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PROPERTY & Enlightenment
BS. Doan Pham
Part three: Wisdom and Enlightenment of Buddhism
I. Buddhism made ​​enlightened by wisdom

of religious mysticism and
Buddhism and Intellectual
two different path to enlightenment
II. Knowledge and wisdom by learning to understand the experience

and wisdom to understand wisdom by learning from experience
enlightened wisdom can be saved from a previous life
year fake religious enlightenment by listening or by meditation?
III. Property within the meaning of Buddhist enlightenment

is the knowledge of factors directly to enlightenment rather than virtue
is knowledge of factors directly to enlightenment, not the mystical tradition
wisdom, with wisdom from experience consistent, direct to enlightenment is the knowledge by listening or reading only indirectly.
It is wisdom to enlightenment, not the practice of meditation (Samapatti) or take To Kill (Nirodha-samādhi)
IV. Describe the process of enlightenment of mind

Stages and processes of the mind enlightened
mind enlightenment Roadmap
V. While waiting for the rediscovery of a true path of practice primitive

VI. Message of the restoration and shine of original Buddhism in the 21st century
I. Buddhism made enlightened by wisdom

1. The religious and mystical

The religious always appear in the mystique, spiritual and cult. Where religion does arise in which reason was repulsed. Mystical, spiritual and worship their own power. The mental energy arising from the mystical, sacred and revered by many religions have known and used. The secret art is often based on spiritual principles to the mind goes back upstream to find the essence of scholarly resources and the capacity of roots. In this source, people can connect with the great fall, from which it was born (Great falls are the main doctrines of the Vedas). Right from the primitive religion, people have known tribe danced in a loose, not quell the fire around to be integrated with divine power. Later, with more understanding, the sects of India is further evoked in the technical strength secrets kept in the unconscious. The race sounds like (seed syllables), publications (Mudra), the focus (mantra), the deities (yidam), the mandala, the capacity of sexual taboos and ritual (secret rituals) etc. ... are to inhibit the sense of reason and the ability to wake from deep within the unconscious. The sect of India are now available around the world to spread the spiritual path made ​​by the principles of this upstream. Some sects are based on principles of trust, love, surrender to god (surrender), to be integrated with the gods, such as yoga Bhakti sects Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism [ 35]. Some other denominations emphasize the importance of the lineage system, the power is transmitted from teacher to live (San Mat), the traditional arts of secret heart, blessed, blessed ... However, all nothing other than the implementation of autosuggestion (autosuggestion) for most believers are essentially psychological weakness. The religious world are denied the reason (reason), negating the power of the mind ( wisdom), so most of the human spirit has always been heavily influenced by the views of religion and mysticism. Even the Chinese Zen Buddhism with the slogan "no set texts", the rational knowledge from books is also an obstacle to throw away. There are "clever lawyers" eye look like intellectuals who can not go door to heaven! But evolutionary spirituality through religion may actually be made ​​solely by the mental state nature mysticism, sacred, alienation, cult, non-rational or not? There is always the case? Buddha says no!

2. Buddhism and Wisdom

Since more than two thousand years ago, Buddhism has emerged as a sun with exotic glow. Path of Buddhism is absolutely no trace of the mystical, sacred and revered as common patterns of the majority of Eastern religion in general and India in particular. No gods symbolize the divine power, no publication notes right spirit, there is no communication center (initiation), there is no blessing, bless, etc. ... In contrast, the practice of teaching and enlightenment The original, entirely based on the development of reason itself to freeze the world into the intellectual property of the world. Main Enlightenment intellectual supremacy of Buddhism rather than the technical know-how to connect with the divine power lies in the unconscious. Main powerful intellect of man has taken to the supreme enlightenment, not the rules for (surrender) supreme, or alienation (Alienation) the gods, the picture of the cardinals! Only a thousand years later, when weakened, New Buddhism was later people distort the concept by the old religious mysticism in India as just talked about. Buddhism also refers to development, "Only knowledge of marketing career," but the meaning of the wisdom of the Dharma has been the "development" to falsify, it is just a slogan, not more. Restoring the original teachings, that is to clarify the principle of "enlightened by wisdom" and to understand what intellectual capital is derived from the sense and the sublimation of human practice.

