffering and will enjoy my glee can not destroy.
We should practice gradually out of the way. If not, the simple realization that present us is separate entity with Jewels was unable to identify those suffering of ours. In its current state it's difficult to reach paramount qualities of Dhamma (7). However, we should try to reach this state of transcendental qualities Dhamma by deciding to do gradually the practice opening preparation before entering the path (practice).
The main door on the way to eliminate faults and collect the good qualities of the practice from ten real friendly. This one, three real good karma or three acts not healthy body is killing, stealing, and pornography.
  • Not killed
The killing of any organism from the human to the insect, should be avoided. If we are killed, the action damaging to the body and the lives of others and thus cause to underwent the beating of suffering. This is why say killed contact us in any friendly behavior is extremely intense. Such an action either by angry engine, as in the murder of enemies, or by the confusion in the murder of animals to eat meat.
Some Mahayana Buddhist treatise Dictionary says that eating meat good only, while some others that are completely incorrect. In the Vinaya, or material principle, saying that these types of meat then banned, but the Government himself do not eat meat altogether is not allowed. In the usual practice, it is seen as stable only to eat meat bought from the market and it is regarded as the first bar in three aspect, rather than eating meat that we ordered a special way to animals killed for the purpose of eating meat. This subject was involved in "nature Center", and the comment text.
The fact that some people swear chừa eating meat is marvelous. Nevertheless, if we abandon the eating meat again adversely affected health and threat to the existence of us while practicing the Dhamma, then we must consider any thing more important than and judge in each case. The killed animals especially because our flesh is a real deed and that makes us sad. What is more, there is a horrible mores regarding officer born to, but the engine from the ignorance si renders. It is magically without anyone in the assemblies in this enforced the students to the cultural tradition. But if there is some here traditionally, when you return home should tell those of you that Germany Dalai Lama banned the student. If by talking up this you can call the stopped the practice like in your community, then it's very good.
If you have some deity need meat animals when the cozy atmosphere, please tell them that even though you intend to express the cosy this to them, but you were Germany, the Dalai Lama asked to do that and so you do not arrange materials. In this way, you can dump responsibility onto us. Although we don't have any evidence of its capability, but we are saying this while searching for the title of Princess of refuge in the Buddha The ton, and thus there is a reasonable thing to declare so. If some of you here have mores officer b. cosy international so, now you have reception ceremony London (Kalacakra) consistent Danh Forecast you must put an end to the practice of it immediately. This looks like a link to sacred or releases, based on the preaching of this spirituality.
The guys that human, cosy international meat animals like the devil, the cso a greed to bloodstream and meat. Who does not deserve to because they don't have the capacity to take the lives of the other beings, so that, they have found the opportunity to eat the food like based on human beings.
  • Not theft
Action real friendly next to renounce the theft, or taking things that are not allowed, and this includes anything from the jewelry, precious cattle until the smallest miscellaneous things. Theft of infringing property rights of others. Although it is not to be punished like a detriment to the other guys, but the lives, but stripped of others to experience suffering.
There are many facets: Trôm theft, for example, we could see and then hold an ownership that the investigation would be lost. Although we can't directly stolen, however, the owner of it did not give away or discarded material is in the mind. Due to this, there is a possible or chances that we will accumulate negative things like who brought retrieved Karma due to actually steal such objects. From the standpoint of the Dhamma, if we see an object of someone that we should find and giving back to its true owner.
  • No adultery
There are many types of adultery. In the form of administrative explicit ones upāsaka nefarious usually associated with the food lies with others is not the spouse of the other. Here is the source of the controversy and conflict among people from the ranks of intellectuals in the country to develop until the seller in the enclave have not expanded. Due to this, the conflict will not abandon it if people kind of adultery.
  • Do not speak the language of unfair
Next we go to the language of unhealthy thing to lie, say malevolent, say profanity, and said words in vain.
--A lie meant to say that we've ever seen something here that we don't see or, conversely said that they did not see what this sculpture that fact we have seen. This was motivated by the desire to change the perspective of others and this is extremely unusual attitudes, by because it's a scam and cheating others. The important thing is to always tell the truth.
--Say malevolent means saying things melt a relationship agreement between the people with peace. That harm done to the whole society and stealing happiness and thoãi the roof of the individual soul, so that it would be worse. The great leaders of the Kadampa masters has ever said, "Let's save interest testimony says, when you are in the crowd and pay attention to your mind when you only have one themselves. Just by opening your mouth, you can get entangled in the world. "this is a truth. By talking in a way, we can make others criticized reprimand or the taking responsibility and thus there is a threat of any episode in which friendly, so we are always interested in our words.
--Say vulgar language related to the Annona or harshly hole. When we talk with others occasionally seem to be the language coming out of the mouths of the original, so we also need to be careful with our language. When the rage emerged, we should not use vulgar language to others, by saying, "thou shalt not make a blank nothing!" (You good-for-nothing) or "Thee truth is stupid" (You idiot!). Verbal profanity as sorrow Centre others and should be abandoned, as the slang or arbitrarily, as, "Hallo, name!" (Hey, you!) and "Hallo, man!" (Hey, man!) When used to diminish the value of others. For example, the Dalai Lama's predecessor always evoke the attention of others by calling their name.
--Bids in vain to contact the talking function does not have any purpose whatsoever and run from expectation. Examples include talk about things profane because the Lac 's, or discussion of war and conflict. In conclusion, we should end the queer in gẩu or say from hopeless idea things like stick and angrily argues for ourselves and others. Let's say anything needed to say and at others should keep silent. This really is excellent.
Now we can talk about unhealthy activities of mind, she composed three kinds of things, entitled is the greedy, volitional sickness and misconception.
  • The greedy (involved) associated with the focus on the proprietary material of others and hope and pray we can get things.
  • Volitional sickness () means focusing on others with contrast Center and a tendency to do harm.
  • Misconception (si) consists of thought there is no life after death, no cause and effect is also no jewels, and is seen as a key thing to wear a very heavy negative.
Perception ten things unhealthy and abandon them is known as the practice of ten (the charity).
The entrance to the practice of Dhamma start from this place. Gradually, that consciousness develops, we incurred an estimated voluntarily freed us from samsara mortal circles as well as trigger altruistic tendencies to assisting others. Similarly, each step a step by step we can reach the path of truth within ourselves with all the characteristics of them-see the nature of impermanence in the audience, the nature of the phenomenon of egolessness and the nature of suffering in the defilements. We build peace and happiness and liberation from suffering by relying on the path to stop once and for all (kill) and of the truth. Due to the world, who are Buddhists know as the true title of the refuge to the Myrtle family.
Increased Protection is also important as an exemplary to good-natured and we find this very helpful. Not counting those in ' complete ' era (8), we also caught in this era of those less interested in secular matters and be prepared to the Greek Constitution in the social work to practice loving, compassionate, enlightened mind a, and the terraces steadfastness overarching straight to the main framework of the road (enlightenment). When we met the ominous pre-bubble dimensions people like that, we thought, "why we haven't done what they did? What is preventing us to complete it? We affirm will complete it. " The thought that her trigger in the mind as we subject interests and considerate of the people you Psychic Rose. Because of that, people like that should be considered exemplary object and the friendly owners knowledge, spirituality, whether they are a true Increase Security components or not. And we should practice the Dhamma emulated the epitome.
According to Mahayana teachings, no members of the old religion, you truly have cultivate Growth Center of enlightenment (bodhicitta) in their ongoing progress management and supported by the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) has reached the agreement of the President of the static property and intellectual property rights by the Black Interior kiosks tam sensory evidence not directly. Reached with the substance of the first field (a meditation) and on again, they can market and can operate for the benefit of others successfully. They were extraordinary, yet endow a pure knowledge and can't be beat. Thus we can see that Buddhism is the most capital and like was a medical Professor, honesty and Security is like medicine, and increase The spirituality like nurse, taking care of us as good friends.
The bodhisattva is currently looking for the highest position of the enlightened confused to do benefits to others who practice to look for refuge in Jewels. Receiving the refuge is the practice of the Portuguese were Completed, and the shelves Saturday to be concluded with this statement.
As spoken by Germany The Religion that the suffering is not unbearable
Of the lower realms is the result of any newspaper,
Consequently, the bodhisattva practice is never created
Any donation, even newspaper industry by the cost of their lives.
Service shelves:
8. Stop evil acts
The Buddha taught, line must cross carry
The lifetimes much pain
The result of misfortune due to tai Wo
Harm of generations past.
Don't want to go after suffering AWE,
Shalt not waver despite losses,
Stop all evil acts hazardous-termination
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action this way.
The suffering of those beings moving in the lower realms is extremely difficult to endure, such beings in hell suffering with extreme cold and hot, boiling, burned, and freeze. And then there is the suffering lasted for what kind of hell, as hell and other realms near hell.
"Whatever thou has executed, a response or outcome comes to the next." this seems incomprehensible for the mind's perception of us, however self awareness is infinite and thus we cannot say that this is dubious; There are many things beyond the ngoải mind. There are many of those suffering brain which resulted from the lower realms to act infected cell, the Buddha said: "all these things arise from psychological expectation." as the word He spoke thus seemed that different environments and the sentient manifestation of the low realms from interested prospects.
We do not know all the things this based on the current evaluation from A Bhikkhu Gains Ma Property Questions Sabi or not, or from the knowledge base (Alaya), but it sure the hell is real world existence. We witness the whole diversity of human beings in the world of earthly birth, with the different aspects of the body, a livelihood and lifestyle, and the existence other than by us. Based on this, we can contact that the existing conditions like also in hundreds of other worlds of the earthly realms (third world).
Let us save the interested demons hunger (ngạ demon), for example: they are miserable because of the lack of major food and drink. Because of these evil people murdered her cruel animal to right in this world. They came as the demons of hunger because they were followers of the evil. Among her several more capacity than the other guys and they push into a lowly position; the other system is real, or rebellion.
Next let's look at the suffering of animals in our world. There are animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys and horses are things that we care, and other things such as sheep and goats are the stuff that we raised to kill meat. If we think about them and realize that their life does not belong to them. We do not intend to harm us, they eat grass, drinking water, and fool padded with Jackass. These are the terms of our life. Therefore, what allows people the right to eat the body of them?
When these animals were for a little food, they scrambled and fought together for food, because of wrecked and angry. In addition, they have to endure suffering for being beaten by roi dramatically. Look carefully at things that will make us feel grief about the possibility that the animals that dimmed. In the end no one to protect and support them, and they have to go in search of food for them.
We humans have built schools for seeking knowledge, e-commerce to improve health and sanitation, and out-of-town factory to produce goods and to give workers a livelihood. We also built the farm to provide food for ways to save your life. Nevertheless, the veterinary hospital, which meant a win for animals, primarily to serve the goal of man, the alternate has used animals to offer them a livelihood. Places like has not been built up because of the emotion pity and compassion for animals.
We discuss the problem and the worry of ours, such deprivation an opportunity for learning, or don't get good medicines or give in to a hospital with nice condition. But if once was born in the form of animals, then they'll complain to anyone about these issues? For example, if a sheep, a goat, or hens devices car crash, no one brought them to the hospital as they collapsed. In fact, one that could kill them. Therefore, animals have no one to protect and support. We can tolerate it if we were born as a cat, dog or pigs, no one supports or protection, no body had to take care of us?
The extreme poor tree for the sentient beings in the realms of hell and the demons of hunger, as well as cattle. So far we achieve human lives, but we have no choice to lifetimes to we have to be born in the realms of hell, demonic, or animal born ngạ or not. We will go wherever that leads us to the power industry.
If we have a strong ethical behaviour, which is perfect, the integrated file then we may firmly believe knows that we will not be born into the lower world (hell, demonic, or animal born ngạ). On the contrary it's easy to fall into the lowly world scenes, except we have the opportunity to penitence for the area of collective actions that any lice, and expressed a determination within the framework of the voluntary four-capacity (9) to unrelated lụy on such negative employment again.
Holy Angels comments:
The vast majority of people going by
The path of the alternative not Holy, and thus
Most of the sentient Lady certainly qualities
An into the lower realms rotation.
Because of this, things will go by the vast majority of people who come here for the media Forecast London (Kalachakra) will be an on the world of traffic is low. So because it's difficult to reach the reincarnated auspicious, those who do not practice the Dhamma will surely go down in the world. If you have fallen to a low sight, you have the unbearable sufferings? And now you have to trust that you will not be reincarnated in scenes about low or not? If not, you must be careful and practice is not delayed.
Look for refuge where Conservative nuong titled, Buddha, and Increase The Security by the understood the true nature of Jewels. Confused to become Buddhas, Security, and increasing The Security of ourselves, we must abandon the ten irregularities, with a strong belief in the law of causality East. On this basis, maintained secret mantras automatic language (Project Ma Ni Bát Di pink) most often that we can, together, and Buddhist Sutra Danh interferences. Tu Vien forging us in Memorial Cup, and the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and gradually improve the progressive spirit we store. At a minimum, we should be training ourselves to abandon ten things any further, and we have to prostrate, Danh and interferences Buddha Festival experience. The Buddha always say things true, said that the outcome of action despite endless goodwill is suffering. If we know this by his physical capacities, we will not participate in the negative behavior even with their lives. This is the practice of a bodhisattva.
So we were discussing the scope or objectives primary human. Next we will take care of common roads and range medium or secondary goal of human beings.
The happiness of the three realms, such as the dew drops on top of a
The grass, which naturally disappear in moments
Therefore, the practice of the Bodhisattva is trying
Because of the excellent condition of the freed unchanged.
Service shelves:
9. That freed
Like the dew condensation in minute tomorrow
On the top of the grass, early melt immediately,
The pleasure found in life (continued)
For example, save, transient moments.
While the Buddha was himself in,
Great for changing An Lac.
Take forces reached dzogchen Super magic-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action this way.
The good and the qualities of this-to the realms samsara was included in the three realms existing coastal living-can be compared with the dew drops on the top of the grass. A moment with a drop of dew sparkling, and the next moment it vanish no longer trace. As such, all the fun and happiness of the three realms existing Coast born no solid base and described characteristics by uncertainty; Naturally it is ruined in a while. Nirvana is unchanging situation of peace and eternal happiness, and find that nibbana is the practice of a bodhisattva.
Not read the three realms of traffic (hell, demons, animals born ngạ) is contained the suffering immensely. If you think carefully, we can see that no one happy at all until we completely freed from mortal samsara. Currently we achieve human realm, this is the most wonderful form in the realms of samsara. But ask we look back at the human condition this charming present. Not sure which location we will regenerate, we experienced anxiety rức pics constantly. The current temporary freedom of us from three police line (hell, demons, animals ngạ) nothing solid, and nothing will guarantee until we can be confident in the completely lost mortal samsara. This is the path or method that everything is (true like that).
