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Translator: Thich Minh Quang

Lecture I

Concept Art for Business People Eight Great Sense
I am very happy teaching Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan, the application enter the sacred writings of Buddhism, in front of your audience.
Before teaching the content, I would like an overview of art of this business.
I intend to lecture in ten sessions of this business. Business Sense named Bat Dai Nhan, said the eight content of higher human enlightenment. Every one thing I will explain in a post, so the concrete will have eight main lectures. In Business title, translator, the self I will explain a concept in art. Circulation in the last section is a literature review, also an instructor. Thus, there are ten lectures. So preaching Kinh, I called the Ten Eight Great Sermon Business Human Enlightenment (Buddhist doctrine of cause Giac Kinh Bat Cross Instructor.) predestined Buddha said this prayer whatsoever what any of it also predestined. Buddha's teaching why this Business? Of course there is also predestined. It was at his residence in the province of Member States, a day in the conference, religious author An Na third eye Law First Buddha said to that: - Sir, in the spirit of the Sangha Force, is to forget yourself, let go of the ego is what we can do, and for sentient beings have absolute compassion, kindness absolute, this is what we already know ... But Sir! The Buddhists are many school directors, student access to social ordained preaching French students also benefit shareholders. Those who like how to be enlightened, entered nirvana? Crouching Buddha of compassion would open the market! Buddha smiled peacefully, happily answered: - A Na Hey Law, his words are true. What he asked the University's academic problems (Bodhisattva). I would say that because he's eight grade University of enlightenment, but who the disciple of the Buddha are day and night to chant even care ... This is the Buddha's teachings of grace this Kinh said. Layout literature Opening Buddhist scriptures are all saying: I heard something like this, a Buddhist youth in places, along with others, etc. .. This is called Friday the achievements . So why not have this Business? This is because this is not the Buddha Kinh said in a conference, which is an excerpt of the Buddha's teachings in the sutras, and they edit, the order of Business should not be the question I hear something like this (as market written down), etc. .. because the flow is no question in the following message: yes to (worship of believers.) Friday the achievements : the passage we just heard something like this ... usually at the beginning of Buddhist scriptures. This phrase consists of six work (conditions) it gives the content of this Business be accomplished. Six of them are: 1. cultural achievements. 2. signal achievement. 3. their achievements. 4. master achievement. 5. Made achievements. 6. our achievements. For example, the message itself of the Amitabha Sutra says: I heard something like this, an age-old Buddha at the far country, where the garden States Life and level alone, together we monks a thousand two hundred and fifty position. I heard that documents achievements. This is the only person he heard Ananda Buddha said French. So-called credit achievement. Like this is just content that the Buddha Dharma is said to Ananda mass is convinced he will listen as vayh, not the other wrong. One youth is the achievements, Business News said the conference presentation on time, but did not say, but for now we know weather it is full of conditions, new beings predestined to hear French. Buddha was a master achievement. Buddhism is the doctrine of law, without the Kinh Buddha said this, of course not. In the far country, etc. .. origin is achieved, ie the location, clear detail. Together they monks, etc. .. is our achievements, ie meeting at which they heard, including those who Kinh. In summary, six of the achievements if you use modern language says, is that six conditions to achieve a set of Business. It is a condition of time, space, subject, object, and witnesses recounted the true content of Scripture. The layout of Kinh Kinh but unlike other, but still have a tail, the section clearly Of course, the learner is easy to grasp the attention of the literature. The content and value in Buddhism, the majority of monks Venerable all recognize this Kinh very suitable for life of Buddhists over. We often hear people proposed the slogan: Estimate the Buddhist people, Buddhism in the country . But ultimately how human founded Buddhism? How is Buddhism at home? This medicine must be given on the language of Scripture to assertiveness. I think, this is a book told Business dictionary most precious to our human construction Buddhism and Buddhist practice at home. ordained Buddhist but there, at home, but home again believers majority; Buddhist world, and even import-export division, but still enter the main sense; Buddhism in the present life and life expectancy in later life, but the key is still life in the present . Sutra Privacy Forum said: Dharma in the world capital of enlightenment in my life, do not film far Bodhi, the life around us three to four treatment, just as vain. Thai Ambassador Hu also said: "The desire to Buddhist results, but success is not in