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Thich Duy Luc

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A Nan Buddhist prospectus that:
- As though Lai claimed that the market Monday, but the contractions to review the open, if not know the origin of contractions, then I am sure he never opened. Bhagavan, the school property and a bar as such documents in the Assembly; us with the same ignorance with being away from the cortex, even the good multicultural base, reputation is ordained, that the cultivation of malaria as a date, time sometimes not. Please Buddhist compassion mercy who sunken, open market what is a contraction of the existence of this body and mind, how to be open, also causes suffering beings are born out of future reincarnation. Finished speaking, the same body mass planted in the ground, shed tears of respect, the market expected testimony of the supreme Buddha.
Then, Ananda Bhagavan mercy and a useful study in the Assembly, and as people of the world, just being the way for all future life, first hand Ananda deleted. Immediately, the first six of the ten directions of vibration in the world, countless Tathagata in his realm, per each are from the top of the corona discharge, and refers to forests States, irradiated top Tathagata, all we measures have been unprecedented.
At that time, Ananda and the public are heard loud ten Tathagata Ananda sure that:
- Good place, Ananda! Students who want to know The Ignorance (basic ignorance), is tied to that user base flow within his birth and death, is thy senses, not for things other people want to know what direction the Supreme Bodhi make a model of self results in free, permanent chairman was silent, also the bases of people but not others.
A sound legal Nan heard even so, the mind remains unclear, white bow Buddha:
- Why make a child with birth and death and liberated themselves in, are the senses, not other animals?
Buddha told Ananda:
- Proceeding with the original ceiling, tighten open not two, nature of damage is not expected as the flowers on the spot. A Nan, by hearing development, as based general comments; comments and no general nature, like the reeds hung together, so you now set up a tri knowledge, that is the basis of ignorance, if for accepted wisdom is not knowledge, it is Nirvana, the pirated books, how that can tolerate different things.
Now, the Blessed One would repeat that over, then said shelf that:
Chon nature is not compounded
Coast being tried as illusory
Very very start of kill,
Real truth does not flower
Language outlook is rather feet,
Expectations of the Second Advent feet,
Do non-feet of non-feet,
Van Ha reviews of reviews?
Numerous intermediate true nature,
Market weakness intersection problem,
The resolution co-workers,
The finished product second to none Highway,
Like keeping a high traffic nature,
No non-organic binary question.
Mexican exchange news confusion,
Invent free convenience,
Explain things to the people,
Six deaths prize herons,
Based scouts informed,
Enter up to Chief Enlightenment,
Da Na subtle way,
Tap into gas reserves.
Non-Chon Chon terrible love,
Usually falls off to any
Self-care self-care manual,
Phi illusory illusory into law
Real player non-illusory wealth,
Phi Thuong real life,
Illusory law galaxies still up?
Dieu Thi Lien Hoa name,
Kim Cang Wang Buu Sense
As Tam Ma De,
Don the super-wealth school
Try Abhidharma,
Bat cross Gia Phan,
Most subjects said Nirvana.
Organic nature of capital,
Birth should be as illusory Coast
Radio failure being killed,
Not really like flowers spotted,
Speaking expected to show feet,
Hope the feet are the prospects
Any non-African feet feet
How do ants of ants?
In essence that's not true,
So as each reed guard.
Contractions, an open contract,
Finished products such two roads,
Viewers watch different nature,
No, Friends all come wrong.
Instant confusion of ignorance,
Free instant invention.
Open, tied in order,
Six most open standard
Select members for any apartment,
Enter up to Chief Enlightenment.
Da Na (the eighth) of subtle,
Tap water and gas as steep.
Fear of non-flickering feet,
Should we not opened
Self-serving self-care center,
A legal non-illusory illusory.
Did not accept the non-illusory
Africa is not the illusory being,
Make illusory French do?
