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In everyday life conflict occurs in relationships such as between the Buddhist teacher, the teachers, husband and wife, brother, friends ... So how are we to find a better life, peace and happiness? To achieve that requires each of us must cultivate the mind, to renounce all cacai own ego and to listen reviews all around.

Center for tridiet attack from ground

Unfairly shield neutralize the very need

When there was an error to modify

Do not cochap, their work

When a fault, that repentance

If the work or has errors

Life is no one, no errors

Ready to forgive, to do (Tri Award)
The true what people say you need to listen to, what we hear is not true and then draw the experience itself. TrongDao Buddha called harmonious solutions ants , shared understanding of each other, practice together to find escape routes. Kien harmonious solution: everyone Discover things, or sharing fun To the degree, not differences deviation equal spirit, happy to live life (Tri Award) If we say holding on to anger as suffering his own heart, to forgive enemies that work is needed to heal the love, and liberate anger in their hearts, we think about when anger anger leads to loss of sleep loss can be hard for us to do yourself? to take action to forgive, we should not search for issues of right and wrong. Because between right and wrong depending on the subjective opinion of a person: his stand on this aspect to be right, standing on the other point to be wrong. So between right and wrong are assumed temporarily. Everyone bigotry for their views are correct so creating another conflict, loss of discord in the relationship with each other, creating a very fresh feeling. We are the ordinary, the practitioner is practicing. Never look for perfection to live! We need to find a relative to live, to share understanding and willing to forgive one another. patience shown Mettà Rings The Tu shows a little text display or the patience to see the rings you have those days empathy (Tri Award) In life, if we do not have faults, we have a saint. So therefore, when we know the error error, repentance, and never repeated - it is precious. "In life there are two categories of people is a venerable who have never committed a mistake and a mistake that repentance."

Every day nursery Bodhicitta

Scholars true practitioners, see mistakes

Search cultivate wisdom sword, except karma

Macho the title is "true mind" (Tri Award)
Every day we are often exposed to a lot of relationships parents, spouses, children, teachers, friends, ... How to avoid the xungdot from each other. The best thing is that we should keep harmony suxung never happen suddenly. But when I missed the conflict, then we ourselves must know the reflection that, find the cause why this creates dissonance, which has divided the relationship, I made a happy life our welfare, and in so doing we seek to neutralize the issue, if not solve it likely to cause hatred. Buddha has taught: "hatred we should not be the solution!"

Very often deciduous, the side yard

Pick up fallen leaves, cleaning mundane

Defilement in the mind, pick rid

Pure heart, from deep moral (Tri Award)
Typically, conflict occurs in relationships vochong and friends and is caused by what? Do we have everyone trying chapde protect the ego of his egotistical, everyone thinks you are always right and not listen. If the couple always defend the right for themselves will surely create conflict in families and loss of happiness.
Therefore, when a couple is married, or have a debt to another coast , so be loving, understanding each other, always watch your audience with a fine eye at first encounter. When conflicts occur between the couple, do not blame anyone but themselves spouse rethinking. Who is at fault self-criticism and change, not necessarily apologize in front of husband or wife in front husband apologized, because everyone has their own pride! If the wrong husband look for opportunities to reconcile with his wife and children, or wife feel guilty trying to reconcile with her ​​husband and opponents need to renounce all cachuyen not happy, and ready to forgive his audience is setao certainly a happy family. Each member of the family, GiaDinh a member of society. One who know how to live well, happy family, a house to live in harmony and social well flawless!
The most important thing the writer wants to share is the occurrence of conflict between the relationship of mutual self- deposited each heart, the self rethinking things, hidden anywhere? The cause of discord from? And when the cause then identify defects and make her apologize to the enemy.

Hang on to observe, then work through

What's wrong, may give only

What's doing the right things, to develop

Improve human life by only (Tri Award)
Knowing is an act of apology to the blossoming of life, it helps us every day perfecting the moral nature needs peace, humility and peace in life. We learn by the example of the Buddha. He ladang omniscient omnipotent, is enlightened but still the envious, sought to harm him. Typically Devadatta has twice sought the Buddha took his resentment nhungduc gentle friend to neutralize hatred. He told Devadatta is improving his knowledge. I'm sure of one thing: to resolve conflict in relationships with each other, to a good life and happiness requires us to live together with a compassionate heart and honesty!

- "Mind the life tilt deviations fall crazy island.

-Heart is deceitful life of insecurity.

Heart-hatred, the hatred of life.

-Jealousy, life the fun.

Greedy-mind, life lies ...
So, we not only take place at the center of his chest to love, but also:

- Put on your hands to help others.

-Place on the eyes to see the suffering of others.

-Place on forehead for good luck running to the same size.

-Put on your mouth to speak words of comfort to the unfortunate.

-Put on the ear for hearing grievances, suggestions of others.

-Put on the shoulder for accountability and shared responsibility with you, sister . "
Human happiness comes not from hatred, anger, so the cover of love in social life is the most essential dehoa conflict resolution. If we come together with a heart of altruism, compassion, truth does not lie to warm human love is sure that society will totdep no hatred, killing, causing insecurity for the people, in families and society.
We need to let go of the mind than lose, envy, jealousy, the arguments of right and wrong and to love each other in words apply in all relationships.
We should not live distribution different skin color racism that live in human equality, equality in the nature. He tells us: " In all beings have Buddha-nature . " and everyone has the maudo and salty tears. We must respect each other, do not rape ymanh weak, rich despised the poor ....
Every day, individuals need to plant seeds of compassion in the mind, to build a good society and it Fine. We live in the heart of compassion, while having the misfortune willing to help with their capabilities. Visualize the person as father, mother, child, many lives many lives. The Buddha also taught: " All living beings together make up the exchange or relatives . " So when the Buddha on the road he met the dry bones, he immediately bowed three bows sure that the Father, the Mother of his many lives. There are as thetinh trade expanded beyond selfish craving. Craving is the origin of suffering and compassion is the only true love brings happiness to human society and the world. Because the nature of compassion is not calculated, not for profit, not selfish, but it is large with selfless nature. It was some little perspective to share to everyone how to neutralize conflicts and make good happy life as lotus radiating out to place fragrant mud for life

Lotus Pure muddy place

Exit to the surface, tubao hours

Shining perfumed fragrance, fine leg


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