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Red-exchange shopping list
Lac Thien Anh collection


I go for refuge in Buddha, Dharma, up until the Enlightenment, through the religious merit of generosity and other merits, I would be a Buddha to be able to provide welfare and benefits for all of them students.

Pray for the precious gem supreme Bodhichitta not yet linked up the play and grow up. And pray that time has not decreased then take up and grow forever.

Sam Means of exchange


: Repent sins have artifacts from before. Presented before the bad things.


Repentance, May the Lord give up and not create additional work such sins have artifacts from before and afterwards.

Fix has passed, more business coming from lace.

Penance of five basic measures are:

1 - Effects of repentance law |

2 - Prime Minister repent | This is the for the poor of the lowest rank.

3 - Red List of penance |

4 - Turn repentant born | This is the reason for the upper unit.

5 - Penitential merit | Do Thien Thai tones created, the only weak measures to eliminate sin.

Then each member of the solution.

In this article only refers to the red list because of a common penance only on days 14 and 29/30 of each month at the temple often, Le Hong course this list. Red is great, the name is the title of Buddha.

The meaning of bowing 108 - Six basic afflictions of the six senses of attachment, hatred and delusion, chronic, think, ill be contributed to 36, plus three past, present, future, should I have to do a 108 to 108 bows. But the key ceremony at the temple only bow to the Buddha is 98, the remaining 10 sections were taken from the Flower Adornment Sutra products Hanh Samantabhadra Buddhist Prayer to develop bodhicitta large as that made great vows Bodhisattva Samantabhadra.

"Eighth dynamic concept, where such a crime, do evil to bad karma, do good good results"

From the moment they are born, hit to date, a concept not stop, for the poor, including great local heavy.

Male model:



shifting the path.


Response to the birth and death, of the world wrong, he places the three refuges of supreme world, to demand liberation.

Kim Nam Cang size refuge Supreme Master: ATC virtue cardinals, home of the Triple Gem can Nhut nature, as moral

Già Du cardinal long lost, because home is endless Tam told the students produce. Four, four Buddha, where did all the saints and sages in the mind by Venerable Kim Cang Lo to generate.

Buddhist Refuge, Refuge France, the Sangha:

refuge, returned to rely on. Bow to the throne "Special Minister Tam security." Honor "Best possible protection Tam" is pure nature. Throne "Special Minister Tam said," is the minister. Name but three, only an identity, one that can even be divided into the Three Jewels, so where did all beings benefit.

Male Models Take Action Void The futuristic world through the Buddhas, Chu Chun France, Chu Hien Thanh Tam Bao Increases Resident:

Triple Gem Refuge trinity much infinite. The cross is composed of ten east, west, south, north, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, the upper and lower means. Ten tam home nowhere and tell you the truth no end.

Child care is still visualize all timeless refuge in the Triple Gem to house begging for the quick and the result beings supreme Bodhi.
The money in the general interest to law throughout the world bow timeless jewels, with endless legal world, countless jewels, only in the "Best Mind" does not lack balance. Thus, the interest taken apart, completely changed its previous defeat.

Male models such as hybrids, offering applications, variable primary voters, proving well-sufficiency, celestial bodies, the duration, supreme wholesale, it dwells, macho, professor of natural multiplication, Buddha, the religion

As the future:

an order in nature itself. Nature of law itself. As packaging is not, to the Lai. Bi, knowledgeable, courageous in nature is wonderful. There were 32 applicants on the national level body to save sentient beings.

Applications offered:

angry deserve offerings. Tier II is the customer surplus Van (A La Han) and Pratyekabuddha (Pratyekabuddhas) was definitely the ants and the private or the sun and should only be offered only. Buddha was offered to nine planes because he was self-consciously, feeling tha, feeling happy consummation.

The chief variable tri:

Right-China direct, harmonize, not excessive. Variable-Includes all the places. Tri-understanding. Master Chief tri-lens turn that all the measures, have political views, know all.

Minh Hanh Sufficiency:

Minh-morning, sees. Hanh virtue. Full-sufficiency, well-satisfied, round fruit. Minh Hanh Further steps are full of wisdom and virtue .

Celestial body:

Shan-smart, healthy. Oath-Taking no return. Celestial body is broke ranks and from all three realms or comments, whether through smart, but also in life itself, but what came out of the three worlds, the mind senses, landscape is not bare pollution.

