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This is the second time we came here to preach the Dharma. After this, didn't know there are charming back again, so today we speak of all the things needed in the austerities for you Buddhists listening comprehension and application.
Talking about the necessity of the austerities here I raised two questionable:
Questionable firstly, why in Buddhism is Buddhism in Vietnam at present, the majority of the pagoda, Buddha taught the tu Jing of Sukhavati easy to recite, to which I advocated meditation, difficult coming?
Questionable Monday, today so you precious time. One day, a one-hour sessions, are you, so that the Raised sitting meditation will all else down one hour, two hours. So wasting time?
I would sequentially explains each issue one for appreciation of the Buddhists.
The first issue, currently Vietnam's Buddhist majority are tu Jing an, this method is very easy. Why am I teaching meditation? Meditation is hard or easy? First, if you read the history of the Buddha, Buddhists see him tu way be enlightened the Buddha? Everybody knows His meditation. Now we look up statue of Buddha, carved statue of Him seated meditation. We are disciples of the Buddha, monks under Him was reasonable. If Buddha himself towards an amendment a, then the result is no corners to Buddha. He has applied meditation success, achieving results fullness, today we are His disciples according to the Buddhist path, the application has to go, this one can be denied.
The second reason, the Buddha's disciple at the time He left after He entered as well as all meditation certification resulted in destroying also the A-la-Han. From Ca-Indian lettuce was interested until recent centuries, organization of lettered Princess of France, the meditation that certification Organizations. In Vietnam, we, the Church of the Holy Roman Empire in the ancient temple, both inherited the meditation in China or Vietnam. By the end of century to the twentieth century, Buddhism in Vietnam began to switch to the first amendment. So Buddhism in Vietnam from the third century to the nineteenth century, a total of sixteen centuries, lettered Organization are meditation. Only two centuries later his new tu Jing. Then the original, which tops? We have duty guide Raised Buddhist monastery, should arouse root root for the application you are unknown to austerities, otherwise we will go to deflect.
Currently, the world's countries have Buddhism as Ceylon, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia are meditation, only in Vietnam tu Jing. This also is no reason, but in the scope of this lecture, time is limited, we temporarily from through. We want the Buddhist Vihara Buddhist to master even the original ones, said the source, do not be listened to people talk instant message without understanding the origins of his austerities. So we tried to arouse meditation traditions.
You Buddhists are often puzzled, meditation is a method or methods? Many Buddhists classic original research, see teach meditation or mantras of Quarter one breath, but we do teach quite different. I'll give you another location then simply Trach Buddhists unknown.
When the Buddha-the Buddha under root Bodhi, avoiding wait time He does not want to spread the Dhamma. Until the Christian schools, begs Him to Danh should because beings that created the presentation for media education. At first read this I used the slightly surprising. Because of the great Buddha was discovered, the show where lifetime aspiration to the beings, now a Buddhist, He will not be going to spread the new primary legislation, for begging is the sermon.
Later delve into my new place is visible, the Buddha, the Buddha was unable to tell the world to understand. Why? Because the site of the contrast, so how can human faculty say they understand. So He does not want to say. When Christian Buddhist schools use educational media pleading felted goods beings, since there will be people who understand. He deems this rationality should since then moved the wheel Dafa.
First French post in the garden Monastery is the quarter-finals, said the four noble truths. Long this learner Buddha saw this as the truth first, Buddha presented very true, very true. But that means, not that true glass paper. If you have read Kim Cang, Jing Who Senses will see the Buddha that Buddha's like ship or friends take people across the River. When ashore and then to abandon the friend. Experience Sensory spoken, such as people Who would like to see the moon-night engagement in June, July, because it is hard to see, he asked his friend, the moon where you found it to be seamlessly retrieved only protects "the," Myrtle finger the other seeing the moon. When you see the Moon and then the finger is pointless. Also, Buddha's means, like fingers to show we came up. That true such as the Moon, achieve true place and then the media must be removed.
We should know the French are healthy heart disease treatment remedy for beings. Benign disease, medications to quit. Suppose we now suffer from malaria to medication against malaria. When the patient has healed completely, if drugs or too continue to drink anymore? -The disease back. So fresh and disease must quit.
