Friday, 16 September 2011

Thich Duy Luc

Of the sea

At that time, Ananda and the Buddha's teaching the public hearing, body and mind relax, think of the cortex, so far, lost the heart, smooth ball regardless of bare root causes and conditions, today enlightenment, such as child she drinks her milk suddenly met, Buddha's hands, would be heard as Lai appears nowhere expressed hope for picking real body and mind, the invention two such nature being killed and being killed right in front.

Then the king stood up white Pasedena Buddha:

- Formerly, I had not heard the Buddha's teachings, that fought four pagan Ca (observance of the law have not) and Pi Chi E La (serving the natural enlightened life satisfaction), all said this body after death cessation called Nirvana. Now even met the Buddha but still doubt, do not know how the new show room of the mind is not being killed, illegally present in every property we are looking forward with hearing.

Buddha said to King:

- His body here, now we ask him, the flesh is the same as vajra, no permanent damage or turn away?

- Bach Blessed! The damage variable relative impermanence of the matter has never died, but the concepts are deemed immediate memory forever, forever alone, gradually worn standard, like fire into ashes, the standards do not stop erosion, should know for certain body I will take this away.

Buddha said:

- Yes, great king! His age is now old and weak, so you face compared to childhood like?

- Bach Blessed! Old children are small, flesh and grass, into adulthood, blood gas wealth, this is old age, on further weakness, the sharp dry lean, mental fatigue, hair wrinkled face, no longer cover life Soon, how strong compared with their youth!

Buddha said:

- The right of where he suddenly passes!

- Bach Blessed! The transformed forever silent, the truth or not, winter is fleeting summer passed slowly to this. Why? When twenty years old, though called a child, but on the time you were older than ten, thirty years after it was shot over two decades, now has sixty-two, fifty than at the much weakened. Bhagavan, I felt the smooth move silently change the term of ten years, but if they consider carefully what I have to change it every 10 years! In fact, every year every change, until a month, every day, every hour, every moment of conception concepts such changes constantly, so that this body shall turn away so collectively.

Buddha said:

- He saw no cease forever transformed, enlightened know what to kill. So during the killing, he said in the body can not kill something reasonable?

King Pasedena white hands Buddha:

- I really do not know!

Buddha said:

- Now we just gave him such a character being killed. Great, he saw the Ganges River in what age?

King replied:

- At the age of three, mother and daughter to take me up the holiday spirit Pipa God, go across the river, when he knew the Ganges.

Buddha said:

- As he said, at twenty years old, was shot more than ten, sixty-concept idea to move the date changes each time. So three years old when he saw the river, then thirteen years, see the river, nature shows like?

King replied:

- Nature that just as three years, until this year was sixty-two had no other. (The petition which such changes being killed).

Buddha said:

- Now he was older than himself, he was sure to face more wrinkled when young, so now that the Ganges River Ganges to see the young, the old nature that is what affordable child?

- Bach Blessed! Not a!

Buddha said:

- On whether his message that the essential nature of reviews (see features) have never received, a message is variable, such messages are immutable; must surely turn away, not being killed constant capital. So what to get for his birth and death receive? Heresy, but also bring the other end of the regular four-sided, for a dead body after the killing!

The King Buddha, believes that Bon Kien was no cessation, quit this body will be another body, the public should be pleased unprecedented measures. Even then, Ananda got up immediately from the seats folded hands bowed, kneeling white Buddha:

- Bach Blessed! If the nature of this hearing was not seen being killed, why the Blessed One said we lost the feet of nature, act as crazy? Please Buddhist compassion, washed ceiling structure for us.

Immediately, Tathagata golden arm outstretched, fingers pointing down, told Ananda:

- Now you see it is the right hand or stirred?

Ananda replied:

- They are born to this island earth, which I shall not know how right, how the island.

Buddha told Ananda:

- If the world is the island for what they get done right?

Ananda replied:

- As Lai arms to the sky just called the district.

Buddha linked arms raised, saying:

- The emptiness that is right, the landscape is bare islands, nature shows no right, island, new ceiling right scene, the island, such as nature shows that now grace the landscape bare, was a crazy class. Still, the arguments often, arms down upon the body is right, just up arms against the island itself, and now the end opposite the first world, for upon that island, to reverse the district, the crazy multiples section. So bring your body with respect to the relative purity of the Tathagata is known, the body as the chief variable called Tri Lai, who called themselves the crazy nature. You shall consider carefully the body shop and Buddha, which is crazy for him, at any place called crazy?


