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T Yin-Wang Thúy Nga

Dear you and yours,

We've ever heard "Buddhism is peace" but wanted peace, not just one person or one side that is, as "a Martin progne can't do so in the spring". Indeed, even in everyday life, taking a very small example as when we observe two people talking to each other, for example, if the speaker were amiable, sincere, romantic, listeners will find love and dialogue become cheerful lightness; Conversely, if the speaker has a cold attitude (short), or rude ... away listeners will react by wanting to put an end to the story as soon as possible! Peace or war, is the ambience of dialogue, such as between the two larger, as between the two factions, as well as between the two countries.

As such, we have to understand why it is said that "Buddhism is peace" yet? - Please dear, that's because Buddhism teach Buddhist Compassion (and wisdom)-but not the Buddhists can compassion and wisdom? The right way! For example-she reached both disciples of Buddha, as well as his cousin but was three times The seven turns of plot to harm the German Crown. Therefore, we must say: Buddhism has contributed so much for peace in the world because of Buddhist education was put on the basis of compassion-unconditional love.

This issue is also the issue that those leader GĐPT often ponder to educate his junior becomes the major leg Buddhists, firstly and above all the education the children order volume compassion with philanthropist constant "for more fun, help reduce suffering."To go into detail the guidance the children how to understand the needs of everyone, every species is love, trigger and develop love (compassion), etc. Would like to invite you and your Pocket keep track of conversations between adult children following familiar our A, B, C.

A: today we talk about world peace? The subject something that big too such openings?

B: Where there! We only talk about the contribution of Buddhism to the peace of mankind!

C: I thought that the subject will be limited to more practical, that is to say we have taught and have to teach our children what (to the Dharma and day-to-day activities) to bring Buddhism to Life, to bring love to appease the pain of those around her.

A: Yes, the talk of the brothers and sisters we ever "stroll off" enough things that focus on a major issue! Here, please start by "life purpose" is simply that they themselves were taught the kids! It's "everyone, who also want happiness and fear of suffering".

B: they themselves also teach the children that: when we are interested in the welfare of others then myself more and feel happy more

C: Right, for example, every month we celebrate together for the children, the children excited General, gifts, greetings ... and they also recognized that the Union still more fun birthday birthday at home anymore (there are many who do not celebrate at home for as feel the pleasure of being brothers and sisters and you remembered your birthday).

A: we left for the children sets logging Philanthropist "for more fun, help alleviate suffering"-when to do things like that for parents, siblings, friends, teachers, people who are suffering poverty, crying etc. the children will write to the Philanthropist or Happy Book along with his brother feel Has said that she (people) are also happy, happier, "the recipient" (who are themselves "for").

B: we also for the children "abandoned tube", that is delivered to the children the "pigs" to put money into it, food gifts, money goes shopping, they save to go to the Vu lan, Vesak, Tet, oneness, etc. can be sent to you in Vietnam suffer a disability or sicknessthe poor do not have money to buy your books, or sewing uniforms GĐPT no money to go on living, etc. When hurricanes, accidents, etc. We also give the children down the road, you will see the Club donated everyone enthusiastic response to the employment implications of his own.

C: the children will see be alone himself did not do anything but both units, a majority ... it is possible to spend the huge amount of capable drives or relief hurricanes. The children will understand the power of love, of sharing, a need of everyone as well as all species.

A: Yes, the demand for love were available in the blood of each of us; even animals also love dominated and attracted a natural way.

B: we tell the children hear the fairy tale, story, the predecessor model, such Loyalty and filial piety of Oanh vu, motherly of animals, the lion, the elephant weight Xiaoyi, Thach Sanh, Cinderella, Cam, etc. to see love constitute the most important positions though for humankind or animals, and without giving any physical product on worldly with love. Perceived to be loved is the most precious gift in life.

C: indeed, from birth until the age of 3, 4, babies are resorting to the gestures of love, care, the caress of his mother, affectionately brain develop well-being; If missing this one, the brains of babies may be vulnerable or not perfect yet.

A: survived, if during breastfeeding that mother angry or upset, for example, the mother's milk for baby delicious sweetened fresh well is no longer any more.

B: Right then, don't say the children, even adults, too! If a patient is a doctor had broken goodness, dedicated caring and kind wishes for patients quickly recovered, the patient will safely, excited and will recover sooner than expected. It is the most effective treatment, although technically not be high. Conversely, if the doctor's lack of enthusiasm, Tempus, regardless of the patient, the patient would be worried, depressed, body bags ... so whether with high technique, the patient is also difficult to recover soon.

C: so we also teach the children how to develop compassion, speaks rather developing metta (unconditional love-unconditional Love).

A: Yes, Buddhism in General, GĐPT particular, teaches about love no other than a bit; It is "unconditionally", why? -Please dear is because most of love/love in the time's third "conditional" at all! Even love, love my hometown, etc. in the same way! I love my country, my people, I love my hometown, etc. something must also have "my" new love, and of others, otherwise must be considered to have!! There is no love left "enemy" anymore!

B: Right there! Both women love, motherly elements ... also as always! Do you believe? Indeed, we think parents baby by unconditional love, but not always so where! Past tense:
auxiliary treatment of death, "...
Prince real death real tastes "
(Father children death that studious undying is the real numbers).
So then the father has loved unconditionally? -If you then recopy the child goes dead? Left still accompanied by "no death is real tastes" anymore! Today, parents can hear from you as it does not take the path of his or her because it causes loss of honor, etc.

C: so what she wants order to internalize his children shared the sadness, "cried with people who are crying" irrespective of who are crying there is cute or not cute.

A: to develop interest From us takes time and patience; We must exercise "consistent projection" equality among people: everyone wants to be happy and afraid of suffering, who wants to be a convenient, easy and the fear of challenging obstacles ... from which our selfless interest is growing at, we see close to people.

B: Yes, opposite Metta is about anger, selfishness, hatred. We should be eliminating selfishness, hatred, he hates can practice is love, because love is tolerance, forgiveness, Hy ...

C: from not only stops where human beings that must spread to the animals, grass tree flowers. Indeed, protecting the environment is also a way of practicing Metta; do not contaminate the environment, not indiscriminate tree trees, deforestation etc. are the form of scattered Metta to vegetation, nature; at times we had the cries into environmental protection, protection of "mother Earth".

A: If the children of us to be reminded from small order volumes will be love nature, love grass flower leaves, from which love animals, love humans very easily. Who is loving will be easy to love others. We, who he is, who she loves, the care of his junior, without anyone pay ... it's vivid lessons to children, to ourselves, will automatically loving, caring for the child; that is the true meaning of the word "family" in GĐPT.

B: Right then! By developing such altruistic mood, we will develop the spirit of responsibility for others, with the desire to help them overcome difficulties, negativity, anxiety ... irrespective of the body, good bad; It's unconditional affection of Buddhism.

C: thus, in life, we need you and should not have "enemies"--I defined "enemies" are the ones who cause difficulties, obstacles for us both spiritually and materially.

A: I was found on the contrary, have you heard "For data, not for the gentle killers" or not? Because of the difficulty his new start reason and patience tame to deal and difficult.

B: I agree with you A because conservative United Party black also taught that "in life do not difficult because not difficult, the lovely revolt" and do not look forward to being the "gai gai then releases because there was no strong aspirations". Thus, the difficulties and barriers-enemies-helps us more humble and strong.

C: Yourself a reminder, the enemy is not human beings that is calculated bad that people have; for example he is selfish, ego Bar off his hate is hate the computer ego, selfishness that not hate him, in other words once he swings is modest, he can be his friend.

A: so you also selfish and know nha! You must mind your words spread to him to someday love can transform him anyway, where to wait, he transformed and then you play themselves?

B: Yes, he has said that its Islamic, developing Metta is simultaneously developing the spirit of responsibility for humanity, helping them overcome difficulties (including those as bad: selfish, ego, bigotry, etc.)

C: Yourself out! Thank you for illuminating! So, for Buddhists, all everyone is, no enemies. In other words, Buddhist Compassion needed for human life, and therefore a need for peace of the world.

A: Yes, we've been talking about the contributions of Buddhist education for peace, humanity because Dharma dose cures "mind" and as the center of the world's average per capita, that, right?

B: Must then, in summary, the Buddhists in the country such as ours, keeping the year about to finish nice i.e. personality contributed to build a healthy society. If everyone in the world are kept In the world will no longer be theft, murder, etc. also no longer any country wanting to invade the country again, right?

C: this is not sure! Saying so isn't so nha!

A: Correct! Buddhist contribution to world peace that can say this is Director of the peace, this teaches people about the martyrdom of compassion and wisdom-the two elements cannot cause problems-war, but people have to apply the Dharma to life or not, it is important.

B: right, right, "with a signature IF, one can get to the city of Paris in a bottle" (Avec un SI on peut mettre Paris dans une bouteille).

C: summary, compassion makes us see everyone as brothers and the Earth is our common house.

A: Yes! We have the duty to protect this House by practicing compassion to metabolize the altruistic, to century city on the planet has not gotten together, abusive police lied to each other and attempt to hurt each other.

B: And we have an open heart to know and love all; so this would be the result of the land of Sukhavati or heaven or something, as you, that is an ideal place, there is absolute bliss ... no need to go find anymore.

C: I think don't need to be Buddhist or not, if you practice Metta, compassionate then you have the key, has stepped into a world of happiness, peace, security.

A: Yes, Holiness-the Dalai Lama, who was dubbed the "messengers of peace" was saying: we don't need to follow a religion, nor does it need to run as an ideology; It is essential that all of us to develop a good personality of themselves.

B: Although our theme is peace and Buddhism but we discussed very much isn't it?

C: table width but still no digressions, we were told to be thought of us how to teach junior us and ourselves we practice Compassion Center to bring about peace, peace for interested himself and everyone around her.

A: I thought his talk today was enough, and very useful temporary; We stop here yet?

B and C: be! Be, goodbye!

