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Buddhism today's practice and enlightenment

This is the last period of the Dharma. Practice is a major challenge for the righteous. Because those who accompany them khongduoc help. They say practice colleagues often do not help each other. That's true, especially during this decadent Dharma is. 1000 people can say about the practice includes about 1 or 2 people is true for direct deliverance. Even clerical renunciation. Why is this phenomenon? The answer: Because we live next to the forces of evil too great. Legendary Buddha Amitabha signed in doing that is so evil ngutruoc period means that the sinister world full of evil and bad years. At first glance we see the phenomenon of Buddhism seems to be honored because Pagodas were built a bit more and have more personality scale but actually look inside (if noticed) we find Buddhism are bi manipulation by the leaders of tam.Y shortage means a temple to take up no more of them instead as victims of sectarian domination. Many teachers go to a few temples around the world have welcomed khongduoc or endeavor to preach the doctrine. Originally a teacher by the abbot in fear of losing benefits. One thing to profit from the offering cuadan Vietnam. Like the trade effect of fear of losing their connection. Many variables chuada public places stately calm of the place attract believers to find joy and traded food for profit. Mac with certain other acts more decisively Buddhist monks si tu ben pond outside, but inside the van not give the cause of the sinking in time then they had no nan sectarian sense is from a shipping the ca. In other words they have lost the spirit of Buddhism. Y under this momentum as soon Dharma perish. Believers grasp the inside of the star. Position the van this si tu hoc organization from soft-spoken and the thing as a religion of rat duc solemn dread?. How do I find a true spiritual practice in the current gold confuse this sport? Want to find a true master we can in terms of religious practices and behavior of their practice with colleagues. If a monk is said that love tuthan cut and staying true to the spirit of communal wealth to you, a phenomenon Temples always contrary to the teachings of the Buddha as phan coast, next to the rich Vietnamese and now use many tricks of the worldly wise test results are no longer a place where righteousness was training. Because the basic moral teachings from the Buddha's seriously they did not get the issue is the status of what they teach doctrine to believers? It is just a deception for profit to support Vietnamese Forum and lies both with the Buddha. Look implications for how they know where the credit dothi. They subscribed to brokers welcome believers bus travel for its numerous temples. A true monk monk is not necessary to do this because it looks like allergic today and have a draw to attract commercial customers. If its true practice, and ethicalit will automatically pull the faithful to pray to the ethical education. Once upon enlightened masters in deep forests where there are high non who lead the righteous to demand that. A true monk is not afraid to tindo degrees. Never was the sky and ground, while still being cando. The mission of a truly free and the others means that their own religious awakening and enlightenment of others. Where is the Buddha taught to phan coast and around the corner for believers. They do not understand what this fundamental moral nature becomes the destroyer of the Buddha Dhamma. Word of the Buddha's legendary former sign was very true in this case. "Later, the leaders of Buddhism Buddhism is blasted and not any outsider can break popular Buddhism" Call literally "Lion suspension of identicalAches lion. " However well life absolutely nothing if those regular pool and the Buddhist conscience knows "that regular lemon Cai" brotherhood and unity together dong tu book de tu hanh khong phan tan duyen lua doi da nua nhe test message by Buddhism will flourish quickly. Phan information and so on, they will also learn a great deal of benefit, rather than of changing trends biet minh thich di da Without knowing the ke-phase solution. Su that someone has spent "in chan nam moi co biet chan ran" only. Information by How could you see this?Also do they only see CASA den mantle. Sometimes they also evaluates lan lam. Ie not recognize true man who tam tu hanh chan lemon?. Ho chi biet cam vegetarian according to personal preference for thoi dai.
