Friday, 16 September 2011

Thich Duy Luc

The right to fly

- A Nan! You ask a photographic mind, before we were talking about the practice of magic, practice address Tam Ma. The first problem to walk to keep the first four rooms above the law, pure as ice and snow as the basis, not a natural born every branch leaves; so that, three and four career that surely no human verbal to arise. A Nan, if you hold four world skills such omission, but did not mind hanging on to Sac, Thanh, taste, touch, all the work that still arises is why?

- If a file can not eradicate the old gas, who taught him one-over process, "Ma Ha Quang Minh Buddhist rating Siddhartha Bat Dat is (pure white like pollution) Supreme Mantra" of it, namely the Note by the Infinite mind Testimonials General As Lai, from the mark appears insipid Heart Buddha, seated on lotus weapons that theory.

- You and Ma is aging, due to air sex files from many lifetimes, we have reservations theory mantra, that stretched out Ma is aging really love, attained Arhat. She is another female sex, no care practitioner, secretly helped by mental capacity, are of very fast learning, the customer scenario you in the Assembly Office, Upper Bridge at Thua, definitely become a Buddha, as well as dust in the direction wind, where what is to prevent problems?

- If people want to sit facing the VTP method, the first precept to keep clear of Bhikkhus, it is necessary to choose the gender of Sa Mon keep the most clean to his teacher, if not met the increased absolute purity, the precepts of his achievements surely not.

- When the world was accomplished, should wear clean clothes, burn incense to settle, recite the mantra 108 variables of the Buddhist theory of mind, and to build up the VTP world, asking the Supreme Tathagata in the country of ten method, corona discharge great compassion to his shining head.

- A Nan! In the degenerate life, the Bhikkhus, Bhikshuni Bach Y, Vietnamese Forum, taking attention away sex, pure precepts, bodhisattva vows, while out on where the VTP, are washed clean, six times the directed not to sleep, to 21 days, we order him out front, deleting comfort, making the enlightenment.

A Nan Buddhist transparency:

- I teach by word supreme compassion of the Tathagata, already enlightened mind, himself knows the path of enlightenment very learned. But the practice lives up to the VTP degenerate, to the world how to clean with the rules of the Buddhas?

Buddha told Ananda:

- If the law wants to face up the VTP, first you get smooth paste of species distribution in snow white buffalo Son, air to land third gold and ten aromatic herbs such as Chien Dan, incense, etc. .. directed to the colon; where soil by digging deeply 5 meters, octagonal building now, perimeter 16 meters wide, the center of a public shower in the shower metal bowl of water to a fog in August, in water to many lotus; lotus bowls placed around the mirror 8 where eighth round the corner, outside mirrors containing lotus L6, L6 mixed with incense burners, powder incense burning in the jars and used the third quarter baking dairy foods, 16 cup containers for offerings to the Buddhas and Great Bodhisattvas. First Quality Forum to a small coal, to every meal or night, use honey and pour into the bowl touch Quality charcoal, burned offerings to Buddha Bodhisattva.

- Four banners hanging flowers outside the four walls of your image now hangs Buddhas Bodhisattvas, hung two French mutual Long Thien, took 8 mirror hanging upside nowhere, projector straight into the eighth round mirror in the herd , causing a multi-layered shadows mingle, endless glare.

- In early losses, even to pay homage to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Great Arhat, six times now, every word, noise, media center thereof; losses Monday, dedicated to the Bodhisattva vows no interruption; loss Tuesday, October second time is always over pay, on Saturday, ten Tathagata is the same in the light of the mirror, remove the Buddha head, immediately place the VTP on Tam Ma Place. The practice of learning face like that, it was clear body and mind, as stored in clean glass, A Nan, if your guru Bhikkhu ordained Bhikkhus and ten practitioners in the herd, which has a precept not be clear, this is the VTP can not achieve.

- After the loss Tuesday, the static coordinates settled through 100 days, if the benefit base, which could soon result of primary, albeit not the right body and mind work, but will certainly be free to know the Buddha never wrong. You asked how the VTP was founded so.