The Charity Career

The Charity is at the root of all French Protestants and worldly appearance
In the two songs "causation" and "Samsara" that we've learned, we've seen a thorough clear: hễ we planted what shall we reap the fruit's or even in our current, or in successor. Small, small, big, the result property.
If you want to be the fruit as they must sow's work. Crafter who is the expert in world (not being, not stealing, no adultery, don't lie and don't drink). With this, the results in so far as the people from families with social, in addition to all loving appreciation. But if we are to far over a bothered anymore, we attempt to overhaul The Charity industry, we're going to enjoy life at peace in the present and later, we will delivery to six each Solar realms, entitled scene fun, comfort.
If we want beyond the three realms, to prove the fruit tam Thang (Thanh Van, Charm and Bodhisattva), one must multiply the Second Quarter, The monastery's Charm and Altitude. However, to accomplish this, the monastery was subject not to be missed in the Charity industry tu The Friendly Career as ladder important need to overcome if you want to climb higher. It as the basis, the most solid infrastructure, to build high up scaffold MOP. For that reason, it is said The Donation is at the root of all the worldly and the French Protestants.
"Good Karma" is the 10th career fresh.
"Karma"? "Karma" is the Chinese translation from Sanskrit Karma that out. It means creating evil, Act. Career can be divided three ways: fresh, Tanh, or unhealthy air (radio). Protestant, Buddhist, meaning that there is benefit to sentient beings in the present as well as in the future. Data, which means no harm to sentient beings in the present as well as in the future.
Industry, many guys running River, can't be. But compounded, who can split up ten kinds of fresh and ten types of industrial enterprises. What kind of career are due three seats the following trigger: (employment), Password (verbal), Italy (thought).
1. industrial data
The industry data divided as follows:
a) data on the Fuselage had three career are: Observed delivery, theft, pornography was inaugurated.
b) The data on Imports and there are four businesses are: lied, saying embroidered textiles, said two-way blades, say.
c) The data on the three businesses is: greed, anger, delusion argues.
The all, password, the data shall be ten career.
2. The fresh industry
If humans do in contrast with 10 career data above then get 10 Karma. Ten career fresh divided as follows:
a) has three: not being, not stealing, not pornography was inaugurated.
b) Password has four: Don't lie, don't say embroidered textiles, not saying blade two-way, not words.
c) Italy has three: Argues, Not greed, not angry, not delusion.
1. non
There is no really excited any more excited from being killed. Also no more grace grace does not harm the network.
When a bird sặp been exorbitant pluck, a sặp was firmly States, Pat, which was released, then imagine our glee, so great is how many! Birds will jump as silverberry or Oleaster, flown, which songs between expanse; fish will the waving, swimming, between deep water. The new articulate, escape killing, beings do not boot khấp excited? So, not birth but wholesome karma is being launched in the Charity's head.
Not being as well as non-predatory beings are of two major crimes as follows:
a) killing the Buddha because He bothered Futurism says: "all sentient beings are lettered Buddhist Futurism"
b) Kill her children many life, flipped up her multiple lives.
The Bodhisattva had said: "all sentient beings are army leader, relatives as parents we have died away and then came back for many more years of birth".
Everyday people are not born in life will expand more compassion, a Chief Justice to the Buddha, and austerities were ten French Protestant, as The Charity Industry leaders have to say, below:
a) all sentient beings are dear affection
b) extension of compassion for all sentient beings
c clean habits angrily argues)
d) of the body are usually healthy
e) life expectancy is long
e) are often Angels support
ê) sleep and not astrological kept
g expiry of resentment foe)
h) from being an evil on three lines.
i) after death, was born to Heavenly realms.
2. no heist
Non-stealing is not retrieved the object is not owned by themselves, and it is not for themselves.
Proprietary rights is an important right. One, life is precious, but if there is a network of living without enough food, clothing, homes, things needed to give itself a network, you can not live yet. Thus, everyone finds themselves need to attempt to have the session, ensure enough assets for present and future life and progeny. The life is so precious assets. If for some reason, nefarious, who was tướt won the lost property, then it is also painful, lamenting like yourself lost part delivery network. Money is the lifeblood, so when the theft of all wealth, many people were disappointed, lamenting to born sick, to suicidal. So, please do one for theft nỡ officers!
, According to the righteous, you probably don't want anyone taking her, are not taken by anyone. What you don't want people suffering for themselves, then you also do not suffer for people. Society exists only to be, when everyone respects probably fair.
, Of phinghĩa, often on the front door off the lane after despatch consumption such as water, cover, sand flowing, ended, white also entirely hand white, which were the life despise, spit, shame yourself and later.
In contrast, non-stealing, never do da also be disengaged, without fear of legal access to games, for example, lo one grudge. A society with no theft, the houses of closed, dropped, the spectacle does not take not take place, tries to win the society of the Pacific peace:
If the space involved theft, which again made the thumb The happy dāna, the wholesome Goodness of France as follows:
a residual is not money) in distress the Raiders robbed, fake Government foreclose, not directly, the fire and the children floating.
b) widely trusted
c) do not be deceived, gotten solicited.
d) near and far are praised his heart straight
e) Do not fear was, because of the damage at all
e was born dead) when the Heavenly realms up
3. no deviant sexual intercourse
Pornography is the human being was inaugurated e samsara. It is a major step of the way tu trammel freed. Therefore, the exporting country to prove results, the excepting pornography Director, to the fuselage as well as in the Center was inaugurated. Shurangama says: "Free pornography not subtraction, then failed to break out of the ceiling".
While under house arrest, only prevent adultery, meaning couples have wedding formal dining in question was new, but must have more degrees, not lang chạ, adultery.
In the family, husband and wife does not, then the living chạ, lang was intermittent warm, happily. Therefore, family happiness, the served food Tan Phat, career people endure, right fun, the two aromatic contagion, neighbors neighbors charge predicament, village water you favorites.
Experience The Friendly Industry leader says: not happy and keep the NET will be four things:
a) Six (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, Italy) are integrity
all the Paragraphs except b) negativity, harassed.
c) nobody would dare violate the couple's children
d) reputation, the life of praise
4. don't lie
Don't lie is thinking how said that, in the heart and words not contrary each other, having to then say to sexual harassment, sexual harassment, says, having said that, not to say no.
Someone said that lie to cheat phỉnh play, then there is no harm whatsoever. In fact, a lie is still harmful, because it makes one bad habit with time, and make people around us don't believe in the words of one, although sometimes it is telling the truth.
Lie because of fear, fear, as should avoid its drawbacks, as it makes us familiar Tanh conceal sins, and not be corrected.
Lie to profit or boast, as heavy guilt. Merchant lie very easy six unsuccessful; and best of all is that the School Act, if a lie that he had evidence the fruit, or Dak to to the glass, cult, will represent hope, guilty on three lines were an evil.
Lie, just in case to save the line of compromise and of not guilty.
Under The Enterprise Act, people are not Friendly liar says lyrics right truth, the benefits shall be as follows:
a clean Mouth usually aromatic)
b) and nhânm, equally beloved
c) words do not mistake flipped and fun
d) intellectual property, no one more than rivals
e) enjoy pleasures as, on the other three career are clean.
5. do not say which
Not saying rent weaving, IE not elaborate words, not rented, weaving GAM, not sweet tract, gastrointestinal tract, heart of the Club to swing, to Captivate do CAI sexual harassment. These guys say the textile rental have stomach nefarious, taking advantage of free easy-to-consumer news to deport. The person often gets people laughing, life cooking cheap and contempt, to stay away from damaged properties, prestigious and Tanh network anymore.
According to the biblical Episode Charity Career, who do not speak words textile rental will be three things: benefits
a) Was intellectual love.
b) Or in response to the difficult question.
c) made the prestigious German noble in the human realms.
6. do not speak the tongue two-dimensional
Do not speak the tongue or two tongues, two-dimensional, meaning that this is not to say bad side, not to the other side speaks on this; do not take this off mixed human story, which is also not dèm talking person out ridiculed Khue; do not make hateful struggling sides san nor stand intermediate aversion for two decent grudge. In a nutshell, who do not speak the two blades are no evil mind, do not use lyrics in contrast to make the eco-city, near the town.
Who do not speak two tongues, not when that conversation with her son, and diffusion as well without the sorrow with neighbors close by, should be in the glamorous, flashy people near the glass. Who do not speak two tongues but also said the softness in harmony, make friends more respected, more people believe in love, making anyone happy anybody willing. Who's going to also be entertained against something hard, kindful also arranged easy.
Under The Charity Industry, who do not speak two tongues, will be the following benefits:
a), their line was always reunion
b) improved knowledge of friendship was endure indestructible
c) faith indestructible
d) France almond indestructible
7. do not say words cruel
Not saying cruel is not saying the word evil, where aggressive, vulgar makes the listener uncomfortable; not figure.template:retardedness makes the listener disgrace bags pain etc.
Who do not speak words, act or failure of one bươi hook, which on the contrary, your presentation the good things of the other guys. Words they uttered, gentleness, tenderness, is purely moral advice, Loi, compassion for all sentient beings, who listen well rejoice, respected.
Under The Charity Industry, who do not speak words cruel but says mild lyrics, is the German as follows:
a always tactful words) properly and benefits
b) say something, who also listened to and trusted
c) speak out word nobody criticised that was beloved.
8. do not want to
In life, there are five distinctive education lạck, which people often take most wanted are: money, beauty, fame, eat, sleep. The five fitness club's ceiling, in fact, little of that line. Like taking money to live, an exiled relatives sometimes use these means of nefarious, to include about her, and her death is incredibly painful. The identity parameter exists more money, take health and spiritual damage, wear and tear; When to seek the wile worse to heart desires; If not, to passionate hatred, jealousy, out. Participated fame, deprived the right on the center line, bowed out lòn, losing eats up sleep, sometimes also made jokes to people around us. Join senior American wages, was a lot of old hard, physically tired, lives there tho. Taking nghủ holiday, bed early wake up at noon, then napõ location fool padded, dark Bill.
The five main education are the main causes being bound, who came into the ring, an sa samsara.
Who did not want to know things, austerities and Minority Voters. Minimum education want less; Tri Sufficiency is knowing enough. The Minimum Education, Student life, there is a Voter simply dik, high bar and safe.
If only one person, then the class state: strong rape the weak, oppress the poor, rich guys who nghèoi resentment rich guys, no longer continued, and in whose life has been lived in peace and tranquillity.
Under The Charity Act, who did not want Industry shall be accomplished good things the following:
a) Three (user, password, Italy) was himself in, because the characters are full
b) wealth is not the loss, or robbed tries
c) Welfare order in German
d) Are really nice will come with her, although he did not desire.
9. Not angry hờn
Not angry argues, is keeping calm, calmly, demand peace before the scene left the inverse.
Angry argues, is a very bad result in disastrous, it's such a fire burns all his data, đót and people around us. Buddhist scriptures are:
"An emerging concept, then angrily argues, hundreds, thousands of stores are open karma. The fire of anger a phen emit, burning all the forests adjoining Germany ".
Confucianism also says:
"Anger downward at the ballast mentality of fear thank hundred days. Should read the lovely lovely commandments II, fasting, the commandments. If such commandments are small fast turns out to. Baonhiêu to the negativity, because chảng look that out ".
Under The Charity Industry, who are not angry, then eight distinctive forensic, excited as follows:
a) don't mind suffering brain
b) don't mind the wrath hờn
c) don't mind the scramble
d) needs Centre straight draw
e Center of compassionate Buddhas)
e) usually do benefit quieten for beings
ê) Fuselage General dignified, sentient beings are revered
g) moral humiliation, mau rings being up realms Within.
10. no delusion
No delusion is knowing judgements conversant in turn, determined the proper, not bigotry, according to his own understanding, does not believe the theory of invalid chon Li, especially not superstition.
Non-delusion, i.e. who have simple Trach, believe in hue, causation should not create guilt samsara, that for making almond, often uncivil, dứ tu except ignorance, forever on the path to liberation.
Under The Act, people are not Friendly Career, achievements delusion was 10 France Germany as follows:
a fun idea) and you chon chon charity
b) Believe deep causation, would rather abandon evil network itself does not do him homage.
c) Buddhist refuge Only, rather than directed angels and foreign rule y
d) About being straight, Chief Architect
e) Birth up realms of heaven, from being an evil path in three
e) Welfare units, usually grown not Lily forever
ê) End harmful, tu DAO permanently road primary
g) are not free to accept the ego, the evil karma resets
h) in the place of Chief Architect
i) from accident data
Ten wholesome karma, as well as data, both due to close twelve career, password, the trigger. Business data such as grass, fresh industry such as rice, are borne generally on a field. The grass is often made of rice, not for contentious obstacle growing fresh. If you wish to pamper good wheat harvests are many, they must spit clean grass. Also, want to be healthy, businesses need to end permanently ten career data.
Serves ten industry data, every day for fresh agricultural development will be four things forever, then the following benefits:
1. renovate ECO Center
Human body often gets career force dominates. The practice of ten career, will convert human body become nice. Example non contentious that to launch being, then do cruel will change out of compassion, the sorrow, enemies will change into grace.
2. improvement of circumstances
Circumstances as well as a large mirror reflects all the gestures action, the life of each person.If we laugh, laughing mirror; If we cry, cry again mirror. Also, if we do the same kind, helpful, rescued beings, the circumstances for one, would become good world scene. For instance, argues, hki is not angry at the humiliation, almond ring tu circumstances there is no đáu file killed, which is just the caring.
3. the Chief Justice's heaven
Tu is sowing good employees During Charity to life after a beautiful outcome achieved is being up realms of heaven, enjoy the blessing touch fully.
4. Basic Buddhist result
Ten three years Holy escape the Hien, proof of birth, impermanence results are retrieved ten industry-friendly as the basis; because of this, there are ten wholesome Karma functions to prevent acts of cruel, making three (User, password, Italy) was the first bar, as a result, people lost property certificate of birth, Nirvana. If you are, take ten career for all beings, it would be Buddhism.
In a nutshell, The existing Goodwill Career, in his mind, the body beautiful, improved circumstances we live was unlit fresh fun; and future we avoid the ọa tribe of the buried tam Phuoc, to enjoy Nature and Human realms, newspaper Nirvana
So desires should all people, to create The Friendly monks happiness for himself and for all beings. There are like new location hue follow probably bothered to. Because of an intimate person without tu phen to evolve up, then the loss of identity and dense past hard back.

