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Lesson 9: Center of Mahayana is the basis of spectral beings

First octagonal tri: Samsara factories course, suffering innumerable, found Mahayana mind, necessarily universal fact, voluntary agency being, life immeasurable suffering, spiritual beings rather, all wings bliss.
Translation :
It enlightened eighth: Samsara are burned, so immense suffering, should give rise to the Mahayana, throughout all of salvation, prayer replaced beings suffer immeasurable suffering, caused to all species, are is great peace . Teaching award: Eight of enlightenment of the Bodhisattva It says that, first one is the Buddhist world; the Monday to Saturday as saying that the human birth of Buddhism. It is the final enlightenment weak tone of Scripture, explaining: Mahayana is the basis of common interest people. We pray this prayer from beginning to end all talk of the world is impermanent, suffering no, not self, impurities, up to five desires are evil, has to be a sin, to leave life and death, to the three worlds, it seems that the primary ideological excess. But only the main tone of Business is to develop students of Buddhism the mind of great compassion, of all living beings instead of suffering beings undertake. This is purely ideological enter the Mahayana. Tu Hinayana school only for their own liberation, but for the salvation of the beings is not a little enthusiasm. Life is good independent public body, the color fraught individualism. But Mahayana practitioners not only to their own liberation, but also bi volunteer help save lives, do things of benefit to beings in society. This is the main intention and mind of this Business. Buddha Dhamma, in many scriptures of monks were taken as subjects. But this Giac Kinh Bat Dai Nhan favor of Buddhists, to guide lay Buddhist learning to improve their lives, how the world aware of how ordinary sentient beings to look like. Business texts of this brief yet, but it may delegate to the idea Hinayana, Mahayana in Buddhism. According to the this, he wants bodhisattva practice, the first step to practice the Hinayana teachings. Therefore, one must first to fame lies in thoroughly worldly detachment, physical training center, actively preparing to direct resources to the world no longer be polluted, then enter the new discretionary life help sentient beings. This new call is true Bodhisattva. There is a review Hinayana practitioners tend to escape the world, or explain the nature of Mahayana popular sentient beings, they both have a common vision: Samsara burned, suffering boundless brain. Sentient beings in samsara causing create so many sins. Body of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct; mind full of greed, hatred, ignorance. The boundless boundless career criminal, as the fire burned in the fire world life, burning body and mind, making them subject to so many students suffering. Speaking of endless suffering, depending on the Kinh also said there are two size, three stanzas, eight size etc .... In short she's the world we suffer. Van ago we used to say over the body with the suffering of elderly patients died; mind is the size of greed, hatred and delusion; the suffering families of sex separation; Rights have not been suffering for harmony; social is the demand to not be suffering, hatred met; the suffering nation of war, the enemy retired; with the suffering nature of floods, earthquakes, storms .... Size dominated world, picture department beings. The aim of our study Buddhism is liberation of suffering. Humanity is suffering. But we need to ask: Suffering from? Suffering from multiple education that out. Most education from any place? Most have sex from ego. Why ego causes suffering? Because the relationship between ego and accept no legal regulated. There is suffering and things that they have, that they seek material that is not satisfied. There is suffering and that they have, which is due to the relationship between ourselves and touch. There mimh and suffering caused by our body and mind that that is old age, afflictions, which follow, along with students present. There is suffering and desires of their communities with the knowledge that yes, it is because our inner world misconception that out. We are surrounded by suffering, who is not a review, are also common desire is pain free. So the responsibility of the Bodhisattva is to give rise to the Mahayana, all sentient beings from suffering the yoke. Speaking of all sentient beings from suffering the yoke, is divided into two different ways. One is that before then to save his people salvation. Two people saved as before, but I still have not been of much needed kip. Before his salvation and then later the person is sure: if I have a degree, how can the level be? Sea immense suffering, sentient beings sunk, if they do not swim to save them? So, wants universal all sentient beings, first of all you have to kill out of life and death, no suffering bi priority. And speaking of people you have not been high, this new development is the Bodhisattva mind. Bodhisattva School students where they are right by the school. Bodhisattvas do not leave them born called Bodhisattvas. At the fullness of saving sentient beings, it's time bodhisattva its fullness. no way a review is said, has directed attention Mahayana school, pray over all the living beings, above all, the key is spread French student interests. For the bodhisattva, spread the Fa is the duty of course, the benefits of this ancient life is ambition, not a bit hesitant, hesitating. This is a Mahayana Bodhisattva attitude towards life. Mahayana mind says play, so how is the heart of Mahayana? Divided into Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana. Mahayana is the only Bodhisattva, Hinayana is just Thanh Van, Duyen sense, but in the Lotus Sutra vehicle goats, deer and motor vehicles to a large white buffalo billion example. sravakas can only mode, can not the people, such vehicles can not carry items easily. I can sense the grace and reliability, as the car carrying a small deer map. Bodhisattva himself could spectrum of sentient beings, such as large white buffalo car can carry everything goods. Play Mahayana mind saying here, also the Bodhisattva mind throughout all the living beings. Tam Mahayana Mind imply? great compassion and care center facilities. Bodhi Mind is the seed (human), great compassion is the root center (a), the heart means the fruit (the end). A bodhisattva practitioners play center, must meet certain mind the above three, new development center known as Mahayana. Play Mind is to mind the Buddha for guidance. Buddhist Circuit said, is to undergo a growth period of three great new life to achieve. No Supreme Bodhi mind, how long passed the test so far? Kinh said: In life a person has developed the Bodhi mind, is there a seed of a Buddha. Learn Buddhist Bodhi no mind, as not sowing seed fields, how one day