Through the survey we can see that the nature of the human body is suffering. It can be said that there is no strong sense that interesting and suffering in the last few weeks of life, immediately after entering. But then the fetus begins to feel at peace and suffering a profound way. When it's moving in the womb, it also does not feel like that emits a feeling of comfort, because it's impossible to maintain quiet and simple messages while being confined to the blastocyst. And it must remain there for ten months in the womb, is not a matter of days or weeks. After birth, the boy underwent some time tasting smelling suffering like insects, because although it has a human form, but it cannot act freely. In this way life began with the suffering.
During the transition between ages 15 or 16 and 40 or 50, women are viewed as glamorous and men is fascinating and powerful. In this level of life that we think we can handle anything, no need for trusted relying upon, or looking for support from anyone else do so we can use the smart's own. However, as we've noted previously, there is always a feeling that there is not satisfied in our life.
We can go into business and found that it's not nice for LAM; or are we to school but was unable to fully study and receive the appropriate point in the examinations; We can search for a career but receive low wages; a grief brought when no children, so that people come to ask the cleric for the island to be pregnancy and childbirth. Or the couple has too many children, they should worry not know birth control or not, and if they're really planning, for example, know it has law causation or not. If no birth control, how can they raised all their children? Thoughts as these lines are also causes for suffering.
And then if we don't have money, we can do? If we eat the food as the world-as-a-year, next year we'll eat anything? If we are satisfied and know enough things necessary for ourselves, we will be thinking of what we can to help with us. We might think that make lending money is good, but if you do, we will have good interest or not? Keep money in the Bank does not collect interest testimony, so that we can decide for traders who borrow money. Then we anxiously in finding a reliable, so we go to divination and craved for. All this means that we become slaves to our currency instead of reaping the benefit from this.
A man without a wife is suffering because of the time. If he has a wife, he left Europe melancholy because lady not lovely and trendy. If the Prime Minister he beautiful as a model, he was anxious about how can provide for a wife. We suffer because there is no glamorous or intimate friends, thinks no one tutorial and just which way for us; We are lonely. We were miserable because friends and relatives attractive without comparable roles with them.
And then at the end of his life, as a result we become old and sick same experience suffering. And life ended with the death, which itself is the nature of suffering. Known death do students started dreaded and disturbed by the most people occasionally invited monks pray for them and freed them from disease. But even if they tried to prevent illness by eating moderate amounts of food and sanitation, the suffering of death will still come to them in spite of these precautions.
The suffering is known as the death it out from the exhausted goodwill career or blessings of ours, or Germany subject to the conditions (charm). Then, when we are lying in bed, living off the body of this last time. Although we had a body healthy thanks to rehearse, but then we fell to pour down like a decaying stem and can not be rolling in bed without help. When we lie to ourselves, we would be introduced as part of the brain in the form of pain, and if we stay in the hospital we have to thanks nurses and civilize through civilize about.
If we need to manoeuvre short before his death, the body which would be for sports xẽ and even we can have those parts or new material into the cage. If this is necessary for our survival to manoeuvre on our hands, will be completed; If you need to amputate her leg to be completed; and if necessary change the offal they will do so.
People around us will go towards the need for us to finally did while we lay there and think "now I'm dying," and tasting the smell of grief lament. Provided that we have cost the life of the year, sixty years this seemed to come at last night's dream. We are opposing the separation permanent in this lifetime with their attractive, friendly and cordially. We have to die to go through to the next life, while they have to stay in the human world. This is because the event we mourn and proved to be a manifestation of infinite grief, and eco-friendly and we were also full of tears. Lin hiu bẫm the suffering đìu, but we must follow the path of separation.
Although the Tibetan people has been separated with each other, but at least we can meet again; by contrast the separation by death is not the result of the country's other exploitative which is due to the termination of our karma. We cannot perform a bargain with anyone so we stay by using any method such as bribes or innate cunning.
Some of our disciples may be prepared to sacrifice their lives because we do believe strongly in the Dhamma. However, when the day of our death, we must go alone. We cannot bring anyone along with us, by saying, "who's my friend," or, "who's the author of mine," or that there are people that the Dalai Lama trust. The disciple must stay behind, and all you have to stay. As has been said that: "the monarch to leave this world, leaving his Kingdom; guys run khất to leave this world, leaving the rod of him. "
We were floating line thickness detector by fierce when we say the last words on his deathbed on decisions, and it requires an effort to say all. We can have an extremely difficult in the making of us comprehend because we dry lips, and if the cyclone, the body by glamour in the us to become crushing realms, helplessness and sorrows.
Prior to the moment we often expressed freely. As an example, we're going to complain to, if the food we eat is not cooked appropriately. We will certainly reply if they overheat and brandishing do we mouth burns. We are going to sour gỏng guys have responsibilities if we are in a position of authority, and will curse rũa behind if we cannot challenge in front of. We've often used the emotion in restraint or controlling type, but at the moment of death we can't even eat.
Here is an example of another: many Tibetans wearing of households or enchantments, are things that they said contained the relic as--and-as-the-world or meat as-and-such-the Buddha or Bodhisattva of the. For this reason they are against the delivery of things is for others that always wear them around their necks. On the final day, others will be unpacked and then blend out things with water, and then the physical sacred ashes or XA LOI's and be placed into the mouth of the dying as the last meal. But often people's incompetence to swallow, so material things still inside her mouth, even if they were dead.
At the time of Lam chung Yin thinh breath we change slowly, like a line break, and the violinist members a sense of fun that we had experienced in his life would come to an end with us at dead of extraordinary capacity, a breath away, after all the respiration stop end.
All the methods that we could have been used in the hospital trying to survival will have no benefit whatsoever when karma we have shallow end. Also no help what's more, even if the manoeuvre gives us a new heart or lungs, or if we continued to support more oxygen for breathing. We are completely powerless. In circumstances where:
Doctor bundle hands with us and not through a barrier;
Eco-glamorous lost hope for the survival of the us.
We feel helpless and didn't know what to do.
There is no time for moral and religious Division,
The Holy One In our household, and brought us from realms of samsara
As has been said here in The Capital Were compassion ", at the time of the General's Duty respecting forestry are those whom we entrust our Islamic orientation and energy with which we have been practicing the Dhamma is what will make us conscious mind at peace and lightness. The religious Obligation would ban gives us stability and comfort. Nothing else can help us because without the protection and support.
Generalizing what we preach: we spent suffering when we are young and healthy as well as when we become ill and disabled. We're suffering when our lives fully just as when we are faced with circumstances deprivation. We were tame by much suffering from at the beginning of life until the moment.
The goal of rebirth? If we become slaves to wealth or property and merely guys take care of her house, it is pointless. The House that really is to give us residence, so it is fine if we feel cosy and thoãi the roof of his house. But if we are too busy to worry for it, we become I reclaims or perpetrator housekeeper. Similarly, wealth and property to do benefits for humans, but if we do not know use them inappropriately we become slaves of them.
Although it seems like discussing a profane, because the main objective of food and clothing production is apparently became enraged. Food is the source of resentment, and resentment are usually formed by receiving a mass moderate food and dress clothes are appropriate.
Nevertheless, chosen to trui forging consciousness we in Dhamma gives us the means to maintain the existence of human beings because we become quiet and gentle temporarily also receiving long-term benefits. We should not say that this life is not in fact anything at all. If we say that life is meaningless and we contemplated suicide, we must receive a lifetimes, but are not satisfied; by the end of life does not mean that we will terminate the birth. The nature of the student is not the problem or do not want-we must continue to be born until we can make shallow end to administrative and ideological impurity of ours. Due to this, except we can left sufficiently of regeneration, by otherwise useless. We will never find peace and happiness and thoãi the roof usually constant for as long as we still have to accept the (off), but instead to spend our time in suffering.
What to do should cause all the suffering the brain? This is the containing group (five aggregates) that we had brought, was created by the actions and expectations. Why do we accept the (ra)? Not only because our mother and father, but because of our actions file. We can do to stop this round of rebirth, by exploring and spit sufficiently of the continuation of the action. Essential to make the container industry of shallow end to stop end receiving the (ra), and shallow end to the industrial area of concentration that is we must make shallow end to hopes of us. The date that we tame to shallow end to the career and hope our idea is freed at we reached.
In other words, once we have done is shallow end to negativity creates newspaper and completely out of our own tendency to stick with the true existence (a concept), and once we reach the end stop (kill) of every impurity and administrative career, then we reached Nirvana. Thus, the Legal world, is to be reached as a result of the cessation of passenger and negativity, which is known as the liberation as well as the end stop (kill).
After reaching freed, the "I" (continued) (the Convention) of a human being still exist. It does not mean that we were to disappear entirely, although this was not true that we promote capacity to reincarnated again because newspaper and expectations of us. The interpretation wrong in many Western books on Buddhism, that is when they wrote that when a person reaches Nirvana he will terminate the existing dựavào and we are not following anyone, though this doesn't relate to things in (11). We must explore the possibility of our reaching nibbana through practice if we want to reach the status of such beings.
Angry and stick with the (earlier) start on the base root of main trends we cling to existence. In Tutorial Centres (Madhyamikavatara) says:
Foremost is the clinging ego as the "víu", and then to cling to the owner as "my", the sentient beings wandering in samsara entangled in seven realms of samsara mortal realms, such as wheel millstone gone light-headed cycle around without freedom. Be compassionate network rules.
Simulator càm see through their wisdom that all obstacles of negativity b. starting from awareness of temporary gathering of (five) aggregates such as "I" and "my"; they found that they are just a collection of temporary (in), and thus specific denials of the existence of the "I".
We started with this tendency to think about what "I", and from this we conclude that the "I" is distinct from other things entirely. On the basis of this, where students run up the sense of "glamorous" and "my property" and angry students starting from the thought of such possession. We should explore the roots of the misconception, to see how the "I" appears in us, how the consciousness we feel the "I" and it is truly as been felt or not. We must examine the relationship between the conception of this, by the use of our reason as explained in One comment:
It does not boot from birth itself nor from others;
Not from these two things, nor from there.
Any object?
It never was born in anywhere
(French real self, Lettered
Herons any widget tha b.
Real people real human
The try tri infertile.)
As was said in the original, we must examine to see whether or not a link between whether we perceive the phenomenon and how they present and how we aspire our conscious mind. We will have a clear view of the nature of reality if we affirmed the truth at a level which would be of such a survey, and from there we can gain trust in the future to reach liberation.
However, the importance and valuable in a man who's spent a a lone; In contrast to the other beings are immeasurable and boundless, and shared the desire of happiness peacefully and avoid further suffering. All of us are available and possessed the same rights to eliminate suffering from our lives and receptive to bliss, and we have the same possibilities for this. Due to this, if we compare the importance of yourself and with others, we can see that others are extremely important.
We have reached the men, and in these people, we are a people believed the Dhamma, we are a people who practice the Dhamma. In featured, we are a people who practice the Dhamma. Our position is that a particular student world, is a Bodhisattva's life as well as the oath of a redundant tantra. Thus, we can say that we are a German households and three under the intellectual property rights. Therefore, we have reached a position relatively valuable and important.
However, if compared with the sentient creation yourself, the importance of our extremely dimmed in comparison with them. We are just one person felt both peace and suffering and we would still be a human being if we wandered in samsara countless marine realms from the past to the distant future. So, what is so special about us in reaching freed right now? But if we can do benefit to others, and donate to them even a little fun like grapes, will know how valuable. The useful spread in a manner true to immeasurable sentient.
Right at we can sacrifice happiness temporary because the target reaches the ultimate joy peace of Nirvana, then we can voluntarily choose to proceed under the Greek Constitution value happy yourself confused to do for others. What is considered usual to waive the little things of this world to reach what is larger. Similar to the conventional wisdom, who sacrificed himself to do benefits for others.
What is the use of our own happiness when all mothers who have individual
Considerate kind to us from endless suffering marine realm (bear)?
Due to this, there is the practice of the bodhisattva to arise
Center of enlightenment (bodhicitta) to freed all sentient beings.
Service shelves:
10. Play Bodhi Center
Each reincarnation, past life,
To be goddesses by samples from.
Much longer mother, London
On the one hand, our own ruthless stars escape!
Want an immeasurable, humanity, more
Save mothers suffering stems brands,
Bodhi mind, release into Buddha-prayer
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action true
We must find that Buddhas arise aspirations and completely mistaken Result paramount to release sentient immeasurable misery and its causes. We should arise the trend if it has not been incurred, and strengthen it if it has arisen. This is the practice of a bodhisattva.
From here onwards of the treatise, the practice of enlightenment (bodhicitta) share. To learn why we have to swap themselves with others, we should read:
Like all miseries is born from the desire of happiness of man,
And the Buddha was born from the mind meditate do benefits for others,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to embark in a
Swap really happy because their suffering of the other ngưởi.
Service shelves:
7. permutations ego tha
Every line is bring such special except,
Come from private pleasure desire;
When run, benefit for
Would being on the ultimate Buddha.
The judicial education reference, should swap
Do not forget our police line,
Shifted selfishness into care set-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows not to another.
In the Guide Method of Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara) Life wrote that:
All suffering in the world
Students kicked off from the ego wishes for happiness;
All the happiness in the world
Students kicked off from desire happiness for others.
Is there anything else to be said? Too many things.
The vulgar Act for their own happiness,
While Great administrative activities because others Contradict Ni
Let's look at the difference between the two types.
The root of all happiness is due where the desire for the happiness of others. The origin of all the major obstacle is due where the wishes of her own happiness. As also stated in the ' Gurupuja ':
All the gates to the downside is that through the self love (AI),
All these positive qualities are basic
Through the love of the mother of ours.
Status quo of us in so far as a result of self love yourself a fierce and neglect others. Now we are going to follow the Buddha Wednesday, Like The ton, and contradict the Ni Ca we met Mahayana teachings. In a special way, we've introduced route swap himself for others, was awarded the Faked A television by Soap Le Long tho, based on the guidance was just taught Him Literature Hostile Attorneys as well as from Fake Religious lineage of Shantideva (Shantideva).
So, right now, we should look back at the barriers from each angular and abandon the attitude of our self love. We should look at those qualities beloved others from every aspect and practice as much as she could to rehearse our consciousness in the swap yourself because the other guys. Mistaken growth motivation of ours to swap himself for others in the form of internships,
Let's practice to give and receive alternate;
Serial chains of the recipient should start from yourself.
Please arrange both in her breath
To contact us for this internship is from ' Guide to the lifestyle of Bodhisattva in the life ': we should practice what the secret of Holiness. " As has been said that we should be thinking about known suffering nobody wants our birth, and he should pray, verbal and emotional, to take suffering of others through compassion.
They lack of happiness in the present, though they are longing for it, so that we should exercise his mind to dedicate the body, property, and all the healthy action of three door-Institutet, regardless of what we have-with love to the sentient disabilities and deprivation of happiness. This is what is known as the practice of tong-len. In ' Gurupuja ', says:
  • Directed by Professor Xu, prayers all these sufferings,
Barriers and negative behavior of mothers (of)
Sentient beings are ripe in a way completely.
