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Tape # 1 Preparing to teach economic ideas Vien Giac
Ministry of Economic these ancient ancestors from the era of Sung Kim, Minh ancient China and through generations of history in Vietnam we have received the name of the business through this title ADVERTISING AGENCY MEMBERS OUT OPTION TU LA DA ECONOMIC DATA DEFINITIONS. With that title, say the great qualities of great teachers in content and meaning of the profound experience of magic. Make of that said, the scripts are great Magic How well does not carry all the attention. The old saying: Italian foreign language. Buddha said: "Necessary religious teachers as maximum monthly consumption only." Writings, teachings of all economic organs such as white finger. Besides the Buddha's teachings for bodhisattvas Thien Thu Hien, the business this year may be called by different nouns. But what their title, meaning the depth as well hun smoking abyss.
When translated and wrote this section, only the business, I think a lot about the economic problem. According to ancient multiplication referred to the name: MEMBERS OUT BUSINESS, I find no satisfaction. Use title ADVERTISING AGENCY MEMBERS OUT OPTION TU DA BUSINESS DEFINITION whether I consider to be too long but not necessarily enough to ensure that the content of experience. Through my mind flashed the memory of two verses of a Zen master of Vietnam:
"Male children uncreated good pulse
Retirement direction of origin of the Tathagata. "
Word thunderous cheer rang, I decided to start that "eclectic" Two and a title of a short term it, to: AS MEMBERS OUT ECONOMIC FUTURE. That was the title that I offer a full heart to the Buddha set out to please.
ECONOMIC FUTURE AS MEMBERS OUT is an economic ideology Lieu of Mahayana means. In this business, the Buddha revealed the nature of all MEMBERS OUT. People who are available the nature pure enlightenment without sin defiled. While in St. That identity is not more, in flesh and not tear down. Beings exist in this world is just amazing grace Tools which may arise from the unchanging nature MEMBERS OUT him. So, to be known as FUTURE AS MEMBERS OUT.
Business practice by Lai Vien Giac As one will understand the doctrine:
Cut from single treatment
salon salon treatment tu
tu DC treatment salon
salon treatment monastic
"DC" "Shop" category is treated in time. "Tu" "Enlightenment" is treated in terms of categories of cause and effect. There is a religious enlightenment. Having attained enlightenment, there are results. That is the truth of cause and effect. The truth of cause and effect not just religious aspects of it to cover all the material phenomena of the world and legal world, except the body of the realm OUT AS FUTURE MEMBERS.
A question about the Bodhisattva Manjushri practice of Tathagata when local practice multiplication. He tells us: LEGAL PROVISIONS OF THE PRIVATE LAND AS FUTURE IS USING PERCEPTUAL administrator OUT SESSION OF MEMBERS. SO DO NOT CALL arise Ignorance becomes a Buddhist Circuit. Through such teaching, the disciple of the Buddha found that: When the prisoners, the Buddha only use foot position illuminates the truth. Buddha do not have hard difficulties. Place his foot in bright awakening which reflect the pure truth of nature, so there is no condition of ignorance arises. Without ignorance is not sentient beings. Not all beings is called a Buddha, a Buddha is the director!
Doctrine of applications, cutting treatment, cutting open of the market for revered bodhisattva Manjushri Great Tri in chapter one of this business.
TRI DISTRICT NEWS LY, LY DISTRICT NEWS OUT Buddha to Bodhisattva Samantabhadra Tathagata in Chapter two is not open display means, so that the Buddha to be given to those who need to Mahayana nature inspired fierce willpower, as people awaken a nightmare. The dream is that people have awakened it.
Teach TRANSPORTATION FROM MYTH monotherapy in chapter one, the Buddha revealed the Bodhisattva Manjushri Tri University of performance practices through a letter TRI . In the second chapter of the Buddhist vision of the word LY by Bodhisattva Samantabhadra yet also serves to provide practice SINGLE TRANSPORTATION FROM MYTH and Infoline.
If the benefit is not based university level course location, the means to "repair shop". For legal practitioners stores, one can practice the dharma practice at the energy level and their perceptions. "Shop" means gradual, low to high, from slow to fast on the road repair and treatment. However, one goal is not to shift MEMBERS OUT of their inherent nature. That goal was left praying for Bodhi enlightenment nirvana ... the bottom is like open water, sand and hope to cook rice, flowers spotted waiting in nothingness born fruit ...
ONLY, QUAN and Meditation are the three fundamental practice in the Buddha's teaching. It applies across space and time for play even Buddhist practitioner practice, and also from applying the basic implementation of the "immeasurable dharma tu"! Such as cement, sand, stone, metal and water as basic material of this architecture.
Constitutes truth mistake for religious lines, it becomes obstacle to stop the forward peak Buddhist Bodhi Nirvana. CERTIFICATES, MYTH, DATA, OUT is the mistake of serving "ego". No treatment proved the truth "does not fall", people are very difficult to stop the idea of ​​"ego question being". Stop being ego difficult questions, such as people who cut his head!
WORK, TO, ONLY, remove unnecessary illnesses also accept false perception, leading to the district's policy distortions. People were wrong, the result is bright, making MEMBERS OUT DIEU emptiness also aim at improving the eagerly departs! Be careful attention!
"Great small marine store any concessions." Is not afraid to use sea water river creek gap. FUTURE SIGHT AS MEMBERS business is thought that Upper Willow surplus, but higher radical elementary or middle position, religious education are beneficial to adapt to her, the, of each person.
Because of profound ideological content supreme, because nature Lieu Quang Nghia Phuong Dai's economic philosophy which senior post-allergic concentric gate, each each deployment and record the prime of his mind. During the course of Buddhist history in China, economic Vien Giac Buddhist campus is the home address, notes, prior art, including compiling names:
v Kinh Vien Giac Boil. Tang, Mr. Tong density, divided into four volumes.
v Vien Giac Kinh Dai, number of stars is also due Apostolic density of stars he classified into three volumes.
v Kinh Vien Giac Starfish doubt. Song Dynasty, he compiled Quang Phuc divided into two volumes.
v Sao Fear Giac Vien Van Options explanations. Song Dynasty, he was Member-molecule composed of 12 volumes.
v Kinh Vien Giac Ngu Note. Song Dynasty, Emperor Hieu Tong notes divided into two volumes.
v Kinh Vien Giac Type Award. Song Dynasty, he Hanh Dinh median of eight books.
v Kinh Vien Giac Boil autonomy. Song Dynasty, he painted as a book.
v Kinh Vien Giac Tam scene. Song Dynasty, he Tri Thong divided into six technical books.
v Kinh Vien Giac focus. Song Dynasty, Mr. Nguyen Tuy-molecule into two volumes.
v Vien Giac Kinh Nghia Hiep Tung Instructor Training Award. Song Dynasty, he developed the Cycle of art divided into 12 books.
v Kinh Vien Giac intuition. Life Minh, Duc Thanh compose his art divided into six books.
v Kinh Vien Giac explanations. His life, his chief Pure median into two volumes.
v Thich Vien Giac Kinh Chief White Owl. His prior art Le Hoang divided into six books.
v Contact Chau Vien Giac Kinh. The prior art Tinh his first book.
v Vien Giac Kinh Nghia Tinh number. Information Management technical His first divided into four volumes.
v Vien Giac Kinh Nghia Award. To identify solutions he divided into two volumes.
It is the elders have determined to invest intellectual resources to exploit ideas that touches on economic surplus upper Giac Vien.
In Vietnam, we also had a few translations from the Vietnamese cultural Han culture, but because of lack of capital, and apply creativity. So the use of economic Giac Vien still do not have a chance tomorrow to promote, by the quality does not meet the market looking for Buddhist knowledge.
Now titled FUTURE AS MEMBERS ONLY LIVE OUT BUSINESS OUTLINE, with its capacity, I write down the straight only straight to the heart and guide the reader grasp the main ideas, perceptions that the text underlying economic Buddha mind. It is ideal for the tough people I work written translation of this business. However, very limited investigative resources willow means that the upper endless vast excess, so hopefully there is little benefit for the reader and also praiseworthy.
The ancient saying: "Chi optimistic opening as read, even as the school principal desert death." Do not have any fun with fun books. Without the secret key using the secret key which provides teaching for children.
Reading books is fun, reading Buddhist scriptures for Buddhists perhaps not so sad! Mong instead!
TP. Ho-Chi-Minh April 20 - 11 to 1992
glass threads.

Ministry of Economic OUT AS MEMBERS LAI ancient metal predecessors perhaps because the stereotypical y ago that he often divided into several volumes from the 2, 3, 4, 5 or many more. My own, I noticed the division did not bring about anything, just add the form of useless frills. Key events of the whole business was December Bodhisattva Giac Hai Association on behalf of Members raised questions to the Buddha to teach. Meaning content questions can be obtained in two photographic purposes requires:
1. Learn the practices that the Buddha and the Buddhas and have cultivated a Buddha.
2. Bridge anatomical disorder Buddhist "accept" and those "suspected" and Buddha taught methods to prevent diseases that bodhisattvas and sentient beings to practice posterity.
These two purposes require through twelve subjects suspected of twelve great bodhisattvas, the Buddha declared clear market thoroughly, making the level of acceptance of hearing the Dhamma they are improving continuously. With that comment, I see the division of many books, do not need, so I just draw a question or key words mean, the focus of Buddhist topics open market, I set to "Title" of topics. And each subject suspected of a Bodhisattva, I'm told it's a. For example:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
So full of this business has all 12 chapters, which do not divide the book. Hope that the reader forget the words to mitigate disease forms, stereotypical uptight quotations design variables.
"Necessary most religious teachings are
just as consumption period. "
Poems that have:
"Do not subject any claim of
self-delusion First song fake
people all attempted to Bach
Ha of the first date then. "

Ministry of Economic OUT AS MEMBERS LAI includes a total of 12 chapters, the study of this glass hope readers note:
1. The letter is printed verbatim economic standing, which is translated from the Vietnamese trade office in Seoul itself.
2. The live only in italics for easy distinction. This section contributed by tough people do write things fully agree with his own insights. Hopefully the online will help the reader only clues to their thinking, the suggestive location review process to learn to learn from the Buddhist path.
3. The business has many reviews, I numbered 1, 2, 3, etc ... The number is a hidden deeper meaning. I analyze the potential and deploy it in the next chapter ONLINE ONLY.
4. In the straight and are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc ... The number in this section with some applications in the above texts. For example, in the second part, directly express the underlying meaning of paragraph 2 in the texts. In contrast, in the texts that is numbered 2 has the potential to express the meaning of that paragraph in the chapter in the straight.
A word of Glass, eager audience in mind.
Every day we live is also to learn
Be transparent.

1. Kinh I hear it's an age-old Buddha head in chief of the General Quang Minh Museum. Now, calm body and mind unto me, calm as nothing, depending upon the realm of dualism. The realms of pure water also appears in the context of that solemn and ten thousand great bodhisattvas gathered into two congregations this. The upper level of the Bodhisattva in include:
Tri Great Bodhisattva Manjushri. Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. Bodhisattva Universal label. Kim Cang Tibetan Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva Maitreya. Wisdom Bodhisattva of Purification. In Germany self Bodhisattva Uy. Bodhisattva warm sea. Bodhisattva subjective karma. Bodhisattva Universal Enlightenment. Vien Giac Bodhisattva. Hien Bodhisattva of Compassion The same rights the right to enter nonduality.
Then Bodhisattva Manjushri Buddha's feet and then bowed three times to go around, hands on his knees said,
2. White Exalted! The development of pure mind Bodhisattva Mahayana school needs to practice how to avoid the disease being accepted and how to posterity from falling into the wrong! Bend forward Tathagata mercy mass in this Assembly that teaches us about MEASURES AS FUTURE OF PRIVATE LAND DURING from the beginning!
Buddha said: Manjushri! Word of his question is significant. He because the bodhisattvas and sentient beings that ask about life after AS FUTURE OF FRANCE IN THE PRIVATE PLACE. It is a very serious problem because the Tathagata will he that said
3. Hey, Manjushri! To the highest teachings Great Dharma King has named General Maintenance MEMBERS OUT. MEMBERS OUT flow from production as pure truth, Bodhi, Nirvana. The Paramita subject to teach bodhisattvas have saved him from MEMBERS OUT.
Hey, Manjushri! The he should know! Ignorance which is nothing. Just because all human beings from the cortex, far too many crazy, insane people such as receiving the wrong direction, east-west left seat, flipped north-south name; receive four great expectations for themselves as a minister, shadow green ceiling for self-interest is what Minister. In essence, they like people with eye diseases. Because eye disease that can see inside the coronary moon moon Monday only.
