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Monday, 19 September 2011

Meaning Vu Lan ceremony signaling
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ANTD - In the July full moon lunar calendar, the feast of Vu Lan. This date is often set the temple ceremony was solemn and Buddhists to attend a large prayer for parents is money to be at peace, the current parent is pure super-beings.
Every year on the full moon lunar July, around mid-August is a holiday calendar back to Lan Vu. On this day the temple of Vietnam and China are often set very solemn ceremony and the Buddhists to attend a large prayer for parents is money to be at peace, his parents being too current to be super pure, with a been listening to the teachers about the meaning Vu Lan ceremony and the children's filial piety to the birth order. Le Vu Lan formally be derived from a short texts of Mahayana Buddhism, "Buddhist Kinh Vu Lan Tank Theory" , by his French Truc Ho translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in Western Tan life, ie around 750-801 AD and is transmitted from China to Vietnam, not sure since when. Chu Vu Lan, which is transcribed from the Sanscrit language: Ullambana, Han translated address district, which means "hanging upside-down rescue." Solution that is removed from the problems and tied off, explain delusions. Island is the opposite, which means the ball is the crazy action caused by the deluded, as the right to be wrong and the wrong to be right; thus leading to misery. Suspension is suspended. District authorities are hung, head back to the ground, legs in the air. The phrase "solution legendary island" that is unleashed to hang upside down, remove them from the shackles shackles, from the yoke of suffering victims. Deep, mysterious island solution also means freedom from all suffering relationship, the attachment cord was tied to the mind reincarnation, liberation from the bonds of greed, aversion and delusion. Kinh Vu Lan has it that when attained Arhat, reach any living mind, the Bodhisattva Moggallana want the title bar for her mother, went to use search form divine body, they saw her in the realms of hungry extremely hungry demons. He offers to give her rice, but his mother when the rice is emerging greed, fear other people see that the shock or ask for less, so her hand to cover a bowl of rice, a loading arm to eat. By greed evil in past lives in the belly up, so instant rice into my mouth turned into charcoal inedible. He is extremely compassionate and do not know how to save, went back to the Buddha said to please his compassion instruction methods to save the mother. Buddha taught that on the full moon in July, ie holidays Suicide [1] of the monks, after three months to settle down to pure, go shopping and visiting our offerings to increase offerings, because the focus of prayer them up, then his mother would be freed. He Moggallana follow his teachings, sometimes they pay voluntarily and thereby increase his mother, Mrs. Thanh Re was born in heaven. Ms. Thanh to capture images even when his bowl Moggallana rise, a hand no cover for others to see for fear of being shocked, one-handed loading and food, said confusion over the heart of human greed and pictures when she has a hand loading and rice, the rice into a red burning coals, but not hungry I eat, say the hell realm. It's three realms of hell, hungry ghosts and animals, also known as three-way evil can appear at any time in our being. Whenever we get angry as hell fire burning anger. Whenever craving arises in our mind that we are in the hungry ghost realm. Hell, hungry ghost and animal life retribution is the place of human beings cultivated greed, hatred and delusion. If people did not conquer these three poisons are always attempting to live in, and thus loss of appetite, restless sleep, chronic pain afflictions, always living in a nightmare and my life turned into hell time is known. It is like that, people without the participation or the popular hatred and anger whenever conquer our minds, we do not control speech, thoughts and deeds And because it becomes a mental unrest, chaos and chaos, said the words should not say, do not do these things, and bring more evil dark thoughts. In other words, we live in this realm of hell. In fact, her mind is the title bar can also center the past our mother and also is taking care of their own hatred and delusion. So, wants to transcendence, in addition to synergy factor is Noble Sangha focus will of impact on her mind the title bar, title bar, the mind or mind her mother's past we have self-awakening, self-care transfer repent our mistakes. A transfer is when the mind of the hell realms themselves disintegrated, just as light tan to remove the dark night. If self-awakening, no self-care reform, the power of prayer notes Noble Sangha also can not touch to the rescue, because of Buddhism, the regeneration was not due to a creator that by the law of cause and effect impact on the salvation of souls is, too, is also subject to the law of causality, can not invoke a deity who was saved. The reason her Wall to escape the realm of hell, life the heavens is due to power by the will of the Noble Sangha uncle and by the awakening of her own title bar. Other than prayer in some other religions, prayer is the focus all the energy focused his thoughts on what you want for a neighbor. Capacity is gathered that can change the situation like today's laser beam by the convergence of light can burn a very distant objects in outer space.