  • By the Board for happy and healthy actions to those other guys,
Pray for all of them are household in peace.
And as said in ' Precious ': Corolla
  • Pray for me to be ripe by the suffering of them.
Pray for my Holy behaviour was ripe on them.
We have to practice in this way and thus should learn from these lines:
  • To the Bodhisattva's practice was to embark in a truly peace of them because of the suffering of others.
We achieve not only peace but also fundamental is happy in the short term through training in the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and practice exchange yourself for others. On the contrary if we keep taking insistence in attitude himself love and do not practice the swap yourself to others, we will not achieve any peace temporarily, not talking to DAC entered Nirvana and global status. To demonstrate this truth, it was said that:
  • If a person does not swap his peace
For the suffering of others, he will
Do not become enlightened ranks and won't be tasting
Peace right in the realms of samsara.
(3) a child through intellectual property, such as diamonds, the title of a platform like that mountains steadfastness, a serve, a staircase, a dog kept House, a chỗi, a good friend.
(4) in the negativity and knowledge.
(5) five things firmly is in defining characteristics of Body Buddha named:
1-on location: the Sir always dwell in Buddha's solemn flaming rở is known as the ' upper world ' champion.
2-physical: he is always dignified with 32 General good and 80 beauty.
3-time: he lived until samsara realms still sentient.
4-about the Catechism: the Sir always teaching the Dhamma.
5-About his disciple: the teaching has not changed in a surrounding of Holy disciple Avalokiteshvara.
(6) negativity roadblock and knowledge.
(7) the qualities of those Saints not pollution.
(8) existing era when they live to 80,000 years old.
(9) 1-the capacity of Exchange too; 2-the capacity of trust Jewels; 3-the capacity of the power of the opposition (to the impurity, such as administrative interference, the Lord's prayer prostrate, and keeping litigation mantra); 4-the capacity of the promise (promise) or releases (commitment)---{third oath (vow)}.
(executing) third world
(11) Nirvana or liberation status brings the freedom intrinsic personal enlightenment, but they continue to perform functions in the contact with the external phenomenon, all sentient beings and objects.
Take a look back at the lifetimes of ours, we can see that any of what we have done with the full implications are useful (and later). But if we've spender our lives in a way that we now regret, any time has elapsed then it outstrips games we can influence. We cannot ask time please slow down, because the time is fulfilled, it is completed. Time will not wait.
When we have done a mistake in our work we can say that we want to have a chance to try again; on the contrary if we concept that we have cost the lives of her in an empty tuếch and provide no nonsense, says, "please please let me start again?" because there is no way to make it it out. We do know the spender of childhood in a nonsensical way because we can't think of a way of ripe, but my understanding of us growth when we grow up. We already know these things and we can think and listen to these teachings. It seems that we've been taking our time wrong unintentionally if then we continue to spend her time brewing.
If this is the case, the only thing we can do is the penitence of the behavior mistakes in the past, our focus on the real estate industry focuses, and trying to net them by doing administrative interference, apparently, perpetuating cosy litigation mantra, elaborate the concept of relative export Italyprayer, and meditation exercises, playing on the computer and about enlightenment (bodhicitta). Meditation and mind not consistent on the Enlightenment (bodhicitta) is super great in this one.We can also do benefit by the celebration of the Lord's prayer prostrate one hundred thousand times linked to net culture acts real friendly, cosy, romantic, apparently a hundred thousand dollars, and maintained momentum mantra reciting one hundred negatives associated with Thich Diamonds Slaps Đỏa a hundred thousand times. These are the practices that we can use when penitence, mainly focus on the behavior of our previous real friendly.
We shouldn't just say that we have ever committed illegal acts like so and so, that should do a great job of making all the mistakes of ourselves, recalled the details of them and then released them with one ideology, "truth is worse that having to do things so that they reflect the teachings of the Buddha and looking forward Testament of his children. They will direct you to dissipate this life as well as the bankruptcy basics. They go against the Teachings of Holiness nor acceptable to Western society. "
And then we should think, "that was convenient and beneficial condition of human existence and for having met the Dhamma same person your spirituality (=/= personal nan Dak, Dharma nan nan Phung Huu van, donation). But despite that, you have not done things worth should do, on the contrary, did things shouldn't do, that they would be the cause of suffering for children and others. You act like a person can see not to fall down the snout, or as to who would be cautious in eating poison. From today onwards, you will never committed any friendly's actions, even with the price of human life. "the Buddha of compassion and charity cunning said that the acts of any of us can be the first, if we the penitence of the mistake in the past with a sense of regret too powerful. Due to this, we ought to penitence and make a promise in the relationship to the four capacities.
The first was released and received refuge, basic competencies. The second is capacity Exchange too, in the regretful that we feel about the negative behaviors that we have strong focuses in the past as we swallowed poison. We should celebrate mantra as the maintenance capacity third-striving in practice for tri-mistaken to penitence real friendly behaviour of ours. Finally, the capacity to release, or promise, that in the future we will never commit bad deeds to evil as such again even at the cost of our lives.
Before starting this practice, the first thing we should sincerely refuge and practice development center. Then shall we count each charity we have any behavior focuses in the past on our beads and think about them in the form of the illegal acts of goodwill accumulated based on the fuselage, and the mouth of ours. We should also think about the real eco launch from behavior action mistakes nature and the misconduct of sediment due to these principles (precepts).
Anyone who has ever played their aspirations should be regretful, thinking, "the discovery of a cell, or a desert without pretentious stuff about sex, and Citadel Broadcasting Center of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and their secret prayers, and nevertheless admit tantra manner having the child's life as a lowly position of people who have been issued prayer at all and do not practice the Dhamma. Thus, the truth is that a catastrophic cons. " It is important to the penitence of the misconduct of us with thoughts like this and making a promise to pray intensely.
If anyone would ask that there be any net chemical behaviour by the enormous penitence like it or not, the answer is, as Milarepa said, that the acts of any net chemical if the charity will be too regretful remorse is sincere. The regretful remorse too honest for misconduct in the past will be able to make us arise the power of consciousness not re-offending things wrong as such in the future. Nevertheless, if we lack of true remorse too and only pretend to arise a promise not to repeat whatever behaviour even with goodwill like the price of the lives of us, this is just like the class g chalk outside and the capacity of the conscious mind can't grow. So the important thing is to develop a sincere, and mistaken to do so, we should consistently shone on the disadvantage of these illegal behavior like that. We need to think about the law of causality, or newspaper, to assess the damage, because we could not discover that the result of the evil bad job if we are not confident the law causation.
We should follow this process, and then conduct a Freemason will sturdy, thinking, "you should make full sense every day from today onwards, and do not waste your time in an empty tuếch. The only plausible manner using the lives of children to do good things, good and expressing Hooch kind courtesy and does not infringe the Dhamma as well as the desire of the degrees of enlightenment. Also how many lifetimes anymore which must survive, the decision to live in a Palace full of sense. " We should listen to the Dhamma with trends as well as the complete goal of individuals and others in a way completely.
Now we will summarize the Holy Church of thirty-seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment (thirty-seven to the Practice of a Bodhisattva) that we have previously discussed.
1-first there is a combination of three of the practice of listening, thinking, and meditation (writer, consultant, tu) on the deficit and even the vast treasure of Mahayana, moral principles, theory, and knowledge (world, intellectual property rights) of the bodhisattva.
2-later we need practice meaning of Dhamma which we've heard, and thus we should stay in a place far away from the attachment and anger. Therefore, abandon the incense is the practice of a bodhisattva.
3-but just left away from home then nothing incredible; We should find a static mịch, who like this is the third practice of a bodhisattva.
4-To practice Wednesday of a bodhisattva is abandoning secular life, because we would not be beneficial if the consciousness we still remain under the influence of the eight worldly (Bowl style) the French even in a place where President static.
5-we need the goodwill and a Professor of spirituality has sufficient capacity to increase to the ultimate of possibilities for practice, so that the practice of a bodhisattva is to abandon the bad evil.
6-the practice of a bodhisattva Friday is subject to our teachers in a proper method, both with the proper attitude as well as with the material possessions of ours.
7-from here onwards, the gateway to the first one was receiving a medical mistake to express in the practice. To do this, we must recognize three ostrich-Buddha, Security-Security and increases as the player for all Buddhists. We must trust and faith in Jewels as a difference completely separately from ourselves (objects outside the US) and we should mirror that anything it came out of us, whether they are good or bad, only Jewels is possible salvation of us. We should take refuge in this way and with the idea of reaching a level of Jewels in themselves (as Jewels).
Simply receiving refuge is not enough; We should practice according to the directions for contact in y, this includes avoiding acts inappropriately as the Lord's prayer, cosy holiday network rules seem the sentient non-human use of these methods are not only taught the tenets of Buddhism, see close or reduce the valuethe Buddha's words, the mind, or subjunctive the iconic Holy as the possession and cling because guaranteed money.
Today some traders changed his iconic and spiritual Scriptures. These people will ripe during the heavy punishment in the form of the illegal acts of charity or obstacle if these icons and books that they traded owned by those who believe and practice the Dhamma. Buying and selling the iconic and the French gas ceremonial artifacts with a real low price can increase the income of their material possessions, but their actions truly is like eating poison.
Other cases if anybody know, with a tendency to resolve to preserve the continuation of the teachings through the rare Edition, spend or borrow money to print and sell the books to earn enough money for expenses and to print more books. This is money is borrowed and used in the goals of healthy job. But those who sell books and said that in order to serve the Dhamma, as opposed to in fact that is serving the stomach, is being jointly in dangerous behavior so make sure – world not doing these behaviors. We're not digressions to mention examples like when they're out in the commentary it, because we have a goal. But there are individuals who may practice according to recommendations or not depending on the person.
It's important to not to be despised or diminish the value of the Jewels. We could have called on the Princess and the spirit-filled Christian schools of capacity as friends of ours, the interest temporarily, in the process of receiving Buddhist refuge. But this is misleading to refer to the deity's directed lawyers or duty as the ton of us, so that we should avoid this attitude.
Like, receiving refuge Security means that we do not do harm to sentient beings. We also must preserve and not treat a lack of respect with the Scriptures. For example, inappropriately to abandon even books that therein contained the lyrics in the Tripiṭaka Classics (economics, law, comment) or Tam Pirated Radio (world, intellectual property) a lack of caution on the floor, where we or others can giẩm up. Stated that: "If you come too close to a dog, you are likely to suffer from it bites." In the same way as a result, there are always books in around us can take to feel too familiar oily in the way that we contingency disorient women to manifest the respect with my books. Further we will find that minds we become faint darker and si renders more than if we forgotten manifest a proper respect to Scriptures. As the Director Professor Kadampa said: "' I've had the delusion that this is more than enough. If I become delusion over this, what would it out (for me)? " Because of that we should be careful.
We should be careful how we deliver the right level for the classics books contains what would be the Catechism Dharma. As a rule, it is better to avoid stepping through giẩm up any object or writing. Nevertheless, even things like shoes socks also have inscriptions on them, and also the letters on the road, if we try to avoid text that trampled over we may have to spin again, hence the need to distinguish a bit when hearing the words of this Advisor. Be careful not to step over any word meaning any information associated with the Buddhist teachings of the Buddha in this way is ... a good practice to adhere to.
Receiving prescribed medicine to increase Security or community spirituality means that we should not form intimate sisterhood ties with the non-Buddhists and heresy. It is less common intellectual property to have an aggressive contact from our hearts with those such as the target is not good, but simply for the sake of food and clothing.
In the past, general practitioners and the Complementary Tonpa Dom picked up any hard Slaps clothes red and gold which he passes and cụng inputs, with that in mind that anyone who wore clothes like there must be knowledge. The number on the meditation he will arise the belief for those wearing clothes and put things in a place where no one can step through. Therefore, we should set the example and always treats the reverence with monks. Expository cleric chuốc taking the real goodwill career heavily. No stars if only one individual cases if a cleric made a mistake, but accusing all monks in a generic is bad attitude will result in a donation heavy industry for us. Upāsaka should respect the life of monks such as the audience gathers Phuoc Germany and should develop niểm.
Towards the clergy, all wandering beings (in the realms of samsara) including the gods see us as an object the following titles and do we have a duty to try to complete to become a part of the perfect audience of y. change names and forms of clothing there is nothing special; We need to bring a change in consciousness. We should not look like a person merely wearing y Austria as external casing, which is better, even y Austria us beyond we should become a decent from the inside. On the contrary, there is the Act of hypocrisy to beneficiary accounts and Dinnerware drink that others seem to give us nasty. We should act in a nice way to do benefits for ourselves and others, and the behavior of the we will become like treasures.
Due to the seemingly cozy atmosphere, so with respect and have an attitude in cleaning for old Growth, while increasing elderly should express those behaviour rewarding Rover event in conformance with pronouns and their objectives. This will become a solemnity to the teachings. If the members of Buddhism as consecrated Buddha, this benefit doctrine Dharma in common and will also reflect the fine for us. This is the practice of a bodhisattva.
8-took refuge, we must follow the instructions in the refuge, renounce barrier and accept the principle of causality. This means the reception ten friendly degree waiver ten real friendly. Rule of ten friendly is the rule of the ethics of Holiness, and it is the behavior that we should practice. This is the practice of a bodhisattva.
Until now we are considering path ascending normally associated with human target or scope. Now we're next to the part of the essay talks about the orgasm of samsara realms like the dew on the top of the grass, and etc. this contact to human target or scope.
On the path ascending we thought about the disadvantages of birth and death as the truth about the suffering of samsara, the terraces and descended of suffering, and we learn how to pack or turned away with birth and death. And then we exercise the consciousness to reach Liberation through the practice of three The Practice (world, intellectual property). We also can develop a good base to be able to enter freed through eight qualities Karma matured sufficiently.
Because there is no permanent or long-term happiness exists in saṃsāra: birth and death
Take a look at the excellent qualities of samsara as unreliable, the complete peanuts don't do satisfy the source of all suffering. Therefore, pray for your household in arises a strong attention to the search for peace by freed.
The worst form of suffering is khoái enjoyment of mortal samsara and still maintain the not satisfying. Nevertheless, the excellent peanut khoái is not reliable because they are not firm. Fame and status were not able to look forward to. If there is any certainty whatsoever in relation to the fuselage and sisterhood affection, or even with the enemies of us, there will be a demonstration of what is reliable in the realms of samsara. But there is no such certainty in relation to this, nor have in our bodies is also manifest not trustworthy.
We had wandered from this life to other wireless cards from the past until now, bringing these different forms of death. If ever there was even a friend is always with us spent his wandering, we can trust him. But do not have a friend like that. In conclusion, we should consistently projected on six of the obstacle of samsara (green), summed up in three realms [third world] (12), and meditation consistent as the instructions in the "Pathway". We think along the same guidelines that have been raised in the treatise known as the "basics of all the Positive Qualities" and laissez-faire imply a great share.