It calls the Lotus
Buu sense as Kim Cang
By Tam Tu Ma De,
Superscalar school flick off
This is nothing fair,
Tathagata ten words,
Only one stop nirvana.
In the past, Ananda asked Buddha means the first three Meditation: Tha Ma Sa, Ma and Tam Thien Na, but the bar ten Tathagata Ananda replied that: "You want to know what The Student Ignorance , is tied to that user base flow within his birth and death, is thy senses, not for things other people want to know Supreme Bodhi Act, which itself results in a model of freedom, citizenship is often silent his head, also the bases of people, but not other animals. "
As the examples above water ice, then into ice water play, what other things can to fight the tape; melt it into water, what other things can to fight that country.
Bases as matchmaker for the enemy, robbing themselves of the treasure in the house, it is the senses; most open green pepper, chief color of enlightenment, as well as the senses. News News feet so outlook, outlook news News feet, this place must have been amazing new treatment, this letter words can not describe, is subject to change of the position, contracts with clear Tam Dieu, can say the Supreme Bodhi.
Buu Enlightenment as Kim Cang: Kim Cang nature or destroy all, are known as Tam Land Cross Kim Cang, such as destroying sensitive documents on the local address, local damage to sensitive sites tam etc. .. If this was out Buu enlightenment, not ignorance of the fundamental objectives linked, both knowledge and wisdom Bodhisattva Buddha is no longer. Meditation three Tha Ma Sa, Ma and Thien Tam Na just self-compensation, everyone came to realize the Buddhist position, so the super finger flicking Vietnam ranks very sensitive study of the excess. Grade school for longer tolerate very numerous comments, which also made the utility of this nature feet out of money, property wealth are separated, into a door, not through use, the so-called Enlightenment of the application. (No thanks to such use is not to elaborate).
A public hearing Nan and teaching and all proceedings supreme essence, through the magic of the Buddha, the mind is illumined, ever praised legal. A Nan Buddhist hands bowed transparent:
- Now I even hear the true legal nature, because of the purity of Buddhism, but still not comprehend the mind of "the most open green pepper" in the order of opening contraction, would invite the Buddha of compassion, mercy on us all this and birth to the future life, giving sound legal structure and clean the ceiling for us.
Immediately, Tathagata from the court where lions, adjust and repair clothes in great health, based on loss protection chair, grab a towel Ma Da heavenly plane of offerings in front of a mass tied to, and asked Ananda :
- This is called what?
A Nan and mass are answered
- Call is tied to.
As Lai tighten a further link, Ananda asked:
- This is called what?
A mass Nan and the response:
- This is also called the waist.
Buddha deep in the end sequence on the towels, every time a contraction is complete, just to get the contractions were asked:
- A Nan, This is called what?
A Nan and mass serialization also responded to the Buddha:
- This call is tied to.
A Buddha nan:
- When one builds a towel tied to the caller, this towel which only one, why was Monday, Tuesday was also known as the person tied to?
A Nan Buddhist transparency:
- This despite only a towel as you think: As Lai contraction once it is called a link, if tied to a hundred times a hundred, they must call in the end, this case is only six to problems, not up to seven , did not stop at five, why Tathagata only the first one is called the contraction, while the Monday, Tuesday is not tied to call?
Buddha told Ananda:
- You know this towel is just one capital, when we tied six times six is ​​called a link. You carefully consider, is the essence of problems, so that tightening the other end. How the Italian people? The first is tied to the first call, so until the end Friday, today we'd call the end of the first Friday, there are reasonable?
- Bach Blessed! Friday to Friday if there is such a call is the first, even if you use up more eloquence to clarify meaning of life, may have no cause to fight six contractions name.
Buddha said:
- Yes! Six to such co-created only by a towel, but want to make six to overturn the name, it does not. Thy senses, too, in the end, after all other beings, who is surely a difference of six processors to, but want the same one, they must make new stars.
