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Professor Ton respectful memorial Ancient Venerable Thich Bao An

Ancient Venerable Thich Bao An- Head of International Chuc Thanh Lam sect in Binh Dinh
- Founding member Nguyen Thieu Monastery - Binh Dinh
- The Family Institute Universal Home Security - Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh
* * *
Respectful homage spiritual sense Thay,
Until today, when the last brick paving to the main hall Gaya Pho Hung, a new baby has little free time to sit writing these lines late this screen, almost spiritual sense glass Thay offered as a word repent sincerely for all disciples of a Universal Security - Khanh Hung unique perspective of the origin of the sign.
Con sitting here strung what memories can remember about Thay - steps "Ton Pham keep open," forms "Long Statue Mon Meditation" that I had been close and good grace instilled kindness.

Initial cult sensation white spirit Thay,
If every human life took a fateful, the turning point of each road death is unforgettable impression. Turns in my life started in a day early in Ding Dong Mao. That day I followed her steps through the old gate of the temple Tam Khanh Hung to begin the journey of a monastic school director. And I was near Thay since those days ...
Con remember very clearly. I first met you, Master He asked: " The numerous temples do? "; child replied:" I want to renunciation, practice. "; Master He smiled and said:" What 'da' (in) human being ' cleft '(production) where? "... I do not know the answer why, just smile. On beginning the preliminary steps in the place of meditation subjects, Hung Khanh Pagoda has only ever a book Kinh, when studying this subject to hand out the paper copy to school. Con recite the Great Compassion, Cross Notes, etc. in a very short time. Reward early days ordained for the Master He is a brand new book ever brought from Prussia Bao. With the enactment of that ever rolled as Tang Kinh in the leg Kinh Journey to the West!
A year later, the temple is more correct word. Monk Dong Van from Saigon on Tet arrested two notes Elementary Khanh Hung to go really short haircut. He was from Prussia Protection Division, to pay homage to two of ... Oh he looked so long and then said: " This temple dance, but adopted two contradictory: one fat one thin, one black and one white, one of Korea an Indian ... " (human hair cut short because everyone said looked like Korea). And the name " Korean boy "Oh He also called me after that.
The last years of the 1980s, his home life even more destitute, it is not enough food, I dare to think about warm clothes. Part I only have two sets cauldron-customers to replace each other at school. Thay trade, near the Buddhist New Year bring suit Saigon Eight new offerings to her means and told: " ... tune in a bit to widen the focus even while the boy at the age of just ... growing . " After the New Year that year, children wear new clothes to school for a fun hard to describe. Pictures of children dressed in his time are still with me!
On the down Pho Bao, under advice of her two (which he Van Dong), the kneeling in homage at Thay Thay are the same cloud field before cutting Buddhist Temple Lane. Then he just say four hours Teacher: " Poor boy "... and the hassle of lengthy hand tears the Temple taken on ... These days at Universal Security, Master He taught children every gesture, posture unfortunate fact that a novice central need: from what the book House of "Sa Di Nghi synopsis Law" to the small acts such as bowing to the Buddha, beat each ring, plug each tree incense ...
Out of high school, I went to Saigon to continue their education. Before leaving home to Binh Dinh, Thay hand write a letter and told me when the temple should Giac Uyen letter was directed to the 'father' Hue Minh ... I do not know what to write in such content, but with the letter was like a special visa priority (priority visa) to the beginning years of maturation in Saigon.
The years of a child enrolled at Southern University, since studying Journalism, so I pretty much socializing with friends, especially many women attended the same University of Social and Humanities or to review articles in the temple with . Master He feared the women exposed to "finally break problems', leaving the aspirations of renunciation, so every time he went to Saigon Master called me up and asked smart questions:" ... He saw this knife 'loss security 'caused by heavy traffic and very ... "
In summer 2000, after the University of Delhi - India announced a letter of admission, the Universal Security back a week to live near Thay and review time to do before leaving home to visit school. Before I go back to Saigon to India, I knew the statements he bowed to leave, he told the Master very much, but what I remember is: " ... What School but also try to use the school facilities to serve the Tam-Bao and the church. If you have to undress completely, do not come here to meet Thay. Thay are not accountable to complete story, but he looked familiar to the children from the small hours of a practitioner shirt then. If you see us wearing another very painful! "... The Son of the tower to burn incense, looked up some mango trees in the garden of the temple every year, but flowering was more" fruit "not much later on ... Flights to America, I do not hold back my tears when I saw the eyes of a white polar bear tenh sad, helpless look adult hero bear them away gradually mother bear ... in the film about life Wildlife was shown on his flight ... And today, look back to the student class - the legal principles of the Universal Security - Khanh Hung who was, who was lost after the "fall" under the waves of time and that the ... Play a little lemon hearts!