The world solution:

Life-worldly realm, a realm in which we live sex sex. Friendship is also illegal samsara. Wealth of the world is pirated. prize is divided removed, understand, clarify. The duration is to understand the level and the level of the charming and inadvertently in the world. Where did the Buddhist position to understand clearly.

Supreme Wholesale:

Nine's products, no value for the Buddha. Higher than her in-class beings.

Article fishing Phu:

Article-conditioning, arranging, for the finished installation. Ngu - Guest coach. Article Outline Cam Ngu-horse sled dictate. Phu-person staff willpower courage, men, boys. Article fishing Phu: Tier minhva conquer the living beings, as macho ranks to handle rated vehicles horse on good roads. Buddhist custom base which nature beings dwell.

Natural Sphinx:

Masters of the sky, people. The ultimate family in heaven and oil delivered to people of the time to.


Tier omniscient, perfectly enlightened.


Higher than in the realm of all that, be all honor realms and beings.

Pho Quang Nam Buddhist tissue

: Relatives of hundreds, of wisdom around the block light projection

Pho Minh Nam Buddhist tissue

: Report to the full body, light torches throughout property.

Pure Land Buddhist Pho Nam tissue

France throughout the body armor of nowhere, this past is often pure.

Ma La Da Bac Nam Chien model Sandalwood Buddha

: Ma La Da Bac-li structure, except the greed, hatred and delusion, named Niu mountain top. Chien Dan-pharmaceutical data. That is, unless the patient power, enough to merit a part, rushed home color throughout. li beings is pure structure.

Tissue Quang Nam Chien Dan

Buddha's pure flavor, filled with light.

Male model Ni Ma Buddha Gaya

: Ma Ni-Ngoc treasure like that; Trang-phan, the light that is high, sub-district is bad wrong. Example for the virtues of the Buddha billion pearls that hang on the high As, bucket measures to uphold the legal right evil.

Hoan Nam tissue Hei Bao Ni Ma Tibetan Buddhist Sri

: Endless storage solutions, making them happy, love across the population.

Male model necessarily fun Kien Gian Superior General to disseminate

: All the world preferred to see the Buddha, the great crystal upper frustrating process, the lead quickly became a Buddha.

Male model Trang Dang Quang Buddhist Ma Ni

: Pearl like that light, the two position clear: the projection of identity and location to location to compare radical right.

Male Cancer Screening Hue Buddhist tissue

Hung out to shine the torch flame lily disturbing ignorance. Destroying ignorance, they must use their afflictions prajna.

Nam Hai Duc Quang Minh Buddhist tissue

: Broad virtues like deep ocean, the light show without the same scrutiny.

Lao Cang Kim Nam Cuong size spectrum Kim Quang Buddhist

: Diamond (increasingly) the solid matter but also emit light, sturdy intellectual virtues but also throughout the projection view.

Dai Nam tissue strength strong effort Buddha:

Dai-armor everywhere, strength-ten forces, Fine-full one, Tan-no retreat, Dong-no fear, strong-commitment comes first, prisoners were rounded, Buddhist own place mats, clothes love college break.

Phase tissue Quang Nam Dai Bi

t: Great-heart across borders tragic, Quang-circular shed full light.

Male models from United Buddhist Resources

: United - order now, best from ungainly (no head), all agreed to teach thong.

From the Tibetan Buddhist male model

: Treasure of compassion, saying such measures together, not take.

Nam Chien Dan tissue Khot winning Buddhist Ornament

: Buddha all eighty-four thousand pores, are leaked into the mystery scent Chien Dan, rushed around the world including France, to make solemn Dharmakaya.

The Buddhist Compassion Hien Nam tissue

: Tathagata is talented supreme, beyond gender empowerment measures ten, making him head of them.

Buddhist Compassion Italian male model

: Remember the human beings seem to speak good French red that are among the benefits.

Tissue Quang Nam United Buddhist Ornament

: Tu world wide, of, wisdom dignified body to Buddhahood.

Kim Hoa Nam tissue QuangPhat

: Kim-net result, the United-prisoners, the net result of strong, unexpected irradiation.

The projection model Buu Nam Tu Buddhist Kingdom in force:

The Buu with compassion, no siren throughout covers: taking power himself in, doing God's ten.

Nam Hoa Quang Bao tissue Buddhist Void

: Legal body seemed nothing pure, bright light seems to mind, such as precious flower parasols.

Lưu Ly Nam tissues United Buddhist Ornament

:-Me-blue precious gem, the body of the Buddha's solemn, serene throughout as valuable, in addition to Animal clean themselves in the shadow appearing.