Of the Buddha is customised for drugs. Beings have Buddha for any medications. For example people craving more, Buddha remedy restaurant complexes. See user nhớp too should end the stigma of being formidable craving. Curious list many Buddha restaurant impermanence, fame okay will lose, durable, consistent manner should reduce tastes like. Each medication individually for beings. But all is not saved. The original Buddha used vehicles lead us, from the word go to the result into the glass. So want to bail out the glass, the first to cross-media, but was rescued and then to quit means glass.
Today we read Buddhist Sutra for any loan, giving it a nostalgic listening skill is tu. Business day also brought out read without understand the Buddha. Learning to learn, learn to not bring reading to monastic Buddhist listeners. For example, the reading for Buddhists of Buddha listening, but also counted more with him anymore. Indeed is a poor mistake!
After a time spread long ago, the Buddha saw the heart of the disciple has maturity. One day on primate paint, He put the Lotus then look at the plenary assemblies. The Bhikkhu-without pretentious sleepy do not know what the Buddha wanted to teach, but when He looked up to him, the Sun Jia-lettuce look back Smiling Buddha. Instant confirmation he is Buddha who understood the Indian mind and Buddha Vairocana's for an instant.
We saw the sermon which languages? Spike, then just take look all assemblies does not say a Word. The sleepy, only, only Mr. Ca-lettuce smiling. He said Religious leaders are the Buddha supposedly have wanted, but it has no lyrics. Since then he Ca-lettuce spreading Zen Buddhism in India, spent twenty-eight of the nest. The second thirty-eight organizations is Bodhi-hit-ma, he again transmitted to China six taste anymore. Then the GDR too should not transmit Satori, which extend Zen Buddhism for many, many people to understand. It is the French tu Buddha has enlightenment but unable to speak. So He borrowed media education, which sees the Princess there. Also because "it" hard to find it hard to get a less radical Tanh inaugural new penetration was only Le ".
So France's hard or easy? Nest-ma going to China have put four questions shelves, was seen as the motto of meditation to remind Meditation increases:
Any legislative texts,
Foreign teachers, special
Heartless, online only
Comments before the Buddha.
Any form of inscriptions is non-literal meanings of inscriptions, expired. Teachers TV is transmitted in addition to the distinctive foreign doctrine, classics. Users just heartless is just straight Center. Knowledge of the Buddha is seen Tanh Tanh as Buddha.
Why media beyond Catechism? Because the doctrine is the means, which here does not use means, just straight. Should say only the heartless, see Tanh. Thus the Buddhist teachers often choose those courageous, releases new Media Center gas trượng wife.
He named Spirit, Huike before meditation is also a long time. When listening to the Dalai Lama Held, in Shaolin Chinese sit on the cliff face, built a few years not talking to anybody. He sought to not know how dear. In the meantime to the winter snow down to the knee, He still stands next to light fuel from the beginning that grants to pray. Know, turning back to the question:
-He bridge something that is suffering?
His Excellency:
-Bowing to venerable graciously opened Orange, scaling them.
Hosted security:
-Magic radio Director, though many schools of Buddha's past lives, or do the hard work, hard work or rings are rings, and unable to change! Scenarios is to use this little bit of work that needs to be the French foot overpaid?
Listen to this, He successively went to the rear, borrowed knife onto a tree arm insurgent Organization to fervently pray. Nest-ma agreed and accepted disciples, named Huike. Hue is intellectual, is pretty. The Organization commended his Spirit which pretty much new dare intellect should sacrifice as such.
When received as his disciple and then, one day His ladies with the Dalai Lama: "white venerable human, not an please venerable parenting France safely." Nest-ma did not answer directly, but said: "bring out the ta an Center for." He turned again to find a Muslim Huike, insecurities take, don't see it anywhere, he successively dear: "white venerable, son find mind was not." Hosted security: "We have peace of mind for thee." Now that you know the way to Huike sailings.
Buddhists who have sitting meditation, expect to see gasoline clutter mentality mausoleum. So he Huike please French peace of mind is extremely reasonable. We are also identical to that only. But the answer of the seemingly backwards slightly arrogant, teaching French peace of mind which is the "bring out the ta an Center for". The old days I reside here seem to be playing such Organizations. It is earnestly learn, which Held back as joke, unsuspecting he Huike master. That is what we find it hard to understand.