Ananda replied:
- Tighten the market if there is non-iris starts, including free delivery is not discrimination to the other, the other is not the end. If today released all the Tathagata, not born again is tied to no secretaries, no one left, how to record?
- The definition of "the most open Six item" as well as by interest from the cortex, hysterical people, knowledge comes to expectations, being alone forever, as long looked tired eyes emit bare landscape, the flowering spots whirring expected to start in place of quiet nature, the general world as mountains and rivers, land, birth and death, Nirvana, etc. .. Minister flowers are all crazy spots that arise due to fatigue.
Ananda asked:
- The fatigue as well as the waist to the other, how to open?
As Lai has taken holding a towel tied, pull the left act separately, and asked Ananda:
- The opening is this reasonable?
- Bach Blessed! Not a. Buddha took his own drag act on the right hand, asked Ananda:
- The opening is this reasonable?
- Bach Blessed! Not a.
Buddha told Ananda:
- Now we hand pull the two sides but no connection is open, so you have to open a reasonable way?
- Bach Blessed! Be open to the waist at the center immediately disbanded.
Buddha said:
- Yes! Yes! Want to tighten the release must be opened where the heart contractions. A Nan, predestined us from the sermon, did not get rough general harmony of the world. As Lai and worldly inventions of the world, are well aware of it by the grace of what the place; for the eternal process of constant rain fall outside world, first the catechumens things straight, curved spines, white stork, black crows, etc.. reasons are clear. A Nan! Now you select an option based on the six units, if the original release, the general base ceiling kill themselves, delusions associated targets, so do not have to choose what?
- A Nan! I asked you: What if the towel six at once opened, can be affordable?
- Bach Blessed! Not a! The order when contractions are now open and must be in order. Although the six to be, but it did the same time, how can open at once?
Buddha said:
- Clear the senses as such, this apartment has just started clearing the Human Self is not, if the clear emptiness, the French Self liberation, liberation achieved complete solutions, both did not have birth, he Land called from Tam Ma, of Radio France Sanh Rings of the Bodhisattva.
A public hearing Buddhist Nan and open telecommunications market sense wisdom, there is no doubt, went prostrate palms, white Buddha that:
- Now we clear our body and mind very afraid, despite the realization that "most are green pepper", but not thoroughly reach the source of telecommunications. Bhagavan, we were rolling away from the many lives alone, where it is questionable as the son of Buddha, as the baby drinks milk suddenly see her, if this opportunity that the director, the mantra of the Buddha, and with realization of human duty, the new order clearly hear and not hear no difference. Please invite Buddhist compassion given strictly to the achievement of the final statement Tathagata market. Finished, in size planted to the ground, back toward where hidden secret, secret life silently hope Buddha.
Buddhist revelation "Hue telecommunications sense," ie "the most open Six item" and you were born French prime rings mentioned above, the "Six open" should itself be very afraid; the "most standard" should be very afraid to care, though not to the where the pure bases, but the continent's smallest pepper, green pepper, then kill the most, was no longer apparent or suspected, but not yet realized Nan A source of information where users; most members for any apartment; based on the base How deep into the colors of the new telecoms.
The base is based on communication, performance of communication, where A is therefore a direct Nan, where the Tathagata is the testimony last market, the Ananda Buddhist would not spare strictly secret (mystery method magic vi), which secret life silently. If talking about the base members for display can show, compare the base to which most telecommunications on which the Land Tam Ma can be; if you want to immediately realize that they have everything from a self-certification, where possible by words that came to be! Words are not able to, how life can take?
But the idea of Ananda, Buddha's secret desire life, that is, the Buddha did not use words to speak, called mantra; A Nan did not use the hearing to listen, call duty treatment, it said "the mantra of the Buddha, ie the realization of human duty ", have heard the same as not listening, hear without hearing, known as choosing a career, should retire to secret hiding places that would demand secret life.
Suppose Buddhist life can begin, can obtained Ananda, is not it a secret and, if so that is not the notary information and telecommunications. By self-realization to realization, where the others can be given to that!
