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Dream Witch Dong

The old days, old Lam and, during the sixth of the Hung Kings, Grace from crossing the Northern Raiders invade. The King was taken as the anxiety, sent away successively throughout the buried transmission rao folk to find gentleness property stand out to suppress pirates.

Now, in the village conform to Dong Tien Du district, Phu TU son, Kinh BAC, there are couples he Carefully Solder is wealthy. His wife was, but got older that unprecedented birth, should the couple have lived in solitary not children. They are often downright philanthropist, helping impoverished people, only that I get a child hooked up acne.

Then his heart her touching until blue. She was pregnant and on expected April 8 February Gradually then gave birth to a boy kháu khỉnh. Then he Carefully Solder a year died.[1]

Growing up, boy's adventure, but was restored to NGO Tuan TU, and then three years old and still never open their mouths to speak out, anyway. Everyone is worried, thinking that he must be dumb to lifetime.

On the other surprise where hung Kings messengers when passing the village conform to Dong Hien then he infused rao hịch players laughed and called her mother suddenly nhoẻn mouth, please place invite messengers. Maternal half to half afraid, in the heart of incredible running River but also listen to his wise advice went out inviting messengers. Now, boy instant security Envoy on tâu up King go casting right iron horse, a real big iron and a set of armor. When carrying enough all he would volunteer to village then sailed away by aggressors.

Envoy about tâu, Hung Kings TV y according to economists, not how long you wear enough iron and iron horse armor, roi Conformed to the village of Dong.

Meanwhile, the boy's mother to his three sailings please Cook rice. nong Mothers of the time the scene was successively went to tell the village. The villagers happily together carrying rice and food to donate. Rice water has moved out, he sits on a somewhat larger rice out all three nong. Done, to the iron horse, reaching as high as one suddenly become big incredible, and wearing iron armor, jump right up horseback roi. Iron Horse wines and then suddenly unleashed hí envenenó launched, nozzle out the bright fires roll towels.

Boy dragged to where a rival Witch Dong broke to get there. While engrossed in hitting aggressors, roi, he suddenly snapped rail adjoining handed spit all that blueberries on the side of the road dust bamboo Raiders. Among armies, soon expelled clean enemy invasion out of campaigns.

His non-aggressors tan, straighten up mountain horse care, and from that Airport Security straight skyward, no one felt any more.

People remember you should put down the Raiders, the annual celebration of temple worship, cosy. King ban investiture was Dong Uranus.

The village Witch Dong inherent mục is the village of Internodes, so people are also often referred to as he Addressed or Scriptures Addressed.

Stories about St. Internodes are magnanimous handed down forever in my heart, whether people had to go through not less than the maximum period under the yoke of foreign invasion, and then hardly one literacy. But just where are the Vietnamese Holy story is there still to be Addressed. And the interesting thing here is that the narrator as well as listeners all feel elation and pride to all of the mighty, magnificent period in dread of the story, by who also felt invisible wire link between the characters in the story with myself and with all peoples Encyclopediawhether is has undergone as many years.

Justifiable pride he has cultivation and making flourish in Vietnam a dream pass all the era. Golden Dragon fly up from the ground, until King Lê pay sword spirit on the sword Lake in Hanoi. From waves of Bạch Đằng angered foreign aggressors invaded submerged boat cover, until winning Dong Hao gas fainting Sun makes nearly thirty thousand troops doing soul canvas vía ... Through many ups and downs of history, each Vietnamese are held in a common dream images arise from the village of Internodes in ancient hero ...

This young friend, so I can be sure with you one thing, whether you recognize it or not, in my heart you're still unable absence of common dreams. And you ơi, I enjoyed the name dream's dream Matching Dong.

Dream Witch Dong ethnic pride is, it makes us feel satisfied and find yourself fortunately was born as Free people. And pride is always high, reaching urged ta rose further, to "comparison as the same powers in Europe". But not only that, even in everyday life it also never allow us to accept the conditions of weak current, which must always be a striving to learn more and rise.

Thus, the dream Match Dong is also the aspiration rise across the range of the 21st century, learning and catching all the knowledge era to put people up on par with friends all over the world.

But the dream is not geared to the Witch Dong grew to dominate or control those who are weak. The use of bi in the peoples living under the yoke of foreign invasion had given him a deep empathy with the underprivileged of the Nations "actively with minor". Thus, we always desire to live in a world of peace and mutual respect, even the most powerful powers also know respect those countries weak or smallest.

In our dreams, a Vietnam tomorrow despite powerful Juggernaut in the world still maintained love dear friends during his childhood self, also has always been frugally desire to reach out support and guidance to all those who are weak, stumble ...

And in our dreams, all over the world will gather together the fist one another cordially, san sharing each other the spiritual values, as well as material, learn from each other the positive values in different cultures.

Come here, you might also will want to interrupting me to pose the question: "well, what he just said is very interesting, but can I see the dream Witch Dong somewhere in my heart?"

