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Seven methods to Enlightenment
(That sensory information)

Thich Thien Bao

A. Introduction

G IAO of Buddhism is considered one of the experimental teaching, to address the problems of man, bringing people from the bondage of suffering caused by man-made, and it became a means , or a method of helping people get out of the impasse in life that people encounter, in other words, the doctrine of Buddhism is the remedy for all diseases, therefore we often heard: "We have being sick, multilateral Buddhism" (being more patient, Buddhism also has many more drugs for various diseases). That is seven more visual approach to help get rid of the expectations being deluded concept to gain awareness of life.

B. Contents

Definition I-
seven Factors of Enlightenment (satta sambojjhanga) = The Seven Factors of Enlightenment, also known as the Bodhi Decor, Chinese direct translation is Enlightenment (the path to enlightenment), one legal victory (paramattha dhamma) assistant director of product are 37 Buddha mentioned in the Noble Truth. That is seven more sense to practice methods to help practitioners attain enlightenment, liberation achieved direct results.
II-The contents of the seven Factors of Enlightenment
1) - Trach sensory legal expenses (Dhammavicaya sambojjhanga):
Trach is selected choices, the practice is legal, property law is the law chosen spiritual practice that are consistent with the level of his own apartment. It also helps people realize wisely to identify, correctly choosing the method with his own contract, so therefore the position Sensei often says: "Drugs do not have quarter-way, a medicine or cure, there is no cut-French restaurants (fast, slow), where the magic is legal. " Choose the correct direction to go with the Dhamma is that we have made ​​more sense the spirit of property law. In business About Sa Di Cross said: "The suffering in hell, the donkeys, camels carrying heavy is not suffering, not find new direction is really suffering." People want a right thought (a true reflection) to practice property law, because this is a method of analysis, inference realize the true value. Buddhism in view of self-confidence must be filtered through the mind is called right understanding (the understanding of a righteous way), this Buddha said: "Believe me I do not understand is that our libel" .
In economic Kamala (Increase Chi I), the Buddha said: "Do not trust anything that even reminded to always hear. Do not believe anything that it is a practice the ancient past to again. Do not believe what any clichés or something that people talked about too. Do not believe anything, whether it is the writings of ancient sages told us to leave a message. Do not believe anything that even under the force of teachers or missionaries. All true, according to its own heuristics and after confirming the obvious, consistent with common sense, make happy own and happiness to everyone that it is the truth and try to live the truth. " The ancients often says: "Better a thousand years without treatment, more than a minute mistake." Forest Health Organization said: "A concept trench isolation, mysterious ways Heaven and Earth" (a concept leaves far, far from heaven and earth). If we choose the wrong path true dharma is not hard to find the life you want. So the blame is more visual element method to help students of Buddhism recognize a
clear conscious choice on the path of dharma practice.
2) - Niem sensory information (Sati sambojjhanga):
Mindfulness is remembered thinking, feeling is awareness. Sensory memory is always remembered more awareness. This is the method the Buddha refers to helping people develop wisdom, and whose functions do not prompted for the expected launch concept. As we know, thoughts are causes for human experience and degeneration, it is a significant step obstacle to developing insight, to disperse the power of the mind.
In contrast, mindfulness helps us have a clear perception of things through these phenomena are impermanent, suffering, selfless life, the changing concept of education, we look for changes in judgments of the mind in each moment being killed , clearly see the evil thoughts, have a correct perception (right view) and thus we realize the truth of the law. Mindfulness helps us feeling more alert in any situation when faced with the reality of life.
3) - The spending tons of sense (Virya sambojjhanga):
Tinh tons more sense as an attempt to alert professionals to the net direction or exclude from, the administrative law makes insight is developed, even though we have a lofty ideal but the lack of focused effort and persistence (effort) is difficult to achieve the aspiration. The philosopher Huxley said: "The supreme purpose of life is action, not mere knowledge." Therefore effort is the most important factor in implementing the ideals of enlightenment liberation; lack of diligence, self-efforts to create inner strength can not fight the enemy suffering. Full of vivid images under the Bodhi tree when Shakyamuni Buddha bowl of milk used by Sujata, then threw his bowl of milk down the river in boats and Ni The great vows: "Although our body is dry, we have run out of blood if not enlightenment, we vow not to leave this seat. "
Accordingly, we find in practice or daily life of people, success is never intended for human diligence and hard only (effort), despite the lack of diligence where intelligence is hard to be a career achievement. Buddha said: "All day after month, now it move to the other end, workers must endeavor to elaborate gold new gold filter. The people want a clean body and mind must also try to train like that" (Dhammapada).
4) - Hy sensory information (Piti sambojjhanga):
Hy is fun to have more sensory awareness, the practice, we always felt an strange beliefs in everyday life, not sorrow bound force, rejoice with the bad ones that everyone around has been achieved. Therefore practitioners must know to start happy in all circumstances to overcome any negative conditions and obstacles on the way to seek peace liberation. If life does not have the fun, the awareness of practitioners to practice hard to achieve the goal of enlightenment. In the teachings of Buddhism, the mind is the fundamental joy, have the ability to metabolize and neutralize negativity defilements, it is what makes for the practice felt excited on the way to practice, help practitioners have a strong faith to go to achieve direct results Bodhi. The main purpose of Buddhism is "moving love enlightenment, cup size attained touch" (change that confusion as to the enlightened beings, non-suffering is fun).
5) - an Enlightenment contempt (passaddhi sambojjhanga):