3. Two different path to enlightenment

Can not call a religion or a spiritual path is better, can only call what is more suitable for each individual. The minds of most people always consistent with the practice of gentle style, no sets liberate purpose. The crowd just peace have a personality "psychotherapy" through the meditation of "relaxation". There is a religious minority few, actually desire freedom. For some people this little, depending on karma, the spiritual development, intellectual level, will be driven on either the path to liberation, outside it looks the same but different research fields: - One is the path of most religions and denominations today, but enlightenment is to achieve the heavenly realms. For example, for Hindus, most of the sect born of Vedic philosophy or the philosophy then only towards the worship of gods of different realms, that is oriented to the natural types. While Vedic philosophy is Brahma Resources Committee considered absolute (like the concept of God, God), the majority religion in India (Hinduism) the only known worship Brahman (Brahma Foundation). Because Brahman is a god is formless, easy to understand, easy to close with the crowd than a super concept of Brahma is too high. For the group of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, too. All well and pointing to heaven as heaven is the goal of deliverance. - The path to liberation is of Buddhism. This road is a particular solution, different religions around. Practice to develop intellectual property into the release to make a great liberation and more absolute, it is beyond the circle rotation (samsara) which closed in endless time. Free path of Buddhism through (ignore) all the heavens, the heaven, to dwell in Nibbana by liberating wisdom. Thus, the goal of Buddhist liberation is very different from the end of the liberation of other religions. It's absolutely perfect and more!

Worldview of Buddhism, by the evidence, described the universe consists of three main layers called the Three Realms (Triloka). In each of the WHO (loka) comprising the realm (bhumis) different. A total of 31 planes as shown below. Hell is the lowest and highest realms of non-ideal non-African origin idea. The organic beings reborn in the realms of reincarnation is. Buddhist liberation is liberation from rebirth reincarnation in all realms, to remain in Nibbana, a state of complete tranquility.

II. Tue understanding and knowledge by learning from experience

When not writing, the old man can only learn to understand through listening. About four hundred years after Buddha's new script, this time outside the school to understand by listening, people can learn to understand the reading. The school must know by listening or reading mediated the conventional concept of the language, so can not grasp the full truth is the truth (paramatthasacca). So to achieve true spiritual truth should have direct experience with meditation. Experience in meditation is able to understand the reality that the senses or the concept of language is untouchable.

1. Tue understanding and knowledge by learning from experience

Wisdom by learning to understand the "concept of conventional" wisdom other than to experience the "real truth". Two kinds of knowledge can supplement each other mutually, but completely different, in terms of ability to make enlightened. A really important issue of learning about Buddhism is the concept of "Truth". Truth can be understood as the "absolute". This means that there are true "absolutely not"! Abhidhamma there are two facts to explain: - Sammutisacca: The truth conventional (conventional truth). VN Theravada use the word "diet of the" [36]. For example, when I say: I, I, name, identity, suffering, lost vv.ta not lie, but so we only talk about a reality external appearance (apparent truth), because we use language that language which is only due to language conventions with each other before. - Paramatthasacca: The truth stand or absolute truth (truth utimate) Buddhism are the categories: mental, mental, legal and sharp nip-table for all exist in the world are required for these four categories - Citta: Heart - Cetasika: mental - Rupadhamma: Legal Matter - Nibbana: Nibbana To understand the absolute need to experience and perceptions of four entities Center , mental, legal and Sac Nibbana as real (as it is) not mediated by learning to understand language. Language (spoken and written) nothing is sound and conventional characters are common to people talk to each of the concepts in their thinking. No language can express true of an object, a state or a phenomenon so on ... The inability of language have long been raised in Western philosophy. The animals always have a part-self and content that we have no way to be touched, the contents of deep material itself is called (thing-in-chính nó) [31]. To try to express the truth, people also tried to use poetry and music, painting etc ... Of course, all of which are skeptical of efforts. The language does not capture the "truth", because language itself is an intermediate concept. When we just started to think in concepts of language, ie, the entire the "primordial consciousness" with "truth full" immediately broken up and disappear! Because language or symbol (symbol) is not enough capacity to transmit the full truth, so that knowledge by learning to understand the language will not be enough to achieve enlightenment. Want to have attained enlightenment direct experience. By perceptual experience of the senses is not enough, should be required capacity of meditation is strongly associated with the capacity. In summary, due to the school property needs to be understood fully by the property by direct experience in a state of meditation. No direct experience, not enlightenment!

