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The path to enlightenment Mahayana Reviews Volume
Author: MA MINH - Services & solutions: Chan Tam Hien
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Direct path tuấn serious long, curly and public parks, not less danger. Go on this road, one must go through the karmic near and far. From there open to receiving and building a belief, no matter how long time. A true faith fits like a charm. Buddhist beliefs lead.
Word of the Buddha is still there, gone through three lifetimes forget yourself countless practices can lead members of a Buddha. As the Buddha was going the way of Buddhist vows, little by little to cultivate volunteer force grows, the effort with the French property rhythmically forward;-minute wait for ever live in the Dharma refining, research level interface, a labor into practice even for yourself, for the people. There is new hope that shortens the distance of countless long.
In that spirit, the Mahayana Volume This treatise of Bodhisattva Ma Chan Minh Hien Buddhist Center is moving from words to Vietnamese Han, also for purposes not detect trace levels of thousands of years old Bodhisattva, find ourselves back where circuitry true eternal life. The address translation is not good & all is that The Buddha, but also the goodwill and enthusiasm of a Buddhist. We have a few words to introduce readers.
Dear record
Often Monastery Mats, Activity House 2548
Thich Nhat Quang
Reviews Volume Mahayana Bodhisattva Code Minh was made ​​in about 600 years after Buddha's passing away, to break the view of the Hinayana bias and prejudices of Foreign wrong direction. Today, the review was not only meant that it has positive value for the Mahayana practitioner. The value was the point: In addition to the deep cover that is presented in full make meaning and Interpretation, also has a General Discrimination Act Development Center, is the spiritual help us to discern and identify the as well as intellectual level of his own practice, to avoid confusion between justice and, between the empirical insights to the place, much less to be, not where ideas are so ...
The translation here is translated from the Han culture content of his Son. So to keep the style as well as the meaning of the chief, to avoid putting yourself in mind the words of the old Just how much good about this, so I tried to translate text from that close to Han. Too close, then the text is not grooming. In return, it will help the reader can contemplate the direct teachings of the stock by virtue of his own thinking, not because of the grooming text from the translator that the meaning of the text that when the bias. Regarding the explanation, I refer to three documents: Volume Mahayana User Reviews That his procedure. Volume Mahayana Reviews Online Award and His Son Ham Mahayana Commentary Volume of his Indian Signed Thuan. Song by looking the other so there is room service as well as excerpts explain, I just get the files to explain the procedure and content of his Son on y place for their interpretation.
" Weak French General About Coast Run Tong Hua-yen "and the mapping" France's best interest will be deducted from the Mahayana Volume Reason Ham Award his Son. Sketches of the shaman is Terri's general sense that the entire review form, which lay Cao Hien Tong pay extra for full effect. From The Vietnam office is satisfied.
The intent of the review was initiated to help the life of the Mahayana faith, but because of the "General photography all wonderful sense of deep mystery that the Tathagata has said," deep color space is where language was not able to, just because of getting out of being that can not leave the language of Buddhas To borrow the words to display temporary display, should also have the sense of place can not be explained, nor can lower vehicle so easy to understand. Song is the comments made to not have faith in the Mahayana, the meaning of the whole review process is not something difficult to understand once you grasp the general spirit of it.
VI profound sense that the Tathagata says is just what the philosopher as well as the director of education and are looking for: The nature of the so-called real world, the universe and man is what? Who am I and this world where that is? True source of all phenomena and all species living on earth is this? Philosopher and search it by building up their knowledge. Everything around the words. But her roots is something beyond words. The language is only a means to temporarily use the Tathagata to lead the way for all beings. His fingers just describe them as the moon. Finger is not the moon. Song by finger we see the moon. So this review, in addition to the deep mystery of interpretation means that the Tathagata has said, there are practice instructions. Part of this practice is a vehicle to take us directly to receive the true source of all things. SETTING DEFINITIONS and INTERPRETATION, so that we understand what the Tathagata has said. Song to apply what has been set out in the Self-confidence, over the three stages of the Minister DISCRIMINATION LEADING DEVELOPMENT CENTER, I returned the true source of his own.
Return to the fold that - general texts called truth or true nature of things - is the TAM to which all Buddhas have the same beings. Tam was not out to things like thinking and feeling happy, sad, injury, hate that I am getting is mind here, but it is not these things. Everything was just as nerve gives rise to numerous world with numerous species difference today. Reviews shield AS is set to show a common origin with it, with three international CLEANING BIRTH CENTER, 6 rough, 6 infection is to only generate the formation of numerous things that difference.
"Tam's idealistic, thinking of all things" . The world as I see the world I live here, or I do not see the world as the world's hungry demons, gods, etc. .. All are outside the mind that, should say idealistic. All things like ten thousand pictures with infinite variation of this world are due to discrimination - called knowledge - that out, to say realist. Good friends, a prosperous life or a life of endless misery with an unhappy family, a world of peace or war are painful is the seat of the mind. A good idea is the human mind to have a good realm. One idea is that immoral to have a realm of evil. Heaven or hell are not separated from the heart. Idealistic reasons, only appears clearly in all of the comments, especially in the quantities of Buddha body in part II, but the main COLLECTIVE HUAN feet can cause arises in the pure realm of being, as well as conditions to a human being can become a Buddha. This is why the meditation teaches people "side of the duty of autism." What's not from the mind back to being without the mind?