After importation, we read again, see the stupid new startled. Because we should forever be delusion sank in sanh. Si me something? This is real delusion accept themselves, think his mind was a mausoleum. This prompted two delusion we keep creating, in sanh.
Now you are silently agree to this new body should take, the new lo enough stuff for it. If anybody says no truth you believe? -Make it hard to believe. For example two people for a fake before, someone telling the truth, a speaker. So either that person, who's who? -That idea is actually fake fake, also known as stupid. So I ask the question again, this real or fake? -Fake. If you only see under my question, then when off the lectures will find it real hard. It was about our mistake.
I merely nominated for example like this, as you're sitting talking with relatives, a sudden her definitive vein fall down off the respirator. While talk is called it is real, breathing new know it came at the turn. If it is always true, before it's been untrue. People while walking, talking skills were said to be true about fork out dead who also protect fake visas. So are the stars? Perhaps half true half. In fact in imitation that we do not know, should be up for it or the whole fake or real.
We try to review whether his life here, now, the nostrils are breathing. Breathed won is borrowed the outside air. Breathe out is paid the gas out. Radio pays out both are then inhaled. Breathed won without pay out not to be, paid out without a Championship, then die. So it's in that? If true then loaned, borrowed from is not the real thing. A slice of borrowed Cup of water, little tiny to pay out. Bring infinity to pay out. Bring infinity is that paid out was not then go to the emergency. Borrow to pay regularly the yen, there is equally no yen. Much longer then borrowed Cup of rice. Borrow and then also have to pay. Obviously this living by the borrowing itself constantly. That said it had borrowed wisdom we shall know to size? Perhaps his sleeper all stars! Which the who says stupid where there is, while his true sleeper too watch! Say that to see we're about. From about mistakes in pursuit, concern for it, ended up eventually lost. So poor?
This Buddha's enlightenment oneself, by land, water, wind, fire into. The quality is hard, wet soil is warm water, the wind, is fire. The four are for giving ridiculous pay out. Also borrow to pay the remaining alive, borrowing without paying out the dead. So we have this, for example through the life of borrowing. It is the first one.
Second, you usually give thoughts to distinguish the mentality. So sad, hurt, anger, hate, etc… are all about. Say "I am sad too" sad is I. I am glad, I'm angry, I hate etc all is me before. Hundred things, I know which one is true? So there is no ego. As we are sad stories, surprise a friend remote century, tri-met his fun. So sad no truth, if it's as fun to sad to go? So glad it's not sad, just as the temporary pass takes you accept it, which is his mind. From accept then, thought this to be done like this new right, the other is wrong. If anyone other suggestions, comments or objections, we will think its hot. By Executive Centre thought is, negativity arises.
But we try to ask again, what his thoughts are true hundred percent? If anybody thinks the correct hundred percent are now full-time tens, not a two-tiered. Because to think properly when thought new order should fail. If you think right off where there is a failure. This life much less failure, success, demonstrating the many people mistakenly think right, less. So what that bigotry is correct, then think its being sad and angry, hate everything off.
Again, when we start to think they found it, but when did not think it is? -Find out. No place, no General should know it's not true. At sitting meditation, thought gasoline mausoleum, we cultivate a mind meal now annoyed says agitation too! As for the supposed tomb of gasoline agitation's mentality. Buddha told it is guys.
So when his human unsafe Huike said, Hit-ma know him are wrong ones thinking is at the heart truth, "take heart out is an". He recovered consciousness, Huike startled didn't see it, the new honesty dear: "the search for mind was not." Hosted security: "We have peace of mind for thee." So safe way? Just look back to see it from where psychological insecurity. Looking back it takes, it's peace of mind. Institutional mentality, no pointing straight method should be called only heartless. The author knows it, so far expressed the truth. Very simple.
You meditate, think this thought that, for that is interested should be it leads Hoai. If you know the thought is inherently false, fictional, it does follow all instructions. So tu easy or hard? -Very easy. Just foremost passion is. Know what is not true, we in the non-Mainland visas. The most important Buddhist monastery is to find out which one is not true. Find the snide and display presentation the truth.