Ie pure magic family law clarify the true center (original), reviews written material sense that is so amazing tri heart out (tip) of the primary root, the tip is the island, famous places such as sea foam, get the sea is right, get foam island. Ananda asked the Buddha: Do you see my hand is right or stirred? A Nan should then see where your online identity realize how right, how the island, there should be places for the right hand unto me, is the island. Like Bo Tu static coordinates in the cave, not seen by radical Dharmakaya Tathagata called Tri chief variable. Use your hands to eye As A Nan Lai, the chief distinction in place manually or stirred, he is hanging on to record mode, root out the tops, leave home district should have called the crazy nature.


Then Ananda mass stupor and see the Buddha did not blink, did not know where body and mind crazy, open Buddhist compassion and mercy Ananda mass, develop sound security tidal waters around the Society that:

- The good nam e! I would say the grace of mind and identity with the mental state (sad, happy, love, hate, etc. ..) the law of grace (ceiling scene) are due to turn out heart, body and mind of the wonderful character who is also the heart is out, so why are you lost a capital nature to the full light of mental magic, a mistaken love (eight) where the treatment (photo center) for a nature center, Yao Ming with her mother (wonderful breakfast show) become ignorance, ignorance does not turn into good, ignorance is to turn, not as good of variables, function variables of the four great harmony, the identity of foreign medical reports, identity confusion with delusions of a mind being, the identity of the district local newspaper, thought (delusions), general (expected identity) to the body, maintain body and mind photography is the eighth, coastal convergence is moved inside of Saturday, the scene outside the lines traveling as of Friday, from ignorance to start processing outlook outlook charming ceiling, but getting this whirring general disturbance, confusion in the mind for self-identity is itself, no body knows best, mountains and rivers, nowhere to land are the material is so wonderful for swimming, such as left hundreds of thousands of sea, only to get a bubble that covers all sea water, as well as people, their own Initiative, is in place to discern right hand islands, it is more love love it. As Lai said the guys are so merciful.

A Nan received the compassion of the Buddha's profound teachings, Buddha tears white hands that:

- Although I hear amazing sounds, realized that the future permanent place of wonderful fulfillment center that the center currently using phan coast heard the sermon of the Buddha, even enlightened mind, but do not dare to be the center, forward Buddhist Abhidharma mercy open market, except for root extractions of children suspected to be the supreme direction.

Buddha told Ananda:

- The user now also used to listen to the legal mind phan coast, so this is grace, not nature illegal. As well as pointing users to other persons viewing the moon, he should get a finger to the moon; if your fingers look for the moon shall not only miss the moon, will not just your fingers. Why? Because the finger is the moon, not only do not know the finger, it did not distinguish between light and dark. Why? Because the very essence of nature is finger light of the moon, the two generals were not clear at this morning. The people, too, if the language used to distinguish the sense of our lectures, to the heart of the people, then this must leave the sound discrimination, discrimination separate identity. For example, pedestrians stay hotel, temporary stay and go, do not be permanent, and the director of the hotel from going anywhere, so-called. Now also, if the feet of the mind (all) the people they need to go out, why leave the sound of nature could not have distinguished themselves? So, regardless of sound mind the face of this, leave the sights of nature could not have distinguished themselves until there's no discrimination, no non non-identity, the four pagan confusion for The detachment is De Minh (god-self). If you leave the karmic law of nature can have no self-interest regardless of the nature of space you have paid for, what to take home?

A Nan said:

- If the nature of human mind has its returns, then the magic light of heart said unto me, so there was no room to return? Please Buddhist compassion, open market for children.