At that time, the Blessed One told throughout the text University of Bodhisattva and Arhat very long in them that:
- Ye are of Bodhisattva and Arhat in our law, has seen numerous study results, we ask you this: while the new center, where eight world cross, in which treatment is about communication, and by the What facilities are on Tam Ma Place.
Chen Qiao Na in the Group of Five Bhikkhus, immediately got up from the seat, bowed legs, but white Buddha that:
- The Deer Park and this List is the new teachings of the Buddha attained enlightenment, the Buddha's enlightenment sound Four Noble Truths. Then the Buddha asked the Bhikkhu, the solution is the first treatment, Tathagata sealed for the name is a house of (treatment solution), the presence of harmonics. Son of the sounds that attained Arhat, Buddha asked about communication, as evidence of the child seat, the sound is more even.
Sa Ni Da Ba advantage immediately stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- The teachings of the Buddha is also the new director, the shop impure, being pleased boring, realized the nature colors are impure as corpses, bones of the punched section of the ceiling, and finally become nowhere. Both identity and no capital there should be a very direct course. Tathagata sealed for the name is Sa Ni Da (emptiness), Minister ceiling was clean, the staff wonderful secret identity. Son of the sights that attained Arhat, Buddha asked about communication, as evidence of the child seat is more than the sights.
Huong Dong Tu Nghiem stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- I heard the Tathagata teaches the general custom compounded, when the static hall is located, is on meditation, see Bhikkhu water burn incense, fragrance quietly flew into the nostrils. Con aroma of this non-wood bar, none, non-smoking non-fire, not from nowhere, no where to go, so the base destroyed, the invention very illegal, Tathagata sealed for the performance is strictly Perfume, Incense has destroyed the magic ceiling facing member. Con strictly by flavor attained Arhat, Buddha asked about communication, as for the children, it is more Huong Tran.
The two French prince of Medicine and Pharmacy Shanghai, with five hundred in the Assembly Natural, immediately got up bowed white Buddha:
- We do Herbalist world where many lives from the cortex, in the mouth had tasted the plants, metal plaster in this realm Saha, eight thousand to ten thousand things, know all the bitter, sour, salty crackers , sweet, spicy, etc. .. and the transformation of objects or self harmony of life, the nature of hot or cool drug, toxic or not toxic, all know all.
- From when to serve the Tathagata, the non-identity is not clear that non-organic, non-mind-ie, non-separated body and mind, so regardless of the ceiling of the enlightenment, the Buddha seal to us the name you efficiency of Medicine and Pharmacy Superior Bodhisattva and now at this Assembly, as the French prince. We are hearing that the enlightenment, to order the Bodhisattva, the Buddha asked about communication, as for their children, it is mote than.
Da Ba La Bat with you Dai Si sixteen consecutive standing Buddha bowed transparent:
- We previously where Buddha Oai United hear sound legal and ordained, to bathing time, we follow rules to the bathroom, suddenly enlightened nature has not washed the dust, did not wash themselves, about the safety course, which is very possess. Until today the Buddhist monastic, because of orders from the old file not forget, that attained very learned, Tathagata is named the Bat Da Ba La (gentle household) invented by magic touch, the French prince, the Buddha questions about communication, as for the Promotion of children is more than Chen.
Ma Ha Kim Quang Tu Ca Houttuynia and immediately got up Bhikshuni prostrate white Buddha:
- Kiep ancient Japanese Buddhism in this world is born Moon Sign, you are close to hear legal practice, after the Buddha's passing, the continuous lighting offerings relics, the gold bowl Tu Kim Quang image sheaves Buddha. Since then, forever and ever, the body often fullness shining like gold Tu Kim Quang. Kim Quang Tu Bhikshuni this, ie in the same attractive development of the human mind as the old.