A Media Law

Intellectual Property Officers
Nguyễn Du when for Beautiful walk behind the garden of the Fire, only for her tho tam quy active world. Many of us opposed, said Nguyen Du did not understand the law appears to should say nhưvậy, because, according to the law, the lowest is at ten's sa-di. The phảnđối this lack of history on the issue of traditional life and the life in our country.
Today we are familiar with from Bhikkhu without pretentious , put the title of various export countries: Bhikkhu without pretentious as as as as . But as long as half a century ago, signing the list notation so it is rare to see. The elders earlier as venerable Thien Hoa that his writings also saved a lot of, of which only see normally inscribed "Sa-subjects Like Friendly flowers", rather than to not write "Heavenly flowers" as Bhikkhu without pretentious Like the Bach of the elders present. This has historical reasons. Firstly, it is because the spirit of God religious precepts. Titles Bhikkhu without pretentious, with its full qualities as set forth in law, both to various teachers dare not famous as well. As law Infection treatment Bhikkhu-ni the collective meaning weak his lifetime that storytelling Húc Location: someone asked the teacher Tho bones, "the Buddhist Bhikkhu mechanism has not been exposed terrain damage without pretentious upper herbs. Now copy him self plowing Harrow, self, self-cultivation reaping? "answer:" we only reinforced Satori was traditionally the center of Buddhism, kham, the equivalent directive, makes the mind knows, only. If specifications according to the French public schools, only claiming to be ' shaved hair ' Resident artist only. Where dares to identifying themselves as Bhikkhu without pretentious! "

Tam Quy, Five World

Like Bar From

A. Admission Rules

I. To Open Threads
Living the life like a hand, who want to pick an aisle, outlines a life full of meaning and an evangelical, is not easy work. We are travellers are standing before the intersection fell last year, which do not yet know the road will lead to? Pick a way to go to for a lifetime, to be very discerning wisdom from regretted tomorrow. But we have to pick yourself, don't hear, don't seek nhõi solicitation of anyone, because this is the path we go nobody that we are. Choose carefully and will take, the attitude of alternative wisdom; close your eyes more, even going anywhere or go there, the zany, bringing all my life as a game. The place to look, to consider his accountancy before taking steps on a path. Refuge Jewels result put ourselves on a path to go to the end. Until the sugar is lifelong. This job requires understanding clearly, aware of newly-discovered mind Rules of accountancy, y. y is Release for voluntary Regulation life of us. Otherwise knows nothing, the refuge lost its significance.
II. Definitions
Tam Quy says enough is refuge Jewels. Jewels are Buddhism, and Increase security. Thích Ca Phật is only the Buddha, as previously he Only Nylon austerities enlightenment the Buddha Dhamma by security is ... the Buddha speaking out just teach the austerities. Rose is the Chief Executive in accordance with the precepts and amendment of the Buddha.
Why is called Buddha protector?
From a phu qualities such as ours it is the Buddha austerities on this story at least. booth nhơn So in Buddhist birth difficulties encountered often say, as a new Priority Negotiating a thousand years to bloom again. By little have hardly met should say is Precious. Furthermore, he has rid itself of birth death and enlightenment of Buddha reincarnation, then bring that enlightenment is taught to everyone from birth and death, is the most sublime thing should be called earthly Treasures.
How is security?
The Chief French made sacrifices by the Buddha taught, who heard a confusing difficult yet. But once you understand, the application can transfer his austerities became Holy qualities phu France so what precious. Of the Buddha is chon, despite how chon Li is still on the dawn of time like Pearl precious smiles. These terms are located up in the night, a sudden encounter be torches, glad you regret how learner directed experience to be Chief Justice of the French as well as that. People are being immerse in addition to swimming, sighted a ship, glad happy endearing how learners leader met the Chief French also like. That should say "hundreds of thousands of men came as hard to find."
How to call is to increase security?
The increase is only for a group of Buddhist monks, living together under the right spiritual Contents. Living true spiritual Record of the time this little co on Nhon. Because worldly people living in the more demanding racing won the shock lost together, never in harmony. Green peace is:
The Republic itself,
Mouth peace not war,
The lighthearted fun,
Keep, lighthearted precepts
Knowledgeable peers,
Taking advantage of Pitchfork.
Six-this is the spirit of the first-round increases. If there are people that don't live according to the Austrian spirit square Green Peace nor called to rise. In the exercise from four people, who are also living in harmony is a true spirit of the record is very difficult to do. Thus, the monks lived in the spirit of Contents, nhơn is a precious thing you on time. Moreover, on the austerities, the aim is to take negativity and has achieved somewhat of an stable NET bar, and then instructed everyone to place an stable NET bar. Thus for so called Increase security.
What are Rules?
As return, y turns the title. Return to the French title with Myrtle, and called the Buddhist refuge Jewels. For a long time we did not run under education, create businesses suffering, present certain Islamic consciousness with the title Princess Jewels return. Taking Jewels as the main dzogchen, to no longer generate additional business suffering, and then from there to bring us peace in our lives. This is the Islamic Center of the quadrangle, voluntary return of ours. The Department of sensory experience is the foundation of the castle of wisdom, it is the first step on the way home enlightenment. This solid foundation, the new intellectual edifice was long. It is the system of spiritual refuge.
III. External Jewels Refuge
Dharma increase is subject to us Regulatory y. Prayer said by way of the Buddha went to the medical practice of the Buddha. Decided only taught his classic is also recorded in the refuge. Followed the instructions of their austerities is refuge. from here, walk of life we take the Jewels as the epitome, aimed toward, from which that must doubt fumbling as childhood. We are Navigators, Jewels is the lighthouse. For close by Lighthouse which drive the ship itself, our network to the destination. Song Dharma, a Buddhist decided to believe as no longer little hesitation, also Increased, they must be careful to avoid getting up. The increase is the Group clergy living true spiritual Contents, not personalities. If a monk stands out as a celebration of the refuge for Buddhists, the position he represents corporations. Rules y to increase the y with Professor living true spiritual Contents, not the term itself the traditional gender division of five rules for his three kingdoms If the Representative communicated rules world's got to be or not tu tu, who still has life France rose. medical When a y a tank that is attributed to all schools of medicine, if any were true spiritual harmony. Buddhists have the right to learn all of them, should not be limited where he was his master. So true spiritual refuge new Jewels outside.
IV. Refuge Jewel Heart
Dharma ever must also be enough double-sided, Jewels outside the subject, jewel is essentially. Princess Jewels outside, we developed the Jewels of self consciousness. In addition to mutual to fullness elaborately austerities, the primary goal of Buddhism.
How is jewel?
Tanh sensations available where we are Buddhists. Compassion mercy relief beings are protected. Mind in harmony with people is increased Security. Thanks Fo The exterior, we awakened Tanh his senses, back to his senses before title turns Conventional Medicine Buddha for external Security, we led start-up compassion for beings, returned following his title with compassion is refuge in France. Due to Increased outside of recall for schools we have pure, spiritual harmony returns to spiritual harmony pure herbs through his refuge.
Dharma Increase outside the gracious help we trigger the Dharma of self consciousness. Such as his teacher assistant charm for pupil expanded knowledge of it. There he teachers diligently, that child is not subject to lazy pupil, he became Master in vain. Also, there are Jewels outside the Buddhists did not try to awaken her own Jewels, Jewels outside well into nonsense. Jewels outside is essential with good conditions, but there are Buddhist enlightenment freed is the ability of jewel heart. Just know there are Jewels outside the accepted the removal. A belief in Jewels of the self interest without known Jewels outside the accepted theories, is removed. The Buddhists chon district to the new Member content from the obstacles on the road.
V. Etiquette Rules Y
The focus primarily during the ceremony the main refuge, Jewels at Buddhists kneeling before, three times prayer: "disciples ... Please lifelong refuge, process y regulated health boost". The play this bottom do Buddhists vow derived, not by coercion instigated. Three times prayer so as to sow seeds, causing deep stealth is not eternal. This is the spirit of self-discipline. Forms of ritual only help further the impression important moment of prayer's release only. When we in the sense of prayer according to the Jewels, the lifetime benefit. If on the way there was ignorance tu shroud don't remember Jewels, we solely underprivileged. The Buddha does not obligate us to oath what heavily to not quit. The jewel for if Falcon received shall be entitled to benefit, not knowing, only, are required to do. Subtract out there what the new mandatory Italy, weighed to the vows do not dare to go. People understand here see value chon truth of Buddhism.
All the seduction forced to follow, the Buddha is totally opposed. Each self-awareness clarity about Buddhism and then play with the new right, Center and spirit Buddhists. Understand and follow the action corresponding to the spirit of enlightenment. Use or to example, miracles, it is believed in superstitions. Use the all rights to such people to act, it is tempted fools si, inconsistent with the spirit of enlightenment. We have a duty to explain to others understand psychological refuge is released, the preacher chon. Etiquette in formal sessions, only the lể refuge for graceful speech of our achievement in fullness. This ritual does not mean that He will ban you for us a lifetime was an evangelical.
VI. Affirmative Stance
After refuge Jewels, we affirm the stance in a way clearly: "Refuge, not God, gods, Demons refuge," . We have to thoroughly decided according to the Buddha is the most enlightened, not reason to follow God, gods, Demons, God, God, ... because Demonic, not yet enlightened, is samsara as ours. But there are also some Buddhists took refuge, which is still run by a demonic spirit. These people benefit because, since like mysticism, loc should have gone perverted Dharma. Even for the superstitious, they again respected Buddhist demon spirit over here is phenomenal wicked to indifference critique of Buddhism.
"Refuge, not foreign leaders refuge heresy" . The Chief of the Buddha as chon, help the beings in a practical, as his physician for patients. Understand this, and probably chon real reason we run by foreign leaders heresy. We himself popular truth, wish the escape line practically, what's fascinating leaders heresy was ours. Only the alternating three have to listen to the New Testament, where the Act of changing such a ridiculous. Though there are allowed except what is sacred to the pagan nấy, we also do not run their avarice. Or have those flexible remedy what mysticism is saved from disease, would rather be dead Chief chon Buddhists manner beg. Relatives had kept a few ingenious ghìn, finally melted, lost in the TA kiếp difficult out of the realm.
"Health boost, not evil refuge you data group" . We've chosen those relying upon, causing elevation of hiền đức about roughly with his virtue. You evil group data for who knows Director needs to stay away. Because "almost black, bright lights near the level" or "near foul foul contagion satin map myself, almost aromatic plants are aromatic contagion." tho Thus we have the courage of his selected inroads, despite being despise plated seat, it is also so that goes. Because we are not blind, which is the good officers quit near bad ones. Khẵng to stance obviously people are will to firmly. If the austerities that lacked the will, vulnerable to wind sway.
VII. Conclusion
Refuge Jewels is the foundation building is the first step on the Enlightenment, liberation, is the ladder tree first steps on the path of anonymous birth hometown. Want to building solid, should have the foundation solidly. Need beyond the ultimate tree top to ladders freed, a step for step. Love of hometown champions being, the first step on the way to go about to go to the right. Lack of Rules, building foundations Tam enlightenment not backed construction. No hiccup, hardly anyone can climb trees ladder freed. capitalize The first step on the way home were wrong, hundreds of thousands of steps until the more go as wrong. Thus, refuge Jewels importance immensely. Each person must want to come with Buddhism from refuge in the Buddha School, so no loss basis. Because it plays an important role so, Buddhists to be cautious in developing voluntary refuge ... do not because the Rules for there blessings, for health from sickness, Buddhism households via tai yoke ... are superstitious reasons, contrary to the spirit of self-discipline voluntarily of Buddhism.

