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Dalai Lama - How to Practice The Way to a Meaningful Life


Meditator to progress slowly how Buddha Nature through the practice of meditating on compassion and wisdom? In the Heart Sutra, the Buddha pointed out the seriousness of the path in a short statement, in-depth "gate gate Tadyata paragate parasamgate svaha Bodhi," (pronounced "tadyata gatay gatay paragatay parasamgatay bodee svaha") means: "Like This: Moving on, moving forward, forward to the other side, completely carried by the other, reach enlightenment." Let us examine this question more thoroughly, starting with the first, " gate "(" forward "or" go "). Who's ahead? It is the "I" or ego is known in the dependence on the continuum of care. From what you advance? You are moving away from the cycle of reincarnation, the state affected by the act of defilement and negative emotions. You are moving to something? You are coming with a Buddha Nature Dharmakaya (Truth Body), permanent liberation from suffering and the origin of suffering (suffering), and as the orientation is caused by impurities. When moving forward, you rely on what causes and conditions? You are moving forward based on a path is the union of compassion and wisdom.

Buddha is sure to set the advanced practitioner to the other side. From the perspective of the apprentice, is reborn this shore, close at hand. The other side, a remote location, is nirvana - the state beyond suffering.

Five paths

When the Buddha said: "Tadyata gate gate paragate parasamgate svaha Bodhi" (like this: Moving on, moving forward, forward to the other side, completely carried by the other party, achieve enlightenment), he is said to practitioners were practicing in advance on the path:

Gate - accumulated path

Gate - prepare the way

Paragate - see route

Parasamgate - the path of meditation

Bodhi - no way to learn

Let us identify the nature of progress on the spiritual path this year:

  1. What is the first path, the path to accumulate ? It is the practice key stages of care towards others and thus accumulate merit. Moreover, even though you are the best practice of compassion and wisdom, realization of emptiness has not yet reached the level of correlation between the head support center (only) and analysis (bar) - "a state arise from meditation. "On this path, you reach the strong focus, and is working towards a state of emptiness from experiences of meditation.
  2. At the point where you reach the state of intellectual emptiness from experiences of meditation, you move through the path of preparation . With more and become more familiar with this state, along with the practice of compassion, you gradually realize that emptiness is clearly more than the four levels of the path of preparation (heat, peak, patience, virtues and the highest world).
  3. Finally, the identity can not be tested directly, without any pollution problems a bit of binary forms, have now vanished. This is the first step on the path to see - the way the first direct experience the truth about the profound nature of the phenomenon (law). In Mahayana, it is starting ten ranks of the Bodhisattva (Main Cross - called "local" because of the spiritual virtues arise). During the period of the visible path and the path of meditation , two types of obstacles caused by intelligence and by birth, are over. The state of mind caused by intelligence lead to hold on to the wrong system. For example, there are some disciples of Buddhism believe that the phenomena of (legal) present a simulation with their own properties, based on the "theory" has no basis that if the phenomenon ( law) is not set up that way, we can not work. Type this confusion, is contaminated by a system of false doctrine, known as false, or by the voters. Even without accepting the new vocation was created by the misconceptions in this life, everyone has the constant stream of consciousness are generated by oriented attachment at the wrong point in the previous lives.

Conversely, the wrong state of mind has innate present in all living beings - from insects to humans - from without beginning, and operate according to the will of them do not rely on books and theories wrong wrong.

  1. The establishment of tri obstacles are eliminated by means of seeing where the internal obstacles to overcome more difficult (because of this false state of mind has since beginningless). They should be cleaned by continuous meditation on the meaning of emptiness. Because meditation must be practiced over a long period, this stage of the path is called the path of meditation . Actually, you were meditating on emptiness, but the path is a path of meditation large.

Here, one passes through nine locations (ranks) the rest of the Bodhisattva. In the ten sites, seven sites which started as impure, third place was called pure. The reason is that in the first seven local practitioners are still in the process of eliminating suffering and so these seven sites have not been completely pure. In the first phase of local practitioners is the eighth remove impurities. The balance of the eighth place, nine and ten for the practitioner to overcome obstacles to achieve omniscience.

