Friday, 9 September 2011

How secure?
When our mind is restless, think again, ask yourself what causes insecurity? Do you think too much, in fact he had nothing worthwhile for us to sorrow and sadness. As such they reflect our heart to peace.
In Zen there is a story of dialogue between The Bodhidharma and Hui Kha meditation practitioners.
Zen Master Hui ability to feel in mind there are many problems, should want to help their organizations secure.
Therefore, The Zen master asked: " Where the Heart? You to take care of insecurity for him a look ! "
The result, Zen master can not find my heart. At that time, The Bodhidharma said: " I have peace of mind for you then . "
The cause of inner human insecurity, ultimately is not outside but from the mind of jealousy, mental anxiety, anger, mental, emotional anger, greed ... cause conflicts. The conflict between their covers with her, or with others, may be true that can be imagined.
As the heart of jealousy, sometimes we see others succeed, in my very uncomfortable. Rather, the others can show success, we must rejoice, praise, sharing the joy with them, and again, their success makes us the fragrance spread, even had the opportunity to follow.
Instead of being jealous of others, find out information by which they can succeed at the same time, let's review how you can talent like theirs.
But sometimes other people do is we try our best not to do; then we think again of conditions, their blessings were not enough, need more effort. Then, try to cultivate predestined, it will of course merit achievement.
The reason, people are successful because they have to go through hard work; whether in this life they are not hard, but the past lives they had accumulated. There are others who see the wealth, status, fame can not feel admired, that made his life miserable, but still lacks back before the next gap, there is no happiness.
At that time, we think again, others are rich, happy life that results from past efforts to cultivate, we do not admire them, should not be jealous.
In addition, greed is what causes the human mind insecurity, people know enough not to call part, people do not know enough to call is always looking for participation. Boring people do not know what suffering is, in fact all who knew enough to be full.
We do not think finding a way to go compete with others, just trying to work the course will be blossom.
If the results do not appear to be proven causal immature, we should not upset it. If you think like that will eliminate the human suffering involved born.
In fact, mental instability himself mainly to his suffering, sorrow true recipe. When we feel threatened, first to understand why you insecure? After studying the case, it shows a lot of negativity that we need not worry.
As we take the exam after the exam is done, people expect results every day, in the mind is always anxiety, do not know if I can not pass? Passed and study? If then we thought: " Anyway you have done, you worry like that would not solve anything, while after passing school where, until then be calculated, there are currently worried well vain, to do their own recipe for negativity? ".
If you think like an instant, the mind, feeling really think lying ungainly.
So, when we are restless mind, think again, ask yourself what causes insecurity? Do you think too much, in fact he had nothing worthwhile for us to sorrow and sadness. As such they reflect our heart to peace.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).PHO DINH TU QUANG( CANADA).TU VIEN VIEN QUANG( USA).CHUA PHAT QUANG=( SYDNEY VA MELBOURNE ).SIFU=MASTER THICH TAM CHAU.

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