Friday, 16 September 2011

Thich Duy Luc


At that time, Lau Phu Tu Ni Na La Di Da in them immediately from the seats up, to patronizing shoulder sleeves, legs to knees, hands clasped reverently white Buddha that:

- Blessed with great moral dread, smart human being appears as the First presentation of imperialism Tathagata. Blessed are the most often praised in the sermon, but now I hear sounds mysterious law of the Tathagata, as well as deaf people, a hundred steps away heard the mosquitoes, which can not see, the case is heard ! Although the Buddha indicates, that the end except a mistake, but I was not understanding where the meaning is not doubtful.

- Blessed, organic contraband goods such as Ananda, though the enlightened, but not set gas stop suffering, but we are very illegal steps in this conference, now listen to audio of the Tathagata measures also suffer from the suspect.

- The Sun, if all things base, ceiling, warm, origin, gender, etc. .. As the world are increased, the nature of capital in clean, why born generals suddenly compounded as mountains and rivers, land, and then passes into, and become damaged, the damage did not stop?

- Lai Lai said as Land, Water, Fire, Feng, who use nature, and throughout the legal world, but often the head station. Bhagavan, if the same address throughout nature, how will tolerate Shui? If the same character throughout the Martian Water can not birth; I say both Mercury and Mars are the same character throughout nowhere, never won another loss?

- Bhagavan, then short address identity problems, emptiness is emptiness, emptiness was how the two methods are the same throughout the world? Now I do not know what this means, please Buddhist compassion, open heart and confusion of the public.

Finished, in size planted to the ground, glass Supreme forward teachings of the Tathagata.

Now, the Blessed One told Lau Phu Na and pirated goods Arhat broken Society study that:

- Today, Tathagata because they both displayed character appears in this Assembly that the win means winning feet, making the nature of Thanh Van and all A La Han Yee is not no (human ego-self is not legal and not), give rise to toward the upper excess, are places to practice right feet, practically no disturbance of the realm of most surplus passed away, you pay attention to hear.

Lau Phu Na and sound legal mass of glass yes Buddha sat quietly.


- Na Long Phu, the words you say, pure nature, why suddenly born mountain land River. You did not hear the Tathagata teaches: Nature magic feeling, you sense how clever or magic?


That magic is often proving that no set of cards, nor any intelligence, what he should say, that intelligence is often wonderful, but not stuck in him, should say intelligent magic. If accept is true for visual intelligence, went into the official fall, the feeling never leaves the card, what can be said is wonderful, the Kinh said: "As intelligent sense of guilt" that.


- Revered Bach, Yes, I often heard the Buddha declare that this market.


- You said, feeling smart, intelligent nature is so called feeling; or the illicit sensation, called a smart sense?

Phu Na Lau says:

- If so-called intelligent real sense, there is no intelligent basis.


- If there is no intelligence of intelligent vision, there is no sense of, does not own is not intelligent, not reinvent the station but not the nature of the visual clarity. Surely because of his visual intelligence, intelligent outlook for the senses, not sense of duty card, the card should be established by approval of intelligence, of proving the loop, the power delivery proving the damage you ask.

- In the not co-allergic, allergic hope succeeds, the other is allergic to something, by the simple but make the agreement, the minister was born allergic, then back up to the contract did not allergic. Such disturbances, treat each other born tired, tired of hearing long, self-mixed with each other, so that workers suffering born naked, started up the world, President quietly become nothing; nowhere is the same, the world is allergic, so the contract did not allergic allergic established, it is compounded, the capital of the mobile no sense, the true wealth of solutions.

- The awareness is not, not proving such ignorance, as the industry is so ignorant of the variable start; one thought suddenly start ignorance, the sense of hope born from emptiness, not that intelligent, sense of emptiness that is separated from birth shady. The feeling is being generated expectations of intelligent, quiet place in no way touches the crystal (the source of knowledge) ie Water, nature, "not" being shady, the convergence of identity, ie the Land (earth), Land and other disturbances of Phong Thuy (atmosphere covering the earth). Because nature "not" being shady, intelligent features into a stubborn obstacle, should hope for is a sense of intelligence, energy of turbulence, the outlook is nature transformed by fire, flame emit fire, should be slightly Cards nowhere throughout the ten directions. Mars rises, water flows down, delivered up the Marine wet spinning into the sea, dry land of continents. Because of this definition, so the sea is often sprayed on Mars, the continental rivers often flow. Fire Water World, the poor world to the mountain, the mountain when there is ice dam sparks; how bad the Cards address the growing into plants, so burning plants, the soil, squeeze out the water. Four traffic being flipped mutual expectations of cause and effect, so this should be the world's causal continuum.


