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Is there eighty-four thousand teachings?
Almost all Vietnamese Buddhists and the Buddhist monks and nuns are sure to develop a sense are "premise" that Buddhism has to eighty-four thousand teachings! means that Buddhism is very number of sects, all have the ability to guide people to absolute liberation. This is a matter of "sensitivity" that is afraid to take sufficient steps to religious discussion. If anything is to eighty-four thousand various legal subjects can attain liberation? in other words, more clearly: There is a dharma of the Buddha Gautama, or as many as eighty-four thousand Dharma of the Buddha Gautama? At the Buddha in the world and throughout the period of Buddhism is flourishing, perhaps no one This begs the question, but now (the third millennium after the French passing away) when Buddhism was distorted, was about to pass mortality decline and it is time that the issue should be discussed very seriously. Languages Buddhist scriptures language used the phrase "eighty-four thousand" to symbolize, refer diversity or a figure very much like modern 84,000 lives, 84,000 years, 84,000 female market, 84,000 vehicles, 84,000 elephants , 84,000 cattle, 84,000 cups of silver, 84,000 meters of fabric, etc. This is just an idiom common in India during that time, the general parlance to refer to a very large number. Find in economic organs no mention Nikaya to eighty-four thousand teachings. Only in the Business Sub-Ministry, the elders recalled Ananda grief after the Buddha's passing away (Presbyterian Increase Shelf, 1024, State Department).

  • Thanissaro translated from the Pali:
82,000 Teachings from the Buddha
I have received;
2,000 more from his disciples;
Now, 84,000 are familiar to me.
  • Thich Minh Chau translated from Pali:
I received from the Buddha,
eighty two thousand legal,
also received from the monks,
more two thousand more legal,
investment total eight thousand,
one transport mean legal.
commentator Buddhaghosa, in the commentary Presbyterian increase shelf, there explain the "law" is interpreted as " aggregate method "(dhammakhandha), meaning that the passage of the teaching.
What is eighty-four thousand of the French speaking part of the Aggregate?
In this regard, the documents (porana) said:
29. I learned from eighty-two thousand Buddha, two thousand from monk (Sariputta), this is a total of eighty-four thousand .
30. In the Vinaya have twenty-one Aggregates of thousands of French, in Buddhism in France with twenty thousand Aggregates, and in Tibet Abhidhamma forty-two thousand French Aggregates .
Thus, by interpretation by the French Aggregates shall be eighty-four thousand separate parts.
In this case, the texts have a theme ( anusandhika ) is a French computer Aggregates, texts that have multiple threads, the more the French Aggregates. Thus, counting French Aggregate is referring to the subject. In the Heat ( gatha ), each question is a question and answer Aggregates France is a French Aggregates. In the Abhidhamma organ, each part consists of a binary split threads or eight threads and each one split in consciousness is called a French Aggregates. In the Vinaya is the story ( vatthu ), a header ( Matika ), is the analysis of words, with the offender, have no criminal section, with the judge, in this case, every part is considered a French Aggregates. Thus, when referring to France Aggregates shall be eighty-four thousand sections.
(Quote from: Noble French precis, a Vietnamese translation of the spleen pretentious Indacanda)
Thus in the history of Buddhism is probably already there to confuse two from the "Method" to "aggregate method". Through the above explanation we can understand that the French liberation of the Buddha is a unique method of teaching subjects detailed in a massive teaching refers to many legal aggregates news topics, the issue , dimensions, details etc. ... not include a myriad of different legal subjects.
It is well known, Indian civilization is the civilization of truth and wisdom so massive, it has produced a lot of philosophy, religious teachings. The people of India, in general, very proud of the richness of philosophy, religion and the teachings that form on Indian land. So perhaps the saying "There are eighty-four thousand teachings to liberation" as the Indians in the different teachings of Hinduism. How to say this to express the pride of the people of India with a distinct metaphorical use of them as "eighty-four thousand" to indicate a figure very much. Indians now believe that Gautama Buddha is just one of the incarnations of Vishnu and with such views, then Buddhism is just one of many legal subjects (four thousand eight thousand) were born from the Indian civilization. That is the perspective of Hinduism on Buddhism, but from a Buddhist perspective, we must distinguish between eighty-four thousand teachings liberation of Indian civilization, only the teachings of Gautama Buddha is the peak period in the history of a rare specialty. Liberation of Buddhism is an ultimate freedom, beyond the heavens, beyond the three worlds. Buddhism is a legal protection, is unique in his era and perhaps for up until now!
Also be aware that Gautama Buddha was the only one supreme Buddha of results, with the omniscient mind or Necessary location (Sabbannuta nana). Fruits of the Arhat is supreme and his different Arahat results of the contemporary disciple and later. As for the next thousand years, from the Buddha's passing away, fruit Arahat quality decreases until finally no one of A La again. Speaking like that is a monk lives, whether actually attain any case, not be able to build a replacement Method. Hard to believe there is a legal subject, after Gautama Buddha passing away, can substitute for his teachings.