A Nan Buddhist bowed legs and transparency that:

- Since the family, where the dependence of Buddhist compassion, desire for multiculturalism, not because of wealth effects, it's stuck in Sanskrit voodoo God, whether express interest, but very not free, by having Van enemy, cause a release. Although very quiet thanks to the Tathagata's mantra, but have not heard of him, please pray the Blessed One theory for Dai Tu said, help the mercy of practitioners in this and the later people still in samsara, Remember that the sound of the Buddha's body and mind be free. Now the total mass in the Assembly are bowed, waiting to hear the secrets of Buddhist mantras.

Then, from the flesh Blessed released next hundred aura, the aura is a field with thousands of weapons lotus of Buddha sitting in lotus, the initiation of light rays emitted ten in each beam are out sa constant ten French households Kim Cang, hills, holding baseball, throughout the realms of nowhere. Mass that are looking to love, for Buddha's blessing, as one reporter heard as Lai Quang Tuong said his wife will spend the mantra of Buddha stated theory.

Commentary Surangama


Male model of ground tha old car has a leather sole that ha tam tam multi-block shrine. A Buddha of ground tha ni san voter identity.

Male model slapped her local flour dough, slapping multi currency platform.

Nam tam temple opens every five voters in multi-tam. I shift up her residence in the old year.

Nam batch list is a multi-year drought.

Nam na motor block three years.

Ri Nam tissue up to age one year.

Nam batch statistics represent aged three to five. Three old temples to the three multi-na three years.

Ly Nam models her subject identity map.

Male model all local momentum Pi da da ly momentum to iron fork. Up to three NOA Xa ha ha we have the ma tha year.

Nam ha ma ni a canvas size.

Nam Nhon has a skin tissue.

Her sole male model old woman, lots of momentum to the skin. O ma bowl base, our generation have skin.

Her sole male model old woman.

Na da to threaten NOA. Ban ma ha tam price momentum to the grave.

Nam Ri skin tissue all up.

Her sole male model old woman, ma ha in da ca. Add the curry Uncle Lac old na. Company has three NOA cases the skin. A local base directory. Thi ma na amnesty Guinea Guinea her all. Trinidad ri Ma old map.

Nam Ri skin tissue all up.

Her sole male model old woman. Most elderly neighbor has sent out the skin.

Male model started out da ma cu.

Nam cu tissue away from the skin canvas.

Male model out da ma ni cu.

Old male model in the nacre.

Old women she male slave empire, the western empire du ri na tea, three to provide a soap ha, skins tha most skin aging.

Her sole male model old woman.

She has a male model di da, la multi tha skin, a stand out ha, tam tam multi-da Temple.

Her sole male model old woman, a digital pad skin, most others have old leather, the ha a base, multi-tam tam da temple.

Her sole male model old lady, pedestal sa lot coffee bar da cu ri dishes out her head away from the skin, most others have old skin.

Her sole male model old woman, billiard master bath, turning off the Lac soap skin complaints, most others have old leather, the ha a base, multi-tam tam da temple.

Her sole male model old women, amnesty list na black descendants, most others have old leather, the ha a base, multi-tam tam da temple.

Her sole male model old woman, inventory sporadic na capital away skin, most others have old skin, a stand out ha, tam tam multi-da Temple, slap up the male model to represent Ri, E talks she has her price, Tat Dac stand tha ni sam sharp, slapping DAC Uncle Dak lam.