The theory is founded Feng from China, India, who did not know this theory. So just say the four great Buddhist scriptures, the five aggregates, the clerk entered, compiled binary origin, gender cross bowl, until at great length, the translation from Sanskrit into Chinese, that lend Five translators to clarify that Business, Five Elements theory ancient people can understand, this life is little understanding. So readers feel life is now very difficult to understand, if not understand it lose the effect of prayer. Because Buddhist teachings, or use of things being understood that, to demonstrate knowledge of the true beings. Therefore, we omitted the elements, just based on the passage of elements that offer this, ask readers to rejoice compassion.


- Again, Phu Long Na, the intelligence failure is not expected nothing else, by proving the guilt feeling; of proving the loop, the short edge of a card. So should hear no voice outside, beyond that no identity, six second color, sound, taste, touch, law has a loop, then divided by Kien, Literature, Enlightenment, Tri. Industry ties with each other that, ly, the, of; because Intelligent Office Approval of appearances should arise, due to the intelligence of Approval of thought, his opinion is different from the hate, thoughts the latter with his love, sowing the seed requirements, incorporating ideas into the pregnancy, intercourse arises, attractive industry, it is predestined born fetus.

- The species being pregnant, egg birth, low birth, of life, depending on the inspiration that the: egg by the memorial that birth, birth by love that, because of the low-touch birth, birth by chemical separation that is. Love, thoughts, with, glasses, change each other, the species of life in that career ups and downs, due to this cause and condition, so the continuity of beings.

- Na Long Phu, by thought karma link love, love is forever leaving the children of parents born in another world not stop, he comes from the root PE Join arise.

- Craving to help each other grow, taking no end is the type of pregnancy, egg, low, of the world, depending on the strength weak, to eat up each other, that are from the original Police Join arise.

- The goat meat, goat dead man, dead goats do so for up to ten kinds of living beings, life and death to life, to eat up each other, spreading karma ultimate future life, that are from the original Act Location (shoplifting) arise.

- You owe our network, we pay you, because this predestined, spent hundreds of thousands of lives, often in the birth and death; you love your mind, you have preferred color, this predestined experienced by hundreds of thousands of lives, often in the binding, that are from the original Police, Director, Dam arise. Do this so predestined karmic continuum.

- Na Long Phu, three crazy days on the same continuum, are due to the errors of sense to have identity cards for voters touches of clever features that turn the sights, from the comments that arise outlook compounded as the Minister River Mountain land exchange in order to move, because damage to this outlook should not stop turning.

Phu Na Lau says:

- Exalted! If Dieu Giac unravel this mystery which, together with such additional interest Tathagata, no less, while not being the minister suddenly compounded as mountains and rivers, land, and now saw Dieu Giac Tathagata, how mountain land River organic gases and files are also being smuggled back?

Buddha Long Phu Na:

- For example, in a village of love, mistaken south into the north, so this confusion from love or from the enlightened?

Na Phu Long answer:

- The mother did so out of love, nor from the enlightened? Why? Mexican capital like the original, from love to do? Enlightened beings such love, I speak from enlightened?

Buddha said:

- People love when there is love, the realization suddenly instructed treatment, Phu Long Na, mind ye how? He even love, for this village, and reasonable love again?

- Bach Blessed, not a!

- Na Long Phu, ten Tathagata, too, this fascination which no origin, nature is not ended, the old capital of such love, so accepted by the outlook is just as enchanting sensation, feeling the love, the love that linked away, feeling like being love.

- Like to see flowers on the spot, if the patient except to the spot where flowers are not immediately killed. Suddenly there was a fool in that spot has nothing but kill other flowers, flower spots of birth expectations again, consider people who are stupid or location?

Na Phu Long answer:

- Nowhere flowers which have no markings, expectations that are being killed, that flower is crazy spots were then killed, the spots are like flowers born again, you are really crazy, how is calling people so stupid or crazy location!


- As you know, why even ask the enlightenment of the Buddhas birth river mountain land again! Just as gold ore, soil, fighting for gold, when gold ore was training to become ore is no more; as trees were burned to ash, it did not come back into the tree again. Bodhi Nirvana of the Buddhas is the same.

- Na Long Phu, who also asked about the nature of staff capacity, and throughout the legal world of Land, Water, Fire, Feng Shui and think that nature did not win back lost another fire, and asked why nothing will address all legal and gender identity , would not tolerate each other.