This method is not its teachings? -No method. Contracted with classics? -No business does say "bring to mind the one security for all. Because only straight should not go in the classics, there is a pedestrian. Do it yourself looking back by its intellectual property rights. Looking back to find out what's not true, don't mistake it anymore. Long now we keep getting nowhere pretending to be his Buddha called beings delusion.
When you see this body is borrowed, if anyone's cooking "he or she is bad", we are not interested so there's no sadness. If people were cooking at popular venues for their đùng đùng is, you should decry his humiliated themselves, is. Still knows this is not really the body mind tu is not difficult.
We now are bigotry, are about the mistake, so the tu is difficult. Accept the user really should only be dynamic to la la, true should meet to left Center accept Italy angry đùng đùng. So the line all day. As long as that is itself not the real thing, not the real thing we're going to live disengaged. Everyone has the right to find another, who followed the Italian is not angry. Understand so freed a lot already.
He often teaches if we think something should say "here's what to think of me". Don't say what I think of the word "correct", more properly, you may have. Because the two opposite each other are beating each other properly. Just say the thought of me, not comment right or wrong, although different we still find pleasant, even exchange ideas in order to withdraw more experience. Living the spirit 's, or too. Should people want to search for the truth to light visible as such. TAM did not know it's not true, is intellectual, sensory. So know sit quiet seclusion doesn't do anything, not useless, in fact does have tremendous benefit immensely.
So we teach meditation, instruction you sit quiet look back to see where to launch anniversary. It has just raised, we know not, hope idea frivolous lied so elaborately. New hear simple, no value whatsoever, but in fact we are making a big deal, that yields a lifetime of mistakes is deteriorating. The thought being destroyed continuously, temporary damage lies, not in it then it must yield to him. That's peace of mind by meditation method. Speak French but in fact there is no law at all.
Zen Buddhism advocates do not have a teaching people, only used his position to see the real death inspired fictional place. It is essential. So I solved the problem first.
The second issue, we sit quiet are useless? Sit quiet just like Buddha taught a extraordinary value, that person's life do not know. Firstly we sit looking back once his mind. If not suppress all understanding gasoline, at least just started mausoleum thought bad think graffiti, we know this is "think bad think graffiti". Also good at first not thought up, slowly we also dropped, to go to countless new suits.
Mouth we say, stems from the idea that action. When bad thoughts don't stop graffiti, the mouth, the body doesn't make defamatory graffiti. There is one white right from the initial clues. To say the word and then apologise belatedly well too. Sit back to her cottage inner filter, what bad bad let go, it is very beneficial. We learn the morality or that is not visible, as sexual harassment, said with regret has also been late.
People just think it useless graffiti chừa. Inland vessel Mastery was so sure never hurts. If man hurts is because thought Cambodian man, stop there. Riết the pain disorders. Drop attacks, mental strength became the armament installation. That we master was part of his mind.
This time much less people mental illness? Science as progressive mental illness as much. Why? Because science is so sophisticated, people pursue forever into the puppet head, so birth disorder is probably common. We know the white ones are not necessary, don't let it happen, that's great benefits. Remember science is knife blade, it might help her a lot, but also bring disastrous for humans is not small.
If people don't mind or spirit is pincers steadfastness, then science will become a great danger. Dangers to self, danger for all mankind. So the more advanced science, the master mind yourself as necessary. So during this meditation is very essential, not often. It's indispensable needs. So here we teach tu from the root. The notion of good growth, which increasingly is the first leg.
Next, when we let go was that he had hoped, at home? But time is very short, but one has to master. People who don't know, anniversary sparked for running under Hoai, lay down to sleep nor yen, off remember this conversation to remember the other stories. We know injuries stand as soon as the concept has just raised is mastering it. Typically master bystanders is easier than the master himself. For people outside his power stronger it owned them. Also interested in whether one is Mr. big, not mastery. So must master before. The Buddha: "win a victory his armies is not equal to. Win yourself a new aerial bomb. " His victory is the widespread understanding gasoline mausoleum. Also see as a strong outsider WINS, but ended up not more than one. Read the story, we see from the Sea is very strong, so that lost Thúy Kiều. So who wins his mastery of it all. Such mastery is absolutely worthy of new light upon the Earth.