In the "economic interpretation Mahayana Kim Cang" Buddha mentions five types of piracy in the dangerous direction there is a reasonable practice refers to those who lie on? Actually robbery outside a name we recognize our world very easily. But robbers disguised as a monk is our dharma manipulation is difficult to identify. If not call them second class is called cuopdoi eat what? Unfortunately most Christians today do not have the intellectual depth to get to the basket to the chief evil. So they are like moths to fly us to see the lights on and die in hot fire. Because the religious practices "vulgar" This situation has led to fragmentation believers. Everyone wants to go to the temple to find fun and trends in a large group playing. They conceived that the fun is the place where it naodong reputable, worthy to come. They do know something terrible is blasted essence of Buddhism is potential there.Strictly speaking these believers to the temple but it was quality though they may not learn a moral at all outside the "religious" looking happy that there were monks' teachings wholeheartedly. " They come into the temple to offer worship to four monks ambitious unconscionable not to build a strong house for jewels as four layers were often robbed the team claims. Alas this truth until death they did not know. And they continue to temple to find it and then please type enticement not understood the training also aims to look like fun. (We just want to talk about what context chua chien VN o hai ngoai thoi)
Dharma of the Buddha as a rule is to be destroyed over time. But if a monk has thegiup conscience for Dharma to survive longer than a believer that a little intellectual throne jewels can help achieve spiritual benefits to more people. Generally faithful understanding no one can test their advantage and they went to Temple to help Dharma is more lasting help for people out unscrupulous practitioners. Alas! this is clear only when the entire collective enlightenment hohoan believers not to let emotions govern and run by a crazy appearance. The phenomenon of monks were unconscionable damage from the Chinese Ming Dynasty. And to the Tang Dynasty when Buddhism flourished called the victims "He hid under a wicked practices meditation subject until more modern era to the present day as the implementation of the more horrific, but more sophisticated. They call this period a yellow sports mixed up. Since ancient times there are always steps out doide Bodhisattva revive Buddhism. They merely teach the dharma practice of liberation is so pure and saved innumerable beings are reborn in the Pure Land. World's current woes are severe and continuous as that happens, we have been so relaxed thebinh? Although we understand the precedent of the beneficiaries and the social struggle. But the tragic period of world current location tuese people know what to do? It is the cultivation of virtue rather than a life dream home honor. We can say in all stages of this life, the run chase back to life only a single result is deadlock misery. Will not have any other result than this. Can we not see the true face of life. But through experience we can understand the symmetry as it sely special meeting, then love will suffer, there is something I will take it, was born and will die etc. The symmetry of this if we do not enlightened self we will get stuck Vado is the cause of the suffering in this life. Currently in social phenomena is always full of people who have money, live in luxurious silk velvet property abundance silvery million, billion dollars and silver next to their social marginalization of so many people suffering misfortune not enough rice to eat not enough warm clothing and their homes could be displaced chieudat sky. Why is this disparity occur? Even the country under socialism also full of contradictions, not only in capitalist society where the prosperity only. This is due to human selfishness just happy that benefiting individuals rather than a machine may not have any emotional pain to others. With it the rich people in society have no idea when Buddhism is a legal release and the end of happiness for this life and after. If separation of Buddhism who she unhappy results in the human society is so selfish of her previous life and this life they must live in the dreary tragic circumstances. As such in our lives should be regularlyplanted to create more good karmic merit. If all men are aware of this world is only temporary stopping place and the entire human head thevu are vanity, then maybe people will be living with an open mind and behavior than others. Unfortunately her man too foolish to accept and believe in the world suton this hypocrisy, they have lost much of chance to create their own good fortune. Yogi yogic Milarepas stated "because the devoteeon the two disguise Lam accepted theory is basically a self delusion is real news Monday on the existence of material possessions man fell into the social conflicts make hoidien island "disguised by two theories exist so now no longer a theory that can stand for so the world will fall into a situation not escape opening for a hazardous event will occur. That's probably because of being only local interest.