- Na Long Phu, such as nowhere not the minister, the minister also not hesitate to promote. Why? Lau Phu Na, where nowhere, the sun is bright, the dark clouds, the wind blows, it stops the sun in, the fog, then cloudy, floating dust, the dim, silent, the sparkling water, mind ye how ? The generals of various property as such, is self-born or from out of nowhere? Lau Phu Na, if each each birth order, while at the sun, the sun was bright, the ten nowhere are the colors of the sun, why not also see the sun on? If damage is not self-morning, the damage is not self-illuminated, why late-night haze not see light again? Be aware that not so bright sun, not vain, nor the sun and out of nowhere. Considering that the general outlook which is damaged, can not only present, as well as spots on the flowers do not like the results of nowhere, do not even ask what winning means losing one another? Tam Dieu clear, which not water, fire, why not also ask that tolerated each other?

- Nature of the Noble Heart clear, too, if you invent something, then nothing is out of nowhere; sites, water, fire, invented the style of each each each each show, if the same invention is shown.

- What is the present? Lau Phu Na, as in a stream, the sun shade, two people see the ball, and then people go East, who went West, everyone see the sun in his one go to the East, a take on the West, there is certain. Do not ask that: The sun is one, why each one following each? Solar domestic football in two, why the sky is only one? The damage around the fighting such as unfounded.

- Na Long Phu, who is the Minister Sac, not winning another takes place as rose, then rose as depending on the legal identity is not the same throughout the world, so in it, then the wind blows, nothing is quiet, the sun the light, the dark clouds, being ignorant masses, contrary to awareness, the landscape bare, bare labor arises, there is general world.

- We use nature's magic did not mind being away with as clear evidences, they rose only as a wonderful mental clarity, full circle around the law's reference, should be in it, one is immeasurable, boundless is, showing up in big, big show in the small intestine did not direct that the world of the ten directions, the body includes endless nothingness, where the first hair appeared a Buddha, seated in the ceiling of transfer great moral law, the ceiling of adversity, with awareness, it is the nature of the photo selected as mental clarity.

- The magic of this mind clear, non-interest, non non, non-local, water, fire, style; non-eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind; non-color, sound, taste, touch, legal; non- gender awareness to gender non-conscious; non-intelligent, non-ignorant, non intelligent ignorance to take, as to non-elderly non-death, death to take non-elderly; non-suffering, set, kill, director; non-intellectual, non- prime, non-generosity, morality, diligence, patience, meditation, wisdom; non to the other side, to non-Tathagata, the non-application supply and non-primary variable Tri hypertrophy Nirvana extraordinary merit , communication ethics, moral self, sexuality, (four virtues of Nirvana), until the legal world and the world of all non-all.

- The magic of this instant mind clear mind, without news, news sites, water, fire, style, and immediately eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind and immediately color, sound, taste, touch, legal, and immediately label cognition, to the conscious world news; ie intelligent, or ignorance, or ignorance make intelligent; for the old news, instant death, or prison make, ie size, set, kill, directors, and immediately place, ie prime ; ie almsgiving, morality, diligence, patience, meditation, wisdom, and immediately to the other side, until news Tathagata, ie application, which means the chief variable Tri Nirvana News University, which usually merit, communication ethics, moral self, sexuality; for solutions to the world and news of the world are like that.

- The magic of this leaves the mind clear That leaves Africa, Africa News is also News, why they are born three worlds of earth and of Van Thanh, of the world's Pratyekabuddha want to use the knowledge to infer mental state Supreme Bodhi's Tathagata; want to use words of worldly wisdom to enter the Buddha, where they can be!

- For as the guitar: holding iron, her spleen, despite the amazing sound, if no finger dexterity, it can not emit sound. Also, the true heart of the wonderful people and a per capital being fully available. But where is it when flicking hands emit light marine publications, (Customs publication is: suddenly the castle on the sea surface, for example the infinite power of nature itself is), but where the people, just the naked heart foundation TB; it is due to unsurpassed Bodhi did, lovers of primary surplus is less to be sufficient.

Phu Na Lau says:

- Noble and center light of the Tathagata are incomparable fullness. Where children suffer because of old delusions from the cortex, and subject of reincarnation has long, although this evidence is the result, but not to the ultimate seat. Blessed is where all delusions are killed, often just feet mind the current photo. So ask the Tathagata: All the stars are expected beings, magic obscure self interest, sinking doomed?

Buddha Long Phu Na:

- You are supposed to get our rooms, but also has not been completely fascinated clean, now we bring the world to ask you. You not heard of La Phiet honest, with his missions of rock, took the morning mirror, saw the face, head suddenly popular in the mirror, then blame my head that I do not own face, which is love pasta, do not go crazy when fleeing. How the Italian people? Why when he did not run?

Na Phu Long answer:

- The center was crazy, but not by anything else.

Buddha said:

- Dieu clear mind to the full capital, has called prospects, how to be human? If there is a human, so called prospects? Just because the spell rotation delusion, self-account for another, more love from love, through countless lifetimes, whether the Buddha invented the righteous, and not subject to return. The people love this, because self-love, love to know what they expected such inhuman prop; birth but no, nothing to take away?