2. Tue enlightenment can be saved from a previous life

Rebirth is the base point of Buddhism and other religions in India. People can know the power of rebirth by winning position (the divine) developed from meditation. God can be known through past lives in detail. Those who reached the police-only meditation can also be in the past five aggregates of a past life, especially in the dying stages [37] Just this is enough to help practitioners recognize and Reincarnation reincarnation is real. All good, evil, intelligent or ignorant, every subtle mind of the existence of reincarnation is now also subject to life latent in regeneration. In contrast, all interest in life now and in the past affected a previous life. In the dying moments, there are four life-care center is (bhavanga-citta), rapid near-death interest (maranasanna-javana), heart death (cuti-citta) and mental fetters of birth (patisandhi-citta), all four general interest will begin an object, but most important is the life center. Thus, when born, the life interest is always contained in its "old object" of previous lives. If a practitioner to die while not going all the way from them, but only achieved a certain skill, then this property will be available in bhavanga rebirth of life. History of Buddhism, there are special cases because knowledge is available quickly in the life center. One you have knowledge of past lives should be able to enjoy all the benefits of enlightenment in the present life.

3. In religious enlightenment by authors or by listening meditation?

After attaining enlightenment, the Buddha went to Isipatana, Varanasi and teaching experience in the Zhuan Falun to religious groups Kondanna author. History rewritten after listening experience that, in the respect of the joint quickly attain enlightenment. And moreover, to attain the four property analysis, which is the extraordinary location (listed in the location in Section 73 above). On prime time of very rapid, there is the legend after listening, or five days etc. ... Although there are five days or five weeks, the prime witness too rapidly for extraordinary people like us. With special events quickly "after listening to" is recorded in the scriptures, there is the notion that enlightenment can arise by listening or reading! The food like? The elders of the year is the special masters and mastered all levels of meditation. Is called a master of meditation you can enter as you want, right away, how much longer are. When listening to teachings from the Buddha, the elders have practiced right insight, clear legal base, the impermanence, selflessness of the aggregates, realized God Suffering (dukkha-sacca), Format File Empire (samudaya-sacca) etc ... and soon the Emperor and Dao De exterminate immediately. So rapidly is the prime evidence fully justified. Moreover, because then he was attained of "analytical knowledge quartet", one can guess that at the time of the Buddha in the past, he had to cultivate a very high skill. A practice to the property is so high that they can not specialized knowledge such as radiation (Sankharupekkha-Nana) a property right before property Thuan Thursday (Anuloma-Nana) of an import store. [38] Thus, in rapidly attaining the Dao false religion, not just because of listening comprehension, but also due immediately upon hearing the Buddha teaching snow, the insight he has made ​​of the capacity, the center has a available knowledge from practice elements from a previous life! "There are four types of people in this world, uggatitannu, vipancittannu, neyya, and Padaparama. The uggatitannu (manifest values) are able to reach Nirvana is only by listening to a short poem. Xa-profit religious pseudo-waving and Section-event-related belongs to a class person. The vipancittannu (ad declared value) is able to reach Nirvana is only by listening to a law. For example, pseudo-Qiao Sun-like ceiling become a saints saved by listening to Enter Business Zhuan Falun (Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta). Now two kinds of people that do not exist anymore. The Neyya (application guide values) are practiced sequentially to the system to reach Nirvana. Most practitioners today have the kind of person. "[38]

III. Property within the meaning of Buddhist enlightenment

While all of the masters of the practice of religion or other religious document refers to systems or enlightenment that comes to a gloomy area incense, mystical, sacred! By contrast, insight and enlightenment of Buddha's teachings, there really is a principle of transparency, clarity. Teachings of the Buddha achieved enlightenment through the show as the legal base (paramattha dhamma) and the absolute truth (paramattha sacca). Thanks to shows such as real property into the intellectual development of liberation. Thus, in Buddhism, the BRAIN is the most basic elements and most directly lead people to enlightenment. When knowledge was identified as the most direct factor leading to enlightenment of Buddhism, all the ambiguities of enlightenment in the original teachings will be eliminated.

