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The Regeneration
Industrial (karma) can be interpreted as cause and effect, much the same way that physicists understand that for every effect, there is a reaction equal and opposite force back. For physics, force feedback forms that will happen is not always predictable, but sometimes we can anticipate the reaction and can do something to mitigate the consequences. Now scientists are using many ways to clean up environmental contamination, and more scientists are trying to prevent the pollution worse. Likewise, the future of our life is determined by the existing behavior as well as the behavior of the nearest life and our past lives.
Dharma practice is to alleviate the results of actions by our karma and to prevent any pollution aggravated by the thoughts and negative behavior. Thoughts and negative behaviors that lead us to a rebirth suffering terribly. Sooner or later we will die, and so sooner or later we will again be reborn. The realm of life that we can reproduce is limited to two planes are favorable and unfavorable realm. The rebirth where we are depending on one's own karma.
Industry was created by an agent, a man, a being. Beings is nothing other than self, based on the assumption of continuity of consciousness. The nature of the mind is luminous and bright. It is an agent of knowing, which previously was a first moment of consciousness that caused it. If we know that the continuity of consciousness can not be definitely cure in our lifetime, we will realize that taking a medicine on the logic for the possibility of life after death. If we are not convinced of the continuity of consciousness, at least we know that there is no evidence which could refute the theory of life after death. We can not prove it, but we can not ignore it. There are many cases of people who remember their past life vividly. It is not a phenomenon limited to Buddhists. There are many people with memories like that, but their parents do not believe in life after death or past lives. I know there are three cases where the children can remember their past lives vividly. In one case, memories of past lives so vivid that even before the parents do not believe in life after death, but by the clear recollection of the children, now they were convinced. The child not only remembers clearly lived in a village next to which they were realized, but also has the ability to identify parents of children born before, whom they had no chance to know . If there is no life after death, there is no life before, and we will seek explanations for these memories. There are also many cases where the parents have two children were raised the same way, in the same society, with the same context, but a little success than the other. We found that the reason there are such differences are due to differences in the behavior of the karma of our past.
Death is nothing other than the mind apart from the physical body. If you do not accept the phenomenon called the mind, then I think it is very difficult to explain exactly what life is. When the mind is linked to bodies and their relationship continues, we call it life, and when the mind is to terminate its relationship with a particular body, then we call it the death. Though our bodies are a collection of chemical composition and physical, but it is a dazzling pure (net photosynthesis) as an agent subtle things that make the lives of students possible. Because it has no physical properties so we can not measure it, but that does not mean it does not exist. We have wasted too much time, energy, and research in exploring the outside world, but now if we change the approach and direction of all exploration, research and capacity This inward and begin the analysis, I really think we have the ability to recognize the nature of the mind - clarity, luminosity - in us.
According to the interpretation of Buddhism, the mind is said to not hesitate, it has no physical properties, and the main effects of this mentality that every emotion, every delusion, and any defects humans arise. However, due to the intrinsic nature of mind is that one can eliminate all the shortcomings and this confusion and create peace and happiness. Because the mind is the foundation for many of mortal existence and for the enlightenment should have more extensive work on this issue.
From personal experience, we know that the mind or heart, depending on the change, which means that the mind depends on the causes and conditions, we alter, transform, and affect consciousness: that are the conditions and environment of our lives. The mind must have a physical cause can be like the nature of the mind in order for it arises. No single moment of mind before (pre-conception) can not do any mind. It does not arise from something to nothing, and it can not turn into a nothing. Matter can not be converted to mind. So we must be able to trace back the causal chain of moments of consciousness in time. Buddhist Scriptures say about the hundreds of billions of the world system, countless world systems, and consciousness exist from time without beginning. I believe there are other worlds exist. Faculty modern cosmology is that many of the world system. Although life is not observed on other planets, but the conclusion that life is possible only on this planet - a planet depend on this solar system - and not on other planets other, is not logic. Buddhist Scriptures referring to a system of life on other worlds as well as on the different types of solar system and the boundless universe.
Today, if the scientists are asking that the universe was created, how they can provide many answers. But if you asked them why evolution occurs, they are not meeting. Generally, they do not explain that it is a creation of God, as is the observation, they tend to believe in the physical universe. Some say that it happens only by coincidence. Now the point is not the logic, because if anything that exists by coincidence, the same as saying that the incident without any cause. But from the everyday life of us, we see that everything has a cause: the clouds that produce rain and wind swept away the seeds that new trees grow. Nothing exists without a reason by . You can accept that the universe was created by God, in which case there will be more conflict, as obligatory as the suffering and evil must be God created. How else to explain choices that countless beings that capacity by the industry they created the whole world as an environment for them. The universe in which we live was created by the desires and our own actions. That's why we're here. At least this is in accordance with the logic.
At death, we have the power of the act as one's own business attractive. The consequences of the acts of the bad karma is rebirth in lower realms. To stop her self do not do negative actions, we must endeavor to imagine what we can bear the pain of the lower realms not. Once you have found happiness as a result of the positive actions we will be very happy in the accumulation of virtue. When considered the experience of others is as important as our own experience, you will have development of intense compassion . That is because you will understand that their suffering is no different with your own pain and they also desire to achieve liberation. It is necessary to meditate on the suffering of the animal realm, and hell. If we do not make spiritual progress, the negative behavior will lead us to it. And if we feel unable to bear the suffering of the burning or freezing cold or when suffering can not satisfy the hunger, the motivation for our practice to grow indefinitely. Now, life as it gives us the opportunity and conditions for our own self-rescue.