  1. Now, through the practice of meditation as a diamond solid gain at the end of the ten sites - there are still obstacles have been overcome - one can gradually dissipated the effect of obstacles is very vi to achieve economic omniscience. Tiny moments of consciousness becomes a sense of knowing, and profound at the same time the nature of nature to become the Body of a Buddha. This is the way Thursday, and finally, numerous road course (no longer have to learn). From the air or very subtle energy - the same entity with which the mind - the pure form and other impurities appear to help living beings; the forms, this is called the Body of a Buddha Sac . This is the Buddha Nature, a source of state benefit and happiness to all beings.

I get a minute to talk about misunderstandings in women can achieve the Buddha Nature or not. In Mahayana Education Show, do not see that women can not become a Buddha. However, the scriptures have to say in the practice of accumulating merit for three college life, happy time for the industry is ripe as the general good and the beauty of a Buddha; at that time, according to Mahayana Show Education, natural body of a man. These documents also say that in the last life before the Buddha, he should have the body of a man. However, the Supreme Education, which we consider to be the same system, said women can not become a Buddha, but the person can become a Buddha in this life.

THE NATURE OF Buddhahood

In all Buddhist sects, the practice are based on intention escape samsara. Additionally, in the Mahayana practitioners are motivated by intentions toward others on the path to enlightenment. In tantric, through meditation techniques merge and only the restaurant, one can reach the Buddha Nature in which all obstacles - obstacles obstructing defilements liberation from samsara and the obstacles of location Property hinder the achievement of Buddha Nature - are excluded.

The virtues of a Buddha is described as more "body" is divided into two main categories:

- Dharmakaya (Truth Body) to implement fully their own happiness.

- Sac Body, so burning is complete happiness for all beings.

Body color to be split depending on how much appear at the level of pure and not pure: the practice of high-level position can be entered sambhogakaya Consummation. Practitioners at different levels of experience many different incarnations. My legs were divided into two categories, The Natural Body (Dharmakaya) and Body Wisdom. My nature can be divided into a state of pure nature and a state of purification from the pollution. Body Intelligence can be divided according to several different perspectives. It Ornament for the experience in cleaning his Maitreya has raised twenty-one of the intellectual is not polluted and twenty-one of these can be divided into one hundred forty-six sets.

Gathered on the long road

This was a brief presentation on: platform - two truths, and the end emulator; the road was built on that foundation - compassion and wisdom; results of the streets - Matter and Body French Body of a Buddha. There will be many benefits if there is an overview of the mechanisms of the practice, but you should remember that all experience arises from many causes and conditions - true knowledge, accumulate merit, and pass obstacles. If the first does not accumulate merit and purify the negative karma, it is difficult to achieve with only a single realization of meditation. Therefore, it is important to make all these claims first.

Implementation requirements are not the first to accomplish a certain number, or complete the three-year retreat period of three months (as some people imagine so many people retreat so long time), or within a certain time. Instead, one must accumulate merit and purify obstacles until some experience that happened. You can let the whole life doing it, with the aim of making the next life better. Sometimes because of lack of understanding, a person commits the retreat in a long time to finally boast that it has completed the retreat. Growth pride to the growth our anger, jealousy and envy. The same thing can happen with the mere knowledge by teaching books. Is not easy because the affliction is very complex.

Practice is not being able to take a few weeks or years. It stretches over several generations, from this millennium to another eon. As we see, some books say that enlightenment is attained after accumulating merit and wisdom through three college life. If you accept this word is correct, it will encourage you to take an attitude of patience, persistence through difficult circumstances. If this makes you unhappy, it may be due to the desire to quickly realize the Buddha Nature as the great wandering heart to others, may also be a sign that you do not have the courage. Enlightenment can not be achieved without having to practice the hard way. Think back means you're hiding a certain form of selfishness.

* * *

This is the whole process of the path. Although Tibetans can not have assets in the wallet containing money, but they have kept this in mind! The initial intention of the religious good is not enough; we need to implement them in everyday life in society. Then we can know the true value of the teachings of that religion. If a Buddhist meditation in the temple but the temple did not live out the ideals of meditation that it is not good. We have to make in daily life.