B. Active World

I. To Open Threads
Man is the subject of Buddhist law, how much, how many disciplines, both because people founded the Buddha presents. TCO happily happy for humans, is the primary goal of the Buddhist conception of Buddhism. Song, not a lot of wealth, much love etc. as human beings have happiness. Happiness is living to know more, said respect for everyone's happiness, knowing the truth compassion. An ethnic civilizations is an ethnic group known to respect the lives of each other, respecting the fundamental freedoms of human beings. Thus, the whole world is the basic foundation to bring happiness to people, build human life meant civilization Nhon type. Our world is the basic ethics of the Buddhists, the beginning of footsteps on the path of enlightenment. Lack of basic morality, though we say ethics subliminal way of saying where is also empty. The austerities practically to establish basic, following new advanced up the ranks of subliminal. That is the importance of our world.
II. Definitions
Our world is five things forbidden by the Buddha of Buddhists must adhere to. After the refuge who were themselves to be Buddhist disciples, to qualify a Buddhist need to preserve in the world. Buddha as mercy beings that created five commandments forbid this, causing them to be an evangelical life happy. This was because of peacekeeping in world, not because Buddha. form in world:
1. no observation of birth: means not killing human life. We order you to their networks, ridiculous to slaughtering the lives of others. On equitable humanitarian probably being allowed us to work. If you do we have left is probably fair, lacking humanity, where deserved disciple. killing lives have three: directly manipulating the kill, kill, wedding in the murder. Buddhists do not manually killing lives, do not use Security Manager leverages other guys mouth manipulating the kill, when they killed each other only a superficial mercy shouldn't be fun. It is not contentious precept. But inferences scaling out, we appreciate our lives, these animals also have important lives of it, to crush fair overflow to the animals, if not essential, we also giãm its killing of them.
2. Not heist: wealth property of us, don't want to violate anyone's wealth, we were not taken or tries to eavesdrop. By Rob tries to eavesdrop or taken by the people's action left Nhon, government law, must be punished. Heist is evil by avarice, just think to his advantage, forgetting that the misery of people, take both fair and Nhon, who are Buddhists certain not to do.
3. no adultery: The Buddhists have couples pair you like other worldly people. When there are double, and absolutely not committed to the virginity of others. If it then with adultery. Because this is the Act of making painful for his family and the family, forming the risk of spread of polio. Do a little private sentiment, causing many sufferings associated lụy, resulted in a lack of goodness. To ensure the safety of his family and the happiness of the family, the Buddhists a certain range adultery.
4. don't lie: say contrary to the truth to the pursuit of profits, or damages the person is a lie. Due to the evil motives of greed, event happenings like this to say, this was to the left face, sexual harassment, giving sufferers. Speakers like immoral, losing both the goodness, not worthy of a Buddhist. Buddhists are the moral should be exemplary, mealy notice how said the sculpture thẵng, cunning, deceitful. Except for taking advantage of the benefits, not telling the truth to people harmed nỡ or suffering, due to the goodness of the rescue aid say untrue without offense. Don't lie is keeping faith with people around us.
5. don't drink: Buddhism advocates enlightenment to enlightenment must calmly in the morning, drink alcohol on the liver, intestines hot light-headed minds are gone, no longer enlightened atavism, contrary role purpose of enlightenment. Because hot whirl, who when drunk Sin they also dare to do, what they are also not afraid of wicked, lost wages. So people know ethics must stay away from not drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol as the loss of wisdom, triggers Malaga for the body, while di harmful to children later fool fillers. The fruit is a disaster for the individual and society. The Buddhists because of industry enlightenment, for the benefit for themselves to decide definitively do not drink alcohol. Except where infected nurse new air security must use alcohol, Buddhists were taking drugs alcohol until the disease is terminated, the client need to know Increase before drinking.
III. Benefits Yourself
People know to preserve this world has formed the basis of ethics and peace for ourselves. Not being , itself is not being killed, or prisoners about murder, nor has hatred on debt of blood together. Thus we do not live in awe of fear, due to the enmity. No heist, you got us there about the heist, prisoners or go to any place where from the fear of the track in doubt. Back and forth freely, to take an ỗn, not what is happiness? Not, itself from losses to labour from the fear of God, who suck or foliage table, everyone confidence and trust. US Virgin white, causing the person endearing. Himself an ỗn, the family is also an ỗn. Don't lie, no remorse, verbal self worth, cause everyone's belief. Or lie will be social underestimated, initiate what were suspected, what little anyone concur work. Don't drink, ta from the currency madness dementia, of which the body weakening illness, from the despised while drunk. In contrast, us calmly atavism, physically healthy, for everyone you dear, discerning childbirth also smart. That's the benefit ourselves right in the present. If the future not being, body coated event live longer; no heist, affluent assets; No adultery, body beautiful; do not lie, mealy wise people favorite; don't drink , intellectually discerning.
IV. Social Family Benefits
Everyone in the category are themselves to lives of Nhon is paramount. Know respect lives is civilized lifestyle, scrub up lives as human barbaric. Know keep in world is a source of happiness of the family, is civilized lifestyle of society. Buddha looking straight into human beings, bring happiness to people a safe life, a happy family, a civilized society, he created this world.
Their lives are of paramount value of man everyone should respect, because respect for human beings, prohibition of Buddhists are not observed. Human beings exist endure, thanks for raising property, as respects the property of people, Buddha forbade Buddhists not heist. The lives of children who need families, the family's hearth, hearth of Nhon renounced wobble is loss of happiness, because respect for the well-being of families, Buddha forbade Buddhists is not adultery. The living family and touched the social need to trust each other, lack of trust is unable to feel loved, as traders took the news in love for the people, Buddha prohibited lie. Order of the family and society are peace, a charming excuse cause disturbance in the family and society is losing general order, because respect for order of the family and society, Buddha forbade Buddhists don't drink alcohol.
Only the five precepts, if the family does preserve whole family's happiness on the advantageous under pure love, care and information. If people in social applications thoroughly is a civilized society, ourselves sympathize and compassion. We benefit ourselves, because the happiness of the family, because of the peace of society, efforts to preserve in the world. Preserve in the respect for human, civilized lifestyle, is the foundation of morality.
V. Conclusion
The ultimate level of human suffering nothing more, when they think of their lives they threatened, their loss of money, people love them being violated. Here is the most severe suffering of man. Because rescue line bring fun back to human. Buddha forbade the Buddhists not do three things. Love forever without, if people don't believe tưỡng and understanding each other. This is also the secondary suffering of man. Because in life without love, who are located in the middle of the desert or places where the wild forest, and takes your loved sớt bitter sweet Bui Division. Want to bring love to Nhon type, first must have believed sympathetic to each other, so He banned Buddhists do not lie. Exactly how much of that, we have seen, lang commands compassion of the Buddha. spirit rescue line Board of Buddhism has shown clearly in this world. Because of his injured people, Buddhists and trade we must strive to preserve and encourage the preserve. It is you do today's and tomorrow.
Thich Thanh From (Quote: "Early Buddhist School")