Hey, Manjushri! Nowhere flowers which are not spotted, the eye disease is expected to receive. Do not hope to get to the misunderstanding of the nature of nowhere, but nowhere is mistaken for that site being spotted flowers. Likewise, rotation of birth and death is only the hope and expectations that get in the pure awareness MEMBERS. So, so call it ignorance.
4. Hey, Manjushri! Ignorance can not be real. They likened the job of your dreams, the dream is not without, at the provincial nothing. United spotted the passes away in vain but can not say there is death, because it's not real life. Also, all being in the place not of life, hope that is born, in the hope that there where not kill kill, the so-called rotation of birth and death.
5. Hey, Manjushri! Nhan of the Tathagata while tu MEMBERS OUT university usually apply the wisdom to know and ignorance which does not know, not real nature, they like flowers spotted in vain. Therefore, no longer get on so mind-General found no body and mind receive general circulation of birth and death. What is not it, not trying to make it so strenuous that new identity of its own nature does not.
Nature knows nothing and emptiness, too. Knowing that just do not know, do not keep the idea that subjectivity. Emptiness is not nothingness head attachment. Nature knows nothing and emptiness of both quiet, now referred to as AGREEMENT OPTIONAL awareness pure.
Why say that! Because of the nature of things is not. Because the real nature of things, because the Tathagata Museum no clue Minister and Minister of the arising of the bottom end. Because there is no wisdom to distinguish the intercept. Because the world is the true nature of law as to the full, comprehensive ten common.
Practice Mahayana Bodhisattva should develop such a pure heart. They are born later in that practitioners will not fall into the wrong view.
Then the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Manjushri he should know.
Tathagata All words
beginning Nhon address
used the intellectual senses
Get clear of ignorance
does not know them as flowers
that are off the flow of
the dream The dream that
when there is nothing provincial
Enlightenment as Physical damage no
equality no assignment
Sense realms of the ten directions
is the Buddhist Circuit Call
Tape 6
The killing is not illusory where
The Buddha also fails
because the fullness of emptiness Enlightenment
Bodhisattva refuge here
found that bodhicitta
beings in posterity
Nuong from wrong here.
1. Through awareness of Mahayana Buddhism, the head is always in meditation, not going to talk business at the new Buddha head in meditation. With eighteen Buddhist law of any community for that show:
1. Body without error.
2. Importers are not errors.
3. Italy is not an error.
4. There is no ideological discrimination.
5. There is no psychosis.
6. Failure to keep knowledge.
7. The desire of not being reduced .
8. Mindfulness is not reduced.
9. the knowledge of mind is not reduced.
10.Effort is not reduced.
11.Discharge does not fall down.
12.Discharge method is not reduced.
13.My intellectual action.
14.Importers say brainer.
15.Italian intellectual thinking.
16.Know the true wisdom of the past.
17.Wisdom to know right at present.
18.Know true wisdom in the future.
Dai Quang Minh Museum is the name of a meditation. Head Dai Quang Minh in meditation there is no love implies ignorance. So that body and mind as Back of tranquility and equal nothingness. Then fix the Pure Land itself out.
"There is a Buddha of mind pure."
Want to study Mahayana Mahayana even need to play. Great place to learn the Tri Manjushri. Happy to study with Dai Hanh Pho Hien ...
2. Tri Great Bodhisattva Manjushri Buddha taught for three things:
1. needed insights as how to practice problems from the "medical approval."
2. Must the school district with one method to avoid the wrong path. "
3. Please teachings of the Buddha's practice, while prisoners.
3. That when AS MEASURES OF PRIVATE LAND USE ADMINISTRATORS illuminates TRUTH OUT MEMBERS OUT, SO DO NOT Ignorance arise, called into Buddhist Circuit.
Doctrine of "cutting treatment," "monastic" "cut of" That is so. Buddhism teaches that human capital is the true position clear, pure, without sin, that is the nature inherent enlightenment of man. Property universal phenomenon, too, nature's pure perfection which it has no stains, no evil. That is the truth of the phenomenon of natural things.
Use a calm foot position illuminates the pure truth, pure mind and the scene are. The practice of Tathagata when only this practice multiplication. And so ignorance does not arise where the Buddha called the director.
Background teachings "enlightened monastic cut" indicates the person of man by man for man to decide things at the U components.
The Son He says:
"Kim repair shop being assertive.
Ideas by whether any particular person.
That idea died rather bare grace any data partners.
It does not, warning the former president just delay any information
. "
(By themselves to dispose of his life, definitely not by anyone else. Making intentional landscape, bare root cutting, body and mind naturally into the realm of pure tranquility and equal ... Truth is nowhere like that, old does not know where the errors.)
4. Ignorance, it is nothing. It is the illusory hope there is no entity. Me, the impact raging ignorance. Enlightenment is not ignorance. For example, spotted flowers in vain. U.S. spot only for the sick eyes. The disease is not okay to find flower eye spots.
5. It is incumbent upon practitioners as the responsibilities of the doorman. Success or failure depends in a word KNOW .
In this chapter, the Buddha Bodhisattva Manjushri Consider the word KNOW . AWARE to recognize that ignorance, but when they learned ignorance, ignorance neutralize all the emptiness and ignorance that have been known to let go of all, only one can sense the pure perfection. Now known as the OPTIONAL MEMBER AGREEMENT awareness .
Tools birth and death is predestined by nature as immutable truth. Birth and death is not scary. Bodhisattva to cross Tathagata Buddhas still depends on the birth and death vow to cultivate a sales lift of Buddhahood for yourself.
Birth and death due to "expected to receive" new birth and death is scary stuff. This is the suffering of birth and death expected to receive four great generals themselves, expected to receive green shadow bare his heart to do the same. Birth and death are the offspring of ignorance, suffering comes from bi priority "ring" was born and so kind ...
***** Top

In the band 6
Then Samantabhadra Bodhisattva bowed and hands Buddha said,
White Exalted! Those who demand the Mahayana school, after listening MEMBERS OUT pure realm and how to practice to get good results? White Exalted! When all beings know that they are illusory, the illusory body and mind. So take the illusory from the district, with reasonable results? And after the illusory kill, body and mind is no longer a monk, who is called to practice as illusory? Assuming there are no known religious beings, often let life drift in the illusory samsara psychosis with delusions, did not know as illusory realm, how is the release date? Bend forward Tathagata as being of bodhisattvas and later taught the way law practice means making gradual separation from the illusory!
1. Buddha! Word of his question is significant, will bring great benefit to every living being and Bodhisattva lives, given the nature of the Mahayana school for eighty DISTRICT AS.
2. Hey, Universal Worthy! All living things and the illusory are born in AS MEMBERS OUT DIEU TAM LAI, such as flower spots arise in vain. Although flowers have spots of birth, there is death, but nowhere is y. The options being illusory, as the killing that AS MEMBERS OUT DIEU TAM LAI real.
For the illusory sense solutions that address the mind, but if approval is still feeling the mind is illusory glass. Bodhisattvas and sentient beings to life after renunciation of all illusory realm, followed by the concept of renunciation renunciation. Far cup whole idea of ​​separation and isolation, then the illusory are real renunciation. For example, the need to train and put his palms together wood, fire play, fire wood, ash, smoke kills. Get illusory way from the district for the same. The illusory even kill that meditators do not fall into the killing.
Hey, Universal Worthy! Knowing that is illusory and the illusory separation, which requires more vehicles! Ly is illusory Buddha and learn what to do progressive! Bodhisattvas and sentient beings after death will be learned from such renunciation of the illusory.
Then the Tathagata said the meaning of a verse:
Samantabhadra he should know.
All beings.
Vo Thi illusory ignorance.
As spotted flowers in the air.
From nowhere is illusory.
U.S. kill spot though.
Nowhere is medical course.
Illusory Sense attention from birth.
Illusory Removal real sense.
Every Mahayana Bodhisattva.
The human being lives.
Every so renunciation illusory.
The district or permanent separation.
As you get fire wood.
Fire wood fire dissipated.
ashes, smoke coming out.
Giac, not be gradual.
Means did not use.
1. Development Center to practice Mahayana thinking MEMBER learn about and awareness of things MEMBER CENTER OUT of myself, because that is the goal of practitioners need to reach.
2. Illusory scene, illusory body, magical beings in mind OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI, such as flower spots arise in vain. Although flowers have spots of birth, there is death, but nowhere is y. Also, depending on delivery option illusory kill the Dieu Giac Vien Tam Lai as real.
For body and mind illusory dream realm that mentioned "visual interest". Using a visual mind, body awareness to recognize the illusory realm of romantic interest. Know the illusory dream that is already ly illusory dreams. Ly illusory dreams are awakened then: Buddha is a person, a conscious renunciation human body and mind all the other illusory realm. Be aware, the Buddha must be in the world. Leaving the world to hopefully become a Buddha in the distant realm of nothingness, it's mystical ideas in search of turtle horned rabbit fur!
In chapter one, the Buddha Manjushri take special interest in the letters TRI , that is to know not to be ignorant, it's like flowers spotted in no way not to follow it but to take the birth and death, Although reincarnation as illusory.
In this chapter, Tathagata remained unexploited market solutions "store repair". Aims to encourage the bodhisattvas and sentient beings posterity, the effort on the road "applications, cutting treatment, cut evidence."
Tathagata teaches:
"Tri illusory means instant ly any effect.
Ly illusory sense ie herons very gradual. "
This means that people "know this is illusory illusory glass. The separation is illusory and become Buddha", also asking more of the practices of "shop teacher" anymore!
Doctrine of "applications, cutting treatment, cutting of" Buddha and full coverage in two chapters of the Business As Lai Vien Giac.
In an important chapter in the text TRI .
Chapter two, the key word in the LY .
TRI and LY is the cultivation of the straight grade ultimate benefit basis.
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Mindfulness thinking is
progressive path
Then the Bodhisattva Universal Brand bowed and hands Buddha said,
White Exalted! Please Exalted beings as bodhisattvas and later taught us how to cultivate progressive. We have the means spent, thinking what can realize the right to enter. If facilities are not properly applied, false thinking, after hearing the magic of eighty such profound, e that does not blur out distracting rising from everywhere, hard to be hospitalized SIGHT CENTER purity. Bend forward Tathagata Bodhisattva of compassion and being born after applying means, teach us how to practice progressive.
Buddha! Universal Brand! His great goodwill. He as being born Bodhisattva and earnestly asked the Tathagata about progressive practice. Universal Brand! He will listen unto me that because he said
1. The city! Every new school bodhisattvas and later beings want to be OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI should be permanently separated districts. First, the ONLY practice, in that quiet and moral habit prohibited. Next, self-management, use of management, reflect upon thinking itself. Matched by our body: hair, hair, teeth, nails, jealousy, tears, mucus, saliva, sweat irritating plaque, leather horn, skin, blood, flesh, tendons, vessels, bone, marrow, fat, brain, midriff, liver, bile, colon, small intestine, stomach, bladder, white vinegar, red ... Traceability make, all by land, water, wind, fire ... fitting that the shifting of elements. Once the disintegration of elements is nothing to call relatives. Contemplative thinking like that, went to this show realize that no entity body, only a general harmony fragile and temporary, and as illusory. Re thinking that Illusory body has six faculties (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) has six ceiling illusory scene (color, sound, taste, touch, legal) of elements within and outside the four great harmony that expectations are aware of thinking, called in the cognitive effects of thinking is the mind. Damage the prospects mind that, if no hearing is six mental conditions that no longer exists. Six ceiling is often in a state of resolution and dissolution constant, there is no guarantee the existence of the ceiling. Thinking reflection then, suddenly realized that show: body and mind, based ceilings are generally provided a road death, ultimately nothing.
Hey, Universal Brand! From How then, realizing that destroy the illusory Illusory body also kills the heart. Huyen Tran Tam also kill the kill, Huyen Tran kill the illusory idea of ​​killing is killing. Kill something illusory, what is not illusory is not destroyed. For example, clean mirrors, dust off, is the brightest. Be aware: the illusory body and mind are both structures. Kill all ten pure illusory structure is an pure. For example, European Ma ni sure is pure light in color, depending on the angle of their heads that fools si ni Ma told that it is European in color.
2. Hey, Universal Brand! As nature's pure Lai Vien Giac Tam Dieu in stem species of beings that the corresponding option. The foolish man says: MEMBERS OUT DIEU ventricles the general body and mind, so that no illusory sworn renunciation. Therefore, the Tathagata says is illusory body and mind structure. The illusory glass structure called Tathagata Bodhisattva. Structural kill, death cup, empty glass structure idea, then achievements AS DISTRICT Bodhisattva eighty.
