Saturday, 17 September 2011

Paris streets

House very late this year and go to heaven so voi.Bau soaked Paris past few days as a young woman's eyes have the same time investors know, sometimes a few streaks of sunlight sweeping, leg weakness, such as cranes are trying to fly wrong time for the afternoon, watching the leaves are off bin rin not want to leave the stalks separated as an inevitable destiny to appreciate the love still exists. Take a little pleased to find hope in place dreams ... The sun rays sparkle across each axillary, wake up the day lower still sleep in pools of gray clouds sad, happy soul I danced with general things to think of each familiar face, not incubated attractive because of the «notes» on 14-09-1958 disgrace.

Down the road ....

The child from wandering around like where is drawn in light capital seeking justice for her homeland. The sand grains Hoang Sa, Truong Sa droplets are groaning in the hands of brutal invaders. In that place ... I see the blood flow from the corners of the eyes with open eyes while choking about depression. Where's my compatriots, I did Vietnam ... blood was flowing, why not gut ...

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