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WHAT ARE reincarnation?

Unlike any normal mind, Buddhism advocates no soul as a spiritual reality that endures constant, subject to any changes in the body. Buddhism does not advocate a single soul clothed in the various body changes like a dress: even though many different clothes, but from beginning to end is just a constant. Therefore, the question must be posed is: who in this life and the afterlife may be the same as a person? Without a single soul in two bodies of her two lives, how can we speak the phrase "my previous life", because the sentence seems to assume that I only had a single in both possible correct it? and after my body dies, what has come to regenerate my next life? Without a soul constant basis then what is reincarnation?

To understand it, to know that Buddhism advocates: even in a lifetime, as I'm living this life, so I was 5 years old and so I now can not be completely identical to each other or is, since I was 5 years old is very different from now on all aspects: age, way of thinking, temperament, talents, tendencies, etc. .. I do not even remember at age 5, people do that anymore. If I was 5 years old and I am now one, identical, then of course the two "I" must be the same, nothing changed, and I now have to completely remember me in five years stars. Similarly, an hour before I, or 5 minutes, or seconds, can not completely identify with me now ... Certainly at times different, "I" of my uniform, not one, but could not say two or more, because I still see, still I recognize that my time is now or before they are me. I'm still on my picture at 5 years, 10 years old, 20 years old ... and I say that, despite the "I" that there are many different ones. It is a fact no place in the Western logic, because logically there is no consistent story has to have heterogeneous, just as the last two are not two.

Science says my body within seven years is all the cells are changing at all. Thus it is clear that my body was 5 years old and my body at 40 years old (more than 35 years together), how can a be? Also, my motorcycle to buy dozens of years, gradually changing all parts, that is no longer any part of which is part when I originally bought. So how can I protect the car now the car is also the time? At the beach, I glanced to monitor a large wave off from running ashore. When it reached close to the bank, I still consider it is the waves offshore, because my eyes went to it from outside it to shore without interruption, even though I know that I go to where the waves take the water in that materials spot for you. In terms of materials, the waves offshore and onshore waves on completely different, there is no water molecule as a whole. But I still have reason to consider the two waves that is! or the people of Vietnam as one, from 4000 years ago until now, although far different between Vietnamese and Vietnamese primitive today, but still considered to be unique! Why?

As in all such cases, there is unbroken continuity in change from situation to situation there, this one over the other, and the changes that occur in a gradual , not sudden. At two times in succession or together, although there is a change, but the change is negligible compared to the constant basis to make it still it. And always there is a causal relationship between the different states at the time. Status before the cause of the condition follows. If no status before the status can not be later. As for myself, if there is no ego at 5 years old, I can not have one now. If in another five years I lived with my past practice at the time, surely to now, I did not like the fact I am now. It is the main point that I found I was 5 years old and I'm now just an ego. Thus, according to Buddhism, is not necessarily an immutable soul exists as the foundation for the beginning to the end of the different entities is still considered one. Similarly Country Vietnam or Vietnam where people necessarily have to have a soul of eternal, unchanging foundation to be able to call the people of Vietnam Vietnam's past and present is!

According to Buddhism , the self that we experience is not an immutable soul exists, that is the "ideal" continuous drifting like a river. Every moments (the smallest unit of time) a "thought" (temporarily called it) emerged and disappeared immediately, make room for "thought" the next. This is the moment to moment later, and the results of its predecessors. Each thought moment of birth, head, and perish, and while away, to transfer all power and sensation were recorded for the next thought. Every fresh consciousness consists of the capabilities of its predecessors and adds that little bit different. Until his death, thought the last stop, as well as in the life of each consciousness must kill, to make room for the next moment the same thought arises in the moment, every thought of it are included . Each form contains all the experiences in the past by the thought before leaving. So the new formula contains all new life experiences, feelings recorded in past lives. Thus, all potentials are moved from this life to life, although the material dissolved. That is why sometimes people remember their past lives. If memory is only dependent on brain volume, of no one can remember past lives. Thus, the past life and afterlife is a continuity of thought, and thought of new life has inherited the entire spiritual legacy left from a previous life. So, what's my past life and the afterlife that I was just another medium that also may be considered as one, like the I in two different times of life the same way. So on, through life after life, even in scenes of natural, human, or animal, hungry demons, hell no matter, should not have a soul any longevity at all.