1. Tue factor directly to enlightenment, not morality

Public opinion is often misunderstood relationship between morality and enlightenment. When moving into the holy flesh is the gonorrhea-or, pollution and other immoral activities decreased. Arahant is completely illegal or not, pollution and more immoral. For the enlightened, any act which also shows the moral, whereas people with ethical behavior is unlikely that the enlightenment! Obviously so. Secular ethics is not absolute, mostly due to the convention, according to different times, places, and different communities. Ancient ethics may be different from today, in other countries with other countries. Although the path starting with virtue or morality, but morality or ethics is not the purpose of Buddhism. Morality, provided by the Law, is the primary means to protect clergy away from the pollution of the agents of evil. Code also brings more profound meaning, analysis of the meaning of the law is not easy. There, only highlighted the significance and indirect role of law in the process of enlightenment. Perspective of Purity, virtue only a means pure heart. New pure heart successful implementation of the certification order. Then followed, the evidence also points to a means of meditation (the combination has been presented several times). Meditation must be seen as the legal base, to develop the knowledge of liberation. New knowledge is the main direct causes leading to enlightenment. Ethics and morality, not the direct cause leading to enlightenment. When the subject first attained sa (sotapatti), enter the save god rid of three of the ten fetters (binding), which is itself comments, doubts, and precept. Precept of ritual + About + the attachment (Pali: sila Silabbataparamasa = + + paramasa Vata). The attachment to the rules and rituals, no longer a problem to be concerned, for an import store saint. Sacred Heart enter a store (stream entry) automatic operation "in line", but every language, awareness or behavior will not violate the rules. Thus: The eradication of "precept", one in ten bound (fetters, fetters), must be understood as follows: certified practitioner before tu always tied to the rule. When you enter the store and will not be bound again! How to explain that the eradication of the first precept is no longer clings to the precepts of pagan absolutely ridiculous, because a person has practiced Buddhism there is no reason to hold the rituals and rules of foreign direct attained until day Saint! One of the practitioners have not made any moves nothing, turned to the right or left can also touches on the rules. A Arahat leisurely self is always in, can do anything without ever violating world! Why? Because every language, thought or behavior Arahat comes from a heart no pollution or any contraband or any. A saint inability of transgressions, the term "keep" gender becomes meaningless. A shower does not need to try to keep the sludge is not contaminated because the structure of the lotus is not muddy. Understanding the role of ritual and discipline practiced only a means to help people orient themselves more clearly.

2. Tue factor directly to enlightenment, not the mystical power

Enlightenment in Buddhism, especially the period after the Buddha's passing away, was very much influenced by the views of Hindu mysticism. The mystical and esoteric evidence of cultivation, as well as the cult of the role of cardinals, of the lineage system, is a feature of the Vedic philosophy. Maybe it's a class that Brahmins used to control the other class in Indian society, an attempt to seek benefits for their class. The sect came from Hinduism as Brahman, Sikh, etc. San Mat ... especially the secret cult (Esoteric), often emphasized enlightenment occurs due to transmission power of a mystical guru or Master. The ritual requires the introduction can swim in secret rituals, forcing the column to the faithful throughout his life. For some denominations, the traditional legal interest, initiation (initiation) also believe that the prerequisite of enlightenment. Characteristics of a secret cult (Esoteric sects) are not shared. A mantra is hiding, a meditation technique to hide so well ... all the tricks (tricks) or to incite the power of faith, or to control the mind (mind control) believers . Noble teachings of Gautam Buddha has his own practice due to enlightenment, then taught openly, not hiding, not esoteric: The Great Eight Nirvana, paragraph 25: "... Hey Ananda, we monks also expect something more in me! This Ananda, I was teaching the Dharma, there is no distinction in addition to (and not the secret tantric teachings), because this Ananda, for the French, Tathagata is never the master, while holding hands (but retains teachers have a little secret teaching). Enlightenment of Buddha's teachings are very transparent. The intellectual property and needed was already well understood, the Enlightenment (though very unusual), also understood the same. In the original teachings, the ultimate enlightenment can be described in detail to each moment the mind. the original teachings of the Buddha's teachings have an accurate and clear as a science of mind flexibility. Each step meditation to attain the standard markers are identified. Each floor has described property and clear instructions. Buddhist enlightenment does not stop at the grade level attained meditation (jhanas) but more to pass to an ultimate liberation is no longer any rebirth in the three worlds. The principle of this ultimate freedom is the distribution of money the property (or intellectual) freedom. The main property release has created this great enlightenment, not the light of the types of meditation, not the unfolding of the third eye, the wake of the Kundalini or the chakras in yoga pneumatic system. Government Property release clearly described in the classic enlightenment has created not by the transmission of the secret heart of the guru, not a refuge from tha force of a "Buddha" that, as well as is not due to random chance in a moment of great enlightenment but that HOT!

