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Kinh Di Education Strategy Award

Chapter 1

General Awareness

I. Origin

Business travel is a business teacher recorded the final teachings of Buddha, what is most typical, the essence of teaching. So this business is considered essential and necessary to ordain.

Kinh di teacher appeared in China in the Qin Yao life (384-417), texts by the former Ma La Cross service. Based on the translation, many researchers and commentary on the business makes economic heresy richer and deeper, as the review of: Di Church Kinh Luan Kinh Di Catholic Legal Immigration User Reviews, Di Kinh Luan Church Sign, Business Reviews Buddha The Essential Education, Business Education Award Buddha ... (Translation economic solution to the teachings of the Buddha, Tri Quang).

Economic theory in the context of forest Sa la Song Tho before the Buddha entered Nirvana. The researchers classified the Chinese Buddhist economic heresy on nirvana ecosystem, including the economic organs of Theravada and Mahayana, is the economic talk about the state of Nirvana Buddha at the entry and the teachings of he (LSPGTH, sword)

Aham Nikaya tradition and experience are two: If the business is business nirvana Bat Dai, School of Business Travelers Aham there. Both this business the same content (as quoted criticizing economic nirvana Great Eight is enough). Business trip recording the end of life of the Buddha at the time (6 to 10) months before he entered Nirvana. Route starting from Rajgir to Kusinara origin.

Mahayana tradition also has much experience, but most typical business debt, Nirvana, 40 book because he talks Thunder Radio Service (Business This business school with the same name). Content refers to "legal permanent resident relative" philosophical nature.

In order for the research was easy, we do not discuss the concept of "legal permanent resident relative" of economic nirvana Great Eight Mahayana system.

II. Contact the Business Education General Business Di Bat Nirvana.

After reading two business debt, business nirvana and Business Travelers in the School Department and School of Aham, compare with the horror of this Church, some observations can be drawn as follows:

1. In terms of the form:

Eight Great Business Travelers Nirvana and business reporting category writing, memoir. Since the end of his life journey from Rajgir Buddha to Kusinara, passing from 14 to 17 different sites. Through a local mass Buddha stopped and rested a while, every sermon the Buddha are the students, the legal time that are recorded.

Kinh Di Han Church services have the form of a literary work, organized system of Buddha's teachings into a sermon from beginning to end and placed right at the time of the Buddha about to enter Nirvana.

2. In terms of content layout:

Business Travelers and business debt, Nirvana content presentation stretches along the path that the Buddha and the public to go through what happened, what is preached are recorded, for the time of the Buddha entered Nirvana Sa La Song Life in the forest.

Buddha's teachings are emphasized and repeated practice is the Gender-Dinh-Tue. Buddha's teachings are determining the content that is realized, and spread the teaching assistant works 37. Some teachings bring portability training 3 times over 3 different times in his last trip.

Kinh Di Han Church layouts of the content is coherent and systematic, that is what draws the Buddha in the Great Eight Business Travelers and Nirvana into a text, that four distinct, more or less than two trading on some issues. Content is presented sequentially About - Concentration - Wisdom and words of encouragement last practice.

3. Similarities:

a) spiritual practice Falun About Recurring Tue

In Business Travelers and Great Eight Nirvana, dharma is the Buddha Wisdom About Recurring repeated from the beginning until the end of business experience eight times, which showed About Recurring have to explain what knowledge is, the core of the practice: "It's About, which is samadhi, this is knowledge. samadhi same practice will lead to the About the big fruit, big benefits. Tam along with religious knowledge will lead to full liberation of the item that is illegal or illegal sex, illegal property illegally and ignorance "(DBNB).

Kinh Di Catholic teachings are also present, but Wisdom About Recurring mentioned more detailed and lengthy.

b) training paths:

-Identify the teacher's legal, economic DBNB of the Buddha: "Hey Anan, legal and we have been teaching and presenting, after we destroyed the legal and law degrees would be masters of the people" (School Sutras II, T. 663).