Our meditation is the master himself slowly. Initially unable to silence the disappointed, but we know injuries it, not under it, the times, we would be somewhat. It was essential. When the sitting meditation, boot up, we know there is hope idea, hoping to quiet down the pretensions we know hope idea idea. So what's to know hope idea? Hope its not ideal, is injured themselves know.
The ten items, first find a blanket of Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo's two breeding with the bayonet. When the captured Buffalo and, intermittently, it is talking up pictures when we look back at things long this inner, are interested in, now it was known before. So who knows? -The best know always available inside that we forget, just remember the famous drifting thoughts only. It is because we forget root run under tops.
Minutes seconds does sit visible Memorial run, which saw the clear minute has two sides: one side being seen and a party or see. Being seen as guests, or see the. Guests, obviously we just remembered guests forget, is delusion? So to see the meditation bring an awakening strongly to everyone.
While sitting in his response, there have been important in retrospect what should expect to see the fake money. The author of all quiet down emerged again. Emerging being, calm down is constantly being destroyed, for removal. But seeing the birth kills it, see this without being defeated. So we have a really true that you omit entirely. Now time to review, we expect to know long this coma black.
When unknown fantasy fiction, from the word hope is less enthralled by it, such as the buffalo herds, holding it in the butt so assessment roi. How can I type into mind here is, should we only girls: "Hope idea not truth." The girls are so to themselves do not mistake with it anymore. When hope idea from the ladies, the boss will appear slowly. So want to see the truth of the master, to chase off guests. For example, I sat in, there are two three dozen guests to visit. When the next guest, guest host talk clutter it, but a guest on top of that, take the sat back as?
Also, we are all silence things the boss expected idea POPs, where doubt. So there is a truth in which forgets, then run by the author should keep crazy island for a lifetime. To use the intellectual property right as they really saw, then on the amendment is not difficult. If the person who made the ingenious idea of frivolous claims, expectations from a temporary ladies, now the true loé out slowly. We are not looking for something else, nor does it lend France any time. It is only human mind. When you see the truth, the fake tan, called realized The Tanh available from muôn đời, called "Ant Tanh the Buddha". The simple truth is simple. By the way tu called naughty children. News going straight, do not pass the order means. Go straight, then initially difficult, but then found a job radio was no longer doubt anymore, but confident.
Believe we have the facts available where you are to believe in the possibility of enlightenment. The Buddhists have dared to say I am a Buddhist monastery to enlightenment. Just thought to life has blessed, spin-off engenders more beautiful, ecstatic over. Satisfied that enlightened manner looking forward into the Buddhist monastery's you self assessment takes his enlightenment ability.
Know yourself capable of enlightenment is a maybe, but to do a new enlightenment? This spot much unbeliever, afraid of tu long became the sleeper. Because the teacher often says "as stupid as a blind eye". A Zen master has said:
Classic handed down eight thousand,
Study no shortage nor excess.
Far retrospect as forget all,
Just remember in the beginning of a Word.
Forget all, only a word "As", then the tu or tu suck? When to let go of all thoughts, hoping to see themselves as stupid as a blind eye, the idea is stupid but that's as quietly, not stupid.
All of us today who also raced in pursuit of education. Someone mentioned the tastes, is you. Learn as much as to become scholars, so people like so much. But ask the question again, all of the school which is the truth? As science, the invention prior to the invention is now the same? -Is not the same. Such past inventions to the now abandoned, no longer use. Then perhaps what you learned today, kia also remove always. So we gleaned the knowledge outside, as long as it backward to quit, one after another. Such students as long as then? To die is also not, because people keep inventing nostalgic. It's talking about science.
Talk about philosophy. The philosophy there also with philosophy today? The nearest such as Confucius said that Saints that ancestors of us dear, but if now Confucius is present here, "Khue real subjects" of him, she has accepted? -No. How is he derailed! Each theory is at the other which are not in at this time. Worldly philosophy too, depending on the needs of the times that it is accepted or rejected. So learning where new then? It is produced, produced radio and outdated manner is the truth, but is caught.