3. Hey, Universal Brand! Bodhisattvas and later being entered as evidence was then eighty illusory, eternal separation images, then infinite space-time infinity only net an eternal manifestation MEMBERS OUT. MEMBER FOR SIGHT full circle wise so pure mind, pure heart so as to see the pure nature, since nature pure, so that the label base pure, pure as the label base so pure consciousness, because the label so the essence of pure pure listening, because of his ear to hear the pure base so pure, so pure, so atrial fibrillation basis of purity, as pure ear-consciousness so that the pure nature ... until billion, tongue, body, mind and are so pure.
The city should know: For the six bases so pure color pure ceiling because the ceiling color purity, the purity bar ceiling because the ceiling bar so pure flavor, taste, hearing and touch so pure. And when the green ceiling pure then the pure local university, local college for the pure water so great purity, higher than pure water, wildflowers, great rooms, not great, great reviews and also of great purity. And because the university lost so pure twelve bases, about eighteen, twenty-five organic purity. Since origin, sex, friendship so pure hexadecimal, from the multitude of lieutenant, four very afraid location, collection bowl unjust law, low loss ... pure product assistant for four to eight thousand momentum la ni want to subject all purification.
Hey, Universal Brand! It's all very general. Because the nature of all funds so pure a pure body, as a relative calm for so many relatives and so pure ... until ten in the general population being able MEMBERS OUT purity.
Hey, Universal Brand! A world more peaceful world so pure and so on until the ten directions, all three equal life pure and real.
Hey, Universal Brand! Because nothing says that real equality awareness of real equality. For real equality of elements that awareness that real equality. Eight thousand four momentum la ni want to subject real equality so that awareness of real equality. Since pure awareness of real world changes so that all legal bases throughout the legal world changes, because the legal bases around the world should turn green earth turn around the French call, because all legal turn green hearing loss so great about the legal world turn around ni momentum is subject to change throughout the legal world as well.
4. Universal Brand! Because the nature MEMBERS OUT miraculous turn around there's the legal nature of the base of the ceiling should not destroy each other, not great together. Because the nature of the base of the ceiling is not damaged, no momentum was so great ni do not pass without complex subject. For example, hundreds of thousands of lamps lit in a house, the light of each lamp fullness without destroying each other and not great.
5. Hey, Universal Brand! MEMBERS OUT and achievements, problems with the Bodhisattvas are not bound to stick, do not expect open, birth and death are not boring, not buff nirvana, not the morality of glass without destroying the coating of transgression, not seriously, people tu long, do not despise a beginner in the lead and silver. Why? Since all is an enlightenment. For as the eyes see light foreground, light filled circles hate borders without injury. Why? Because the brightness of the eyes can not either.
6. Universal Brand! Bodhisattvas and sentient beings in the world after practice DIEU TAM MEMBERS OUT achievements, which should be considered as not religious and not achievement. Why? So often throughout MEMBERS OUT projector which is usually passed away, no minister either. In which hundreds of thousands want to block a growth capital, real countless theories to the world of the Buddhas as flowers spotted in the air, killing disturbances revolt, no news, no glass, no force is not open. At that time, suddenly found that: "We are born of this ancient Buddhist." Samsara, nirvana as dream about last night. Results of evidence is not, no, no take, no give. The hijackers realized, not only, not intended for, not killed. In the so-called evidence, not power does not own, absolutely no one to witness, who is also no evidence. Why? Because the nature of the legal equality of all pure nature, not destroy each other.
Hey, Universal Brand! The practice of Bodhisattva should thus be so progressive, thinking like that, so over the head and media as such. Such that enlightened, to study such measures would not misled.
Then, the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
The city he should know.
All beings.
My mind are as illusory.
Body elemental.
Mind is glossy green ceiling.
Four possible discrete.
The! It's nature is?
Salon tu, tu so.
All will be pure.
Across the world real estate law.
No work, just, taking, killing.
Nor does the evidence function.
All Buddhist world.
As spotted flowers in the air .
Three lives are equal.
ultimately not to go.
Site developed Bodhisattva mind.
And posterity beings.
To find the Buddhist Circuit.
Should such practice.
1. In chapter one and chapter two, the Buddha taught the Bodhisattva Manjushri and Samantabhadra method tu "DC". Straight cut is achieved goals faster, no time dependence. Truth is like, but make the right lifestyle, living the truth of life to achieve and be something that is entirely the result depends on people more important is the root of human nature. Because the base nature of man is the upper, middle and lower ranks.
DC is the only legal discipline ultimate benefit levels based new practices emerged. Words seem more pessimistic, it is only one truth. Truth to the people set goals prop up the ideal that we want to go by means of "progressive", go slowly. Must go by the path Mindfulness progressive thinking.
First practice Xa Tha Ma, that is ONLY to eliminate extraneous thoughts whirring chaos. The use of the practice only makes the mind calm outlook conception by blocking excessive external exposure in daily life. To create a better situation, in a quiet secluded preserve life world has banned over and over dues body and mind, the use of ONLY promote efficiency.
The second phase of autonomy. Pub is the place to apply customary review a material object by the view that illuminates the mind inward, not seen by eyes that look outside, in other words, is the show in QUAN thought and known also by thoughts, so "Quan" often associated with a "perfect". Imagination to visualize more than trivial. Imagine ordinary people could imagine what baseless, imaginary pipe. Y not just visualize the Dhamma. Visualize a goal and visualize success when it is time to detect real truth, the truth of the particular phenomenon on all things passed away.
First of all "consistent" about themselves. Body as a whole combination of a mess of things: hair, hair, teeth, nails ... traced due to the location, water, fire, style ... that form of dependent origination. It's very fragile and temporary, as illusory, as the body of ... Although there are six units, whose functions are in contact with the six external sense objects in the second born of six called in the public perception that knowledge is power "Mind" . Mind is only the shadow of six died saving ...
Reflect such thinking to come to the realization conclusion: My mind, consider the ultimate realm is generally legal illusory damage shall pass away, there is nothing intrinsic (body-self).
Second, reflect and realize that the illusory Illusory body mind kill kill, kill illusory illusory mind ... to kill scenes also destroy the illusory notion also killed.
Reflect such thinking, he realized that show: My mind is all the legal realm as illusory by the charming Princess fixtures that exist in a long dream, so the ...
2. Re thinking that Tam Dieu Giac Vien Tathagata is the body of beings that depend on type, respectively.
As Lai Vien Giac Tam Dieu, not the Buddha mind, not the Bodhisattva mind, not heart Pratyekabuddha not mind Thanh Van ... not the heart to an animal, hungry ghost mental, or psychological hell. But as Lai Vien Giac Buddhist Noble Center is the center, as well as the Bodhisattva mind, is the focal Pratyekabuddha Thanh Van ... to mind is the focal animal, hungry heart and mind to hell fund. For example, radio signals broadcast by Television, good or bad depending on the nature of the receiver that sounds in black and white ... good or bad different. The correct understanding, know the station's broadcast signal does not have many defects in the sound color.
Thinking it over, he proved that the body and mind are illusory compensation structure, the illusory glass structure is called the Tathagata Bodhisattva.
One step further: Structure Removal ly death, the idea STRUCTURE, LY is quiet at present results accomplished Bodhisattvas MA AS Tam To (specify nature predestined all things being as illusory).
3. Innovations AS Tam MA For now suddenly awakened yogi clear: "body, mind, base, ceiling, formal, gender, age are a pure color."
Then clear: the five aggregates, cross country Second, the bowl's Cross, a sense organic pure binary. Then collect resources, from the multitude of lieutenant, plus any legal collection bowl, low loss pure product assistant want to eight subjects over four thousand of all the legal purity. The author then shows the realization of truth:
4. Achievement Code to AS Tam, Member of the Enlightenment he knows the reasons why the base, ceiling, formal, university not perish together.
5. Please Achievement Tam Ma is also the home MEMBERS OUT, then he knows not clear why the Bodhisattva boring birth and death, no hope of Nirvana ... no glass over the world, not despise the left of ...
6. Achievement Code to AS Tam, he suddenly found that I have no religious and no achievements. Because of the Giac Vien no general pure two. Then clear the memory like a hundred thousand up period, any possible world theory every galaxy sa Buddhas of the ten spots in vain like flowers disorder revolt kills, no news, no glass ... and suddenly it is clear that:
"samsara nirvana THROUGH Night's Dream."
Bodhisattva Universal label and mass acceptance fully vaccinated since the practice of magic APPLICATION MYTH profound in this chapter.
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NOT OUT discussion Samsara
Emptiness MEMBER MEMBER IS OUT awareness
become the Samsara Emptiness
1. Now, Kim Cang Tang Bodhisattva bowed and hands Buddha said,
White Exalted! As revered as Dai Lai said they taught OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI and LAI MEASURES AS OF THE PRIVATE LAND same means progressive, which makes this conference audience in legal blindness is increasing clear eye Property halo growth.
White Exalted! If this ancient beings have a Buddha is to have all the excuse of ignorance? As for being ignorant of this ancient capital, so do the multiplication coast Tathagata said this ancient beings is Buddha? If all sentient beings which has become a Buddha, then confusion arises, so long as all the Buddhas arise ignorance again. Bend forward merciful unto me open secret treasure, which makes all beings the Bodhisattvas and later heard that touches the practice of Mahayana scriptures so that clean except for the suspicion.
He tells us: Kim growing! He asked the Tathagata about the profound secret teachings of Mahayana willow means to open the knots being suspected for posterity.
Hey, Kim growing! In all the world events: starting, ending, front, back, birth, death loss, a place with character, not blanks, gathering, melt, stir, stop order, the same concept concept process, spell rotation, back, praise blame, take, away ... flow phenomena are reincarnation. If NOT OUT reincarnation, awareness discussion MEMBER IS OUT TO BECOME MEMBERS OF Tanh Tanh reincarnation. For example, the eyes stood shocked to see the water vibrate, his eyes transfixed that flame back into the continuous circles, white clouds that moved, that the shore boat running. So, wants out of reincarnation is not possible.
Kim growing! Shocked eyes, facial swelling, clouds, sailing is not stable, despite the surface do not want to vibrate, ring of white flame constantly moved out, banks do not run counter still does not work, let alone the mind samsara reincarnation ever pure structure infections that look MEMBERS OUT Purity flow does not become the star? Therefore, he stated that the three victims came from problem completely deluded idea!
2. Kim growing! For example, eyes blind spot hope to see flowers. Speakers of all, should not have asked that all blind, blind as long as the ball being returned. Why? Since blind spots and flowers which are not included, it is not two things that actually treat each other. Like the flower spots, killing the void, nothingness is not asking that spot again as long as flower delivery. Why? For nothing which does not flower. So no problem arises or passes away. Samsara and nirvana arise or do not have to start killing. Member Center Noble mystery without feeling like flowers and glossy blind spots.
Kim growing! Be aware: there was nothing not temporary, nor is temporarily not at, let alone OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI opens again in samsara or in nirvana that is birth, there is death! MEMBER CENTER OUT DIEU real estate and equity, as well as permanent capital nature void of real and equal.
3. Behold, Kim growing! For example, cooking leaching gold. Gold is not the cook. But when the cook has a gold filter, gold ore not to return, despite long experience of life, nature does not damage the gold. MEMBERS AS FUTURE SIGHT, too, not to say that ancient unavailable. In AS MEMBERS OUT DIEU TAM LAI no name Bodhi, Nirvana, there is no problem of a Buddha or a Buddha, there is no reincarnation reincarnation or not. Just because of Thanh Van, can not absorb, not themselves, they just keep off the weight of crude ignorance in body and mind, language is the realm of peace called Nirvana. If the user agent only comments infer OUT AS MEMBERS LAI realm, is like taking the fire would burn fireflies Mount Meru would have no effect whatsoever! Bringing to mind reincarnation, I find that using the ocean of samsara university president would destroy the Institute OUT AS absolutely no results. Therefore, the Tathagata teaches all beings the Bodhisattvas and later to the first root of rebirths competition.
4. Behold, Kim growing! Having started as a concept started thinking mind. It's just a bare shadow of the continent, not to the true center. This magical spot fake like flowers! Using his mind thinking discussion about Buddhist realm MEMBERS OUT, just a delusion around, do not be so thorough, just like flowers spotted in nothingness, to expect the contrary, the myth about the illusion! Heart broken too many expectations right rough deviations away from the truth, how to understand the true realm of clear MEMBERS OUT. So the question of other victims he asked Tathagata answer questions is not the word victim is deeply decent value.
