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Introduction to the Lotus Sutra


inh France United is one of the big business of organ systems Kinh Mahayana Buddhism, the Western scholars to be one in the 20 Oriental scriptures. The practice of chanting a deep and enduring respect for the Buddhist Lotus Sutra suggests that this is a special experience for both philosophical and mystical. In Vietnam, the Lotus Sutra are recited every day as a school retreat, including monks and Buddhists. So it is difficult to exaggerate the value of the Lotus Sutra and why is there such a large effect. The study of history as well as the general layout of the content business is essential for those interested in Buddhist sutras this big.

1. The appearance of the Lotus Sutra:

According to the literature on the history of modern Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism MORAL THOUGHT of Kimura - Taiken well as some other materials present Mahayana Buddhism in India around the first century BC to to the first century after the Western calendar. Mahayana flourished in the second century onwards. Lotus Sutra appears around the second century. The development of Mahayana Buddhism is indispensable to meet the needs of the mind and spirit of the times. French First United, the Mahayana scriptures appeared plentiful as Bat Nha Hoa Nghiem Duy Hoa Ma kidney etc ... France appear as synthetic steps followed the Mahayana idea of the business on.

2. Historical background:

Buddha After 100 years, the congregation began to sect. These views explain the doctrine, discipline is the difference between the groups, the parties and between different regions. The sectarian divide on every rise, there are 20 sects. The spirit of the original teachings were memorized and explained somewhat misleading.

Sangha of each sect trying to establish a base for its geographical and ideological doctrines and to strengthen their sects. Way of living of the monks and practice is increasingly isolated from the masses and the masses do not know by whom. Vitality of the teaching practices at the beginning suffering erosion, dry, gradually falling into speculative philosophy. Buddhist India in such a situation were to contract with the dry theory.

Meanwhile, she-la-philosophical subjects have tended to dispute the development and influence of Buddhism, the need to develop innovative, creating the effect of teaching practices in social life is a need urgent.

Mahayana appears in this context, the Buddhists and intellectuals enthusiastic to see the live birth of Buddhism and have a positive effect as the Buddha, they stand up the new movement is initiated Mahayana ( Mahayana ), or large vehicle to accommodate more people where Buddhahood. Buddhist tradition is considered the lesser vehicle Hinayana ie, selfish, just achievements A-la-drought effects.

The collision between Mahayana and Hinayana occurred strongly, that no one who accepted. Mahayana sutras in turn play positive ideal appears Mahayana teachings explain positive and more mass. Prajna is the major economic appeared quite early, implementing positive ideological vacuum broke Hinayana, said Thanh Duyen visual arts and not the son of Buddha. Flower Adornment Sutra's advocate law of dependent origination, but still regarded as lower Hinayana down list. By Duy which cut the Hinayana criticism badly.

This broke the criticism has led to mutual acceptance of each other not to make Buddhism weakened. Mahayana, although gave way to practice a bit more lively, but besides creating new connections and contradictions greater.

Demand for the path of reconciliation becomes urgent, critical trends conflicts and contradictions in Buddhism increasingly strong pressure on the mind of a certain age, Kinh Du Bach, a work appears in the second century, made fable: Two foot massage practitioner teacher. They often hate each other, abuse each other by taking the stones hit him, but the other leg is squeezed. The other person angry and get revenge by master stone break the legs of that. His price increase from Na, author of Du Bach said: "Like many students of Buddhism, who studies gambling Hinayana Mahayana, who studies gambling Mahayana Hinayana, making teaching both lose" .

In this context, the Lotus Sutra appears, the policy of reconciliation of all contradictions of the current acute Mahayana thought previously to traditional doctrine, creating unity of thought and ways of Buddhism. On the other hand, France, United also consolidated the core ideas of the Bat Nha Hoa Nghiem Duy Ma, while opening new horizons for every person in society: Everyone has Buddha nature, everyone can become Buddha.