Well, as I said, the dream Match Dong is also sometimes we don't get to know yourself, but that doesn't mean it's not available. If I am confident that I and you all have in common a dream like that is because we are a free encyclopedia, all have in common the orgasm feels sweeter when listening to tell the story Line, and also all Dong once wanted to rise as stood up as the hero of the ancient village of Internodes in. .. The peoples subconscious, deeply ingrained in children, it is in our heart mosaic passed from his father's generation tắp which indeed blind far away today there are many young people don't hardly ever have time to sit in memory.

But despite this, all well not only elusive things ambiguous. And I also found a very specific evidence to indicate the manifestation of the dream Witch Dong in you. This nhé, new day ago, I've seen you on the Auditorium of the school, holding a flag of motherland and dating a crazed cheers cheer along with hundreds, thousands of young people, when the Philippines is under the pitch. You will not tell me that's just the spirit of the sport here anyway?

But, we need not take extra time to dispute about that. If you still feel insistence that never saw silhouette of dream Witch Dong in you, then perhaps the time has come that you need to nurture a dream like that.

This young friend, now let me tell you hear about my own dreams conform to Dong, or say rather, who was born in front of you, thirty years or maybe more ...

We often take pride in a country with traditions more than four thousand years van Hien. That does not rely solely on the merits is told each other stories about the Cardinal nephew, on his mother with a hundred eggs wrapped in Europe ... that there have been specific as drum remnants Đông Sơn bronze age respectively, showed that the level of social organization and culture of our nation from the Kings Hung up country have achieved certain accomplishments. Many researchers optimistic also hypothesized about a kind of writing of the Encyclopedia could have formed from childhood but later no longer keep ...

Over the past four thousand years's dằng open, we have undergone no less the ups and downs, vinh humiliation, suffering, dark and the huy Hoang brilliant ... From the end of the suffering of slaves occurred to know how the hero should know how generous masterpiece, written using the page for the nation, from the magnanimous Hai BA Trung district until BA Trieu, Lý Nam Đế until Van Thang, from Le Dai Hanh until Le LOI ... and also know how the hero so forget oneself that today we cannot know all are names. All the hero 's, throughout his childhood were spent the maximum mistakes than dehydration, people are nurturing a dream Match Dong and deep empathy with the suffering of the entire nation floating, so that once grew as stand up as holy texts are not Addressed in a strength which could prevent floating!

And the country also have stops at clear, the history of our nation are also not less the huy Hoang brilliant, what stage of formation and builds a culture of Dai Viet to identity confusion was not copied. Culture, as mentioned, is derived from antiquity until the day the Pacific prosperity reigned during the building of the 18th King Hùng, from force of Vietnamese throwing weapon to together to build the capital Thăng Long in the early days before Millennium until Quang Trung Nguyen hue Austria cell not fading smell of gunpowder have advocated encouraging the use of the pronoun.

Culture is not just the value of intangible heritage has always been implicit in the spirit of nationalism, it has also been manifested through the folds of living culture of the people on one page was advanced, with the fancy and interesting hát tuồng area in water puppetry that cannot find where this place around the world, with content filled with alluring and touching in hát tuồng, Guiraud, until dark, deeply in the Ang poetry far longer tradition back ... Culture is also leaving one pillar pagoda (Ha Noi) with tone Rules Fill weighs around 7.2 tons (sorry that is now lost), Universal (Male) with the top brass over 7 tons, the Tower Reported Qian as high as 70 m, Quynh Lam pagoda (Quang Ninh province) with bronze casting of Buddha Maitreya on 20 m, with hundreds of, thousands of pagodas, towers, temples, shrines ... scattered all over the place. And covering up all, closer than all the treasures ca dao, proverbs, folk and fairy tales preserved transfer throughout all regions of the country.

This young friend, each cultural values are formed through each era's all arise from aspiration rise of each people. And that's not nothing more than common dreams that I spoke with you.

And of course is that each of us also have their own dreams to nurturing, pursuing ... But whether separate or together, each with a beautiful dream ever also contain in it these two aspects: toward self and towards foreign scene.

When you are nurturing a dream to become a doctor, you will also be at the same time dreaming has a large hospital with all the modern equipment in the world right across the country so that you can work hard in it. If your dream is to become an astronaut, you will also be at the same time dreaming of Viet Nam has a central horizontal space so that you can reach the world from which derived the flight into space, exploring the universe.

Without the dream of sailing condition attached like, then you ơi, your dreams will be just a poor, monotonous dreams! How can you be happy if the self becomes a doctor very well but have to work in cramped hospital and lack of equipment, or to "exile" where Pilgrim to conditionally talent development? How can you be happy if the self becomes a prominent but point travel back is a country far away, and those who shake to deliver leg you are strange, while those who were only able to see you through the small screeneven a party could not have been taken before the moment important subject that you are about to write his name into history?

