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 Today I want to tell the witness room of the Buddha Sakyamuni. As we know in the first forty-nine nights under off-topic, from farm to farm a third the Buddha sequence of the super Vietnamese law, open-tung were all bound for many many lives so far away.
He completely free and stood up declaring "We have achieved the direct result Supreme Bodhi."
During this night the Buddha in meditation, from his farm to a calm mind pure, all defilements are craving off on, all delusions are to be extracted. His complete control, completely motionless, they are intelligent network Tuc. The word "Further" is a lifetime ago, the "Network" is life, the word "Ming" is bright. Means clear that all intelligence, memory around. He used this insight to the past afferent, associated memory like countless hundreds of thousands of childhood memories of past lives, where he was born, what name, the family, professional life and happy to star, born here die the other, birth and death reincarnation etc ... Remember how the full story and remember it as clearly happened yesterday.
We also recall memory but the world, remember this story the other, memory is not continuous, with no early end at all, remember in the world regardless of location should not be called intelligent network-Sufficiency. In his wisdom from pure real estate, where consecutive radial to remember that, from a lifetime of two lives to countless lifetimes. That is, never mind still whirring, then you should not clear memory correctly.
Exalted apparent life wandering in samsara reincarnation are due from the crazy idea sparked. Tuberculosis before being immersed in the notion that to hide it forever in reincarnation cycle of birth and death, cause of effect asking. So venerable often teaches us, do not run under the delusion, let go of the idea first, it will not create business enterprises and was pulled. For the practitioner, if the maturity wise master, not to force the dominant causal. Just had an idea raised immediately cut up let go, do not let it drag, so safe. If not employed, to contemplate dragged, it will have the capacity to lead us very strong.
Further proving identity network, his direction clear mind about the past lives of his countless so, to finally burst out, nothing binding. We want to be so, please identify the nature of their senses, we can afford, there is wisdom, but those expectations were whirring away back down the cover. Now all these things up to the light immediately rounded insight. It was first cultivated in the night the Buddha attained enlightenment.
He was so then, he continued to deploy a dark layer of insight out of the past, towards wisdom to all beings, he clearly lives of all species birth and death, death is born there, up and down in the three realms of six line. Each being one has to do, where, how kinship family members, creating what industry etc ... His behavior seen as standing on a high floor overlooking the intersection, the man who saw clearly, is not wrong to run at all. This is the Monday of each witness, that God card mark.
With labels pure divine wisdom, He sees life after death being reborn in a lifetime, and with how many beautiful sights on man bad, happy birth and death are suffering, depending on the behavior of each artifact. All are being created by the industry, and from the power of this industry go back to being led in the street, feeling the first reported different results. When using a clear insight of their lives and of all beings, all darkness of ignorance from countless lifetimes crazy no more, the wisdom of the more revered super Vietnamese, more than boss around. So we practice the Buddha's law is no ego, because failure to see this mind-fake, not real, many lives many lives went rolling far, reports received so many suffering. Thanks to renounce all should achieve intellectual purity of complete freedom.
The Zen master used to sit at almost dead straight, encouraging his disciples to teach something or for a verse, then breathing the air is finished. Themselves in life and death is so attached to this body by not sinking. Because he knows full well the intellectual beings kill themselves is not true, because the temporary grace, the grace that they will lose. Knowing so then, he did not bother the heart to do the fake temporary, there is always a genuine hand, the He got to live with it then, where fear of loss costs. So the Zen master is always calm liberation while living and at death. It shows a complete lack of wisdom, we do not address the story of his life, let alone major birth and death.
Learn about Buddhism then, we find ourselves can achieve wisdom, let deposited by delusions whirring. When the concentration of the property still emitted. Promoting the true wisdom as it is this life, this body, mind and all phenomena around, we can master. Full of wisdom, we can also witness the intelligent network Further, God labels so intelligent as the Buddha. Should speak of perception, then one can be practice and achievements.
Not always we meditate, chant to call the prison. But in everything we do, all activities do not cause people to make business life retribution, it is religious. Such practice gradually, we will break the cycle of retribution from countless lifetimes to date. The reason for reincarnation, birth and death is because we have the appeal of karmic retribution law. Every cause of life must result. When wisdom through, see through all the cycle of reincarnation and retribution burst out. So says the omniscient level that reincarnation samsara like flowers spotted it in vain.
For years we have seen his real death, real life, people indeed, his is a real person. Now mind was fully aware by such grace, such personnel should report such results, nothing was off, so the angel said Nirvana as birth and death are not flowers. United spotted the damage not only for eye disease, nothing really in no flower spots. Thus visual identity can not say anything, not life and death, not Nirvana, all the delusions that out. All delusions, the child can return to nature, every feeling every morning but did not say what is old.
