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Thich Duy Luc


I heard something like this: At that time in monasteries complete That La Phiet States, and our Great Buddha Bhikkhu one thousand two hundred and fifty are, are the Great Arhat, was out of reincarnation, the full majesty help Buddhist missionary activities where the national level, pure morality, as didactic for the three worlds, the countless applications, chemical beings to the ultimate future work from the ceiling. Every student is vice abbot of the Dharma wishes are: University Tri Shariputra, Maudgalyayana Ha Ma, Ma Ha The Si La, Phu Lau Na Ni Tu La Di Da, Bo Tu, Sa Ni Da Ba etc. Advantages .. the upper level players, and there are countless silent with copper to where Buddhist disciples with chronic low self-quarter Bhikkhu. Then, follow the ten Bodhisattva Buddha will mean for Password, asked the director to decide.

Now, as Lai cover for public buildings sit in the open market The unprecedented legal, sense profound, amazing sound teachings of the ten directions wine world, every sa bodhisattva were to gather, including Manjushri the benefit is the upper level.

Then, King Pasedena side of King's death anniversary ceremony alms, purchased all the precious food, sometimes in person and the words Buddha Bodhisattva University in providing life son. In a still more bourgeois, another lay brother also tie up the same day, sometimes life offerings to Buddha. Manjushri Buddhist leader sent Bodhisattvas and Arhat, divided into teams, invites to applications where the boys left home life. Nan is the only other A personal invitation, not to go far, no time to attend to increase them.

Then, on the way back, alone there Venerable Ananda and A Le Xa go on that no one invited to the offerings, the center forward position to meet boys all the same. In the past, Ananda, the Buddha rebuked heard Bo and Dai Tu Ca Houttuynia, is Arahant, which specializes in the rich selection alms, alms-houses who specialize in selected poor, care not equal, to comply with the no second equality of the Tathagata, to avoid any doubt or derision and, in the mind for that: For the boys home, such as noble or humble, clean dirty food, developed to achieve compassion for all both are being planted vast amount of merit. Just think like that, arms bowl, take the door along the street, serious posture, proper legal alms.

At Ananda is begging the workers walked, with her magical evil uncle Ma Worth Brahmas use of pagan photography blonde on the sex, temptation stroking, sex is going to be able to pass.

Buddha already knew this, boys life is finished, immediately the king of gods and modern, bourgeois lay, are to follow Buddha, please listen to weak solutions.

Then, check out corona discharge Exalted fearless weapons department, the aura expands weapons lotus thousand wings, on which sat cross-legged Buddha reincarnation theory mantra, Manjushri wrong to take pay salvage and evil Note destroyed, took A Nan and Ma are aging in place in Buddhism.

A Nan meet the Buddha, bowed tears, regretting past has just heard more broad studious, not power circular direction, this kind of appeal asked the Tathagata means first of three meditation: Tha Ma Sa (1) , Tam Ma (2) and Zen Na (3), which has ten Tathagata is the chief religious sense. When there sa constant level Great Bodhisattva and Arhat, where ten Pratyekabuddhas are applying the same hearing, sitting quietly to French territory of Buddhism.

Then, the Blessed One first hand gently touched Ananda, said to Ananda and mass:

- There are legal Tam Ma De, known as the Great Buddha Footballer Surangama Wang, involves thousands of fatalities, a dignified way of magic, as well as the practice leads to final emancipation of the ten Tathagata, now you take notes that hearing.

Ananda bowed, glass obey his teachings.

Buddha told Ananda:

- You and I are brothers, same race, did not know at the new center, where our law, you see what Gen. consecutive wins sex deep discharge of the world?

A Nan Buddhist transparency:

- I saw thirty-two general characteristics of the Tathagata wonderful win, save the form as clear glass, often thought to myself this minister not born by the charity. Why? Because pollution charity ugly, dirty blood crystalline structure can not minister born luminous magic, pure revenge win like that, so it would be impressed by Buddhist monastic graves.

