Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

On the source 4 - Meeting Calendar General Agreement Cavalry Division at The Monastery List Germany - Germany
HT.  Thich Minh Tam, speakers for Mineral Foundation I, on 09/17/2010, said the current situation and foreign GPGVNTN
HT. Thich Minh Tam, speakers for Mineral Foundation I, on 09/17/2010, said the current situation and foreign GPGVNTN

In Christ on 07/01/2007 at Lieu Quan Buddhist International Institute of North Hills (California - USA), with the participation of numerous letters Ton Duc Thien around the world. On this occasion, rather Ton Duc Vietnam Overseas monks had a special meeting to discuss issues related to activities of the Church. Has unanimously decided on common Christian name is: "The Great Teacher Association hosts", not a single organized each sect as long. And be developed further to suit the needs of the local Church which also have the opportunity to Christ, so the proposal circulated to European countries and different. So that monks and Buddhists in Vietnam where also the opportunity to meet, visit, discuss issues of living Buddhism that circumstances abroad how to be hard to implement as before when I was in the water. As long tradition in the country have set rates "on the source", meaning that on most Disciples monks return to The Family or the convergent place where you learn to remember the steps leading teacher gift reformatory is longer or had died. On the first date source of Phap Van Pagoda held in Mississauga (Toronto - Canada). Last Monday was held at Prajna Temple in Santa Ana. Last Tuesday was held at An Lac Monastery in Ventura California United States. And the first four years by the Church PGVNTN Europe, Sub-Ministry of Germany held responsible.

On Power On - The Great Teacher Association hosts this time, are associated with Le Vu Lan Signaling Pathways of the German monastery, which was attended by the three above-mentioned holidays are the difference. On top of the General Assembly has 120 monks attended the official Buddhist Family Group 100 students, along with about 150 attending Buddhist places. Through the day Monday, the number of Buddhists increased by about 400 participants who, on Tuesday, the number of participants doubled on the death anniversary of Le Vu Lan and signaling. In addition, there are special presence Vinh Hao Writers, Journalists Thanh Huy (Stock Niu) Vietnamese newspaper, from California, USA.

Vien Duc Monastery, perched between a vacant area, a suburb of Ravensburg, in an area of ​​9,000 m2, shaded garden, a green building clusters, with beautiful lawns, trees have to stop and there is a small road running on a rural farm. The temple garden can provide food for hundreds of consumers, are the images make people switch plate praise. As before on the occasion of the summer, many people on the road this summer visiting the Monastery, to enjoy a peaceful setting of shady gardens, the air pure bliss of meditation place subjects also made for our people to reduce fatigue in the hot summer season, or against coastal issues in life. From Monastery to the Bodensee lake only 18 kilometers, so the ride home can be very convenient to visit. The forerunner of the Monastery is a Studio to showcase images of agriculture (Landwirtschaftlich) of the Bodensee. Giac Vien Pagoda was purchased and renovated to become a Monastic spacious and beautiful. With two large blocks of rooms are reserved for the Sangha region, the middle room upstairs master bedroom for Buddhist men and women have about 40 beds, showers and toilets. The downstairs dining room, office and kitchen. Spacious main hall can accommodate more than a few hundred people listened law. Behind the empty land, where the stage used for the Cavalry Association Day. Stage was magnificent above the censer smoke are the words: Mass Association Foundation Group hosts Master Calendar. Buddhism public right hook, left the national flag is flying on two shots of solidarity: Country broad Mother Love unmoved. Left: Long Long clouds smothering of the Father.

The festival is a combination of sources on United States and Le Vu Lan ceremony has responded to all the participants have emotional, spiritual medium. As elements are explained fully to convictions and spiritual significance "on the source of Buddhism in Vietnam."

Preparation before the opening, a visiting professor from the main road entrance hall. With two rows of Buddhists dressed in blue standing hi, by the Buddhist Guide German family arrangement, forming a yellow road sides outlined blue clouds, such as scenes of rural roads in autumn the leaves have gone yellow. Prajna bells rang empty text Welcome Ton Duc optical forestry congress.