The words are really easy for us to delay proceedings and also easy to that reflection on it. The cause of all suffering is our student repetition and suicide. Should pregnancy out of our minds this time and again we in the Union stronghold despite friendly career heavily. The cause of the tainted aggregates of cells regeneration misfortune is karma and negativity. Until we can end the conception time to other times, we continue to bring these planet aggregates the pollution created by industrial and bothers brain hope idea.
The result of the born in the body cell infection present it provides the conditions to arise the new newspaper and negativity and function as the basis of suffering. The body is bound to, and then we cycle around with the condition that it will increase our defilements, even if we do not knowingly do arise, and it's preventing us to apply the rule as a method and path towards us to enlightenment. The structural disadvantage situation with those aggregates from when we are born, and this is the largest of all suffering.
Thus we see that in the eight line is extremely dynamic, named them as: suffering of the process of birth, sufferings must be born in adverse circumstances, suffering because the students transform into negativity, suffering for being born as the origin of suffering, suffering due to her broken left the others except that it is the body's natural features. Body contamination is not leaving us, and it's hampering peace and happiness. We should be reflecting on these and try to the maximum to be free from samsara mortal circles.
Because of this we need practice in three Practice (world, intellectual property) without doing confused the order, due to the meditation and tu, tu relies on the foundation of the monastery in ethics. We can reach Nirvana gradually on the basis of this by the application of the treatment for detoxification of the ideological impurity and the seeds of them. This is related to the way conventional for a progressive management of medium capacity (on average). After that, the path of ancient large adapt for people with large capacity is expressed as follows:
The use of the peace and happiness of ourselves is what all those mothers who have individual
Kind considerate with us from endless marine lives are suffering brain?
These lines, besides extremely dynamic nature is the root causes of the Mahayana teachings, and the setting is important omen for the discussion in the entire comment.
As we said yesterday, these sentient beings are immeasurable and countless like space cannot measure share with us the desire of happiness as well as avoid suffering. We should be ashamed with ourselves if we just look to the benefit of themselves and not else to gauge their brains, our hearts are not agitation with the day end and Center we do not care for them.
Until now, we are mindful of the importance of themselves, always saying, ' I am this other thing ... ', ' I ', ' me it ' ... ' and ' I ', and other ... This is good only if the benefits from it. But we can see that the attitude of self love (AI) like chronic diseases. An urgent medical situation to a surprise can be very vehemently but can be healing quickly. A chronic disease, in a way, is less obvious and more serious; but the people were suffering from chronic found that self-they cannot eat or drink normally, to move easily or to work. A disease like debilitate and very difficult to save prompt action, and have an adverse impact on their lives.
An attitude of self love like chronic diseases. We just like half human being suffering brain with this attitude, even though we have a conscious mind and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. So we have to put effort into the exclusion of this chronic disease.
This attitude is described in ' Training Center ' as a kind of hyper demons in all kind of evil spirit. People think evil deities and demons in the world makes us targets in the human world, where we are born, because newspaper and the chapel of ours, they may appear to be the source for the misfortune of ours. But this is not true. They are not source of the ruined our permanent staff; they can potentially harm us in any case here but one would not exist as a disastrous forever, through natural changes (impermanence).
The actual cause of the decadence of self love (AI) because, like a chronic disease, it is always present. A social opposition in the community, who say the prayer unhealthy, supplied with the ten obstacles should abandon, is viewed as an object of compassion by the author. Although he acted as an enemy and create trouble, they know that is only a temporary source of barrier and negativity to themselves. By contrast the enemy the wicked exist with us continuously consists of two false attitudes of self love (AI) and accept (capital) in the ones I like existence really. Two things this support each other as friends so well, like they just had a heart, and the influence of them is disastrous immensely. They must have been broken by the intellectual property rights is evidence not intelligence and the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) is to love others more than yourself. If not then these bad attitude this harm us immensely, not only in a manner that indiscriminately continuously. Each acts as a King with its Entourage is sticky or narcissism, hatred, jealousy, rivalry, spiritual darkness, cycle, and lazy. All these works like the shifty hackers and extremely damaging causes for us, because that is not easy for the practitioners to practice Dhamma defeated them.
Fact, practitioners like the soldiers in an army. We fight against who? We challenge and defeat the enemy with internal negativity that the proximity of us allow, arms up against free love attitude (AI) and accept (capital) as a true existence. Sometimes we feel helpless or stress, because we're challenging the enemy of the three realms of the Earth (third world). In the ' Guide to the path of the Bodhisattva Lives ' saying: "there are many dangers involved in the fighting of a war." it is the nature of the war. Because of this, when we are fighting a war against the enemies impurity, sometimes we fail or feel vertebral or depressed. But when we continue to challenge the enemy and not let ourselves become completely depressed, we contact in an act of true magic.
We will experience a tremendous revenue gain in the spit sufficiently enemy bothers our brains if we challenge the negative attitude of the us. We can never beat all enemies except in the US, as is said in "four hundred Articles shelf": "never had someone die with a spirit of serenity, because knowing that he had killed all the guys do not like. Anyone know will go through lifetimes to balance reduced all of his enemies? " Never run out of numbers capable enemies outside, except we annihilate the enemy inside us. We can put distance between the enemy and ourselves, nevertheless when they strengthen, they will be able to hurt us again. But if we oust internal enemies once forever, they won't reset.
The Kadampa monk Director once said that the Mission of the Simulator is to challenge the hostile-negative attitude; to do so, we challenge the enemies negativity. A Scout master, Ban Gungyal, said: "there is no other way to protect the door of consciousness rather than ' Trident ' of the tree. When the enemy is stronger, I'd be wary; When it dives down, I break thought. "
If we keep chặc two negative attitude is self love (AI) and accept (capital) as the inherent existence and we pray that in a way not plausible, a delusion does know can take to help make our growth negativity; because until the consciousness any charity survived, our brains can be made for a powerful deep thick add through exposure to a delusion (although no one has the ability to make a permanent increase in the sorrow of suffering our brains). Such a person as being the opposite of people assisting us in getting the article must be reduced and must be accepted by the understood clearly all these phenomena and proper reason channel, and help us develop consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) and anatta.
The Great Conflict, who had been practicing over the course of many epochs (steady States in past)
See only consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) as benefits.
It's necessary to explore in this way through several epochs, but if we practice, we will see that there is only one benefit to sentient beings is mind enlightenment (bodhicitta), or attitudes to love others as more important than yourself.
Follow the lines of thought, we can unify a heart caring kind or enlightened mind (bodhicitta) with the concept of real sex, even if we are in a very destitute situation, and if we do we'll totally win long-distance later and will have a solid foundation, reliable. Because while no support values for the attitude of self love (AI) and accept (capital) exist inherent, there is a strong support for free to love others as more important than ego and not feature real consciousness. Moreover, the mind like a strong capacity and energy as well as the Buddha of immeasurable support in ten schools. Due to this, who has two types of consciousness (the mind of enlightenment, real sex) in its ongoing process will receive household and protection.
Consciousness can be made for awakening a subtle through the practice contact, although the power of self love and accept the basic capital attempting the existence of the ' deficit ', and the most beautiful and subtle consciousness is already familiar with the positive thinker can be transformed into the conscious mind focus. Defilements can't co-exist with meditation, whether they are more powerful, and this is something that we can be proud of a righteous way. Due to the us need not become bored nãn, because we can beat attitude self love (AI) by see the disadvantage of it.
Consciousness love all sentient beings and mother looking for protection in peace
Is the gateway to German immeasurable blessing;
Even if all of them born turns out as my enemies,
Pray for me to love them in a way trade body over the life of me.
Consciousness love matter other than yourself is descended to reach each one can imagine the benefits. It can compare with drugs to treat infectious diseases, refurbished or precious objects, such as orange juice. This is Professor of spirituality, our intrinsic human supremacy of Buddha and transcendental instrument for breaking open the suffering for all beings.
Knowing this, we should put every effort into the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta). In the case where that consciousness enlightenment (bodhicitta) as declined, it should be reestablished. That it not be declining, it should be done for growth rather than up. Someone could strengthen such efforts through the three doors every day and night are the qualities of a practitioners practicing Dhamma truthful and hostile nature manifestation WINS favorable circumstances, in order to be born to do. The behavior of the person to serve as a cozy atmosphere seems excellent things please the Almighty enlightenment as well as the chemical industry NET and focuses the Germany friendly.
We use how with the peace of yourself when all the Moms
Who ever
Kind considerate with us from the countless cards are suffering?
Due to this, the practice of the bodhisattva is incurred
Center of enlightenment (bodhicitta) to freed all sentient beings.
This is the practice of tenth of a bodhisattva.
To practice the eleventh of a bodhisattva include consulates passport the qualities and the obstacle of self love (AI) as against the attitude to love others more than yourself, and training in the practice of swapping ego with others.
* * * * * *
Until now, we are reviewing what was preached before. Now we continue:
If anybody know, under the strong capability of taking, looting or
Attacking others to steal all the widgets of a person
This is the practice of a bodhisattva to dedicate the body,
Property and virtue of three time (too far, Futurism) to them.
Service shelves:
12. Islamic direction, documentary, Germany
If being urged by education
Of such assets in the hanker, facility
Any thief who unfortunately,
Or see robbery, for one platform;
Due to the compassionate mind not infected before,
Islamic volunteer full-time for that person:
Please given by Germany, and the comedy-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action way
The racks this discussion how in practice the practice of the ego swap with others in universal and specify some practice to embark in fact when ordinary people faced with a scene that could make hatred rises.
We may feel anger against someone we know, hijacking or incite others to loot us, reveals a strong engagement to respect the property of us. We can make pain about something upset because of loss of property, next to the things that people might not have permission to stripped things of ours; so that we can decide to take him to court trying to retrieve the things we have lost. But it said here that a person practicing the lifestyle of the Bodhisattva should not do a job like that. Rather, it is recommended that we should not only take account of their voluntarily to who pillage our way, we also offer a free a person's body, and all the good behavior of ours.
Gyalsas Thogmed Zangpo has been stripped of all the while walking to the Sakya. He asked people who pirate are escaped stopped for a while. See him in a calm and thoãi roofs, unlike most new people robbed, they stopped on the road and he went to the nearby they say: "Please wait a bit. Now, when the gods have taken away my account, I have no occasion to donate to you. Now I want to make a donation. " Say this is done, he donated his Prep for those pirate and told them that: "If you go by the entrance, you will come across my relatives lived in the lủng and he'll realize these things. So you better don't come falling out. Instead, let's take the narrow, winding road entrance, "and he just they way safely. He was known to have actually completed this and thus have put those words in his thesis into the practice.
Even if one would want to head a person,
That does not have any faults, there is
The practice of a bodhisattva to fetch all
The behavior of any person with the power of compassion.
Service shelves:
13. get evil industrial humanity
Although it is not sex details
And don't harm anyone during their lifetime,
If guys scare won lives
Only by crazed mind chaotic,
Tolerated player over the line,
Escaping from an unhappy.
Anatta accept result run poverty-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows. Act that way
Words in the shelf is very difficult to put into the practice. Even if we truly freed from faults, among others, to act with the thought of any good as delusion, jealousy, and jealousy, can approach us with the tendency to make us suffer serious harm, even going as far to the point that as head of us. Here says that we should feel compassion rather than anger against them. We should practice head grab all the goodness of their area of concentration through hatred and anger, with the spirit of loving compassion. This reveals the practice giving and receiving, contact us to receive.
Even if one know screaming abusive things different
With the ta throughout the three thousand worlds
This is the practice of a bodhisattva still talk
On the good qualities of the person with a loving consciousness.
Service shelves:
14. Praise instead of defamation
If one bad rumors or libel,
About us, the word evil difficult to endure,
Even when things were Moss rao
The idea is for Google as well;
By still looking forward to an bêu rếu
Exceedingly difficult and heart relaxation,
Should praise to people-
This way of bodhisattva vows action schools
This is related to a case that in time, expressed feelings of opposition against us, who know not only mosses rao malicious rumors about the US, behind us to a few people, which also propagated the languages not pleasant throughout all three thousand worlds. Often we feel angry that people could diminish the value we pulled the error lầmvà despised us. But the Mahayana practitioners should not think in this way. Better, though he declared the failure of us to the whole world, we should think of him to melt a loving, speak with knowledge that she owned and praising him.
Even if anybody know whether exposing faults sealed one whisper
malicious and say the words of a person
right between the center of a crowd of many people, this is the practice of
the Portuguese Captain, the Lord's prayer a modest person,
with the thought that he was a directing Attorney spirituality.
Service shelves:
15. see enemies DAO Attorney
If the right middle of the crowd together
Someone for that is abused,
Loudly expose faults,
Cooking these drawbacks still laugh.
Shalt not so angry or try prop,
Silent listening and acknowledging them,
Dear Festival people as a master-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
There may be a ngưởi in the crowd here that he nurtured the tendency towards sickness for us and we value public, exposing the weaknesses and negative things said about us. This made we blushed as blustery barrel and feel upset because of sin, and we can become angry. But the truly guilty people are so important to us. We are not vigilant about the weakness of the US, as a result, this person is like a spiritual Division leaders only them out for us. Although she acts with volitional sickness, we should think of him as a very kind, and does not feel anger against him.
As has been said that we should see the directions of the engineer as crisp the negative aspects of ourselves. We should look at all the negative behavior of volume through three doors in the mirror of the Dhamma and should begin to eliminate the negative behaviour of the three (user, password, Italy) in the proper attitude. Just as we try to heed the guidance of Professor mindful to the weaknesses of the US, therefore, we should see ordinary people talking about the weakness of the us as peer with a spiritual director and Professor should intently into the kind of person.
Mentioned are bad, blamed as well.
The weakness of us yet directly when we suffer from archrival. The for should, as is said here is better enjoyment, we should rejoice because of being despised. Why this is so? Because of the disadvantage of the reception praising the arrogant hảnh us on the rise. But if anybody would decry us, we tried hard to overcome our faults, we feel ashamed about them and foster an attitude of trying to avoid them in the future.
Likewise, saying:
Fun is bad, the suffering as well; When we suffer
We recall the Holy Dharma. When we are joyful,
We empty the German area of previous episodes
These words are actually connecting us with the core of the practice.
Even if one would be a nguwoif care with love
As the son of someone he viewed him as an enemy,
This is the practice of the B T to manifest a pleasing kind infinity,
As mothers for children she is attacked by disease
Service shelves:
16. From AI unconditionally
If it is injured and care
As the mother of three children, pet quarters
A devotion by resentment of hate
Treat us as enemies, deepest
Let's see that patients peril
Take your child and animal mind, Iwai
More and more beloved and kind-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action that way.