- The enlightened Bodhi, as told to wake up in the dream; mind even clear how to get things in a dream? Situation is inhumane, which is nothing! As the missions of soil, where nothing is predestined that his own fear of the first run. If suddenly all mad, where to head from the outside that is; though not all crazy, the first did not take. Lau Phu Na, nature outlook like that, how can people?

- If you like hanging on to the world, karma, beings, three distinctions are constantly rotating, three coast were killed, three such human beings, nature of the Forum mad Estate Most people in mind stops by itself, terminate News is Bodhi. So which center around the law's clear, not from other people that are, not because of hard evidence that tu.

- For such a person, where you can dress like that without European beans themselves know, poor ragged, begging distant places. He even poverty, the European particle have not lost, suddenly the wise man points out the European particle, linked to wealth depends on the will, the new European corn that is not from outside.

Immediately, at the Ananda Buddhist they bowed legs, the white Buddha that:

- Now the Blessed One, said the three enterprises Police, Director, Dam kill three people not born then, and the crazy nature of the Forum houses and land already in the mind stops by itself, end that is Bo, which is not from the others. So obviously predestined then, how refute Tathagata means predestined? The main human causes and conditions by which the mind is enlightened.

- The Sun, this means not only customer friendly Van young as we learn, the University Moggallana, Shariputra and Tu Bo in this conference, are from the old man heard the Sanskrit Chi Buddhist doctrine of karmic , enlightened mind, the result very illegal. Bodhi Buddha said this not because of conditions, then the theory of the four natural morphism pagan First Ly into that star? Please Buddhist compassion, confusion cleared space for us.

Buddha told Ananda:

- As the missions of rock, if eradication of the causes and conditions are mad, not mad, then nature is the natural, ultimate realities of natural causes and conditions and so on.

- A Nan! If the majority of Forum land naturally, was natural, then why fear the first to flee? Of conditions that are caused by what?

- If the first due to natural causes and conditions so crazy, why not by natural causes and conditions that take away? First Capital did not lose, why outlook still fear being crazy? But what to ask of conditions?

- If the nature of natural capital is crazy fear, so as not crazy, so crazy that lurks in that? If nature is not crazy wild, the first capital of such expectations, why run away?

- If such treatment is head of capital loss, expected capital nature crazy name, it's natural grace and hope are comments.

- So then I say kill three charming is the Bodhi mind. Mind of Love born, the birth center kill kill, kill him as well as birth, when birth and kills are clean, very new utility called the director.

- If there is no birth, no anti-called natural, naturally, the mind is so clean that is born was killed, was also born legal kill, not Bo. The delivery of such other anti-called natural, as well as a general confusion of the world, known as harmonious nature; that such harmony is called natural. Natural not natural, not harmonious harmony, nature and harmony are separated, with the leaves are all wrong, to this new place called hope no legal review.

- If based on this spot to witness the Supreme Bodhi and Nirvana, the Buddha's fruit is still very far away. Why? Because the use of religious observance that possess such documents. Actually, Bo sufficient available capital nirvana, enlightenment can only enter the moment, like so many lifetimes of diligent practice that is, whether to remember the pure magic as the sand of the Ganges in the Business of ten and twelve Tathagata means, just hope more and more comments.

- You speak of karmic matter, certainly obvious nature, of life who has written the most praise, with a more multicultural decorations set this life, not the inevitable victims Ma worthwhile, thanks to our mantra, make Ma Post Older workers extinguished the fire, the river dried up love, of fruit-returner, where the legal effort that accomplished, makes you free. A Nan, who lives though many remember the words of the mystical secrets unto me, not by a very professional on piracy, both suffering separation from love and hate of the world. As Ma is formerly Post Older female workers, due to the spell, kill our passions, in this method is called Bhikshuni Du Gia Nature with Da La (Rahula's mother), along the ancient enlightened, know many lives are predestined, are tormented by lust, just an idea illegal orders very good practitioners, who are out of this bind, the Buddha's life, shall be signed, why do you still deceives, connect that to hear?

A public hearing Nan and his teachings, suspected or eliminated, the mind was enlightened minister, the body that despise police, the legal unprecedented, Buddha tears bowed legs, his hands on his knees white Buddha that:

- Long unsurpassed clean great compassion of the Buddha, the enlightened smart for us to care, using all sorts of conditions and means who sunk guidance from the sea of ​​suffering. Bhagavan, though now I hear sounds like legal, mental clarity to recognize magic world of the ten directions, the boss contains pure solemn Buddha in the ten countries. As Lai blame the multicultural useless, not by practice, as this child who vote canvas, Uranus suddenly be given to the house, though the big house, but to know where the entrance. So please Tathagata compassion for those who open market confusion in this meeting, leave primary surplus, are steps on the path found from this ancient heart, straight to Radio Du Tathagata's Nirvana, know that every property illegally phan mind bending way up from a long coast, which measures the total charge, type of Buddhist knowledge.