About master of control programs, introducing letter from Ton Duc Chau. Following introduction, Thich As head of the Organisation Sweden read the welcome speech, as it means the date on the source. About Thich Minh Tam, presented the situation of Buddhism in the country and abroad. About Thich Nature Damage on Saturday read French Real rot in Business A function in the sense that brings pure harmony, prosperity maintain them monks, worship the Buddha Dhamma taught: "The monks should have frequent gatherings, and large gatherings to preach the Dharma, so that there's harmony on the monks. The monks have gathered in a spirit of harmony, dissolved in a spirit of harmony, and observance of Increase in solidarity ... "

Declaration of the systolic reading Thich Tam Chau, Shanghai The Vietnam Buddhist Church In The World. Thich Tam's letter as Hue, Hoi The Executive Council of Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified Australia and New Zealand. Thich Tam Tri mail Chon, Executive Chairman of the Board Buddhist Church of Vietnam United States uniformly.

Each will describe a particular way about their emotional feelings, the cause of the disease, family, negative conditions are unable to attend. But they all share a heart towards supporting the Festival: ... "Trust in the 4th U.S. Cavalry Association was organized in Germany, Europe will be successful and achieve satisfactory results. Invariably we also work closely with him and you trust the purity and harmony of his quarter, will steer the boat to overcome all obstacles Dharma victim, serving a majority living being. "(Quoted).

The festival was officially opened on 17.9.2010 at 10 o'clock in the chief German electronics. The program lasts 3 days from 17.9 days to 19.9 days. in 2010. Includes the official agenda of the meeting Minerals university as follows:

University Lecturer on Mineralogy I UBCV situation at home and abroad. Speaker Thich Minh Tam. Explain things related to Buddhist Church of Vietnam The European Unification. Presentation on the status of the UBCV and abroad (the whole world and Buddhist monks).


At home the Master said: Since the Church is only 9, and Information Transparency Enforcement Education Guide No. 9 only), The transparency 31 on injection List ... The review points out that there is not suitable for the maintenance and development of Buddhism in Vietnam overseas, that's the point: the church disbanded, and the Buddhist family ... But dissolution is also a job gone wrong with Legal. For example, Truc Lam pagoda in Paris, after a chaotic period, the government dissolved in water, but the French government operating conditions (because the rules they want to dissolve the Council meeting to decide ¾. )

Thus the prestige of the Church in every country every day low, lost confidence about the future of Buddhism. The honor fell, in the heart of the people, too. The International Church of the distinction between old and new Churches founded. So that the forces of ignorance have used to try to differentiate persistent divisions of Buddhism. The raiding Buddhism in the country, came out overseas who knows. In the words of the Ton Duc Buddhist Church of Vietnam were unified under house arrest. Watch as the Church was bound to hand the administration of all Church of information are not conducted. In overseas were also split, this side is responsible for the other side is winning the right to usurp the name. Education is not only comply with the Orthodox Church, but they did not know that "the Orthodox Church had their hands tied"? The thought of such a new trade Ton Duc Chu is in distress, and heartache for the Vietnam Buddhist French victims were identical match!

PR agency II: The presentation program, the project "Van Hanh Zen Master" but the speaker is TT. Thich Quang Ba lost to last-minute papers should not be attending. Thus the return meeting topics:

Cause established the Office of Contract UBCV Contact Chau and preparing the organization of the first day on the source of V. Speaker HT. Thich Minh Tam.

In overseas, the Church also criticized the division for non-compliance with Education should be the only number nine against one another. The Church suffered the last European to have to find a solution. So the Office of the Organization of the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unity The new European born on 01-01-2009. The Master further explained: Office Coordinator PGVNTN The European Church is "The Contact" to the European Connect in the Dharma, and the chance to meet, to exchange experiences in the missionary activities of students. But "is not set up a new church." Rules should not have, no Constitution, and no Title. Or in other words that "all pre-existing"? Now the European Church only nominate a Contact Committee only. So far, the European Church is independent living.

Regarding the organization of V on the source and host University The Master Agreement was Tanh, Thich Damage undertaken will be held at Temple Thien Minh City in 2011 in Lyon France.