Then, the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Kim increasing should know.
Tanh Tathagata passed away.
has never been faithful.
If you take care of reincarnation.
Vien Giac Buddhist thinking.
Only around reincarnation.
Giac Unable to sea.
For example, gold ore cooked.
is not gold the cook there.
Although this is old gold.
But thanks to filter cooking.
most of the mineral ore
Gold ore fail again.
Sanh death with Nirvana.
ordinary and Buddhas.
Gen. flowers spotted nothing.
Thinking was expected .
Case victims ask around.
deep grasp of this process.
Giac Vien ultimately demand.


Tape 10
1. The three questions of increasing Bodhisattva Kim heard through the seemingly difficult to answer the ultimate. It seems that many have been collected in truth it already. Make of that said, there is still the truth. But the truth is the truth that people only know the phenomenon all things being relatively charming side, only knew each village water waves rushing up, but do not know what heaving smooth as a mirror of the country, only known gold the earrings, ring, tripod neck, round ears that do not know the eternal value of gold constant. In other words, understanding such as that one but did not know either. So Tathagata rebuked "the three victims of the Bodhisattva question comes from Kim increasing deluded idea."
He tells us: "Not out of the discussion List of reincarnation that awareness into the same Emptiness Giac Vien nature of reincarnation."
Teachings of the Buddha, deep and extensive, to say that rancor, anxiety problems has destroyed the career of moving love enlightened teacher.
Talk to your eye shock patients understand that capital without water vibrate. Explain to know what blind colored halos around lights year round is not real. The truth so obvious, but for the class he's hard to say to them, when the disease has not yet finished their base.
Before, after, life, destroy, start, final, gathering, separation, yes, no, love, hate ... all are manifestations of the phenomenon of reincarnation. All living beings reeling in coastal birth illusory phenomenon, only being aware what is illusory, what is the causal delivery is very difficult.
2. As Lai Vien Giac nature is nature pure nature of the material accidentally. AS MEMBERS OUT DIEU TAM LAI is nature pure nature of sentient. Nature pure nature of Lai Vien Giac As there is no time there is no time to temporarily suspend the provisions, so as Lai says: WE ARE BUDDHIST BIRTH Apartments.
Ignorance is not own nature, such as flowers spotted in vain. United spotted only with people who are blind eye diseases. Blind eye disease, the flower of all spots that have no reason to arise. "It is the nature of Buddhahood ignorance." Therefore the Tathagata is no reason to say: WE ARE BUDDHIST BIRTH Hunting "
3. Dream scene does not appear when users return to form. United spotted not arise before the discerning eyes clean. Gold ore fail again when cooked pure filter. Tathagata is the great enlightened, so the Buddhas never arise again ignorance.
As Lai Vien Giac achievement Noble Center, which is about the Bodhi nature, magic nirvana care about his place of origin, but his wandering away from it's always been. Thus, Tathagata say: In the realm of Tathagata Tam Dieu Giac Vien not a Buddha or a Buddha. No reincarnation reincarnation or not. No one from the Bodhi Nirvana for anyone to get buff ...
4. Vien Giac can enter the realm of the mind can not distinguish complex ideas to infer. Advent heart, mind infer Giac Vien pure realm as well as taking fire burned fireflies Mount Meru despite hard work but do not bring any result.
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Sex desire is the basis
of reincarnation
In the tape 10
1. Then Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha bowed and his hands said,
Exalted great compassion who opened the secret treasure, which mass label may be directed, intensive treatment reincarnation, evil chief distinction, for college credit nirvana is permanent right heart, can not fall into the illusion, with its accept mistakes.
White Exalted! Bodhisattvas and sentient beings to walk away after college passed away in a sea of ​​As to the basic hybrid reincarnation how? Reincarnation how many species identity? Road to progress with the Buddhist religious difference how? When working on the ceiling should have the means expenditures in the educational career of beings? Bend forward extension Tathagata teaches compassion for all beings the Bodhisattvas and there was light in the property label, indicating that almost mirrors our acquiring knowledge Supreme Tathagata!
Buddha: Maitreya! The words he means a lot to ask, will bring benefits to the Bodhisattvas and sentient beings.
2. Hey, Maitreya! All living far from the cortex, because sex work creates greed that causes and consequences of reincarnation. In the world of living beings as being due to pregnancy, the egg, so wet, so were transformed by the lewd nature that formed the network. So, should know that the root of samsara is the sex. Education support for love, sexual love to grow into a long chain of cause and effect, results for the reincarnation of continuity. Therefore, the network also being loving is craving. Nucleophilic craving is, that love is love fruit network. Sex scenes arise, there are scenes with our unwanted scenes, filled with hate but love, create something bad karma. So which way hungry ghost, animals and hell. Recognizing education as a cause of suffering, being pleased boring out the good from evil to good in the realm of natural fruits. Until such a boring class passions, the discharge of special training and passion there is also a good growth performance, yet out of the reincarnation, not into the path. So, being to escape from samsara of birth and death, except to clean thirst. The Bodhisattva is born in the human world market, not by love but by virtue of the original, because I want to leave being taught sex desire that are present in the path of birth and death. Life after being discharged, the secondary education, except put a new bung hate love the pure roots of reincarnation. Then learn to practice diligently realm OUT AS MEMBERS LAI is the heart went clean in the open-show tour.
3. Hey, Maitreya! All living by that original desire to promote ignorance, from which racial identity born out of different years based on two blessings and obstacles that crimes reported vary. Two obstacles are of obstacles and the obstacles . Ly obstacles , obstacle location knowing fully aware of the truth. The offensive , by the immoral acts should be extended to add the path of birth and death.
Two obstacles are not known except that the racial identity of people ordinary Buddhist Holy.
If the end of lust, except the offensive end, the realization of the obstacles have not entered the realm Thanh Van, Pratyekabuddha call that racial identity DROP NHI.
There are even great to walk in the Great Sea Sense As Lai, mighty vow to rid the two obstacles. Two potential obstacles to the wide perception of truth, deep realm of Bodhisattva entered, called out the racial nature of Mahayana.
The obstacles and stumbling were rid of it can fully enter the realm OUT AS FUTURE MEMBER of magic, full circle and Great Bodhi Nirvana.
Hey, Maitreya! All beings who have the ability to enter as evidence of magic Lai Vien Giac. However, on the knowledge of good practice is also a nature compel a decision. Become outsiders, excess or Mahayana II are affected and depending what legal ethics and practice of knowledge of good guidance, teaching of new development at the heart. Therefore, the legal practice is divided into "DC" can "shop". If your affinity sufficient to meet the Supreme Tathagata teaching going the right way to lead a review is not inborn can achieve Buddhahood. If unfortunately, in practice at the new center to meet the wrong instructions to the director, describes the district's misleading practices, MIT fuzzy truth. Such classes of persons, known as foreign direct racial identity.
Despite Professor pagan practice guidance error, error that is not in being, which in due time found not mind brainstorming, think twice considering, therefore, that there are five different strains of the same nature-oriented one purpose: Supreme Bodhi.
4. Different classes of persons in other racial character, great compassion Bodhisattva means applying the secondary market or from the appearance or reputation, confusion in the world with our fellow beings to enlightenment, education makes the achievement of the Buddha direction. The work of the bodhisattva vow comes from the pure force of the cortex, to escape being. After being away for the Lai Vien Giac As should start up the upper center, play great aspirations that I wish to remain in as close Lai Vien Giac improve knowledge, away from pagan and Thua II. Prayer time was offensive except the forward power purification solutions Giac Vien great solemnity.
Then the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Maitreya he should know.
All beings.
There is great freedom.
Equal Education by greed.
That drop in birth and death.
If you stop all hate to love.
And greed, hatred and delusion, chronic.
does not justify the nature .
Property was Buddhist Circuit.
The offensive end all gone.
May he be enlightened.
Depending upon the Bodhisattva vows.
An accommodation great nirvana.
Ten ways Bodhisattvas.
have used His Great.
Thi is the birth and death.
The current practice.
And beings life.
Diligent exception reviews.
Great Enlightenment was about.
1. Reincarnation is a common truth. Doctrine of reincarnation is not dedicated to the Buddhist faith. Possess universal phenomenon in the periodic law of reincarnation. Speaking in terms of Buddhism, accidental beings, sentient beings are governed by the law of reincarnation.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter; birth, head, allergic, anti; into, head, pass, not a reincarnation manifestation of things accidentally, birth, aging, illness, death is a manifestation of being reincarnated charming, so true, the truth of reincarnation is not worth fearing events. Because it is the law, is the truth.
Reincarnation that Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha asked revelation here is the reincarnation of the six HR directly influenced pain, brain, pros, ball of the heavens, humans, asura, demons, animals and hell.
Reincarnation karma correlated with racial identity. Each character is given per unit of difference. Racial nature are often ordinary people create karma reincarnation in mortal world record. Racial identity and racial identity Yee Mahayana surplus generated only in the realms of reincarnation of the four saints only.
2. Sex and greed is the cause of samsara samsara suffering bi priority. Grow sex lust, desire to make love grow forming long chains of cause and effect continuum.
So that the life education. Education is of the life, the life is the result of education. So the network is craving love, not through charity network is love fruit, but a love of lust.
Landscape craving is satisfied and unwanted, from which arises the concept hate the discharge profile trade body to create more bad karma. So is the road hungry ghost, animals and hell.
Know the harmful practice of craving found the wholesome mind it was retribution for multiplication of natural realms. Until such a boring class craving religious meditation "drain", something of the highest in the charity, but if deviated by a passion that started the concept "pure" is not out of samsara. Because the "passion" is a form of charity is even "love" pure "love" Bodhi, Nirvana.
Therefore, all beings want out of samsara of birth and death benefits unless the root ball should be loving.
Bodhisattvas, Buddhism, "depending voluntary" Life is in the national birth rate in the ten directions to chemical beings. The birth of his life without being dominated suffering priority. So the feeling being that, generally respected profession called by the word "manifest". To reason, it is also a form of reincarnation of the higher senses, in conscious reincarnation is not governed by the gravity of ignorance.
Because of that, should know that the Bodhisattva, a Buddha is not to "the nothingness" "the emptiness" in a realm "empty" empty ...
A La Hon people. Members A La Hon-Man. Pratyekabuddha Supreme Bodhisattva to Buddha Bodhi still the same person and that the results of human achievement.
3. All beings have the potential to become Buddha. So-called "racial identity" do not have strains of any fixed identity. Although not fixed, but may have a different nature given year. Factors to assess racial identity is divided into THE CHAPTER , and Attorney .
The offensive also call negativity Chapter . Thursday stumbling through this often in the six bases, expressed through three career: body, speech and mind of man. Surveillance, directed, sex: outlook speech, language dependence, bipolar damage, ill gates; greed, hatred and delusion are the expression is the basis of the obstacles. Thus, the offensive line extended bi birth and death benefits to suffering more.
Attorney also called Unit over it . Thursday obstacles impede this understanding in light of the correct perception of truth, which makes people confused the truth regardless of the evil right, good and evil, blessed slopes, free. Therefore, closing the door bit Nibbana, cut off the Buddha Bodhi.
For the obstacles, physical obstacles are not aware of the exclusion, the so-called class GENERAL Tanh Pham Phu .
Except the offensive end, not the obstacles of class, the so-called DROP GENERAL NHI Emptiness.
There are even great to walk in the great sea Vien Giac Tathagata passed away, except the two mighty obstacles. When two potential stumbling recovery, wide deep wisdom in the process of perception ... the truth may enter the realm of Bodhisattva, a capacity for self in all things. So-called class of Mahayana Emptiness GENERAL.
On the road repair and improvement of knowledge that affect their lives. While new development may not have the heart to the promotion of religious wrong, wrong district of the Buddha, van gods, demons profession, over wrong notes sound military training. People like us on Emptiness GENERAL pagan .
If that is your affinity is the path back to the road improvement district to teach the knowledge of the practice of this district can move forward to promote good karma, or perhaps further, so called in the case of people like the General Nature uncertainty .
All beings are able to practice to achieve results Buddha. Despite the evil Professor false pagan led the Dhamma, but that error did not blame the evil master, nor in vain that men go into the wrong path then. It must understand that it is closely correlated during sowing seeds of Bodhi people have run deep. So that differences in racial identity.
4. Give rise to the same event, the location be mature to think about their actions and purpose of the distribution center there. Develop minds, CHIEF, Chon, SPY, UNIVERSITY, STATE, NATURAL, MEMBER different results as black with white.