3. Tue, because experience with insight, direct to enlightenment is the knowledge by listening or reading only indirectly.

As mentioned, the listening and reading comprehension by not knowing the real truth as to use language as an intermediary. Language or symbols only is the concept of convention, (conventional) are helpless to understand the inner meaning of things or phenomena. Learning is necessary, but the study did not generate enough property to make enlightened. Only experience through practice can generate new knowledge directly to enlightenment. Thinh Van (hearer) is not a saint but just by listening to enlightenment. Thinh Van is used to distinguish one call Arahat disciples, to listen to the teachings of a Buddha achieved enlightenment whole new sensation. Unlike the hearing office, known as Gautama Buddha because his whole sense of enlightenment without the instruction. Both Buddha and other Sravaka must practice meditation to experience in order to make enlightened.

4. It is wisdom to enlightenment, not the practice of meditation of (S amapatti) To take or kill (Nirodha-samādhi)

Original teachings confirmed: Only the enlightened step-returner, and Arhat can click on To Kill take. The lower level gods, or the meditation of the eight floors attained, can not get into the kill is. In other words, can not kill tons of practice to achieve enlightenment in Buddhism. Just had a highly enlightened, at least grade-returner, could make Take To Kill.

IV. Describe the process of enlightenment of mind

All those who are seeking enlightenment through the teachings of the Buddha's great to know that enlightenment in Buddhism can recognize as real. This is not a new thing, which is described in detail in the Abhidhamma (Abhidhamma) on more than two thousand years. Abhidhamma appears in the third period of aggregation, are classified as primary organs, that is an economic rather than annotated (commentaries). This is a separate legal protection of Buddhism, Legend is taught by the Buddha and venerable Sariputta (Shariputra). Abhidhamma analysis of all the worldly and the timetable for analysis of the enlightened mind the four sacred fruit. Abhidhamma is a work of scientific psychology and spirituality very great and precious to the world.

1. The stages and processes in the mind of enlightenment

In accordance with self-reflection process, through the first eleven-storey property, he will start receiving direct Nirvana in the 13 th property, known as Knowledge Transfer Skills (Gotrabhu Nana). Pa Auk Meditation His lawyer has described the stages of enlightenment in the subject sa result as follows: "... After attainment of this knowledge, he continued to work and see the passage of each act passes away when they arise, with the desire to escape from them, one will find out that eventually will kill all the action. Practitioners know the mind directly and found Nirvana - it is fully aware of (very vi) Nibbana as object counting. When the mind sees Nibbana, one experienced in property remaining with the start up of the mental processes directed (maggavithi). In property which is: 12. Tue Thuan Thursday (Anulama Nana) 13. Knowledge Transfer Skills (Gotrabhu Nana) 14. Intelligence Director (Magga Nana) 15. Tue phala (Nana) 16. Crowd Wisdom Side (Paccavekkhana Nana) directed process through which the mind in this last property of birth to seven stages: 1. A mind-door apprehending that the action arises since as impermanent, suffering, or not-self, depending on how the knowledge of indifference how to start. 2. A rapid heart (javana) first starts up (doing "preparatory work" - parikamma), that acts the same way. It maintains the continuity of care. 3. An interest rate Monday the start up ("access issue" - upacara), also see action in the same way. 4. An interest rate Tuesday of starting up ("Agreement No." "- Anuloma), also see action in the same way. In fact, three of heart rate (preparation, access and act upon things) this is part of the property Twelfth - Tue Thuan Thursday (Anuloma Nana). Thuan (No.) by what? According to what came before and what comes after. This knowledge of the duties upon the fact that the eight insight that has come before (from The Birth Removal insight to the knowledge of indifference), and also upon the thirty-seven direct measures of center, participate in the enlightenment will come later. Tue Thuan Friday is the last property is the subject of the matter as it is. 5. A rapid rise to mind Wednesday with Nibbana as object. This is the thirteenth wisdom is the knowledge transfer Skills (Gotrabhu Nana). Even though this mind that (wealth of) Nirvana, it did not destroy the negativity, its task is to move from the mortal mind to the holy ethnic minority only. 6. A rapid rise to heart Thursday, with Nibbana as object. This is the fourteenth property, which destroy the negativity appropriate - Property Act (Magga Nana). 7. Express Center Friday and Saturday starting up with Nirvana as its object. They are the fifteenth property - Tue phala (Nana). Wisdom is the sixteenth and final property, which is the knowledge Side Auditorium (Paccavekkhana Nana). This wisdom in legal review tasks: - Review of Property Act - nyana Review - Review of Nirvana - Review of defilements have been destroyed - Review of the negativity is not destroyed. Thus the reached the primary author of the Four Noble Truths and position himself realized Nibbana. With this realization, care practitioners have been purified and free from all wrong. If one continues this way, one will be able to reach A-la-Seoul outstanding results and enter Nirvana Radio ... "[39]

