Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kinh Tam The Awakening Of The Human Undergraduate

Buddha disciple should be devoted, day and night, recite and meditate on what the higher-eight people have been enlightened. The first is the awakening that life is impermanent, what is the political regime easy to collapse, the structure of the four elements are hollow and have the effect of causing suffering, people gathered by the warmth of that year, did not have to fall, birth and death are ever changing, and no damage disguise sovereignty. Meanwhile, our mind is a source of evil arises and where our body is an accumulation of guilt. As they contemplate the gradual escape the mortal realm. (C) The second is that enlightenment is as much desire as much pain, that much hard work in all realms of life and death that is caused by desire. Meanwhile, the less desire they not be using the wrong circumstances, can feel my body and mind are relaxed. (C) The third thing is that because of the enlightened mind traveling chasing fame never know bored so guilty as a result we increasingly large. The Bodhisattva level was different: they always remember thinking to allow tri-sufficient, living happily with meager life to practice their religion and whether his career is only made ​​intellectual enlightenment. (C) This Wednesday is the enlightenment that leads to the habit of lazy optimism rotten spot; so people have devoted themselves to religious practices, breaking the enemy sorrow, for four species of ma and out of prison and three years of warm world. (C) What is enlightenment Thursday that because of ignorance confined to new realms of samsara. The Bodhisattva constantly remember to knowledgable lot, intellectual development, financial means to achieve education for the people, to reach all great fun. (C) This Friday is so enlightened that poor people generate so much resentment and hatred, and thus re-creating bad people. The Bodhisattva should know how to allow special training handouts, consider that hate each other loved ones as, ignoring the evil that others have done to themselves and do not mind to hate those who do evil. (C) This Saturday is the fifth enlightened desire that causes sin and need. The renunciation of worldly life but not infected by the fun, but secular, often contemplate that his property is only three ca sa shirt and a bowl, all the gas law, that the aspirations of renunciation his life bar is transparent to the director, keeps the noble virtues and to bring compassion to deal with everyone. (C) The eighth is that enlightenment of life and death because the fire burning so that all species are subject to so many suffering conviction. Knowing this, so we must give rise to the Mahayana, voluntary relief for everyone, instead pray for all who suffered immeasurable pain, causing all beings to achieve happiness ends. (C) Eight of the above is the awakening of the higher human, Buddha and Bodhisattvas; the position was essential to conduct direct and cultivate compassion and wisdom, was riding a boat close to the wharf legal Nirvana . Upon returning to the realm of life and death to escape the living beings, you are all enlightened use it to eight and only opened the way for everyone, making the enlightened beings who are also suffering of birth and death, leave the staff training and orientation center in the holy path. If the student recite the Buddha, but normally this August when they contemplate the innumerable sins away, toward enlightenment, come to the senses, permanent break with life and death, resident in peace. (CCC


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