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Existed over 2500 years of history in a world of many religions, which say the superiority of Vietnamese Buddhism, a religion without dogma that the only option convey grace, through personal experience attained enlightenment of the Buddha Sakyamuni Guru and calendar age group rather enlightened Master.

Virtue of compassion supreme pleasure discharge, our discourse and behavior of the Buddha is beyond all dualistic binary translation, Break All the attachment, clearing any negativity in overcoming the psychological excitement and agitation full of human error. Buddha's teachings of compassion calm, pure, clean, no pollution of lust, easily tamed and always alert. So Buddhism will flourish forever, exist and continue the mission to relieve human suffering for many more generations.

Lord Buddha was born in Lam Ty Ni gardens of India. Buddhists in Vietnam at a thousand miles distant but charming unfortunate encounter with the Dharma, but a lot of human beings living in India, but completely unaware of and could not hear the Buddha's teaching Him.

Empress Wu of China was the queen had to say: "Ba Thien Ngo Van Kiep Tao Nan," like hundreds of thousands of lives that are not easily met. A true event, extremely rare precious frustrating to be able to enlightenment and understanding the Buddha's teaching.


Buddhism equality and free choice of religious teachings, provided with inborn, circumstances and abilities of each person's understanding. There is no coercion or intimidation to impose, regardless of class or race in the true Buddhist. In Buddhism there are many religious teachings, three typical religious teachings and practice as much as possible: meditation, Buddha Recitation and maintain focus. All teachings come from many paths, but are aimed at cure is Buddha: Enlightenment and Emancipation. Awakening Truth and Freedom of birth and death.

1 .- Tu meditation: he practice of mindfulness meditation, posture in walking, lying, sitting, general rules where the mind is present, remove the expected mind, calm body and mind and means of about the property. Air cylinders controlling it, is leading a normal heart.

2 .- Buddhist Mindfulness: he tu apprehending the Buddha, the Buddhist concept for rebirth, walking are all sitting Buddha, good idea about, removing evil thoughts, thoughts that, calm body and mind and means of about the property. The chief interest distinct concepts, with pure mind, pure.

3 .- Tri uncle: he shall pay, walking is sitting all over the notes, the mind where the mantra, remove the center roll bunch outlook, focusing on awareness disorder not be fooled, do not need a new count is maintenance means the world to rights. Pure body, mind, brain light.

The Dharma imbued

Purification of body and mind

Live in happiness

True peace meditation

As the man in search of treasure

Great benefit for their

Controlling it reigns

Not wish to Craving

As rock solid

Storms did not move.

ACTUAL Buddhism and true

A Buddhist Buddhist enlightenment mind wisdom true Buddha nature, perception between right and wrong, good and evil and not be deluded crazy tight accepted prejudices, received the vision is real.

Buddhism transformed the thinking of ignorant arrogance, impatient, intolerant. Buddhist teachings helped clear the actual nature of the law of impermanence and the causal laws governing human life for generations born in the elderly patient death.

Buddha's teaching very practical and appropriate under all circumstances for all levels and needs of others. Remove the body and mind disorders, reduce distress, stop karma, it is for greed, aversion, delusion, be proactive, "body and mind".

About-The-Tue. To preserve the pure precepts, practice meditation practice arises wisdom. The work is difficult as the water turtles have emerged blind hollow tree, but the body has many blessings coast heard the Buddha teaching the classics, try to practice it will light up the torch of wisdom.

1. Is difficult to understand the scriptures.

2. Generosity is hardly impoverished.

3. Put the name identity is very difficult.

4. Flesh is not a difficult pitch.

5. The contempt power is not difficult.

6. Heart of equality is difficult.

7. No non-stick market situation is difficult.

8. Having good knowledge is difficult.

9. Credit is hard to learn the chief director.

10. Lost my religious practice is difficult.

Daily life, at work if people know how to apply Dhamma with tolerance, pleasure center exhaust, not stubborn pride, calm, well behaved with colleagues, less envious jealousy, less than lose, it will reduce suffering and improve the living environment surrounding it is better friendly

In any difficult situation which, if made aware of mindfulness, the mind is an enlightened intelligence, mental capacity quadrupled, officials and employees will devote a lot of progressive initiatives, decent work perfectly, bringing more benefits for themselves, their families and to society.


In short, Buddhism makes no promises that can satisfy the desire for eternal happiness filled with worldly retribution for anyone to own. But results from the actual teachings of Buddhism and truth are always happy to bring peace and happiness for everyone. A sustainable peace happiness found only in the mind of meditation, pure and lucid wisdom of people who have achieved enlightenment.

If society has many people practice the Buddha's teaching, found kindness, heart full of kindness and saint of the bodhisattva, the blissful heaven in the world, peace on peaceful night, sleep was peace, holiness.

Over the eons, and the time people had the opportunity to test the role of the Buddhist religion through practical application in everyday life. Those who attained Arhat birth time of the Buddha himself is enlightened self-knowledge as the Buddha, the Tripitaka to teach the religious way of life later.

When corn is the wonderful mystery of the Dharma, of course, people have continually praised the Buddha said the only way for the teacher no direction in life, bringing light into darkness. In other words, the Buddha was a great physician resources, patient care and treatment are thousands of different beings.

Supreme profound Abhidhamma

Ba nan natural universal life I realized

Metal Falls reviews written over the prime life

May damage award pins that Tathagata.


French Buddhist magic of the high depth

Hundred of thousands of lives hard to want to

Con hear this, professional practice

May the Tathagata understands that mystery.

Namo Guru Shakyamuni Buddhist

Vesak season PL.2555


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