In contrast the Buddhist monks are spent. Practitioners are innocent as outlay manner produced scholars. So who is practitioners not academics. The Buddha sits below the root Bodhi forty-nine day and night, he studied with who? -No studied with anyone, just quiet meditation for mind, all reflecting thinking idea. When the mind quiet, His enlightenment arising intellectual property altogether. Enlightenment and what notice, it comes out like a life not wrong.
In business since the Enlightenment, the Buddha had fullness full sanming, green pines. Sanming is:
Firstly About the Meiji Restoration, the Buddha saw know countless lives before her as well as new stories of beings as happened yesterday.
The second is Providence, found throughout these extremely distant and very small. As the Buddha saw the world in vain as much as sand rivers. verbal's to present day science, astronomy, new look was somewhat only, do not see before. Looking at a bowl of water Buddhist say there is a myriad of germs. Therefore the most consistent, Bowl: Tripitaka four natural infection. Means Buddha looked in, saw eight Bowl water yields four thousand germs. Which no microscope that He still found, by now in no way obsolete. Look at this body, also have a myriad of germs. The Chinese are: "personal spending countless civil right in the middle range, germs." News in the fuselage had a myriad of germs, it's living in the trunk that I know what's where.
So one can see, let all know from, absolutely an ideal disorder which called intellectual property. This is not intellectual property is intellectual. The knowledge is what we learned from the outside, and wisdom is the discerning arises from within, by meditation.
The third is Illegal to take, i.e. the Buddha with his cause which we have to take birth in samsara, how do we escape from being killed. Should French Quartet, Writes stating cause and result of birth, cause and result of freed sanh.
In the endless lion from Buddhist use, do not have the master. It is the Result of ignorance, but because we should cover it. Now clean the expectation [citation needed] gasoline, is no longer what idea mausoleum obscures any more then it will light up. When scientists want to study a problem, they have to pack off center force, sometimes forget the whole eating sleeping, forgetting both his wife and children. Thanks to focus so new invented this work it. Try asking at the time they learn? Just focus on a problem, let go of all things around her, the mind naturally lit up. The endless lion as well, where his Position is available, but it is not used is not known to promote.
Buddhist right off is not a religion, a philosophy, which is an enlightened leaders. Buddha's enlightenment, ranks as the method of bringing beings to enlightenment. Come to Buddhism, not from confidence, that the word of wisdom. News called religious beliefs. Also philosophy by inference that out there at will. Buddhism teaches us to enlightenment, from envious lit up see exactly as the real thing. Should people who seek to study the Buddhist relief glass as they really are. Want to save the glass that should forget the gibberish mausoleum gasoline, new intellectual property arises. Clear intellect does not from where it is available in one place and but neglected.
I often for example, we water perforated pouring into khạp múc. Originally opaque don't spend. We hardly slang alum or leave it quiet for some time, in return the new user. Why water opaque? -In soil dust quality profane, dissolved in it so it is opaque. The substance is subsidence, submerged, the water becomes in silence. When the coating is useless, at the in is useful. Opaque and, different uses. Try asking in from? -Right in the water where opaque, manner. -Perforated that cleverly slang, in.
Also, US gasoline is opaque, mausoleum ever it was, in silence. That is bright, the Buddhas call it before you go. Tanh sense from? Just clean away scum hope idea, then it appears. Tanh senses available but because of the long now other things dissolve, stir noise makes it opaque. Now wants it back in, then just listen all hope idea that is developed, and intellectual property. It's a probably non-conventional. Inconceivable that very normal.
People keep thinking Tanh and delights, two different ones. But in fact no different. Fascinate because, now resets rebellion became enlightened. Like water in from the water opaque slang down. As we see singing Loud clapping ocean waves, wavy look ever emerge dive, diving down to emerge. At that time the sea only by wavy because there are wavy. If not paying attention to each wavy is found immense seas. Mind you, too, when we run chase of the mausoleum of gasoline is found only is happy sad quotient hate. Ever silent all the other we see it mausoleum gasoline wandering, stabilize.
Have the sincerity that we keep pursuing the frivolous claims and satisfied dissatisfied with it, then the poor? With herself, proved because's death throes giụa in it. Buddhists, he found it remarkable, so Buddha injured beings as such. So Buddhism took root, see enlightenment does not medium importance.