Meaning in the shelf is also found in "eight Headings of Geshe Langri Thangpa Training Center": As those who know that I have ever done to benefit and those who know I have ever had the tremendous hope to bring to me the terrible disasters, I would look at him as my Holiness Division Director level." We can nurture or support anyone know as her own child, with a keen love like ours should be paid, but to see that the guys he chose to abuse us or treat us as enemies rather than give the considerate of us. Similarly, in "four hundred Articles shelf" says:
Who would behave in a way that currency notes because the perpetrator's possession by evil
Will not evoked anger in the care of the Health Division with him
Like, the most Controversial Ni look defilements as enemies rather than alternating
People act with negativity
And in "Lauding Surprised" Changkya Rolpai Dorje says:
Children suffer from evil can make the brain with her loving mother intensely gong of it
But she continued to manifest kindness and affection love and care about it.
Similarly, when these beings wandering (in the realms of samsara) of child abuse laws, dresses
Son, a compassionate concern to them with loving kindness.
For example, when the Senate mail Gewang manifest a serious and cheeky singer for Germany the Dalai Lama, Kelsang Gyatso Saturday he does not manifest a trace which although the lightest of wrath thượng argues for a letter by him which demonstrates a compassionate heart and compassion. This is why Changkya Rolpai Dorje wrote the prayers, to praise Germany Dalai Lama Saturday.
Mother of the child was evil and threatens her to enjoin a knife does not become angry. Instead she was doing her utmost to ability to repel the influence of the evil of her children. Similarly, if anyone know I have been assisting and nurture with considerate nice back thóa plating I, instead of resulting heart anger against him and I tried a sincere way to subtract her impurity. This is extremely difficult to put into the practice, that is why they are discussed in the separate arguments line the shelves, to emphasize them.
Even if a person the same position or lower yourself
Toan thóa plated himself overwhelmed arrogant
This is the practice of the bodhisattva fully respect to see
Who's such a relief, on top of them
Service shelves:
17. modest received critique
You poor guys lost to peer or
About spirituality, or to the rich,
We do not place anything yelled at
Due to her jealousy, ego and heart
See them as our teacher always
Humble pretence, and except
Respect and put their lofty-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that
This means that we should treat the damaging or abusive us downright proud as Director of the US and the Lord's prayer with respect. Even if knowledge and their lifestyle is the same or lower than the US mid-sized range, or if under the circumstances he cannot hope to compete with us in any way, this is a very useful practice.
When a person is so arousing the anger of ours and that anger does exist with us to the one or two days, it's a good idea to imagine that people in right in front of us and go up to the words, from within the ' Eight Headings Training Center ' Geshe Langri Thangpa says:
When I am with other people,
Pray for me, from the depths of my heart,
Think of yourself as the lowly,
And all the others is super great.
In the reset languages this word and imagine him in front of us, we should put us to the foot with the thought, "I am a lesser man. Compare with Superman, who is in the like-like and for this reason, and reason the other person is taller than me. "
Think in this way will we benefit by judicial jobs it quieter. After some times there we will see that the anger rampant in consciousness we for him to reduce the intensity and becomes disabled. If we see loss of self-esteem in the process, we keep this to yourself, and when someone does, take a simple action in a natural way. We should treat him as Director of the us in the practice contemplate our respect him and the Lord's people, with a goal of reaching a stillness in our consciousness.
As has been said that the biggest barrier in the practice of Dhamma b. kicked both when we extremely frail or immensely powerful. This point was emphasized in the "Guide Provides Ways of life Replenishment Slapped". There is a risk of recession in the practice of the Dhamma of us when we become very weak or, conversely, very successfully, so that we can't maintain it correctly. We must be careful in at times like this.
For example, present the Tibetans we have left his homeland. We must widely spoken rubbish all over the world and facing a shortage of food and drinks. People do break the us by the call we are refugees. On top of that, some people we contracted tuberculosis and was admitted to the hospital. We have also experienced some negativity from the obligations established by the ton (haythần miscellaneous XA Trach) the facility then became bored nãn, think, "I've lost my homeland, monastery by me. I am sick and he mocked me. If I maintained notion now, it has no effect whatsoever. Whatever I do now will not support me. I am weak and I lack the basic necessity of life. If you have to read I have a few people you care for me, I will not set anything to everything else; but I don't have a friend at all.
"Above all, I'm being bullied others. If I'm healthy, I wouldn't hesitate, but I'm not healthy, I'm being run down by these diseases. Although this is, but if the Centre I steadily over and not be demonic magic mastery, it also looks good. But the devil ma already own mind and I am completely in a desperate situation with all things that make me sorrow miserable. "
Very easy to forget about the practice of a bodhisattva when we are in a situation like that, so we should really be careful in at times like that. We make this look like?
Even a person living in a poor circumstances, always be people insulting
And was suffering from a severe illness or by the demons, kha
There is still the practice of the bodhisattva receives a tenacious
The negative behavior and the suffering of all sentient beings.
18. get suffering humanity
Although only the poverty instead of
Always been very bitter, abusive
If for sickness tormented forever
Back pain, pain, prevent the victim,
Let's get the misery of humanity
Endured because of errors made,
Don't lose heart when line-dung
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that
Any suffering that we endured, we should pray estimates for the suffering of all sentient beings is ripe on it, thinking: "pray for the suffering of the typical and net culture all the suffering of sentient beings." We should arise great intrinsic strength without lose the courage, so that we can receive get true others suffering and negative behaviour is at the root cause. The practice of the bodhisattva is extremely important.
There is also an opportunity to forgotten Dhamma if we become successful and there are many properties. So, having said that:
If a person is famous, widely respected with the giảu to the Bhikkhu Sa Mon Uranus (Lord protector of wealth),
This is the practice of a bodhisattva, please see the essence of glory and riches
Of earthly, to maintain the non-self-supporting properties.
Service shelves:
19. avoid pompous;
Be praised, famous, admired a lot
Who regards met always bowed head,
Though there are greatest real estate industry
On par with treasure of Spirit,
But clearly results in samsara,
Though luck, not essential,
Kill the port from ronghua run led-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows something there.
We have developed the reputation for understanding the Scriptures comment dictionary as well as because of our knowledge, since his uncle to people praising us. We can become very common [people preferred] and even was on the cover of the newspaper. The common thing we have achieved should not be brought by the reputation of the US, such as murder or harm others, but from the achieved a scent. And thus people bowed in respect to us and from the influence of us.
In addition, we do not want anything at all. We have too many possessions we can compare even with the wealthiest people. We have who helped loyal and good friends, and many people come by to serve us. At this point, the practice of the bodhisattva may be in decline, and we can start thinking along these lines: "I have many properties and good reputation. I'm a high school senior, and people hailed me with respect and trust in me. "
We may know a few things that the Buddhist scriptures has said, but there is a danger that we will develop an unhealthy attitude will lead us to think, "I know a lot of experience and I have a reputation as the erudite and the like. I know the Bible commentary too obvious that if Long tho come here now. I can beat him. Even Hostile to, the Text is also good. " We begin to think like that even if we are faced with six things dignified and two teachers transcendental [13], we will steer themselves encouraging, and we do not realize that this kind of thought this presaged the come into the world of hell. Many think Africa Dharma can also run through the human birth put faith and respect us.
Similarly, if we can enrich and mentally strong, we can begin to think in this way: "I have had the benefit of the Dhamma and politics, so if I have set some of the negative Act." There is a danger in such thoughts, because certainly we won't be able to practice the Dhamma in a way that inappropriately while being hyped up and flaunt in form, based on the reasons for not properly. We should be very careful indeed in such times.
As written in "appointment with confidence Estimates [Engagement of Faith]", biographies of Shizong Guests three: "when people spread the rug special because I apparently much loyalty and reverence, respect their sincerity; Despite this, right in the moment then I also realized that all these things are impermanent and unreliable, also lies as expected. To think, I feel sad seeing the vast, everything appears as not the real thing and most of the time. The endure sad line offers a metabolism in the depths of my heart, is it inborn right from original at new.
"A person should follow the advice in the Guide life Bodhisattva (the Bodhicharyavatara), saying:" why does anyone know likes you, when there is a praise of others despised? Similarly, there is no point whatsoever in his dislike of anyone know despised, by because there are others praising you. This is really the language from and we should take note of them. No survey content, we feel that praising has the nature of suffering. Metabolism delivers in depth our conscious mind stops with me a long time and the fact that innate long distant past.
This message contained an intellectual property position even penetration. What are sticking with víu to empty fame of a tremendous Kudos? What's great about praising? It's merely the word that unprofitable. Anyone here able to praise us today, but if then we do something that does not have the words praising has become useless. This is discussed in "precious" and a corolla like in "the Guide to a King" by Long tho, not list of aromatic speaks in a person, no matter how large, then there is nothing magic in itself.
We also do not desire or were obstacles to the financing of the US, even if we have many more. Area of focus and asset protection and reputation is said to be the cause of much suffering. We should call to mind the good things of each mortal realms of samsara and note the second a disadvantage, in this way our conscious mind domesticated to avoid inflated with pride. As Brom's Tonpa says: "you should maintain a humble bow while being praised and received a thoãi approach to what the happy roof."
This is a hugely significant, and we practice this maximum as possible. People of cozy atmosphere looks, products rise expressed the reverence and praising us, saying, "this is the creator of Holiness Dalai Lama [His Holiness the Dalai Lama]", but we maintained his humble lower. Our mission as a lone cleric demonstrated around the center of all of us in the Dhamma and done so well to make our peace.
Others also should look like. For example, you shouldn't dispute take a good location in a single-seat arrangement nor hope for it, but it is better to forget how to think like that. You should describe the behavior here is the practice of Dharma teachings. "A person can conduct [acts] are not the Dhamma while still eating Easter shipping outside of the Dharma." You should constantly awakening and practice self evaluation often continuously as she could. Check point yourself to the end as he could; If you really can't do this world is not your fault.
Be humble and receiving a position low resulted in peace and happiness, and is extremely important. If we try to maintain a high position, we will experience suffering mind later if all doesn't it out as we expected; on the contrary we will not undergo any sense of loss from the choice of receiving a low position. Humble down is important especially in the Tibetan community, where we have good examples for practice.
Nevertheless, people in these communities are often not seen as a very low position to find one that will truly miserable because of losses by receiving a modest stand. The social customs like can't be trusted, when people who hold a position low was considered unfit to shoulder responsibilities in society. The genus won the insulting and abusive words keeping retrieved their humble attitude. This is different than the Tibetan society, where things like this have it out. Thus, for those Tibetans better is modest, and this is particularly meaningful for those who have the titles and names such as scholar, Dr. geshe, Lama, and etc. An attitude of humble Palace is a stately holy to those teachings, contrast and arrogance can come from there a mark not reflective goodness for Dhamma.
Whatever people choose to do, depending on them. Not my problem. But because we have freedom of speech, we have chosen to say these things. Those arrogant doesn't do a good impression and the proud like there is no real substance. We have a few friends or despised and insulting others based on little information they know, although they do not recognize the judgements of their mistakes. Due to this, there is the practice of the bodhisattva to abandon proud, as is said here. Now we move on to the shelves.
If foreign enemies in destroyed while not restrain
The enemy is one's own heart hatred, foreign enemies will increase.
Thus, there is the practice of the bodhisattva to conquer
The consciousness of themselves with troops from Ireland and billiards introspection
Service shelves:
20. internal enemy Extermination
Hidden in the mind forgotten airport
To move backwards out of foreign enemies,
Try to destroy them, van, killing row
All other enemies to lower.
Clearly such disarmament violence
Make appliance power drill from kindness;
Internal geared to the rehabilitation center of rebellion-engine
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that way.
All enemies except in the Let's beat will be replaced in a way that does not terminate by others if we don't tame free hatred in us. In the Guide life bodhisattva directed says:
Where can I find enough skin
With it to overlay on the surface of the Earth?
But (bringing) the skin only on my shoes
Is enough to cover on the ground with it.
The sentient horizontal backwards (without limitation) as to nowhere:
Cannot pass wins all of them.
But if I just pass the thought anger only,
This would also like to win all of the enemy.
How can we conquer all enemies of us in this earthly realms of three thousand worlds? It is not possible. However, domesticated enemies of anger as a synonym with the tame all those foreign enemies. For example, in modern China, i.e. the Middle Republic, there are blocks of trouble from 1959 on, because those fields ethical struggle together to control; so is there anything that is incorrect. If we save about this scene from the perspective of the Dharma, we can see that while intrinsic anger has not yet been domesticated we lack stamina or less patience. Everything can be smoothly over the next few days or a few months; then the tricky it out that we have to deal, and then, another problem emerged that position. This is evident in a manner ready. Thus in the community, from 1959 to 1969 and again from 1973 to 1974, [and from 1976 to 1979], there is no peace.
There is much confusion in the political environment in a way that often, it is the source of internal anger was domesticated. As a result it is impossible to pass foreign enemy WINS in around them, let alone the alternative of another country. The difficulties students started because people compete to dominate each other. The answer to this is to control the internal enemies of the anger. But how do we achieve this?
Do not use an arrow, weapons and shield (MOC)
A person conquer a devil completely by yourself,
Anyone know of this battle skills rather than you?
We have to tame the intrinsic enemy armor by the reception of the word and power of bi introspection. Thus, in the Tibetan community, we should show up online, straight, and polite with each other, talking face to face and make a clear distinction between right and wrong. By taking action in a way like we can gradually overcome the outbreak the wrath of others and to soothe them. If we are retaliatory in anger when others express anger against us, it only made the problem worse, like stirring the water slurry will do it used up, the problem will be hewn dark, murky than no benefit to anybody. But the behave politely to the ominous pre-bubble dimensions actuator of anger after a certain period of time. A rage for example serve a goal yet with the exception of increased anger, pride, envy, and concurrence of humans.
Do these strong division between ourselves and our factions as against others and their factions adds the ability to simultaneously exploding anger. On the average of anger, we should give a reasonable explanation if the other reception. But if the other person doesn't want to hear, then we leave it for the time.
Anger is an emotion or changes. It arises not foretold and turning slowly after awhile. Although she is a person who is always is how, at her anger will not be unshakable when relatives tried to comfort. She will remain his enemies punched in the head. Later, when the wrath of people could fade, they might even be you.
We can see from this example that internal enemies is extremely hazardous period. The different interpretations given in this discussion about pure eager enemy bothers our brains on the issue of how to bring the resolution to anger and hatred. To be stressed is extremely harmful to the conscious mind with infection if hatred. In the shelf, we were just shows how to provide an antidote to confusion.
Sensation of orgasm, as saltwater, increased sexual desire
Don't need to know how much they are enjoying life.
Thus the practice of the bodhisattva is renounce them immediately
All those subjects arise taking education for them.
Service shelves:
21. ceiling re-entered the lung bases Left
Relax apartment under the ceiling
And drink salt water as well as each other.
More and more to delight,
Increasing participation and aspire.
So when steel was attracted to the
Of what the fancy anything,
Cutting quick little more hesitant-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that way.