Buddha told Ananda:

- Now you see it is crystal clear by the comments (period II), these comments are not the magic crystal clear mind (First quarter), forced said Monday as the moon, nor the moon's shadow The first way. You pay attention to hear, now we will specify the place could not return. A Nan, as here, the large open hall, the morning sun rises, the dark moonless night; where there is information of the anchor, a place with walls, then congestion, regardless of the charming place where nothing is empty, dust floating up, it was gloomy, the rain stopped and saw the sky-lit bar, A Nan, who considered the general transformations, we now return you of it! Sao-called human? The general transformations, solar light returns, why? Since there is no bright sun, the sun bright, the sun should return, return at night without the moon, through the return of the anchor, returns the wall block, distinguishing grace returns, returns empty nothingness , gloomy return to dust, rain stops bright return, all the world is not out of this kind, it is essential that reviews the eight items listed above that you pay to go? If paying for such light is not lit at night can see, that's not possible to distinguish light and dark, while the other seven just like that. These returns are of course not you, I can not pay for, not who are you? So what I know which center you clean, you automatically lost the mental confusion, doomed to reincarnation, I often went rolling over birth and death, the Tathagata says is worthy of mercy!

A Nan said:

- I did not even know this character could return, but how do we know the true nature of children?

Buddha told Ananda:

- I ask you, now you have attained wealth illegally, by force of Buddhist gods, the realm that superficially there is hesitation, that a Norwegian law that realm as I see Ms. Ma La Yem left in the hands, the Bodhisattva that hundreds of thousands of planes, the ultimate ten Tathagata Buddha of numerous national, not where not see around, that power is not being seen by so few miles. A Nan, this one with you to see the palace of the Four Heavenly Gods, from there on down, look all around the image brightness of nowhere, the water and ashore, are unobstructed ceiling where the money regardless, this is thought who distinguish themselves in seeing whether the order of nature is seen, which is a material object? A Nan, that the ultimate strength of the people, from the moon to Kim Son That, consistent with all considered, though there is enough light are objects, not for you, gradually see the clouds, birds, wind dynamic, floating dust, to mountains and rivers, land and the animals, she is ... are objects, not for thee. Ananda, the nature objects near and far despite the differences, but are so crystal clear opinions of people that see. Then the animals themselves have no difference that another character comments, the comments of this card is the magic crystals that thy nature.

- If the purity of the material, then you can also find reviews of our fine, if the fine comments that call to see me, now I do not see, why do not you see that's not our place? If that is not found our place, then the minister did not see, and if not find an area that's not me, of course, the purity of non-material, why not you?

- If the purity of the material, the material nature also see, you see things, things you saw, it can confuse people and nature with all the world we can not establish security. A Nan, if you see that time ye shall see, is the same throughout nature that is not who are you? Why self-awareness of people to think feet are not feet, but for the truth in us?


Why say ye ants is essential to animals? If the purity is the purity of our material is also seen people, but the truth is the purity of our people can not see.

If we see people say that, at the same show is essential that our comments, so now we can see, you've seen it, we did find time, but you also have to see, but the fact it did so.

To say that is used at the show to see, you did not see that as something to use, called that spot that's not me, it has not found himself, for something to see the minister not see that? If the minister did not see the other show you are, that is, that minister, the minister did not see. So says not see our place, certain people can not see; at me like that, you have never been able to see it at the show did not see, see and not see all the ants could not only essential, so Reviews of our crystal clear intangible. Purity of our material is non-essential comments of some people is immaterial. Ye have purified the intangible things are not the place, how can not you? This is something that never used to see things unravel charged comments. If you can see the purity of the purified material is so, how is that an object made up of thousands all realms of the world.


- Bach Blessed! If nature is sure that children, not for anyone else, when you see the Tathagata and the palace of the Four Heavenly Kings and the moon, is the same throughout the realms of nature that I Ba, the Vihara retreat, only to see the temple garden, found only in front of the auditorium lobby. Bhagavan, that such identity, the nature of capital across a Take off your outer, now in the room, only one room, so is the big draw of nature that small, or by making the separation wall? Now I do not know what this means, would clarify the Buddha of compassion.

Buddha told Ananda:

- All things big and small inside and outside the earth belongs to the ceiling amount, not to say that seeing is elastic, such as squares within squares that have nothing, we asked you: Nowhere square within a certain square is square or not certain? If a certain square, round face, then put back nothing that can not fulfill, and if not given within the square, then there is nothing square. You say do not know what this means, so that nature, what is what anymore! A Nan, if you'd like to see displayed no charm, just remove a square except, nothing which may not have the charm, do not say "get rid of the general square of nothing" (for example mold expectations discrimination, nowhere example for the heart).