Lotus Sutra is not presented in terms of truth or philosophical expertise, but a new way to mass, practical and easy to understand. Thanks to the peculiarities of the Lotus Sutra is considered the king of the business.

3. The process of translation and dissemination:

Lotus Sutra was translated very early and there are many different translations. Chi Khiem Ngo time of the Three Kingdoms (225-253 TL) has its own service called product Example Conversion Xa Kinh Tam Buddha. Subsequently the translators had translated six different versions:

1. France United Business eighty six books, Mr. Cuong Luong to life Chun Liang (225 TL) services.

2. Tat was separated Kinh Van Part 6 volumes, he Truc French Civil Service head, hands Tan (265 TL).

3. Dhamma United 10 volumes, also by the French Civil Service he was last, born West Tan (286 TL).

4. Phuong Hoa Kinh French Level 5 volumes, He directs Based services, life East Tan (335 TL).

5. Dieu French Lotus Kinh 7 books, then into eight books, his sheep-ma-la-Cross 406-year service life Dao Tan.

6. Thiem Lotus Business Products Dieu France seven books, by both his soap-and-hot-multi ( Jnanagupta ) and Dat-ma-for-Multi ( Dharmagupta ) and translated into life Options (601 TL).

Translation on Friday, only a third of the Dharma in Tibet University Hoa, Dieu French Lotus, Lotus Thiem France violated Scripture. In this there is little difference.

Lotus Sutra have to go through several stages to complete today. Can be divided into four stages:

- Phase 1: French U.S. public nature written in Prakrit , the same process occurs first.

- Phase 2 : To add to the prose to make the shelves once more ( the latter thought that the shelves of prose summary proceedings ).

- Stage 3: Develop further the prose. When comparing the original Sanskrit, the ancient shorter prose, the prose version of the longer.

- Stage 4: Develop more new, only 27 of the old Sanskrit works, then add products into 28 Devadatta.

There are many of the Sanskrit Lotus Sutra is found in Tibet, Nepal, Tibet University Seoul Kotan ... this term is 03 copies. The translation of his La Cross, the more popular and more popular. Apart from the Han language translation is the translation of Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea, Japan, Vietnam is very rich.

The transmission study and a very deep Lotus Sutra, India's Nagarjuna ( Nagarjuna ) except the general maintenance of the cited Luan Lotus Sutra, and he has a piece explaining that the French Hoa Hoa favorite French Reviews . His The Body, a famous commentator loosely translated and explained by the French France Hoa Hoa Reviews. In China, the written commentary, the interpretation of United's French researchers of Buddhism through the ages many prominent is the value of University Professor (538) of concrete Thien Thai with famous works such as France United County, French Cu Hoa Van, Ma Ha Quan etc. Only ...

Lotus Sutra play an important role not only in India but also in China, Japan and the Mahayana tradition. Works do not have underestimated the economic effect on society of people living in other countries to what extent.

4. The structure and content of the Lotus Sutra:

a). Language: French Flowers:

The Lotus Sutra is presented in the form of a play with multiple monitors, it offers the public easy to understand. That is how to communicate truth through the normal superior colloquial. So the French language to express the United goal but not the main event is the truth contained therein. In other words, the French language United symbolic.

Truth is a comprehensive, ultra-Vietnamese, meanwhile, the language, the gossip, the limit, even using sophisticated language does not convey how much the truth, so France United chose to use language symbols to convey the truth to the fullest extent.

b). Architecture:

Lotus Sutra has 28 products:

1. The first part called the Self, which is opening products.

2. Food Media ( ingenuity ).

3. Phẩm Example.

1. Phẩm Credit Award ( firm faith ).

2. Du Herbal Products ( examples of medicinal plants ).

3. scribe Products ( confirmation of Buddha ).

4. Food Chemistry The Lure ( eg evolution of the city ).

5. Tho Pham Ngu Bach Practitioner Signature ( for 500 confirmed disciple of Buddha ).

6. Phẩm Life Studies Anthropology Unknown User ( certification for those who need to learn and who do not need to learn the Buddha ).