The Buddha's disciples want to play in the ocean seaweed great Tathagata passed away Vien Giac Chanh can only mind, Chon, AGENTS and MEMBERS. Development would not mind such a lofty goal difference of the Buddha are progressing on the road to, supreme Nibbana.
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Then, Bodhisattva Buddha Purity Tue bowed and his hands said,
Great balls who revered because we say these things any thought, before we ever heard. Thanks to the skillful instruction of us revered body and mind contempt for women is an enormous benefit. Exalted Tathagata respectfully ask for the public in this conference, clearly teaches about nature Vien Giac. For Nature Dieu Giac Vien Tathagata beings, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas have attained religious differences as more affordable? Bend forward Tathagata teaches, making the next life depends upon being enlightened times and was able to enter.
1. Buddha: Wisdom Purity! He also asked the Tathagata about progressive law practice difference! This knowledge Purity! MEMBERS OUT PHI which is nature nature, depending upon the nature damage the prospects for open market incentives that Tathagata, the reason there is nothing to attain, is nothing to grasp. Because in general not true Bodhisattvas and sentient beings. Because bodhisattvas and sentient beings are illusory. Illusory kill, no one is realized. For as the eye can not see eye to its own nature as an equal, not equal subjects involved. Confusion being crazy, can not eliminate illusory, for the killers who are not, based on expectations that the damage can assume the difference! If passed away depending upon the realm OUT AS MEMBERS LAI is no object and who passed away of a citizen killed.
2. This knowledge Purity! All living far from the cortex, the delusions of ego and greed ego, so start business concept passionate hate five desires, not used in optical reflection. If you're having good knowledge presented only Nature MEMBERS OUT pure, clearly defined and started killing analysis impermanent nature of bogus self, the recipient know this life is just starting the ball away in optical LAI AS MEMBERS OUT mystery . Rank the ordinary so-called List depending upon awareness.
3. Have to subtract the rate of Quang Khoi ball away as illusory, the realm of pure, went accept the warning, that warning became obstacles object, so in order Vien Giac but not in. Rank the like, depending upon Thua called Yee Vien Giac nature.
Item bodhisattvas are often obstacles for understanding. Whatever be the problem except that, but also afraid to get into the sensory tri (energy bar) so that in itself is not. Such classes of persons, known as Bodhisattvas are not logged sites depending upon nature Vien Giac.
This knowledge Purity! There are "of reference", "power projection" are obstacles. So it often Enlightenment Bodhisattva head without the Enlightenment. Power projection, and projection of gold and silver. For example, the first cut, first off I have no one to cut. Also, take heart problems kill themselves obstacles. He has all gone away, no problem killing people. Recognizing that the teaching of classics such as white finger, and then see the moon, the finger is not the moon. All Tathagata market manipulation language declaration for the Bodhisattva doctrine also like that. Such people, known as the Bodhisattva sign depending upon geographical nature Giac Vien.
Tape 13 Teacher answer the question "What is beneficial use contingent and contingent use fillers"
This knowledge Purity! All obstacles are feeling the end. Correct view, misconceptions are free. Good, bad solutions are nirvana. Wisdom Prajna are foolish. The practice of the Bodhisattva, the heathen are Bodhi. Ignorance, see the feet as one body. About, the, property, sex, anger and delusion are all virtues. Being and national identity of a legal contract. Hell, God provides all the Pure Land. Beings, the Buddhas were accidentally directed. All suffering is ultimately liberating. Use a clear legal knowledge about the general customs of the generals like nothing. This is called realms depending upon nature as Lai Vien Giac.
4. This knowledge Purity! Bodhisattvas and sentient beings in all the time does not start outlook thoughts. For the past eight did not prevent termination. At no extra scenes delusions frustrating. At no discussion frustrating not true. The beings hear such teachings that message out, feeling responsible, not being feared, that depending upon the nature Vien Giac whole life on earth.
The beings he must know this, who had been offered hundreds of thousands of memories like constant fouling sa great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who has planted deep roots and merit. Buddha said the achievements so necessary decision given location.
Then the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Purity knowledge should know.
Tanh Bodhi fullness.
There is no evidence taken.
Not being a Bodhisattva.
hexagons and less sense.
First class differences.
They are afraid of being said.
Bodhisattva Quan afraid.
Post address round passed away.
Not all generals office.
Dai Giac all fullness.
Call upon completely customizable.
Hau world of living beings.
It does not damage the prospects of birth.
Buddha said, people like that.
A Bodhisattva is born.
offerings to ten Buddha.
The faith was full circle.
Although there are many discrepancies.
Means of Tathagata.
1. The phenomenon born from nature. Depending on the coast being invariant. Born from the realms of the dream scene, guests at home always. Opaque dust settles, nothing lasting. The issue of "love" "sense" is also the same. In addition to the realm of "all love" all there is the realm of "Vien Giac." The real reason so that say Tanh MEMBERS capital SIGHT nothing. It is the nature of things outside the legal nature serving ego, the second character design variables, y tha rest to renunciation renunciation is not known what it is that's all Tanh MEMBERS OUT.
Kinh said: "Vien Giac nature nature non-organic nature". DIEU CAPITAL IS OUT NON-MEMBER Emptiness Emptiness.
Depending upon nature Vien Giac legal means depending upon nature. Vien Giac practitioner starts practice known as nature value. So Vien Giac realm than those of controls. The Vien Giac, depending upon no one to be. Because the "true minister is formless." So that's when Vien Giac of entry, no longer a realm that passed away and people are passed away.
2. Beings often rove back and forth in the great sea Vien Giac Tathagata passed away, without knowing it or not. As well as those powers are being immersed in a fresh light pink like gentle spring day thousands of purple without enjoying the bright spring scenery charming.
The ancients said:
" In search of water for the hard work. Standing on the young do not waste energy looking young. "
3. Problem depending upon Giac Vien, said an understandably common problem realized. As Lai Dieu Giac Vien emptiness Emptiness is equal, the common truth. So being, Bodhisattva, Buddha, depending upon the Giac Vien, all equal no difference.
However, based on the damage expected to eliminate damage illusory hope, killers who have not: he killed many, who wish to kill at that position, assuming a position placing each name:
  • Depending upon ordinary awareness.
  • Second, depending upon extra awareness.
  • Bodhisattva of money depending upon location awareness.
  • Bodhisattva depending upon location awareness sign.
  • As Lai depends upon awareness.
So no differences in results, but there's differences. People have differences on the basis of the nature and strength of every person who diligently unto me Dieu Giac Vien Nature seems to have differences. For example, diamond pearl which is not much color, depending on the angle of the stands looking at the kaleidoscope of colors that seem to have more color diamond pearl.
Ordinary medium is illusory unless the desire to "exit citizenship."
Bodhisattva kill local money "problem solution" but also problems "reviews problems".
Bodhisattva registered sites often use visual projection often afraid to kill mental obstacles. Afraid to kill people who kill and found no problems, such as people who cut his head ... Back recognize that: "All the classics such as white finger" ...
Tathagata is: all visual obstructions is the end. Affliction is Bodhi. Instant nirvana samsara. About Customs Intelligence Using the French see as the legal world in the ten spots in vain flower revolt kills disorders. Samsara and nirvana as a dream last night ...
4. Prajna learn, act and live in Bat Bat tastefully elegant enough to contemplate:
"All compounded things.
As expected, illusory, foam ball.
As dew flashed like electricity.
So that thinking. "
Thinking like that, then identified himself and confirmed by the wisdom of their true. At that time the author has been a prodigious energies to any variable success of things. One will be free people in to the point:
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XA THA MA, MA TAM BAT and Nature To NA
an entire Buddhist
At that time the Bodhisattva Tu Duc Uy prostrate at the foot of the Buddha and his hands said,
Great Exalted One who has compassion for us to teach the method of cultivation, depending upon Member awareness, sense of Bodhisattva mind us glow, not the practice that is of great benefit.
White Exalted! For example, a university city, the way in not one, depending on which direction to follow the convenience and interests of each person. Bodhisattva Buddhist religious solemnity is probably not the only one dharma. Tathagata would bow for us and for life after being taught the progressive discipline measures, we need to do and how many ways to cultivate wisdom, enlightenment wonderful character suffix to rove in Vien Giac great sea of ​​the Tathagata passed away?
He tells us: Behold Uy Self In Germany! Wonderful supreme common sense of the ten directions, property Text Tathagata was born, and all the possible legal equality. Inside the general practice not two, but because, depending upon the basis of racial identity means open display should have countless other false teachings. But could it summed difference in practice three basic methods:
One, first of all to show enlightened bodhisattva and Vien Giac determined nature that made her purity. Taking the show realized that the mind as object. Since then, expectations stood thoughts, wisdom arises, know only sorrow is the hotel interior ceiling. Let go of attachments are severe, the heart of the state party has assumed an tranquility contempt. Then the mind of the Buddhas appearing in the picture or image in the mirror. Implement this method of achievement, called it the practice facilities XA MA THA (ONLY).
Two, to show enlightened bodhisattva and Vien Giac determined nature that made her purity. Using visual perception based hearing care are illusory. Take care but illusory illusory scenes, taking care of Tri neutralize illusory. Awakened sense that the mind-realms are bogus. Then the mind of an author is great compassion status contempt. Under the impetus of feeling calm mind to advance nursing practice consistent position as chief breeding ground plating. Innovations such effect, calling it the practice means that they have to TAM (QUAN).
Third, to show enlightened bodhisattva and Vien Giac determined nature that made her purity. Using visual interest other than serving. Remove the perceived illusory. Elimination of the sensory perception of mental purity. Do not be afraid to stop because of the known and the unknown. Overcoming all the problems. Body and mind that life exists on earth and Nirvana is not disturbing anything other obstacles. For example, golden voice of the bell from the bell that, but the language and tone did not interfere with each other compartment. At the time of an author generated contempt passed away, depending upon nature Vien Giac magic. At the scene passed away, accept the notion expectations: we, humans, beings, and become life-line is nowhere uses. Innovations like the effect, call it meditation, dharma tu NA (referred to as Meditation).
German Auto At this Uy! Three courses are legal ways to close and, depending upon nature Giac Vien. Tathagata ten multiplication that of a Buddha. Ten Bodhisattva, how many vehicles are going to end the three modes of medical practice, the realization that people, who are able to enter the Thus Come Giac Vien.
German Auto At this Uy! Assuming a dud from Qingdao, teaching hundreds of thousands of achievements like memory Arhat, Pratyekabuddhas, not by who heard the pure teachings Giac Vien, depending upon this practice in a moment!
Then the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Uy Germany he should know.
Vien Giac Supreme mind.
The nature of the two generals are not.
Depending upon opening means.
France has many subjects.
Tathagata sums again.
has three methods.
President static XA MA THA.
As the mirror objects in images.
To AS Tam MA.
As plated berry farming land.
Meditation Deep NA passed away.
As banks and ringing voice.
Three magical teachings.
Property List depending upon enlightenment.
Ten of the Tathagata.
And Bodhisattvas them.
Nhon there was direct.
Three methods, religious fulfillment.
The cure-nirvana.


Tape 15
In Buddhism there is a lot to religious teachings and practices. Depending on circumstances, based nature, one can choose a method appropriate for your discipline. Buddhist scriptures which says: "countless religious teachings." The meaning of the sentence, said that the legal practitioner chosen subject can always reach the goal is not necessarily required to follow a dogmatic teachings fixed. That liberal spirit and nature "freedom" of the Buddha's teaching. However, the liberal is a liberal standard of liberal freedom. Xa Tha Ma, Tam Ma na Bat Threads and meditation are common standards for "all legal subjects." XA MA THA that the audio is ONLY Chinese translation. The center is expected to stop short end thought disorder. Often on the minds of men spinning in the vicious cycle: Happy, angry, injury, fear, love, hate, want ... no minutes at rest. All of that is the cause of suffering. Yogi use internal resources to remove, first stop the delusions of a vicious circle that is stopping the heart to the head. Pausing a site office, which is the use of the practice of XA MA THA ONLY. Steady-state universe of the mind quiet contempt extends the static security status during time of day, in life. This is the first step is to familiarize practitioners and practitioners an opportunity to recognize the true face of "feet of permanent interest" of his.
MA TAM BAT is the service to China. Is customary to use TRI comment object. Example: The table. Take the object to a desk review.
For example: "The table is impermanent." Through the comments in TRI, he saw "the table very often" is a truth.
TRI-called review term "energy bar". The table was reviewed, the term referred to as "consistent basis". Using intellectual consistency, consistency is considered that the object is consistent (table) is impermanent.
It is using Tam Ma Bat Threads in practice. Based on consistent measures of the "table" that, while higher basis interpret intellectual interests and property assessment universal phenomenon across broad conclusions by the perceptions of truth:
"All component things phenomena are impermanent.