The Life of Buddha

The life of the Buddha -The Life of Buddha

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Buddhism and God Is Love Wisdom Youth by Sy

posted Mar 18, 2010 6: 44 PM by Web Master [ updated Mar 24, 2010 9: 40 AM]
Narration of Chinese Herb : A Professor there, slender shape, eye, from childhood, have ever stood on the pulpit Van Hanh General Hospital Royal School (Saigon before 1975), sports books teaching the thesis philosophy East West Metal stock, these thorough treatises on Buddhism Raw Thỉ, development, Zen Buddhism, ...
A Professor there, also, turned to capital (Southern) investigation, withdrew to Camp Hill (Nha Trang) windswept sea, gather Buddhist Academy classmates proliferate, Naval Lord, shared Exchange queer school and her extensive knowledge of literature.

A Professor there, in middle age, has famous mezzanine lead foot steps real rotten on the Bodhisattva to wake up the buried layer peril up North Korea call for freedom, Navy democracy for workers born between ignorance dằng places.

The Professor then, all at all times, like most ridiculous state action, thong dong with the lam y, in Brown robes, although sồng are between metropolitan urban Assembly, between Mount Hill grass, trees, all wearing prison places between or with the death penalty nonsense (1988).

Today, the Theravada Monk-Like Wisdom Sy-to young people at home and abroad, sending French friendly exchange lyrics: "Dao Buddha with youth". Each one of us surely will receive French under each different DAC centre.

Each of us, with mind and heart can own other if for as the Bell hangs, and lyrics of the song Master as incompetence khua, khua awl Milky Bell. Bell, although short or long, though drop-downs or stick, though thong or coil, maybe if I hear, be sure to also see the French expected as Master audio from us. (As there are times I listened to a friend-perhaps also the young people-confide about love and eternity and I see that is a very "or '').

Today, the French "Dao Buddha with youth" of intellectual property rights, such as a cup of tea is still fuming, we try to receive and enjoy, and each of you own unknown flavors. Whatever the mind of each of you has come again, you must agree that the French were given posts in the light of Dao Liberation-liberation from every stabilise trivial. Freed from the bondage of the mind, the physical non-sense. Freed from the rigid limitations of ideals, beliefs, blindness.

In real life, looking for freed it means launch escape to freedom. And within the meaning of this freedom, liberation, the French post of Master of intellectual property rights did not end, Completing mounds pressed in framing, a framework.

'' Himself lighted torch that goes ''. Each youth found works for yourself! = 33

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thread discussion of ours today is "Buddhas with young Dao". A title like that often cause the impression that there are many different forms of Buddhism; and each form for each age, or depending on the various social components. But also be able to understand, there is only one Buddhist only, and contents of our present discussion considers Buddhism's had what characteristics are considered fundamental, and from which to draw the conclusion that, Buddhism in the sense so fit for young or not? Of course, the brothers and sisters here are Buddhists, so the answer is already available from how long already. Though speaking in any sense, or look at the issue from the angles, we will not yet any definition, nor references Buddhism on the weaker sex or characteristics.

Said that, there are also somewhat difficult for the brothers and sisters visible problems. Be sure to stay in here there are also many Siblings were reading meditation, and may have heard of the kōan Meditation, concepts like this. A person ask the teacher: what is Buddhism? Teacher answer: "three pounds of thorns". Not the jokes, nor teachers wanted to give a philosophical proposition Super experience trouble. Because, here we go looking for the meaning of life, seeking to discover the value of life. Speaking as a writer or poet, we do not, by definition, no description, because we are not going to find encyclopaedic knowledge about life, that go in search of authentic flavor of it. Like bees to find flowers, not just looking for colourful of the flower. Colourful, United is the only signal of value exists. It seeks to attract, as nutrients for the existence of himself and all breeds of the same.

Youth are often reminded, it is recommended that need to learn to live for rewarding lives. Ca dao also said that "as a son to be worthwhile so boys, down East Eastern static up đoài đoài Yen", and young people understand that, we will have to make a career of any country would then not kẻo wasted life. Then you could make great career, and life of Inkscape. We also urgently Inkscape. But let's look deep into your eyes is a little, if any one of us here had the honor of being looked at. We see? The Sun, to give "Great Red Wings to fly", or suddenly a heavenly dismay, "when ngoảnh to sight black Ocean touches, would rather advise him not to be stripped"?,

Both of them. People chase the illusion to find his own eternity plant images. Sweetness of life where, in both? Now let's temporarily left romantic paintings, to look into the other direction. There are images that merit gaze over or not? Also, depending on the stand point of art behold.

Oldtimer, there is a Prince, whose throne was moved, envenenó horse conquered also ready yen. Then one night, when both are providing families slept in sleep peaceful of supremacy, fame, riches; Prince called Marquis won for him the military code Tuan Truong chinh. But envenenó his horse Truong chinh is not unleashed raging battle. The sword of conquest of him not hitting the weak or cowardly. Heel royalty from wandering around the places that paint and her take: lonely on the banks of streams, stump. He went looking for something? Let's hear Him say: "and then, the Citadel without pretentious, some time later, in adolescence, when black silky hair, with vitality and strength; Although his parents did not agree with the face dam đìa tears, one has to shave off beard hair, capped ca-sa, left the family, were non-families. It is while departure so people searching for something that releases, find the path towards superior, finding traces of the President of paramount mịch ". He goes to find and play the road to world peace and eternal happiness.

Then the path would be announced, to be introduced for those who like the Lotus from the mud but growth đóa sình, standing water, were able to rise out of the mud itself is not infected, sình smell the stinking of mud sình blades. However, not right from the start path has recently been discovered and announced he was receiving full trust by everyone. The opposition is not little. When Germany young engineer to Magadha, administrator of the United Nations most powerful, many young children in the family home, as the same friends, Yasa and youth leading intellectuals such as Sariputta and Moggallana, and many young nobles, United religious work, successive abandons the family, abandonment of social status to both, select the path of glory of truth. From another angle that somehow their vision, the departure constitutes a major gap to society, overturning lifestyle has a habit of the masses. The people concerned. They whisper lounge, and sorrow and frustration, and anger. Public opinion almost sparked waves objected: "Sa-keeper making fathers take Gotama, the young wives become widowed. Sa-keeper Gotama makes families in danger of collapse an ". Public opinion opposes does not extend enough to cause a wave of protest. Soon, the father, the young wife he noticed not they betrayed or abandoned for lonely fate, that they are just shows great taste of love and happiness in a long time they could not be found. As a result, during the first day when newly published, way, way up won Chi Thien and supremacy of the time, leading to permanent peace in the world not by the strength of the sword, which was conquered by the power of compassion and wisdom; the road's been warmly received by very young people, by the most elite stratum of society; future-oriented elites of society.

Maybe we should stop here. The image is far too high for many people, looking long all overwhelmed. Despite this, his envious, not a youth, whether men or women, do not feel that he is being driven by a motivation can't resist, it's the thirst for conquest. Conquer love, conquered fame, conquer positions. Although the view from any angle, although progress in any direction; We like the young Court in pursuit of the butterfly wing. Once you've mastered identified butterflies in hand, at least for anyone wondering: conquest and victory mean? And we are still conducting this miết pursued the wings of butterflies and butterfly wings. In human history, how much of the Conqueror, after the victory, to feel it is also just a weak power tolerance of love humanity? ,

Envenenó horse of the Sand-not-Khan-chùn step ahead of any adversary, but Center of Ðại Khan felt deep insecurities when you look at the end of the road to conquer a silhouette are looming wait. Such is the need to conquer the enemy. Khan also said that although understanding brings together the power of hundred thousand mighty men were unable to defeat the enemy, to conquer the Kingdom. He went looking for an Assistant, find mentors erudition and wisdom to gather strength supernatural. Envoy of General Nam Dai Khan goes to mountain Administrators head Khưu Processing request. DAO head departs, crossing the desert, until the tenure of An explanation for Khan, to An immortal longevity Khan meaning, those hidden Christian message since vol. linji in thousand word of Taishang Lao troops. The last volume, when all the heavenly message hidden language regarded as expose profound meaning. Possibility of Khan's only confirmed one thing: it will be the final defeat in the war.

So, what is the meaning of conquest? Each of us lives and go find something, somehow, a meaning for life or lives. With absolute majority, love and happiness is probably alive, or are the property of, or fame, or power, is probably alive. It is self-exiled his mind, make an hard comedy, to playing what is considered the essence of life. We also know that in addition to the ones probably living phytoplankton, illusion of happiness, there is the Sun, there are avenues Chi Thien; but only some of the very few people step in that direction, and very few people to the destination. Why is that? ,

There is a researcher of literature, when writing about the poet Li Bai, not sorry lyrics praising humans comedienne and mineral life launch. Then the researchers conclude: but we don't live like Li Bai is, as we also have the wife's family, and much other constraints. Affordable all of us are born with a wire suspension available where classical performances, while Li Bai then? Affordable we are only allowed to admire, regards the life and personality, as the administrative nobility khất hunger tear only allowed remote stand looking crave thuồng the Emerald treasures on body a European ivory Duchess us miều? Li Bai could not live as one, and it is also not need to become as Li Bai to be the life of Inkscape. Every stealth contained in itself a timeless treasure. Need to borrow or steal the value of humanity. It should not be judging yourself too lowly.