- Just as you asked: When I saw the drawing room for smaller, so when looking at the sun must be pulled by the sun to see the stars? If you build walls to make the show are separated, so when cut a small hole, why not find traces of the show connected? This means not right. All living from the cortex, so far, I love the character, the mind lost, as things turn around, so large that a small saw. If the material is transferred to the Tathagata, the VTP sat motionless, body and mind filled with clear round, including the top ten countries of a feather.

- Bach Blessed! If this is the purity of human nature, the magic in front of this nature; wonderful human nature was the human body and mind is something?

- If the said body and mind this is not nature wonderful body and mind to distinguish truth or substance; if said front are wonderful nature, then the other comments why not essential to distinguish human body?

- To say the purity of the invisible, which is the same as the material itself, there arises the new touch the other, it is the heart of the children, they must show me now, so comments are really essential immediate children, even this body are not human, then the purity was outside the body, so called magic of human nature? There are different Tathagata cottage that formerly were asked: "Material that is mine"? Mong Buddhist vision of compassion for those who have not realized.

Buddha told Ananda:

- Now you say in front of the purity, that is not right. If truth in front of people that you really see, the reviews of this crystal has the facilities, not not work out. Now I sit with you in the woods States, see power lines across forests and streams, the period from Sunday, as the Ganges River, you go in the court of Leo I, indicating all sorts of hands that minister, is a cool place forest, the sun bright, the walls prevent problems, information is nowhere, until the plants, only blinds, although other sizes, as many have pointed out the Minister shall have been. If the purity of truth in front of you, then you must manually specify what the reality is purified. A Nan should know, if nothing is knowledge which is fine, then nothing? If the object is what is the purity of the material? You go where the analysis of thousands more, just to see what it crystal clear his comments, apparently the same as the character, not to be confused!

A Nan said:

- Also in this hall; overlooking the river Ganges, on the date periods, depending on where the eyes and hands only, what things are only opinions but not essential. Revered as the Buddha said; not only the rudiments of Thanh Van organic contraband, such as us, for the Bodhisattva, would not be in the tens of thousands of subjects indicated that the purity of all animals leave private nature.

Buddha said:

- Yes! Yes!

Buddha told Ananda to:

- In the words you say, there is the purity of all animals leave private nature, then in the things that people only, none is purified. I told this to people: you and Tathagata States sitting in the forest, watching from the woods to-date periods, forms, kinds of difference, there is certain comments just fine for people, who invent things as where opinions on what not essential?

Ananda replied:

- The view across the forest States, which really did not know what not purified. Why? If the tree is not the purity of why that tree? If the tree is fine, the comments should not be called a tree; so until nothing if not essential, why ants found nothing? If damage is not essential, then such comments should be called nothing. Con to consider carefully, invented in the universe who do not object to such opinions count.

Buddha said:

- Yes! Yes!

Then, the very school in order not to hear the Buddha told them that, first bewildered tail did not understand that this argument has lost knowledge from the past now, suddenly felt frightened,

As Lai said they fear anxiety, born of mercy, comfort and mass Ananda:

- The good nam e, the true words of the Supreme Dharma King no such false expectations, as of such theories, not as the first four immortal heresy sweep of four disorders of the regular Mac, you consider carefully, do not lose confidence!

Why not know the first bewildered by the tail this means? As said before, neither the purity of character, after all is said purified material; before saying the magic nature of money, then it says can not point out, the bewildered lost the logic of this ancient knowledge from it.

"In the true words, such as the theory of" etc. .. ie five terms in the Kinh Kim Cang. Buddhist theory of language feet is common sense with redundant binary (with birth and death to kill, a nirvana for control); t grain is common sense to the Bodhisattva (Mahayana sense, samsara and nirvana are like flowers spotted in the air) ; as the language is such that with three extra (can not infer wisdom, words can not express) very very very spoiled; very damaged so any crazy language (no lie), very true to real bed ( see before the call is not to force them). Here only two words "no hope" to include.

She said Sa Reviews: Foreign direct permanent attachment called heaven Immortality, for "such meeting need" the heavens was born, if it did not know that answer mopping, mopping fear of disorder, should anyone ask, the answer that " Word of confidentiality should not exaggerate, "or meet such regulations. Buddha rebuked that they really are next to this disorder.