Since they are material.
Ordinary matter is impermanent.
For example, the table ... "
Meditation NA is the Sanskrit sound liquidity Chinese translation, means thinking in tranquility. SERVER ONLY words mean. Travel letters mean subjective. Therefore, Meditation NA understood as synonymous as Mrs. Quan. So it comes to "charity" is said to Mrs. Quan song religious teachings. Zen is short for the word he Zen na.
In summary, XA THA MA, MA TAM Bat De, Meditation NA, as the three teachings: ONLY, and only the co tu. That's three of the eight basic teachings like four thousand cultivation in Buddhist teachings. Buddhist Studies, Buddhist practice without knowing the use of lead, or only QUAN practitioners assert that they speak out that way since then, anyone with any form, are considered religious wrong, totally brought a benefit, a result that. For example, do workers in the bakery cake without flour, sugar, meat, nuts, eggs ... do not get the delicious cake in the autumn market in August!
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Mrs. Quan Meditation can Rotate
PROCESS Practice
In the tape 15
Then, warm sea before mass Bodhisattva, bowed and hands Buddha said,
White Exalted! Exalted has taught public law in this Assembly limbs, NA QUAN and Meditation is the practice is rare, but the means, the Bodhisattva has in store and Giac Vien, how to practice law for three he?
He tells us: As Lai Vien Giac purity that is not the object of cultivation. Based on the level of enlightened beings, and Luc practice with the ability of each person, now on the way practitioners can change before the next cycle of twenty-five ways:
  1. Hold very still. Due to the very end still suffering, ultimate achievement, not to leave or take the land which Nirvana. This is called a single remote method THA MA.
  2. Specialist shops such as illusory. Flexibility in the delivery, the Bodhicharyavatara without loss of property. This is called legal monastic order TAM MA BAT.
  3. Specialist eliminate the illusory. Disturbing the natural weight, they are very general. This is called monotherapy CHARITY NA.
  4. Take hold very still and contemplate all things as illusory being charming. Starting from this, called a front limbs, the self-management.
  5. Holding static IP and defilement unless the birth and death benefits beyond the bi ... meditational practice called front limbs, the charity.
  6. Before holding a static IP, followed by flexible delivery mode as illusory, as the citizenship except negativity can destroy the realm. The practice of so-called front limbs, the self-government and the charity.
  7. Before holding the very static, so unless all the negativity, then start Bodhicharyavatara of as magical beings. Under this method is called before the extremities, the charity, after self-government.
  8. Before holding the very static, so rid the mind of all negativity and being flexible construction of the world. Under this method is called before the extremities, the favor of fellow practitioners.
  9. Before taking hold very still and flexible delivery mode as illusory, as the mental defilements. Before the practice known as verbs, QUAN and charity.
  10. Do hold very still, which is fully passed away, then started using the birth, founded the world. This subject is referred to the Executive before verbs and compassion, the self-management.
  11. Depending upon, the flexibility of being, the collection of dues to get hold very still. So-called law enforcement before the self-management, the extremities.
  12. Because of beings that are totally passed away. Under this method is called before the self-management, the following charities.
  13. Flexibility to the Dharma, which still remain in the tranquility and the most disturbing bi priority. Achievement that was before the so-called self-management, the limbs and the charity.
  14. Flexibility to the benefit of all beings that is rid of all negativity and remain in very static. Innovations in the practice known as front autonomy, between charity and the extremities.
  15. Manipulate media in the born as illusory but still remain in very static and passed away. This achievement results from District called before, after fellow ONLY and Meditation.
  16. Flexible start being used as the illusory and still remain in pole after all the mental defilements. Achievement Method is called before the practitioner and only after charity.
  17. Flexibility in the career of birth, resident passed away without leaving a static pole. This Method is called before the autonomy and compassion, the extremities.
  18. If the effort that passed away to be ultra pure static. This achievement is the first call to charity, after the extremities.
  19. If the health status of the killing that started as magical beings. This is called before the charity, after self-government.
  20. If the power poles that are still passed away and then start using the birth. The practice of so-called first charity, the limbs and the self-management.
  21. Prior passed away due to health, which starts the chemical beings, then head back to the very static. This achievement is the first known charity, between autonomy and the extremities.
  22. If passed away by the power that goes deep into the very static, static start from pole in the dynamic world of beings career households. Achievements before the practice is called charity, the verbs and Management.
  23. If passed away due to health which leads to very static and restart advantage being, according to the practice known as front charities and ONLY after autonomy.
  24. If passed away due to health to start the flexibility to benefit beings, then back to static with very bright intellectual. Achievements of the practice known as front charities, QUAN and extremities.
  25. If using IP labels, see all things nature does not leave the solution Vien Giac Vien. Achievements of the practice known as nature from the three, depending upon ONLY complete, and Meditation NA QUAN.
Behold, the warm sea! Here are 25 ways to change before the next rotation, the Bodhisattvas can follow that practice, as appropriate based religious identity manner would always reach back to results OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI purity yourself.
Then the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Music means he should know.
All the Bodhisattvas.
Tue pure very afraid.
Equal princess born of meditation.
it is far Tha Ma.
Tam Ma De, Zen Na.
Three logging practices, shop ...
25 to rotate.
Ten means the Tathagata.
Three life practice.
they were all such multiplication.
That was the Bodhi.
Except for the obtuse angle.
Any shop depending upon practitioners.
All bodhisattva
beings and life.
Diligent practice the legal this.
Through great compassion Buddha's power.
Nirvana is often present.


ONLY, QUAN and Meditation are the three basic methods of countless religious teachings. Under conventional cultivation methods, prior to extremities, followed by self-management, then the ONLY Dist TU, which is Meditation. JUST ABOUT works as. Works as THE QUAN. And ONLY Dist TU acts as TUE. ABOUT Uses such as the bulb. The use of lights positioned at rest. TUE Applications of light such as light shining full circle. Do light bulbs, lamp stand. Do the new light emitting stationary light. Illumination light emitted all things, light illuminates the space needed. So for that reason, common sense QUAN and Meditation in order to practice. Like WORLD, OF, PROPERTY, three very illegal school, and religious order. Race and identity in the period Hinayana Hinayana practitioner must learn and practice the same order.
As Lai Kinh Vien Giac, the ideology that touches so Mahayana is beyond the framework of dogmatic nature. The Mahayana practice that a fixed order that is not needed, but it also suppresses the ability to "jump" and limit the innovation promotion in the process of evangelism and religious practices of man.
In these eight chapters, the reader will see the liberal spirit of Mahayana thought: That "Dharma legal uncertainty." "Necessary legal text very non-dharma." "Buddhism in the world, any world cup feeling" ... France Buddhism is a legal uncertainty, not fixed. All measures are Buddhism and Buddhism throughout the world. Not leave the world a Buddha. So, lift your feet up, dropping as well as Buddhism, conservative neighborhoods results you attain Bodhi Nirvana was wrong, tight neighborhoods serving consecutive order of XA THA MA, MA TAM Bat De, Meditation NA even more useless. So, ONLY, county, and Mrs. Quan verbs can change before the next rotation of 25 ways in the process of cultivation that results bring everyone is: OUT OPTIONAL MEMBER AGREEMENT DIEU affinity.
In the 25 trading Prime Surangama Saints to Buddhist practitioners presented information about the cause and the attainment of telecommunications:
I. BASED ON THE BASIS OF CONTENTS attain Telecommunications:
  1. Mr A Na Da Law.
  2. Mr. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
  3. Special Comment: Mr Chau.
  4. Mr. Kieu Pham Ba Threads.
  5. Mr. All calm her.
  6. Mr. Tu Bo.
II. ON HEARING SCHEDULE attain Telecommunications:
  1. Mr. Sa Ni Da Ba advantage.
  2. Mr. Tran Nhu Kieu.
  3. Huong Dong Tu Nghiem.
  4. He is King and be rewarded.
  5. Mr. Da Ba La Bat.
  6. Mr. Ma Ca Ha Houttuynia.
  1. He Shariputra.
  2. He Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.
  3. Mr. Chun Nan Da La Da.
  4. Mr. Lau Na Phu.
  5. Mr. Ba Ly Pros.
  6. Mr. Dai Moggallana.
IV. BASED ON LOSS UNIVERSITY attain Telecommunications:
  1. Mr. Tri Land Bodhisattva.
  2. He Nguyet Quang Dong Tu.
  3. Na Mr O Matter Number.
  4. Mr. Luu Quang Ly Tu Fa Wang.
  5. Mr Void Tibetan Bodhisattva.
  6. He Mahasthamaprapta French prince.
  7. Mr. Bodhisattva Maitreya.
"Fruits have high lower, the same liberation indistinguishable.
"Based ceiling higher cognitive losses are realized TELECOMMUNICATIONS facts"
(Please read Prime Surangama Outline Business Online only composer from the same page 219, published in 2001) will be better understood).
Prayer which cut OFFICE NOTES ONLY ONLINE ONLY OUTLINE, we see bodhisattvas enter the practice of NOT TWO, demonstrated more about Buddhism as "legal uncertainty" and "real world cup."
The Bodhisattva access data of different environments. But all also achieve a shared purpose is NOT IMPORT MEASURES LIST TWO:
  1. Bodhisattva Self in French based on arising and passing away.
  2. Bodhisattva German Player: Russian and Soviet
  3. Bodhisattva unfavorable: REAL LIFE and LIFE.
  4. Germany Bodhisattva rating: STRUCTURE AND.
  5. Compassion Bodhisattva Tu: concentric and thoughts.
  6. Compassion Bodhisattva Brand: BEST Minister and Minister VO.
  7. Ty Noble Bodhisattva: the bodhisattva and TAM TAM THANH VAN.
  8. Bodhisattva Phat Sa: moral and immoral.
  9. Bodhisattva Lion: CRIMES and Phuoc.
  10. Bodhisattva Lion Italy: INTANGIBLE PROPERTY Illegal and Illegal.
  11. Bodhisattva accountability: TITLE VI and tasteless.
  12. Na Bodhisattva is crazy: MANUFACTURING world and the world.
  13. Compassion Bodhisattva Italy: samsara and nirvana.
  14. The quality of the Bodhisattva: Tan and endless.
  15. Bodhisattva Universal Player: Russia and the self.
  16. Typically Bodhisattva God: MINH and his wife.
  17. Kien Hy Bodhisattva: IDENTITY and NOT.
  18. Bodhisattva Minh Who: The variation of DAI and DAI NO.
  19. Noble Bodhisattva Italy: in need and IDENTITY HEARING.
  20. Endless Bodhisattva Italy: CANDIDATE STATEMENT NECESSARILY TRI and repatriation.
  21. Shenzhen Wisdom Bodhisattva: NO, mindless Empress Wu.
  22. Bodhisattva Pure Apartments: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
  23. Bodhisattva mind his wife: BODY and BODY CLEANING.
  24. Superior Bodhisattva Compassion: physical, verbal, Italy.
  25. Bodhisattva Phuoc Dien: me doing good, DO NOT BE CRIMES PHƯỚC.
  26. Bodhisattva Flower Adornment: From Russia from THE APPROVAL.
  27. Tibetan Bodhisattva Germany: There is general possess.
  28. Bodhisattva Superior Moon: dark and light.
  29. Security Bodhisattva Player: Ham grave Nirvana boring world.
  30. Bodhisattva Asia rating: CHIEF DIRECTORS and pagan.
  31. Bodhisattva fun fact: FACT and not true.
  32. Bodhisattva Manjushri: Use Italian distinction is false. Language discussion not to be.
Finally, cutting his head fake Duy: silence and silence ...
(Please read Kinh axis MA ONLY ONLY OUTLINE same author).
In summary, ONLY, and only Kwantung TU, he can also act in order to achieve results "Depending upon MEMBERS OUT DIEU Emptiness" and the rotation after the 25 changes before the tu same results in the same each other.
Apartments, Chen, truly, great, but with different facts TELECOMMUNICATIONS attain the same.
Different perceptions, different environment but still contrast with the practice of type DOUBLE NOT the same.
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Realizing the DATA OUT IS
LEGAL Barrier Bodhi
Then, Bodhisattva subjective mass karma before standing up and pay homage to Buddha's palms said,
Great White who revered bi! Exalted Tathagata taught us so clearly on Human Land of the Buddhas in the religious life every fall, making the mass of the two associations are unprecedented, we feel very happy intensive.
1. Transparent glass Exalted! Vien Giac Tam pure capital, by the pretext that nothing has defiled beings causes confusion is not entered treatment. Bend forward Exalted enlightened beings for posterity so that the suspicion that has been mistakenly labeled the future direction?