We may wonder what Buddhism is helpful to mankind on this dilemma. In general, we will see an event is fundamental sects of Buddhism do not mix. The unions and the Buddhist khongdoan help each other. Ordained priests who are mostly conservative Christians chithich its development for proper growth without development of Buddhism. (God is not representative for Buddhist) monks Therefore trutri tend to attract followers to his temple where more than is actually the heart of catechesis only release. Chico is one of the few honest practice and helping beings. Unfortunately this number it is not the majority of Buddhists in favor of excluding those with extensive intellectual. The masters of this doctrine has been applied withMystery of the Buddha to the faithful of absence. Teachers to spend up cheap and do not share all together to grow the giaoduoc Buddhist teachings of the Buddha will be widely circulated. For example motdia that the city just built a temple so they gathered up the scale of the continent live in a spirit of peace unite the faithful will not break it up, because only one wat is it effort will be put to practice and holders. We wonder if the situation causes naodua monks do not get along? Actually fell by personal greed and selfishness of self-identity. This is derived from a precedent has been spoiled long lifetime of the Buddha. Giono far worse no way be further amended. We see the current credit dokhong learn what true wealth effect change their fate and help to better society. Because patients tend to mind and accept most factions have existed in the mind of too many immature believers. With the nature of human selfishness and ignorance. They can betray the gift was helping others easily when cattle range. Again, there are few believers they have a little gratitude for what the masters have the true teachings of them. They feel hurt when scolded reprimand etc. An enlightened master is sometimes there are unusual behavior, but because they themselves were free. But Christians love to break the mind should accept the true jewels of refuge. Mean absolute return refuge of ontological trinity newspaper. That is enlightenment, equality and peaceful state of mind. Chila not attend a form of legal refuge in the temple, but now that I've Tam Bao.Doi refuge when the refuge is pretty easy to fall into hell. Because they do not understand the reason of the refuge is how? The living is a split second between the top and bottom. We have a choice on the high road or the low. If you know the path chosen in the high competition of his life will be improved markedly and social change will be rapid sublimation. So we must learn from teaching "diagnosis" That is the true path of knowledge. Want to learn this we must break all conventional life. For example, should not waste of time to attend the glitzy party that should be fun to spend time contemplating the mind. Develop compassion for the material that will protect us in this life full of uncertainties. We do not need expensive gifts to the wealthy because it was conventional, should share theThis gift to the people unhappy because they need more. We should not increase the flowers for the dead which should increase the living flower. Those unhappy lonely in the hospital or nursing home is needed than a fresh bouquet of dead relatives in the cold grave. If we trade the dead should go in the direction of creating blessings be upon them with prayers for peace where they are nine springs. Really mean what if we put an expensive bouquet of flowers to dry and then place the grave. Those who survived the pain khoho will have many opportunities to be enlightened as we know them comfort in time. Also dead is gone and their chance to answer for their acts are wrong in a khu.Dovery fair process. Try not to self-govern their external environment. One can succeed in many areas. But success is still the most glorious master ourselves. Buddha "The greatest loss is the loss of his own" We could lose all of their homes, property wealth, but we still have a valuable asset is your conscience. There is every conscience. No conscience chila "beggar" worst. Let us live alone so if you do not find a no intimates. Because people living with very dense with a lot of anger and hurt. Let's love those who usually gives me comfort and happiness in their hearts. Please respect the teacher gave us enlightenment even if only a simple teachings.
The road to successful diagnosis should sacrifice a great effort. This is the price is right weight for the truth when we find deliverance. Some people think that the Buddha was enlightened. Not as simple as that have experienced the pain and loneliness extreme with a maximum effort in the practice of contemplation. That is the reason why the end of the economic theory of Taxation, the Buddha is "Bill king! Stand up! third base is up! She is up to the Ministry to shut her up ha ".
The First World War 3 may about to happen and a terrible calamity will come upon this earth. Now how to stop it? Almost as many people live at the mercy and calm. A few people know themselves morally to save the current situation. But the sad thing is there are some people who practice Buddhism are leading U.S. overseas remains disputed and the lack of solidarity. Therefore I will have to sacrifice again bowed "The best Bai Tam" to pray for these situations
Thich Tri Nhu.END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY BACH LIEN HOA.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ) mobile=0410174268.speak to tam thanh if you would like to ask her Buddhist dharma.she speak vietnamese and english.SYDNEY.

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