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Through the Minister find Buddha
Buddha Through audio search
is so wrong How
do I find the Buddhist

Vesak 2635 season, PL.2555, calendar year 2011, on the occasion of celebrating the Buddha Shakyamuni was born on This time, in order to save sentient beings, try to think: we have not seen the Buddha? If not, how can we find the Buddha? Having to wait after the dead, reborn Western bliss, see the Buddha reasonable? There must be only Buddhists see the Buddha reasonable? Or would not it be: all of us can find the Buddha on this earth, even in this life, whether that person is Buddhist or not Buddhist, regardless of the person at home or Family? It seems everyone has these questions, so let's turn together to find answers based on Buddhist teachings. Almost everyone knows the history of Buddhist Shakyamuni Buddha: his birth in Lam Ty Ni garden, known as Prince Siddhartha, son of the King and Queen Ma Section Gia, who ruled the kingdom of billions of La Ve, of the India now. He grew up, married, have children, as well as many other people in the world. Then out of the royal visit, sees the scene: birth, old age, sickness and death, of human life, so he determined to ordain priests, their way of liberation and enlightenment under Bodhi tree in 35 age. Then he moved the wheel of dharma, dharma being saved in 45 years, finally nirvana at the age of 80 La Ta garden. Thus, the Buddha Sakyamuni entered nirvana, we find the Buddha where now, how can we meet the Buddha? Actually, we do not need to look no further Buddha, no need to cross India , or to meet Buddhist pagoda. Buddha always in life, even in this world, exists everywhere, but we do not see that it! Why? Because we view life through the eyes of flesh, but forget to use the intellectual eye, to observe what was hidden inside, or the meaning of the work. Place the statues of Buddhas, the eye is represented by intellectual precious jewel in the middle brow, always illuminated, meaning: property registration is often shown, is often the intellectual lights illuminated, and the eyes meat, always closed, not hanging on the ceiling scene. Posted Tue often compare human life means always aware, no confusion, no alluring sensual world, living in the world, but not upset, nor suffering. We can find the Buddha over the life of all human beings. Life silverware across space and time, not limited in a hundred years of human life.

In everyday life, when exposed to interacting with everyone around us, we often look at life with eyes of flesh, in books called the humiliating label, so the only visible external appearance of man, consciousness distinction: men and women, high and low, pretty bad, young and old, big kid, rich and poor, sick fat. As people look so distinguished, so feel sorrow and suffering rather than peace and happiness. Why? Because, when looking to distinguish such people only see around all the beings, the mind loves to start, to make life crazy island, restless mind. For instance, when meeting someone beautiful, resuscitation, or in something precious, rare commodity, the greed of birth, favorite spot, want to make your own possession. The gloating satisfaction, enjoyment, and not as it should be, the consciousness hatred, hate, frustration, fuming. Such as having a poor, uneducated, the consciousness down upon, discriminated against, cheap, also met the wealthy, educated, the desire, dreams, sycophantic. Such as having a fatty, laughing, having a thin, then processed. People often have a dream to be peaceful, but the mind just runs away so bare landscape, whirring messy day, month after month, year round, how peaceful life, happy to be?

In the Kinh Kim Cang, the Buddha has taught:
"Ly Nhut that often, marketing list really are."

That is: When will leave all outside appearances, did not accept the appearance of this other world, we can recognize the minister of all people. To minister is that? In fact it is general human truth of all people on earth. People true that uniform, others not, irrespective of men and women, young and old, big boy, color, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, culture, caste, origin, knowledge, academic, qualifications.

Everyone had the same minister, because love is not the same treatment, different karma, so the external appearance is different.

Such as: The dodgy part, eyes rogue island by island, the island lying joint crazy. Persons or hateful, cruel eyes, rolling to punish drew fierce fire. The delusion is, eyes dim, lethargic naive.

* From a Buddhist, not only is offering prostrations opinions, van pray, pray for safety, for peace, pray to bliss, for all sorts of stories, pray for happiness, the general performance , nothing else! Not so!

* From a Buddhist, as always, over dues body and mind, devoted to buffalo, black buffalo mind, do not jog, extravagant destructive, trampled the fields, butting east sweep hand, stormed through the arms , every moment.

* Tu Buddhist man is to find truth, or enlightenment to his own generals. Fact that any minister being immortal. Enlightenment is the Minister shall escape birth and death, according to the teachings of the Buddhas tam. In human flesh, in books called big four body panels, only existed less than a hundred years more!

While normally, two kindred spirits, sociable, gentle, cheerful, polite, not the other. When events happen, people that support religious nature center and preserve the calm calmly, without starting center greed, hatred or ill will not start, no start deluded mind. If someone completely preserve the pure mind, in all circumstances in the world, before the bowl style of life, whether or loss, whether praise or criticism, whether permanently or humiliating, whether pleasure or pain, heart calm nature is always relaxed, always smiled a smile of calm himself in, he is a Buddha.

A Buddha is not descended from heaven, not from the earth emerges. A local parts courage of Buddha, as taught in the Lotus Sutra, that is, from the geographical center of each human metabolism creation, transformation from evil to good, derived from pollution greed hatred and delusion, or about which pure heart. A Buddha attained enlightenment from the people that support religious nature center, right Eightfold Path, the true Dharma. Those who have not achieved quite the same, are the ones who are on the way to practice, to elaborate how much he or she is at peace and happiness much. Not the van that was parked pray! END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).TO DINH TU QUANG( CANADA MONTREAL)TELEPHONE=5145258122,SPEAK TO DDTHICH CHAN THAN.TU VIEN VIEN QUANG( USA)TELEPHONE=8032226629.?CHUA PHAT QUANG( AUSTRALIA).=SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE.MOBILE NO =0410174268.YOU CAN GO TO to read,chanting,listen to dharma talk.If you would like to ask any buddhist dharma you allway welcome to ask any question.speak to my nun tam thanh.she is very compassion and open heart to help who ever knock her door she will answer.Her SIFU NAME MASTER VENERABLE THICH TAM CHAU.

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