He tells us: subjective karma! His careful attention, listening carefully to what is critical. As for Mr. Lai will only teach!
2. This subjective karma! All living life from the cortex, because of delusions, started serving deep weighs about four generals: fall, multiplication, they birth and life destiny. Four generals, the capital may not be the true self. Yet being crazy expectations fail to leave. From birth expectations accept the idea of ​​hate trade. From hate to trade more prospects accept another husband. Echoes so that human beings hope that culminate in the end, expectations of greed, hatred and delusion, chronic, and industrial property illegally. Since it is expected that reincarnation samsara. The center started boring the hope that samsara nirvana. Thus, being not in the realm of pure Giac Vien. Not to be, not the realm Giac Vien prevented that in the standard being lost, so are not eligible to enter. On whether or not the person, Vien Giac pure no general access. Be aware, they arise concept or idea to stop all categories of confusion! Because all human beings have no knowledge to the ignorant labels arise from the cortex, as sovereign of his life, so the body and mind become a tool of expression of ignorance, is difficult to eliminate, such as people, not who kill themselves hatched their lives. So, should know! Having an ego, people indulge in self. If someone is not being positively went hatred. Love hate ignorance to grow more, so the more practice that lead to few become Buddha.
* Self minister about? Falls General is the Minister that being said that because of their practice they get them. For example, a healthy body, suddenly forgot his suspension, no film to notice who he is. One day the wind farm to the sky, the acupuncture physician, is only now feel "it" hurt too! For them is that their practitioners revealed at "self" accept their suffering.
This subjective karma! Run mind that them is a "self Minister." Although "attained" Bodhi Supreme, Supreme Nirvana are also a form of "self General" only.
* Human Minister about? MYTH Human minister to the heart, mind awareness that "falls Minister" is so not true, do not accept the suffering "self Minister." Show that the mind is enlightened "human minister." Show that treatment center, even enlightened nirvana perfection is the nature of self-General, so calling it "human minister."
* Minister is how beings ? General is beyond being a further general "evidence" and "enlightenment" on. Perceptions and judgments are two general "evidence" and "enlightenment" comes from the nature of "self Minister" not true truth "of the head numerous applications." Being general here, that is Minister MATERIALS, because of his deep TRI substance of it, to the general process, MYTH.
* Tho general network is how? General life span is pure enlightened mind awake. Mental awareness that deep, capable of receiving both the nature of "Will TRI" the subtlest of the category "General beings" above. Cognitive ability is called SIGHT depths. So that is life-Minister Minister OUT subtle depths, such as network based in a person.
Tam "wake up" enlightened though subtle and not leave the ceiling structure. Because while "feeling" is there "feeling energy" "sense of" self-evident. Must learn to think truth, as people look at scenes in the cauldron of boiling water melt. Melting ice all gone, nothing left to save. If the concept known residual melt, but misleading notion that the real solution is not general members. PERCEPTUAL EVIDENCE nature to identify, MYTH, DATA is not true, but nature that enlightenment is not soluble with the truth. So is life-SIGHT minister in mind. It is still legal obstacles that people need to practice hard without much life into the results. Since receiving "self" is nirvana, because of evidence that NGOs, such as getting the enemy to do, my possessions in the home will be lost. Because of love "self" is also humanity "nirvana", because by eliminating the original nirvana "love" that is manifested. Hate the "self" is also hated birth and death. Hate birth and death are not known as liberation. Beings do not know the origin of birth and death is the "love". So, in the process of purification practice is little to be "realized". It says the matter "fell Minister" is definitely not excluding. So, if anyone so happy to commend the enthusiasm, if all states, anger and hate. Based on her mind and action, but said that "falls minister" of the potential for this is in stealth mode, travel through the base theater at no time interrupted.
3. This subjective karma! The practices that did not stop except "self Minister" ... can not enter the sea Giac Vien Tathagata passed away. If the show enlightened "self" which otherwise would not see the cancellation of her shame glazing. By contrast, we find that religion is the one professor, who lectures beings, the fact that he is rid of "self-General, multiplication minister, minister and life being fiction."
Subjective karma! Those who practice posterity theory that disease for a sermon. So-called Buddhist those pitiful. Despite diligent practice hard, but only increases the disease can not be pure sea enlightenment Tathagata.
The monk did not understand the ideas, get insights and the practice of his Tathagata do, so from the roof for nothing! Or can not speak of people, not the general public, see who won tons of religious consciousness refugee jealous dislike. This same sort of man who is not rid of "self love" Enlightenment can not enter the home Member purity.
Behold, the subjective karma! Later beings seek to attain that does not seek treatment show the truth, just practice like growth piled high conceit more "self learning". Particularly industrious class of people to suffering, great mighty mind to start, not of that evidence, not prime prime cause, not the cause period, greed, hatred and delusion, not chronic care delivery scene ... for me, people, gifts, all quiet resentment, it was Buddha who once said would be achieved nirvana unsurpassed Bodhi.
Behold, the subjective karma! Compassion is a compel knowledge in the practice. Find good knowledge to stay away from the wrong. In my mind to that mix love and hate are not able to be calm sea Giac Vien.
Now, the Blessed One said it meant on a verse:
Net Business! He should know.
All beings.
Equal love the ego.
Vo Thi cycle.
Because without subtracting from the wall.
There was Bodhi.
Tam loves is born.
Niem deception is over.
Then much love soot.
It is difficult to come to enlightenment.
To turn on the senses.
Before taking up hatred and delusion.
Who are no longer legal.
Last time went achievements.
Than it is not.
Trade hate where being
good is with this man.
Will not fall wrong.
Mind if still loves.
Fruit remote release.
1. "Vien Giac Tam pure capital, what pretext has defiled"?
Bodhisattva subjective karma to question the value of infinity. One question brought great benefits to being posterity. As a disciple of the Buddha, to take the enlightened path of liberation, the Buddha's footprints must be very interested to again determine that eight enlightenment of all sentient beings as well as eight of this ancient enlightenment of the Buddhas pure capital. Concern here is the problem of "defilement" and pretext "defiled."
Thinking questions, we see karma Bodhisattva subjective intentions outlined two paths for posterity practice: Or the will to win, or you lose, after hearing the Buddha answered. Also no other way. Fix eliminates the "pretext" to win. No remedy eliminates the "pretext" to lose, they even have to practice hard and still not a Buddhist Circuit.
The problem with natural stains ten thousand pictures. There are things lower the pollution makes people fall into hell, hungry ghosts, animals. There are things that people infected cells no longer quality, ethics, moral value of human life would lose all human happiness. There are things defiled "the director" makes people even have to wills noble birth and death beyond the ordinary, hard work hard to practice without the desired success.
2. All infected cell, there are many, few, a heavy, slightly different, according to Buddhist teachings, it derives from a base in the "ACCEPT". All living life from the cortex, because severe delusions that started deep in four secondary ACCEPT. It NGA MINISTER, MINISTER OF, LIFE STATEMENT beings Minister and Minister.
Acceptance of two ways:
One, approved in detail. Accept this way of expression through the second ceremony, the long-standing practice, this presented as ancient, even ritual practices that reflect the evolution of humanity and non-truth.
Two, accept the abstract. This is the way of approval arose from psychology, from concept: Trust in divine aimlessly, believe there is divine authority to bless this man, who breakdown for it. To comply with Bodhi I WILL RESULT CERTIFICATION. There'll enter Nirvana WARNING ...
All such comments are accepted arising from false expectations that the cause as "NGA Minister".
From what I AM, BECAUSE I AM starting concept, it's MY MY NGA Minister revealed expression of the first. The idea of ​​the day I started there were enough problems in all four generals: NGA, Nhon, and LIFE STATEMENT beings. Because the four generals that can not be separated out.
Run concept attainment as obstacles to Russian Minister then.
MYTH, DATA, OUT three floors rational criticism and negative comments on the original concept attainment. However, they have not fallen minister ly, so they become the object of general self only.
Lu Hui Energy Security Group: Run the idea is NEGOTIABLE suffers the "self Minister" ... Mong Astronomical start getting ideas on the "falls Minister."
3. Children's Literature from, private pediatric practice, leading then to learn new practices. No school director that practices, such as steering the plane without a compass direction, can soar for hours without flying to the destination. Must be "enlightened" new direction and guidance on achievement. Being expected to "witness" not to show "enlightened" truth is a serious mistake, so much that they are less religious people into Buddhism.
Eliminating the four generals serving. For action scenes do not mind. Buddha did not say how long people will reach the Supreme Bodhi Nirvana.
***** Top

1. Now the Prussian Enlightenment Bodhisattva Buddha bowed before the mass, his knees folded hands said,
White Exalted! Buddha being born after a day away, gentle hermit saints, cult of the first, it must be for someone learning to rank? Princess legal expenses? What are operating well? Except what is out sick? And how the mind, making those who have property from falling into the wrong?
Ladies question is finished, the Bodhisattva Universal Sleep land close to the ceremony and then return to you.
He tells us: Prussian Enlightenment! He asked the Tathagata smart things can cause subtle beings have been fearless in directing the label later.
2. Behold, the Prussian Enlightenment! We want to birth later that Mahayana mind wants to improve knowledge and practice, they must find the right knowledge, the mind does not accept the general head, no problems in the thought of Van Thanh, Pratyekabuddha surface, expression but ceilings work every pure heart, assuming that the fault always praise the virtues, not against the law to incite people think. He learned that those who do not achieve long will the Supreme Bodhi. They are born later met such people, should be offered to not regret my life.
Behold, the Prussian Enlightenment! The knowledge was good, the legal basis for self-renunciation of the four patients were then!
Four patients what?
3. A disease WORK . Suppose someone is saying: because demand Giac Vien, I do, to strive to develop professional ascetic mind, to eat less sleep ... but right down to the house of Giac Vien not by "doing" that is. So is a disease called WORK.
Two diseases ABRASIVES . Suppose someone is said except I do not need the birth and death, would not be expected of Nirvana. Nirvana and samsara does not need or want rid of. BOOTH unattended tied up ... but the legal nature nature nature Vien Giac is not "let go went ignored." So, misleadingly called a disease.
Third, patients ONLY . Suppose someone said: On the way to practice, I just need to STOP NORTH concept goats with natural essence of citizenship Giac Vien. The idea is not correct, because nature is not nature Vien Giac "stop order". So called ONLY as a disease.
Four diseases CLEANING . Suppose someone said: I am now rid of all afflictions, body and mind, bare apartment. Since all the planes have damaged prospects cessation, but Vien Giac is not a general "cessation". So, to remove unnecessary to call a disease.
On the road away from the four religious needs such diseases. Away from the four diseases is far from what's "non" does not match the truth.
4. , The Prussian Enlightenment! We want to practice birth later to serve wholeheartedly offering close his knowledge of good. At the close, a homage, in the distance must always remember the words that sound good. If people are expressing consent or unwanted scenes, please conceived as nothing, your body and mind, the people are equally homogeneous. Remember, not being a director because of the brand concept, hate, me, who, more, lose, good, bad ... If people see as injustice in their parents have no idea either; grace equally plaintive start heart loves, the Tathagata says that, not long will the enlightenment to the List.
Behold, the Prussian Enlightenment! Later beings want to play for Giac Vien vows:
"All living beings, with doomsday nowhere, I have served the cause they are at home As Lai Vien Giac, and leave out all notions blessed slopes down multiplication tough test ...
The development of such care practitioners will not fall into wrong.
Then, the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Universal feeling he should know.
descendants of beings.
To improve the knowledge requirements.
So for the right view.
It does not in excess II.
The practice of separation of four patients.
A WORK, TO, ONLY, and remove unnecessary services.
At last, the respect .
admonishments memory gap.
When the minister saw nothing.
So rare heart birth.
Glass as Buddha in the world.
No violation of posture.
About all pure base.
The all beings.
Full to the Giac Vien.
Belgium Minister falls multiplication test.
Use wisdom shines.
Sugar y tu dharma.
from falling into wrong views.
On the List of Enlightenment.
wharf close by Nirvana.


1. NGA, Nhon, sentient beings, the four-LIFE STATEMENT Bodhi disease hazard. WORK, TO, ONLY, icung Removal is the four-way cut disease Nirvana. Self, multiplication, they birth, life fate arises from the "accept". Work, took, only, it also arises from killing "accept". Self, multiplication, they birth, life arises from the clause "ego Minister." Work, took, only, killing arises from the "accepted practices". While serving "fallen minister" or accept "the practice" the root cause is still serving. On the way Buddhist practitioner, serving as head of the taboos of what taboo.