And the next question as the political stance of the text Ton Duc like? Because the folk are "very relevant National Authorities decline." But "the duty" is only suitable for laymen only Buddhists, is the ideal of citizenship for the National Society. In contrast to the German word Religion is not true to the vows of monks. But the history of Buddhism from ancient times have praised the Zen master: "instead of wearing robes combat cell"!?

Victory shall be Thich Hoan, the Office of the Church explains Buddhist master chief "Chief - Education Sub-Ly" (ie, Politics and Religion have separated). Because Buddhism is a religion can take the enlightened and liberating as the French preaching career of birth (only industrial property market) in the spirit of Buddha Bi Tri Dung. But the monks can also guide the Buddhist political Buddhism in their own way, with the line and Peace Action. As conditioned Buddhist custom action, for the circumstances upon conditions are supported, they need to adversity against. So it stands before the forces of ignorance to destroy Buddhism, like the invasion of Vietnam, the Buddhists are also ready to take the spirit of "fearless" plucking "Wisdom Sword" Ma king beheaded, to National Social Protection as well as Dharma and the Nation. " For those who murder fellow human beings, spiritual terrorism, suppress her who are so evil at all. Self speaking folk love it: "Police at least represents clerical."

Thereby, you can see the lines and stance of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha The European Unification has been continuing his career "tradition of the Church tradition," according to a consistent direction of the Charter and the unite to form, with the aim: "The Buddhism of Vietnam to serve mankind and the Nation by preaching the Dharma" (Article 4, Goals, Charter UBCV).

Great afternoon mineral III conference presentation on "The Lieu Quan Nguyen Thieu and Master" with two speakers, Thich Tin Nghia and Venerable Thich Nguyen Sieu. Besides lecture sessions for Buddhists, in the hall with speakers Thich Bao Lac. Just as the private meeting of the Mahayana Ni in a canvas tent was erected in the precincts. Or Executive Committee meeting and the Chi Buddhist Association at a meeting the other tents. Participants with useful Nguyen Dao Nguyen Thanh Hung Man, representatives of the Buddhists. Dao Thi Hien Nguyen Huu Loc property, Head Guide Assembly GDPTVN Germany and Chi Chi heads or representatives of the Assembly: Mannheim, Stuttgart, Saarland, Bodensee, Nurnberg, Bad Kreuznach, Wiesbaden, Karlsruher, Aschaffenburg, Bremen, Rottweil, München , Reutlingen, Koblenz, Wilhelmshaven. The Sub-Assembly absence Berlin, Hannover, Odenwald.

The results of the meeting Buddhist Vietnam Refugees Germany, with a petition letter: All Sub Assembly unanimously supported the stance and absolute loyalty to the Buddhist Church of Vietnam The European Unification. Also vows to serve the letter of the mobile teachers for every Ton Duc Buddhist lineage.


On Monday the university conferences Minerals III presentation on "Minh Hai Sensei" Speaker TT. Thich Hanh Tuan. Presentation on the life and behavior of the words The Master. Along with the lecture method for Buddhists in the speaker line up is Thich Tin Nghia.

Afternoon programs offered General Arts Vu Lan ceremony signaling the Buddhist family show. Although brief, but full as empty ritual opening, lion dance. Next is the amount of entertainment with music: I Avalokitesvara, Beloved Mother, Brother Love, Gifts for her script, Joinery and dance Spring dance is the best in the afternoon to the Board of Shanghai, with the entrance of Neolithic site, have contributed to a significant increase of days on the source. Art summary sessions have also created a particular cultural vitality of the people of Vietnam. Circumstances bring more nature to appreciate the position of director on Vu Lan, a well received "Hieu Hanh Rose." Art sessions left in the hearts of kings enjoy a little love advice, appreciate the hearts of the children, as a reference mirror to see that mother as long ocean river, saw the father as a high mountain like staff ...

