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Buddha and enlightenment

In the past, have a great devotion to Buddhism and Buddhist refuge. The person taking care of prayer and respect immensely admired Buddha. Crystal hearts to comprehend the Buddha, and one day while praying diligent practice, he entered into a dream, then there is the vision to see the Buddha on lotus flower appeared and said: "Hey baby, self diligent practice of prayer in your mind has to comprehend the Buddhas. I deserve to be known as a Buddhist in its own right, that is a disciple of the Buddha that we represent today the market is proven. However, the path of the still long. Today, for upholding the human, sometimes we get here Buddhas representing the Dharmakaya you to encourage teachers and holder for the practice persist until you achieve the right results. Do not betray Tam Bao text. Buddha is enlightenment teachings of you, break and serving as the practice of meditation to escape from all attachments, because the Buddha nature is already available in the silver and all over the place. When you realize you will not get accepted into the list to see the sights because Dharmakaya Buddha is available in human capital and permanent in all things, the necessary legal text of the world. That was the will of the supreme doctrine of emptiness. Today, we represent the French market is close to you to help me progress on the path of religious subjects no. These treasures have given me, a bronze Buddha statue gold trimmed bowl. Bright golden color emanating from the body and the face of the statue. Because the symbol for the Buddhas, the supreme doctrine bright as the sun shine on the world, inspired way enlightenment for sentient beings. Nay, I meditate on the teachings of the Buddhas of the sacred statues of precious himself discerned we give you. Pray and meditate contemplate the statue of Buddha Dharma body to help you quickly reach the right result. When you have a problem on the direct, I just need to pray before a statue of me is sacred, we will show flexibility to help you. But always remember that Dharmakaya Buddhas are not unique to any one, not head a particular place and not in the list appearances. It is very friendly and Radio France head office nirvana. Remember, "The finger on the moon, they see the moon, but if you just accept the fingers will not see the moon." He provincial labor and so on gastric dream, is strangely, with you has a bright golden Buddha. He very happily, thank Buddha and prostrated prepared to bring the Buddha on the altar of devotion to daily prayer meditation Buddha altar. Every day he will offer seems floral, water offerings Buddhist altar and the altar clean clean, then the practice of meditation prayer. July day passes. The world is a dusty place. Hong ceiling is covered rose bushes everywhere. One day he sees the Buddha covered with dust a thin layer. He thought to himself, a short precious Buddha, the Dharma body of enlightenment that we have reached, has not let dust cover loss of this valuable statue. Tell finish, went to do right, he went to get a clean towel and clean water clean shiny body of Buddha. Stand back, admire the dust Buddha, Buddha on the bright, happy person and whisper alone, this is the Dharmakaya of the Buddhas shine bright and loving look on the faces of Buddha not to admire left. When he saw the faces look statue is covered in dust. In a clean towel. Any map that looked back and saw his face was clean begrime Buddha. Because the Buddha's face is golden sheaves, that is, workers took the gold statue statue sheaves on the surface. So when cleaning the sheaves of gold dust mites on the Buddha had been wiped away a thin layer expose the rear of the cast make the Buddha's face was seen as begrime. He was all scared, do not know how the fire . Because the class has been wiped away a yellow streak. Lo sad, he went day and night praying Buddha, please help. Before long, the Buddha appeared and asked, I pray that more help. He transparency and would love Buddha Dharma helps to correct the sheaves of gold Buddha face like old-refundable. Buddha said, which symbolizes Buddha Dharma body of every being, to make manifest not need to worry that corrected. The prayer was for a long time meditating Buddha Dharma admire this body so the immensely valuable. Anonymously would help raise the Buddha returned just as old. Buddha did not do was bring the following and went back later date. Some time later, he injured his memory went Buddha incense invokes the Buddha. In a dream, the vision, he sees the Buddha is the security that was most charming Buddha because the world should have missed it, now I do not care anymore, but more questions of practice to quickly become direction. He woke up, worried and sad thought. Buddha is the Dharmakaya. Nay, have been lost, that is, we go left. So we no longer hope to achieve enlightenment Dharmakaya Buddhas. Since then, her sadness and grief that Buddha Buddha and the Dharma body has abandoned his indifference. Confided to become aggressive treatment is no longer, not slothful to practice, do not pray the same. Buddha manifested in a dream, sure. Previously, we brought to the Buddha and the message as carefully as the Buddha statue symbolizes the Dharmakaya Buddhas not Dharmakaya Buddhas. Because the body is located in France every being, so to understand the need to rely on the practice of the French manifested itself in his potential and in full all things (necessarily legal text), but not in the name is not on the appearances of objects. Now I have fans than France Buddha in his body and clings to objects rather than permanent French family. Please mau mau disenchantment that turns on the Dhamma, let go of all attachments in the sights, the new name would go on the path out of suffering. He woke up, my stomach is self-protection "Stop time, the Buddha has negligent ignorance keep us Dharmakaya Buddha, now say whatever he wants. " And lo sad day continued on to earn the gold Buddha statue until the last breath disabled but still running lo loving attachment to the precious golden statue of his net. It was not until listening to monks chanting super high, and the monks burned themselves in the event of that person pray perfectly rightly and letting yourself be transcendence.

Comment added by author:

They are born, oh, listen to learn what the attachment attached to the inside. Look at that perfect finger for the moon.
the past is also the story of a Zen master to the charges wandering around temples, Dan Ha named as follows:
After school and enlightened, Zen master from Dan Ha his teacher is a special professor Matsu, continue wandering. Go to Hue Lam Pagoda, met at the cold, Master went to get wood burning heating Buddha, abbot saw rebuked:
"Why burn my statue?"
caused by ash obtained Master said:
"I find Xa-burning benefits" .
abbots said:
"It has to do with Xa-timber benefits?"
He said:
"There was no Xa-profits, sometimes adding two more bites."
abbots hear this question all of Approval are broken.
So with the following verse:
"Dan Ha wood burning Buddhist
abbots touch mi mao "
means "Dan Ha burning wood Buddha statues. Abbots loss of eyelashes.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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