Kinh Di Catholic teachings, "the bhikkhus, after passing the Tathagata have the honor to be respected ... that's pure is pure sex supreme moral teacher of the people. If the Tathagata is in life it is not What else was pure sex "(Tri Quang translation).

Final-teaching: The Great Eight economic nirvana, the Buddha taught: "Behold monks, now say to you: the compounded is impermanent, please do not diligent reporter to the ground" (op).

Kinh Di Catholic teachings, "Hey let's monks most common mental effort required to liberate the wisdom, the whole universe is legal or not changes are volatile and insecure state of collapse (very often)" (Quang Tri Service).

c) The words of encouragement

Eight Great Business Nirvana Buddha: "Behold monks, monks if any doubt or wondering about the play, France, up, way or method, then the teacher ask to go. The regret from that : masters are present before us in person we do not ask the Blessed One "(op). Then the public says nothing wrong.

Kinh Di Catholic Buddha "The bhikkhus, for the four truths of the doubt where he may not be questioned immediately without doubt hold the answers" (op). Then the masses and not question.

Through these contacts, we can associate Kuan that economic relations between the Great Eight Nirvana (DBNB) and Business Travelers with heresy close relationship. It can be said that economic heresy brings together codify the contents of two business. Of course economic heresy was later writings.

III. Content Kinh Di General Education.

Mobile content business is built Catholic order of About, Concentration, Wisdom. Section About the most talked about, more than half for About. This is also the economic foundation of the basics of samadhi, wisdom and liberation.

1) About school:

The importance of sex is determined early experience that: "To know the world is pure noble virtues of the master teacher, if the Tathagata has in life is no different to the net about it." Determined so as to enhance the role of discipline, but easy to cause confusion about the absolute value of the world, so is the practitioner's only practice, serving the world as the first rule of real estate .

Business DBNB a bit more clear: "this was legal and Anan teaching and presentation ..." implies the teachings and precepts, a place of refuge for them monks after Buddha's death.

Having considered the world is dependent of meditation and wisdom they consider the form of precepts may seem trifles, on the basis of a low level, they consider liberal and insight meditation and transcendence over. In fact, morality is the foundation for meditation and wisdom. The relationship of these three inseparable parts. Virtue not only of the obligations stipulated in the world but also the meticulous refinement, control, prevent and rid of the pollution of psychology. Since then facilitates meditation is solid, intellectual development is easy.

Virtue and part of the property. So should understand the world in economic heresy through three more parts of the Eightfold Path: right speech, right action, right livelihood. So morality is not only effective within the individual but also social effects.

On that basis, the business owner heretics outside the regulated nature of the gender duty, and extra parts: overpower the senses, tame the mind, eating restraint, your interim practice, patience , modest, not flatteries, minority education, tri-sufficiency and well-toxic housing. These virtues are also in business administration and business debt, Du nirvana.

2) to study:

As mentioned above about the foundation, without virtue is immoral behavior, psychological insecurity, the mind is not ready to practice meditation. We should not be construed as the practice of meditation of a sect, noun Zen so easy to cause confusion. Meditation is the path of Buddhism, meditation does not have all the teachings are deadlocked, the backbone of Zen Buddhism.

We always psychologically affected by the sense objects and objects of mind. The greed, hatred, ignorance, fear, sorrow ... disturbing to the mind, restlessness. Concentration is the mind is not disturbed, scattered. New center is quiet clear, so see more clearly the nature of life, as the water is calm reflection of things new, horror Catholic teachings: "To focus the mind, the mind will be in meditation. meditation center in the state may change the understanding of the universe "(HT Quang Tri Service). By meditating emotional activities (lost love, green education) calm, psychological escape the suppression of feeling and thinking, habits ego is transformed, as sharp intellect, the mind as purification. There is no meditation without wisdom, and precepts also difficult.