place or personality; personality achievement, achievement results Buddha, this is actually true. " Enough so that Buddhism and Buddhist people living in family status such as how important! Therefore, Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan, you book the application in this life, but the text is only a few hundred short words whose value was extremely significant! Eight of enlightenment as to the compass of the ocean, pointing the way forward for humanity! Eight of enlightenment as the bell echoing in the night, waking those who are still dreaming the dream! So, this is the sacred scriptures show us the way students identify software, return to HR awareness, helping improve the Buddhists, on a flourishing life better! Explain economic problem Phonetics: Buddhist doctrine University Human Sense Business Translation: The Eight Buddhist Enlightenment theory of Business Undergraduate Anthropology. Teaching award: guru Buddha Shakyamuni is the prince of which Ty Ca La protection in India. Because birth and death to kill, sentient beings, so in his nineteen-year-old king determined to leave, director of family education. In his thirty years of supreme self supreme Buddha under the Bodhi tree. After forty-nine years of living sermon, he entered nirvana at the sentence Thi La, between two Sala tree, just right when eighty years old. All titles Buddhist scriptures are the word Buddhist theory, that all scriptures are from the Buddha Sakyamuni guru speak. This business is no exception, of course. When teaching this subject Kinh, we first must understand the meaning of the word University. Great people here from college is not synonymous with the concept of agency workers and sub-human. But it's not the only people who do big business or big sales, because the Business is not just for one promotion or distribution of assets? In fact, here is the only University of Bodhisattva, who worry whether birth and death and wide sentient beings! Bodhisattva is said comb from the Bodhi slaps from (Bodhisattva), services that are sensory beings, ie the enlightened care of yourself and others; or general spirituality beings, ie beings develop greater spirituality, on the bridge of the Buddhist people. We've said to the Bodhisattva, a person is thinking of Bodhisattva Guanyin , Bodhisattva Earth Store Bodhisattva, etc. .. Yes, there are the Bodhisattvas. But the Bodhisattva's great here mainly just the Buddha walked through the door, found direct psychoanalysis. The listening position sure to ask why he could be called a Bodhisattva? In fact, the Bodhisattva is not pictures, nor is the bronze statue, cement, plaster ... jewels displayed in the power to make offerings and worship it! Bodhisattva symbolizes the virtues of human life. Who has unlimited enthusiasm, boundless compassion prayer, can make for their benefit, for people living Bodhisattva is true! The world just developed a deep interest Bodhi: The guidance for Buddha, as sentient beings, there will be more a Bodhisattva! Bodhisattva which results are divided into many different high and low: Cross credit, cross well , cross head, cross in the direction, collection sites, college awareness, feeling amazing, etc. .. all fifty two places. The Bodhisattva Guanyin, Earth Store Bodhisattva, Manjushri, Samantabhadra course are bodhisattvas are compiled from local fruit upward. But if your mind is, those who shoulder the great cause of liberation of life and death, of sentient beings, it also could be called a Bodhisattva. But this is nothing new Bodhisattva mind, or trust Bodhisattva start. Kinh has eight methods of Buddhist practice, which ranks the University's take on life and death touches large, sentient beings need of enlightenment, the so-called Enlightenment of Article Eight Business Undergraduate Anthropology, (Bat Dai Giac Kinh people). Speaking of the Bodhisattva's enlightenment, is to discuss major interest in Buddhism. Buddhism remains the religion brought enlightenment for sentient beings. Buddha for a great cause and condition that the market is born, it is that beings can enter a Buddhist wisdom; guide sentient beings to walk the path to enlightenment. In contrast to the feeling is love. Beings wandering in samsara, drift dives where six roads, forget the hybrid version of its items, so-called love. Now that samsara is suffering, life and death scary to realize that the practice must be based on the eight which it is taught to practitioners, most expect enlightenment, liberation, known as enlightenment. collection of eight significant help students re-awakening, known as Kinh. Economic path that is straight. Follow a straight path that the Buddha taught to go, will reach the goal and death touches life, self at peace. Ordinary morality which could be called Scripture, it must be designed with the eternal truths do not change, under contract to frugal living beings with thousands of other wrong. Kinh said by the Buddha, is where students develop their practice Mind, to be known as Article Eight Buddhist Enlightenment Theory of Business Undergraduate Anthropology. (Eight Buddhist theory of economic sense.) Survey on the translator of Phonetics: Later Han, An International News, Sa Cao items are translated. Translation: An The Cao Sa subjects, the Security News, Later Han service life. explained: All Buddhist scriptures