Finished, in size planted to the ground, all we expect in the Assembly as one of the Buddha's teachings.

At that time, Bhagavan mercy of Van Thanh, Pratyekabuddha in the Assembly is not free in the mind of Bodhi, and those being developed in the mind of Bodhi Dharma Ending life, open market practices of the Supreme Thua miraculously, security A Nan and the public that:

- The interest you decide to Bo, Tam Ma Threads for legal mystery of the Buddhas, not being tired, first of all should know that two new decisions at the heart.

- What are the two crucial new development at the heart?

- A Nan! The first means: If you want to leave Thanh Van, tu Bodhisattva, the Buddha entered knowledge, you should carefully consider where development of the local center, the seat of enlightenment that the earth is the same or different? Ananda, if in place of address, using the human mind as being anti religious, to pray for the results not being redundant, the disappearance of Buddha not right.

- Do this sense, you should carefully consider all things on earth, the method can produce variable must be killed. A Nan, who see these solutions can generate, with which no reasonable damage? But never heard of nothing passing variables. Why? Because nowhere is not the object of creation, so can not pass variables.

- Then in the body, nature has been as well, wet lubricants are Mercury, Mars is warming, shake the Room, due to constraints of elements, which share the magic of the mind clear you out prejudice, Literature, Enlightenment, from the cortex, Tri, forming impurities in class.

- Sao called first? A Nan, such as pure water in nature, and what dirt, dust, ash, sand, nature, prevent problems, the nature of different funds. Suddenly someone take away the water in the soil, causing soil loss prevent problems, loss of pure water, the cloudy general, should be called first. In the class of people too impure.

- A Nan! You see nothing around ten in the world, nowhere and never would have split opinions crystal clear there is nothing they can copy, that is not good; reviews fine, nothing to the sense, that is ignorance, both concluded mutual expectations of the first layer, called a past life.

- Kien, Literature, Enlightenment, Tri capital not hesitate, because the connection from the university should prevent problems, address, Mercury, Mars, which did not sense tri Phong, for turning the continent into a visual knowledge base, the allocation that the mutual expectations of the second layer, called the lawsuit at.

- Back, ye mind, nature tribute study generated knowledge, tolerance bare record, leave no ceiling, the Minister, leave feeling they have no identity, so that each entering class expected in Tuesday called Bothered the forebrain.

- Back in mind of people being killed on the night did not stop, they want knowledge in the world forever, but karma is often displaced spell rotation direction change in the continent, these things delivered to each other, hope to class Wednesday, Before being called.

- Nature Reviews written by different people such capital, separated by green ceiling, suddenly become different, that is the nature, use the other hand, copper and other such regulations, which entered into mutual expectations into first class year, called Face First.

- A Nan! Now you want to Kien, Literature, Enlightenment, Tri contract with spirituality Often, Bliss, Self, Pure Land of the Tathagata, we must first weed out the root of birth and death, depending on the nature of silence not mind being killed by magic, to things being rotated away damaged sense of hope back. Nature is not being killed by a sense of place as the heart, then members of the cultivation of the earth. As the cloudy water sedimentation in water containers, to stand forever not move, soil and water in the sink itself out, he called up the customer starts bending ceiling afflictions; cottage clean out sludge, only water, called is completely off base ignorance, pure intelligence minister, all the variables are not causing distress, and all with chastity photo of Nirvana.

- That Monday: The interest you if you want to play where Bodhi Bodhisattva, being our great valor, the generals decided to leave compounded, should consider carefully the root of troubles of profit (profit) business ignorance born of ignorance and profit from the multitude who do test, one subject?


At the heart of technology development where local people as to where the Chon; carefully considered the root of suffering is to cool the ring, the outlook was not expected outlook news News feet.

Disturbing the root of two: one is the Company's Peter Ignorance (profit is absorbed), ie the negativity of past lives; two are Peter Sanh Ignorance, which is when the first pregnancy, where the situation arises of love and hate for their parents. These two afflictions such capital nature, if nature did not realize that there are those who do, no man shall be, even that "no president", but one suffering? The primary surplus property of the utility of such leave, it is disturbing to have to break but, because he did not know the expected ceiling is damaged. The Mahayana is different, straight to the Supreme Bodhi, just consider carefully where to make anyone liable who died, suddenly discovered, the fundamental ignorance instant disintegration.