Saturday night, on 18/09/2010, precious Buddhist teachers and a meeting with tea talk called "Night sentiment among teachers." Take place in a scene filled with love letters Religious faith, intertwined with reverent hearts and spirit of the Buddhist direction in an atmosphere of equality and harmony to create a continental setting is warm, Tam White said as she felt: I was touched by first letter Ton Duc Buddhist allow us to be the teachers sit with you to listen to your teacher preach about the life and behavior of Text Organization Oh, so that the VTP become warm and loving as a family of parents and children are gathered under one roof ...

So this night sentiment has become a meeting, police union members. I feel like it is the fate of Kieu wandering so long, now back under the roof of the old, to enjoy the happiness but generally frugal, but exuberant love trust:

An early Father-noon

Lunar surface wind cool, salted cucumber vegetarian heart (Bridge)

And there is a direct encounter in the colon in which calm emotions lovingly between Germany and the Buddhist Religion as dissolve into each other in a free flowing light leap Compassion of Buddha, Buddhism has made to increase confidence, user friendly hearts. The manifestation of joy on the faces of the German text and the Buddhist Religion as a scene associated with any of the old days where the beloved homeland.

Not just loved the scene of the past, but also about themselves with the current situation extremely rich in many aspects. Go back to the source of wonder to those who watered the eager affection, was missing spiritually. So now is a world disorder, it is the spirit of terrorism, are tormented body. The situation was as touched emotionally, spiritually just makes people think of as that is on the mind of a ball hun smoking home. The place was already contains a source of grace, a true original place, a shade shelter are dry fire the minds of children stunted ly arid land.

Low sentiment has carried poetry music culture source of very rich people, who have nourished the souls of her sons in Vietnam. So no matter how far, but in the mind we all have a home to cherish, a source of Religion and worship.

In the morning on Sunday, 09/19/2010 entire text Ton Duc hall gathered to celebrate the Closing to the Congress and celebrate Vu Lan signaling. Prajna has free ringtones that rises in the footsteps of Ton Duc text into the main hall, followed by every Buddhist. Statement Closing ceremony, the Master Chief of the Organization closing speech and then chanting Vu Lan.

Next is to move stands to celebrate Cavalry Association. Lan Doan instructions delegation letter from Ton Duc monks Hall door, out into the alley behind the right way towards the Monastery stands: Take the first hit was the opening. Following is the Spirit all the birds. Spirit to carry the palanquin. Following is the text Ton Duc and nuns.


After locating the stands, began celebrating Teacher Organization General Agreement host the traditional Buddhist rituals. With a graceful bell peal Bat drums, voice initiated hum of the benefactor, the harmonic language of the mass chanting, forming an ancient calendar tone, echoing the post here for those students, followed by another nostalgic hearts. The atmosphere becomes sacred, the mystery smoky flavor illusory jitter. Making public participation as the world sinks into half half true as nowhere.


Loop through the results to other groups that the Chi Buddhist associations work hand on the outside, such as cleaning, set up tents, make the podium. Only on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning crowd that done. Figure magnificent appearance is magnificent, as added solemnity to the ceremony. With the way the heart works, the respectful, peaceful surroundings make it the VTP, also have contributed to clarifying the meaning and ceremony of Agreement on the source host Great Teacher Organization.

Regarding your son write it by Sister Giac Vien Pagoda general in charge of cooking, to the road with the help of Bao Quang Temple Hamburg, Berlin Thu Linh Pagoda, Temple Triangle München, Temple Music List Nurnberg ..., including the offering letter Ton Duc, in the mid-time boyfriend, along with the service of the cross promote awareness. Action by the way, the young nun in charge he offered you, so very thoughtful and serene.

Catering to the cross, and the majority of Chi Buddhist associations in Germany to participate, should have been fulfilled in the service of thousands of visitors. From pieces to eat sleep organizers are worried it carefully. Everyone felt happy in the days to attend the festival on 4 sources. To learn more about activities of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam The European Unification, which has long heard only rumors of who have never seen eyes, ears to hear take.