Part of the horror of Education has three more: an explanation of behavior more energy, more 2 talk about merit more mindful and 3 talk about the merits of meditation. So three more matches in the Noble Eightfold Path: right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. Effort in meditation is the effort to maintain an interest in improving legal residence to residence to an mindfulness as the basis for concentration. Buddha said: "I am ardent, diligent not lazy. I dwell mindfully, without disorder, the body is despised police, not agitated, the mind is still the most professional" (Central Business I, T. 53). Effort is the maintenance center, prepare in a state of mind at the ready.

3) knowledge of school:

Wisdom is the right understanding, right thought, just as the result of both a virtue and meditation. Having sex is the property, but property has not yet reached the level of perfection can be the total extinction of the defilements, is also due to the higher skill level.

When the mind of all defilements of the mind are calm, the mind becomes pure, finely user needs, so the mind towards any object that will directly receive the nature of that object. Buddha said: "With the provincial mind, pure, no structure infections, need smooth, easy to use, stable, calm like that, it led to mind-sufficient radial network intelligence, natural label cards, counterfeit cards make" (Central Business I. T 56).

Wisdom of the Buddhist perspective is different from conventional wisdom, wisdom is the understanding of the mental defilements, pollution, the effect of intelligence is the be, such as the sword cut the bond constraint. Some high school, great position, great intellectuals, but not necessarily brainer as they say high school are not necessarily culturally. In Buddha economic heresy: "The bhikkhus, is the first intellectual passion" is the understanding that all that passion called Buddhist wisdom or knowledge touches - the ultimate know.

Kinh Di Catholic school property are two more parts. First details about the intellectual merit achievement, more 2 talk about not sacrifice merit a review. No joy instant review no comments enthusiasts hope, value theory, theory, popular mystical conversation, apparently clever intellect, but inside the hollow hope to review mental disorders. So do not hope to review the group property is reasonable. Wisdom is in the Noble Eightfold Path of right view, right thought. Right one more equivalent, right thought the equivalent of no more hope in the second review.

4) The words of encouragement and extradition last:

Including the last 6 hours, recording the teachings encouraging the practice of mass. The path of truth was there, Masters also have instructions, the remaining part of the student to practice with effort or practice alone.

Buddha for public skepticism presented his place for teaching, to later regret, but from mass no doubt about the teachings, expressed his firm belief.

The Buddha advised his disciples should not be sad, do what he did, who he has high level, practitioners should continue to press the direction in which masters have laid out the legal body of the Tathagata to resident immortality.

IV. Conclusion

The whole system of Buddhist teachings are aimed at liberating purposes. Buddha said: "The only one of the four sea is salty you, our teaching is only a liberated being." Buddha's lifetime, only works relentlessly to achieve the objective of liberating the human suffering.

The method the goal is freedom from suffering, the Buddha taught clearly and consistently: Gender, Concentration, Wisdom. This is nothing controversial, it has been made in concrete or silver all the scriptures of Mahayana and Theravada. The problem is to introduce how to present, emphasizing certain aspects only.

For economic heresy, About Recurring Tue taught in the context of the Buddha about to enter Nirvana, made a deep impression on the reader. The teachings of a final masters are always essential, although simple short words are the words but that enthusiasm of one lifetime. So have a huge effect psychologically.

Kinh Di Church attaches great importance to the world, should be detailed. So there is a legal person for this experience of a beginner beginner. It was a hurried look. The Body in Di commentator Catholic texts argued that economic heresy means the director of the Bodhisattva:

"This treatise is built, explaining that the Buddhist Bodhisattva known to the lead vehicle. Knowing he directed the Dharmas means to eradicate the bug exists sacrilege, others achieve self-interest" (translated Quang Tri }.

The Lotus Sutra, a Mahayana sutras large, as well as food An unfortunate touch of the Bodhisattva, the content works well without the other An optimistic economic owner of heresy. So be aware of the economic effects is the great heresy infinity.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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