- A Nan! The cultivation of Bodhi, if not consider the root afflictions, it can not know the expected ceiling damage that crazy in that way; room also did not know then how it bends up, the entries for Tathagata results of the ?

- Just as the world, when you want to open a contraction, if not see the pinch, how to know open? But nowhere have not heard it being destroyed. Why? So nothing like the minister, could not open contractions. So the money you make senses of matchmaking for the enemy, robbing themselves of the treasure in the house, true to expectations (negativity). Because of this link should strengthen the world order being born from the cortex, binding, not be out of this world.

- A Nan! Why being called the world? What is eternal, About the way you should know: East, West, South, North, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, on the bottom is the world; past, present, future, the World . In terms of the space of ten, on the flow of time is three. Space, time moved along with the change in the body of all beings fighting each other traffic, so the world of beings. Gender identity (space) despite the ten established, but the people are certain that the world may well be, only the East, West and South, the North quarterfinals, while the above, the lower and the middle is not a certain position.

- Four people with the cards, the number twelve, and then multiplied by the third layer, a 12 x 100 = 1200 (Originally in the class have raised 4: l, l0, l00, l000). In general, in every senses each have up to one thousand two hundred merit.

- A Nan! You should stay in place better define bases less of each unit.

- Like who need only see the front, such that the back, looked at the sides, three only see two. In short, the merit of the label base only two-thirds, so that label basis of merit only eight hundred.

- Infants need to hear the ten directions such errors, when the remote is like a close, not at the shore landing net, so atrial base that fully one thousand two hundred merit.

- Rate Apartments Like breathing out smell when inhaled, have to be in, but errors out in the middle of the communication, it lacks a three-part, so that companies need only eight percent of merit.

- As Damages Based honor the world and the ultimate position of the timeless, although generally short words, but that is extremely reasonable, so that necessarily need a full twelve hundred merits.

- As My apartment where tactile reversible birth, (when the energy of a tactile sense), when separated from the real knowledge (not touch), leave only one, the latter two, (the leaves only a feature or some such, once the facility is fully capable of the two), so the lack of a third, so close that only eight percent of merit.

- As Italy Apartments silent but all the same all over the world and legal world of the ten cards, the ultimate finished product, are included in it, so that a sufficient base twelve hundred merits.

- A Nan! Now you want to reverse the birth and death, became the origin of the movement, the birth place not kill, you should consider carefully the life of the senses this, what with, which leaves; what deep, which runs; what communication, what such telecommunications. If you just realize where this base which is based communication, shifting the base member through which reverse flow from the cortex, career prospects are damaged compared to the other base, effectively many times, a day in a lifetime.

- Now we have presented show some merits of such bases, as people choose to enter the base, then we'll invent, make people be more diligent. Ten Tathagata's where collected bowls, each a world in which every selection that practice, is Supreme Bodhi, of which no more than less. Because this person is poor, can not promote themselves in the wisdom, should we open telecommunications market base, making people go into a store. In deep space like a door to hope, all bases are temporary clean.

- White Bhagavan, why go against the current birth and death into a home, can cause temporary bases are clean?

Buddha told Ananda:

- Now you have the results stream-winner, kill the ants or the three realms of living beings on earth, but still not know what was expected discharge volume from the cortex, contained in the base, set to air his small new director minus end. When you terminate unless, that is the very school level, not only knows the eternal process of birth, residence and traveling, which killed a living being, but also know the minister of subtle concept of eternal memory of all natural beings in the modern world.

- Now consider who is most bases or continent? A Nan, if for the best, then why not see, why not listen to the eyes, the first stars did not go, why not say legs? If the record is, as we in the Assembly because you only teach the mystical teachings, so the person who needs senses any territory?

Ananda replied:

- I use headphones.

Buddha said:

- Tai people hear themselves, have to do to close the mouth, the mouth, the director asked, show respect yourself? So know most of the non-green, non-continent into one; not actually need a capital one continental capital. A Nan should know that most non-non-continental basis, as expected accept crazy, sinking from the cortex, well, so in telecommunications where nature, born of most continental sense. You are level stream-winner, despite the sub-continent, but not kill the most, such as damage not put much frame by frame difference has nothing else to say, if you get rid frame, playback is nowhere nothing is said, nowhere do the same back for you that or straight, let alone called a one or not! So know, the life of the senses as such.


A Nan thought: Why a deep root may cause temporary bases are clean?

Buddha explains: Suppose a capital bases, which itself is clean, then no need to say more "force", assuming the capital bases of contents, such support each application, how can one time clean? As no difference which of nowhere, so put a lot into a different frame, for frame difference, went for naught also different, to say no to a six, but if left frame, review of nowhere, nowhere is it said, there is a six targets, this is the best example for that birth record. In fact, nowhere and harmonious frame can not, of course there is mobile, not mobile, there was nowhere to assign one name record u? This is one example for which such record. Capital where no one can see continents, then president of nature who normally is money, where does not have room clean!