- The restaurant world, will turn green hearing damage, not only y the French President, Tan Dinh tu kill, the body and mind can go through hundreds of thousands of lives as a finger snap. No children by the French, attained Arhat. Exalted compliment the first practice the most momentum, Abhidharma clear, destroy defilements, the Buddha asked about communication, as for the child, then Chen is more French.
A Na Da Law stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- At the new country, often sleeping ham. As Lai rebuked the animal species, the Buddha rebuked listen, I shall cry himself, for seven days without sleep, damaged both eyes. Exalted teach practitioners "Projection Minh Kien Kim Cang Lac Eighty" no thanks to the eye, seen throughout the ten directions as empty fruit in hand; sealed for the Tathagata attained Arhat. Buddha asked about telecommunications as evidence of the child seat, then rotate the view return to Nature is more.
European Special Comment Ca stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- The weak memory, such proceedings shall be, when meeting the Buddha, listening to France and ordained, I tried to remember a verse of the Tathagata, in a hundred days, but not by heart, the mind first, then forget, remember the following then forgotten, Buddhist foolish mercy, teach me to settle, cultivate Book News Pub. Con customary to place the ultimate breath, that the minister of displaced subtle changes each moment of birth, residence and traveling, away, suddenly enlightened mind, be very afraid modern, clean end to suffering, become one Han, before the coordinates of the Buddha, was sealed into numerous school level. Buddha asked about telecommunications as evidence of the child seat, then Turn Back Breathing is more emptiness.
Kieu Pham Bat To link up prostrate white Buddha:
- I have verbal contempt Sa Mon in past lives, should the disease ever chew like buffalo, Tathagata teach the practice: "A Heart The Land of Purity." Human nature that are not consistent body, not a foreign object, which is super right out of the gas collection space, inside the body and mind free, leave the outside world, such as separation from eight bird cage window, leave target ceiling structure, legal label pure attained Arhat. Tathagata sealed up for the very school level. Buddha asked about communication, as for the children, then Turn Back The Know Your nature is more.
All Lankavatara She stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- When the new interest in the Buddha, the Tathagata teaches often hear about the fun in no time. Now go begging in the city, is the practice of thinking, suddenly hit with tough feet, whole body pain I think, the ability to know that this pain; even know pain, but the pure sense , which is not capable of pain and hurt. Con re thinking: what a body can have two senses? (Energy and sense of touch). Photographer idea yet how long, body and mind do not suddenly become president in 21 days, the impurity will definitely set clean air, attained Arhat. Tathagata sealed up for the very school level. Buddha asked about communication, as for the children, the Lost My Thuan is more enlightenment.
Tu Bo stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- The many lives from now, the mind is very afraid, remember life as being more constant sa life; was also known in the pregnant emptiness President, also made of the emptiness of beings, like all the ten directions to emptiness. Thanks to the invention Tathagata awareness Chon No, it is clear emptiness, attained Arhat, clear cut type of Sea Emptiness Enlightenment, the Buddha's wisdom, wealth levels are sealed into school, about liberating nature No, I was most, as the Buddha asked the telecom space, the text of the minister of non-general, both non-energy and all of the non-cleaning, rotating France is more of emptiness.
Shariputra stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- The many lives from now, Emptiness your comments clean heart, life expectancy being much like every fall, for the legal transformation of the world and of the world, everyone immediately saw through, were not afraid to stop. Con brothers met in the middle of Ca Three Houttuynia causal theory of meaning, enlightened mind no bounds. Son of the Buddha's renunciation, enlightenment Nature Kien clear, the great fearless, attained Arhat, by the sound of the Tathagata method of delivery, as head of the Buddha. Buddha asked about communication, as evidence of child seats, the Emptiness Mind your comments clear, the light came to the extreme, The Buddha is more than knowledge.