2. Roadmap enlightened mind

Dharma of Buddhism is the teaching of wisdom. The process of cultivation, the provisions, the wisdom and the realization is completely understandable, is described, with reason. What's more emotional, when we see firsthand the enlightened mind of a roadmap with specific notation as follows:
- For people with intellectual slowly floods (Mandapanna)
Na - Da - Ma - Pa - U - Female - Go - Magga - Phala - Phala - Bh -
- Or for people with intellectual acumen (Tikkhapana)
Na - Da - Ma - U - Female - Go - Magga - Phala - Phala - Phala - Bh -
Explanation of symbols:
Na = bhavanga-calana - organic part (the life) shaken, - vibrating life-continuum
Da = bhavangupaccheda - Property part (the life) off the line - Arrested life-continuum
Ma = manodvaravajjana - mind-door adverting-door apprehending consciousness
Pa = parikamma - preparation of the Tao (magga) - preparation of the Path (magga)
U = upacara - access of the Religion (magga) - proximity of the Path (magga)
Nu = Anuloma - pros things for what goes before and what followed - conformity to what and to what sau preceeds
Go = gotrabhu - move nations - change-of-lineage
Magga = sotapattimagga - Director-entry - the path of stream-entry
= sotapatti Phala-phala - fruit-entry - the Fruition of stream-entry
Bh = bhavanga - organic part (the life) - life-continuum
Except for some, but not yet mastered the French School, they may not recognize the enlightened mind in the process (input flow). A master of the French school, with proper insight, will know the mind in the process of enlightenment, see the heart moving moments of the race, right now moving into the holy flesh. [40]

V. While waiting for the rediscovery of a path of truly primitive practice

The concept of knowledge, knowledgeable, meditation, self-reflection, so the path of practice ... in this article are based on the teachings of Buddha are preserved by the Theravada Buddhism. At this time, Buddhism is no longer in the sect is considered more primitive Theravada. So the Theravada Pali texts must be considered as the most primitive compared to the other sects. Theravada practice has long been based on the path of Purity. In earlier times, he Mahasi guided by a practice of Purity. But this approach fails to complete before jhana practice insight. The absence of practitioners of meditation that lost the ability to "see as the" essential for self-reflection. Recently, the Pa Auk meditation has been successfully implemented in Myanmar Purity. All three phase-About-The practice knowledge are successful. Thus, in this time, Theravada was considered as complete answers to difficult problems "doing what is enlightenment of the Holy results." The problem is not so simple. Currently there are many points of attack and Purity Theravada Reviews. That Theravada Buddhism is not really original, that Purity Reviews only his personal point of Buddhaghosa, that jhana (of Purity) is just pagan meditation etc. .... The point of this attack comes from a majority of scholars and religious capital of the West is based completely on trust business without the review or commentary. All the answers were discussed in the section of the article. There are some schools that do not perform jhana The focus on use of titles such as guidance of Purity. Ajahn Brahm example in the book "The jhana" describes the type of jhana only focus on breathing in and out, without the need to focus on a point of touching (touching point). The jhana which he describes Ajahn Brahm *-, also nimitta (when coming in to sign). According to describe how his jhana as Ajahn Brahm in the suttas more. But then how insight as to how to achieve the results that Scripture does not describe Ajahn Brahm. Forty Great experience, texts of 117 Central, said the Holy directed ten more. After the Chief Justice also stage The Political and rescue chief. If not done in the way of Vipassana Purity guide the practitioner to perform the Chief Political and liberation like? This question is left blank at this time. In Vietnam, Replace Us implement a policy that teachers called the Chief of the (not based on the focus on the title, no nimitta). Teachers did not agree with the implementation point of insight (vipassana) of the Theravada. Thus Ba Minh (tevija) will be done how? Have not seen me in the publication of his book. The success of the Theravada monks performing Purity is the answer to the problem "how to do what is enlightenment of the Holy results." The problem was solved, the answer was there. However, we are happy to wait effort from renewable sources of attacks to detect a path of practice "is really primitive" as an answer better, and more subtle. No one but not want to find a truly original path (the path is not based on the Reviews and commentary). All the people are still waiting for the path of discovery "truly original" thing. In the meantime, with the right attitude and serious about teaching gradually recover, we must rejoice as the successful recovery of Purity is a milestone. These practices may vary much less than classic, but if those methods to achieve enlightenment of the four Holy results, it is certain that Dharma.