Add a detail in the organization that can not not mention. The local Buddhists want to do a coffee counter trading, to extra expenses for the organization. But he Phuong Truong Giac Vien Pagoda is not permitted (and the booths look at buying a cup of coffee, but is given rather than sold is a Buddhist and said so). He taught that we Buddhists should work according to "constitutional spirit of worship." As the Buddha taught: "To serve is being served Dharma". In addition to Buddhists is to feel that, as the home of the temple, his spiritual home. Also a method to help the faithful Buddhists, that user friendly ...

Attending this Buddhist festival that we see and understand what is righteous, what is the merit of your teacher with old age and poor health, divers must swim long distances to attend gathered. The presence of rather large Ton Duc, with the salary bar image, with the merit of virtue, with a fearless spirit, selflessness and dispel the clouds of blind ideological ego of the world with life dualistic view.

Attending this festival has helped more Buddhist origin, ancestry presence of Buddhism in Vietnam our country look like. New to The Master of virtue, the gods out of money Germany has been apologetic, gender households to maintain and develop Buddhism in Vietnam today. Proud and honored to text Dai Sensei as well as the money rather Ton Duc Zen Buddhist Vietnam.

Attending this festival we Buddhists have a chance to share their concerns with the text Ton Duc, in the negative conditions gave Buddhist Vietnam. There is also an opportunity for Buddhists we sympathize with the difficulties of the text Ton Duc in the birth of their activities, as well as maintenance and development of Buddhism in the country. Not a flat road, not smooth, because of cultural differences, since there is no trust, because the point, besides the forces of ignorance are day and night to destroy rap. Yet Buddhism eventually emerged buds are sprouting, flowering fruit donated for others to serve a source of energy feeding people, are living happiness.

Attending the ceremony and asked for the Great Fatherland Day Calendar Cavalry Division Association, the Buddhists we know the spirit of unity is as important as how, in the construction, maintenance and protection of all values collective life of the masses. An indispensable experience in building society, as well as in the revival and development of Buddhism in Vietnam is on track to extinction.


In summary, Power On Day 4 - The Great Teacher Association hosts this year was held in Germany has completed satisfaction and success in many ways:

One: Clarify the meaning and spirit of the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified overseas.

Monday: About Buddhists know more about the causes and purposes established Liaison Office of The European UBCV.

Tuesday: About Buddhists are more meaning on the source - Calendar Rider University The Master Agreement.

Wednesday: About Buddhists know more about the policy and guidelines as well as the stance of the text and enter the Sun German nuns.

Thursday: About Buddhists know more about Great Teacher Organization and origin of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Friday: About Buddhists see nature and the purity of the Order may have been living in France Luc Republic, France Any time of the Buddha.

Saturday: About Buddhists know more about the French victims of Buddhism in Vietnam and abroad.

Eighth: About Buddhists are more direct about the merits worship, to help others as well as joint efforts of all of you stand Buddhist teacher and to dismantle the French victims.

Ninth: About Buddhists know more about the rot Real Seven French as a means to sustain life Sangha, and preserve the discipline of the Church.

Tenth: About Buddhists see the heart of love and protection of the German word Religion Meditation for others, and respect the spirit of the Trinity of the Three Jewels Buddhist is not a French word, was transmitted to his people Time as a cooling stream.


At noon, the ceremony Agreement thoroughly satisfied, then brother's mid-day and Ton Duc Buddhist text. And then going to break up hour, everyone felt a wistful sadness that belief for the time pass quickly. Each met once last year, has not chatted up, not happy to meet, so that now has to split up. The separation that not sad? But remember yesterday, during a long stretch in preparation for the V Festival on the source and date Cavalry Association next year, there were Tanh, Thich Thien Minh pagoda Damage Lyon France happily accepted the invitation to host. So rather Ton Duc and Buddhists everywhere have no worries anymore. Was no longer sad farewell meeting today, for tomorrow we'll meet again where a temple that landscape, as well as design and build such a wonder element Yen Buddhist mountain, or temple From the Dam of our homeland. Still proudly up the ball with natural collection, Ton Duc awaits word and cross promote awareness of the earth around four, to admire, to nostalgic shadow to the source, so in admiration of virtue Great Teacher Organization, I concept and acknowledgment letters and proud of the money was Ton Duc Thien thick construction and development of Buddhism in Vietnam where the country people.



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