Buddha said:

- Good place! A Nan, you should know, all being from the cortex, to date, continuous birth and death, because no known permanent mental feet, the nature clean clear, again shifting the delusions, delusions feet should not is reincarnation. Ten Buddhas same direction are separated from birth and death directly caused by the mind, as well the mind and words are straight, so from beginning to end, to the throne steps, in between there is the general winding.

- Now you want to save unsurpassed Bodhi, nature invented feet, let's live center that answers our questions. A Nan, now I ask you: when you play mind hanging on to thirty-two generals of the Tathagata, get something to see? Appetite Who knows?

- White Bhagavan, using the mind's eye and see the Tathagata minister wins, being keen to develop our mind, voluntarily renounced the birth and death.


- As you have said, the interest due on the heart and eyes. If you do not know where the mind and eye will not be able to be bare of labor; such as enemy country, unless the king sent soldiers up, all soldiers must know the enemy's lair. Who are making errors in the rotation that is the heart and eyes. We ask you: mind's eye and where you are now?


Break serving in body care

- Bach Blessed! All ten living beings on earth are the mind in the body. Now I get in on the human eye and mind in the body, such as Thanh Lien Hoa eye on the face of the Tathagata Tathagata so.


- A Nan! Now you sit in the auditorium of the Tathagata, seeing in the States where forest?

- Bach Blessed! Auditorium wide spreading in the garden level of this pure Christianity, while the forests States outside the auditorium.

- A Nan! Now people in the auditorium to see what first?

- Bach Blessed! I in the auditorium before the show unto me, after that mass, then looked out to see the forest.

- A Nan! You see trees, so people are seeing?

- Bach Blessed! Since the open hall window in the blank, so I see through the outside.

Buddha told Ananda:

- As you have said, in the auditorium itself, by opening the boxes so that the forest; that any human being in the lecture hall not see the Tathagata, the trees outside that reasonable?

- Bach Blessed! In the lecture hall not see the Tathagata, the trees that are not right outside.

- A Nan! You, too, spiritual center of all clear who, if the amount of interest you clear it in the body must first be clearly seen in the body. So what is being seen in the body before and after to see things outside the reasonable? Still do not see the heart, liver, spleen, you, the place: nail out, long hair, tendons transfer must see! Why not see? If the body is not found, how to see things outside? So you say "mind body sensation in the tri head" is not right. (Self-dual nature, which means not true and not true, just accept it because treatment should say not right).

Break out the body consciousness

A Nan Buddhist white bow:

- I hear the Tathagata's teachings, enlightenment is truth in mind than body. Why? For example, lamp lit in the front room to room lighting, new door, then went outside. All beings see the body, only to see outside the body, as well as outside the room light can not shine into the room, this means clear, no doubt, so compared to the ultimate sense of the Buddha did u wrong ?

Buddha told Ananda:

- Just as our monks begging in the States and then returned to forest. I have done life son, who tried to think, of the Bhikkhus, just a food that the others are no reasonable?

- Bach Blessed! Not a! Why? Although the Bhikkhus were Arahant, but the same can not, where can one eat that makes both of them are no.

- A Nan! If you really care sense of knowledge outside the body in addition to the different, not relevant, as many know, the body does not know the mind, body, the mind does not know that. Now viewers have a hand in at the eye can see, you know the reasonable care?

- Bach Blessed! Well said.

- A Nan! If the said body and mind at once, why say the heart outside the body? Be aware, you say 'triangle tri head outside the body "is not right.

Breaking accept the following hiding eye care

- Bach Blessed! As the Buddha's teachings, such that the inside should not remain in the body; body and mind with a turn like that should not be left outside the body together, now I think the mind set in place.

- At what place?

- Mind voters have no idea in which to see the outside, as I think it is hiding the eyes. For example, someone took the cup-me face down into her eyes (can say today is wearing glasses), but there are outside things that do not face problems in need, depending on the immediately see the difference. Mind you not see the location of the place because in the eyes, because clearly lurks outside the eye.

