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Lay Buddhist Practice

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Lay Buddhist Practice
Daily Practice
The Offerings
Gestures of Respect
The Preliminary Formula for Revering the Buddha
The Five Precepts
The Five Subjects for Daily Recollection
The Development of Loving-Kindness
The Laity's Practice of Dhamma
The Eight Precepts
The Rains Residence
The Purpose of These Practices
Appendix of Pali Passages
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The Shrine Room, Uposatha Day, Rains Residence
Bhikkhu Khantipalo
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In the following pages I have tried to write about those things that a lay Buddhist can do even though his home is far away from Buddhist lands, or even from Buddhist temples and societies. I have had to consider the various daily and periodic events of the Buddhist calendar and retain here only those items which can be practiced by lay Buddhists without access to bhikkhus, monasteries, temples, stupas, and so on. Out of the rich traditions found in Buddhist countries, only three subjects have been dealt with: the daily service chanted in homage of the Three Treasures with some recollections and meditation; the Uposatha days with the Eight Precepts; and the Rains-residence of three months. Most has been here about the first of these as it is very important to have some regular daily Dhamma-practice. 
Even where isolated Buddhists are fortunate enough to be near some Buddhist center, they will still benefit from these Buddhist practices, all of which are based on similar methods used in the East.
Bhikkhu Khantipalo

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