True value of the practice is evident when we are faced with a difficult period. When we are happy and everything happens smoothly, the practice seems to have nothing urgent, but when we are faced with difficulties such as illness, aging, death, or that do not have other reviews, the control of hatred, emotion, and use the good mind to decide how to deal with difficulties with patience and calm are very difficult.

If we practice that way, the first hope is that we can overcome these difficulties, and if not overcome, at least the difficulties can not disturb the peace of mind us. It's a good thing, right? Faced with difficult situations and still keep the peace of mind - do not try to use drugs or mind in another direction. That's why we love weekends and summer holidays! Five days a week full of busy, working hard to make money, then on the weekends to go to a place far away that the money earned to enjoy! This means that you are trying oriented mind off his problems. But the problem still be there.

However, if you have a good mental attitude, you do not have to drive yourself toward others. When you can face the situation and problem analysis, like an iceberg in the water, the problem will slowly melt away. If a devotional practice, you will experience the true value of it.

According to the teachings of the Buddha, his teachings will last five hundred years. When the five hundred years it will be destroyed by an embodiment of the Buddha, Dhamma because at that time will not be devalued. However, there are billions of the world system as the system of our world, with countless billions in the world. Some of the world that have been put into teaching and some teaching world is waning. Dharma is always constant somewhere all the time. Buddha never disappear, and teaching is never lost.


This is the summary of the practice are presented in the whole book. Here, let's focus on the things that suit your level. Or you can alternate between them within a week. Persisting long-term practice, the practice will become increasingly familiar and your life will become more meaningful.

About Hanh for the Emancipation Personal

1. frequently observed kinetic energy inside of you. Even if not get out of bed in the morning, set up in the mind a non-violent opinion, no offense for the day ahead. In the evening, the restaurant review the work done during the day.

2. Taking note of the suffering in your life:

- The pain of body and spirit that you find natural ways to eliminate, such as illness, aging and death.

- The experience of a transient character, such as good food. A look at, delicious food seems to be enjoying the intrinsic nature and place of our own, but if they keep eating it will make the pain - this is the size of the epidemic. When a situation changes from pleasure to pain, take a deep consideration of the nature of the initial pleasure is self-expression. Cling to the superficial pleasures that will only bring more suffering.

- Quan dominated by consideration of a whole process of the incident, rather than in the control of you, is happening in the business impact and distress.

3. From the perspective of developing a physical reality through the exploration of the factors that created it - skin, blood, flesh, bones, and other things.

4. Analysis of life more thoroughly to finally find it difficult to abuse it, turning it into a machine or only know money.

5. Having a positive attitude before the difficulty. Visualize that going through a difficult situation is when you lighten the bad results of the industry will pay in the future. In the mental training, you receive the burden of suffering the same kind of people.

6. Evaluate the results negatively and positively about what could be perceived as greed, hatred, envy, hate. When clear that the consequences of them are bad, you will come to the conclusion that no good result from anger. Further analysis, eventually your faith will be strengthened; thought many times about the disadvantages of our field will help you find that it's pointless, and even more pitiful. This decision will make our yard gradual decline.

7. have recognized the extent of suffering, discover its causes, and found that the origin of suffering is ignorance about the true nature of man and things, and that greed, jealousy, etc still have a foundation from this ignorance. Recognizing that suffering can be eliminated, can be dissipated in the real sky. Quan commented that the termination of this truth is attained through the practice of gender, and wisdom - the three path.

8. Remember cling to receive food, clothing, and housing, and receive well-pleased the practice of monastic life in the life at home. Satisfied with food, clothing, shelter moderate. Use free time to practice meditation to be able to pass much more difficult.

9. Develop strong desire to refrain from harming others, by action or verbal, whether you be disturbed, abusive, cursing, shoving or beatings.

About Hanh In the interest of others

Contemplative practice five steps to develop compassion:

1. Keep calm and clear mind

2. On the right side in front of you, visualize a picture of yourself, and your selfish self.

3. On the left front of you, visualize a group of poor, suffering people unrelated to you, not the enemy nor yourself.

4. Observe both sides with great composure. Now let's think, "They both want to be happy. They both wanted to escape suffering. Both have the right to make their goals. "

5. Think of this: Usually we want to temporarily sacrifice the good for good over the long term, so that the interests of the masses who are suffering left important than a good technical people in right. Your mind naturally toward the crowd.