Buddha told Ananda:

- The words you say, the mind hiding behind the eyes as the eyes hide behind glass bowl to save, then at that mountains and rivers, sight glass bowl to save affordable?

- Bach Blessed! It shows up glass bowl.

- A Nan, eyes hiding behind the bowl-me-see-me-cup, while hiding behind the eye care I do not see eye? Even as the eyes see, the eye is the scene, police do that scene? If thou shalt not see eye to say "Mind the following hiding tri eye" is not right.

Breaking accept that dark eyes are found in the trunk

- Bach Blessed! Now I think it necessary, the body of living beings, organs of government at, claims vented (bed base) in addition, where the organ is dark, where the complaint is bright. Now in front of the Buddha, opened his eyes that morning called to see the outside, dark eyes that see in the body called, that is what?

Buddha told Ananda:

- When you see dark eyes, dark scenes was something for the eye to eye or not?

- If the eye is dark in front, ie outside the body, I say in itself? Assuming the body is dark in the room at night no light, what organs are in the dark room of you?

- If not for the eye, how is that? If you leave the show outside, the establishment of a change in, the dark eyes that see in the body called; so when am I not open my eyes to see that face?

- Back, if not face the sense that "in the eyes of" can not establish if the mind senses that present knowledge base and labels are available at nothing, say in how?

- Still, if out of nowhere is not the body, the news today on behalf of the Tathagata is the body you? So then his eye that says you do not know. If you know the body and eyes along a row, I know there must be two, ie a person close to the two Buddha! Know who said "that I call that the body" is not right.

Accept thinking that break the heart

- I have heard the Buddha declare that markets are: Heart of birth should be the delivery method, delivery method to the birth center. Now I think, I think that is the heart of the child; option associated with the thinking mind, nor inside, outside and center.

- A Nan, who said legal birth to the birth center, depending on the thinking associated with the heart. Own mind there will not be able to think and if there is no self that is thought to be essential to see the very ceiling, that is not right.

If the person can own hands to try to see myself from the belly, that's your mind from the body or from outside the place? If from the inside out, they must find in themselves; if from outside the surface must first show.

- All seeing eye, the mind all know, is not as eye care, says that is not true heart.

Buddha told Ananda:

- If you see the eyes of the people in the room, the door know see? (For example family room, for example eye-door). As dead eyes still, should have seen things and if that be so kind, it is called death?

- Still, if the mental awareness of who is really in itself, is a more or could be? Now place the body, the mind with the body or not the same throughout?

- If one can say, when you flip a more hands, limbs are supposed to know if the place knows no snap, if your stomach is not an instance. If possible, a lot of people, so can any of you are?

- If you say the same throughout the body, such as the snap above, if not all, when you touch the head and foot, right foot first know do not know, but now you re not so. Know who said: "Depending on the thinking associated with heart" is not right.

Breaking consciousness in the middle

- Bach Blessed! When the Manjushri Buddhist Kingdom and France and death of real general, I also do not mind listening to the Buddha said in nor out. As far as I think, because it did not know the inside, body and mind with that one should not turn out, this same turn, but did not know that inside, all right in the middle.

- You say "in between" is the center that must be clear, is not no place. As you consider, among Anywhere? In place of origin (12 countries, including bases, green ceiling) or in the body?

- If in the body where skin is not it the middle; in the middle, the same as in. If the place of origin, as can be raised or not raised? If not yet, the same can not be and if it can not yet be defined anywhere. Why? For example, if plants do have the plug in the middle, from the East, the plants mentioned in the West, viewed from the south if they plant in the north, which could be raised between the center also has a mixed disorder , not sure where.

A Nan said,

- I said "the center" not these two. As the Blessed One said, who need each other and finally break-born identity consciousness. Labels should be distinguished, excellent ceiling senseless, where the mode of delivery, that is so mind.


- If people in the middle of the ceiling interest, such interest may include or not include both? If you include both the material and may interfere flipped, the inanimate object, can it be said, into two opposing things, get anything done between? If you leave that (base) and do not know (the ceiling), the identity can not, so take that as Minister in the middle? Know who said "Mind in the middle" is not right.