This is associated with the object of taking education such as image, sound, scent, taste tasting thinh, contact. However, as the beneficiary of the participating objects complete education, just as we're drinking salt water, it just makes us hungry for more water. Like, drunk in the enjoy taking education only made us more passionate. It's like proof itching on skin, we want to have itching and scratching their itch. This also works for a while, but then we must continue until the toạt skin bleeds. As mentioned in the "corolla precious":
Scratching the skin itch afraid to do the complete press release
But better not to have that itch
Similar character ham khoái tribe
But at peace than himself in such participation for
Never have lasting satisfaction in satisfaction with education. Nevertheless, more and more, as beneficiary of them increased the concerns of ours. This is the practice of the bodhisattva to reflection on the disadvantage of the qualities of reference and the subject of them are things that will increase participation in the US and progress thus reiterates the renounce of the object.
Prior to this conclusion was the opposite with the practice relating to the mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) Convention. Here it seems are discussing the door going into the practice of enlightened mind, which includes basic two aspects: the practice of balanced space in meditation and the practice of meditation based on the Visual nature of the legendary phenomenon.
Anything that appears to be (the expression of) her own consciousness;
Nature of consciousness pristine with legendary transformation (Act)
Know this, there is the practice of the bodhisattva
Don't hope idea the manifestation of subject and object.
Service shelves:
22. Breaking faith useful course
Existing material looks like true
Only by the virtual center of the texture;
The mind of one from Mandarin resources
That essence is actually trying.
Sensory base beyond contemplating
From the known to unknown,
Leisure break faith course owners-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that way.
Anything that appears to us is just mind-both these phenomena of samsara and the realms beyond mortal round the world. This is also a way of saying that these phenomena in as part of the conscious mind, is to be associated with the school of idealistic or consciousness (Mind only – Chittamtrin) or views of old Chinese restaurant self-governing tribes Travel (Yogacharya Svatantrika Madhyamika).
If we interpret the opinion attributed to Candrakīrti (Chandrakirti), it means that the phenomenon of worldly and made it appear in the bar area offers a variety of infections and net them all is empty inherent existence (no charge). This view implies that they are forming a way subjective by conventional consciousness (the Empire) and exists in a way that merely by hope idea being dubbed. If the phenomenon exists in a way that truly and concretely from itself as they appear to us, then our true existence becomes clearer, not as we discover that its natural nature could not be found.
Have we failed to find out the nature of them because these phenomena really exist, or because they don't exist? Not because of the non-existence of it that we can't figure out. It has a functional and so it must exist. Influence of healthy or unhealthy, but it has on our environment and on humans also proves the existence of it. We can see it because it exists in our vision. So we can infer that it is not because the non-existence of it that we cannot define its natural properties. We can be absolutely sure that it really exists.
But if we continue to explore, search for the existence of it, we could not be found. We can find it if it has an independent existence; Therefore we can infer that it cannot exist objectively, but rather it forms a natural existence through consciousness Convention (the Empire).
Purity or pollution of these phenomena appear to our current consciousness, must they appear from them or how they appear to us? With our way of thinking, the appearance of the object appears to arise from our side, and in this way, our conscious mind receiving a conceptual mistake. As Holiness the Dalai Lama Saturday says:
To a mind broken by about sleep
A virtual nightmare object appears. Nevertheless, there is an object really there
Merely a figure can be manifested by the conscious mind
Give examples of dream and the legendary art, anything that appears in the meantime also no inherent existence. For example, we can find a herd of elephants, but don't really have a herd there. Or we can dream about Tibet, but the dream time, the country of Tibet, not really existing; It is merely the expression. As is said:
Nothing really exists in the basics of
The pour. Only the title is set to
By conscious deceit on the existence as
Ego and note that other things, samsara, Nirvana, and etc.
It seems that samsara, Nirvana, etc. exist in fundamental misunderstanding, we have no objective existence that we can only hand and said, "What is this," or, "this is the other."
And then it was said that:
The fatigue of delusion within each maintenance
Conscious of the qualities attributed to Lady
A solid existence and true to the object.
Let's look at the behavior of this disgust consciousness of ours
A consciousness being negativity by delusion, like coma invaded the consciousness of a qualities, cling to [the trust] these phenomena as exist objectively from the side of them. We are called to experience this in the light of experience ourselves, to explore the consciousness of our sickness is, that it is familiar with the delusion from invisible glass, it cling to all the objects as independent existence. We can't see them as existence through capacity of title and the definition of the time.
The object that we refer to, say, "What is this," or "this is the other," appear to exist from the side of them in a kiễu form solid, specific, and independence. They appear, which does not have an existence as such. As says:
The existence of "ego", appeared
To mind countless times from just deceived,
The subject should be subtle. [Disclaimer] is full of vitality
Totally doctor refutes notion of mistakes in the consciousness of a person.
Pure and pollution aspects of [physical] appears only purely conscious mind, or exist through the conscious mind, and is also available through the title and the conscious mind, which does not exist from the of the object.
Like, self consciousness is also involved in all the other phenomena. If we survey the conscious mind, divide it into moments before and after and search for it under the title of it, we can't find it. Take the see's eyes [with Protocol] as an example, here is what appears specific to our consciousness, we can divide it into parts of it and saw that it wasn't totally separated these sections. Each section also
can't say the same as the entire entity, because the whole entity and the elements are different. In a similar way, if we divide the limbs of the body into separate portions of them, we can't find the owner of the limbs. Although it exists, it's not like just in the contacts on the limbs.
Explore a century and more in this way, we advanced to a level that does not have an object which we pointed out a way to be sure, and we conclude that the mind is pure from the countless cards and freedom with the extremists.
It does not exist nor does not exist,
It is also not both
Nor separated them.
All things in nature merely not counted (inherent existence) and freedom from the extremists as described here:
All the phenomenon of worldly and worldly appearance
Merely be regulated by intrinsic consciousness,
Discover also the conscious mind, it's freedom of the student run and
Stop end. Thus, the nature of reality is magic.
All the worldly and the phenomenon of time merely title by consciousness and self consciousness, when it was discovered, it's freedom (moksha) from the beginning [born] and end [kill]. Like the natural world, sex is for a human mind, not run inherent (real mind). "I, as empty does not really exist of a simulator, see that in reality nothing exists in a substantive way. All of the appearance of what to see or hear is explored as the images of hope, and from the United Nations could and interesting titles not convinced one way, I can't improve on compatibility (charm) coast students launch. " Great, it is true that an old non-self-fake, when travel is visible of all the generals, the listening and perception, seeing that they do not exist.
If all these photos own a inherent existence (self), may not be the contradictory in them [?] Ask us to take an example about trees: in summer, there is the growth of mủa on the leaves, and etc. And then the next rainy season is winter, cold weather and dry. In the summer trees are beautiful, but in winter it is ugly. If the qualities of plants really exist in itself, how has this change it out? How can a tree be turned into an attractive tree-ugly?
Similarly, how a person is beautiful young again becomes ill illness? Also, if your deluded minds we truly exists, how it can be transformed into enlightened mind, a mind owning perfect knowledge and dispose of everything negative? A person infected with faults and main character of the mistake, the attractive qualities and things of it, about beautiful tongue and wicked-all these aspects this diversity can exist without the non-self-contradictory because the (non-existent inherent).
If there is inherent existence (self), how the causes (human) and condition (charm) can influence it? How those results can accumulate? How the effect is based on the causes? It is clear that there are people and [the causes and conditions], good and bad. This is only possible because it out no inherent existence and thus it proves a unequivocally that these phenomena lack true or not (there is no inherent existence). Due to this, citing the front: "I, the empty of a simulator does not really exist, found that in reality nothing exists in a substantive way. All the appearance of the show, the listener is explored as the images of hope, and from this interesting complex of shape and sex I convinced an unquestionable improvement of compatibility pratītyasamutpāda marine (coast). "
The students run the General no mistake proves that SAC is not [because only non-new perfect 's]. This is because the phenomenon of the absence of inherent existence (self) that a metabolism it out depending on the conditions of them, (coastal) because the diverse aspects of these phenomena have manifested to us. Therefore, it is clear that the image cannot deny the charge, nor deny Fables, not (for example other non-ethnic, not for other colors).
Only by seeing charm b. can't upgrade,
At the same time and without any effort whatsoever
The lifestyle previously to complete melt objects and variables
The discovery of the concept is completely finished.
Although I don't understand this correctly, but I think this is the case.
We need a thorough familiarity with this perspective in mind, we mistakenly to capture the colors and attributes that are not contradictory and in a complementary relationship with each other. We need to develop certitude in all aspects, there is no self (there is no inherent existence), and in the physical aspects of the phenomenon (SAC). We must experience aspects not to turn to advance deep into the certitude of ours. When we understood some skills in awareness charm b. we should analyse how the consciousness we grasp objects negation (not exist). And then when the subject negating becomes clearer, we analyze the non-existent inherent (self) of the phenomenon, using reason's ideological perception usually applied to this phenomenon.
We should use the additional skills to think and explore the aspects of sex and lust, not just in a day or two on that continuum. If we do so, then there is a chance that we'll go to see these two things, and not, as a complement to each other. Cognitive comprehension induction in the way like the high benefits.
If an object exists by itself without relying on the conscious mind, it will have to appear and exist in a special way. But we see that it does not exist in a particular model when we examined it. The fact that it doesn't really exist like this [independent] a student run convincing from the depth of our consciousness and in the meantime the existence of specific objects can disappear, just as we have understood a realistic calculation of natural reality.
In addition, we can secure our consciousness based on the the comprehension with quietness. Do not have a perfect steadfastness of consciousness we'll feel it difficult to secure the long-term head consciousness which we do not lose contact with the understanding that we have achieved. An universal consciousness our time can allow a glimpse not births, but it is not possible for the diverse aspects of these phenomena appear within moments. Thus, by understanding the attributes:
We do not hold the expression of both
People know and what we learned in consciousness.
The meaning of asymmetry is explained here. It says not found (in the way of deception) is found. An universal consciousness we exit the bar on how reality is a way to practice egalitarian collective meditation is not consistent.
Now we can save your interested in the practice of meditation based on the visual appearance of the phenomenon of mysticism. The author discusses this topic in the relationship of two objects of confusion and anger.
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to abandon
Attachment problems when having the audience liked the;
Because even though they appear beautiful, like a Rainbow in the summer,
They should not be considered as really exists.
Service shelves:
23. looking at things like ráng Sun
When having a beautiful, beautiful
Or fancy look attractive, entertaining
Don't be mistaken it differently
Over the summer: ráng Sun
Although both seem to be adorable,
Following the addition of no substance.
Avoid being tempted by attractive example-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action that way.
Objectives and the effectiveness of the certificate is not associated with the objects in a model of balance, so we have to the sight of the reality of these phenomena to reach it. Once we understood the method of existence of the phenomenon-shaped SAC deceived by them and the absence of inherent existence (not self)-separated from the trust in fact our students start to exist. We will never be the fool when we know the natural properties of the scam appeared [image identity] of them and relate to it appropriately.
Once we become convinced about non-US reluctance to allow diverse aspects of purity and pollution of the biological phenomena in mind we start. The Decree led to the confusion [believe in] essence of existence, and this was hyped by cognitive mistakes, and perception this mistake augment the confusion and anger. The reality of diverse aspects of the phenomenon were formed here to against the perceived mistakes like that.
There is a determination of the nature of reality during the meditation exercise balanced, we see that we are not abandoning the province to distinguish good and bad senses during meditation, when projecting the headquarters aspects of those subjects. If we rely too much on the good things we saw were not therefore corresponds to good things, met the students start with the condition by the cognition mistakes-like entanglements.
Delusion and víu in inherent existence (self) should act together if the confusion was born. the opposition of consciousness (sticking with inherent existence víu) is the conscious mind (with certitude with infinite self computer-does not exist inherent). If the energy, influence, and neutralization of a certitude is the patio area, then even when we went through what's charismatic appeal during the head meditation we see that object (the beautiful Rainbow in summer), such as doesn't really exist. This it out by virtue of the capacity of the power of our steadfast in the infinite sequence (non-existent inherent) that we achieve during meditation one jar. We can't create a tendency to take education audience by seeing its true nature, naturally not essentially (self); gradually, in this way, we crossed the WINS tend to cling essence of the phenomenon. If the víu not started, the track obstacles also can not evolve.
Thù hận và vướng mắc là đồng hành cố định với si mê. Như được nói trong luận bản gốc ‘Bốn Trăm Bài kệ’:
Giống như những năng lực cảm giác của thân thể tỏa khắp toàn bộ thân thể,
Cũng thế si mê hiện hữu trong tất cả những phiền não.
Vì thế, mối vọng tưởng sẽ bị dập tắt
Bằng sự xua tan vô minh si ám.
Điều này có thể được giải thích bằng sự liên hệ đến sự thừa nhận nổi tiếng của Nguyệt Xứng về những phương pháp để nhận ra những điều tiêu cực. Nói một cách phổ thông, có hai cách để tiến hành vứt bỏ vướng mắc – thấy điều xấu xa của một đối tượng khi xinh đẹp, và thấy những đối tượng hấp dẫn như không có sự tồn tại chân thật. Có một sự khác nhau trong năng lực giữa hai điều. Thiền quán trên sự xấu xí như một sự đối trị đến vướng mắc có ít năng lực trong việc nhổ gốc vướng mắc hơn là sự phát sinh một sự kiên định trên vô tự tính (không có sự tồn tại cố hữu). Tiến hành cả hai phương pháp là cực kỳ tác dụng, và sự thông hiểu thực tại trong cách này là một bước kỳ kỳ diệu trên con đường đạt đến niết bàn.
The different sufferings like the death of their son in a dream.
There is a dull [effortless] through the true legendary beauty as virtual.
As a result, when those conditions are not favorable, there is the practice of
These were consistently viewed them as bodhisattva to hopeless idea.
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24. What do not want to Look like huyễn
Patients suffering endured during the lifetime
The same child death in dreams;
Accept as truth to which huyễn false
Do charge your body mind endlessly.
By then, having your hard work
The scene usually creates very miserable melancholy.
Such approach is the only virtual-JAG
Lettered bodhisattva vows action that way.
This explains how to contemplate suicide both subjects evoke hatred and misery as a dream. The different aspects of suffering can be seen as deceptive and disappointed, as the death of the son in the dream. It's said that we would benefit greatly by the Club in a manner that can win the cling existence really.
Here we have previously discussed the method of spiritual practice pure enlightenment (bodhicitta). From now onwards, the author explains the practice of six to the whole friendly [three la password].
If necessary to abandon the body when searching for enlightenment,
Is there anything needed [to be] mentioned [for] the waiver of the foreign audience in?
Thus, there is the practice of the bodhisattva is
Dāna generous heart without expecting reward or ripe for Germany.
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25. Member countries
The steps to take to Park Quadrangle
For both user driven on purpose;
Smart mirror, say do spend
Experimental products of trivial.