Male model a market talks her out, your period out to sea, that she slapped up a multi-ha, ni ha up to a ha ni ca up, silver-boiled mysteries da ne place, a shift in molasses based, bowl set ri ri da fangs up, slapped her hand out items to remove ni na momentum, she suddenly slapped a sharp examination of all the legal fine ni ne na bowl, pretending to understand the loss, up to one ha ha slapped the elegant beams, using our multi-ri na up, a survey by clinics to capture sharp, clear na Dak close the elegant bar, three to slap up momentum na ri, a sharp-year investigation, ma ha ha up the elegant bar, multi-band ri na slapped up, slapped her estate to her city home away from lots of respect, they break every law reviews nan na ni amnesty, amnesty Tat Dac sa secret place, a visceral ni ca the elegant box beam momentum, the market has a bowl cu ma ha except the war over and has messages that ha, ha ma soap base, soap that she has a tax ha, ha turned out that the momentum in her desk every respect, a multi-ri, the spleen ri voters, if she county da, ma holidays to the silver soap, lots of multi-county, ca powder is playing, the institutional promotion soap sneezing na a price, that the institutions that matter most aunt, a good lead and silver bar, a price the county, multi-platform blade amnesty giving her multiple threads, which bowl three lots, ma ha tax, a multi-ri, the ma ha her out, except a, in trade promotion beams up to her to, promotion to the old soap Mary , has oozed appointed, promoted a black bar slapped multi-site prices in accession Pi na ma ri ca, hidden in rock fill her up na, na base lot price cu ri, ni sam iron stomach to bowl, spleen extracts do she ma ni price, promotion ca na ca three beams out to her, lots of soap na soap to cut the value of promotion, multi-tax price but watch out far in her third competition, e to go to, form a listing NOA momentum, we stands out shopping, excavation

of capital, na plated plated altar radiate.


O red, rust up NOA, your residence every multi-Lac, the old capital of ground tha ni sam sharp. Tiger Rose, she occupies the city block na cancer, Tiger Rose, urban lots vera cancer all her na. Tiger Rose, the best three-city block site skin cancer eight bowl up the NOA clinic. Ho Hong, urban lots cancer, she slapped me close particles are removed, up to ha home away, companies are using up a slap na. Tiger Rose, urban lots cancer, say the competition for five dollars, up the ha, ha we test for years, up to ha, ha I slapped the year, Canadian companies are slapping the ice. Tiger Rose, urban lots cancer, a clear, old women of the old capital of ground tha ni sam sharp, three out of bar fetters ri, ma ha ha slapped it out, slapped the meal we ha ri sa loss, voters have ha Indonesia slaps base rate, a currency to market her ri, ca ma ha investigate his investigation highways has promoted, so ri na her father, a man tea, red cells, we turned off to her silver dollars, plated plated altar na code that radiate.


Away from her stomach, all the promotion of labor, a period she ni, in most cases her stomach, spleen and stomach away from her, the clinic had slapped her stomach, she posted a copy to her stomach, her stomach suddenly clear identity, a residence her poems, a song that she did office molasses, the momentum out of the cell for three elderly nuns she had her stomach, she had her cell to ca stomach, shaking her tea hand soap, na elderly women stomach, spleen and put her things stomach, a NOA her three factors, the ha is cleared up, to remove the listing from the ha, of up to ri ha, ha county the price up, set up a multi-ha, ha rescue the tea table listing, add single up the ha na, na ca investigate additional single up the ha, ha all the red ants up, a slap that the publicity that ha up, box up the momentum that now ha, ha far from the stomach up, stand up she ri Hebrews a ha, ha ri cooperative multi-year, up she ri in ha, ha plot geographical place in Paris, bringing the year we ha ri, ri years she ha, ha ri ma year bar, bar girls have ha ri, market rate multi-ha r year, multi-year, three multi-ri ha ha ri year, a price du ha ri women, women of the vast ha ri, sole pad sam sam slap, slap her up in Henan, it has gone by the field momentum went, Stats that went, three turned out ri ri spot fake singing, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, took tea ri ni knocked spots, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, ma Northern bowl ha of land, lots of momentum that knocked spots ri, we have the momentum field of labor was far from portable, mobile inventory the stomach, the stomach NOA na ri knocked spots, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, Trinidad knocked stemmed old western Paris spotted lots of tea, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, ma ha ri ca to ma old Trinidad knocked NOA ri spots, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, out of labor statistics di , singing ca ri ri three spots, it has gone by the field momentum di da, di list the stomach, gastric soap up, the ghost of up to slap her out kicking ri na tha spot we reached, we have the momentum field of labor was far move, the list went, she burned out any respectable author Mary knocked spots, we have the momentum field of labor was far from portable, mobile inventory the stomach, spleen and molasses tossed tri ri, a sa nan dà stones north to NOA, Summer Books ri kicking spots, it has gone by pitch momentum was gone, the list went, na na up residence in Paris she spotted nodding NOA, we have gone by pitch momentum was gone, the list went, na na up residence in her NOA ri knocked spots, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, a-la-ri tossed drought spots, we have the momentum field of labor was far from portable, mobile inventory the stomach, spleen and has tossed out the old serial sputum, Airport Company has gone by the momentum was gone, the list went, canvas discharged three poems, the old generation have, place the bowl away from the old generation have to sing curry spot, it has gone by the field momentum was gone, the list went, the rub the ring, she had committed, na plated plated altar radiate.