7. Phẩm Master ( teacher measures ).

8. Phẩm The Stupa ( the tower of treasures ).

9. Phẩm Devadatta.

10. Phẩm Maintenance ( maintenance business ).

11. Phẩm Hanh Lac.

12. Phẩm Tung International Sites ( ejected from the ground ).

13. Phẩm As Lai Tho amount.

14. Phẩm Discrimination of Germany.

15. Phẩm Options Joy of Germany.

16. Phẩm The German Master.

17. Phẩm Bodhisattva usually contempt.

18. Phẩm As Luc Lai Shen.

19. Products Chúc Luy ( Suggest ).

20. Phẩm Bodhisattva of Medicine.

21. Phẩm harmonics Bodhisattva.

22. Phẩm Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

23. Pham Đà-la-ni ( Dharana - mat chu ).

24. Phẩm Noble Ornament Wang Bon The ( story of King Noble Ornament ).

25. Phẩm Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Extension Development ( the encouragement of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra )

The titles tell the whole or part of the contents of a product.

c). Contents:

Economic problem is Saddharma pundarika Sanskrit Sutra. From the "Sad" Mr. French Society translation is right, he translated La Cross Dieu; "Dharma" is legal; "pundarika" is a white lotus; "Sutra" is economic. French translation is the Lotus Scripture, known as United Business French.

Abhidharma is the truth. Truth is relative truth and absolute truth. White lotus symbolizes purity, purity and pollution. So law is not separated from It general life dust. In the impure realms, beings can rise quite liberating, as the lotus grows in the mud that rose above the mud, not polluted, but also radiating sharp flavor.

Typically, content is introduced Lotus Sutra presents two forms:

a). About us experience the theme "Opening the market being entered Buddhist enlightenment knowledge": Product Title presents general phenomenon of the universe and nature's law. 2 products to display the products 10 open notice of Buddha. Products 11 to 22 seats only show deep knowledge of the Buddha shirt. About 23 to 28 products can enter a Buddhist wisdom.

b). Introduce the concept of experiencing subjects and Bon Tich Thien Thai subjects of concrete. Lotus Sutra is divided into two parts: the top 14 products of Sri subjects, 14 the following products under four subjects.

Analysis subjects divided into three sections: Introduction, right tone and conclusions. 1 is a product introduction, product 2 to 9 is the right concrete product, the product is 10 to 14.

Part four subjects divided into three parts as well as on. The first half they take 15 is the introduction ( with a product where that is the introduction for the two subjects ). Second half of the products 15 products 17 products 16 and the first half is the right tone, half of the products 17 to 28 is the end product.

Subject analysis is the teachings of Buddha Template-ni-ca is born, raised, renunciation, enlightenment, passing away, to teach catechism in the realms of freedom from suffering in this world. In business, part sermon at Spirit Mountain Animal subjects, is of Integration, also known as relative truth.

Part four subjects as the base, the foundation of Sri subjects. That is, the Buddha became a Buddha from countless lifetimes. Buddha exists throughout the length of both time and common space. Truth of the four subjects are absolute. Through teaching four subjects that explains all human beings are the Buddha, because all beings have Buddha nature. This is typical of the French United.

5. Conclusion:

Lotus Sutra play an important role in the struggle to heal the destruction of the Buddhist schools. On the other hand put the value of all the best ways to practice and the value minds towards good, towards the upper of every living being. The existence of the Buddha are eternal, all phenomena in the eyes of the enlightened expression are the truth. This idea was the basis for thought and the path of Mahayana Bodhisattva practice behavior.

With a way to reconcile, with the thought of transcendence vacuum method, the Lotus Sutra has achieved its goal of opening the market is being imported Buddhist enlightenment knowledge. Perhaps they also worship your business is glass, a common practice and how deep. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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