Breaking accept "all very front" is the focal

- Bach Blessed! When you see ancient Buddha with four disciples (Moggallana, Bo Tu, Phu Long and Shariputra Na) and Zhuan Falun, used to say "never mind in the intellectual sense, not outside, nor in middle, not in place at all, all the very first call center. " So the very first, known as affordable care?

Buddha told Ananda:

- You said no mind in that sense any location, such as the species of flying out of nowhere, in the water and on shore, called all things that the world where numerous people before, is there or not? Not the same as rabbit fur horned turtle, and let the very first? If there is such confusion before the call is not. No new minister, there is not no general, agreed to a general interest, it also says something very front? Should know, said, "All very first call center tri sense" is not right.


Here the question raised seven room cottage, that is to put A Nan Buddhist straight to self-realization, not the feet of Buddha. Buddhism only for healing the placebo author of A Nan. Why say fake sick? Because what they did not accept the truth of A Nan capital. Why say fake drugs? For the word out it would not accept the Buddha.

Like Ananda says in the mind itself, outside the body, the very first to say that the mind, in fact there is not no right or no wrong place, because serving in a certain place, the Buddha said not right. If the disease is not fully accepted, they may raise a multitude of places, but where to only seven for u? If the patient has fully accepted, a place which is not, let alone seven seats!

Nondual nature which, if accepted by the Buddha, for "not in fact" is binary, for "not outside it" is binary, so whatever is in a place, or are not in a place is second to none. Why? Because if this is a place no other places, where there is no sensitive spot. So Buddha said Pham Huu Ngon theory, it means the period of non-(publications with the words that are not true).


Then, Ananda in the mass-seat stand, patronizing sleeve right hand, right leg knees, his hands reverently white Buddha:

- I am the youngest of the Tathagata, the Buddha's love, although this dependence ordained but also places of Buddhist compassion, only to hear more studious wide, not very illegal, not bent up the wrong notes, with photography in the sex, just because do not know the true place to the glass would Exalted compassionate mercy, revealed to us the way of meditation practice Tha Ma Sa, who made comments Xien to eliminate evil.

Finished prostrate, seed size in the ground, the glass mass desire to hear instruction.

At that time, The Sun from releasing everything on the aura, as hundreds of thousands of bright sun, shine throughout the Buddhist world, causing vibrations in the first six, ten of numerous international and out. The great compassionate Buddha makes the world into a world where all the words Great Bodhisattva dwells in the world where country of his hands to listen.

Buddha told Ananda:

- All living from the cortex, so far, everything form the same crazy business, industry aggregation of the results of reincarnation. Those who practice such results are of supreme Bodhi became Thanh Van, Pratyekabuddha or the pagan heaven, Lucifer and relatives of the drug, are due not to know two things fundamentally wrong practice, as well as sand that wants to cook dinner, even if life did not go through more enlightened.

- What are two basic things?

- One is the basis of birth and death of numerous marketing, is now receiving attention as phan charming nature of people and beings;

- The capital is the pure essence of Bo from the cortex, Nirvana, that is what the formula (4) which clarify, or born of the grace that is the hidden grace of the people lost. Because the formula being lost clarity, even in the daily life in which such self-knowledge, to record direct unjust.

- A Nan, now you want to know the way religious meditation Sa Tha Ma, look out of the birth and death, so we ask you.

That instant, Tathagata raised golden arm has five fingers, told Ananda:

- Did you see?

Ananda replied:

- See.


- You see something?

Ananda replied:

- I see the Tathagata hands, fingers into fists have bright, bright mind and eyes.


- You used to see something?

- I have used the public eye and see.

Buddha told Ananda:

- According to his response, Tathagata has fingers into fists bright, dazzling the eyes of the heart, so bright it illuminated at fist, your eye can see, nothing to get attention?

Ananda replied:

- Now as near the heart in question where, I use reflection to find ideas, or think they find it so, I said to heart.


- Wrong then, Ananda! The center was not you.