Do not hope for the Temple of kindness
Do not think even more the German DAC
French promo Pack occurred – agent
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
To mention needed to be done about the sacrifices these physical products, when those who guide the ultimate result reached Buddhahood for the benefit of sentient beings must be prepared to sacrifice their life now? Nevertheless, if we practice generosity dāna with a secret trend to gain riches and fame, this is related to consciousness finds that benefit Autism and it is not a great advertisement was the Bell by the bodhisattva practices because of the generosity of their infected cells by the attention to themselves. We should extensively with a tendency towards single benefit to others, and the results accumulated by extensive dāna's actions should be brought from the depths of our hearts to the benefit of others. A person practicing this type of generosity not contemplated dāna be repaid nor to reach those results nice ripe; such is the practice dāna generous by a bodhisattva.
If through the flawed principle of ethics (precepts), a person cannot reach its own target,
It's funny to want to do benefits for others. Due to this,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva, who does not have participated in education
Because of the earthly orgasm tribe, in order to maintain these ethical guidelines.
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26. border
If the lack of serious world to serve almond
One cannot rescue wing, achievements
How satisfied desire humanity?
Non-invisible world, effort management pure!
Prior to abandoning khoái enthusiasts club
London being tightly tied into the ring.
To preserve life world Tri-prayer
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
It seems that this is based on a message from the Mahayana Sutra (Sutra Alankara) stately and its essential content. We need direction gradually a rebirth higher than mistaken to do benefits for those sentient beings, because without it we would suffer a setback in this job. The only reason to hit the body of a revitalised higher than such a man is good moral Hooch, we must practice ethical guidelines (precepts). Sadly laugh to think about the action because others except that we have a body of a rebirth for higher-how we can make benefit for others if we can't control or master ourselves appropriately?
Take advantage of self consciousness manifested took action for the education of female orgasm samsara mortal realms, maintaining moral mistake to avoid rebirth in the world and to reach a lower rebirth. A bodhisattva, in contrast, maintaining ethics not with these trends but rather to reach higher regeneration useful to others. Due to this, there is the practice of the bodhisattva to resist the defilements intrinsic with a determination to outweigh even the thinh and botanical evidence hidden actions.
The bodhisattva who thirst for the riches of ethics, all those who do harm
Like a precious treasure. Due to this, hone
Ring humiliation to freedom with enmity and resentment
For all is the practice of the bodhisattva.
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27. Member rings
Bodhisattva attention refines Germany
Players accumulate a lot of good work,
Destructive interference expel treated guys
Try their aspirations, such as gold mines
By that reason should only hate, resentment
And the evil works with stadium hateful;
Deep meditation on the patient persistence-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
Patient's humiliation is the practice of a bodhisattva. To the bodhisattva, the desire for accumulating the seeds of goodness, all three types of people-lowly, senior-middle-class, and who begins to suffer harm, like precious treasure's original. Impact through the back with them to make the practice ring humiliation development. Due to this, because this bodhisattva practice patient freedom of humiliation or Yuchi for all, both high and low.
In Mahayana dignified Business we find this statement: "Ring humiliation [head] of all."
The word is extremely powerful. When we were despised by who would be in a position of authority, we can tell others that we are practicing rings humiliation in the face of such humiliating. But actually we don't have any choice [other than] to which the practice ring humiliation in this example, since we are in a lowly position. The practice ring, however, is humiliating for those lowly than us, because we could retaliate but we choose not to do so.
If even a Single sight of Buddhism, and Thinh actions for the benefit of themselves,
Seen doing efforts like the beginning of their fire,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to benefit all sentient beings by
How dànhcho glee, root of all good qualities.
Service shelves:
28. Members should
If the genus Buddha Mural and cultural
Want tu Nirvana individually,
Wise efforts along most of the achievements
Although burned has still not left.
Try to see how the capacity to use
By tu of humanity;
Enlightenment needs a lot of effort-
Full run that way divine bodhisattva
Even the Thinh and hiding evidence amendment (sensory Buddha), those who practice freedom, use effort effort doing awesome like their head on fire. Because of that, the bodhisattva who aim to guide all sentient beings wandering in the realms of samsara achieved transcendental status of Buddhism, to practice efforts glee (glass Jin three la confidential)-because that is the source of all knowledge-a simmering over the degree of enthusiasm and Unique sensory. Thinh
Cross realizes that President static property (meditation) in combination with
Interior kiosks sensory wisdom special (meditation consistent) completely standard except for negativity,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to practice in the
Focus with superior Quartet not to (not boundless, immeasurable, proprietary, non-African idea idea).
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29. Membership Plan
Super Ant integration in essence,
Shows the presentation of the existing way of truth,
Just kicked off the emotional interference messing
With NET do foot bar background.
Beyond best World Championship quarter-final to
Most attention any disturbance to tu Dak
And enter quantitative whole-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
We were taught to practice focusing illusion set for nhỗ root mortal samsara, based on the intellectual property intelligence comprehend not supported by the conscious mind static property (to) President. The focus is different than the way characterized by static property (only) Chairman and special Interior kiosks sensory wisdom (Inn) is a part of the four status focus of the world. Within this range it is associated with this kind of concentration meditation exercise to establish on a combination of Visual static internal and Chair of the intellectual property of consciousness is not evidence, is that nhỗ the root mortal samsara and beyond than four status of focus (four not to). Hence, it is said that we must exercise the most spiritual in a concentration like mistook proposed to achieve the goal.
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to practice in
Intellectual property position supported by methods that do not have
The concept of the three realms; no intellectual property rights a person will not be able
Reaching Buddhists result entirely by the meaning of the whole year (initial three la 5).
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30. Staff of intellectual property
Member dāna, rings the humiliation, maintenance,
Meditation and effort not enough;
If the missing fifth member of the intellectual property rights, on the
The Buddha cannot be put into effect.
With France Bodhi mind raised
See the agent intellect, action,
And be relied upon, for example, it's useful-
Full run that way divine bodhisattva
Lack of intellectual property position like lack of eyes to focus. We will not receive many benefits even from the practice of everything from generous dāna to focus our meditation if the conscious mind is dark and no intellectual property rights, we also will not constitute cause for enlightenment. Due to this, we should develop the intellectual property rights. We are not merely related to intellectual property position here, but intellectual property position supported by the method and the method was continued by the intellectual property rights. These two things should not be separated. Based on these two things we must practice two focuses of blessings and wisdom. Supported by the method, we should realize that does not exist inherent (self) of the practice, the main actions and action (LUN not the President). Practicing intellectual property position is understood as non-existent inherent in this is said to be the practice of a bodhisattva.
With (merely) the external appearance of a simulator, if a person does not
Jurors viewed his own faults, he can act in the opposite the Dhamma.
Due to this, the practice of the bodhisattva is always
Jurors viewed his own mistake and abandons them.
31. Paragraph errors
Do not attempt to analyze clear
Virtual texture and confused,
Whether outside practice,
Still for several infinite.
By that reason, try to consider past
Mistakes and errors of the US, virtual,
And then kill them full-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action that way.
The practice in the concept is explained here as well as in the chapter on intellectual property and lifestyle guide of Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara). We must judge the mistake of ours, since we are in danger of action Africa Dharma if not careful, while ostensibly a simulator to practice the Dharma. For example, the monks we branded as the Dharma practitioners and presents a picture of the world. But instead, we can contact in the natural behavior is not Dharma. Therefore, we should try to maximally to abandon mistakes over saw them explicitly.
If the capacity of negativity, a deliberate arrangement
The faults of the bodhisattva, who's going to degenerate
Therefore, do not speak of faults of others
Those in the Mahayana is the practice of the bodhisattva.
Service shelves:
32. neither the error
When talking, virtual force structure
Other guys head makes it in error,
If the bodhisattva Sheller obliterate
All our products catalog breaks, wear and tear.
Should chừa error defamatory to others
Already on Mahayana moral liberation.
Should only be mention of ta-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
The overarching mistake born from the deliberate mistake of others. As stated in the Special Freed or three la massage: rustic threads
We must judge murdered right and wrong in ourselves,
And the level of awakening ourselves,
Rather than authority police mistakes,
Good deeds and bad deeds of others.
We have to study the State of our own awakening. Sometimes it it out because of the compassion that we talk about the ethics and morality of others and whether they are awake or not awake; but only the mouse arrow over the obstacle of others and concealed faults of yourself is the Dharma. This is important especially for those who practice Mahayana Dharma with conviction and living in a place where the teachings of this Medley bloom; If we outlined the problem of others we're talking a sense of the bodhisattva, as can be difficult to recognize them. Discussion of faults of the bodhisattva brought to the problem of those who contact us in saying negative energy as such. Those who conduct in the practice of Mahayana and non-deliberate mistake in someone else's are going according to the practice of the bodhisattva.
Gedun Drup yideng Je also talks about the need for a pure:
In universal, consistent projection the considerate of all sentient beings,
And please exercise the consciousness we in pure thoughts
About all those who practice the Dhamma.
Have an enemy within children; Let's conquer desire of children.
This is the responsibility of Mahayana practitioners is a common way to realize the considerate kind of all beings and to consistent projection the considerate, like is not true as harbouring the ideological obstacles or hatred.
We have to restrain from the accumulated negative behaviour in relation to the Dhamma, and avoid those actions do we abandon the Dhamma. We shouldn't discriminate by saying: "Who's in the Nyingma sect", "People's faction, Who then Kagyud a singer" or "Who's so-so". In the past, is that: "The scholars was approved in the interest of the other scholars".
When the scholars make the critique and recognition of diversity, they use the point and text for the sake of maintaining, for protection. encourage, support, and makes subtle than Dhamma by themselves, this pitch out of hatred or obstacles. Rather, they are mistaken theory claims to make sweeping away the ambiguity and because the target for the whole of the survey, just as gold is tested by cutting, grinding, and fusing. But if the disciple of the scholar's own knowledge, only limited, contact themselves in criticising others with hatred or obstacles; If they write essays to mutual critics; and if they take delight in pricking each other, they're behind the split in their community and others perverted astray. This wicked actions brought by the Dhamma is dangerous.
Due to this, we should have opposed this and practice our consciousness in a look clean for everyone to practice the Dhamma. We feel we have an ability and understanding of intellectual property rights whatsoever, but we should not be pretentious before others; We should use them to notably odd is conquering the enemies, the expectation of intrinsic. This is a recommended tons of really nice was declared here in a form of benefit and glee.
Once when Gedun Drup at University Professor Je already old, he uttered some words of melancholy. But the sisterhood with him: "he does not need to feel too uncomfortable. After the end of this life, he will certainly be born up realms Where Sun Power. This has been prophesied hysteria. "yideng replied:" I have no inclination that is not fervently was born originally. Prayer is my only dream was reborn in this world any box so I can get the benefit of the creature are not perfect many maximum that I could [support them]. "these are the words of a bodhisattva, and it truly supports [encourage] we hear them. (We note that it's him was condense here a wonderfully).
The nasty looks and donated supplies material caused controversy in everyone, and degeneration
The Act of listening, and meditation.
Thus there is the practice of the bodhisattva to abandon
Obstacles to the houses of friends and patrons.
Service shelves:
33. cut AI infection in Shenzhen
Controversial person home or friends,
Much of what is respectable, or
Makes it impossible to listen to France,
Declining meditation or practice.
Risk is usually based in the home,
As well as family or you're familiar,
Let go of bound into attractive in-
Other acts such as minuscule bodhisattva vows.
This it out in the history of Tibet, when those activities sincerely for Dhamma hampered and makes deadlock with political conflicts. For example about Lama Jamyang Shadpa, a Global Charity Lama paramount in Amdo, be seen as an incarnation of three Organisations, and Shizong Guests as Diamonds Slaps Đỏa (Vajrasattva). During that time he made Gomang monastery Abbot, Sangye Gyatso, who was the Regent, under the cover of the Fifth Dalai Lama, beheaded by Colonel Lhasang messages. Story is told that, if the Lama Jamyang Shadpa to the Tod-lung a little earlier, he could have prevented the decapitation. But some people admit that the early civilize Lhasang Lama Jamyang Shadpa, so he intentionally walked slowly back on the road to the Tod-lung and thus too late to intervene in this fateful event.
A similar deal it out in time of Gyalwang For Thinlay Gyatso of Sera Je, he was the Director Professor Med psychic Sharchen Ngawang Tsultrim and Mr. ban teachings to those who request it. When accused by Gyalwang For Je Sharchen Ngawang Tsultrim, Desi is not lifting a finger to support teachers of spirituality. Desi is truly the beginning of Sharchen Ngawang Tsultrim and civilize. If the latter Sharchen Ngawang Tsultrim intervened in this case, Gyalwang Je For will not fall into the tree in such a poor condition, but he doesn't do anything.
The Lama of the time is certainly the political program of their own. They can see a good reason at the time to express such attitudes, and mistakes can be found in the sponsorship. The conflicts it out in them can often be attributed to events that the Lama had interested the patrons above others. Even now, many people who spread false rumors about the two pure Lama Rinpoche and Tadag Rinpoche, Rating, both of whom are my Lama, because the real goal. The rumours so do cause people who spread the news that rebirth into the world scene.
He was embroiled in the conflict while trying to please those who sponsor them and looking to complete a tendency or reach these incentives and rank should know. The work on the Dhamma as listening, slideshow, and meditation exercise degenerate in the process, allowing b. run fret, and discontent in the Simulator and the community around them. This is a direct result of the detrimental to those practitioners in contact with several families and one or more of the patron and the development of a close relationship with these people. That is why we recommended in Guide to the lifestyle of Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara) to "maintain the same as ordinary people."
"Who are you ever too knew the time would be wary when you experience the ominous pre-bubble dimensions. Then, maintain neutrality towards them. "
This appears to be vulgar, but there's a good chance that we will eventually get in trouble if we pursue the patrons we like a dog ' lump of dough stuffed Glud chase ' [14].
There are also conflicting factions in the current political environment, based on your likes or dislikes of individual human beings. When the responsibilities attributed to the different schools of Dhamma and they were complaining because of this and the other, nothing different from the events in the past and truly deserves rebuke. Such clashes were torn off by those with the political trend and it is not the conflict of the Dhamma; but the status was worse when it is assumed that the practitioners of Dhamma is the Act of contact in the political groups.
Using the quotations from clownish to disturb the brain consciousness of others and [that] as the cause for its characteristic
The bodhisattva degeneration. Thus
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to abandon non-profanity
Direct others with things not thoãi roof to listen.
Service shelves:
34. don't pay raw evil language
Raw evil language uttered when angry
Making dynamic disorder; pain and heart
And, to keep bodhisattva behavior
Recognized practice obviously pure.
See heavy crude words, boot errors
The listener preferred the roadblock, nasty
Take exit mistreated the same person-
Lettered bodhisattva vows action this way.
We must be very careful not intrigued, cherished, enthralled in the harsh words, rude, nasty because doing so is illegal.
The Customs negativity is difficult to reverse with the antidote.
Thus there is the practice of the bodhisattva to except negativity,
Such obstacles and other things, as soon as they appear,
By carrying a sword and own antidote Interior kiosks.