At that time, the French prince Manjushri mercy from us, immediately got up from the seat, pay homage to Buddha's feet, his hands reverently white Buddha that:

- The Mass in this enlightened two such means Thi, Phi Thi with the purity and charging of the Tathagata appears just described. Bhagavan, the phenomenon where identity is not imminent, if the ants must be pointed out is fine, if not essential, the ants can not see. Now that he did not know why this should be scary but not because its old base general lack of good, compassionate look unto me, inventing things, and reviews the crystal, in which no other South and South Africa which is the object What?

Manjusri Buddha and Great We:

- Ten ways Tathagata Bodhisattva and Great place right on the head itself, leaving the base ceiling, ants crystal (performance reviews) with no color (of opinions), that features, statues, of which no idea was there, as well as flower spot the air, so the purity and identity which is not possible in light of clear Supreme Bodhi, why is South or South Africa in it? Manjushri, now I ask you, as you are Manjushri, there is no Market Manjushri Manjushri Manjushri reasonable or South Africa?

- Bach Blessed! Yes, the feet are Manjushri, Manjushri such Market. Why? If there are two Manjusri Market News, which has no such right Manjushri, which really did have two generals and South Africa.

Buddha said:

- The petition with Yao Ming and green ceiling and nowhere are such, which is feet clear mind, full of clean round of Supreme Bodhi, the best prospects and no written comments, as the Second quarter, so which one is marketing periods, periods which is Africa? Manjushri, only a quarter feet, of which no South African monthly periods. So now you invented all sorts of opinions and exit crystal ceiling, called a delusion, not to point out South or South Africa. Because magic crystals lucid awareness so that people are beyond the "just and non-only" way.

A Nan Buddhist prospectus that:

- Just as the French King said, The Enlightenment world of the ten directions, but permanent stations, nature not being killed. So with the approval of four Minh De La Ca Sa Pi and outsiders say is the same throughout the ten randomly chooses what difference? Bhagavan has taught at Mount Lankavatara This means that for Hue University: "We often say pagan nature, causes and conditions that theory, not their realm." I considered this a natural awareness of this non-killing non born, separated from all the frantic damage prospects, apparently not predestined, so compared to the theory of pagan nature of pirates like? Please Buddhist revelation to us from the four fall into evil, is the true clear awareness of mental magic.

Buddha told Ananda:

- Now we use the true means of such a revelation for you, you are not enlightened, it is natural for mistakes. Ananda, if they make the natural order must specify the consideration of natural, human or restaurant reviews in the comments what it is, what to order can take? Exposure can do themselves or get themselves up to be? Take an empty can not do themselves or get themselves can do to prevent bits? If the light is not visible itself is dark, if not empty itself will not be able to see short bits, so if you get the minister to make itself up, when light, nature that has the killing, sees bright stars ?

A Nan said:

- If the nature of this condition not naturally present invention is the predestined by birth, but the heart remains unknown. Tathagata Ask: How does this new definition of the nature of conditions?


- You speak of conditions, we asked you, now you people see the purity of which character is money, so it's something that's light or dark can you see that? No replication of stop bits to see or have seen?

- A Nan, if the light is that it can not show up and if people show up there will not be able to see light. So until's empty, people stop bits, are the same as light and dark.

- Again, A Nan, the purity of this charming coastal light or dark can you see that? Coast is empty or coastal compartment that bit you see?

- A Nan, if grace is empty compartment that will not be able to see bits and if you see the charming stop bits can not see emptiness. So am coast to coast up, are the same as empty and stop bits.

- Should know what he is feeling the non-coastal, non-natural, non-real nature. Phi Phi and Real Radio, Radio South Africa and the South, leave all the generals, are all legal. Now, who stars in it used to observe the famous general interest chase theater review of the world, regardless of expected departure, as well as hand grasp nothing, just work hard themselves, do nothing for you to catch?

- Bach Blessed! If the non-non-intelligent ants wonderful grace, why the Blessed One would say that the Bhikkhu: Emptiness that includes all four No. predestined, that is not human, of light, the human heart, human eye, so this means how ?

Buddha said:

- One theory of the general causes and conditions of the world not to post that. A Nan, we asked you: the world says, "I see", so called to see how, how did that call?

Ananda replied:

- The world through light and light-date period, see all the generals called that, unless there are three things in this light will not be able to see.

- A Nan, if the light was not called like that, they could not show up, if that is not lit up, why not call that?