Body tissue Nam Pho Quang Buddhist The Sac

: Throughout the legal world, depending on the embodiment, optical zoom, as Flower Adornment Sutra says, where the legal body's full range, throughout the first all student populations, the projector light throughout the ten round, every market is a place to work .

Real Tri Quang Nam Buddhist tissue

: No intellectual basis, it should release all light or intellectual difference.

Every Easter we model Ma Nam Buddhist Kingdom

: Buddha's very illegal to use mind power to win over MA, teachers were subject to chemical and, in favorable self.

Opened at Quang Minh Buddhist

: Bring eloquence, wisdom, wealth and love afraid to break out of pants disturbing.

Buddhist Wisdom Wins South tissue

: Bring wisdom overcome, making the living beings, breaking three or distress.

Tien Quang Nam tissue Maitreya Buddha

: Maitreya-from marketing, Tien-sense. Brought great glory to common sense from the position shown all the suffering beings leave confusion.

Thien Nam tissue President Wang Yue Buddhist tone Tri Ton

: Buddha nature which is usually quiet soi, soi speaking French, a mystery of faith, is both our worship, great location as the full moon, all out of ignorance.

Tinh Quang Nam The Buddha model

: The world of the Buddhist Circuit, which had net Quang then, that the world of living beings is also clear that morning.

Open our Master Nam Sun Wang Buddha

: Long Race-intellectual strain, Dragon or floating cloud burst of rain, often embodied Buddha Dhamma, who made himself supreme in the life.

Japanese tissue Quang Nam Buddhist Prayer

: Buddhist vision such as Japan, Buddhism duties as Yue sense. Soi ultimate visual, sensory Bon open basket, four-half, light as the sun, the moon.

Chau Quang Nam tissues Japanese Buddhist Prayer

: Light of World as Japan Quang Tri, cherry strain as Nguyen Quang Tri, Tri Catalog of World light as Minh Chau, three intellectual circles throughout the morning and not stop.

Wang Nam Thang Trang Hue Buddhist tissue

: Wisdom as the high trees, breaking victory that pagan witches themselves in prime benefit students.

Male model in force descendants Lion King Buddha

: Princess hundred lions are mammals, once it roared, the Zoo begins; As legal Lai said, they were all in pagan witches crouched, in order to attain.

Thang Nam tissue harmonics

: Full eight hours of such hybrid accent, not near a large listening, heard distant small, near and far nothing, heard the one size.

Often tissue Quang Nam Trang Buddha

: Large intestine measures up trees often brilliant glare.

Quan Buddhist Sign male model

: Three intellectual reviews shed light on the world as

Sign Oai Nam Hui Wang Buddha model

: Words Wisdom is very shy, ten prestigious wine, light detector legal circles, in the Circular.

Di Tu Quang Nam Buddhist tissue

: Tu Di-high magic, the four treasures of nature into a magical, beyond the mountains are high. Princess is the largest mountain, far from brilliant inspiration. Typically, the Buddha has four extremely bright location minutes.

Tissue Na Ma Tu Nam Hoa Quang Buddhist

: Ma Na Hoa-match reviews, Flower green, yellow, white, fragrant and light give away, for instance, the Buddha has blessed light center, where no satisfactory beings.

La Bat Nam tissue Udumbara United Kingdom Buddha wins

: Bat Udumbara La Hoa-Hoa Linh Thoai, three thousand years to bear a flag, representing London United was born. Buddha-term wins to release far more than flowers, so he said, is revenge victory (over all). Buddha was born as the very difficult and so rare Dharma is so difficult text.

Wang Hui Dai Luc Nam Buddhist size:

Do great strength and wisdom in order that the student lecture

Male Animal model A Buddhist monk Quang Hoan Hei:

Pi-A Real Animal. Use of real wisdom that all beings benefit. Real-Liberation, they are probably no universal solution is not. Default space. Those who are not angry because your baby is A Belgium should interest the student is not happy.

Nam Thinh Vuong tissue Buddha of Boundless Music:

Buddha told a multitude of sound, each hour is held countless words. Depending on species that understands the different languages ​​of such species.

Quang Nam Tai Buddhist size:

Eloquence, depending on radical teachings of beings but of degree.

Kim Hai Quang Nam Buddhist size:

Golden Buddha, in addition to that smooth, hiding out in ten directions. Medical reports and press chief for such things are clearly in the mirror.