Teacher's love for he not only increase them, for human life that even the beings He has also run out of ink Oh love. Master He called the animals in the temple in order , "he cu" , "older children" , "old company" ... As for Mr. Su, the animal also has its spiritual nature, as human beings need love live , the only thing we can not hear and understand their language. Remember back then, in what He Division of Khanh Hung Tet. By Eve, the charge of the bell and drum Dung Bat-Nha, her time picking up the remaining two guns fired and thrown down into "old ball, the old black, old ink" . "The three ... bi, black ink" fear of fireworks left temple down to "hide" in the Ms. Tam. Thay go and took "three children" on the temple and then only in two children, smiled and said: "The fun of this tune notes," three children "have no fear left temple?" ... Date of Thay made ​​a pilgrimage to India the Buddhist relics, when on to New Delhi, Thay pagoda told to call the tune notes care "kids: he cu, cu em, Ty cu ..." . The days in Delhi, Thay stay at the dormitory room Mansarowar 429. One morning I sat drinking tea Ong, Su He recounts a dream the night before seeing "old Ty fly over India, climbed the wooden bed dormitory Thay licking feet" . A few days later, when Monk Thay Dong Van to Saigon on the credulity to the "old company" has 'gone' on the very day he dreamed Oh ... after more than two weeks left to eat in front of the temple gate Oh wait He was on.
Son Binh Dinh away from home almost 18 years, traveled in foreign land where offshore near a ring of 12 animal; should rarely be almost reach Thay. Each time a chance for the Universal Security Group Family child receives the precept sincere and direct you from Thay. Thay said little capital, but word comes from the subtle He also directed the love and concerns for which the Church, the Apostolic Religion subject circuit. Thay less translation, previous work to rewrite the work handed down to posterity, but these words from the Master directed occasions he settled down fetters, Lunar New Year, in the meetings of the Zen sect Chuc Thanh ... always legal terms - direct language, the golden rule for painting now subject of post-attack follow. And that statement can only come from the North-German Ton Master. With the Master at that time he was the incarnation of the Bodhisattva, fully imposing a flat ceiling level TALENTS!
Last, the Master He bowed before returning to the United States to continue her journey as an ordained, Master He taught: " With him, even though there are ten plates taken by Dr. cherish and will not benefit foot level reached by a religious, didactic in my life . "final teachings of Master He would probably be the motto of life for the rest of the journey!
... Day Four Buddhists hometown pity Thay farewell to flesh enter the stupa, the ocean is the mechanic told him some rest soon and help me build a temporary altar in the throne hall under construction. Con Su sat there before the picture of the throne hall he left unfinished of Prussia Trang Hung Dao, for Buddha over 4 hours. Children to recite the Buddha in all the media to transfer all the pity, mourn the direction of spiritual energy in this hour Thay Thay farewell to the planet thousands of collection. Georgia Scattered heavy rain that day, the flight took turns dancing in the sky rhymes ... Buon tenh Atlanta, helpless!
... Today, in addition to other white flowers blooming Dogwood both the VTP, the white petals fall off the Pho Hung campus. Pure white flowers or white flowers tinged evidence to say with grade separation Tran Dai Si medium weight Made from earth! Sunny skies and winds between Atlanta as also being shocked, sobbing separation solo on track! Con sitting here with the memories of Thay chain - Religion Teacher who has the words The Master German sandals back on the West - to rewrite the lines of this memorial with all the heart of glass. Calendars sensory threshold voluntary witness Mr. lobe from!
Sincere prayer He senses Calendars:
World travel three thousand an order in nature,
Cruise the Western Pure Land leisurely very afraid!
From Lam Nhat International Center prostrate Chief Quartet Cross Second World Universal Tong Bao - Shanghai Tang Hung Khanh Ha Hue Cancellation often, Self-RESOLUTION, AN INSURANCE Great Brands Venerable Giac Linh
Con, monks Hanh Thich Giac
Atlanta - United States, seasonal flowers bloom in New Mao - 2011.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).
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