- A Nan, if not see light at night is not called that; that morning that I have not called like that, then the two generals have called such dark and light shows.

- Do both light and dark Minister himself took another win, not that thy nature is temporarily unavailable. So both are found, I say not see?

- A Nan should know, during that morning, the purity of not bright in that dark time, the purity of not dark; in the crystal at that opinions not empty empty; in at that stop bits, not purified stop bits, this means four things such funds available.

- Back you should know: Kien to spend time, non-vision ants, ants by the glass ants, ants disability access , why speak of conditions, and general natural harmony? Hang Thanh Van poor location as you narrow mind, no real communication in general clean, now we teach people to think smart, be diligent effort, directed straight to the wonders of Bodhi.


Two letters Ants Ants is the opinions themselves is, no energy reviews, establishment reviews, Buddha explained thoroughly in this second book, and if capable of, are comments from the cortex, disease and capable visual enhancements are sick. Because the sense of such comments in a new disease called ants ants , ie ants nature. Not the nature of comments, so it has power to ants ants nature, so at reviews reviews ( Kien to spend time ), but not even say ants are ants ( Kien non-vision) , because there is prejudice and power of ants, so ants are said to leave comments (comments by comments ly ), because she could not see the comments, it said Kien disability access .


- Bach Blessed! Buddha because we represent the general view of conditions, natural harmony and not harmony, the mind is not known, told that this Kien Kien Kien Africa, to make you even more confusion, the Buddha would open bow compassion, open market for us is pure magic mind clear.

Finished, tears bowed, listening to the teachings of the Buddha glass.

Then, Ananda Bhagavan mercy and mass, about opening lecture of charge (one set of measures, lead necessarily mean), the practice of magic way of meditation Tam Ma De, told Ananda that:

- You remember, or even, but more extensive study hearing the many, for the contemplation of legal Sa Ma tha magic of the mind is not known, people pay attention to hear this, because you're going to open the market each grade, Property also made counterfeit goods will be of future results Bodhi.

- Ananda, all beings are doomed to reincarnation, is expected by two distinguished crazy ants, which immediately arises, then the business day rotation. What is the expected two opinions?

- Business Special One is expected reviews of beings.

- Two reviews are expected isomers being.

- Sao called the Special Business outlook comments?

- A Nan! As the eye to the world, that light at night, particularly with iridescent football coverage. How the Italian people? The football is where this light is the color of the lamp or the color of the purity?

- If the color of light, then why did the people not to see, but only people to see this football? If the color of the purity, the purity has a color, to see football, the other is called what?

- A Nan Again! If you leave the lights separately with football, then when looking through the front, furniture, football is a must have, if leave comments alone are not football, the eye can see, so do people to see football again?

- Be aware, in which light colors, because the affected eye can see football, football, and what are patients to see, to see who is not sick; not to say football is so light, is found, or say no to not seeing the lights.

- For the Second quarter as neither nature, nor the shadow of the First quarter. Why? Because the newly rubbed his eyes with moon II. The location should not be prosecuted for the II quarter is not shadow or silhouette, is purified or not purified, because it is born by rubbing the eyes, then the ball is round, too, the eyes closed creation, and now want to call what is the color of light, which is the color of the purity? Case distinction is expected birth, the color is not light, not the color of the purity of the U?

Sao called The Division reviews prospects?

- A Nan! In this realm Saha, except the sea, the land in Africa is composed of three thousand, in the middle of a great European, East-West consists of two thousand three hundred and outside the sub-continent in the middle of the sea or from two hundred to Three hundred countries, or from one or two to forty, fifty countries. A Nan, such as including a sub-continent, only two countries, the country's sympathy ill grace, making the country the planes such that all healing, as the evil minister by Nhut moon, stars and gas sun is out, etc. .. This country just to see everything so evil minister, while other nations will never again hear the evil generals see it.

- A Nan, because now we bring you two of the above comparison clearly: As expected there being distinct business reviews, find out where the ball round the lights, although there seems to be in front of the scene, but the capital was found by eye to which the order is patient reviews, not the color of creation, but who see no comments to the patient (knowing Buddha nature is still ill, to see the Buddha nature of all new patients).

- As people today, I saw mountains and rivers using land and living beings, are the comments from the cortex, the disease has become. Why? Because of that and of that power, so like the scene out front, like a clever sense of grace you see something of the order.