A Nan snatch her up, his hands white Buddha that:

- The mind is not that called what?

Buddha told Ananda:

- He that general delusions of money bare feet of the man who mesmerized. Do you recognize this ancient enemy to me, the way the feet are often lost, should be rotated.

- Bach Blessed! You are a child of the Buddha's hard, because so dear Buddhist renunciation. Never mind the Tathagata offerings, but also to spread across every state of marijuana, serve the Buddhas and improve knowledge, develop mighty heart, as the Buddha of hard work, have used this mind; albeit in French, quit good base because of this interest. If The Sun was not invented the heart, so I do not have the heart, and as ground wood, leave this tri feeling nothing at all, I say unto me that he did not care? Con was terrified, and are not from the suspected mass or glass would Exalted Ruo compassion, open market for those who have not realized.

Seven hours, The Sun wants to Ananda and public input are very birth of a legal person, where the lion court, first clear revelation that Ananda:

- As is often said Chu of comparison, only the current mental state. All cause and effect, the world of hearing all this new attention to the possible nature. A Nan, all things on earth, to grass, leaves, only blinds, consider the root can be nature, even though nothing has the title, let alone is the pure nature of all mental clarity U can order it there? If you accept the fact that visual identity for the mind to distinguish intellectual, the mind is separated from all things green ceiling must separate itself (such as birth scene naked killing). As you listen to the sermon now, is so sound should be distinguished; even to kill off all comments, written, visual, intellectual, keep u in idle, and also the ball regardless of the legal ceiling.

- I was not sure who accept non-interest, but consider carefully where you mind if the money leaves the ceiling that has distinguished itself by nature, ie the feet of thy heart. If nature has not distinguished himself bare to leave, he is the shadow of money regardless of the ceiling. No permanent ceiling, turning away, the mind is the same as fur turtles, horned rabbit, so you become a legal body of the killing, but one very birth of legal practice patience? (Ornamental ceiling there are two kinds: for the five senses is called bare-base called for the legal ceiling).

Immediately, the mass Nan A bewildered silence, there is no reason to say anything.

Buddha told Ananda:

- All people on earth practice, for not disturbing off with clean air, despite the nine-step meditation practice, such results Arhat, by attachment of birth and death are delusions, which is the true, so you learn even more extensive hearing, no evidence the results.

A Nan heard it, the bitter tears, plant size in the ground, his hands on his knees white Buddha that:

- Since the development of family care, dependence of the great compassionate Buddha dependable, hard to think that such self-cultivation, for that would give unto me eighty, did not know which body and mind are not interchangeable, so lost the mind; itself whether ordained, not imported direct care, such as poor child fled away father. Until now know, even though extensive study hearing much, if not religious (5) what other people are not listening! As told to eat without eating, how is it!

- The Sun, now we have two obstacles constraints (obstacles and negativity of tri offensive), because nature knows no injuries, expect mercy unto me destitute, open play magic mind, clear guidance manual for us.

Then, from the swastika Tathagata () coronal chest release, hundreds of thousands of brilliant colors, while the wealth of the ten reference countries of the Buddha, inspired all around the top ten Tathagata the weapons monitoring, then turn on the first detector with mass A Nan, Nan told A that:

- Now we as users Dafa colon, causing ten magical beings are clear mind, pure legal label. A Nan, before you answer that luminous fist, the fist that is why this is? How to hold hands? What you get for that?

Ananda replied:

- Due to nature as pure mountain shining golden Buddha born of glory, may hold Buddhist fingers into fists, my eyes see the fist general way.

Buddha told Ananda:

- Today we speak truth to hear: The location must have been through such enlightenment. A Nan, such as our hands, if they did not have arms to hold our hand, if there is no human eye into seeing the people. So you get the label's base with one fist, two reasonable that the same?

- Bach Blessed! Well the same. If there is no eye into seeing the children, so bring the children in need than the fist of the Tathagata, both meaning the same.