Reincarnation in the lower realms is reborn as an animal, hungry ghosts, or beings in hell. According to the scriptures, then hell be determined at a certain distance below the Bodh Gaya, a place in India where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. But if you actually exceed the distance that you will end up in middle America. So the doctrine should not be taken literally. They are mentioned in accordance with the Convention on time, or taking public trust. The purpose of the Buddha's appearance in this world not to measure the circumference of the world and the distance between Earth and the Moon, but rather teachings to liberate sentient beings, they help students from their suffering. If we do not understand the basic approach of Buddhism, we can imagine that the Buddha preached sometimes in a contradictory way and wrong. But in a different philosophical perspective that his teaching has a purpose, and each point beneficial for different kinds of beings. When we talk about hell, he must pay attention to many conventions and beliefs that the public nature of the special purpose is to make people listen to the Dharma.
I believe that states such as the kind of hot and cold hell difference really exists. If the highest status, such as Nirvana and full enlightenment, exists, then why the opposition is a state of extreme suffering the most, not what the mind does not exist for most? Even in human life also has two different kinds of people: a life of fun and many more happy, some people suffer more pain. So all the difference in experience occurs as a result of differences in the causes - is the action, or karma. If we go further and compare the human with various forms of animal life, then we realized that the mood of the animals are not tamed and more misery with the aberrant they are obviously more. We still have a natural tendency to desire happiness and avoid suffering. Some animals are so wise: if you try to catch them by giving them food, they are very careful. Once eaten, they tried to escape, but if we feed them with sincerity and patience, they can become fully believe in us. Even animals like cats and dogs also feel the value of kindness; them acutely aware of the value of sincerity and love.
If the spiritual level of attainment vary based on the mind has become tamed, so too has the level of mind is not subdued different. Worse animal realm is the realm of the state as hungry ghosts, they can not satisfy our wants. The hell realm is the reincarnation of the state in which the very extreme suffering beings that hard to maintain any ability to judge or know how. The suffering in hell because of the intense heat and intense cold. To prove the existence of this realm is beyond the logic of our ordinary. But we can conclude that they exist because we know that the Buddha has proved very accurate, logic, and includes many other important issues, such as impermanence and of causality, are what we can attest with logic. Therefore, we can infer that what he said about the different levels of regeneration are also true. Dynamics when the Buddha presented the realms of hell just by compassion, and His desire is to teach what is beneficial for sentient beings to free them from the cycle of rebirth. Because he has no reason to lie to the mystery must be true.
Every day we accept the fact there are things we have not directly demonstrated. I was born July 6, 1935. I know this because my mother said to me, and I believe in her. I have no way to directly recognize or prove logically that, but by trust in someone I trust and have no reason to lie to me, so I knew I was born on 6 July 1935. The deeper issues of life after death and the existence of other realms accessible only by relying on scriptures. We must prove the validity of the scriptures that by applying the inference. We can not cite a superficial way. We must study and apply it to our lives.
The different levels of pain in reincarnation in the lower realms be clarified in many sutras. Some very intense suffering beyond our understanding. If you are reborn in any place in this lower realm, how can you stand it? Please consider whether you create the causes and conditions for rebirth in the lower realms of samsara like that. How often we are under the oppression of the deluded, the powerful forces of hatred and desire, we will also have to resist to indulge in their negative actions, we will indeed cause for optimism for our own rotten. If this really happens, then we will have to endure the suffering. If you do not want to endure such suffering, or you feel that never can bear the pain so intense, you have to control our body, speech and mind you do not absorbed in the act will be built collective capacity to make you fall into such a state. The negative has been accumulated to be completely purified by the practice of relevance. And because all things are impermanent, there is no evil that can not be purified.
The more you reflect on the sufferings and feel more strongly that they can not bear it, the more you will see clearly to destroy the capacity of the negative action. When meditating on the suffering, you have to imagine your own efforts had been born in reincarnation and suffering the pain of yourself. For example, when reflecting on the sufferings of hell hot, you have to imagine your body is burned, and the reflection on the suffering of the cold hell, you think your body is being cold. For the suffering of animals should imagine so. You are advised to go to some place of solitude and try to import the whole experience of beings like that, imagine the effort you are to endure their suffering. The more you feel strongly that could not withstand the pain the more you will feel fear the lower realms. This led to the understanding of the destructive capacity of negative actions and the suffering they cause. Then, when you meditate on compassion, the practice will help you increase your love for others are absorbed in the negative actions very seriously. Right now, if you can develop a fear of suffering as a human, you have the means, ability and opportunity to prevent the blame for the rotten your own touch. We can purify negativity and accumulate great stores of merit. We can increase the accumulation of merit we have, and will be able to merit that it is not anger destroy. If we make a practice right from day one, we will be able to make his life meaningful.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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