There is a view that the Buddha told the French in many heavens so there are many different teachings for different organs or base should have different teachings. The study of law in the heavens do not see how the books discussed in the human realm, where would limit the areas discussed in the human realm. Is it because being there so many different inborn Buddha's teachings have many different (but do not forget the classic organ district record)? During the Tripitaka know Buddha was exposed to all sorts of people, he was teaching in different texts. In each case, it is clear that the only difference is a logical, convincing manner, subject areas, details ... the only difference is the legal aggregates. And throughout the mere teaching a uniform curriculum at About-The-Tue.
If the real Buddha taught the "Method" differently, the "teachings" of this difference may have reached the same the same end in liberation. The difference between Buddhism and other religions in India are mostly the "content" and "quality" in the concept of liberation. Buddha demonstrated his liberation is the ultimate, and liberation of contemporary religion is not sticky (because it is trapped in the heavens). The problem is how do you know that this liberation, of this stage, the results of this position, is the state that the Buddha had achieved and guide the Arhat disciples together to achieve. How to distinguish? Very difficult! unless there are standards defined. Nikaya scriptures also record the criteria for determining the floor The (jhana) layers of knowledge (Vipassana) very clearly. Nikaya scriptures also record standard mold and contents of the results. So if you deny the results, and no right to take organs (remains) as standards, the result is no way to know that this is the Dharma of Buddhism, Gautama or not.
Along comes from Indian civilization, but Buddhism is not a big lead and other religions in India are not necessarily small religions. Posts do not try to prove Buddhism is large and other Director is small. Also not shown is the Dharma of Buddhism and the Dharma value of the other directors are of little value. All just want to question what is the Dharma of Buddhism Gautama? and what might not the Dharma of Buddhism, Gautama! The way to find spiritual evolution, to find freedom is difficult. In world history there has been a lot of paths are outlined with different destination release. Particularly, Gautama Buddha, the super-rare in the history of Vietnam, has found the ultimate path to freedom which he called the right way. So regardless of what is right for the right way ie Dharma of Buddhism is very necessary. This is very difficult for a novice looking for more direct and more difficult if you had been forced into a religion column, a concrete subject, or a religious tradition before. In the second case, the district realized the law can lead to negative self-self and the relationship around, and this for the ego of each person is unlikely to be acceptable.
dhamma Buddhism is confirmed not because of its name, not because it honored the German Gautama the cardinals, not because its doctrine is to use language and concepts of Buddhism, not because of empty promises deliverance. Known as Gautama Buddha's Dharma as it is France and France the pure, in particular, are truly effective. Called the Dharma of Buddhism as it can in turn lead the Buddhist position and results of reaching the final of reach Nibbana (Nibbana) with results Arahat (Arahanta). In the Dharma, the masters may vary slightly in practice, but no teacher would dare to change the content of the fruit or Nibbana. Can a Buddhist, because of the good karma (parami) their immature enough, should not go out the path to reach the final realization. But the steps on the path of dharma, it is always safe because clearly the first stage of the journey of self-cultivation, they also know they are on stage or extent of the practice. From entry level up on, Buddhism can be regarded as different and totally differentiate with other religions in the Indian civilization. Below that level (enter store), Buddhism may be the same as other religions at this point or the other. So the Dharma of Buddhism only easily recognizable at the height of it.
After Tuesday compiler in 244 BC Buddhism is no longer intact because of internal ideological contradictions. In 1199, when the Muslim army to pull Turkish massacre of Nalanda and destroyed all the books here, then Buddhism has actually decline. From the time then, we will too indifferent, if not to realize that Buddhism is in degenerate. And if you believe in Buddhism is degenerate, it is difficult to believe that every few years back there was a "dharma" of the Buddha was born (not counting many other teachings were passed in the past) with myriad of legal status is subject countless temples, magnificent great hall was erected. Now there are too few sources of information mentioned and frank discussions to this important issue. In part, because of the religious order responsible sufficiency question, belongs to the minority. A very scared to speak but was sentenced to destroy the harmony of the Sangha. Partly perhaps because Buddhism is exhausted in its decline dates!
We are at a particular point of human civilization. Everything is growing rapidly. Everything changes, especially on the jump in the perception of people. Information is transmitted and exchanged quickly. Information retrieval is easy and very easy to verify. For those who are wondering in the choice of method, it is time to take time to find a satisfactory answer to the question:
Is Buddhism Gautama Buddha's really up to eighty four thousand teachings? This is an urgent issue for many people desire to find direct guidance is wondering. This is also the question of responsibility for the younger generation. From painful experience for many people, this is a shared seriousness and sincerity, not "undermine" or just "idle talk theater review"! .END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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