Contempt has means gentle, safe is secure, safe feeling contempt is more gently peaceful state of awareness in life, always relaxed achieved by the pure joy of meditation. It has the ability to bind to the negativity being destroyed and to treat any range of good work insecurity. As practitioners gain an contempt will feel a soft state, such as the sick person through prolonged torture pain body. Therefore, they can firmly on the path to the target for achieving lightness of mind.
In business as a legal function A voice: There is a static coordinate monks sitting in the woods suddenly found joy grew up being uttered, "Oh, happy too. Oh, happy too ...". The fellow who sits next to bring transparency to hear associated with Buddhism. Buddha's teaching story for everyone to hear and the other monks asked the reason why the static coordinates the words came out like that?
The white Buddhist monks: "During meditation to achieve a happy condition, feel the body and mind may be light, I have uttered these words before I do it because of the court, with full cheers, people who mostly lower, but not every day you feel, always fear others were seized power, their position, for the king, who fear being reprimanded by the ship to shop. contrast from when I lived here with the dignity of life, I see no insecurity fears or anxieties, such as in court, when sitting still located under the tree, I felt a contempt bliss Security (gently) in the hearts filled with happiness, so I say words like that. "
6) - Recurring sensory information (Samadhi sambojjhanga):
Concentration is samadhi, is to keep mind and make it a point, an object, not the mind wander elsewhere phan coast. Recurring expenses are feeling calm mind is always alert, not dominated by negativity and the charming delusion external impact on the mind. We know the teachings of Buddhism is the teaching of internal organs, so the practice of right concentration is indispensable in the life of the Buddha. The goal of Buddhism is to help people look back on yourself, recognize the dignity of every value has no value with the value of which each human being, because the happiness or misery are man-made . So Buddha said: People are paramount. The practice does not mind the means for others to explore "the basis inspire, inspire other people's lives," or to have spiritual powers, healing miracle cure evil, spirits dictate, those things are left the spirit of Buddhism. In contrast, the Buddha's cure is to run under the delusion charming scene inside
out, do not realize the value of their own happiness, this really is a difference of Buddhism with other religions .
7) - Discharge of sensory information (upekkhà sambojjhanga):
Discharge is upekkhà, the two original upa is right, righteousness, innocence, and ikkha see, perception, reasoning. So, right upekkhà is seen, rightly identified or inferred impartial, no attachments, no hate, no fancy nor dissatisfied. Jataka Kinh said: "In happiness and in sorrow, was promoted, on bass, we must keep the mind as the ground. Also, on land, we can throw anything, oil, sour, sweet, clean, dirty land is relaxed, an impassive ink. Land is not angry is not negotiable ". Use of self-reflection for the attachment of the mind, not let the shadow of delusion save the mind, the mind always to achieve peace, that we practice equanimity. No one can object to discharge him will be shaken. Pros and adversity do not make people feel insecure equanimity before the irreversibility of external conditions. Bat style does not make the practice entrained exhaust. The practice of equanimity is not my attachment to the amended law, has been achieved. The Kinh Kim Cang said: "The practice must like boats across the river, the boat was docked, if we do not give up an attempt to go ashore, do not go anywhere and know what".
III-Some idea of the practice legal sense spending
one) - the practice of property law allows the child Buddha independently awareness, freedom, sovereignty, is aware, no creeds, dogmas, the tendency to rely on the right household god force energy, line maintenance, as blind faith, the elimination of all self-willed individual thoughts of man.
2) - People always have evil thoughts, thoughts do not hold dominant be mindful, dispersing inner strength, confounding the skeptics wills to seek impracticable impractical. Practical Enlightenment notion that we have psychological and physical adjustment in terms of itself.
3) - Practice diligent legal sense spending that we eliminate the lazy, hesitant and inconsistent in life to meet many obstacles coastal obstacles. We can say that elements diligently develop the virtue of tenacity help people succeed on a new career path.
4) - The anxiety caused sorrow gnawing burning man becomes wilting over time , so they say: "Smile more than ten months tonic." Indeed, application of sensory pleasure that we have spent in conscious smile. Dhammanda He said: "The secret of a happy life and success is trying to do the things worth doing in the present without anxiety, depressed about the future not the past."
5) - Any attachment insecurity , fear are all causes for heavy body and mind we are not comfortable in life, frustrated in life. Practice feeling contempt an expenditure that we have a soft body and mind, shed the burden of anxiety, fear. Disengaged themselves in job applications as we have shown the benefit of the Buddhist law of the Buddha.
6) - hatred, war and disputes over lost benefits, to harass her as suffering, suffering people. Any disruption of happiness, friends, relatives, family reasons are rooted not the mind. Administrative costs of the legal sense is the Buddhist master their legal, spiritual development strength, no external effects dictate coast.
7) - The envy, jealousy, Basin are derived from a lack equanimity that out, so suffering and sorrow arose from the earth bear fruit. Practice discharge more sense as we extend compassion, letting go and eliminate all psychological narrow, selfish, smashed walls individualistic. So therefore want for your life and be happy happy, practice to discharge more sense: only compassion for true equality on new ideas give meaning to life.

C. Conclusion

Through these factors, give us a sense: the only way to practice seven methods to enlightenment (That sensory information) will bring peace and happiness of life, free from suffering that the Buddha has said declared: "The sea is only one of four unique position, which is salty; the teachings of the Tathagata, too, just a, it is liberated." END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUĐDHA( 3 TIMES ). 

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