Son Nam Hai Hue tissues United Self At The Buddha:

Take the shining light of wisdom, preach a very smooth problems, such as mountain ocean. Ananda using intelligence means high mountains, wide as the sea that they preach to students.

Nam Nhat Thiet tissue France United Buddhist man page:

Response of the body, or self at all. Deeds of the Buddhas, all come in fullness.

Male model Shakyamuni Buddha:

Ca-like recognition, effects of three sex (sex, color, very sharp), width of the head where they are born because nirvana happy scene. Ni-President default template, it's quiet serene location for such misery is where life and death. Landscape happy Nirvana is president.

Kim Nam Cang tissue Indestructible Buddha:

Intellectual quality solid as diamonds, not decay, but also destroy all other organisms. Buddha nature as invisible, formless should be no damage, so the Buddha such as quality diamonds.

Bao Quang Nam Buddhist size:

Tri-ray brightness, the projector is not the same throughout. Intelligence is our very large, enlightened, not be tempted. Tri-ray is kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity, also called the foot position.

Nam Sun Wang Long Buddhist size:

Dragon or up and down, turn out very fast. Or the application of Buddhist custom. Depending on which base the education of our students.

Nam Buddhist Military Effort size:

Buddha's acting minister of law as to the resentment that three powerful military effort or repel the enemy. Be diligent self-interest and tha boon, feeling happy consummation.

Diligent joy Nam Buddhist model:

Due diligence work for themselves and benefits others, the round, plum, unto the joy around.

Nam Buddhist saturated fat:

Wise use of fire to burn off forest afflictions of life and death of self and others.

Bao Nguyet Quang Nam Buddhist size:

Moon orb clean, clear legal world. Buddhahood very afraid telecom circles such as clean white treasure.

Nam Ngu tissue Buddhist Radio Show:

The general wisdom that virtue, not a stupid campaign, three or ignorance, or, naked or marijuana, or comments.

Nam Yue Bao Buddhist size:

Moon walk away treasures of nowhere, light projection location where the legal world.

Male model Buddhist Radio System:

Truth be presented separately, this ancient purification. Purity of this ancient Buddha nature, as such real estate.

Structural model Ly Nam Buddhist:

Still leave memory afflictions, most people will be as clean feet.

For South fat Buddha:

Strongly in giving out financial and legal education to broad lines of living beings.

Purity Nam Buddhist model: T

pure old burning still round here.

Male model Purity Buddha For:

For pure legal, not moral status throughout the three beings that are to place Buddha. Because the French charity to sentient beings, concern moral status should not result Buddhas and sentient beings as well as consistent as the results we should also Buddha.

Na Nam Buddhist description Save:

Liu Ta-nectar, elixir of immortality. Dharma was born in position making them infertile.

Thuy Thien Nam Buddhist size:

Water in the projection on the sky, under heaven, perhaps in our Buddha and sentient beings. Lull all sorrow then just pure emptiness.

Kien Nam Buddha model:

Germany location of the infinite durability. Wisdom of the Buddha, the perennial change and never used to mind that of sentient beings. This is only the Buddha nature of beings.

Nam Chien Dan tissues of the Buddha:

France itself has aromas of merit, all orders to where they born. France itself a vast amount of virtue swimmers, of, wisdom, liberation of the Buddha and all sentient beings emit.

Cuc Quang Nam Buddha of infinite size:

Ju-Peel. Well as future German minister, stripped the endless glare of light.

Buddha tissue Quang Nam:

Light from all good, thanks not faith at all. Show compassion for sentient beings is the grace of compassion, compassionate legal grace, compassion ungainly.

Male models Buddha Radio Pros:

Certificate great nirvana, still leaves afflictions, free of merit, not the same across borders.

Na La Dien Nam Buddhist size:

Na La Dien-consolidation. Buddha seems solid diamonds do not destroy it. France itself invisible, formless, so nothing is destructive enough time or space.

The Duc Hoa Nam Buddhist size:

Consult merit good as open flowers and fruits of three virtues seem to like the left leg.

Du Quang Nam tissue Lotus Buddhist Hi Spirit Communication:

Lotus blossom painting spread throughout the morning sitting, walking miracle effects of all three realms.

The Buddha opened at:

Merit in giving financial and legal help through infinity.

Nam Buddhist mindfulness German model:

Germans from all over the leap, no ball notion off.

Male model of Compassion Buddha Title:

The merit good, heard rumors around.