Samantabhadra Bodhisattva stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- The French have done for every sa prince Tathagata, the Tathagata teaches the ten disciples have inborn Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra practice, well-established that the child that name. Bhagavan, the use of the Tanh Van mind, regardless of knowledge of all beings. If on the other, sa constant outside world, every world is being developed as well Samantabhadra mind, the instant in which children ride at six elephant ivory, the body of a hundred thousand, and every where, even though they are deep karma, have not seen me, I whispered to remove their heads, support for comfort, making them well-accomplished voluntarily. Buddha asked about communication, where the staff of the Office of The Nature Center is clear, in a more differentiated from both.
Zun Da Da La Nan stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- At the last follow Buddha's renunciation, though enough to keep the rule, but the legal Tam Ma Place, the heart often scattered, not very illegal. Bhagavan taught you and where Si is the tip of the nose, at the beginning of this autonomy, over 21 days, as seen in the smoke exhaled breath, body and mind clarity, projection into the world empty, clean like-me; generals gradually dissipate fumes, breathing into a white, enlightened mind, set off clean air, the breath out into the light into the world of the ten directions, attained Arhat. The worship will be signed for the Bodhi. Buddha asked about communication, the book by Quan News, Destroy Breath, Long Quan Minh Phat clear, Clean Termination is more disturbing.
Lau Phu Tu Na Di Da La Ni stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- The many lives from now, be very afraid eloquence, dry sermon, communicating real-General, as to the secret teachings of the Tathagata sa constant, all of magic open market for the power being fearless . Exalted know I have great eloquence, teach your child to use sounds to help Zhuan Falun Buddha, Dharma preaching. Son of the sermon, attained Arhat. Exalted sealed for the most sermons. Buddha asked about communication, the French Foreign Music Store Ma Ta Recovery Act, Destroy Gas Volume is more disturbing.
Ba Ly Pros stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- Son of the Buddha, over a renunciation. As Lai six years of asceticism, vanquished the evil spirits, for nonmember institutions, freeing craving negativity of the world, all I have personally seen. Buddha teach morality, to three thousand postures, eighty-economic actions, the Nature Company and Business Rates all come clean, body and mind passed away, attained Arhat. I am the executive discipline in them. Exalted sealed for the most religious morality itself. Buddha asked about communication, so the Tri Body, Then Self In My Being, time to Tri Tam Tam is a smooth, Mind Body And The Property Information is more complete management.
University Moggallana immediately stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- Before the middle of the road begging, having three brothers Ca Houttuynia Third: Advantages Long Tan Loa, Gia Gia, and Na De, explained the deeper meaning of conditions of the Tathagata, the associated distribution center, the modern communication . Tathagata grant me up on my robe, beard hair to shed, I take the ten directions are not afraid to stop, found out that the most divine, attained Arhat. There are revered, even compliments are ten Tathagata the clear sense of clean power, in order fearless. Buddha asked about communication, by rotating the whirring Mind, Back to President Silence, so it's mind clear, as long settling into muddy water is more pure.
Ma O Mine Soviet hands bowed white Buddha:
- I often remember the old life, nature or desire. At that time Wang was born a Buddhist No, said the fire had sex like pink, teach me a bit cold and hot shops throughout the body, nature of light stood in silence, the mind into the fire wanton wisdom, from which Buddhas are known as the First Fire. Human health by "Fire Quang Tam Mei", attained Arhat; play great aspirations in mind, the Buddhas attained enlightenment, I will make athletes, bending up four witches. Buddha asked about communication, child Quan moisture by Body Mind Where Did he save these impurities Termination Clean, Wisdom Born of Fire, identity is more to Supreme Enlightenment.
Tri Land Bodhisattva stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- I remember the old life, when Buddha was born Pho Quang, I do Bhikkhu, often repaired roads, water stations, where rough, uneven obstruct traffic, or bridges, or sand burden , be extremely diligent, experienced many Buddhist life. Or being in place should the markets carry, I immediately bring help to where to place without any money.