Service shelves:
35. except for bad practices
This kind of bad behavior established customs
Once familiar with the infrastructure of the Centre;
Efforts need to professionalism
Created for force against any infection.
Armed with the knowledge, understanding
Any infection, such as the attack immediately involved;
Except for the roadblock preventing concerned progress-
Full run that way divine bodhisattva
The shelf is used as a metaphor to explain how those negative behaviors can increase through our familiarity with them and how they then become dangerous and difficult to win through the use of antidotes. We have to blow off the flame when it dimmed; or, as the word says, we have to block water flow when they polders are merely a small stream. Parable comparing humans with the mantras and antidote with weapons that people often can subtract negative things, such as confusion and etc, as soon as they run.
Process attack the negative behaviour, as concerns over the level of our country eggs have also been discussed in the History of the eight Headings of Geshe Langri Thangpa Metabolism:
"In every act, pray for me to search in my consciousness, as soon as the defilements or hope idea was born, things to do my own stunts and others, pray for me opposite them immediately and shattered them."
From here on after the stated thesis this way:
In short, wherever a person and any attitude of a person,
People should always be the main owner and Interior kiosks
To test the condition of the person's conscious mind. In this way,
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to complete benefit for others.
Service shelves:
36. awakening always
In short, what we behave
In the charming landscape which meet or
All must be equal force in the sense of always
Understand the complete state of mind.
Must have the knowledge and understanding,
Get focused, ready to serve,
We act for Gospel Communications beings-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action this way.
Our conscious mind affects us and therefore we should state it everywhere and throughout all the time. We should explore to see either a thought inappropriately run up, especially one thought hidden contains sickness, or either we're hypocritical-say a decent, thought a nẽo-and also either the actions of the charity or charities.
If we detect a certain negative action, we should remind us that "children have a niểm and sincere does know fragility in Mahayana doctrine and have been born on the Snow Paint where the merge of canonical Mahayana and tantra Teachings A superfluous; the following titles on various ethics Professor, has been head of the French transmission and propagation life be dignified with the guidance and explain Bible commentary from the Indian monk scholars comment greatness. If despite this the worse manners, there is no doubt anymore that you will get frustrated all the bodhisattva extraordinary. "
We should take responsibility for coordination with themselves in this way. Try to always maintain the thoughtful and conscientious in this effort.
Bodhisattva Lifestyle Guide, stating that:
You who desire protection consciousness,
I am pleas with her hands in the Lotus:
Please always use his strength to maintain
The main concept and the senses!
We should use its strength in the main, keeping the main mantras and meditate, completed the maximum as possible in the way of action for someone else. In conclusion, we should sacrifice the body, possessed, and all his good deeds for the benefit of others, and donate all the possibilities of a three-door body, food, Italy, for the sake of all sentient beings, not looking for or reflecting on anything other than what is explained here. Later we should develop Islamic prayer surges, cosy.
This is the practice of the bodhisattva to dedicate ethics
Achieved by the trying in this way to enlightenment,
To exclude the immeasurable suffering of beings wandering in the realms of samsara
With the intellectual property of the net bar where the three realms (infinite realms, realm, realm).
Service shelves:
37. the Islamic direction award Germany
All Germans from endeavor
Put into practice ethics seondeok
Ta most freed suffering
Many mothers of immeasurable life,
Full revert direction for them to become Buddhas,
With intellectual property rights, not genuinely tha fall
And Germany, as a whole not foot-
SchoolsBodhisattva vows action this way.
We should bring all these nice healthy behavior that we have completed over the efforts of our sincere effort under Thirty Have Support Enlightened Leaders of Bodhisattva, and rather revert direction brought all the good karma to longevity and self in the us from disease, and we ought to dedicate them to the boundless, immeasurable beings wandering in the realms of samsara who falls into suffering. In this way we are positive towards the Islamic faith of ours to support others excluded suffering as well as the cause of suffering, with architectural Award from the intellectual property rights of us of the infinite sequence of consecration, consecration, and action receiver proffer cosy (LUN not the President). From this, as said, we should proceed to Islamic prayers and directions.
This is a comprehensive treatise in. Now we bring the entire to a conclusion:
I compiled With thirty-seven Bodhisattva of Enlightenment Moral Support for those who
Prayer Covenant practice bodhisattva way, through
The thoroughly respect the words of the divine beings higher qualities of interest
To the means of contact in classics, classical tantra and the thesis prize.
Comment this is said to be associated with the root of classics and classical tantra. The author says he has depicted vividly in this meaning is explained in the classics, classical tantra, and the conclusion, according to the instructions to be issued by the forerunners reverence of our methods of Work of thirty-seven bodhisattva practices. These are practice day after day in the life of sốn by those who tend to work in the way of the bodhisattva.
Because I have the intellectual property rights, low thỏm and education,
This is not a poet van satisfy the scholar
Nevertheless, when I was based on the Scriptures and teachings of the superlative qualities,
I think this essay an explanation themselves cannot controversy.
Here it is explained that this essay has a source explicitly. He said that he lacked the innate knowledge and products of relatively dimmed on research make him not afford suggested rhetoric, the typical words or idioms to do please those scholars. Nevertheless, he has diến description here views of classics, classical tantra density derived from the teachings of the maximum degree of Holiness, and thus he believed this would be the practice of the controversy can not be bodhisattva. It seems that he say this here mistakenly target the casual as well as modest.
Nevertheless, because of the difficulty for people like me,
Low thỏm through intellectual property rights, the exploration of the depths of the practice of the great bodhisattva,
I request the high-level people forgive me
Because faults abound, as the contradictory and fragmentary.
As he said, if there is anything contradictory message does not seem to be the link between the before and after the presentation, or if there is some unnecessary explanation, he petitioned the learned author tolerance for shortcomings. He asked them to please be patient and to ignore breed charged in this way. Next he revert towards the employment of Holiness.
Through the happy birth starting from this Act, for all beings,
By the means of earthly and transcendental consciousness of the Enlightenment,
Become as the most Consistent Players, who Were not in the Order In
The extremism of the realms of samsara and the salvation of static [self length] President.
Thus, Ngulchu Gyalsas Thogmed dedicate any good faith that he has been through composing this essay to all sentient beings, and wish they could arise about enlightenment proportionately and unconditionally. He vows that this can do arise in them again if so far not ready and enlightenment can be increased further if progress has arisen. By virtue of the like, mind enlightened solidly will bring to the cessation of the extremism of the mortal realms of reincarnation, while mind enlightened radical exclusion relevant for personal salvation. By failing to stop in the realms of samsara nor salvation himself only, we reached the great bowl of Nirvana or enlightenment paramount, as enjoyed by the spiritual Division Director At Self Pub. This is the request or offer the spirit of the author.
The shelves were composed in caves Ngulchu by maintaining logic (logic) and dissertations is Bhikkhu without pretentious Asanga (Asanga), freedom fighter and gain forgiveness. His sandstone bridge was granted patronage printing works read as follows:
"Free your mind and appealing earnestly enlightenment (bodhicitta) as the base and core of the Mahayana. By the power of moral actions and print this document from the sincere wish to do voluntary benefits for others, prayer for the teachings of the Buddha full global sense all voters to be spread. Transcendental teachings is a combination of method and wisdom that it contained the explanation according to verbatim and real spirituality is detailed explanation by the Celebrated Professor perfect Cardboard Guests. Pray for those who live in anywhere in the world with the capital, maintaining, and encouraged the teachings are found all the voluntary estimated their course self arising, and they continued to live until the end of the life network.
"Moreover, for the same temporary earthly Convention prayer prayer Convention basic export ceiling of Tsewang Dorje nobility, his family and all sentient beings are completed entirely, pray for them to travel no obstacle to the Duchy of three Buddha body."
In the cozy atmosphere seems symbolic of the fuselage, auspices, Italy, has petitioned Tsewang Dorje who else please revert to the patrons for printing works. As a result, stemming from feelings of Dewa Rinpoche, Tulku Lhatsun, wrote this direction echo prayers expressing gratitude.
We've been preaching here is a brief explanation about thirty-seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment or French of thirty-seven bodhisattva. Today we talk about the benefits of those who did not previously know the Dhamma. We hope everyone had a comprehension and reap those things certainly do know in the Dhamma and not need to reset it several times, or this time and again.
The most important message here is to have a heart caring kind, because the basis of thirty-seven Food Aid Derivative Enlightenment are:
We do with the peace and happiness of yourself
When all the mothers who have individual
Considerate to us from countless cards are suffering?
Truly this is the main point. We should learn to interested others as more important than ourselves and act in a certain kind of attitude that we can do, humble expression provides with warm hearts.
Practicing Dhamma is the path of Empire have a rich life; We practice to become a staple good integrity from lifetime to lifetime. The modest, kind, and nestled and have a sincere tendency to do benefits for others that are truly practicing the Dharma. On the contrary, no benefit whatsoever to say that we are sincerely looking for Dharma, while truly are go there as a tourist. The reason behind the finding that the Dharma is to practice the things and the practice's continual with Dharma. Do you understand? You should keep this in mind.
You can understand some of the things that we've been preaching for a few days and some you don't understand. However, you should try to comprehend a maximum as possible by remembering and reflecting on them. If you demonstrate the benefits of the lecture by the widespread practice of what was the explanation here from now until death, and although in many cases by way of life that you have ever lived, the goal of our preaching these things were fulfilled.
We know a man who attended the opening ceremony at The London television Centre France Kalachakra Shume Enlightenment last year was really changed then: his anger was minimized; He gave up alcohol and gambling; He's a liar; He became less greedy than and nestled. In summary, he was no longer in the direction of a life wild and has become a good person. It is nice to discuss an example story of him with the people, by contrast, for example, be beneficial something to say about someone to enlightenment Shume-Bodh Gaya and no experience improvement in people's lives. We must be careful about that.
This is our duty to say to all of you and we were told the maximum that I could stay here. We had to say in a rich and easy ways to track because it is very important to have the teaching involving human lifestyle today. There is only one little benefit when the article is that it is not related to our life. As a result, we have to follow a kiễu template using words common, casual, and sometimes we have used the word ugly and taboos. This is my natural nature upright and BOC thinking and speaking directly in, and we always say that we do not have a seal block on our mouths. But we speak openly here with the clear goal of assisting in the us to the practice of gentlemen, the developments in your mind as well as in your life. That's why we've put some effort to do this in our technical lectures, and then we feel that we have fulfilled his duty in most of our ability. We ask for your forgiveness and gentlemen if we used some tough words, crude or intense in our teaching. We have had some faults and our language in some cases it may be ridiculous. We can't do anything more with tasks in addition to apologies, as saying: "we have no disrespect to you, so please be patient with us if there is anything that hurt you."
We do not force the uổng [receiving] the Dhamma for anyone via teachings. A disciple to attend [learn] teachings "should have a conscious mind through wisdom and sincerity, and an exciting fascinating [to teachings]." this has been stated in the "four hundred Articles shelf". Anyone listening to the Dhamma should honestly and clearly have a conscious mind could distinguish between right and wrong, and an exciting topic. Apparently all you are interested in bringing the sincerity for the Dhamma, because you have to endure the challenges gay go or hardships to come here; whether you have or not have a mind aware clearly depending on each individual.
Although not in hearing them Buddhists and non-Buddhists this legacy has a complex philosophy cannot assimilate, however, there may be people who come from the school of Nyingma and proving to himself as the Nyingma completely, so you may be reluctant to receive teachings given media pool a Gelugpa. By contrast, in some cases when a Nyingma preaching, the Gelugpa attend may not like it at all for the same reason as such. They don't feel like attention lectured by the Nyingma influence, although the rhetoric of speakers truly benefit to their consciousness. An attitude like that is a sign of a Dim consciousness.
Of course, it is thướng choice to follow a tradition in the extent to which their practice is concerned, and that is another issue. But we are disagreeing with people expressing bigotry in a rigid with their own traditional sectarian attitude in form. Some people come here to predict the preaching is the path to complete, and we're definitely a highly possible that instead they would be disappointed when they learn about Thirty Products Help teachings Directed enlightened Bodhisattva.
This is a specific example, shows that we have a tendency to layouts in mind we [pre-calculus], rather than fully able to enter in the Dhamma. Think of a way to differentiate, ' we are the world ', and ' the other ', they are in the Dhamma is truly toxic, and is an extremely negative attitude. It is the cause that makes a lot of people have to regenerate into the lower world scenes, and thus it is important to have a conscious mind through intellectual property rights distinction [right and wrong]. Do you understand?
Those who act with a conscious mind does not prejudice has qualities of a perfect disciple. It's also important to have a discerning awakening with the reviews to post sermon, so we know the preaching of any right and the words wrong.
This is what is known as the Dharma is placed on the foundation of reason, so when we preach doctrines not entangled in the pressed uổng others. Germany The Religion once said: "like metallurgists, who's gold analysis by the cut, trim, and melting it, hence the Citadel without pretentious and people through intellectual property rights must also be analyzed throughout the tenets, not accept them because it reveals the reverence see."
So, today, you should respect the words of us automatically merely because there are the words of the Dalai Lama. You should survey to find the teachings be preaching here have reasonable for you or not and we will do the benefits to you when you practice with it or not. If they see out reasonable, then let's focus on them. If on the contrary, do not interest them.
Germany The Religion has been declared explicitly in this topic: "explore the words we say here through the survey. If you find them appropriate and useful for the consciousness of the child, in accordance with the practice. If they do not benefit to the child, then let them [aside]. " We say look like for you now.
A fundamental way, you need to feel the benefit of those teachings. If you find such, then the words we have just said are the words of value. If you find any found no benefit from them, they are infinite additions; Since the objective of the Dharma is to make peace the thought harassed and balanced mind.
We've been talking a lot of things in the past three days, the thing to help you tame the consciousness and to differentiate the good things and bad things, so can you can abandon but real friendly and receiving the salary. Choose between what's good and what is not healthy, you should try to always practice with a considerate heart and abandon the need. There are two important issues. Do you understand?
Secondary WINS:
[12] six to the obstacles are: suffering uncertainty, dissatisfaction, repetition of death, repetition, repetition of the problems experienced in the realms of low and high, and the absence of the companion. When she was standing into three things, they are: gauge line, sabotage, and line (line by line, of change, and suffering the same all over).
[13] yideng Long tho and disciple is holy God, enlightenment philosophy Chinese Restaurant (Madhyamika); Asanga, Idealist School of enlightenment (Cittamatrin), and his brother Christian, who write works A Bhikkhu Gains Ma Property Questions; Chen's disciple, Na, enlightenment schools of Buddhist Logic (such as a separate system of Indian logic), who wrote works Of Human Intelligent Comment and Comment; Dharmakirti, writing his thesis argument, Like Energy, is still today in the monastery; and Yonten Wod and Shakya Wod is the disciple inheritance.
[14] A ritual includes models made from dough (the stuff that the dog joke giởn as food) and seem to be a replacement to the demons and the intangible spiritual obstacles to freeing a person's distress.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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