Back to where we practice, teach Venerable Head delusions are not real, who see clearly the truth of it is naturally no more mistakes. Where did they fear dragged delusions, is a supreme practices. Who owns it, who treated his delusions, he is living with yourself, enjoy the fun of the Nirvana right away.
Through two periods and then, breaking the cycle of reincarnation was thrown, all of the events themselves and life and death of beings with the Buddha as flowers spotted in vain. Then he oriented his wisdom to the promotion of radical reincarnation and birth and death certificates to be Lau finally get smart. The word "Take" means clean of all, the word "gonorrhea" is dropped. Gonorrhea is a clean card to take the root of all suffering, not lingering at all. At this stage the real Buddha was totally perfect enlightenment. He clearly knows the cause that makes the beings in samsara of birth and death go and how to end the causes that are completely free, direct results achieved supreme Buddha Supreme.
This is the final stage in the night the Buddha attained enlightenment. He saw no reason for being made up and down, up and down the six lines. It all depends on industry, that industry come from? From the place up from the delusion that we do not stop the mouth to emit the body. Nutshell professional body and mind from which they arise, but that is the key. I have caused, they must pay, but what about its creation by whom. Than suffering beings cry because I did not know his ignorance on the path to misery. Buddha found the cause was then, and also know how to rid of, eradicate suffering. Because they themselves are now also forced himself to open his own, not anyone else. Promote their available capacity where they have enough power, not afraid of no concern not sad not angry at all, knowing that karma, so now I have to pay or switch. Understand and live by it self in, liberates very much.
For external phenomena are lost, more lost, if not passive, we are great meditation. How do all the seed deception negativity, get back completely pure mind, mastering the phenomena that arises is spend long Minh. The Zen Master always reminds us: The law is not true, this body is not real, no real family farmers, the situation is not true, not true positions, not real property, does it all. Do not be moved by things that they remain in great meditation.
For delusions, we began to realize it does not phase it, do not follow it, let him calm and eventually the heart totally pure, without the slightest idea what triggered. Tu order to advance so certain we would also like Buddha, you can master and deploy as true wisdom, Tuc documents to Minh Mang Thien Minh and finally label all the destroyed suffering delusions of darkness, proving to be spend long Minh.
By making the focal point being rolled away in the birth and death is ignorance. Ignorance is not light, dark, so dark, so we hope to start suddenly raised up, and telling her body to create professional reincarnation. The time now know his reasons for being there for generations this operation, subject to immeasurable suffering it causes us not to make it more human, that is to eradicate the seeds of suffering. Want to use the intellectual cut off all the si possession, causing no distress, return available pure mind his original. Buddha practice so he should take advantage of the cards gonorrhea. We are the Buddha's disciple, like enlightenment and liberation, as he then was only to follow the path.
However, in the meditation never attained general said. By nature he senses available, not by sophisticated practice that is most disturbing to the Bodhi mind manifest, it was just natural, not from where it offers can not say "is". The visual nature back to life with peace, we do not return to the insecurity, suffering. That's all. For example, people like to eat well-dressed life, we shall dwell in the legal practitioner communication, does not focus on good food dressed, as long as no body is heart warming. Or as modified Important cultural care benefits, the practice we dwell in the VTP, everyone has the Buddha nature of equality, as well as someone who, no less than the weight of high authority. Only fraternal coexistence, the reminder alert ahead of guys together to go after practice. Only as long as he has freed a lot then.
Look carefully this life, people are bound by the five desires, fame, fortune, beauty, food, sleep, rather than nothing. Now we're religious, but not a saint but the result is our first in the VTP, there is another sobering reminder of cultivation. Thereby reduce the temptation of running the five desires to remove impurities. Less negativity is less passive, that have mastered should gradually be freed in part. Only religious people not only, but take it step by step tu'll do his master so completely master stage, it is going to ultimately, truly liberating.
Although currently we do not achieve the results you like Buddha, Bodhisattva and the sages, but we do not run to the coastal landscape, not ego Law enforcement agencies, to dwell in each of their jobs, it is not goes beyond clever way to spend long, will certainly be completely freed only. But remember one thing that must constantly cultivate courage, not timed. Distribute and always strive to win domestic and foreign ma ma. Where is the enemy inside negativity, the expectations generated camouflage damaged mind. Which is the first foreign army dragged education. Two things we are called to extract the victory their own, who have the most glorious victories.
The lead practitioner in a colon, no matter how remote the VTP on the mountains or the mall, but keep up the practice as such, will have certain benefits for themselves and for the collective. The more elaborate practice as long as we experience more realistic and insightful to live with yourself. Since then we automatically steer the destiny of his practice to liberation. So it comes as it comes to proving Gonorrhea take place completely enlightened. Many people believe that this place just to get to the Buddha only. But indeed all those who are trying to cultivate can reach this spot, if not dominated by delusions and the outer coast.