- When Buddha was born the county line, aimed at hunger, helping you carry, such as near and far, just a penny, or a vehicle fired into mud buffalo, psychic thrust the scissors, made from hard brain. Childhood, the boy king set offering Buddhist, I went repair the road, waiting to go through Buddha, Tathagata county to remove the top head and said: "Be calm location, all locations in the world average." Con instant enlightenment, because the ceiling of the lens body with all of the ceiling form the world are no discrepancies; vi bare emptiness itself, should not touch each each other, to fight the soldiers did not touch. Son of the legal nature Rings realize you were born, attained Arhat, targeting in the Mahayana, the bodhisattva throne, listening to the Buddhas of the Lotus-off to the French Dieu, enter the Buddhist wisdom, the upper level proved to be the . Buddha asked about communication, human body by Quan and Two First World Vi Tran Such discrepancies, as capital is increased, So Damaged Vong Canh Tran Phat Ra; Tri Tran Tieu the time, The Religion is Supreme over all.
Nguyet Quang Dong Tu stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- I remember every sa past life, God is born Shui Buddha, Bodhisattvas practice teaching Marines, the Land Tam Ma. Con customary nature of body water from the nose, saliva, gastric juice until the first, essential blood, bowel, circulate in the body, plays a marine nature, that same body of water in water tanks of Lien Huong Thuy World Flowers are no different.
- When a new practice into this restaurant, but found the water, the body has not been forgotten. At that time, I was meditating in the room Bhikkhu, the student looked at me from the window, that water filled the room, it's small wild do not know, immediately get a piece of tile thrown into the water, emit sound, interesting leaves When you export to, immediately seen as Shariputra heart was beating you two. Con thought to myself: Now I had attained the Arhat, depart from grace has long illness, I suddenly had a heart attack, there would have been reasonable back drop? At the time, told his disciples to work on, I just told it later if water is found to be open, to get the tiles out. Obedient disciples, when the children enter, it shows clear water with tiles, immediately open the door removed, then the production of the body was the same.
- I go through many lifetimes, having a multitude of Buddha, to life in The United Self Son Hai Tathagata, then the new body is forgotten. Since then, the relatives are into water, with water tanks Huong Thuy ten world where the nature Chon No one, not two like other Tathagata now in place, the title is buried, the Bodhisattva Assembly . Buddha asked about communication, child Quan Tanh by Toner Save Water An Update, The Ring you were born, Bo is the Consummation of all.
Luu Quang Ly Tu Fa Wang stood up prostrate white Buddha:
- The constant sa past life memory, is the Buddha of Boundless Thanh was born, open market intelligence for the wonderful sense of Bodhisattvas, to teach the world and the body shop beings by coastal winds of turning prospects.
- Seven hours, the consistency of an established space, the assignment of the time, the action of the body, the purification of the mind, the ones that are not two like the other. At that time, the instant enlightenment that the nature of things, not from nowhere, no where to go, ten multitude of crazy creatures damaged the one expected, so until all sentient beings in a natural tam modern natural world, like hundreds of them in containers, called humming sound emitted in a narrow place chaos. How long have you meet the Buddha, the ring you were born, enlightened, then, that Buddha Oriental Real Estate, King Death to France, serving ten Buddha emitted light body and mind, not afraid to comprehend. Buddha asked about communication, the wind by Quan No refuge, Meets the Mind of Love, By Tam Ma Place, ital with Article Ten The Buddha's mind is more.
Void Tibetan Bodhisattva stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- Son of the Tathagata Buddha of boundless body where Dinh Quang. Then, holding the hands of four major European grain, lighting ten Police are countless Buddhas into nothingness, where self-interest at the Great Landscape, aura of magic, inspiration throughout Tibet Lotus World and take ten method of nowhere, all at the prospect, alternating enter the body, such as insertion of nowhere, not to prevent other problems. Human body or in the numerous countries, depending upon age god power, broad as the Buddha. Son of elements such consistent support, delusions, being killed, the capital of nowhere and the Buddha, by nature co-inventor, prime Infinite Rings Sanh. Buddha asked about communication, the Infinity Void by Quan, Tam Ma On Land, Noble Power is more clear.