- The feeling that power is a mistake, "Taking intelligent visual interest" is nature, the capital was not feeling sick, feeling capable of new sensory disease. If duties are not in the patient feeling, that the true Ants Ants (ie ants nature). Reviews nature, what was also called Kien, Literature, Enlightenment, Tri again!

- So now you see me, see you and all beings that are caused by medical opinions, if not the patient who has opinions, what was the true opinions, such patients should not be character called Kien.

- A Nan! Hope reviews isomer of the country, as well as the Company's expectations of a Special reviews. The other eye is to see football career because of being different; the country that the reason the department is not healthy by the general public to create business. Both are comments from the cortex, the disease has become.

- All living realms Saha, up to ten countries contraband property, are very clear as to bring the magic of the mind contraband, along with patient expectations of the historic coastal damage, written, visual, intellectual, harmonious outlook of life, e harmony expectations. If you are separated from the grace of harmony and not harmony, then eliminate the ones of birth and death, nature itself is full of such beings kill Bodhi, should be of the mind in a permanent sense.

- A Nan! Whether you've enlightened sense of what you, the nature of non-coastal non-natural, but this is less clear sense of harmony not by birth, nor should not mix. A Nan, we use the pre-hearing people ask, now you also have the delusion nature predestined harmony of the world where self-doubt, back to the Bodhi mind is because of integration arise. So the wonderful comments sophisticated in this clean air is mixed with the light or dark? Harmony with information or a record with congestion?

- If the air with light, bright, when you see the money, where the purity of alternating upside? General that there can be distinguished, the general picture is mixed fight like?

- If not, how the purity of that light? If the purity is essential, how to find the purity comments?

- If comments are fine where they filled the air with light? If the light still filled the air with nowhere to fine reviews. Be different from the purity of light, when mixed light flipped the loss of nature, if nature takes the morning, said the morning air is not right. Dark air, air communication, air congestion that is the same.

- Again, A Nan! Purity of the people are with breakfast or with dinner? With information or with congestion?

- If with light, when evening light was killed minister, the ants can not with this fine evening, how did that night? If not at that dinner with the night, when with the morning light nor see. Did not see light, I am speaking with, and know not the light up? The dark, the message, the meaning is the same block.

- Bach Blessed! As I thought, what a sensation with the bare landscape and the mind is not harmonious thoughts.


- Now you are not back to harmony, we asked you, the comments of this fine, if not harmony, is not mixed with light or dark with no air? No information or not mixed with air to block?

If not mixed with light, then purified with the light must have boundaries, so watch where you consider that light? Where is the purity? Between the purity of the light, the boundary where?

- A Nan! If opinions where no light is bright and fine crystal such comments have come together, how to see the minister to establish a bright line? Dark air, air communication, air congestion that is the same.

- Again, the opinions of the person, if not harmony, is not in harmony with the light or dark did not get along with? Not with such information or with congestion?

- If not with light, the crystal with light two opinions contradictory nature, as well as your ears can not exposed to the light, then I do not know where that is the general light, how clear the rational consideration or not where? The dark, the message, the meaning is the same block.

- A Nan! You still unclear where all the money illusory Minister ceiling, depending on where the birth of conditions, the predestined killing took place, the nature of this outlook general failure of capital illusory visual clarity is wonderful, so warm for up to five, continental type, binary cross country, cross world cup, because the harmony of conditions, failure is expected to be born, disintegration of conditions, failure is expected to be killed, but did not know which future is past being killed has increased as well what he called a permanent, real estate cycle member (same throughout space), feet like magic nature, where nature often find feet past the future, encounter love, being killed are impossible attained.


- Five Star says the Tathagata Warm Tibetan capital, as well as Noble identity feet?


- A Nan! For example, a user eye clean, bright look of nowhere only emptiness, nothing really, he does not look quite a place when such a flash, long looked tired eyes and saw the spot where flowers nowhere ( Flower colors warm spot for example), or that the Minister whirring false. Be aware too warm colors.

- A Nan! These spots such flowers out of nothing, nor from his eyes. If out of nothing, surely must be in vain, if not out in the nowhere. If nothing is not nothing natural can not tolerate being killed spotted flowers in general, as well as bodies such Ananda Ananda tolerate one another.