VI. Messages about the shine of Buddhism in the 21st century

Over thousands of years, the enlightenment was covered by the mystical, spiritual and deviations are explained by vague language, as well as by the logic flawed. Confused about the nature and principles of the Enlightenment philosophy led to many incorrect and false practices. Through a very long time, the Enlightenment of Buddhism seems to lie forever in any ambiguity. Suddenly in the present time, there is the Zen master in Myanmar has experienced enlightenment as the center of each route is described in the Abhidhamma. The reality of enlightenment in Buddhism is manifest brilliant as the sun! In fact, the Abhidhamma has described the mental process from over two thousand years ago. But by the decline of teaching too long, so today no one is sure practitioner can see whether the center route, the route most enlightened mind! Previously only a dozen years, enlightened mind processes only theoretical, "books". Buddhism now to shine again, knowing the roadmap as the enlightened mind is: - A signal characteristics in the enlightenment of the Buddhist Dharma to distinguish them from all kinds of enlightenment in the other denominations. - evidence for Enlightenment (Enlightenment Evidence). Practitioner in accordance with the Dhamma will not be confused about the state of enlightened or unenlightened own! recognition of the "enlightened mind roadmap" also proves that enlightened wisdom of Buddhism is transparent, totally mysterious, do not rely on others luc.Qua practice to achieve the ability "to identify as" very difficult time, requires a whole life long, or more human life. But escape from the human condition, found Nibbana, is a great thing too, deserve to people about anything! Even if a practitioner is not complete his path, then what is in store bhavanga capital is also very precious for the good life reborn in the future! The success of the tu Saint result is a set of very important event marking the return of the original teachings and the spiritual evolution of mankind in this century! Those who have been searching hard, each is eager and longing to see a true path of practice, will be tears before this great event. After a long time seemed sunken, Dharma is being restored and shine back. Pray this message reaches those fortunate! BS Pham Doan The corrected month 09/2011

[34] "Learn wisdom meditation", part I, the Truth Truth (Sacca). Author Bhikkhu Dharma protectors (Dhammarakkhita).
[35] Vipassana past and future
[36] Business transfer Falun Gong-Pa Auk Sayadaw faculty
[38] Knowing and Seeing (Knowing and Seeing), paragraphs: Knowing and found nirvana, author Tawya Pa-Auk Sayadaw (U Acinna), bhikkhus French Translation
[39] Question No. 20: The sorrow does a person have to meditate to achieve the results unless you enter the store? He may need a teacher to confirm for themselves, or they themselves know that, when they actually reach through the input stored?
Answer: According to some Scripture, he must rid itself reviews (sakkayaditthi), distrust (vicikiccha) and the first precept (silabbataparamasa). But in some other texts say, he must be rid of negativity in three and two other afflictions of jealousy (Issa) and Basin (macchariya). If he turns familiar classics, they may know that he is a saint then. But if he does not inform the texts, he may not know that he is a saint. For example, Mahanama (Ma-ha-nam), a cousin of the Buddha, suffering does not know he had rid vay.Trich from "Answers to Pa Auk Sayadaw" http://vn.360plus. / btkhoa / article? mid = 518.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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