The same Prince in France, did not dare hope idea itself was the son and sole heir of the head fake riches, which powers even dominate on Trish's Court. England youngster feels happy when people got himself a servant Franciscan, and are taken as honored to be a servant of the Franciscan family to both. Honored with sweeping hole factory. The honor was lying sleeping in the barn. But, in essence, blood, and as a monstrous, it was destined to be the sole heir of the family head. It's only accredited private inheritance when realised his source classifies, self affirmation high value to her. Could not confirm that a self value people its not higher than the value of his home race horses, which he had thought would like to affirm himself as the sole successor. Such is not inherited, that is plotting to win.

Surely it would have to be punished because of the crazy ambition. Here, while we do not auto-confirmed his noble qualities, not seeing the value of life; the value no higher than the row of seats and the social ladder were fixed as order cannot be overturning; does the thought "the Buddhists", meaning the legitimate succession of Vairocana, há not an inverse soán? ,

Among the young friend of mine, not few people who tried to rise, self assertion value itself; self said that when needed and if desired, you may have to serve his products assumes, sitting in the highest status in society is not difficult; and when not needed, you can "throw away the throne as double slipper tear". Those of you, she, after some time grappling with life in order to assert its value, you are "lucky" climb high chair, suddenly came to be seen all the meaning and value of life were drawn, are carved up seats. From there, they try to fasten yourself into it, and determined to defend it "with any price".

Also, after a crash, suddenly finds happiness within hand only illusion. England look to me after days of wandering, suffering. Not England to find out where I am a source of consolation, that came to teach me a lesson very or about the meaning of love and eternal; true happiness and lives sublime, Chi Thien. While quietly listening to him speak, feel like you're taking each large condensation drops orange juice from the hot tears; and silently wondered: do you yourself have "proof of enlightenment Nirvana" and reasonable? Must confess that, now, thirty years later, I still did not forget the excellent "the sermon". But only a short time only; He left her to run the new situation. I asked. He says, the sweet taste of the love affair is not pale translucent over the years. It permanently hidden behind closed doors in a dark corner somewhere in the heart of England. He pursued the transient moment climactic love affair; running under fame vanity; all just want to forget what has come and gone but never pulled the attachment. Occasionally, recalled him, I wonder, now that the fact he is reaping the successes on the road; If you think back to the years of his youth, he had seen her foolish? Is Chase illusion? And between two lifetime, indeed where is illusion? ,

It is said, youth you're standing in front of the doorstep; so let's prepare that on his death. I'd say otherwise. In his young age went through, I'd say that the youth are being placed before the two questions should be answered unequivocally, or before two commanded should opt hesitated: love and career. In front of you is the way to visit Eve, is hiding under the Morningstar currently ambiguous. Dawn is not for you to clearly see where you're standing and his path will go marching on. And before there really are two reclining road to choose from, or in fact just one only? You will then proceed to any direction? Study progress on the road a career, because "was born in heaven and Earth, there must be something with the title"? Or hunt silhouette spring eternal? Both meanings, young people are understood.

We do not need lengthy action award. Yes, your understanding about the path ahead is not by themselves have already seen, like his way clearly are going, when light dawn appears; but due to traces of many generations go ahead. Easy-to-few who bar themselves a self separate paths, not who's in any way trail. First steps in the blur of pedestrian, youth-oriented for its future. Among them, very few people step out of the darkness of the jungle, to equal his own eyes, see clearly the path are running in any direction, under the brilliant Sun of ban mai.

Let's go find one of very few people. Who are not familiar to us. I want to remind you of King Trần Nhân Tông. Youth, growing up amid lavish family Palace, full of pleasures, but the teenager royalty to living as a musician, right between the Royal fortress. hiding School boys, asceticism; don't know what one has seen youth level pompous where Holy or not. But his father looked lean body of heir to the throne clown that cry: Know your have enough energy to keep the neighboring feud jiangshan reasonable? ,

However, man 's, later, when the reign on the throne, as a country, not only has confirmed the value itself, but also assert the significance of an ethnic group. Despite sitting on the great high Dragon platform vợi; Although stormed phase battle; or whatever on the envenenó horse from the triumph, winning; but so far, in the temple at night, in the darkness of history President mịch, we still imagine rhythm of economic man and elaborately mõ Marxist but still pure, rọt mettle hero of monarch which was regarded as a pair of slippers abandoned the throne: "necessarily useful en France, such as JAG huyễn cell images". How did the eye look, this world exists only as the dew on the grass, grain can be oriented not only his own life that both peoples destiny? Hope you can find the answer yourself. Because, if you can answer the question, you may also be oriented his life without fear that there will be things confused.

Now, let's back to the topic discussed. A lot of brothers and sisters to hear read on the subject, thinking that speakers will highlight a Thai Buddhist how then tests whether the given form is suitable for young, practical benefit to youth. Until here, not to have been introduced. There are brothers and sisters do feel frustrated? Should also be frustrated a little bit. How to demonstrate that we come up with topics not passive; who says star sounded so. Certain, must have the choice; Despite not being selected in a manner unwarranted. Beginning of awareness, have the choice. High-energy activity of youth, first of all, is the ability to choose from. Youth learning to know the options. Dinh direction for its future by discerning choice.

, Here we should not be disappointed if said that there was a certain form of Buddhism which dedicated to youth. There is only one piece of the Moon across the Sun. But Moon silver-colored mourning; or moon fresh nature; or is the Moon sworn witness to faithful hearts; and also when the "old poison Moon, car line address how such choices forced on as playing". Also his youth come to Buddhism, desire that drops of water shoots made live up a soul penis wither because of love betrayed. There are also Buddhist Youth came to for gột washed "mud mixed shades of gray lists favor heels, face the most sunshine rám strawberry flavored". Young people's freedom to find suitable forms of Buddhism. If Buddhism did not meet for the soul of misery, boredom, life's other doctors refuse patients. So then, young people should also be yourself find yourself a form appropriate for Buddhism; not morphology was established as a Jewish stereotype by brothers and sisters, because the Theravada Understanding Germany, or to researchers, erudite. A Zen master has said: "macho himself around nature, acts of administration his career direction Tathāgata". Let's take the path chosen by ourselves, without anything to lắt in rats by traces of Vairocana.

This makes it much when gas exports fear, afraid that there is too liberal, too arrogant? Do not have the same music into tune with fast-paced song intertwined, which try to Prussia into a sonata of the Lake, we will hear quiet sounds this: take a relaxing buffet yourself a direction, willing to take responsibility for the consequences that appear on the path that we chose. Word of the Buddha to remember: "the legacy of these beings is the behaviour that it did". And there is no other Buddha: "the legacy of Chief Justice of the Tathāgata; do not do a succession of finance ".

Young people are learning to prepare yourself worthy of the legacy. Inheriting his father's family surname. Inheritance of the nation. Inherited legacy of mankind. Although put in place; the youth first and foremost to be heir. Success or failure in his inheritance, it is the responsibility of each person, each of the individual. Make yourself a liberal academic, intellectual, to lead a discerning selection of direction, and courage is responsible for what we have selected and cause for ourselves and for all beings.

There is no generic Buddhism for the younger age range. Each individual child's expression of every form of Buddhism vividly.

Greetings brothers and sisters have full resiliency to conquer the Kingdom to conquer; to win the strength needed to win we do not need lengthy action award. Yes, your understanding about the path ahead is not by themselves have already seen, like his way clearly are going, when light dawn appears; but due to traces of many generations go ahead. Easy-to-few who bar themselves a self separate paths, not who's in any way trail. First steps in the blur of pedestrian, youth-oriented for its future. Among them, very few people step out of the darkness of the jungle, to equal his own eyes, see clearly the path are running in any direction, under the brilliant Sun of ban mai.

Let's go find one of very few people. Who are not familiar to us. I want to remind you of King Trần Nhân Tông. Youth, growing up amid lavish family Palace, full of pleasures, but the teenager royalty to living as a musician, right between the Royal fortress. hiding School boys, asceticism; don't know what one has seen youth level pompous where Holy or not. But his father looked lean body of heir to the throne clown that cry: Know your have enough energy to keep the neighboring feud jiangshan reasonable? ,

However, man 's, later, when the reign on the throne, as a country, not only has confirmed the value itself, but also assert the significance of an ethnic group. Despite sitting on the great high Dragon platform vợi; Although stormed phase battle; or whatever on the envenenó horse from the triumph, winning; but so far, in the temple at night, in the darkness of history President mịch, we still imagine rhythm of economic man and elaborately mõ Marxist but still pure, rọt mettle hero of monarch which was regarded as a pair of slippers abandoned the throne: "necessarily useful en France, such as JAG huyễn cell images". How did the eye look, this world exists only as the dew on the grass, grain can be oriented not only his own life that both peoples destiny? Hope you can find the answer yourself. Because, if you can answer the question, you may also be oriented his life without fear that there will be things confused.

Now, let's back to the topic discussed. A lot of brothers and sisters to hear read on the subject, thinking that speakers will highlight a Thai Buddhist how then tests whether the given form is suitable for young, practical benefit to youth. Until here, not to have been introduced. There are brothers and sisters do feel frustrated? Should also be frustrated a little bit. How to demonstrate that we come up with topics not passive; who says star sounded so. Certain, must have the choice; Despite not being selected in a manner unwarranted. Beginning of awareness, have the choice. High-energy activity of youth, first of all, is the ability to choose from. Youth learning to know the options. Dinh direction for its future by discerning choice.

, Here we should not be disappointed if said that there was a certain form of Buddhism which dedicated to youth. There is only one piece of the Moon across the Sun. But Moon silver-colored mourning; or moon fresh nature; or is the Moon sworn witness to faithful hearts; and also when the "old poison Moon, car line address how such choices forced on as playing". Also his youth come to Buddhism, desire that drops of water shoots made live up a soul penis wither because of love betrayed. There are also Buddhist Youth came to for gột washed "mud mixed shades of gray lists favor heels, face the most sunshine rám strawberry flavored". Young people's freedom to find suitable forms of Buddhism. If Buddhism did not meet for the soul of misery, boredom, life's other doctors refuse patients. So then, young people should also be yourself find yourself a form appropriate for Buddhism; not morphology was established as a Jewish stereotype by brothers and sisters, because the Theravada Understanding Germany, or to researchers, erudite. A Zen master has said: "macho himself around nature, acts of administration his career direction Tathāgata". Let's take the path chosen by ourselves, without anything to lắt in rats by traces of Vairocana.