Maitreya Bodhisattva stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- I remember countless previous lives, a Japanese Buddhist Added Minh Nguyet is born, whether in the Buddhist monastic, and ham honors world, good socializing with the nobility. At that time, the Blessed One teach the practice of the Soul Duy Dinh, Tam Ma at address. Since many lives to date, use this eighty sa constant serve the Buddhas, the desire for honor was definitely clean. Sign Up to Nature team, the newly "Supreme Dieu Vien Thuc Tam Tam Mei", the legal treatment of dirty, clean, yes, no, where all the Buddha, were turned out by the mind.
- Exalted! For the realization of such idealistic, so from nature is an infinite number of Tathagata, now signed to inherit the throne life in this world, Buddha. Buddha asked about communication, baby due Oct Quan Phuong Duy Thuc, the mind is expressed, Certificate Import List-Member-fact, far from emptiness Y-variable-And-Run Tha Ke-Acceptance, Dac you were born is more tolerance.
From start to practice the Soul Duy Dinh, until the "Supreme Dieu Vien Thuc Tam Tam Mei," that is moved into position mode, to say the Member-Member-fact. When the transfer is not official, but the scene was forced, called variable-Accounting-Compliance; break variable-Accounting-Accept, and be legal force, known as Y-Tha-Run attachment.
Ham honor the earth, gregarious with nobility, as a general variable-Accounting-Compliance: the desire to honor the world was definitely clean, which is a short-Tha-Y-Run. Corn until all the idealistic way, the nature of the Tathagata is the multitude, he was General Member-Member-fact.
Business Award paved says: The eyes closed as variable-Accounting-Accept, the blue and gold as Y-Tha-Start, eyes bright as the Member-Member-fact.
Wang Tu Mahasthamaprapta France with 52 fellow Bodhisattva, immediately stood up, bowed white Buddha:
- The constant sa past life memory, is the Buddha of Boundless Light, birth, childhood, the next twelve Tathagata Buddha in one lifetime to another. Buddha is the last name Super Nguyet Quang Nhut, teach religious "Buddhist Mindfulness eighty", such as people can remember the professionals who specialize forget it, if he remembered the two together, regardless of having or not having, the faces or not see; just remember deep in mind, until this life, another life, they like peas in a pod, not far apart.
- Ten ways Tathagata remember mother remember being like children if they shirk nor even remember what was and if I remember I remember her as the mother, the eternal mother not far away. If beings remember the Buddha, for Buddha, it is now or later certain that Buddha, the Buddha is not far, not by means enlightened self-interest, as the body is scented aroma, then this is Perfume Quang Ornament. The use of the mind is the Buddha, attained very birth ring, now in this world to lead people to recite the Buddha of the Pure Land. Buddha asked them about communication, baby due Photography The Bases, Tinh Tam Ma thoughts Process In Place is more.
The Buddhist concept of no one moment contingent conception of the world education, a new concept known as net (pure mind). Continuum as the contemplation to miss her, as oral care concept in mind, serious posture, photography both bases are labeled bad generals do not see beautiful, ear heard not merit blame, billion not smell rotten smell, no taste loss bad taste, body not exposed to cold, warm, that such discrimination and bad, he called the photography both bases to any disorder of mind, like in Tam Ma Place, surely must see the Buddha.
Say no thanks to cultivate self is enlightenment, as the scented, the scent that would not own scent, he is willing to force any thought of Amida Buddha. Despite vows by saying Amida Buddha's power, but need to have great aspirations for its own corresponding with the Buddha's last great achievement.
Vow if only telling her mind was thinking Cheng, need to practice in accordance with their own great vows out, is the true prayer, and could correspond to the Buddha's great.



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