- If the flowers from the eye to spot it right back into his eyes; if from my eyes, surely there must be awareness that, if a character that, when turning on, should have seen the eyes. If such a nature that, when out of nowhere was clouded, obscured when the right eye. However, when that flower spots, probably not blurred out, so why say that nothing new is called bright eyes clean? Know damage prospects warm colors, which not nature's grace, nor wild nature.

2. CAPITAL dialect you were born

- A Nan! For example, a person healthy limbs, body conditioning, peaceful life, forgetting the reversible, no reason he removed his hands together, the general outlook being smooth, hissing, cold, hot spots hands . So that warm feeling too.

- A Nan! What is illusory tactile (feeling warm touch for example), not out of nothing, nor from his hands. A Nan, if from out of nowhere, came into contact with the hands, why not contact with the body? Perhaps nowhere no option to know where to contact u?

- If the hands do not need to wait out the hands of the new tactile; again, was from his hands, hands together, said at a tactile, hands apart at the touch must be running on, that bone marrow, arms must also know that traces of touch when on. If there is to know the mind knows, there must be a character walking in the trunk, do not need to wait two hands before the call is exposed!

- It is expected that spoiled a warm feeling, which is not the nature of conditions, nor wild nature.

3. You were born the AM CAPITAL

- A Nan! For example, to hear people say apricot sour saliva is secreted, climbing high, think of your foot monster, (monster saliva and warm thoughts for instance), so that idea too warm.

- A Nan! The language is not sour left open, nor from the mouth. If left open, the apricot self talk, where people say wait? From mouth to mouth if they have to hear, what needs to wait for the headset? If only the ear can not hear the stars from ear saliva flow? Imagine yourself climbing the same. Know damage perfect warm prospects, which neither causal nature, nature nor natural.


- A Nan! For example, flowing water (water for Operation Warm example), the wave series, the previous layer after layer of such excess from each other, so that Operation Warm, too.

- A Nan! Nature such as water damage is not caused by birth, not by the country that, not of the essence, nor separated from nowhere and water.

- If the damage is not born of the ten directions are endless void of endless water, and the natural world have sunk all. If so, water is water that has power, under-water is, two different general nature of the water would not be water and if water is the nature of the water in silence, when neither the self- of water. If the water is separated from nowhere and there is nothing inside and outside the capital, and foreign to no water. Knowing the expected warming damage, not nature's charming capital, nor wild nature.


- A Nan! For example, someone took a jar (the jar for example body enterprises), the filled nowhere (nowhere to form a warm example), seal the jar given to bring thousands of miles away from other countries, should be aware of sounds as well .

- A Nan! Nowhere is not from the other place, nor from this method. If from the other, in the case mean nothing was taken, then the other must be missing nothing. If from this method, you open the jar, then pour out of nowhere to be found. Know of nowhere warm prospects, which have no causal nature, nature nor natural.


Trung Quan Discussion with that verse:

The law did not order delivery,
birth nor forgiven,
plus such inhuman example,
So say you were born .

Why not say the legal order of birth? Because of conditions have to wait a new harmony is born. Why not say tha birth? Because there are charming nature. Why say no plus delivery? Because there is self and others, plus what to get? Sao said such inhuman beings? So can the magic light of the mind, to the practice appears to be a new enlightened present, such a natural. So, knowing all things in the world which is you were born, because no reason for being so.

If all enlightened beings, the Sac dhammas as flower spots rubbed his eyes see not; Tho as to remove the hand being the smooth touch, hissing, cold, hot; Ideas such as apricots heard secrete saliva; Acts as the water flow, not being capable of being (not the power delivery, not the country of birth); consciousness as a full container of nowhere, for example industrial average body, for example expectations of nowhere. The awareness is not, and throughout the legal world, the love of knowledge is a vain hope in a bottle, jar stuffed bits expected assigned to the allergic example, in a foreign, in fact the average only one bottle out of nowhere (example for a capital nature and can form), nothing past no future for nature such example being killed. Qualifying industrial average, expected instance of nowhere, run by professional drag mode, nothing like bringing the container to other countries, for example around the continental director, resigned reincarnation.

Continental integration, cross country Second, the bowl's Cross, to great length in the book, are clear that this (Capital Radio France Van Sanh).



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