reap? The Mind is a mental vow, a vow mind can achieve. Play Mind is to a large four vows (vows from the Throne): infinite Beings, vows of endless suffering, vowed the French innumerable subjects, promised to study Buddhist supreme director, vows into. This is the heart of Mahayana Bodhi. Play ball Great care is to care less than people. Bodhisattva as sentient beings have found great interest from the ungainly, the great compassion, see the suffering of sentient beings of their sufferings, our viewing pleasure is the joy of his life, sentient beings that does not seek in return, that service is of course beings. May beings, subject to innumerable stock? Which it is said, is the great compassion of the Mahayana mind. To care facilities that give rise to four photographic practice law. Based nature beings disagree, want to save suffering beings, need to be more skillful means. Buddha nature of each sentient observer based theory that charming French custom, said the four want eight thousand French subjects. This is the Buddha means of living. bodhisattva practice of four ways photography (photography legal quad): generosity, loving terms, benefits, co-worker, so that the living beings, the great peace. This is the media center. Includes three mind: Mind, mind compassion, care facilities, it is the Mahayana mind. Development Center Mahayana sentient beings, need to be about hard work, patience is the hard rings. If not, Mahayana mind not easily arise. childhood past, while at Shariputra of local practice from Hinayana to Mahayana, about to witness the local level Bodhisattva That no degradation, it tastes like heaven to test his mind Mahayana. The sky was of a son who sits weeping on the road. Shariputra seen passing asked - I asked that I sit here crying? What happened? - What can not link to you, please let me alone. - Please tell me, is a disciple of the Buddha I love helping people. He has something difficult, I would say that would help. - I'm afraid his job did not help! - He tell me watch! Shariputra urged. At last he lamented that: - My mother may not suffer from incurable diseases Physicians must use eye protection along well with all new medications. But this practice is saint! He thought about, the human eye has a hard-earned life, even to the eyes of the saint for practice come from? Think about the way my mother did not save, to certain death, I hurt and mourn. listening, smiling Shariputra, from the air told him: - Okay, he just assured, I will help for! - Really? - Not wrong at all! Telling you, I have seen the results, has brought attention Mahayana things out for themselves the candidates are born. Now have the opportunity to bring out things in the body of living beings, ask him to hook my eyes! In complete, but stands Shariputra omen for the other eye hook. Song of antique hand said: - Do not be so! I did not hook your eyes, because this is illegal. If he saved my mother happy, please let himself get hook eye! Shariputra heard of, linked hand-left hook to the eye, try to endure the pain told him: - He took your bridge His mother soon recovered voluntary. But the other hand also the Xua said - Doctor told to the new right eye! His left eye is what I need? Shariputra listening, startled sharp loss, abdominal think: - It is unfortunate! The left eye and has hooks to rest the right to see, now that I do? He blame themselves so unintentionally, no need to ask before you party! Then Shariputra think: The old saint bodhisattva practice, give rise to the Mahayana, through many more lives will renounce life early eye medulla giving birth to them. I do not do this Why? Where to save the right to choose. The left eye does not work, then the right eye. Such thinking is done, he went mighty right hook eye out for the other. But he took the eye to the nose smell, immediately thrown to the ground, his foot trampling, yelled that: - He is holy what the iris blades back so bad? What can bring medicine to treat my mother! Shariputra then though blind, but the ears still heard him cast his eyes to the ground and trampled on, to hear the word verbally abused should be discouraged, thinking: He needs the eyes of living things can not be found. I play center for Mahayana, universal sentient beings should hook to his eye. Yet he said the left eye is useless, his right eye last processing blades, I do make mistakes with him but he yelled at me! Shariputra then please do not even think about saving sentient beings, extremely bored discouraged, feeling beings difficulty level, should no longer care Mahayana. This is a way of Shariputra experienced while in practice in the field of childhood past. Through it we can see, the real heart of Mahayana extremely difficult to detect. But we should not fear difficult. Do we treat the concept of distinguishing between self and other living beings, should not have great compassion heart can contract. If we can leave the four generals: self, human, beings, in life as Kinh Kim Cang said, the center of Mahayana popular sentient beings will arise. If you wish to benefit others happy, to have spiritual valor , oil phase come into place the fire burns hot, joyful prayer rather take countless suffering beings. So, the new practitioners of Mahayana Bodhisattva. Buddha when monastic vows has four: 1. Prayer to save suffering beings yoke. 2. Prayer or obstacles to living beings other than 3. Prayer for the wrong beings. 4. May sentient beings from samsara. Four of this wish, also the center of the Mahayana Bodhisattva. Kinh Hoa Nghiem said: No peace for his own aspirations are all suffering beings. This is the heart of Mahayana throughout all beings the Bodhisattvas. As the Bodhisattva Manjushri, the great location, great Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, the unfortunate, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the compassion, the great Bodhisattva Earth Store Bodhisattva vows, here are character deputies found the Mahayana mind, are well worth we follow. In short, only suffering from his own desire, was the sort of normal people (who naturally have fallen because of lower base nature would not escape suffering, like sitting in a prison labor); hope others out of suffering, is the class most moral person; would replace beings suffer, this is the heart of the Mahayana Bodhisattva development. These steps give rise to the Mahayana Bodhisattva as the Bodhisattva Manjushri, Samantabhadra, Quan Yin, Earth Store Bodhisattva can cause the beings, are great places peaceful liberation pure nirvana. Translate Poetry : The eighth recorded memory sense that life burned like fire burning generators beings suffering qualified Traditionally countless doomed. To be rather large mental suffering Hanh Mahayana large populations of living beings that will cause all the same feeling peaceful shore happily. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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