The old woman committed, Siddhartha Silver, the South opened the imperial city lots, a multi-na's optimistic all cases, the women all three spectral investigation, spleen ca Siddhartha bowl curry base, the tower cell tower, the momentum the momentum, the momentum of the frequency, frequency momentum, the momentum yard field momentum. Tiger Rose. Tiger Rose, pollen examination, investigation chalk, chalk investigation, pollen investigation, pollen investigation, we ha, he he chalks, a pattern most cases, a third to lower chalk, three women in the chalk, a factor that spleen momentum of the three cases of chalk, chalk slapped her to break bad, bad old chalk na slapped her, slapped her drugs to remove pollen exchange, she slapped her really bad pollen Kien, slapped three sets of single currency chalk na, na ca single currency try additional investigation , slapped her just to break bad lang powder, suddenly slapped her best wax base currency rates try kicking, slapping her sporadic pollen collected her, slapped her a promotion ceremony chalk all that, she slapped away her chalk NOA currency, slap Her list of local currency base powder, slapping her land, which has prescribed currency chalk, her company has slapped a price tag of sporadic skin powder, soap up the stomach up to that level, I have slapped her in tha bad pollen statistics; spleen and local labor price sporadic chalk, racks out any respectable currency blessed chalk, canvas away from the old Mary, we have a statutory bad labor chalk, three out ma ha ri Nutrition spleen removed pollen exchange, trade promotion beams up to the stomach, three away from the secular majority, which shifts the labor ha, ha ma ri ca NOA ground. Male model we chalk up ri, Pi descendant NOA billion colors chalk, powdered chalk out ha sample ni descendant, a descendant period chalk ni, ma ha ri descendants up chalk, chalk up the intellectual descendant, descendant of pollen miec Trinidad, Trinidad TB curry powder descendant, descendant reviews written tea powder, listed as a descendant Trinidad curry powder, curry successor to silverfish chalk, a field test section of the vast ma ca na amnesty, she descended from respectable try, took a visceral quality, slapping her stemmed block, plated plated plated plated altar na block.