Many people wonder other religions organized very well, often working Bell. Also Buddhist hovering dream too, not to much to the work of the charity society, only to go teach. There are many Buddhists even thank Buddhism diffusion, teachers for sit still peer into down! Because you don't understand the sit still peer into down is not small. While Bell, helping people etc. are just good temporary work only. How to find out his real one, just for everyone to find, it is above all else, is extremely important in human lifetimes. Understand and see the value of Buddhism, Buddhist monks, do not understand long conspicuous bored.
It is thought to an, pagoda bridge business litigation is super tu Buddhist's subsections only, not the works of Buddhist teachings to Buddhism. heart quiet down monasteries, how much negativity about clean, as that intelligence illuminates, the new enlightenment. Buddhist Vihara is going the way of enlightenment, not enlightenment cannot be called a Buddhist monastery.
Coming here you think hard or easy Buddhist monastery, mau or slow? The majority of who are also the hardest. Why difficult? To read the Holy where we help to bridge the difficult. The notion behind this Buddha is their right, gasoline mausoleum, there is one disturbed where, why hard punishment. In the Buddhist scriptures could say: "The austerities if fully transparent okay, show of hands, as return nothing hardly." that's the first one.
Second, tu Buddhist mau or slow? China has told the story of Uncle butcher, pork for sale. That day, was the teacher only taught, after a period of seclusion suddenly stops Uncle enlightenment, doing us shelves:
Sculpt Japanese yaksha,
Kim Bo-slapped an imperial.
Yaksha Bo-slaps, data
Any way to the line.
Yesterday about yaksha,
Meals present Bo-slapped.
Bo-slapped with yaksha,
No way a silk road.
Visual perception is Bo-slaps, mesmerizing the yaksha. Yesterday you see this truth, hope idea truth body, which is the yaksha. Meals now know this themselves, hoping to damage lies, as the Portuguese idea-slapped. So Bo-slapped with yaksha way how much? -A fibre. As my hand face down the back, flip up is only one turn only. His passion also, which also, just move the mind.
So the moral is very close, very short, only in one step, for float hoài should extend to the newly formed three myriad past Buddhas. now that we know the feeling, let's suppose there's no doubt, will certainly achieve the mau. It's something all Buddhists should be crushed through new-found the value of the Buddhist monastery.
The Buddha said: "the Buddha got into, is Buddha will be." Who are also Buddha Tanh, only different in that delights with Visual only. If on the way tu us efforts toward the path of Buddha, not far away. Says efforts do not in fact nothing to effort. Just change the look, saw with saw it take how much sweat tournaments. So that we do not float, it also does not speak!
Buddhist ethics are the way most short, very close. But because we haven't yet determined effort, so Telecom distracted, submerged floating within samsara no day off. That's because his boldness. If the courage changed look mesmerizing then turned into right, nothing strange at all. There are a hundred beings, there are a hundred he Buddha. one hundred beings being looked at, it takes a hundred Buddha are sensory. He Where there are holes, where there are underprivileged.
Hope we see it, the idea sparked hope idea was not known. Note also the other raised. Sit an hour see a hundred times as well as usually, glee win dinner date his manner. Ngày xưa ta up to interested prospects idea, now disappointed hope idea idea to know, that's won it already. Face it, it is the point where his mastery. to see the expectation is gradually being won, don't be sad, don't be discouraged. It is the first one.
Second, you remember the meditation long or forgotten, but don't be crazy. Forget is because we don't want to remember, not to forget the crazy. This lightweight, only French tu let alone should not be afraid, no pincers constructed crazy. I usually like shining examples, we go to the Bazaar to buy several items. Islam started off in seven dishes. From the market slightly away from the back a bit, don't want to remember, so forget this dish, the dish to the market. Forget is because he did not want to remember.
Likewise disappointed we let go, let go of the idea sparked riết to forget. It's a probably true. Many people don't know the panic, say stars this year I was stupid too. Idea so all dare tu. The root of the tail pylon tu clearly so. Understand and then on the amendment to you still pleased, nothing difficult.
You listen and then cleverly look, these applications will be beneficial. If you listen to without making the monastery did not proceed. That's the thing, sadly. The application is, I believe that that position will be on its way tu strides more than his desire.
It is our earnest, sending gắm again for all of you.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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