2. On the way meditation is very important knowledge. Good knowledge of three classes. Good teacher knowledge is the master guide, teaching the Dharma for us. Shan Dong happy knowledge that the same ideals with the same legal practice press freedom seek enlightenment. Good knowledge of foreign households are those who protect us to be safe is better qualified to lead our practice. Three categories of people that have knowledge of Compassion. However, these people must be the "right knowledge", who does not cling to the General, who did not share local Hinayana. Good knowledge of our people must be liberal Mahayana. Apparently depending upon the care workers are often bare and pure renunciation. Assume that the fault always praise virtues. No response and rejoice with those who are suspected to act contrary to law. The Good knowledge as basis for legal separation of the four patients had vision. Must be respectful of Compassion offerings such knowledge to not regret my life.
3. A disease, WORK, WORK word means making. Do seem positive but do not correct the primary human freedom.
Actually, practice is essential that the negativity, anti-ignorance, cultivate wisdom to perceive the truth, to live the truth, to liberation and enlightenment to life using their own liberation enlightenment in life now and forever in the future. The purpose of the Buddhas of the three lives are like that. In patients "work" on the contrary, they seem intended to display: To set up direct page, its rites set tomorrow. Tri farming practice late at night, during dinner invocation. Identified the body pressed ... Doing so only hard work but to no avail. The so-called religious people suffered from WORK.
Two diseases ABRASIVES. "Ren" means to let go away without doing anything. Living with a glazed look, lament, that despite the ...
The practice is hard work diligently with all the good karma for life for the benefit of all beings. But other than that people usually do not find myself doing. Make the heart of "a multitude of applications based" and not as the hero who eat away at them with the world.
Do nothing, let worship goes, is not good. Nothing but hope to attain Bodhi Nirvana, may enter as Lai Vien Giac Tam Dieu, who clearly is out of greed but ignored what reason, so misleadingly called a disease.
Third, patients ONLY. "ONLY" means to stop the stop level, kill any notion of thinking.
The practice is very rich thinking and thinking need wisdom to realize the truth. "Right Thought" is one of eight right way. Thinking is not a delusion. The delusions are not many rich people thinking. Supreme Stop thinking, people become inanimate objects like the dummy, as the land of interest to anyone! Is not conducive to life, and wished success direct result, so just a disease hazard Bodhi Nirvana.
Four, the disease killed. "Diet" that is destructive, destructive of all.
Exalted Supreme Bodhi achievements is the time "three cards" in his appearing. The wisdom of the Buddha at that time show that flashes, but the life is called flaming glory. From Bodhi lower life expectancy for the song enter Ta La Nirvana, the Buddha never once do not use wisdom to benefit all sentient beings, by teaching career of over 49 years of his life. Looking shining, blazing glory of the Buddha, the Buddha, there is always "kill" the thinking and wisdom. Apartments, died without an error, use the "kill" it to do. Furthermore I want to kill nor be killed. Ignorance illusory hope, no hope to find is not ignorance. Kill the body and mind became the suicidal madness! So, who cultivate the mind "kill" happened to carry the disease, making a straight line cut off Nirvana can not move forward.
4. Eliminating the four generals, four patients alienation, resentment relative equality, non-washed town, said people like the Buddha will come home as soon Lai Vien Giac.
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MA MA TAM BAT OUT THA NA Truths and Meditation
Practice on the way
Then, Vien Giac mass Bodhisattva bowed before the Buddha and his hands said,
White Exalted! Mass meeting in the sea was clearly the Buddha taught the way back to the Giac Vien. The beginner posterity, has proven enlightened Tathagata Tam Dieu Giac Vien then, for the three measures Xa Tha Ma, Tam Ma Na Bat Threads and meditation practitioners have to do first? Bend forward Tathagata as being descendants clearly teaches that the law they are called leap rain!
1. He tells us: Behold Vien Giac! Buddha head, or entered the Nirvana, the strains of being a Mahayana nature, private AS MEMBERS OUT DIEU TAM LAI is the secret treasure of the Buddhas, the tone may be Forest office or place themselves at home am y three measures, before later changed to 25 to as Bhagavan has taught, the results have nothing else wrong. If the cause may be developed for individual practitioners, the term of 120 days, 100 days or 80 days as you want. Thinking right feet, right feet Mindfulness is the foundation of countless religious teachings. Although the Buddha in Nirvana or have, people thinking the right legal contemplation, there will be an outcome despise freedom. Run to commence tu, y be any Mahayana, the passed away happy, take the Great Enlightenment as the object is very general rule and reflect on the roadmap for progress. My mind turns to the intellectual nature of equality, must determine the nature nirvana is not always separate from the present life.
The intention arises Mahayana practice Giac Vien, an office, the place where aging is viewed as lam.
2. Vien Giac Behold! If the mind depends on the nature of the majority of practitioners can Xa prior Tha Ma, Ma Tha Xa is useful to stop delusions gives practitioners a state of "tranquility" contempt security. From the state of tranquility contempt can arise an insight to perceive the truth on the next practice.
If people care much hope to cultivate the Eight Please Tam Ma ago, because the object is consistent, they are easy to retreat.
Method Two "Only" "Pub" on if it is not appropriate, one can practice "meditation". Meditation is the practice of thinking, depending identity based preferences. If the method object of thought is no longer appropriate results or even results in side effects, harmful, practitioners should carefully pay attention! Thinking "counting the breath" is a popular method for people to buff the practice of meditation on the way of preliminary practice.
Choose one of the three measures, measures which may also bring an despise freedom, no matter what before the next obstacle. Particularly, the three-class practices at the same time achieve perfection, it is the image of the Tathagata appears in the realms of life.
Then, the Buddha said the meaning of a verse:
Vien Giac he should know.
All beings.
Want to supreme direction.
Can be made ​​periodically.
Tu practice right thought.
Xa Tha Ma "Just News."
Tam Ma to "contemplation."
Zen Na "Book ie subjects ".
"Tam Net consistent" simultaneously.
Specialist needed tu fullness.
As Buddha is born.
The primary beam position.
Penitential old illegal business.
The stumbling all gone away.
scene shows the Buddha went out.
1. French ONLY, NA QUAN and Meditation can change before then to 25 to as chapter eight of his teachings in the past. Depending on who, in the circumstances can change, but if the same religious purity, the result does not equal more than less. The problem must first decide the racial nature of Mahayana, and believe deep determining OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI is the inherent nature of his mind.
For religious accommodation is not important, but important racial identity, the intellectual insight to understand the decision to trust the truth OUT AS MEMBERS DIEU TAM LAI. The temple was tu, tu at home also, somewhere up in private practice also. Diligent effort and results are equal, peaceful liberation of equal enlightenment. Fixed term of 80 days was 120 days also, that due to circumstances and abilities of each of the vows. The key question remains: To that Mahayana. As Lai Vien Giac retrieve objects to return.
2. According to psychologists, many common practices appropriate "only" first, then design the word "". However, also by applying the "Pub" before the "Only" New static. As mentioned above, it is up people. Only, the restaurant that is not expected to subdue the mind is meditation Na popular method is essentially "instant custom window" the breath out breath and count on. The practice as a means of the mind is very effective.
The higher up you wise direction, and he uses all three methods in everyday life without the use of the idea started. If people who dwell in the ADDRESS, and Meditation NA QUAN not interfere complex idea, saying that Buddha images appear in the Tathagata passed away.
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saw the rivers KHE spleen.
Thien Thu Hien time before mass Bodhisattva Buddha bowed palms said,
White Exalted! This mass meeting to hear the Blessed One teach any doctrine like that thought, which makes liquid explosive, property labels are bright. We want to know this Mahayana teaching experience, known as chi? We have served over like? Beings experience this shifting cultivation, merit will happen and those who spread the economic benefits this is like? Exalted Tathagata bent forward because we teach.
Buddhism teaches compassion Thu Hien! He was so sparse that posterity being asked Tathagata. What he asks is significant need for understanding, open to many doubts eschatology. So he let that jargon which would hear the Tathagata as he said that.
Behold, Thien Thu Hien! Want to block this trade every hundred thousand Buddhas sa said and three generations of the Tathagata are protected, as the ten Bodhisattva refuge, a bright eye in the business of twelve in the entire Buddhist teachings.
This business can be called many names.
  • Dai Giac Vien Phuong Quang Da La Ni.
  • Da La Lieu Tu Nghia.
  • Eighty Secret Kingdom.
  • As the decision realm.
  • As the difference increases from Nature.
Beings Bodhisattva and later under the name of self-shifting that responsibility to serve.
Hey, Thien Thu Hien! This experience clearly taught in the realm of the Buddhas, the Buddha, only the whole theory that the new iPhone. The Bodhisattva and y being the business partner after this practice was once approached Buddha status.
This business belongs to the "DC Mahayana." These beings radical welcome, from this experience that expand knowledge labels, show treatment Mahayana truth, mastering and mastering all other spiritual practice law. For example, sea water solution containing all the rivers, creeks slot. A drink of mental health have not seen La Tu with less, sá sip of what the tiny mosquito swarms.
Behold, Thien Thu Hien! Suppose there is a loss protection offers three natural realms full of great import to the natural generosity, not merit a sentence a listener with the sense of this experience. Suppose there being evidence of the teacher is. Arhat fruit as much as the sand of the Ganges, is not explained by economic spokesperson said about half of this verse.
Thien Thu Hien! If people heard this, it's business confidence no doubt, to know the person is not growing at a healthy base, two, three, four, five Buddha that was healthy and growing base business've heard this in every galaxy sa Then the Buddha.
Bodhisattva said to the protection of those who practice in the next life, do not let the evil and pagan mind-brain damage makes even discourage rot.
Then we have Mars Prime Assembly Kim Cang, I mix Kim Cang, Ni Lam Kim Cang ... all eight thousand gods and relatives of Kim Cang, pay homage to Buddha, go three rounds and white noise Buddha said:
White Exalted! All living lives, who maintain life Mahayana scriptures this Decision, we will keep them protected as keeping people's eyes. We also protect the religious places of residence on duty day and night, making the patron of peace, the fullness of life to their strong religious progress.
Uranus has Dai Pham, Tu Di Son Vuong, Ho Quoc Luc Uranus ... and the Great Demon King demon king with ten thousand relatives of the hands go around the Buddha three rounds of the taskbar transparency:
White Exalted! We pray for protection of life experience over this practice, on consecutive nights, making the accommodation is secure, in a broad range by week, if there is any infringement of spirits, we will make the body they turn into ashes.
Buddha had finished speaking the law, all natural fruit, spirits, the relatives of the bowl and Uranus, the Brahma King ... and the whole mass delighted to serve the Catholic faith in medicine.
Buddhism teaches compassion Thu Hien Bodhisattva: "Doing this every hundred thousand galaxies like memory sa Buddhist say, three generations of the Tathagata are the household, the ten bodhisattva as a refuge of 12 eyes in the light of experience in entire Buddhist teachings. "
Indeed, fire is hot, ice is cold. Although every galaxy sa Buddhas in the past, present or future, are also said to be hot, ice cold, because it is universal truth of the organic universe, of life, no one can say other than it. And when you need to warm, cooked foods must also be used to test fire one, when you need to water cool, then one must find the tape. As Lai Vien Giac Kinh touches that Mahayana Buddha Shakyamuni is said also said the Buddhas of three generations. Because the content of Buddhist teachings say that the whole truth and touches only ten Bodhisattva Mahayana refuge with willow economic means alone.
Twelve of Business: School of goods, identical procedure, she started, for example, karmic, self theory, Bon birth, deity of, friendly monks, The ad, review and sign special Decree. In December of that kind, with touches ideological meaning, ideology, multiplication, natural, primary education, the right to kill any extra meaning. Kinh Vien Giac Tathagata is pure eye touches that Mahayana sutras in December.
Business this year may be called by name, as well as other business can call or more or less the same name. It depends on central deployment, in point of view and perception of doctrine.
The focus of this business, to open the legal market, "cut from single witness" so this business of "cutting Mahayana." However, sea water, the solution containing all rivers, creeks slot. The teacher also can practice and still get benefits.
The listener understands and believes this experience, the heart does not think deeply or grower base is healthy, in a variety of life and Buddhism met. So this business of listening to a lot of merit who are deeply sown seeds of Mahayana.
Tu learned this natural fruit, bowl sets, spirits all support for any disaster that could not happen to unforeseen harmful interference. Because this man has closed the door bit "bad multiplication" then.
"Deprivation of the quarter trying to Trac.
rest assured numerous suspected heart.
heron great amount of great merit.


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