We do not cause problems in people suffering trapped in samsara that is has opened a path, a horizon to come to "spend long" suffering. Despite what the religious teachings of Buddhism, the ultimate goal must also come to spend long, that is clean of all impurities. By the end of suffering only clean, pure mind is no longer new reincarnation of the birth and death again, as long as it truly joyful liberation. So despite meticulous but not to the place where to spend long can not be called liberation. Buddha's time, practitioners of other religions also have spiritual powers, but they spend long lost Buddhist message, should still have to go in the birth and death, not liberation be enlightened as the Buddha.
After sterilization of the mind itself has freed itself complete enlightenment, the Buddha walked through periods of being Catholic. In the first method, he lectured on the four base this: This is the negativity of suffering, this is the cause of suffering affliction. This is the cessation of suffering affliction, and this is the path to the cessation of suffering affliction. As Lai body found by relatives of a explicitly as such, should only teach for him, not because we imagine that saying. That is, by his wisdom, the Buddha said that such talk should not say in person or speak over the mere speculation to imagine. So the Buddha's teachings as a way of life, very real, very specific, rather than the illusory philosophies.
In this temporary life author, full of sorrow Buddha that suffering should find a way to escape. After promotion to the intellectual level of cover over it, he found a cause of suffering and pain killing methods, to be happy forever. That's the whole radius of the base by saying that Buddhism itself. With a pure heart, mind boss around, the Buddha found clues of samsara samsara and find a way to end birth and death. The success of his greatness is that he emphasized it is available where each beings. This means that all of us, who is also capable of enlightenment as he both. This is where we need to pay attention.
Because we see the wisdom of their own not by the Buddha, the province seems to be, when love is not found. So the more disturbing the blessed hide his intelligence. For Buddha, the enlightened level completely then the root string dream crazy mother of ignorance are eradicated, spit repeatedly until they fade out. Factors that Buddhas are successful in their meticulous cultivation. We reverse, with no solid beliefs, can not nourish the spirituality solid, easily perturbed and skeptical, so we always fail. This is what we need to rethink their deeply.
We have new Buddhists to Buddhism. The angel said: "For people who have paddy fields, rob food of landless man" is. Those who are new fields where seed sowing, germination, up trees, so they should for their rice cultivation. But the landless, the seed used to know where, but should not take away. Get away to the person field. Italy is very clear. We have available land and mind, Buddha seeds then available, the new Buddha facilitate and help support us by making the Buddha seed development. Strains lacking the Buddha, even if they did not do anything to help. The Buddha himself said he was the only person with his grace, not of those who lack grace.
We learn the Buddha, and living in the VTP is already predestined, now just need to develop coastal race which will certainly be successful. Buddha said, all beings are all available visual identity, not the classic that does not say that. So why do not boldly take back his Buddha nature. As such then we excited, pleased that I can become Buddha.
As I have grown Mai, the Buddha has seen all three network Further proving that intelligent, proving God label, Gonorrhea take intelligent. He stood up and said this: "A change! All beings have intellectual merit minister unto me, why so depressed lethargic circulation of birth and death ". Thus, we are not unable to get Lau to take intelligent, but long-suffering fell on skeptical, then how long does it take new evidence proving Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea now want to develop intelligent, they must take to clean seed cultivation negativity, that's all, no other way than.
Vietnamese Buddhist point advantage is said to full enlightenment and the spiritual sense, ie the freedom of individual practices, each one's wife. Depending on the level, depending on meticulous sense that we are part or full enlightenment, each performance practice of his ability. It is fun, the excitement, independence not dependence of Buddhist practitioners. As it comes to meditation is said to himself at, liberation. To get yourself in freedom must have sufficient wisdom. So depending on the results of individual efforts that have to carry the card, and spend long minh Thien label cards.
We practice with the sole purpose of Buddhism is a Buddhist, but nothing else. Every session, all learning, all of our work has focused on this goal. Every row lay or ordained can achieve the object of this glass, if applied to what Buddha taught the practice of his life. Higher forces or to place this real, is not required in a fixed form. So we should not even feel, think I was blessed thin thick do business at all. The fear did not dare to do, not dare to take time. I get back to fearless treasure house, do not think only the Buddha, the Bodhisattva is so new, but its numerous parts. Think that a big mistake.
Last year we sent to all fraternal greetings, everyone has the Buddha nature is available, available general intellectual merit of the Tathagata. Please forward all received and the use of priceless treasure that his life ended with death wandering poverty.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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