Buddha told Ananda:

- You say the same, that is not right. Why? As the arm is no absolutely no holding hands, but who have no eyes, no not that. Why? You try to ask the blind can see anything reasonable? He will surely answer: "Now my eyes see only darkness, no longer see anything else." At the hearing in this sense, the money from me, seeing what has reduced!

A Nan said:

- The blind see only darkness ahead, I call that?

Buddha told Ananda:

- The blind do not have eyes, see only darkness, compared with people with eyes in the dark room, only to see dark, dark things that have two different or no different?

- Bach Blessed! It's no different.

- A Nan, if people do not have eyes, saw all the dark, suddenly the eyes, immediately see the sights before the eye, known as "sight", the people in the dark room that is full of darkness, the lights suddenly , also see the sights before your eyes, they must call "light show". If the light is such that it is called light, the light that they have nothing to do with you? So that, the lights only work appearing sights, seeing the eyes, not light; eyes only apparent effect of appearances, the show is the heart, not eyes.

A mass Nan and even listen to the Buddha said so, though mouth silenced, but not enlightened mind, expect to be further clarified, should prayerfully folded hands, waiting for the Buddha taught.

Then, stretch your arms Exalted bright, open five fingers, told Ananda and mass:

- At our new direction where Loc Vienna, has said the five Bhikkhus and from them that all beings of the Bodhi Arhat fruit and evidence, are in error by hearing disturbing guests. At that time, the enlightened patrons are now witness the result?

Then, Kieu Tran Nhu Buddhist stand clear:

- You are in our elders is called out to know more extensive, because treatment should be two words of result Guests Chen. Bhagavan, such as pedestrians to stay in hotels, eat and sleep on the way to finish it, could not stay, but the owner is residing in it, no need to go. So did a guest head and head-called, should take the "no head" to mean the word hotel.

- As rain stopped, the sun shines through the cracks, visible dust Minister whirring place nowhere. Chen then shaken. Nowhere citizenship course. So-called president is not silent, lay bare the call, should take the "shake" as a literal Tran.

Buddha said:

- Yes!

Immediately in mass Tathagata has five fingers, then hold on, hold open then, Ananda asked:

- Now you see?

Ananda replied:

- I see the Tathagata's hand holding at open time.

Buddha told Ananda:

- You saw my hand open fist, the hand can open a fist, or something that's holding you have open?

Ananda replied:

- Your hands grasp the Tathagata himself open, but not of human nature that is held open.

Buddha asked:

- Which ones work, which the net?

Ananda replied:

- Hand Buddha head no, that's human nature no longer pure, how is work! (The petition no second, the Net are not infected).

Buddha said:

- Yes!

That instant, as Lai from the hands-ray afterglow emission of a shed on the right A Nan. A Nan immediately turned to look right, the larger Buddha shines a ray of glory on the left A Nan, Nan A look back turned to the left, the Buddha told Ananda:

- First you why move?

Ananda replied:

- I see the Tathagata corona discharge in addition to two children, which should look through the looking back, first move himself.

- A Nan, who watched the afterglow is the first move you see the action or something?

- Bach Blessed! First the automatic nature of the stop that was not there, let alone move! (The petition is not treated, and such activities are not involved).

Buddha said:

- Yes!

Therefore, the Buddha told the public that:

- If being the "shake" the earth, "no head" is the client, you see, as the first Ananda shake that nature itself that such action; back of my hand that holds itself open to see such open nature holds. Why do you present yourself for work that, for the scene, from beginning to end concept concept being killed, lost their identity feet, the frantic action. Since nature did not mind the feet, making the character his own sunset in the birth and death, doomed to reincarnation.


(L) Tha Ma Sa: Meditation as ultra pure copper is not consistent.
(2) Tam Ma Subject: Meditation delivery of transformed, the same as false consistency.
(3) Na Meditation: Meditation passed away, depart for energy facilities treatment, and as the middle bar.
(4) The formula: The mind, the comments, the text, the sense, the voters have a nickname of nature.
(5) In accordance with the practice to practice, is a certified practitioner , called the practice.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUĐDHA.( 3 TIMES ). 

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