Thus, there is always a My body's a different subject all of the retribution of the body do this. Ego is the ego of the other causes, and the other is the result of what I do this, as my current ones I now have or receive the consequences of what my ego was in the previous do. Such a lazy month I learned then that I failed the exam this month, so before I take this school, so I passed. I see two that are my ego, but clearly they are different: what I now can not modify what is ego before, and may also disagree with the previous work of the ego can not feel be tested, even ones I do not know about later. Do I see I have two that I that I see no injustice at all.

To understand the spirit that does not need the ego as regards his own ego before the transference through the moments idea, we try to raise an illustration. Things such as a user machine to tape cassette. First he recorded some music directly added to the tracks already in the ice. He then to all the songs in the band A to band B and band canceled A. He continued to direct recording some new songs to tape B. Then the entire band to band B to C. Just continue like that forever. Until that time, such as glacial M, we see all bands A, B, C, D. .. I, K, L have been canceled, but all the songs in the bands that are in band M, although in terms of material, by M is not heavier than the ice in front of a microgram at all, while others with the band before. Assuming as M band is capable of reflection and conscious, it will see the tapes A, B, C. .. before and is it ... Each tape represents a lifetime. Each life gathered some experience in addition to the experiences had in past lives, and give the whole experience was for existence. The reason could be because sex is the ability to acquire, store audio cassette tapes. The ability to receive and store experience from this life through our lifetime student of Buddhism called Alaida. We can say a re-skin-is the way to rebirth, which is being reborn. And it can not Alaida form called soul. Moreover Alaida change every moment of life, every time the acquisition and stockpiling more. And the ability to make sense of recognition of the factors that make his "I", as well as other ones I get every time one is a unique self, the possibility that Buddhism is called Massage na way. Interestingly, in this illustration is what the other tapes do not make the tape at all the other worse. Thus, what seems to be transmitted is not material. The idealist would think it is mental. For transmission to be added, but added if the material is surely to make worse. Is not that the spirit must surely be material. But going into more problems there have been changes in the arrangement of magnetism: from contaminated ice. Similarly when we photograph, taken after the movie worse before shooting, but the movie was light on the effect of changes on film. Thanks to movies recorded images. The added material but not necessarily something the matter, and of course we look beyond that to the contribution of the photographer or recorded images or sounds, the new record is the tape ( external actors).

According to what you said before, "thought" (works of the mind is always there, though no conscious thought) is continually produced, the head, killing in the same life or the transition from this life after life. Therefore, the last thought of an afterlife plays a crucial role in determining the immediate realm of circumstances to be reincarnated for existence. If the moment of dying, a German-being reincarnated in natural scenes have bad thoughts, or imagine things that are not good, then he can grow into the realm of evil, as Atul or animal , or a human, but the initial conditions hiu function. However, because of her career, so even live in the realm of bad initial conditions hiu function, but the fate of our fellow human beings than their happy lot. Indeed, we still see the animals (dogs, cats) have physical life and spiritual pleasure than other animals, even a lot more happy people on earth. Conversely, if the moment of dying, a bad idea to get good, or imagine things holy, it can be reborn into the realm of good, or the living conditions of the original very favorable, but because of their bad business, so their fate is still suffering than their fellow human beings. Indeed, we have seen how rich the rich to you, belongs to the king, but life not happy at all, life is full encounter adversity, or who became impoverished ...

Therefore, the the last moments of his life the family, Buddhists pay attention to help them have good thoughts, think about the images beautiful, noble, so they can attain birth in the realm of good , making it easier for them to proceed to the purpose of liberation.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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