Suddenly identity of the vast investigation, a multi-surface drain material, the box beams ha, ha out her old age, ha plot in the field, one that she ha, ha ma soap, the soap that has ha, ha a multi billion market, a silver brief labor ha, ha ants, the father used a three ha, ha out that she ha radiate out, your three most substances, extraordinary colors of the vast investigation, working out of the vast momentum, the ha is cleared up, I look up to the ha, closing up the skin of the ha, ha the county listing price, set up a multi-ha, ha sheep tea table listing out, every action has posted a ha, box up the momentum ha land, far away stomach up to ha, a marketing course that the listed out ha, complicated property up to the tea period ni ha, ha ri Buddha stand up in, soap up out di ca ha, up to amnesty cu ni ha, working in difficult locations momentum up to ca ha, a done up to her ha, ni enhancement up to three hectares, the peace tower cases to both, failure to shift to shift margins, assuming sudden shift operator, ni subject to a fine collection, sam ma fine collection rate, the money to shift billions to ca, ca security-iron furniture, north to ca ne us, slapping fines collected her out, lost lots of fetters base, pedestal lost momentum achieved for batch processing, a plot ratio control Section complicated batch control, batch control break up ri, ha up to make up, make up na du, du multi-lam's birthday, kicking ri du lam, lam du encryption, Mary lost her promotion du lam, turn sharp rate survey du do, du do a cell, make up the tri du, du canvas off to do, du do box plots, often old travel blue, dark blue all multi-du, du lam canvas momentum, one silver dining out bourgeois du lam, the multi-billion multi-tea, tea ni collect her period, the momentum suddenly shifts batch furnace ants persist, she said multi spleen, slapping Uncle Lot, ha old tomb, place du sa, na me up, the spleen sa ca example, a periodic cell ni ca, his eyes stand out, ants have the, a case in Trinidad integrity of burning molasses ca, field investigation turned Lac, excellent quality ratio ri ca, cu na slapped her, the old quarter lead exchange listing, the curry is cleared, the number of Dak, his eyes coffee market to purchase, we stand sam, Siddhartha set out Uncle, ma ha ni sam sharp silver highway, Hebei Lac-term ma lam, three sudden na was far enough away, the Coast of NOA, we have ca plot di da table, the table to try to ignore case, it has turned out, the table di ca lot, Dak deaf neighbor.

Project, a Canadian charter, county problem, a silver soap base has oozed out, discuss your skin respected, promoted the table ni soap powder. Tiger Rose, urban lots reactions, we her ha.


- A Nan! The question of magic, the secret of "Buddha rating Tu Quang, not pure white pollution", the birth place of all Buddhas:

- Ten Tathagata by means of this mental note, was the chief variable Supreme consciousness.

- Ten Tathagata maintain the interest of this note, bend up evil spirits, for nonmember institutions.

- Ten ways Tathagata pay attention to this campaign, sitting lotus weapons, a multitude of applications in the national level.

- Ten ways Tathagata uses this master bath, where a multitude of international level, moved higher moral law.

- Ten Tathagata maintain the interest of this Note, or in place of deleting the ten Bodhisattva life sign for goods, Thanh Van, until the results are not evidence.

- Ten ways Tathagata pay attention to this shifting, or where the ten save the suffering like hell, hungry ghost, animal, blind, deaf, stop, mute and cup size, large and small accidents at the same time be exit; the victims: the enemy, soldiers, kings, jail, storms, floods, fire and water to hungry poor, it just shattered.

- Ten ways unto me according to this mental note, or in place served ten good knowledge in four postures is offered as comments; where the legal development of the Tathagata sa constant, the worship is the Great Dharma King Death.

- Ten of the Tathagata in mind this comment, or in which ten people photography predestined life, that of the Hinayana secret hearing organ, not being feared.

- Ten ways Tathagata pay attention to this procedure, the Supreme Enlightenment, sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Great Nirvana.

- Ten ways Tathagata pay attention to this communication, after passing, associate wishes Dharma, head over end, precepts strictly pure, all come clean.

- As we focus theory "rating Quang Buddhist gathering such pollution", from morning to night hours never end, in which words and sentences is not the same message, if the input from this treatment, knows all sentient inadvertently also This usually pay theory, so called "rating Tathagata" way.

- Every property you do not learn from the reincarnation of religious development of media attention Arahatship, if not this uncle that sits over the VTP, to cause separation from the body and mind that the place is right there.

- A Nan! If there are beings in the world, depending on the items in the country, or leaves, paper, white cloth to attach copy of this record, contained in small pockets, if he can not fool the wear on his procedural memory, or to the house, he should know life is not the toxic stuff.

- A Nan! Now note that because these speakers, great relief the world is fearless, intellectual achievements of the world for all beings.

