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According to the "Four Noble Truths" of Buddhism, suffering and sorrow for our species include: 84,000 suffering, to be divided into eight categories: birth, decay, disease, suffering Tu, Ai separation (Trade together but apart), Oan up meeting (which must meet hate each other), any prime Bridge (Mong bridge which is not) and size of slag Phonetics (5 Aggregates too mature). The life, everyone wanted the a love to be FUN , I hate FORMAT . However, the ancients have said: "Hate that's what heaven's hand"! . So in life, when he was young and beautiful to ugly and old at death, if you will notice that the floating suffering afflictions come to us make up a high rate, we can say with: 80%, while fun, only about 15% to 20% is the same. Why, you see how there is the case no!? In fact, live in realms TA BA suffering this much more fun!. Therefore, He His Shariputra to pay homage to German revered for opening the display indicates all the way to escape suffering affliction. Germany WORLD Ton says: * "sensations are three types: "pleasant sensations", "unpleasant feelings" (suffering) and "sensations are not pleasant nor unpleasant." All three of these feelings have their roots roots in the body, or in the mind and perception. Thanks a student can kill life as well as any psychological phenomena and physical. Therefore, he must use the reflection method . Because only new insight can see the nature and origin of the sensations, whether they are "lost life" (happy), "hard life" or "social life" (no pain no fun). Seeing the Origin of the sensations and, we will see NATURE of feelings. You will find sensations also impermanent and selfless nature (no self-customizable variable is conditioned) as all the measures (things) other. The birth and death of eventually will not work, not be the dominant one. Most of all, the affliction of suffering we derive from our wrong perceptions of "reality" . uprooted roots was more wrong, are suffering distress is why this exists. Germany Bhagavan teaches continued: "You should know, aware of the full human errors (si). Van law Supreme which is NORMAL ; all things Unknowing NGA is that for NGA . It's ignorance . Ignorance is the source of suffering and sorrow. Tu file Emancipation Act, which is to eradicate ignorance . of this, he could only practice in legal contemplation not be able to practice by worship, prayer, and economic order. " Through the Lord Buddha's teachings above, you see how? worship, prayer, and economic self eradicate the suffering is not suffering if it does not kill, why today there are many spiritual practices that every professional Emancipation worship, prayer, and economic order, do not y on Buddha said above!? -So , would not it be, because today is the degenerate era, the new practice derailed about that? For does, because they have no "Good Knowledge" guide shown the way? And would not it be because they reflect not see the 100% is NOT like The Hoang Ba has opened up? (The HOANG BA is HY TRANSPORT Prophet said: "An object is divided into 100 parts, if you observe that 99 of the AUTHORS , is NOT , is a part that is LOST is YES , then the object (law) but this whole (100%) is LOST , is YES ! ") . By the way, I told him the story of a great part-time execution who is Su Dongpo and Zen Master Play in background for you: "One day Zen Master Play in background is clean packing in the rod back in the Su Dongpo to play. Instead, in the living room, currents PHA went straight to the staff. Seeing, Zen Master Play in background says: "In this there is no seating, General public get anything to sit here?" Su Dongpo replied: "No seat, then took the body seat of the Zen masters do. " Zen Master Play in background says: "I have a question, if General public response is, feel free to direct yourself to get seats. There is no such meeting, shall be suspended wire Ngoc Dai the temple, have not I? ". Su Dongpo agree. Zen Master Play in background questions: "Four capital, the five aggregates are not there, then Minister of sitting where?". Su Dongpo was no response, type Ngoc Dai wire to hook to the temple.. " Why, now you have the view as the view of Su Dongpo or Zen master MINH DISTRICT , or German Clerk To see: "The Best Radio Physics Lai" (Until now no an object) is not? If there is no vision, I see this, how well break ignorance , to cessation of the "feelings" , the sixth base in contact with 6 ceiling (form, sound, taste, touch, France ) or Natural colors real name lobe (five sensual pleasures of the world!? virtually cut off the AI (= tanha, craving) of conditions in Thap Nhi said: Ignorance born ACTS , ACTS students FORMS , FORMS birth IDENTITY LIST , LIST SAC students at the entry , LUC DEATH . (biomass Mon). When 6 units (Brand, Turkey, Rate, Damage, Body, Italy) followed EXPOSURE with 6 ceiling (form, sound, taste, touch, France) was born sensation , leading to LOVE Hate it . LOVE (Ai), then GET A HOLD (participating), Hate is disposed (a) create new businesses (Friends), so it must continue to reincarnate of birth, so that his death ... as the ball depending on the continue not constant, forming the orbit 360 large round as a wheel, so-called wheel. Now, to get out of Reincarnation, you must find the sensation (feeling resented) is only a phenomenon is born there is death, which then lost it, it says it is impermanent and not-self . And carried one step further, to see it (feeling) as well as all the measures (things) others are NOT , that they just HAVE FAKE (Minister of grace), just like Germany HUE ENERGY GROUP EXHIBIT, Su Dongpo and Thich Minh Chanh have seen that. For example, your eyes see a rose, if you know Red flowers grace the option that turns out, know that it was James, not to what must have. That was not real, what is different from NO , do not we do? If you find doa Red flowers are things ARE FAKE , is NO , then you first have to start distinguishing concept: Nice or Bad for the loss of what to do! When irrespective beautiful or ugly, what is mindfulness LOVE or mindfulness hate to start up. If, had no idea WISH or hate roses started up, then your mind then how, the feeling like? Is it reasonable, then you FEEL not suffering, unhappy , but it is the heart of Purity , so that you have mastered yourself and be yourself in when faced with external sense, is not it!? However, there are three equally important things, that the clearly you need to know, if religious purity for 6 or legal basis for contemplation: 1.-The majority of people today, are only interested in matters spiritual than material. Will you be able to turn back steps for floating material such as Finance, Sac, Danh, Do, Thuy ... No? 2-The third one: food, clothing and sleeping are not lacking a bit, the Buddha called it "trivial deficiency " . you can not afford? 3.-Do you dare to cut yourself in loving cup, to the jungles or in temples or meditation hall is not? In addition, you should also adds this: " Thanks Removal of LIFE is to cut the AI (education), if successful, one will close the so-called evidence: "BODY PART SECTION FROM" and design is the result Arhat. And like a Buddha (Supreme supreme sense), you have y on the expression CLEANING COMPLETE LIST of legal Thap Nhi predestined . That is: there his death was due to BIRTH . It is because there Sanh BUSINESS (PROPERTY )..... Which Industry is due to ignorance . Thus, the origin of samsara is ignorance . But ignorance here is what, where and how can destroy it, invite you to see all "TU Meditation TREATMENT CENTER IS A DISEASE " will clear. NOTE : (*) Center is ThanhTinh mind mindfulness arises when there is no basis to the scene, Kinh Kim Cang said: "There is no place to which the center head it." (Application wealth head office, children born term care).END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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