Our dreams conform to Dong is a beautiful dream, hence it is also inherent in that dream towards themselves and dream towards the foreign scene. In terms of itself, each of us are dreaming to have been once reaching as stand up become giant vạm down as boy village Internodes, but attached to it, in terms of foreign scenes we dreamed there was among iron horse and can break be aggressors invading GraceIron Horse riding, and soaring in the sky green tranquillity of the country.

Dream Witch Dong a dream was "sanctification", so it encompasses everyone dreams of each of us. If you dream to become a good doctor in the world, then it must be the moments of reaching as stand up into giant of you, because you know there are millions of people around the world also dream like but not everyone can do. If you dream of becoming an astronaut error, then that is the rise as stand up into giant, because there's so you can't pass up on millions of other people also dream like you ...

Dream Witch Dong is a dream that make up the area. Historical circumstances have compelled people to survival and protection of sovereignty is only a single path that make up the area. Dream Witch Dong pronounced characteristics of history, should the Scriptures Addressed only instantaneous reaching as possible stand up into giant, not able to grow up over the years as the hero. And strength of Internodes might just be the strength of a mighty dread Uranus, with iron horse among eruption towels rolls, not be described as the limited scope of the power of human ... Because, if you do not like then do not be shattered to be "aggressors Grace" which ever and aggressive than armies many times ...

When two Boxer has strength and peer technology, they can be compared to each world vo embankment. But when the disparity between the sides is too big, then that player tiny, weak than can only be won by a "zone", attacks by a "stand up" which extends as the enemy not stars believe ...

Hai BA Trung was once ranked as stand up like, wipe out the enemy out of the country's only 60 citadel in a spring 40, Chasing Cars To escape oneself.

Ngô Quyền was also once reaching as stand up as a result, the shattered Army Southern Han on the Bach Dang in 938, making general Hoang Cao to aggressors are drowned, chasing remnants of the aggressors fled themselves.

Hung DAO Vuong has also once reaching as stand up at the end of the spring in 1288, shattered the Mongols on the Bach Dang River, just one battle collection retrieved more than 400 ships, captured General Paediatric and Area Code box is the aggressors Of The ...

The armies of aggression has been towed to our country are the "giant aggressive" that a small nation, favorite peace as we, as the boy's village under the gentle, not as disproportionate. And so, we are no longer any way other than to rise as stand up into giant, such as the boy grew as stand up under the villages into giant, to make the area chased violent aggressors out of frontier country.

History of the country protection of our nation is a continuation and repeat these times reaching as stand up make miracle like that. Armies invaded Mongolia ever conquered around never know the smell of failure, they go to where despite a mountain of grass also no longer erect. Destroyed the Song dynasty then ruled the vast country of China within 88 years, enough to see our military strength is how!

But the force of the Ceiling has three consecutive rise as stand up to defeat an army of powerful like that. Miracle does indeed have beyond the imagination of the Raiders when the invasion of this tiny country.

Lam son Army military cemetery where a region of forested mountains wilderness, from food to force all deprivation, so that ten years later to defeat Ming army, forcing them to take reconciliation to easiness. The area is also not the story that King Ming I could think of.

Until hero shirt fabric Tây Sơn, only once reaching as stand up Emperor Quang Trung were smashed nearly thirty thousand troops. The area is still make us all proud to mention. And also know how States other that maybe we wouldn't copy tells all ...

But all things does not only bring us a proud past. In fact, it's the academic human Encyclopedia always craves formed the miracle, which according to the saying usually rather than raising human ambition. The truth is that today we are also not less founder States, and I would like to temporarily cede lyrics here to each of the young people we can find the miracle in life around her.

This young friend, I want to tell you that the greatest luck of each of us is being born into an era where the country has a clean ball invaders. Because, despite our nation always popular peace, but ironically is the history of the country was again rife successive wars!

Thus, the dream of ours today is no longer heated cooking by the maximum of people dehydrate, which brought new colors of a civilized and prosperous life.

We don't need to "dream shattered by Grace" as Addressed in the old village boy, which are real dreams can do much to put build rich country, civilization and modernity.

We don't need to dream of reaching as stand up into giant to Raiders, which are shattered dreams become the talents, the scholar, the engineer, who. .. can contribute a lot to the country dear.

Our dreams towards themselves to always learn, urged us strive, attempt to rise to improve myself. And images of ancient Holy Rings in help can become strong, confident and daring than with his dreams, even in the most difficult circumstances. One of the students of I previously did not dare think of learning off the popular because of his family too poor, and brothers. I've advised you nurture a dream Match Dong, and at the same time the relay for the children in these conditions can be ... During the visits I earlier this year, they have let me know what is about to graduate this year. I am very glad to see that the child's reaching as stand up, and the hope is that whereby the children left in poor families will be able to continue to nurture a dream Match Dong in terms more readily.

Our dreams also towards foreign police to dream a future country Golden brilliant, with advancements in the fields of science and technology as well as economic and cultural, to put the country on par with those powers currently ...END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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