Nam De Trang Diem Vuong Hong tissue Buddha:

Hong Diem-Anh's jade plant banners in the supply chain of the Heavenly Emperor Zhou, pearl-ray radiation from each other, for example halo of Buddha billion over all.

Thien Nam Du tissue Ministry of Buddha:

Germany as the future steps seem to go with God, the divine can walk, value smart merit, throughout the ten directions, application of immeasurable.

South European model of Buddha Ornament Trap:

The merits of the ten directions solemnity borders, goods of such termination, the innumerable benefits.

Du Bao Hoa Nam model the Buddha:

Here the Buddha's feet as a good general circular wheel a thousand pictures, walked with support legs golden flowers, walking the ten directions.

Bao Lien Hoa Thien Nam tissue Ta La Tho United Buddha Head:

Ta La-night win, permanent, as princess tree, is a hybrid tree as the leading place to claim to be king.

Male model Dharma Realm Buddhist Sangha Amitabha:

Thu first two parts of that list prior to Buddha Amitabha rules on ethics. Quan Kinh said "Body measures such as hybrid world of the Buddhas in the minds of all sentient beings". Nay Dharmakaya of the Buddha Amitabha, the French body covering the bare look of the ten directions, the law is the body's infinite store of merit that.

TO 88 Buddhas before and after adding his Amitabha means prior to this, the Buddhist concept of merit and are bowing to the realms of Western Land of Ultimate Bliss. By virtue of Amitabha with prayer wide 48 deep, so alone he also predestined to win over most of her life in this realm it. Terms are for people that do the most merit if provided relief to urban form college achievement. So people are out of work by virtue Buddha Amida makes the rules is the main reason so.

Regarding the nature of the Buddhas have the 89 methods in the ten world to beings bowing, customs and prison and vows to follow the behavior of his merit. On the part of all beings have the Buddha 89 where the pure heart to return to the refuge. And the parallel to the merit of repentance very afraid to use new members.

Eighty-nine Buddha and all ten of the world as the ceiling, the more boundless Buddha, his permanent place of the world, often larger halo every sentient beings, he bent the commercial break to ask us .

Horses for ling Buddhas stretching from small to us. TO all the Buddhas in the world - which is across the width. Resident in life - which is good along the surface. Dharmakaya of the Buddhas residing across borders, often this ancient light from the optical detector. Stringent as they are born to take self-obscured, usually in an entire day without seeing the Buddha are the Buddha, as they are dark eyes, in the light of the sun without seeing the sights, colors. Just because delusions attachments, sa long immersed in the way she does not know a way out. Now blessed faith and the grace to see the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, the Buddha's teaching experience should be steep for visiting our Buddhas in one lifetime to tolerate the poor penitent caused.

From this life, past lives, or from numerous candidates so far caused the death of sin, or do it yourself, or protected person, or see people happy by doing that.

From dividends to this day has caused many poor created, each team not shy edge artifacts, including the birth date or remember, or forget, now for the previous Buddhas, wholeheartedly confess, pray for all our shopping exchange unfortunately created conceal their sins, incite people to create, or find that happy people make.

Objects of the tower, the amount of increase or the increase of the quarter or take themselves, induce people to take, seeing that people get excited.

Next is revealed repent the sins of his past life or death now take the material home of the Three Jewels.

From the tower as free, temples, institutes am ..... have a place to worship the throne three refuges, offering only, not to take an assignment, a trench at all.

Ie from sitting up all the teachers are teachers who work for the people, we should not be offered stolen more of his things.

From Four The resource increase is the increase from the quarter of the offer or the owners of the candidates has increased from the offering. Includes two means

  1. Increasing the money they place ten.
  2. From the past or the future that affect them where from the increase, due to resource the projector to be its ultimate residence for up to three lives should only worship but also not what should get a small object.

In very indirect charges, or do it yourself, or protected person, or see her in person but happy.

Reveal repentance over the years has caused very serious crimes where cockroaches.

Five (five) Infernal A monk is hell. This was threatened in prison for causing offense corn

against the killing of father, mother, Arhat, harmony broke up, as Buddha blood. If killing

A further regulate the upper and then the seven Le Xa.

Infernal Hell Five include: animal output, cockroaches, cockroach very unpleasant, very indirect time, wireless networks

indirectly, the very indirect.

Ten things you did not heal, or do it yourself, or protected person, or see her in person but happy.

Play this ancient giant repentance has created ten evil in the body, breath and mind.