- After passing us, being in a degenerate life, there are people who know themselves recite, or teach others to recite this note, so that the recitation of such beings, fire can not burn, water can not sink, poison can not harm, to pay all of the evil Dragon, demons, goblins, whom you may have no attachment, the mind is right life, all spells, prop neck, poison honeysuckle, grass, plants, worms, snakes, poison gases of all species, the mouth that are the nectar. All malignant spirits, whether toxic harm the heart, for he also could not start evil; the evil King Qin Na, Da Ca (pig nose elephant head) and the rights of, all life thanks Buddha, usually the person household.

- A Nan should know! Notes typically contain eighty-four thousand bodhisattvas numerous ethnic Tibetan Kim Cang Wang, each has the right of every day and night guardians. Suppose there being scattered on the heart, not possible to address Tam Ma, oral conception mind, these are often under Kim Cang Wang element that supports good men, let alone decide who is on the mind of Bodhi, the Bodhisattva Kim Wang is increasing, making him generate consciousness, body and mind energy, which was immediately recalled from eight to four thousand lives every fall so far, are no doubt obvious. Since life first to the last body, the eternal birth in the species not be erased, La Police, illness demons, demon punched, demon prop bread, gas smoke demons, hungry ghosts and other species is the invisible, can mindless thoughts, and the origin of evil.

- Good knowledge was, or recitation, edit copy, or wear and offering mental note to keep this life where life did not born in abject poverty and where no peace.

- The beings of this, even if not doing good business in itself, also ten Tathagata's merit to them, so are the countless Buddhas life often with the delivery of a places, vast amount of merit as evil fruit cluster deleted, and a religious place orders, not full separation. Therefore, mind or make notes about who broke the world needs clean, not yet attained the world's prime cause, of such effort, no wisdom, no clean, not brother's, all come in achievement.

- A Nan! Thien nam e that, assuming the former is forbidden transgression, after over pay, sex crimes such as break severity, were destroyed, despite drinking, eating new staff, and other impurities, all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Kim Cang, Thien Tien, demons, not to a fault; even wear ragged clothes, when to stand, as in the clean up though not now, not in the VTP, as well such practices, which recited this note, the merit in the forum, executive director, no difference.

- If you previously created the serious crime against staff, very indirectly, to me since, Bhikkhu, and Bat's gas Bhikshuni (as executed by the person died), when each letter is then, as well as strong wind tan pile of sand, the heavy industry but such is clean, there is no machine.

- A Nan! If there is a multitude of living beings from life to date, have all the stumbling offense severity, but not up in the previous life of penance, if you know this recitation, written copy of this note, keep wear to place his or accommodation , then the container industry from the previous analysis, all standards such as boiling water to melt ice and snow, soon to be born very patiently.

- A Nan Again! If the woman has not had children, wish to become pregnant, even the memorial center, or wear this note, the boys were born girls have merit wisdom, long life to live longer, blessings to be blessed notice, to demand the power network itself will be like. After death, as the voluntary national rebirth in the ten directions, not being sure where the border area, the lower line means, the situation is the issue!

- A Nan! If the national level, the European district, villages were famine, pestilence, or disorder where sick, fighting the enemy and rob all the other accidents where, write this mantra stuck at the four gates, and lower on the shrine or chalky, which being in excess of this note serve, reverence and worship, offering the most attention; makes people per each wearing his uncle in, or to place accommodation, all accidents all come to destroy.

- A Nan! If being where the national level, where everyone has this note, the happy Dragon, rain upon the time, cereal crops, a happy people; the loads due to malignant change all monsters everywhere, will not arise, people not dying yoke, shackled, chained, chained, no stick to his day sleeping, usually such a nightmare.

- A Nan! Realm Saha has eighty-four thousand accidents malignant melanoma by age 28 as the upper; have eight great evil master crystal, appears in the world with various shapes, or cause them strange woes birth. Whenever there is this comment all come to destroy, within the week 12, the violent incidents, the whole can not penetrate.