say which was recorded by the Indian Sanskrit text, the translator needs to translate into kanji. The Business Service is subject Sa Cao Shamans The life An Later Han (25-220). Later Han dynasty is named, is the Vu Quang Trung Hau Hung Han Chinese. An Water That is now the Persian. Sa is subject only to the school director general. The U.S. news service that is needed, that says the property's Diligent practice, except greed, hatred and delusion end. Later Han is the only World Cao An era was born. That is just water An hometown, and Sa is the only subject of his fate. An The Cao is the translator of this Business. An The Cao Shamans also known as Thanh An, which is the prince of Security News. Capital is the wealth you see is very common honor, assume temporarily, the more boring life kings throughout the day to fuss about by the tide, is not allowed in, Indonesia after the throne before long, he took up the yield home for pay, while his left ordained, only with bowl, coffee sa. Shamans have the innate genius of the language, understand more than thirty languages, especially adept Han culture, whether through the Scripture, it was interesting to hear the birds understand. The positive spirit of his life greatly, the world is not so profound measure of all places. At deadline Emperor (132-167), he from the Security News to Luoyang, interpreting scriptures all over a hundred sets, also handed down today more than thirty. Mage texts translated by means of clear, written from plausible flowery words, but not text back no matter how little rustic. In the history translated the first review period in China, An The Cao Shamans are praised as the leader. Which can be seen, his position in the world of translation like. Lecture on the title Phonetics: Vi Buddhist practitioners, usually U gastric residence, chanting media center, eight University of sense. Translation: As the Buddha's disciples, day and night so even the mind, often chanting eight enlightenment of the general staff. Teaching award: Shamans Xun Dao An East life divided into three parts a Business: The order of the tone and the flow . Take the human body to billions example, as the first part, the tone as the body and circulated as part of the foot. An Act Section Shamans like everyone praised as "highly intelligent boss Section galaxy, this ancient scholar total compliance." Enough so that, for the accuracy and high intelligence in his assignment like. Business is not the Buddha but said in a conference, but also the order of the tones, the circulation of a complete regulation as other scriptures. Passage above, can be considered as part of self, dependent origination prelude to this text. As an early disciple of the Buddha at the retreat should have a certain responsibility. In the monasteries, mostly taken Surangama Note, Kinh Di Da as the key early evening practice. In fact, according to the order of these manuscripts, to practice Buddhism in life, to improve air quality of the human body and mind, to get the Eight Great Business Sense to the Human lock up early to chant! This is extremely accurate. The Buddhists naturally dark so early book of life over this, but every student of life in longer need to charge more. disciple of the Buddha there is no distinction girls boys young and old, wealth on man and ordained, in part, just play Soul of Buddha, refuge in the Three Jewels, the Buddha's teaching practice, are known as the disciple of the Buddha. disciple of the Buddha to bring media attention to media set, not fake lies, complex disorder, four spring autumn or early winter is not as dark, shall always remember, eight intensely contemplate what should this enlightened Bodhisattva. Read aloud or recite, or concepts involved in mind, is the best way religious. disciple of the Buddha there are seven: monks, monks and nuns, ma na ni clear consciousness, a novice, a novice nun, her priority rules , Advantages her cell. Business is particularly suitable co every advantage she rules, her advantage over the more mobile life. We now offer eight enlightenment in Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan presented in the following chart. Later we will rely on charts to explain, would even care that people with life over. Translation poem: Kinh Tam The Awakening the Buddha who developed psychoanalysis direct medical education always day and night to serve the University of enlightenment for fluent Eight things to remember, even a religious concept. Figure I: Summary of eight enlightened Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan Tam The Enlightenment: - The Worldly - Article I: - Engineering world: Realm of fragile - Friends love the world: The world is impermanent - Five Aggregates world: Four hard not - Human Quan: - Most education is the basis of samsara - Article II - Tri-sufficiency is fundamental to keep the poor happy directed - Article III - The attack is the basis for carrying goods for stumbling - Article IV - Intelligence is the basis for the conversion of dormancy - Article V - generosity is fundamental to saving sentient beings - Article VI - morality is based the desire for abstinence - Article VII - Conclusion: Mahayana Mind is the basis of common sentient beings - Article VIII.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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