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HT Tam Chau discuss Buddhist ceremonies in 1950
(Half-hour exposure to TT Tam Chau, Member of the General Assembly ceremony Buddhism in Vietnam).
This post was typed and reintroduced origin Monthly Buddhist Vietnam, the Vietnam Buddhist Association (1951 - 1964 publication) in October the year head, calendar 1957, more than half a century.
Posts valuable as a historical document, and content are also some problems, but today, Buddhism in Vietnam is on the settlement. I respectfully recommend to your readers the same reference.
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Minh Thanh (recommend) - Nguyen Thanh Phong (typing)
The problem ceremonies
(Half-hour exposure to TT Tam Chau, Member of the General Assembly ceremony Buddhism in Vietnam)
I find the Venerable Tam Chau on a sunny Sunday morning. He is working in a diminutive room. People followed me with a warm smile.
"Seeking direction in this property."
I walked in and immediately noticed the frugal life of monk. A cabinet containing the business, and a simple table. Especially most of all have a good typewriter. Venerable Tam Chau always translate on the typewriter and rarely had to use a pen.
"I have to work early, Ven next, because a little while ago this room would become a fireplace. Hot! Well, whether direct property, which has seen nine hours of this hot then. "
I laughed:
"Well, white monk, very terrible ray of sunshine. Venerable here suffering this illness will take, do not be durable where. Venerable Sao did not find a cooler place to translate translating? Ven able to Thu Duc to grant, or to Nha Trang or Da Lat ...
- I had intended but did not perform. But a little work in Saigon, but I have not settled. Invite organic directing water. Particularly sugarcane juice entertain you there. "
A little dance before we put 2 cups of sugar. After sipping finished, I began the story:
"White Ven, about rites of the General Assembly ..."
"He, who directed the property to make the interview? Well be right, I have nothing to answer for the first direct property.
- Bach Ven substitute, but the problem is a ritual very serious problems that make Venerable was reflecting upon it.
He Tam Chau reverently:
"Well, actually the problem is a matter of ritual and serious trouble. We agree with the author of "Mass of the Vietnam Buddhist Music" published in Monthly No. 12 of the General Assembly. Agreed in that need to recover a pure music festival and the virtuous. After the General Assembly entrusted with responsibilities research on rituals, I have tried a lot. I have visited more than two months the central and southern provinces to the concept of two ceremonies this domain. I noticed within a domain that ritual has much disagreement about the ritual, the practice, the tone. The national unity ceremony is a difficult task.
- Venerable White, more colors, the music festival as a wealthy but why?
- Yes, but we're talking consistency. Of course all the rituals, ceremonies written, formal dress, music, decorations, will be promoted and disseminated.
The ritual of Buddhism in Vietnam will have to bring people of color and color of Buddhism credit. Is a ceremonial meeting shall determine the form and content for the Vietnam Buddhist rituals, based on material abundance that.
- So, the white monk, the difficulty is that what?
- Accommodation hard Ritual is the will to unify the vibe cause common to all Buddhist nation, irrespective of north central Vietnam. If the North does not feel the beauty of the South who dance, there are also the North does not see the beauty of a tune procedure, a central canopy. A central Buddhists also difficult to find the vibe in the ceremonial South, and vice versa, too.
nutshell music festival each domain also offers a special local nuances have not been popular to be familiar in the other localities. I hope that Buddhists will not practice a ritual artificially unified, meaning they must have a source of vibrations that the practice of ritual.
That'd be like, the materials most solemn ceremonies which in line with most major credit and rich nations are the most studied and widely disseminate it.
In short, the ceremony was forced to have an in-depth content, the pure signal, but also to net absorption People the new nation is successful in uniform. A ritual that many people content they sooner or later the people of Vietnam, including all parts, will be understandable and practical.
- Bach Ven, like it how we will succeed, because of the Buddhist ritual which we calculate national wealth than any ritual of a different religion is the land of Vietnam.
- Well, we clearly see that. Tone action, ruins of several domain-inducing us easily because they bring people too many colors. When I listen to a spreading "the immeasurable suffering" for example, I see incredible anxiety. But I'm not from sad to hear the songs they put in the new family. There are many colors flowing west and lacks the spirit of Buddhism ...
- Well, what then is how it should be revised. Venerable White, that the music festival. As for the other points such as cultural ceremonies, formal dress ...
- Posted on holiday, first we must mention the rituals ordained, Bodhisattva, offerings, alms, then the document number, text message ... These more unspeakable. All these must be collected, interpretation, application forms prescribed.
Next is the ceremony of the key documents the daily recitation of the monastic and the world at home. But more urgently needed and the book is about ritual recitation of the ceremony lay in the General Assembly hall and recite the Buddha way. This book needs to be done urgently.
As for the dress uniform, national church has studied and defined. Now on the document based on that. Colors as well as playwright, using, need to be completely uniform. How to worship, decorating, how to organize the festival and so all must have previous studies.
- Ven project has rituals?
- Yes. The project had been submitted to the General Assembly of the corporation as well as the Buddhist way from month 3 to 1957. No response, but I believe how the place will also send comments on. Anyway, a gathering of the professional status of ritual is also required.
- Bach Ven, Ven please indicate which method was proposed project?
- There are as follows:
+ A portion of establish a committee studied the ceremony (the Sangha and lay people) to collect and save inventory, promote cultural festival, music festival, Easter ... from past to present of the local part.
+ Materials recording, compilation, interpretation, recording, filming and photography.
+ Each section has a visiting delegation, for collection and exchange of documents.
+ then will convene a national meeting to discuss the ceremony and uniform way of maintaining cultural festival to promote music.
+ A decision then, to open the training places, publishing books and CDs of popular ritual to ritual uniform.
- Bach Ven, so it should be enough, but need to practice immediately, as job requires a very long effort.
- Well, during the last General Assembly, the General Assembly the commissioner must "put the program, convened the meeting, reported to the Central Administrative Board for approval, and dissemination to the group to implement." I hope that the enthusiasm of the group, we will be successful.
I have enough, I got up from the Buddha's conception. Ven trying to save conversation. But the sky was very sunny. I also have about a thing, it can not stay long. He took me to the door and proceed to the temple by a post-heart smile:
- Try to Nhe, the many Buddha, Buddhists as to the effort.
Ven I bowed again and walked outside. Sitting in the taxi, I thought about how many souls are now silently patiently worked for the Buddhist all over the nation and unity.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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