Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I knew as a child to recite the Buddha, because the parents were family practitioners of Pure Land before I was born. But ever, I do not see the book only to recite the Buddha's method as a full episode. In order to support spiritual concepts without knowing their questions to real way for the results and how to manage when encountering obstacles on the way of nourishment, I would offer to help the glass for vehicles Pure Land practitioners, depending on circumstances, the basis of that practice almost easy to harvest the desired results.
In France the benefits and introduce the Pure Land, where I would not mention, because there was a lot of it comes then. So I would like fake art, is to go right into practice only.
To make an easy and somewhat broad inquiry of fellow practitioners, as per law, if there is nowhere unclear, short or too short, I have an explanation (as of my understanding) and a few tables resolution to clarify the technical methods that authors have presented.
But no matter how well or less inevitable lack mercy, hope and frustration glass high intelligence and the United organic four main complementary to please, so I want to thank the.
In 48 of this law, depending on the means, circumstances and qualifications, discretion can not Nhut set required to practice all. This difficulty results, or where we change to other, essential, how to be "any disorder of mind" that "eighty Buddhist Mindfulness" is the goal.
good results will come to them us, when we know how to practice properly.
optic glass ball light prayer of Amitabha Buddha nature Di Da enlighten our lives and the suffering chronic consequences Saha grace, we will be voluntary redundancy His power, and be reborn in the realm of peace.

NAM MODEL TO CONTINUE Teacher Amitabha Buddha
Temple Zen Sun, You crown the year Summer (1963)

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