Da Complete Tu-called "import saved", but no basis in, not enter colors, sound, taste, touch, legal, ie green pepper, but it can also accept Nirvana, one should not kill. In fact, most are coming from, not where to start? This should take place at the new corn is unknown.


- Members who need wonderful place, quiet nature of capital, by two morning and evening express mutual dust into the show; the colors that meet the ceiling, the ceiling into the base color, the original base where four great purity, known as the eye can as fresh grapes. Flow from the ceiling adjacent the ceiling color, all sorts of.

- Turkey wonders where member base, which in quiet nature, and purified by two mutually opposed dust into the hearing, having heard the bar ceiling, ceiling bar into his apartment, where the purity of the original basis of elements called nature such as leaves his ears. Consistent base flow from the ceiling in all sorts of bar ceiling.

- Bill wonders where member base, which in quiet nature, informed by the two found each other and congestion, to the smell of dust, smell the incense ceiling meet, capturing a base ceiling instructions, based on where the original purity of elements , called the nose can drooping like two nails. Consistent base flow from the ceiling towards the ceiling, all sorts of.

- Damage where the magic base member, in the quiet nature of capital, by two cents crackers and you flipped each other, free of dust into the taste, the taste met the ceiling, the ceiling to attract the base, where the original base of the big four pure , called the tongue as possible crescent. Consistent base flow from the ceiling in the ceiling, all sorts of.

- Single base where the magic staff, the quiet nature of capital, by two different glass and the clear, sticky dust into touch, touch tactile experience hearing, understanding hearing into base contact, where the purity of the original basis of elements, called to the body as a drum shape rice. Flow surrounding the four bare naked contact, all sorts of.

- Italian base where the magic staff, which in quiet nature, because two things come up and kill one another continuum, into the dust thereof that meet the legal ceiling, the ceiling holding a legal basis, based on where the original purity of elements, called the mind as the reflection seen in a dark room. Consistent base flow from the ceiling in all sorts of legal ceiling.

- A Nan! Senses that, by proving the other senses are proving to show the visual features, it loses the crystal was thoroughly clever touches (nature), where damage to the expectations attached, then re-emitted light (the light due to damage expectations generated, the light was not bright). So who today leaves light up, nothing to leave the show; leave the net capital shall not leave the hearing, and no information shall not block the smell nature not born nor is the crackers do not taste like that; any real ly of which there are tactile; not being killed not willow is the tri located where?

- You need not only hanging on to their agreement, the glass, the crackers, communication bottlenecks, being killed, light and dark, this compounded the twelve generals, spit out a discretionary basis, free from attachment, back to nature True, the shine out of nature. Nature emits light illuminates, the attachment of another associated with the five senses are liberated and start up knowledge, not by the bare landscape. Not hanging on to illuminate the senses, the senses by which emits light, so the bases of mutual information content.


Magic in the quiet nature who, having died, the identity of view, having heard the sound of the ceiling is, etc. .. Members should call magic. Water in the silence which such attachment, the dust has entered into attachment. Of local nature, water, fire, style which are not president, so-called four great purity, the original base hidden inside, the ceiling in line outside, so-called base line, the local minister, water, fire, in capital style shaken, the so-called death. If you like seeing in a dark room, what could have died right base? Because nature "not" leave a sense of shady, so this shady dark in color with the ceiling; alternating dark and bare identity confused with delusions, have moved into the dark inside to see, can also call death is consistent basis that, should say that in the dark room.

Purity is a list of elements to clear from the definition of win-means-based, two-digit display Wins That is to show the super Vietnamese sense than common sense. For ceiling or illuminate the scene, found out that discrimination, also known as net-identity-based (no original basis for the color to the eye, so called pure-identity-based). Consistent basis is a term from the ceiling to clear sense of right-bare-base, because ceiling or circulate the scenes, all sorts of way.


- A-Nan! You not know in this Assembly, A Na Da Law no eye that sees; Dragon Bat Nan Da no ears to hear; older women do not mind the smell incense nose; Kieu Pham Bat Threads buffalo tongue that knows you; god Nha Thuan Most essentially the wind, which itself can not, by nature of light, temporarily out silhouette, so no body knows contact; the customer documents are killed in the Assembly to take this as Ma Ha Ca Houttuynia, base has clear away a long time and still know all over, not by the mind.

- A Nan! If the base of people have been liberated, then the order of nature is, as the silence that emits light, that line the ceiling and the general transformation in the world are objective, such as boiling water to melt ice , then immediately right into the Supreme consciousness.