This review refers to the color depths of the Dharma should be the most incredible, difficult to understand. Hard to believe, difficult to understand because of the color depths that are beyond normal thinking person's lifetime. But I do not see what it does not necessarily have. Flower Adornment Sutra says "the sun around, but the blind do not see. But still not see the benefits. " So, although hard to believe, hard to understand, we have the right questions, find out but should not defame, disparage. Because we are a bit disparaging way to his own truth. Once truth has bit the suffering never ends. Not the truth that love is subject to innumerable beings suffering as the current stars? So in the end the interest and the disclaimer TU, The Code Minh said, "There is no human being is born with our comments defame not believe, would be crimes reported over and take countless lifetimes endless suffering. So, should the glass being a private, not to defame. "
Chan Tam Hien
Dai Thich Duc Thanh Son Appetite
In seven of cardboard The Flower Adornment, which they are Site Group. [1] But in this paper not only refers to the key and activate. Why? As someone not previously known about this theory, post-school, but he who can not obscure the distinction, so I totally did not mind any more. Back, neck tone of comments made to say just where a full life with a clear end. So far I only talk about strategy a key place for people to know it's only cardboard.
Tong Hua-yen took one teacher's method of recording leg ABOUT FOUR MEASURES. Y's four established measures HUYEN TEN LIST. Although the four are about ten mystical but equally binding multiplication that up. So general became the key record and activate a multitude of problems. This treatise states that the entire continent Minister exhaustive exciting world of four, ten legendary. As a general record of ties to activate a legal review of this photography world so endless. So, first raised as a PHYSICAL one-leg of the "Great General of the Method."
Still, this argument y on hundreds of Mahayana that made them, but hundreds of Mahayana Buddhism was founded by the incarnation, ie it is right. This review right now redundancy rules of photography on a real, intended to show real news is right, leading maritime regulations and activate extreme results. In a review, though not yet clearly show that only MEMBERS MENU, tam extra song, in essence, cut out, practitioners are gathering evidence on the best marine source center, which merit the full members are the heart of most of the magic. (Said in tones full Huayan should not say this). Just as nature photography guide provided on the sea, so in the commentary, provided on-site first reported Buddha, to the office or opinions of the Buddha is reported.
Definition of a review has said full accountability and - with the one foot - is of most general interest. By making one concept of dependent origination for infection should net the same as in the United strictly taken, "France's dependent origination" as cardboard, which is born predestined Cross II Tathagata Pho Quang Minh Tri. Is known, enter only the legal weakness of the concrete world Huayan must have taken this argument to enter the legal world so full.
SCHEDULE Minister is the Minister of, particularly, copper, allergic, to, pass.
1. MINISTER GENERAL, foot care is most like, is of the "universality of the French Minister teachings."
2. SPECIAL MINISTER, ie one-, two subjects, three international, six crude, 5 reviews, 6 infections, repair the discrepancy.
3. Similar, ie holy, divine, infection, purified, human, fruit, nature, true as a general contract. Example of pottery along the ceiling.
4. General Di, ie legal Net infection, each a difference, no one else did. Like all kinds of pottery from the ceiling of that, but there is a must.
5. Walls, ie legal Net infection, both from a concept of dependent origination that.
6. MINISTER benefits, ie legal Net infections, each has its place, but a new nature, can not build up.
FOUR MEASURES ABOUT sex is legal, the legal world, afraid of the law's very, very afraid of the legal world.
1. WORLD OF LEGAL ie one-foot no legal difference, a full one truth.
2. ABOUT THE LEGAL is all holy, divine, contamination, health district where the law of cause and effect and the difference.
3. THE WORLD OF LEGAL his wife, by Li in the same city, combined with 10 subjects. For insight into it all WASTE MANAGEMENT in Sui. By reason of it all Sui Sui LY news. By reason or in Sui, Sui should not be afraid or show that LY LY. For insight into LY, should not be afraid OF THE SUI that or use. LY or so into the whole OF THE MANAGEMENT News. Sui or appears so full WASTE MANAGEMENT Sui news. Since the continuity MANAGEMENT OF THE tolerance should be very afraid. In the worldview of the French Cross Mon distinction is very clear, this is only outlined its only weakness.
4. THE WORLD OF LEGAL his wife because his wife Li, now a full-OF THE be all the talk of any of it. Since all full-OF THE be the use of photography, not stumbling not mind. Just as equally binding bids, covering all the legislative legal staff should use the 10-storey mystical subjects. Since the show's presentation of legal age to use this argument that the General Assembly is already photographic record tone of the German Instrument List very afraid. Definition of ten subjects said the full suspension of Huayan Huyen Dam. Now just as the name.
1. At the same time the corresponding instrument-sufficient subjects
2. Advertise in the union itself very afraid subjects
3. Most subjects had similar disagreements content
4. Wordthemselves in subjects like legal news
5. Hide confidential data on the question of subject
6. Relatively subtle use an established subject
7. Human subjects Mandala retinal planes
8. Falls explain the constitution being subject
9. Cross the community of legal subjects
10. Member Home appliances merit your subject
11. Mystical meaning of the ten states which had been in France the military and Huyen Dam. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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