- So this comment Tathagata theory, practice Protection of future primary school life, the Tam Ma Place, relaxed body and mind, the great peace is not all evil spirits, demons, and the hatred and professional old old debt from the cortex, to harass damage.

- You and every property in our study, with the future religious life, medical morality in the VTP method, the traditional teacher's clean, it did not pay for birth center or suspected, then the body caused by birth parents of these, if not the Intelligence, ten Tathagata went into false speech.

Finished speaking, the most numerous are the Kim Cang prostrate white Buddha:

- As the Buddha's teaching, we ask a direct interest protection monk Bodhi.

Now, King and Empire Like Sanskrit, the Four Heavenly Gods also pay homage to Buddha's prospectus:

- If there are people who practice such, we ask all your heart protected, making their job fulfilling life.

There are a Demon King bowed his hands white Buddha:

- We also vows to maintain her household, that color is the Bodhi mind fullness.

There are numerous e Nhat Nguyet Thien, Phong Su, Dance Master, Master Yun, Lei Su, along with power, Tuan Quan, Chu Tinh and relatives of the Buddha bowed transparent:

- We also protection of an established practice that the VTP, the multitude of Captain.

There are countless Spirit Son, Hai Shen, Feng Shen, arupa heavenly plane, all essential public on the ground, water and air, and pay homage to Buddha's prospectus:

- We also protected the priests that was Bo, such that the whole.

At that time, eighty-four thousand bodhisattvas Kim sa constant memories growing in the Kingdom Assembly, immediately got up from the seat, pay homage to Buddha transparency:

- As we've long cultivation of Bodhi, Nirvana without the certificate, usually by this comment, save those selected from Tam Ma Place degenerate life. Bhagavan, the spiritual care needs of such district, whether in business administration at the VTP or until time to go walking, children and the household items they usually defend him. Though Ma king, Dai Tu Thien In seeking to disturb, can not be complete. The little spirits away to him than ten by week, except when they have found meditation dharma center before being near him. Bhagavan, if the evil or the right of that, he wants to invade noise, then I use the baseball Kim Cang smash their heads as vi ceiling, making him work fulfilling.


Mind is Important, Important is Tam Tam and attach no second, so-called master bath. The gods will by force of eight letters, first to keep the world clean, not to start a concept involved, ie both are forgotten every word, and the main recourse, as a new generation called "pure mind, no pure white pollution ", is to place non-dual focus of the Center. At that time, the magic of nature (heart attach) themselves out, they are all accomplished as a prayer said, and if not do so, it can be disastrous, as Head of Household France Long Thien, nature or love of the good and punish the wicked way.


A prostrate Nan stood up white Buddha:

- We give stupid filler, ham is multicultural, not to escape from mental afflictions, taught by the Buddha of compassion, practice the Dharma, the great benefit, body and mind at peace. Exalted! If the practice of law Tam Ma Place, not to Nirvana, then what is called shallow Hue? Where the heart 44, as amended and to what rank to place any new type called Address Book?

- What is called equiangular Bodhisattva?

Finished, in size planted to the ground, most of them are great mind intently, expect from the sound of the Buddha.

Now, the Blessed One praised Ananda said:

- Good place! Healthy instead! The people to know because even we in this Assembly and all beings Tam Ma tu Land, Mahayana legal life to degenerate, please specify the way we practice very often choose the right, from the ordinary to the great Nirvana. Now you listen, because you're going to say.

A mass Nan and settle our hands, quiet life teaching.


- A Nan should know! Noble identity clear, leave the generals, who have no world beings. Do expectations of birth, by birth there is death, being called away expectations, outlook called feet away, he is Supreme Bodhi and Nirvana Foundation, as well as two effective transfer of the Tathagata y (turn prospects into Bodhi sense ; move away into Nirvana birth, called a signal transfer two y).

- A Nan! Now you want to choose Add Tam Ma, straight to the Great Nirvana, we must first know two crazy people in the world and living beings and if being crazy is not Tam Ma Place feet of the Tathagata.