Three of the family business is killing, stealing and sexual misconduct.

Four of mouth business is the expected language, dependence terms, the amount of damage, ill gates

Three ngiep of mind is involved. hatred and ignorance.

Ten of evil as hell, hungry ghost, animal.

If moving into ten ten good and evil will be blessings of natural, human and asura.

How many obstacles generate crime, or has concealed or not concealed.

Whenever there is evil that cover major crimes, such as covering the small sins. For the previous three refuges and

previous mass, to live out all expressed interest, can not hide it true that new shopping


Must hell, hungry ghosts, animals along the way other evil, threatening to place border area,

lower-class facilities, the evil ants.

Depending on the place that made significant career moves or feel contempt and retribution that threatens the territorial

place of those things.

Hell is where the most suffering, there are eight big hell of cold and hot. They are living in hell

the fire burned celebrated career, is guilty of death, life should not stop

call is on a break, then the jail felony is.

In hell there is indirect ownership when a break, a misdemeanor, the threat here.

Hungry ghost is hungry ghosts, often in the water, but only full of fire, is to see that drinking water on the fire burning back into the body. Suffer hunger and burn forever.

Eagle animal is born, its body sideways so-called backbone of the table. Fresh devouring each other, often bear the economic suffering father. In third place is under water, on shore and in the air.

Border Land is no civilization and no increase Buddhism, as accommodation of ethnic minorities, or where the jungle, desert, desert island. From this ancient sages had no education the birth of living beings so that local people are barbaric and aggressive.

Ha means that servant, beg, hire coolies to do the wrong people and making, with contempt.

Bad reviews are not known glass house eight private insurance, no causal information. Crime is still out about repentance is breaking gender stereotypes but they are not repentant.

These crimes deserve to be offensive threats in places like warehouses are now child please repent.

This means that from the sin of the tower and take the material to cause crime to increase capacity (staff very near future) to cross the evil crime and suffer the retribution must be threatened and the victim country bowl. All words in the mouth that body gestures that make the chapters that present the child threw himself before the Buddhas, to each each reveal all pray repentance.

Now the Buddha, the religion would know the child witness. Con back in front of the Buddha the immediate transparency religious words, or this child's life, or death of children have been working to preserve world alms or purification methods, the experimental ring for a clear rice species of birds. Or have religious purity, how much good base and achievements beings, how many units of Bodhi good practice, how much good base, has been found to supreme Buddhist center location, how many good base, united group than counting all the measurement was based healing, all come back towards the direction Supreme supreme Buddha.

89 Now we pray to the Buddha, and all the Buddhas in the world to take measures to prove to you, remember that for us. Son of the Buddhas in front of the base say the healing words below: 1-have been giving law enforcement; two-Keeping gender purity; 3-Do all the good, large and small, like a squeezed rice birds; Tu 4-behavioral; 5-achievement beings; 6-cultivation of Bodhi; 7-Supreme Play Development Center.

From past to present, did all the good base of large and small, assembled the group, than count the days, calculating wages, per each are directed back towards the supreme Buddha Supreme.

The Buddha in the age-old past, future and present ways of how dedication, I also pray in this direction so that all sins I repent, the blessings I offer full joy, heartfelt appeal Buddha of orders, net volunteer position supreme mystery so soon.

Results of this previous life as a good basis of religious, are dedicated to imitate the Buddhas in Buddhism that is results oriented tam tam Bodhi Temple. The small but can do around the capital, large and small general disapproval. Much less do not hesitate to inform each other which is full capacity where the legal world, the Buddhas in the direction where the legal world.

Con dedicate this study according to the Buddhas of the three generations were used. The sins are repented, have full blessings rejoice, and visiting Buddhist merit, pray to the Supreme Tri. Buddhas is immeasurable merit clean round, deep as the ocean of sentient beings, so we now release a bow my head.

Con swaying sea bow immeasurable merit of the Buddhas.

Incompetence throughout the ten countries, including three generations of His Holiness, the three industrial use pure bone all through the ceremony ten perfect, very happy Samantabhadra great compassionate vows, before the Tathagata is all self, each body to the bare body, I look around this holiday revered ceiling.

Glass bow of many Buddhas endless incompetence in ten countries , the use of three industrial purification bowing to the Buddhas throughout. Mental well-respected voluntary Samantabhadra his many incarnations in the ceiling of prostrate gland as the Buddhas of the ceiling. Con also follow this behavior that he prostrated Buddhas.