- A Nan! As for seeing the world from the eyes, if eyes suddenly dark, the minister comes up, gloomy senses, head and legs the same. He touched the body other hand, though no eye can see, but still distinguishable from the head and foot, so light up another matter, though no eye can see, but still differentiate between top and bottom, although other such dark and light, nature that remains the same. If you see the charming new light into the dark like that, if not predestined that emits light that nature, then the minister can not obscure the dark. Based ceiling spent, then where can such awareness into magic users?

A Nan Buddhist prospectus that:

- As his teachings, if you want results to be permanent, the seat of the local distribution center and to the earth in balance with each other. Bhagavan, Tathagata in the results, seven things: Bodhi, Nirvana, selected as, Buddha nature, Am that is actually, not as rose, Great scenery, though other names, but the nature of cleaning staff Chronic solid as Kim Cang Wang, no permanent damage.

- If I hear that this leaves the general light and dark, gay, information can automatically block such funds; and bare in mind where the money which leaves nothing, then why can bring this to the destruction of religious , which would normally head for seven fruits of the Tathagata.

- Bhagavan, if separated into light and dark is a no show; if no money is bare in mind passed away, thought to think back, consider carefully, which did not have the heart and mind of the child, so take what made to bridge the results of Supreme Enlightenment? As previously mentioned Lai station senses but permanent nature, such words are contrary to common sense, only to die a review, how to get the words of the Tathagata is the true? Please Buddhist compassion open space of the confusion.

Buddha told Ananda:

- You just hear more extensive study, with clean air is definitely disturbing, in the mind even knows what's crazy, but crazy money, it is not known, lest you also have damage to our credit, we try to bring this How to break the ceiling of the rooms except the people.

Instantly, as Lai told Rahula hitting a bell, Ananda asked:

- Now listen to reasonable people?

A Nan and mass are answered

- Having heard!

When the bell end then, the Buddha asked:

- The reasonable person listening to?

A Nan and mass are answered

- Not listening!

Rahula then add an hour to beat, Buddha asked:

- The reasonable person listening to?

A Nan and mass are answered

- Having heard!

Ananda asked the Buddha:

- You can listen to what is, what is not heard?

A Nan Buddhist transparency and public were that:

- When the bell struck, then we heard. Then the bell stopped, the sounder will stop, then do not listen.

As Lai told Rahula hit the bell, and asked Ananda:

- Nay sound reasonable?

A Nan and mass are answered

- A voice.

Shortly hour stop, the Buddha asked:

- Nay sound reasonable?

A Nan and mass are answered

- Not known.

Later, Rahula hitting a bell. Buddha asked:

- Nay sound reasonable?

A Nan and mass are answered

- A voice.

Ananda asked the Buddha:

- You are known for what is, what is there sound?

A Nan Buddhist transparency and public were that:

- When the bell struck, the sound is called, then the bell stopped, the sounder will stop, there is called English.

Ananda Buddha and mass:

- Speech disorders self-balancing you back together!

Mass and A Nan Buddhist and transparency:

- What we call a sweep disorder?

Buddha said:

- I asked to hear it and you are listening, we ask the people speak English, the language heard and answered as such, do not need what disorder?

- A Nan! English is definitely not an echo is not heard you say, if it did not hear, hear to destroy nature, and like dry wood, the bell to hit up, then how can you tell? Knowing there was no bar to know the ceiling, or where or not to nature but to listen because you are competing? If not, the nature sounds are not heard anybody know?

- A Nan! Ceiling in the bar listening to their own nature being killed, not the nature of the people heard the sound died away being that nature is to not listen to. You still sound crazy mistaken identity ceiling is listening, for wonder that such confusion is often Clips?

- In short, should not that leave the general dynamic, pure, information, congestion, said no identity hearing.

As people are asleep in bed, with people pounding rice in the house, he heard the pounding of rice dream, think aloud, or to a drum, or a bell, in the dream immediately wonder, I like the sound the bell to strike the stone tree, when suddenly woke up hearing baseball, told the House that, during the baseball dream was mistaken for a drum sound. A Nan, one of those dreams where the dynamic memory, translation, communication, congestion. Whether sleeping body, but heard no loss of identity, so even if the generals crushed, my life forever, to hear how this character back for you, but destroy.

- Due to the multitude of beings from the market, shifting the color bar, chase prospects notion that movement, has never enlightened pure permanent nature, such as identity feet often, being chased away again, so is eternal contamination within spell rotation.

- If you give birth away, keeping feet common nature, the light of self is often Chon, door, ceiling, mind, even that associated targets; general delusion is the ceiling, regardless of the structural nature, both separated from, the legal status of the person to be transparent, why do not the Supreme consciousness?


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