Hell, hungry ghost and animal life retribution is the place of human beings cultivated greed, hatred and delusion. If people did not conquer these three poisons are always attempting to live in, and thus loss of appetite, restless sleep, chronic pain afflictions, always living in a nightmare and my life turned into hell time is known.

A typical example is the hypnotist, by concentrating on one person, that person can lift up or move her body easily. This is a matter of ideological power that modern scientists are recognized. The so-called high or increase the purity increase, after three months to settle meditation often interested in very strong force, to ease the impact of her mind to make her comprehend Thanh clear his criminal past and floating concept of repentance, conversion in mind, from mind greedy selfish wicked, sincere selfless generosity. Every day it changes, the center planes of hell suffer disintegration, as saying: "Poor birth care options , I used to destroy the heart "or" mental suffering, depending on, suffering mental parts away. " Thanks to her escape from the realm of hungry ghosts, hell leaves dark place where life miserable in the realm of peace, without the intervention of the deity here. He Moggallana, although the divine order First direct but still force alone can not change the laws of cause and effect, save yourself float samples, so had to resort to pay voluntary collective effort of the ten day increase in suicide. We also need to remember that often a vast amount of Buddhist sense, to contract with countless beings. Buddha's great compassion is the order, after enlightenment, he realized that all live beings have Buddha Nature, but only because of the three toxic: greed, hatred and ignorance that are drawn are put in rotation recovery, as is the case she Thanh Please. He wants to go farm for beings blessed to tree planting charity, which is the first door to the collective well-beings let go, the less charge of wealth, down four sen greedy, so he uses a skillful method teaches law students made ​​offerings to monks, just create your affinity for the human good Buddhist cultivation, has taught laymen perform household tasks over the three jewels, so that monks and nuns have been full of essential items that cultivate peace of mind to enlightenment, to continue to transmit the Dharma lamp, the drainage for all elderly patients being born from death. Ideas should also know, in the Vu Lan festival, in addition to chanting requiem , boy set to increase offerings in the temples was on death's pardon. It is a day to forgive any mistakes on repentance, repentance, forgiveness would be a mistake. Thanks to significant forgive the mistakes that this day should also monks, nuns pray for the sincere comment soon get rid of these shadowy life of suffering. On death's pardon was called a folk basically is on offer her soul. Mass has more than passed from India to China during the Tang and transferred to Vietnam from 1302, [02] then this very popular festival in the Buddhist era Tran by organizing the requiem International, calls "legal Points town meeting" means the meeting of Buddhism to giving food to hungry demon. Authority is made ​​on the basis of a work entitled "For the devil Russian Cyrillic France To Go Cards "by Real not translated into the eighth century, Tang [03]. According to the analysis, one night Nan A Ton Say, Buddha's disciples, that a hungry demon named Ananda Points for dinner please. Ananda asked the Buddha, the Buddha of the present method only real candidates for the hungry ghost is hungry ghosts. Ceremony strengthened by the Vu Lan festival is celebrated even in the same full moon day. One thing is for parents to pray for generations is transcendence, one thing is for giving food to these souls are not transcendence, the helpless souls, not the glass offerings. Eventually later in South Vietnam, this practice has more than variations of form to content, moving from outside the precincts and the widespread folk held in commercial enterprises and in the private company set up under the traditional procedure that, on this wide-open gates of hell, hungry ghosts are released, so they sacrificed to the merchant may sell land, the victim out. days old flowers and votive offerings porridge for her soul, bulging soup cooked with green bananas for the living; now killing chickens, beef tallow, lard called home to have soldiers but strengthened the offerings for the living. As Buddhists we should not take away the old track, just so well run that traditionally should not kill animals and should play in giving care to the poor student with a reporter to signal to his parents she too current.

Tam Dieu
[01] Summer in India is often rainy, insect-breeding season, so the Buddha did not want to give them up walking a lot, trampled them. His great compassion, but do not want to be ingested insects who died, the monks and nuns must have a water filter to save them before drinking. Hence the monks of three months to settle lower in the temples, or monasteries, to learn the pure teachings and self-interest. Therefore, in these three months, Buddhists bring food items to make offerings at the temple, because the teacher did not go begging door.
[02] Nguyen Lang, Vietnam Buddhist Discussion Volume I History, Literature Publishing House Ha Home 1979:
[03] Buddhist scriptures Trade Theory Research Focus Da La Ni preta. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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