This makes it much when gas exports fear, afraid that there is too liberal, too arrogant? Do not have the same music into tune with fast-paced song intertwined, which try to Prussia into a sonata of the Lake, we will hear quiet sounds this: take a relaxing buffet yourself a direction, willing to take responsibility for the consequences that appear on the path that we chose. Word of the Buddha to remember: "the legacy of these beings is the behaviour that it did". And there is no other Buddha: "the legacy of Chief Justice of the Tathāgata; do not do a succession of finance ".
Young people are learning to prepare yourself worthy of the legacy. Inheriting his father's family surname. Inheritance of the nation. Inherited legacy of mankind. Although put in place; the youth first and foremost to be heir. Success or failure in his inheritance, it is the responsibility of each person, each of the individual. Make yourself a liberal academic, intellectual, to lead a discerning selection of direction, and courage is responsible for what we have selected and cause for ourselves and for all beings.

Không có đạo Phật chung chung cho đồng loạt tuổi trẻ. Mỗi cá nhân tuổi trẻ là biểu hiện của mỗi hình thái đạo Phật sinh động.

Chúc các Anh Chị có đầy đủ nghị lực để chinh phục những vương quốc cần chinh phục; để chiến thắng những sức mạnh cần chiến thắng.
Introduction by Hoa Dam: Ever since a very young age, the rather slim monk with sharply glinting eyes, had many times been at the podium of the Van Hanh Buddhist University (in Saigon before 1975) to lecture tirelessly on topics ranging from Ancient and Modern, as well as Eastern and Western philosophical topics, to profound debates on the Original, the Developmental, and the Zen Buddhism.
That same monk had once walked away from the boisterous city life in the capital (of the South) to find solitude in the breezy ocean-side Nha Trang on the Trai Thuy hill, spending quiet teaching days with the young student-monks of Hai Duc Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies, passionately sharing and eagerly passing down his enormous profundity and vast knowledge.
And that monk, in his middle years of life, had proudly walked the steps of an undaunted Bodhisattva into the perilous danger zone to stir up multitude of oceanic tidal waves demanding freedom, democracy, and equality for the entire human race in the midst of this life’s full of interminable ignorance.
Always peaceful and carefree, with just his faded brown robe and grey cassock, whether living in the raucous cities, or among the serene wooded forests, or even during the prisoned years with inexplicable death penalty (in 1988), that same monk showed an unyielding fearlessness through all occasions and circumstances.
And today, that graceful monk – the Most Venerable Thich Tue Sy – will present to you, the young Vietnamese people in the country as well as those all over the world, this genial discourse about “Buddhism and the Youth”. Certainly each and every one of us will receive this topic in our own diverse perception.
Each of us, with individual thinking and distinctive insight, are somewhat like the bells hung high. The words of Thay are like mallets that could create the beautiful ringing sounds. The bell sounds, whether long strike or short beat, deep baritone or high soprano, shrilling pitch or unhurried pace, if Thay could hear them he would also agree that they seem to be the sounds echoing from all of us. (There was this one time when Thay heard a friend – probably a young friend – shared about love and eternity, Thay thought that was a sensational talk.)
Today this marvelous discourse on “Buddhism and the youth” by the Reverend Thich Tue Sy is like a steaming hot cup of tea. We shall try to receive the offer and sip the brew to individually taste the wonder of tea. Regardless of how you feel it, we should all agree that this discourse is offered in the light of an Enlightened Religion – liberated from all mundane sufferings; released from the binding of the arcane mind and body; uninhibited by the restricted boundaries of ambitious ideals, of fixed thoughts, or of blinding belief.
In our ordinary life, searching for that enlightenment also means that you are trying to reach the ultimate freedom. And in the sense of this liberation/freedom, the discourse of Master Thay Tue Sy is by no means pushing or forcing any of us into a predetermined mold, nor preset standards of any kind.
“Light your own path”. Each of us has to discover our own true dharma !

Buddhism and the Young People
My dear friends,
The topic of our discussion today is “Buddhism and the Young people”. Such title tends to create an impression that Buddhism comes in many different forms; and each form caters to certain generation, or certain socio-economic class. But then, one can also believe that there is only one Buddhism, and today’s topic will examine thoroughly the basic characteristics of Buddhism, and extract from them the conclusion as to whether Buddhism in that sense would be appropriate for the young people. Of course, here, all of you are Buddhists, so the answer is probably already available long ago. We are not going to state any definition, nor reference Buddhism in any particularity or trait, no matter what definition we use, or in what side we would see it.
In so saying, it may still be hard for you to grasp the heart of the matter. Many of you probably have read books on Zen Buddhism, or at least have heard of Zen ko-an, which somewhat goes like this. A person asked a master: What is Buddha? His master replied: “three pounds of hemp”. That wasn’t a jokingly replied story, nor was it an intricate statement on the transcendental philosophy microprocessed by the Zen master. But it’s just because here, we are going to search for the significance of life and to discover its worth and benefits. As if defined by a writer or a poet, we are not here to characterize or describe life, because we are not looking for its encyclopedic knowledge, but we are here to explore true qualities of life. Just like a bee seeking a flower, not to find the physical beauty and alluring scent of that flower because the flower’s beauty and scent are only representations of existence. The bee only seeks the flower to extract the sweet nectar deep inside that flower in order to provide nourishment for its own surviving and that of its species.
Young folks are often reminded and advised to learn to live a life worth living. Our proverbs also taught “Be worth the value of the young!, as you land in the East, the East would be calm; as you mount the West, the West would be in peace”, and for that, our young people would think that they should perform certain illustrious acts, otherwise their life would be a waste. Some of them have, indeed, succeeded with a brilliant achievement that is worth everybody’s admiration. All of us are in awe of him, too. But just look into his eyes a little bit, had any of us here has a mind to do so. What do we find in those eyes? Would we see a lofty vast firmament, onto which an eagle majestically stretch es its wings, or would it be a lost heaven in the regretful reminiscences of his youth as he left behind his most beloved for the conquest of fame?
The answer would be both. One would chase after illusion to search for his own real image. Where is the sweetness of life, on either side? Now we are temporarily leaving the romantic panorama to look into another aspect of it. Could there be any other picture worth more in appreciation? That depends again on the viewer’s artistic standpoint.
Long ago, there was a prince to whom the golden throne was to be expected and under whom the hoofs pounded on the long march in submission. That night, as the whole royal palace was sound asleep in the deep and quiet night of power, fame, and wealth, the prince ordered his charioteer to saddle the best of his warhorses. But his galloping horse would not trample the battlefield. His powerful dagger would not overthrow the pathetic enemy. From then on, the royal footsteps began gallivanting all through to the ends of mountains and rivers; at times lonesome by the waters, or alone under the treetops. What did he want to find? Let’s hear Him say: “And then, O Bikkhus! While in my youth, with hair still dark, and life full of vitality; despite the disapproval of the parents, their face stained with tears of sorrow… I have left the family, I have shaved and donned the frock, I have chosen the celibate life. Leave behind everything in order to seek something more virtuous, to find a direction guiding toward superiority, to search for trace of an ultimate tranquility.” Thus he left, he searched, and he discovered the way leading to a peaceful realm and perpetual happiness.
So the path that He had taken was then announced and introduced to others. These capable people are like the lotus flowers that only grow in the muddy standing water, but these lotus flowers would bloom upward out of the filthy mud so that they themselves are not tampered by the stench from which they come. However, the path that was announced and introduced was not by any mean an easy acceptance with faith by everyone. The people who protested against it were not in small numbers. When the young Master arrived in Magadha, one of the most powerful nations of that time, several young men from wealthy families like Yasa and his friends, other well-educated men like Sariputtra and Moggallana, or young men of royal descendant, princes and noble courtiers took turn to leave behind their own family and denounce their grand social status, to accept the glorious Path to Ultimate Truth. From a certain perspective, their leaving did produce a large vacancy in society, causing a disturbing upheaval to the ordinary life that everyone was accustomed to. So people worried. They started to discuss the situation in whisper at first, then disapproval and disappointment came among them, and at last they even got angry. This opinionated inclination almost initiated a wave of opposition: “Sramana Gotama is causing fathers to lose their sons, wives to become widows. Sramana Gotama disrupts our normal family life.” But the trend in opposition did not last long enough to become real public hostility. Because not for very long afterwards, these fathers and young wives realized that they were not actually forgotten or deserted by their love ones, but that they were finally shown the fantastic taste of love and happiness which was absent in their lives for the longest time.
So from the initial introduction, this rightful way, this pre-eminent and ultimate path that could lead to an everlastingly blissful world, did not materialize by the power conquered with daggers and blades, but by the power that comes from compassion and wisdom; this supreme path was graciously accepted by the young generation of people, the brightest class of society, the ones who would stipulate the future direction of the whole populace.
Maybe we ought to stop right here. That image may seem too farfetched, unreachable and overwhelming for a lot of people. Despite the fact, not a single one of us male or female young person, would not agree, from the deepest of our heart, that we are driven by an unrestrained powerful force. This power is called the desire to dominate. Such as dominating love, conquering fame and attaining status in life. It doesn’t matter from what angle or direction one looks at it, it is like all of us are little children chasing after a butterfly. Once you hold the dead butterfly satisfactorily in your hands, would you ever wonder: what do this conquest and this victory mean to me? No, we don’t ever wonder that, we continue to chase one butterfly after another. In the history of human kind, how many famous conquerors, after each victory, would only see themselves as just small delicate ones in front of the power of gentle human love?
The galloping stallion of Genghis Khan did not stall in front of enemies, but the great Khan’s innermost feelings were not at peace when he knew that there was someone longing for his return at the other end of his conquering road. That was the last enemy to battle with. Khan knew very well that even with the combined power of his ten thousand mighty soldiers, he wouldn’t be able to win over such enemy, or to claim victory over such empire. He sent for an assistant, a wisest and most proficient advisor, to help gather the supernatural power instead. His diplomat went to Zhongnanshan Mountain to seek Qiu Chuji. The Taoist priest left his mountain, crossed over the desert to arrive personally at Khan’s supreme headquarter, to explain his view of living forever and never dying, and to clarify the secret meaning contained in the Book of Tao consisting in 5000-words ascribed to Laozu, the founder of Taoism. At the conclusion of the Holy Book, once all of the riddles of the language had somewhat betrayed their hidden meaning, the great Khan came to the exclusive assertion, that he would be the loser in this very last battle.
So, what is the signification of conquest? Each of us tends to look for something in our life, for certain significance, for the ideal and the reason to live. For the majority, love and happiness are those ideals of life; for others, it could be wealth, fame, or power.
People even agonize themselves mentally or torture themselves physically, in pursuit of what they think the paramount for their existence. But we also know that besides the illusory and precarious happiness of life, there are also far-reaching horizons and a path to altruistic selflessness; but only a handful of us are taking that route, and a whole lot less people reaching its destination. Why is that?
Once there was a literary researcher who, when commented about the poet Li-Po, had no reserve whatsoever in raving this exceptionally brilliant individual with a liberal and extravagant way of life. But then he concluded: we are not of the class of Li-Po, and we cannot live like the way Li-Po lived, because we do have family, wives and children, and many other responsibilities. Be it as it may, could it be that all of us were born predestined with a noose on our neck, but Li-Po was not? Could it be that we are only allowed to admire, and marvel at the outstanding characters and their lives, just like a ragged beggar would only stand from far away to crave and long for the precious jewels worn by an attractive princess? Sure, Li-Po cannot live like us, and of course we do not have to become like Li-Po in order to have the recognition of others. Each of us has within ourselves an endless hidden treasure. There is no need to borrow or steal the attributes of another individual. And no need to inadequately evaluate ourselves.
The Lost Son in the Lotus Sutra wouldn’t think of himself as the only son and heir of the rich proprietor, the one whose power even surpassed that of many high ranking dignitaries of the royal court. This young man even felt happy when he was hired as a lowly servant, and was so proud to become the humble servant of this affluent family. He took pride in cleaning out the latrines, and was pleased to be permitted to sleep in the horses’ stalls. However, deep in his essential nature, in his bloodline, and from an unlikely peculiar destiny, he was the sole inheritor of this wealthy family. He would be recognized as successor only when he himself can trace his own lineage, and can substantiate his own aristocratic significance. Otherwise, one who thought of himself no better than the breeding horse of his boss, cannot have dreams to prove himself the sole heir of the family. Because that wasn’t inheritance, it was more like strategic plans of a usurper.