- A Nan! Sao called being crazy? Do clear mental nature, because nature accept clear, so clear was emitted from the expected nature; nature arise Approval is expected, from the very future obligations, the research wing. The useful feature of this property, there's minister of energy and energy-based human head, not the full source. From this very office, founded the world and all beings.

- Since love so clear her own mind, so expectations are born damaged, outlook not nature itself, there was no room support; attempt to return to the feet, then the "want to choose" then, was not selected as the feet of nature . No feet but feet for back, clear of non-general, non-head non-delivery, non-interest illegal, spell rotation arises, being alone forever, decorations set the industry, other colleagues feel, due to the industrial feel, should Removal is relatively the same birth, so to being crazy.

- A Nan! World Star called crazy? Because property ownership segment features expected birth (birth and death segment), so that an establishment's Beginning (Space) from the place of observance of human ability, power head office, not ever stop, so expectations up World (Time time). Tam from the world of mutual harmony, being transformed into 12 species.

- Since tri sense of being, so in the world, by the bar, the bar is excellent, so excellent a flavor, the flavor is in contact, by contact with you, because you know the law, six secondary disturbances into delusions professional identity, shifting in general is crazy rotation that has 12 species: egg birth, pregnancy birth, low birth, of life, property size, very sharp, organic thoughts, mindless, non-organic or identity, or non-invisible, ideal and non-organic, or non-mindless flow not stop.

l. A Nan! Because the world has broken the cycle of reincarnation, crazy about the harmony of the block, delusions of ups and downs, so a species where egg being circulated national level, such as fish, birds, turtles, snakes, all eight four thousand, filled with the world.

2. By contamination by the world's reincarnation, crazy about sex and harmony into being, delusions of horizontal and vertical, so thai species being circulated national level where, as humans, animals, dragons, fairy, full eighty four thousand, filled with the world.

3. Because the world is attached to reincarnation, the direction of crazy, Republic of the egg (slightly warm), delusions whirring, so should have lower species where the national birth rate flows, such as insects, worms, all eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

4. By the world epidemic of reincarnation, crazy about the author and harmony into contact, a new delusion old, so a chemical species flow where the national birth rate, body rot as human astronauts, all eighty-four thousand , filled the world.

5. Because the world can prevent the problem of reincarnation, crazy about harmony in advance, delusions brighter, so should have excellent flow beings national level where, as all objects brighter spirit, or are expected the fetters hung, all eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

6. Because the world is devastated by reincarnation, or crazy in love, harmony vocal (shady), delusions u hide, so the species should be formless flow of international level where, as formless realms and nephrotic No, the devil lies abroad for u to hide, all eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

7. Because the world have envisioned reincarnation, crazy about the pictures, in harmony of mind, the delusion secretly, so own species where the international flow of ideas, as demigod demon spirits, all eighty-four thousand, filled world.

8. Because the world is stupid filler reincarnation, si crazy about the harmony of stupid, delusions dry, so the species should be mindless flow state where the spirit of the earth, wood, metal jelly, enough eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

9. Because the world has treated reincarnation, crazy about camouflage and harmony of infection, because delusions dependence, hence the non-organic species where the international flow of identity, such as model species, shrimp eyes get enough eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

10. Because the world's leading example of reincarnation, crazy about nature and harmony of notes, called delusions, so formless species of non-state flow rate where, as species uncle cursed, love pasta, all eight four thousand, filled with the world.

11. Because the world of samsara, imagine crazy about harmony into allergic, delusions rotation, so non-organic species where the international flow of ideas, like species to you, or catch other animals as a child, full eighty-four thousand, filled with the world.

12. Because the world is bad reincarnation resentment, crazy about the look (bad), integration into hell, delusions parents eat, so have species mindless flow non-national level where, like sheep and birds rabbits breaking glass, poisonous fruit to hug me, when I grow up, the food is always both parents, all eighty-four thousand, filled with the world. He called the twelve kinds of beings.


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