Ritual practice towards enlightenment.

First start practice Saturday:

1. The Glass Buddha Shakyamuni surrounded by innumerable Bodhisattvas, are fully visualize the whole sky in front.

2. offerings to all the wonderful supplies - whether you own or not - including physical assets, and your virtues, to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

3. reveal countless bad karma of body, speech and mind that you have caused harm to others. Remorse that created them, and want to leave out in the future.

4. tons of coal from the bottom of my heart the virtues of yourself and of others. Happy with the good job you did in this life and past lives, thinks: "I have done a good job." Rejoice in the virtues of others, including Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

5. From time to ask the Buddha was omniscient but not certified teachers result of your teachings to benefit all sentient beings.

6. supplicate the buddhas not death.

7. In the direction of this practice on six fruit supreme enlightenment.

Then practice the rites of the direction of enlightenment:

1. With the strong determination of the Buddha Nature to benefit all sentient beings, visualize in front of a Buddha, or the teacher is regarded as representative of the Buddha.

2. Read three times as as you are reading it:

Until I attain enlightenment I take refuge in prayer Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

By the accumulation of merit in the charity, precepts, patience, effort, meditation and wisdom, may you attain the Buddha Nature to help all sentient beings.

To sustain growth and altruistic mind this deep in the life, practice the following:

1. Always reminded of the benefits of developing an enlightened intentions are for the benefit of others.

2. Divide the time into three days and nights into three times, and in each time or use a little time to wake up and practice the visualizations in stated in the previous step. Practice visualizing in three steps in the morning about fifteen minutes each time and three times in the evening about fifteen minutes each time.

3. Exclusion of thought left the benefits even for a human being.

4. To those with the moral attitude as much as possible, and develop a proper understanding of the nature of reality, or maintain the desire to have that knowledge and try to implement .

To sustain and grow this deep altruism in the future life:

1. Do not lie to anyone, unless it can help many others with that lie.

2. Directly or indirectly helping others toward enlightenment.

3. to treat everyone with respect.

4. Do not ever scam anyone, and always honest.

From deep, always thinking: "May I be able to benefit all sentient beings."


1. Choose a subject of meditation and focusing on it, trying to reach and maintain calm, clarity and intensity. Eliminate blur, as well as the turmoil.

2. At the same time, identify the state of mind no background contamination thoughts, in the status quo of it - pure clarity, understanding the nature of the mind. With mindfulness and insight, to dwell in that state. If thoughts arise, just look at the real nature of such thoughts, and thoughts will weaken and disappear automatically.


To identify the manifest failure of the law and being aware and practicing the following:

1. Observe an object such as a clock in a shop when you first see it, then observe the change in the expression of it and become more specific when the heart desires Your increased, and finally how it can occur after you have purchased it and regarded it as his.

2. Record at times different ways before you find out your own mind as to exist in and of yourself, not depending on the mind and body.

3. After that, regular bar in terms of the phenomenon in relation to causes and conditions, and observe how they conflict with the way people and objects as a way of existing property. If you tend to nothing, let's review further consistency of dependent origination. If, by meditation on the causes and conditions, you tend to favor the existence of the law of property, make a strong focus on the analysis of the contrast between the present and the future of sustainability. You will move from seeing to the other and that middle way will slowly be found.

In addition:

1. Identify the nature of the brightest and understanding of the mind, not clouded by thoughts and not have any one of any of the concepts covered.

2. Exploring the deep nature of the mind to discover the existence of no property, emptiness. Quan comments on the subject of the human mind, grace and ingredients to create it. For interest, all the time, every moment, the mind depends on the components before and after the moment.

3. Try to recognize the similarities between the expression of the mind with the empty nature of existence of its own; see these two like each other support.

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For the first tantric practice is to transform their vision of themselves, others and the circumstances surrounding your life, it can help you visualize yourself in a compassionate, a body purity, and virtue to benefit others. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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