Three business is physical, verbal, mind pure. Rubbish Body not only slash the Dharma that should move into the right action, right livelihood, right effort. Utter Rubbish Trade not only saying that Buddhism should be the primary language. Italians do not think the seven, only thinking of the Buddha Dharma that right understanding, right thought, right mindfulness, right concentration. The latter coordinate is the Noble Eightfold path to Buddhahood.

The ceiling has a ceiling of Buddha, bodhisattvas in the country as well, all over the world slightest legal ceilings, deeply believe in Buddhas are often full. Sea France have used the whole operation sound, the Word of endless mystery around wine, the whole future of all life, Buddhist merit praise deep wide sea of ​​thousands.

Title positive, praise the Tathagata. Body of the Buddhas as the ceiling around the middle of the conference in the world. Samantabhadra body turns out to countless, endless words used by the future to life vast amount of merit praise the Buddhas.

In a grain of dust, there are numerous Buddhas much dust, dust cloud in the legal world where endless, there are Buddhas too much like the dust cloud, Then many Buddhas, body and mind in the middle of them per each legal where the World Assembly, which makes the owner, but where's duties, of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and do you, all you harmony, transparency and causality.

Per each lot of very Kuong Samantabhadra, each of the spoken language as boundless sea without end, each sound came out, or countless words, every word that the ultimate future death to sea off the wide praise virtues of the Buddhas.

Corolla very nice fragrance, with

Long Tan floral music record , wins enemies crushed products decorated, offering all the Buddhas of the glass rise, y evening at home with win win, with torch lights incense powder, incense inhalation, human beings as much as Noble High style, offering text I offered to the Buddha, Tam won immense butt intact, the total crystal Buddha three professional life, are shifting behavior Samantabhadra prayer, seem cumg domain throughout the ten Buddhas.

Give rise to broader work practitioners, offering. rise up to win five items are:

1 - Trang is a crown of flowers, or hats with flowers or pearl colors as tran.2-Perfume fragrance from the flowers, incense inhalation, incense powder incense is bare. 3 - Music is hearing aids. 4 - Long Tan, ceiling lighting is excellent. 5-Foods is the ceiling. In this precious item, per each as large as mountains Dieu Cao.

In the ceiling is centrifugal; transportation center is the heart of the gate. When visualizing the scene naked, back to consider the mind, empty mind, army generals ceiling no ceiling, no place is consistent base. Interested, in hearing clearly, it's fake news customary to stand. Member Quan and base solution, ie mind similar scenes, the legal mind is pure, the same is true law corresponds to the effort, called the foot as hybrid solutions offering. Pure economic theory title is:

"In everything offered, only France is offering more than all"

How sugar cause by doing crimes, the greed, hatred and delusion into professional work, from the mouth that the student body, I now repent total pure heart.

Repent the karma caused by three earlier career.

Do Thi Mong from a very thoughts, delusions, actions, which bear message to today's endless samsara. Since then many lives, press today, the mind, that is for teaching the evil industry, each concept, the place never stops creating karma very well, endless. It all started a sense of poisoned by greed, hatred and delusion leads to the body and then spread to export sales did not stop karma. If a sense of up from, or concept that instant awareness, concept of capital can not, I blessed derelict, or be calm.

I was born from the very death, every concept has a habit, could not immediately be aware which should not have the mental health of Samantabhadra, as measures to repent, so that I basically two new face tan and Chi gradually.

The beings in the ten incompetence, Thua grade II, Study with Friends Radio, the Tathagata Bodhisattva together, how happy colors depending on the merits.

Ten ways the world is a place with all beings of the six lines.

Second row bar Thua is written, charming sense. Organic Results of the study was eight, legs, such as research and thoroughly enchanting. School is very fruit forward four legs were the same, or has taken.

All the sages: the Bodhisattvas, Pratyekabuddha Thanh Van, he will of the witness to Bo, where cultivation of virtue I would blow up all the options. Even the beings in the world every ten species, anywhere has merit even if only by a hair, dust, blowing your child would like to customize. Options are mind blowing all over the world where legal.

Who insight in ten countries, at night into the Bodhi file, now I have a superficial appeal, wife of Abhidharma teaching traditional student population.