In that case, definitely would he be punished on account of his extravagant ambition. Here while we cannot ascertain our own noble dignity, and cannot appreciate the precious values of life - the values that are certainly not higher than the rows of social chairs and the steps of social ladders which are insituted in an irreversible order; meanwhile, we call ourselves “Buddhists”, meaning we see ourselves as rightfully legal descendants of the Tathagatha’s Holy lineage; is this somewhat contradictory?
Among my young friends, many have tried to ascend and move up in life, establishing their own values; they thought that if needed and when wanted, it is not hard for them to just don the most expensive clothing or sit at the highest position in society; and when not needed anymore, they can just “discard the golden throne just like throwing away some broken shoes”. Those friends, after a time struggling with life in order to prove their selfworth, some of them are even “lucky enough” to climb up these high-profiled chairs, suddenly realize that the importance and value of this life are being painted, decorated, and engraved into these chairs. So from then on, they would fasten themselves firmly onto them, and insist on defending these values at any cost.
Some other friends of mine, after a broken relationship, suddenly realized that happiness, so real in their own hands minutes earlier, was now just pretentious. One came to me after many days wandering around in his miserable sorrow. He came searching for me not to find a consolation, but he came to graciously lecture me on the meaning of love and eternity; and the meaning of true happiness and the supreme cause of life, the ultimate good. While listened intently to his talk, I felt like I have drunk all the drops of sweet dew dispersed from each of his burning teardrops; and I have asked myself whether my friend had realized the meaning of Nirvana? Now that 30 years have passed, I have to confess that I could not forget that marvelous “sermon”. But just a short time afterwards, my friend again threw himself onto new romance. When I asked him why, his answer was that the sweetness of that first love could have never been adulterated with time. It forever resided in an obscure part somewhere in his heart. He only chased after frivolous and fleeting relations, pursued the empty fame; just because he attempted to forget things that was gone, and gone forever, that never could be retrieved. Once in a while, when thinking of this friend, now quite successful in his real life, I often wonder if he had ever thought back to those youthful years, wouldn’t he think he was being so stupid, chasing after illusion? And furthermore, between these two stages of his life, which one is truly illusion?
They say that Young People are standing at the threshold of life, so you have to prepare your baggage to enter life. I want to say it in a different way, by relating to my own youth that has passed. What I want to relay is that you – the young generation – are placed with two questions that demand immediate and confident answers; or that you are positioned at the forked road that requires your decision without hesitation, either Love or Achievements. In front of you is a long winding road that looms in the dim residual light of morning stars. It is not quite dawn so as to easily distinguish where you are standing and where the road you’re taking will lead you. Moreover, are there really two branched out roads for you to choose or is it just one? Which way are you going to proceed? Whether to follow the path of achievements and reputation, just as the saying goes “to have been born in the world, may one’s name be impressed upon the mountains and rivers”; or perhaps to pursue the silhouette of an eternal springtime? Both of them make sense, and I know all of you would understand them clearly.
We do not have to go through lengthy explanation and argument. But there is one thing that I have to stessyour understanding of the future path ahead of you is not quite what you are seeing by yourself, and knowing yourself which way to take as the first morning light breaks through. It’s rather the remnants left behind from many generations before you. It’s not often that one can just formulate one’s own distinct pathway and not trailing any other pre-existing track. Tracing slowly step by step after other generation’s direction, only then young people can carefully develop their own future roadmap. Among these youthful individuals, many would not step out of the jungle’s darkness to find for themselves, with their own eyes, the roadway that leads out to the future even when daybreak has come and the morning sun brightly shines.
We will now explore in history and find such a youth. The one that came to my mind was not a stranger to any of you, and I want to remind you of the Emperor Tran Nhan Tong. When still young and growing up in lavishly splendid palace filled with joy, this aristocratic young man lived like a recluse amidst the royal kingdom; with a true hermit life of abstention and ascetism. I wonder if the graceful bearings would have been appreciated by anyone in this young royalty, but the King Father - only seeing the dreadfully emaciated body of his own heir - could not help but uttering a cry, wondering if his son would have enough strength and energy to look after the empire, safeguarding its territory.
Nonetheless, that same young man, once enthroned and residing over the entire nation, not only ascertained his own selfworth, but also substantiated the lasting existence of his whole populace. Whether sitting at the towering royal throne, or embarking impressively in the battlefield, or returning home on victorious mounts after triumphant conquests; nights after nights in the serene darkness of history, even now, we can nearly imagine the sound of his repetitive gong strikes and distinctive ritual chanting of this royally majestic king who once viewed the throne like a pair of discarded sandals: “What that is to be produced by conditons should be viewed as a dream, a mirage, a bubble...” How could the one who perceives with his own eyes the whole universe as ephemeral - like dewdrops on the grass blades;nevertheless with supremacy, would be able to make up his own destination as well as that of the entire sovereignty? I hope that all of you young people out there can come up with the answers yourselves. Because when you can provide answers to those questions, you surely can make up your own destination and not worry so much in making erroneous mistakes.
Now we finally come back to the main discussion of our topic. Many of you when hearing the title of this topic, would propably have thought that the speaker will present something related to certain Buddhist structural standpoint, and gathering from that viewpoint he will analyze and explore whether it would applyto the young generation, or bring about actual benefits to this young age group. Up until now, I have not introduced any form, any structure yet. Are any of you disappointed? Well, maybe you ought to be a little disappointed. That way, it’s apparent that none of you come to passively listen to me, whatever I say would satisfy you. Rightly so, you should have choices, eventhough the choices are not up to your own wishes. Beginning with realization, there would undoubtedly be options. When working with the talented capacity of youth, first of all there is the ability to choose. Young people are educated to know how to select options. Determining one’s future plan is making the right choices intelligently.
Furthermore, we should not be too disenchanted if there is not a specific Buddhist structure applying to the young generation. There is only one moon up in the sky. But that moon can be graying with old age and death, or it can be a new moon freshly emerged with youthful innocence; likewise, it can be a bright moon that bears witness to faithful hearts, or it can be an “old moon of spitefulness that maliciously causes the discord between lovers”. Yet other young people come to Buddhism hoping that the blessed water by the compassionate Bodhisattva would revive their wilted heart which was rejected by love. And yet others come to seek Buddhism to wash off “the heel pacing after fame tainted with grey mud, or the face of marquee suntanned by the rays of great changes”. They may find on their own a Buddhist structure that correlates well with them. If Buddhism cannot alleviate their mental sufferings and their weariness of life, it would be just like a doctor refusing to treat sick patients. Therefore, you are advised to find your own view point that corresponds with Buddhism, not taking those that are already being molded by others such as your Superìors, your reverend monks, or some other brilliant researchers. A Vietnamese Zen master once said: “Young people ssould bear in themselves the ill of soaring high, andnot content with retracing the footsteps of the Buddhas.” We will walk the path that we select ourselves, no need to drudgingly follow after the trace of others.
This manner of speaking sometimes causes people to feel bewildered. Wouldn’t it be too conceited, too arrogant? Then please do not create a song with a quick tempo out of those words, but try to compose a gentle sonata like smooth undulating water of a lake, then we can easily comprehend the sound of these words: Be at ease in choosing a direction for yourself, and ready to take on the responsibility for what happens along the path that you have chosen. These are the words of the Buddha that you should remember: “sentient beings are the inheritors of all actions that they have carried out themselves”. And Buddha also taught us: “Be the successor of the Tathagatha’s true dharma, and not the heir of material resources”.
All of you are learning to prepare yourselves for worthiness of being heirs: Inheritors to the heirloom of familial ancestors; Inheritors to the traditions of a country’s heritage; Inheritors to the humankind legacy. No matter what position you are placed in, first and foremost, you, the young generation today, have to be the heirs. Victory or defeat in the position of being an heir is the responsibility of each one of you, personally, individually. Be prepared to develop your own wisdom, build your own ground, to cleverly choose the pathway to life, and be ready to accept the responsible actions for what you have committed to for your own self and all other sentient beings.
There is not a universal Buddhism that is broad-spectrum for the entire young generation. Each one of you individual is representative to the dynamic form of Buddhism.
I sincerely wish you would have enough strength to conquer lots of kingdom that are to be conquered and win over the powers that are to be won.
Translated by Giáng Kiết Tường (The Buddhist Translation Group)


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