Buddhas request Zhuan Falun (the sermon). As light broke the darkness of ignorance break wisdom ring tones, the Buddha of the ten realms of bringing light to the open market for intellectual beings. Profile at night into the bodhi - Being new to Buddhism. Subject area of ​​the Sakyamuni Buddha in his 30 years of age. In four subjects, then he became a Buddha from countless lifetimes. So far as they are born out of his area of ​​subject and talk a bit of a Buddha.

Here, whether preliminary or permanent, the Buddha became a Buddha, you all come recommended from time to change his wheel to move the heart Abhidharma beings from mortal to Buddha.

The Buddha wanted fast passing away, the media into earnest request: Buddha's last hope in life long, they bore healthy benefits permeate solutions.

Ask the Buddha passed away at the head. There are beings out there to market of the Buddha. When the finished goods, the market is killing him to join the non-killing, so long as if the Buddha at birth forever where they despised death, and such affection diameter dependence. Buddhas have manifested beings passing away to play mighty media practice. When they want to manifest in the body-Nirvana dim glow, white middle hardly less about sitting back, right now, because of His children by virtue of our spectrum with the media from time to encourage him to remain for us to be good where the legal benefits.

How many blessings offering reception, guest lecture in his moral life, as the joy of repentance based charity, hope for high-rise Species Bodhi.

Because willed desire for all creatures are the Buddhist Circuit, so I already dedicate all merit offerings to appeal to his reception in life is teaching us the benefit of merit, penance for healthy root growth.

Kinh said: "From the chapel to pray and worship and custom blow, where merit, all come in the direction for all beings, sentient beings are usually willing to still happy, not suffering the disease, do not want to do evil, then any method of to charity, the blood industry achievements; stop closing all the Beast, presented the right way to open for Nirvana Thien Nhan rings to achieve unsurpassed Bodhi. "

I am determined to bring victory being thick, foot back towards the supreme legal world, how nature protection minister tam, tam sea salt to use on foot, sea merit unexpected like that, now I will dedicate all about: to give Species adjacent upland, with the co-director of Bodhi feet,

In the direction of.

Only the first eight vows of Samantabhadra. One is the feast of the Buddhas. Second praise of the Tathagata. Three offerings are vast. Fourth of karmic penance. In the merit rejoice. France said Friday that from time Buddhism. Seven is the realm from time Buddhism in the long run. August is usually depending on Buddhism. belonged.

Two volunteer after nine draft agreement is in harmony with living beings. October is all around in all directions, from the part of management. Chi to become complacent, may give rise to large. Nature center is not expected foot, single-mindedly as possible, the legal world is true of most general of all things of interest to come.

So that the nature which has no place by that city, nor of the refuge where the minister to clarify, the merit is due to the mind must be initiated in the direction of the center.

This is a sea of ​​endless emptiness merit Buddhas where such publication where eighty (right one). Eighty feet is only our mind, to bring the most attention here, that place is more meritorious dedication to Buddhahood.

How karma in the body, speech and mind, her heart break a nail hatred, body and mind after what must not create evil, as the visiting karma, voluntary targets are not cleaned out of malice, the legal concept of wisdom throughout the round world wide by the time students not working

In order tha direction. Kill the karma of sentient beings and may never from retreating. They were wrong birth place of self-interest and fascination that say disparaging Buddhism. Because not believe people should get involved, hatred and delusion so artifacts sins in the body, speech and mind. Expect from this merit, common prayer of all beings, instead of destroying all want the karma from past lives.

Nowhere despite consumption, even living beings suffering in vain, I dedicate this extensive information, as well as four legal incredibly immense.

Stringing together the prayer does not go away.

Message to be from "a legal concept's intellectual armor" in addition to work, hit the slightest merit in a ti trenches, but could it across borders, as a drop of water that is full of great salty sea.

Four measures expected to go even further, but can also value nature which can not be all, I dedicate this prayer in his behavior Samantabhadra, and all the fullness value nature, the law is pure four adjacent circles.

"When all the realms of nowhere to finish the prayer, but never unreal realms of all the Ten Principles of the children here do it all"

Nam Mo Dai Hanh Samantabhadra Bodhisattva

Tu offering endless feast, to worship the Buddha more University. Diligently to extreme fatigue life is not Hanh. Throughout the legal world is full of Prussia. There is a house near the walls. Assuredly good fortune, not exceeding unfortunate subjects, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as well from here. Strictly on painting, his firstborn Samantabhadra is made ​​voluntarily by the unfortunate nature value across borders should say "royal chapel." If sentient beings in the Ten Principles of this medical practice is able to deal with each other appeals to the Buddha. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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